Davids sling

Well, now we are at the eternal dance around the ‘golden calf’ Israel.

It seems to me, that it holds such a mirage of attraction due to its status as the hub of the monotheistic religions.

The power that holds Israel is the leader of the three religions.

So as a consequence all three religions fight for dominance.

But, and this is truly where things get interesting, what happens when the TRULY leading religion of the three, namely Judaism holds sway over the holy city of Jerusalem?

This is really what this fight with the Muslims is all about, do the Muslims accept the leading role of Judaism or not?

This is why, the ETHICAL conduct of the Jews are so important. How do we tackle the conflict. If we are less ethical than Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the perception of our conduct will be harsh and instantly condemning.

This is why I believe that the ethical or moral choices we make should be as best possible.

This does not mean, that we should just take all the beating, we should most definitely not.

But it means, that our response should be measured and precise.

WE should, by all means, avoid ANY loss of civilians on the Muslim side, and ONLY respond in equation to the attacks we receive.

We cannot be seen as the dominator but only as the defender.

Because at the end of the day, we should remember, that there is a HUGE audience looking at what we are doing, and in these social media times, lies have harder time flying, so most people around the world can actually see what is going on.

Yes Islamic jihad still have some supporters on the extreme left wing, but most sane people can see that Israel has been attacked, and is responding in DEFENSE.

So precision, only targeting military targets, sheltering all Israelis, the ethical way of war, and we will win what this war is REALLY about; international acceptance and support.

I mean, why is it, that Europeans should support Islamic extremist terrorizing innocent civilians?

G-d bless the will of Jews to survive and do what David did; use his sling to fight with precision and force.

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