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Good choice mr. Biden

August 13th, 2020 No comments

You can say a lot about mr. Biden, but one thing is certain, he makes good choices. I really and truly believe, that the choice of Kamala Harris is an informed and well balanced attempt at trying to merge the different factions of the Democratic party. The one faction is the multicultural, Frankfurterschool marxism of […]

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August 11th, 2020 No comments

Differentiating between “black” culture and “white” culture does not make much sense to me. There is civilisation, and it has nothing to do with the color of your skin. Civilisation is, essentially, a Mesopotamian and Egyptian set of principles that were developed 3000 years ago in the classical Mediterranean time. The most common source to […]

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My own two hands

August 8th, 2020 No comments

Making a life for yourself is not easy. I talk from my own experience. Blaming others for your own misfortune will not bring you any relief. I talk of my own experience here also. I mean, I have been in the keen eye of the government for quite some time now, been deplatformed and otherwise […]

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Si vis pacem, para bellum

August 5th, 2020 No comments

There is a good, solid conflict brewing in the West. The conflict between China and the US including mainly Anglo Saxon allies. That is the empire. This conflict has its ups and down, the main up is the character of the conflict. It is totally unbloody. It is a new form of cold war, that […]

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Change, what is that?

Listen guys, you have two choices, either you follow the tenants of Karl Marx, or you follow the tenants that I have made in the consecutive development of socialism. Please let me try and explain. Karl Marx tried to envision a society that was the opposite of the ideas that the philosopher Hegel envisioned. Hegel […]

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Thank you for your friendship

Welcome mr. Pompeo, foreign secretary, visiting Denmark for the first time. To me, that is a beautiful sign of cooperation between Denmark and the US. Here is why; essentially we are family. I have thought quite a bit about my own engagement with the US, how I have tried to help, support and be a […]

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Currently I read a less known classic, a ‘founding father’ of caricature and the poking of fun against the high minded. A sport that started in the Ancient Greece with a lot of cool and funny writers, and was continued in Rome. The guy is called Lucian, and he is cool to say the least. […]

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The light

Seriously New York Times, firing a journalist, because she did not conform with Black Lives Matter identity politics. Here in Denmark we are still in chock over the act. Listen, New York Times is supposed to be, like my own family’s conservative newspaper Berlingske Tidende, a beacon of light. What is that, and how are […]

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Moral corruption

Now, listen. I want to tell you a secret, that took me quite a long time to glean from history. You probably know this secret, and many of my readers are already following the basic principles of it, unknowing what it really is. But knowledge is power in your life. So here it comes. We […]

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Rebuild and reconstruct

Now, there seems to be some kind of initiation of “progressive” communities in the US. Let me be clear about one thing, if you do not understand the basic principles of how to make a society, there are some pretty awful pitfalls here and there. Let me explain the basic buildingblocks of society, to perhaps […]

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The fall of manmade civilisation?

Ok, here is an idea. The main problem in the US for now, is the lack of knowledge on how to appreciate the American Dream. Everybody wants it, and everybody strives for it, but how do we attain it? Here is the explanation, that might shed some light on the path forward. First of all, […]

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Listen, I know, that the crisis of the Coronavirus kind of took off, and made people mad at each other. Especially those who see themselves as black are mad. But that is not an excuse for killing innocent old people in a private owned garden. As there are racists and bigots in the white camp, […]

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Law and anarchy

When you are young and angry, you want to Change the society NOW. Not tomorrow, not the day after, but now. Be as it may, the direction of that Change, if it is to work has to be discussed and planned by people who are in the know. Take the French and American revolution, that […]

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If you do not understand the basis of socialism, you will not create a better society, but a worse society. Just going bananas trying to enforce ideas, that in the past have not worked, will not get socialdemocratism anywhere, it will only lead to tyranny. Tyranny being the state of society that is the effect […]

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We are going in the wrong direction with the Black Lives matter demonstration when it comes to the solutions we find. I get it, the police does not protect or respect black people in many places. I get that, but defunding them will not solve the problem. Police is a VERY important part of society. […]

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