We now have a new minister of transport, mr Buttiglieg, pretty cool guy to my understanding, has the right balance between liberal and conservative standpoints, and even educated on my favourite university Oxford, the magical place. But seriously Buttiglieg, a rehash of the normal Keynesian philososphy of borrowing money from the banks, investing it in infrastructure, which is essentially giving jobs to the construction business of the country. The money that is invested will give some jobs off cause, but what about the agrictultural business, IT, defense, and numerous other production companies, and most important the car business that is really in trouble, or at least was some years ago. Is that not also important? I know mr. Buttiglieg is only minister of transport, so that is his focus, but a wider strategy is also important, to my mind.

My take on it, that gave both Obama and Trump a massive boost in jobs was to diversify the investment to ALL production companies, BUT, and that is very important, ONLY in patriotic companies.

My good friend Jan O. Gregersen, the chairman of the workers union here in Aalborg, showed me a painting of one of the main founders of the Union, he was of the opinion, that workers and business work together for the furtherment of Aalborg.

That is a good thing, says the smith.

Point is, to make jobs, you have to diversify your investment, and not only use a lot of money, there are other ways to do it as well. Like cutting red tape for the businesses and really recognize those American companies that are loyal to the US.

It is about the old worker working together with the business owner to get the country on a right footing again.

To ORGANIZE! to cite one of the old idealists of the workers union.

With all respect for mr. Buttiglieg, that seems to me at really cool guy.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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