When we talk about the consolidation of the Western Hemisphere, we need to understand what we come from, and then what we can mend and consolidate.

To do this, we need to understand other examples of conquest, empires and successes in that area.

To be really honest about the difficulties we see in regards to the English empire, we need to understand what was good about it, and what was bad.

The good thing about the English empire was the democratic system, that the Brits brought with them everywhere. It was a oxfordian discussion on how to make a good system in each colony that brought these ideas around the world. If we look at the world, it is still there, almost everywhere. In Africa, in Asia and in America. Why? Because people in these countries really like the system. It is not perfect, but whenever people try something different, it fails, and often with a considerable tragedy in terms of human suffering.

Add to this, the same system brought by the French, and Democracy as an idea is a sweeping success.

But, and this is where we need to be honest, there were other players in the colonial expansion; that of the banks and that of the colonial masters. The banks used their processes to rein in the power of the countries and the colonial masters were often cruel.

In this world, if you do something cruel, it comes back and you have to pay a price for it.

This is why we are seeing a degrading of the British empire into a sorry state, to be honest.

What we need to do, and this is something the Russians have been doing with great success, is to sponsor the positive sides of our culture, and thereby create a common wealth with unity in it.

The Russians all have a common Russian identity, based on the virtues of the Russian state. It works, today Russia is even bigger than the British empire, and there are no rebellion or anything.

The Russian expansion is off cause much older than the British, and has had more time to find a balance, but we can actually learn from that success. The way they did it, is by finding a positive common system that all can identify with.

The same process is what we are working on with the British empire. Find the positive common principles, that all of the former colonies like.

Thereby creating peace.

It struck me, when I talked with the Pakistani scholar at Oxford. He wanted some kind of Islamic state, but he truly recognized the values and virtue of a humanistic, democratic state, as Pakistan has today. But it has to be something that actually works for the people of Pakistan.

In this way, if we stay on course, and work on a positive, realistic common set of ideas, that all share, that has been a British colony, we can bring peace and prosperity for all.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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