Climate change

Well, now it seems like, that we are back at the track again in the US.

First of all, let me be clear, I did not support any of the candidates. I held on to the belief, that it was the best man that should win. So essentially, this is not my victory, but mr. Bidens victory. I held on to the belief, that he would come through, but I didn’t support any of the candidates. It would have been unfair.

So, now that we are here. We have to get to work.

Because where lies the basic political paradigm, that seems to be at hand. Well, it is climate change.

As we in the Obama times worked on the economy, a thing that seems to be working as of now. We can work on other things to make a better world.

When we talk about climate change, we have to realise, that this challenge is pretty steep. I am working quite extensively with it here in Denmark, and boy can it go wrong. Right now Northern Jutland is closed because of a fake vendetta against mink farming. Seriously, the left is bleeding votes faster than you can count.

This calls to the fact, that working with nature in order to make it a better nature, is a very delicate thing, why?

Because the leftwing that is mainly citydwellers have to work with the countryside, where nature really is, and that is republican mainland. See the difficulty in terms of political progress?

However, as I have worked quite extensively with farmers, pig farmers, minkfarmers, fishermen and woodsmen, it seems to me, that the country boys are much wiser than what you would think if you didn’t know them. In fact they can be really, really cool.

One of the greatest experiences I have had, was visiting a woodsman, whom had been working with his forest for 50 years. The forest is just extremely diverse and interesting, it is a paradise. I know him through a friend of mine who likes spiritual things, and goes to the forest to do all kinds of hippidances and so on.

So this guy, who has been working with forests for 50 years, and is a country boy if you ever knew one, has showed us a way to go. It is complicated, by it can work.

Biodiversity is possible to work with, but it takes time.

So, having the respect for the people who live in the countryside, is pretty much a given if we should have any success in this area.

There are however lower hanging fruits, like sea pollution that is huge problem these days, we need to do something about that.

And essentially realise, that the basic premise of climate change is, that we are growing out of the planet. So we need to figure out better and more understanding ways of working with nature.

If we do not do that, our ressources will run out soon enough, and that will create hunger, and war.

So it is pretty serious.

The good news is, that if we get to work, and invite the best experts, and no, more often than not, the experts are the people, the worksmen, working with nature, and hear them out. We need ideas on the table, and an opportunity to do some real change, our future depends on it, so lets get on with it.

G-d bless the will to do good, and make better ways with nature.

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