Congratulations mr. Johnson!

Well, that seems to be a huge win for the Conservatives in the UK. Good gracious, what a run.

First of all, it is necessary, to say thank you for those who stood by the Conservatives, and probably will not be thanked. Here off cause I think about mr. Farage. Mr. Farage put country first, and his self sacrifice is THE reason we get this overwhelming majority. If he had stood in constituencies that we had a close call on in terms of conservative voters, we could have lost them. AND the hemorrhaging of Labour voters he did, was also THE factor to win us all the seats in Northern England.

So a HUGE thanks to mr. Farage. That was, actually, not a conservative strategic victory. Strategically it was the Brexit party that won.

So, it will be warming to have such a majority the next five years, but it is mandate to get Brexit done, not necessarily to do conservative policies. We have to remember that in the long run.

But at the end of the day, off cause the great winner is mr. Johnson. What a campaign! To the point, disciplined, and HAMMERING the core message of get Brexit done into the debate over and over again. Well done Boris, that was superb.

Now it is time for celebration. All the issues and problems, the day to day work will be there for us in a forthnight. But now it is a time for celebration.

Well done Boris, you did it for England, and England thanks you. Now GET BREXIT DONE!!

G-d bless the will to GET BREXIT DONE.

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