How do the US pick up the beacon of Democracy that it once held, and should hold again, to my mind?

Well, we need to start all over again, a lot of the progress Barack and I did in his presidency is now pretty much gone, and to honest, we did make some mistakes, that we did try to mend after.

Anyway, what do we do?

Well, as I see it, we need to find the right things to do, and then do them.

I believe, that the support of the Burmese democratic insitutions is a step in the right direction, but we need to do more, and we need to be able to say; well in the US the system is good, look this is how you do Democracy, by having freedom of speech and a robust protection of the laws of the founding fathers. Add to this a humanistic attitude, there you have it, a great way to make a policy.

In this way, by being a good example, things may just move forward. But we need to be able to look at ourselves, and be very ethical about how we do Democracy ourselves, being a good example is pretty important when you seek to bolster and further an ideal.

So, it is both an internal process of trying to live up to the ideals ourselves, as well as projecting Democratic power where it is necessary. But it is a narrow ethical path to walk, and it is the best system of government so we need to bolster that idea again and again, being good persons, thinking good thoughts and making good acts.

G-d bless Democracy.

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