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New land

If we look for examples in history, where the Roman ideology was expressed in its most potent manifestation, it was Julius Caesar. No doubt about that. He was the hero of Rome, and the most magnificent of them all. What Rome has today of unity and consistency, Julius Caesar was very much the crafter of. […]

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G-d lives

As the Vatican is improving its course, it is clear that the restructuring measures are working. Basically, having a serious and honest leader will propel the Vatican to see itself as something else than just a closed entity that has its days in the past. It is now gearing up for the future, and it […]

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The world i changing around us, in a never stopping malstroem of unwise decisions and ideas uninspired by the good grace of the lord. We need to counter that momentum, to really inspire the common society of man in a more positive direction. There are wars everywhere, destruction of many kinds and gruesome actions done […]

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The Vatican and the Copts

April 18th, 2013 No comments

The very important visit of the hailed and wise pope of the Egyptian church his eminence Tawadros is, to my mind extremely important. Not only because the church is a very sincere and good church that has led life of persecution for millenia, but also as a political statement in the world at large. There […]

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Freedom, justice and love

From the beginning The United States of America have been on a winning course, the resilience and the staunch opponence to all that would wish to take freedom and justice from the world, is a course of peace. It has been, and it should always be so. Now, the Great country of the Bold and the […]

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March 22nd, 2013 No comments

When Rome started, it was a small tribe living in the vicinity of Etruria. Etruria was a strange civilisation, that had come from somewhere in the mediterranean. Even today we are not really clear about the original traces of the Etruscan civilisation, it was just there all of a sudden. Rome was built on the […]

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The church of Rome is old, at least as old as the conclusion of the Roman Empire, but taking into consideration, that the Christian Faith is a construction that encompass the ideas of Isis and Mithra, you could say, that the church is as old as Egypt, Persia and Canaan itself. The lore is deep, […]

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Sons of light

February 16th, 2013 No comments

There is a farewell I have to make, of a dear friend. I realize, that we have not been on speaking foot for some time now. I have often wondered as to why. I believe it is a move away from the discussion of Islam. But who knows, I hope it is not, because in […]

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Lights and life

July 17th, 2011 1 comment

As the gods of the danes, the english, the americans and the germans are taken away from us by deception, a few brave souls fight the enemy of darkness. The sons of darkness are everywhere, especially here in Europe, bread by darkness, evil in disguise, pimps and prostitutes embraced in the dark corners by their […]

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