I have thought a lot about the challenges of France. Seriously, as my sister organization Charlie Hebdo, good friends of the Vilks committee, has experienced. The challenge of the Islamists is severe.

What to do?

First of all, don’t be stupid with your ressources, men, armament and so on. Find your best, loyal, intelligent general, and put him in the front of the assault of the islamists.

Perhaps there is a de Gaul somewhere in the country, if there is, find him and put him in charge of the assault on the islamists.

He should use the people he has under him with political understanding, a feel for media, and with rapid engagement.

The tools are there, but a lot of red tape needs to be cut in order for the gendarmes to work.

Find your Napoleon, and put him in charge.

Next, as in the attack of Charlie Hebdo, what did that truly signify? It signified, among other things, the mark of your heroes.

As the Vilks committee, that was attacked three years ago here in Denmark, your newspaper Charlie Hebdo are the true representatives of your republican faith.

They do it, to all.

So, with heroes, what they need, is support. Give them all the state can offer as support; security, acces to media, anything they need really.

Because it is not by chance that Charlie Hebdo and the Vilks committee was attacked, it was because they want to kill the best of us.

Keeping the best of us alive, is what matters.

G-d bless the will to ORGANIZE!

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