I order to realize some true progress in the election in the UK, which, but the way is on track again. One also needs to address the question of economy. 

The novel way mr. Cameron addressed this issue, has given a lot of good results in terms of economy and real jobs. That is what is needed. Real jobs and a prosperous economy. 

It all harks back to the loyalty of the producers with the nation. Something the UK is truly blessed with. 

If you look at the Brexit discussion, which is based on an economic discussion. Then wealth will be an issue. 

But wealth is not only created by having market access, it is also created by having something to sell. 

Having something to sell, will require someone who makes something. 

The easy fix is then to let the state make things, but the hard fix is to make a free environment, where private initiative will lead to loyal production environment. This is where patriotism comes in, and is very important. And this is where the opportunity for a conservative government is truly there. Patriotism is good when it is about supporting your local community. 

So this is not about cancelling free trade, but about having something to chip in on, in the free trade. 

G-d bless the will to support your nation.

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