Dirty tricks

Dirty tricks are, unfortunately a part of politics. Alinsky says it quite openly in his book about politics. If you enter politics, you need to be ready for the punches.

In Europe, it is the same. Persecution, vilification, sometimes even physical threats.

This is why I really admire ms. Hillary Clinton, she is one of the toughest politicians I have ever worked for. Her example is pretty good when it comes to overcoming adversity. She did not win, because mr. Trump is also a pretty good fighter. We must give him that. But she had a good way of getting over all the slander and negative attacks.

One of the worst attacks was just before the first convention, where all the ideas are presented and things start for real. Wikileaks tried to derail the process by publicising some things that ms. Hillary had done wrong. Or I believe it was her secretary.

That is a vile attempt to derail her political process, what she did was admirable, and what convinced me to help her. She fired the person that had done something wrong, and then she just went on fighting.

Turning that attack around must have been a bit of a difficulty. The election process was so tiring.

The same is what happens in France now with ms. le Pen, the EU is trying, with dirty tricks to influence the election. Well, it is equal to what Wikileaks did. It is illegal, but everybody does it, especially if you work with information, and you do not have a direct voice in the election.

But the example of Hillary shows us, that what you do is; fight on. Fight on, and you can actually turn things around.

G-d bless France, and may he live again.

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