Well, we have had A LOT of experience with the farming sector and how NOT to make a difference in terms of climate progress here in Denmark.

First our government put the military into a total destruction of the Mink industry, that was NOT the way to do it. In fact it has created a tempest of violence and destruction in the farming industry.

What was the problem, well using the military to put through your priorities is a bit out of line. I mean destroying an industry with the soldiers. That is just way out of line.

Then we have had the discussion on lowlying parts of the farming fields. Another great blunder. The aim was to create a better and more biodiverse nature, but it will just end up in more swamps. I mean can you see the Goethian beauty in that?

Anyway, there are other, much simpler ways to make a greener nature.

I have had the supreme honor to talk with an old woodsman. Mr. Hans Kjeldsen. Hans has worked on the most beautiful little piece of forest. It has otters, deer and an amazing wild life.

It has small biomes of plants, a great diversity. It even comes with a Indian ring for all the hippies to dance in the night. Imagine that.

Anyway, according to Hans, who has worked on true biodiversity for 50 years, it is about finding a balance between forester and biodiversity. Between economical gain and biodiversity.

Leave it to the ancient foresters to make biodiverse forests. They know how to do it.

And how? Change the support system, so that more farmers can make biodiverse forests.

According to my sources, many of them would like to make more forests, but the support system does not make it possible.

But be clear on the features of the forests. You can have a forest of Christmas trees, and that is not biodiverse.

So, change the support systems, and make it PRIORITIZE biodiverse forests. That will work, at least in Denmark, and probably also in other parts of Europe. But make sure, it takes a national concesus in consideration.

G-d bless the will to make a greener planet.

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