Fighting a war is a point of ethics

Well, I have been quite influential in the wars of mr. Barack Obama. They were not all completely successful, to be honest.

But I truly believe, that we amassed some experience, that can be used today.

What are the essential points that we learned from seven years of fighting?

First of all, you need to have a look at the ethics of your fight.

You have to know why you are fighting, and then how you wish to fight.

This was the morale behind the fight with Islamic State. We chose to fight them, because they were against democracy, and obviously inhuman.

So we fought for democracy and for a more humane world.

This basic ethical way of fighting, was so successful, that even Iran, a former enemy joined the fight. Add to this also the Arabs.

So a clear ETHICAL mission is important in modern warfare.

The next thing we realized is the HOW of fighting. With the internet, everybody truly knows what you are doing. It is very difficult to lie about a war.

So before the internet, the Palaestinians and other Middle Eastern combatants could make what you call ‘Potemkin settings’. That is, you manipulate with the footage and pictures you send out to the press.

Now, that is very difficult to do in an open internet world. So Gaza got a thorough hit on that occasion, as their deception was unveiled. This is not to say, that they do everything wrong, just that in this instance, they did loose a lot of credibility.

That was the argument behind smart bombs and precision weaponry. To avoid civilian casualties.

So again, you have to find that difficult ethical way of fighting, that will ensure international support.

Be the good guys.

Maybe this knowledge can help in the current arms race in the Middle East.

G-d bless the peace we CAN find.

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