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Looking forward

February 2nd, 2020 No comments

Well, there are a lot of things, that are going in the right way, and there are a lot things, that I simply cannot save in time. To spread the vision, and see it a little from above, we can see some astounding successes and some corners of the world, that are simply going down. […]

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Congratulations England

January 31st, 2020 No comments

Finally, Great Britain has become free once again. Free to set its own course, free to remain a whole, free to roam the seas of the world. Many people see all the talk about the empire as a talk of a bygone time. They believe, that the West is finished, and we might as well […]

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Never again

January 28th, 2020 No comments

75 years ago, Europe went through a massive antisemtic purge. In most of Europe, the narzies as Winston Churchill called them, went through the European homeworld, where jews had lived for thousands of years and purged them. Got rid of them, put them concentration camps and what was worse. Unimaginable horror went down in Europe, […]

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The Christian minorities

January 21st, 2020 No comments

Well, the situation of the world has changed. It seems to me, that the middle leaning Democrats, and the middleleaning conservatives are really what it is all about. I certainly do not believe we should start a third world war or anything in the like. But there are minorities around the world, that still need […]

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War and peace

January 16th, 2020 No comments

Well, it seems to me, that the waves of war and conflict has soothed a little over the last four days. The threatening conflict between the US and Iran has not come to pass, and therefor we have a calm. I do not understand why we cannot have some kind of peace. But I do […]

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January 9th, 2020 No comments

When I first started on philosophising on strategy a small but very interesting book caught my attention. It is called “The art of war” by Sun Tzu, a Chinese general in the ancient times. It has a lot of hard-won, real life experience with war by the great ancient general. One of his basic maxims […]

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Fighting a war is a point of ethics

January 7th, 2020 No comments

Well, I have been quite influential in the wars of mr. Barack Obama. They were not all completely successful, to be honest. But I truly believe, that we amassed some experience, that can be used today. What are the essential points that we learned from seven years of fighting? First of all, you need to […]

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Just a simple helping hand

January 4th, 2020 No comments

Well, it seems to me, that the idea of making a YouTube channel in connection to the blog, seems to be a really good idea. Ok, here is the offering. If you are one of the readers on the blog, and I mean anybody, please, if you wish to be inspired or in any other […]

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Middle of the road

January 4th, 2020 No comments

Well, there is war, and there is peace. As Barack and I did a bit of both, to be honest. Let us have a look at the whys and the hows. First of all, the first thing that disappears in conflict is the ETHICAL perspective. Often we end up in a tit for tat situation, […]

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New year

January 3rd, 2020 No comments

So 2020 got to be a new year after all. Some of the original ideas I had of a quite apocalyptic nature have just materialized. The attack on an Iranian hard liner general is, more or less, the West first true attack on Islam itself. This is an attack that sends the message. Ok guys, […]

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Happy New year!!!!

January 2nd, 2020 No comments

Happy new year, god jul, and happy Hanukkah! It has been a dramatic year for me, but hopefully a year that will finally turn my situation around. I have grown from an outcast to something of a fringeacademic, that might truly have a career. Lucky me. So, the situation is like this. I have managed, […]

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December 25th, 2019 No comments

Dear Joe, listen I have prophesized myself, that you are going to be President. Last election, I was a little worried therefor, that you did not stand for president. But now it makes sense, you just stood over for period. To me, that is the end of the matter. I support you, as I have […]

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The workers of north

December 22nd, 2019 No comments

Well, there is a difficult discussion on how to do something for those brave workers communities that has been abandoned in north England. What to do for them and so on and so forth. It really worries me, that the simple need that these brave people truly craves has not been mentioned. It is really […]

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Caroline King one

December 14th, 2019 No comments
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What happened?????

December 14th, 2019 No comments

Well, what happened in the British election? To truly understand this, I think one of the true answers, at least as to what I have contributed with, is what we in the computerworld call “disruption”. When I started my career, I started working with computers. In fact, I have a masters in usability, that is […]

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