Denmark and NATO

While as the rest of the West and, in reality, the world is reaching for unity and trying to crack down on the extremity of organizations like IS, Denmark is wheeled right in the opposite direction.

My own organisation the Vilks committee has just been accused, again with another bogus criminal act. My friend Uwe has had the audacity to name the assailant of another islam critic mr. Hedegaard. A certain Basil Hassan. This used to be illegal, in order to “protect” Basic Hassan.

The US has asked Denmark to lift the ban, since it is, in all honesty a protection of an Islamic State fighter. I mean whose side are you on?

So Denmark lifted the ban, but not on my friend Uwe Max Jensen. He has still got to go to court for naming Basil Hassan before they lifted the ban. Talk about a machiavellian system?

So Uwe, the leader of the Vilks Committee, who was attacked by another terrorist one and a half years ago, has to pay a fine because he named another terrorist by name. The rules fall away, but STILL Uwe has to pay the fine.

This is ridiculous, and it is, honestly, persecution by the Danish state.

Add to this, the disgusting charge on mr. Finn Rudaizky, Denmark has gone all AWOL.

I think this, honestly discredit Denmark so much, that we have to take the membership of NATO into consideration.

I mean, if the new focus of NATO is to combat IS, then Denmark, is not a natural member, to say the least.

G-d bless the will to be honest.

This posting is private and not a public announcement for the Vilks comitee.

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