European security

Finally, the German state is focusing on actually handing al the terrible causes after the onslaught of migrants in 2015. About time, I know I should have been more precise in coming up with solutions, but, we have to learn.

After going to the African countries, trying to make deals with them, asking nicely if they wanted to take their citizens back, we have realized, that they refuse to do so.

So, we need to have another approach, and that includes lethal force. If they are not willing to take them back if we ask nicely, we will have to make them take their migrants back.

That leads to the next logical step, we need someone of the state to be able to do just that. And that again means rearranging our security forces.

We need sharper, more able, more competent and trained people to make this happen, as of now.

In fact, we need an European ICE force, as in the US.

G-d bless the willingness to do something about this.

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