Corona and politics

The Corona virus at the one hand, is a devastating virus, that tears apart the economy, kills people and in many ways is a scourge.

But so far, we have only started to scratch the surface of the deeper POLITICAL discussion. Because what does it have of consequences for the world?

Well, it seems pretty clear right now, that globalism is over. The idea, that we can travel without borders to anywhere we want simply is not a viable idea, if the consequence is total lockdown of the world every other year.

The openness allows not only people to travel everywhere, but also all kinds of other problems, among them a virus.

But there are other problems as we have seen in Europe with the waves of migrants, terror and international crime.

These problems are CREATED by globalism.

So, as a consequence we need to be realistic about the world we want to create after the shock of the Coronavirus. We are forced to be realistic about the open world idea, and shut down borders, ramp up security and put up borders.

These actions are necessary. It may be sour, but we cannot exist with Coronavirus and other problems, without taking our precautions.

The question then comes to the next logical string of arguments and understanding. What do we do with this realization?

To make a sound perspective and discussion on this, I believe, that we need to understand the foundations of our systems, and then try to find a way to Change these systems to cope with the new situation.

We essentially have a conservative camp up against a liberal camp.

The conservatives wanting tradition, security and stability, the liberals wanting freedom and movement.

These two sets of ideas or way of understanding the world, needs to come to some kind of development to Change the system.

This leads us to try to understand what these movements essentially are.

One way of looking at it, is to see it from a Spartan and an Athenian perspective.

Sparta being the conservative, Athens being the liberal.

I think, to be honest, we need to tackle the world from a Spartan perspective these days, but with a deep understanding of the Athenian perspective.

Somehow, we need to make a balance between the two sets of ideas, and then remake the republics to a more modern structure of ideas.

We need to close the borders, be much more communal and have solidarity, as in Sparta. But we at the same time, need to keep our freedoms vibrant and alive.

These opposing ways of politics needs to find a new balance, or rather. It will find a new balance, question is, will it happen in a structured and planned way, or through chance.

So, these are some of the issues I believe we are going to discuss in the political discussion of the Corona virus.

G-d bless the will to see clear in difficult circumstances.

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