Well, we have to understand the crisis with racism and the way we can counter it in the US.

First of all, I know all about it. When I go to the swimming pool here in Denmark, people get out of the pool that I am in, and go to the other swimming pool, because I look ‘funny’.

I have several friends that are what you would call ‘black’, and they are harassed in numerous ways. Right now, the friends of my kids are not allowed to my home, because I am both ‘brown’ and perhaps even worse, a Jew.

My great grandmother had to flee to Sweden in the Second World War, because she was a Jew, and so on. The story goes on, and everybody seems to be so nice on the surface, but when push comes to shove, they dislike me, simply because of my skin.

That is it, I have the wrong color. It is not because of my atttitude or my understanding of the world. I am a very nice person, I never treat anyone in any mean way. Ok, I am a debater, but I have never treated anyone negatively.

So I know racism, how people look at you with disdain and a lot of prejudice.

I know.

But, and this where I believe we can learn a lot from rev. Martin Luther King, I never get violent about it, or negative in any way. I accept the disdain of other people, and try to turn it around. I try to be the good guy without any prejudice. I ALWAYS try to build bridges and help people around me without regard to any look at skin color. To me racism is a social construct, nothing more.

I have two white friends, two black friends. My oldest daughter is pretty dark in skin, my younger daughter is pretty white in skin. I mean introducing racism in my own family would be sister hating sister, and that would be impossible, because my two little girls they sleep arm in arm every night.

But what to do in this situation where people are eating each other up in violence and disdain.

First of all, I believe in Martin Luther King and HIS faith in the civil rights movement, and FOREMOST in the principles of non violence. That was why I was so critical against the Black Lives Matter movement. One thing is that poor Floyd was murdered, because he was, his own actions untalked about, another thing is to go raving in streets, stealing and plundering.

Both actions are unforgivable in a civilized society.

Finding closure and a way out this mess, is the recognize the POSITIVE principles of both sides.

On the civil rights side it is truly nonviolence, the acceptance of other people, them being white or black or brown.

At the side of the police it is realizing the aim of police enforcement, that is, ideally to protect the weak.

It is when the police forgets, that it is about protecting those who are too weak to protect themselves, that the police looses a dear and wonderful part of themselves.

We are all here, we all need a place in America, but we also need to see, that doing so means that we OURSELVES take responsibility of our own actions and follow the principles of our forefathers and founding fathers. It is when we loose sight of those principles that America looses its greatness.

Make America strong is to FOLLOW the ideals of the US. It is non-violence, protecting the weak and generally being adamant about following the principles that is the true constitution of the great America. The REVOLUTION continued. It is ONLY if new generations find the beacons of idealism and follow the creeds of the founding fathers, that America is TRULY great.

G-d bless The United States of America.

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