The international perspectives are getting along, the US is trying to find a way in this new situation, or rather to refind its momentum.

Let us be honest about the cause and aim of an American lead world, it is Democracy.

It is something it has in common with both France and the UK, in fact it is a common cause it has in common with most of the free world.

The difficulty lies in the understanding of how this mission is to be applied in the world.

Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former PM of Denmark and a great fighter for Democracy rightly points to the fact, that the twist over the Taiwanese island is a Democratic fight. Therefor, going in, at supporting Taiwan makes perfect sense, and it would aling the US with all its former allies.

There is still the fight with Islamic State. I thought, that it was more or less over. I had just been to an amazing symposium at Oxford, where I believe, that there was some kind of understanding initating.

Then I return to Denmark, and to my horror i realize, that the leftwing has mounted a campaign FOR islamic state. I mean, we have some kind of reconcilisation going on here, and then the Islamic State manages to worm itself in with the communists and some of their hangarounds.

This is a problem, if we have a IS/Communist alliance in Europe, the fight is not over yet.

Add to this, it seems the KGB of Denmark, PET is actually supporting the islamists. Imagine that.

So the fight on the right flank is not over. The means to fight the islamic terrorist will be different, but we are fighting a two front war.

This is a problem, we need to put pressure on our European allies to stomp out the communist support of IS in the European mainland.

But that should be possible. Going to war with Denmark due to its support to IS is absurd, but if things get more out hand, an attack may be necessary to stomp out this new ally of the islamists, we should consider it.

But lets see if they rethink their ideas, if not the Spetznas may just be mounting some kind of attack on Denmark and the other IS supporting countries in Europe, but hopefully we do not get to this.

Anyway, the fight for Democracy has just begun, and it is about to get bloody, we need to be prepared for that.

G-d bless the will to be bold in action, and ready for at fight against those who value freedom.

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