Election reflections 

There has been much discussion on the manifesto, and the how’s and why’s of this election vehicle. 

I tend to agree, as probably all have, that it wasn’t that great of a paper to work from. It seems to me, that the Tory leadership was so fixed on Brexit, that they forgot about all the other challenges that is in for the country. 

There are many, and I believe that Ms. May will have to do a multi pronged strategy. Working on a lot of issues at once; migration, border control, Brexit, terrorattacks, remodeling of the wealthfarestate, economics, education and family strengthening. 

Anyway there is a lot to do, but the good news is, if you follow the ideas I have, there is an integrated system in it. It is not made without regards to the strategy and architecture of political development. Everything is thought through, is based on an intimate knowledge of political principles, from the classical times to today. 

There is only one little thing I may be worrying about; why didn’t the writers of the manifesto know about the intricacies of economics that David Cameron introduced in his tenure. 

There is a lack of learning in the political establishment that is dangerous. 

I think it is because my books have not been made readily available to the academics. They should, in order to enable them to make good policies. It is philosophy and maybe a bit winded, but any serious political development should be based on solid theory in my opinion. I will try and contact Oxford and see if I can get someone to publish the theory, because I believe it is of vital importance. The mistake of the manifesto shows this. 

For me it is not about the honour. I am fiercely independent, and prefer working outside the system. But the system has a role to play with an independent philosopher as me. Maybe not to hire me, in fact I would make a lousy professor, but to educate the academics in the theory I provide. It is truly needed.

Apart from that, well done everybody. It was a last minute, desperate fight, but we did it. 

We also need to applause UKIP, they selflessly gave us room. They practically bought the Tory win by sacrificing themselves. That is rare in any political fight. I have never seen it before, and we really need to pay respect to that sacrifice and listen to their input. 

All in all, a fierce battle, but we won. 

G-d bless the victory we got, and then let us be humble about it, and reach out for a broad coalition.

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