We are facing a rising China, this means, that we need to truly understand what China is.

China is not something new, it is a truly ancient place.

The first few states of China were kingdoms, and truly lost in the veil of time. But they had wisdom and a unique blend of spirituality and system of governance.

The most prominent of them being Con Fut Tze and Lao Tze. On the one hand the bureaucratic idealist, and on the other hand the hippie/poetic liberalist.

Essentially China is mix of these two strands of thought. The conservative being the Confusian bureaucrat with a support of country, family and system, and the other hand the hippie freethinker.

China basically is a bureaucratic state.

This is really the strength of China today, because all Chinese are brought up with the discipline and loyalty to the state. Put this in motion with so many people, and you have a pretty impressive powerful, potentially dominating entity.

Add to this the freshness of their new existence, and you have the same movement as in the Frontier days of the US.

The weakness of the anthill of China however is their inability to give a good fight. They have not fought successfully for themselves since the Vietnam war, and are not a warring people.

The only reason they won in the Vietnam war, was because they were supported heavily by Russia, and Russian are VERY good fighters.

The world has changed a lot since the days of psy ops and media manipulation. So the battle field is new.

Where you in the Cold War could get at the big powers by manipulating the media, this is not possible anymore, because the media has changed dramatically with the advent of the internet.

The truth is there to be found.

This gives the generals a much wider range of possibilities, and it favors brute force.

The Chinese are essentially still living in the Cold War mentality. Focusing on manipulation (cyberwar) and underestimating the force of a united Western force.

They will not live for five minutes.

At the same time, the Chinese are expanding aggressively with bases at sensitive spots around the world, without having the necessary military capabilities to back it up. They are essentially over confident.

This will not continue, as their production base grow, they will be able to support and build more military vehicles.

Anyway, they are not good at classic warfare, so we should meet them there.

Build up our allied forces around them, and if they do not stop their continued siphering of our secrets and steal our production, we should finish off their production capabilities. That will cripple their economy, and set them back to point of start. Then they can rebuild, but at a more sensitive and balanced way.

G-d bless the belief in a sanctioned approach to China.

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