Changing with the times

It seems to me, that we are trying but not really succeeding in the proces of finding new ways in the Democratic Party.

Look at it this way; ideas are principles you fight for, to make a better world. Now, the thing is, the world changes. You have different challenges in different times.

When Karl Marx founded Marxism, he was living in a world, where the industrialization was running amok. Workers were living under the most difficult conditions. So Marx made an ideology that matched the challenges of the society.

It became a huge succes, because it really had a lot of quality.

The same can be said of the French Revolution. That revolution was the result of a crisis in the Aristocratic systems of Europe, especially in France, where sexabuse by the aristocracy was widespread.

The next step after Marx, was the Frankfurterschool. That were some Communist Jews who had to flee Germany, and then founded what is, more or less, modern academia in the US.

Again people of immense learning, and they had some good ideas. But the world changes, and new challenges are presented to our generation. Namely those of Islamic conquest and the deteoriation of the working middle class.

So it is a matter of fighting for our values: democracy and getting jobs back to the U.S..

Add to this a rejection of the nihilistic part of Marxism, focusing on a spiritual reawakening.

I am not saying, that we should not protect minorities, we should, but we should not make it the only focus of our ideas. These are subject to the new ideas. That is Democracy, and spirituality.

That is Change, remember. Change is not about keeping the same old, same old refrains, but about renewing ourselves, finding new ways.

The world changes, we need to change with it.

That was actually what it was all about, the Obama presidentship, Change. If we forget that, we also forget the best and most astounding turn around for not only the U.S. but also the Democratic Party.

So let us get back on the horse, straighten our backs, and have a little faith in Change.

G-d bless the will to see things in a different light.

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