Germany is in trouble. Not alone because it has had an uprising in anti jewish sentiment, that is hopefully finished now. But more so, because Germany is not able to protect its most vulnerable citizens. That is women on the street.

Listen, I truly like Germany. I have been there many times, both on vacation and with my samba group, playing at the festivals.

To me modern Germans are happy, open-minded, nice even though I must say, that when Germans do parades, they are awfully good at marching. To be an enemy to Germany is a pretty tough thing I imagine.

Nonetheless, be as it may, things are developing, and Germany is not where it was at the time of Hitler. Germany is prosperous, international and very liberal.

The problem is the guilt. Because you tried to kill, among others, my great grandmother. Jews tend to have a pretty bleak view of Germany. I understand, and, honestly, I do agree.

But this history does not sanctify the horrors that the German populace is going through right now, with the onslaught of the migrants.

They have no respect, what so ever. Add to this a mounting salafi movement, and there you have it; a tragedy and horror story.

You need to turn that around, and honestly, if the migrants do not respect you Germans, and especially your women, throw them out, for G-ds sake. They should respect their host, and if they do not do that, they have overstayed their welcome.

Be humane about it, but stop the vigilantes, the molesters, and use force if necessary.

G-d bless Germany.

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