If we look at what Socialdemocratism is, then there is one thing, that meets the eye. It consists of two words. One is democracy, the other is socialism.

In a sense, Socialdemocratism is, in all times, a mix of these two trends. What is important however, is to find the right understanding of Socialdemocratism.

After the 68 came, there has been a lot of emphasis on social justice and identity politics. The Frankfurterschool.

If you look at these ideas, actually it has nothing to do with either socialism or democracy. These ideas are the reflection of Nazism, trying to do good what Nazism did wrong. But theoretically it has very little to do with the political ideas behind Socialdemocratism.

The Change Barack and I did, was to move the Socialdemocratic perspective from identity politics, to true political progressivism.

Where the Frankfurterschool see everything in colour a and gender. We see the world as a place without colour and gender. It doesn’t matter. We are all equal in the eyes of G-d.

Where social relativism does not accept the family as the cornerstone of the society. The Socialdemocratism we sought to promote is a family oriented ideology. Where dad is dad and mom is mom. Not in an unequal way, but in a way where the kids matter more than we do as parents. Where having dinner together matters. Where saying thank you and sharing with the community matters.

Democracy will only work, if it is based on a society with good and healthy families. Where people look out for each other, and we care. Where kids go to school to have a good education and are able to make a good life.

Where the next generation is better off than your own. Where you seek to make a better society for your kids to inherit.

Where we can actually share some civil rights values. Where we share and do not divide.

That is the vision we can and should work for. Not a place of division, but a place of faith and unity.

G-d bless the will to do good in a harsh world.

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