Darkness and light

In this world there are many dangers for an honest man. The prime danger is that of the darkness. It lures him, it beacons him, and it always tells him to just take one little step down the path of darkness.

Though we try to keep that little beacon alive, by being true to all that it symbolizes, we are often sucked into the dark side. The lies, the corruption, the going with the stream, the closing our eyes to things that used to matter, when we were young. It is so easy, just lie, and you do not have to live with the consequences. Be honest and you have to fight all the time.

That is hard.

One of the greatest dangers to my experience with the darkness is looking into it.

To be honest, I have many friends who are working in the dark. Kabbalists, knights hospitaliers, and then some.

I like them, because often working in the dark, will take the strongest man to survive unscathed.

So why do all these secret players like me? It is because I represent what they are truly caring for, and fighting for, and thus by keep looking at me, they are strengthened in their own character. They are filling up those reservoirs of faith by keeping a friend who is a worker of light.

Sometimes they are honest, as when PET, the local police secret service were honest and admitted that they have no conscience, and that led to me criticizing and telling them, that they are supposed to be those with the most conscience, in order for Democracy to trust them.

My basic point is, the more you look into the darkness, the more you become like it, if you are not careful.

You need to replenish your tanks of light from time to time. Do not succumb to the siren song of believing that secret societies are behind all that is evil in the world. There are plenty of evil who do not happen to be in a secret society.

Actually most evil is not really organized by ancient friars, but are gang banging, criminal thiefs who happen to be right at ones doorstep.

So they are the ones who needs a bit of wacking from time to time.

Do not misunderstand me, the lights most dangerous foe is darkness, my point is just, it is everywhere, and it needs to be fought where it is.

By all who try to do good in this desperate and dangerous world.

G-d bless the willingness to see clearly in a difficult and often hazy situation.

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