When we talk identity politics and the ideas, that rule in many areas of academia, I belive we should discuss the alternative.

I mean, if identity politics does not work, as it does not, then what is the alternative.

These days I am reading the 16´th century academic; Erasmus. His work is REALLY interesting in the fact that he was the leading light in one of the former revolutions of communication.

He, more or less, presided over the proliferation of books.

In his life books went from being handwritten in monasteries to be printed in workshops with new amazing machinery.

It created a revolution in communication, just as we are witnessing today. Many of the ideas that Erasmus put forth are really inspiring, and his METHODS are awe-inspiring as well.

I mean, what happens if the society goes from almost complete illiteracy to a massive information wave created by cheap books?

What are the ideals that is perpetrated by this revolution, and how did it effect the societies we are living in.

One of the basic points of Erasmus was his INTEGRITY. He worked, selflessly, brilliantly for truth, ethics and good in this world.

He did not make a lot of money, but was a true illuminator.

In other words, as with the internet revolution, the beginning of book printing created a vibe of humanism and truth seeking of the finest kind.

This only lasted his generation, and after that we are still just living in his shadow.

The same is true about the advent of the internet, this gave the public a rare insight into true humanism, but the system became a threat to public discourse, and the power control is rapidly put at work.

This is what will happen in a situation, where media changes fundamentally.

What we can do however, learning from Erasmus, who has become the founding father of Europe, is to be a little more easy on the control.

Of cause we should not let things go crazy, but this is how things pan out in a situation where knowledge and wisdom becomes at the tip of everyone’s fingertip.

Maybe it is good to take a step back, and take a bit easy. We will get trough this, and my great ideal Erasmus made a better, less corrupt world where truth and integrity was at the heart of his project. The same is what we should do today, especially academically.

G-d bless the will to be true and honest in the flow of ideas.

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