Freedom of the press

Ok, it seems to me, that I, with a bit of luck, a great support from many friends, in Denmark, and around the world, I have survived this onslaught on my person by the secret service.

My life has come to a balance of sorts, and actually the secret service of the police has had some major blows to their very existence. Some of my friends in the TV community really hit them hard, and are still hitting them hard. I mean, Denmark comes off as a civilized country after all.

The secret police is still trying to get me down, but the price is mounting, and, to be honest, for now, I will have to concentrate on the international scene. Maybe I will get back into Danish scene of politics, but to be honest, it does not make a lot of sense. It is so poisonous.

I prefer working in environments that are less lethal to a mere blogger.

But we will see, I have received a few invitations by the good journalists here in Denmark, and maybe I will get a job as a TV man again. I mean, are we a corrupted third world country or the leading light of civilization?

So far it seems to me, that the journalists are still holding on to those democratic virtues of a modern humanistic state fighting the corruption of a system that seems to want to drag us down into the mud of corruption and chaos.

So, for now, you are still able to read the words here on the blog. And thank you so much for the support, pretty awful, when the system is trying to close your mouth. But I guess, I was too big a mouthful for these provincial corrupted police.

G-d bless the will to be alive, and spread goodness around the world. And please, we may have to come to a point, where Denmark has to be isolated in police work, to teach the local forces here a thing or two about democracy and freedom of the press.

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