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February 14th, 2024 No comments

Ok, as we progress with the peace effort in the Middle East, that has to find a way to formulate the commonalities between the three religions to make things work, we inevitably have to take up questions in the department of physics. Religion is, essentially a fight between good and evil, we support the angels […]

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The things that unite

February 14th, 2024 No comments

Ok, I know that everybody are angry at everybody in the Middle East. Especially the conflict between Jews and Muslims is over the top. Building bridges in terms of conflict deescalation and reconciliation is not exactly easy. But, it is possible, we have done it before, and we can do it again. At the core […]

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February 9th, 2024 No comments

Ok, these are my reflections concerning prayer. I know, that there is the Middle East conflict, that I have to support. But, I mean the King Charles III is really sick, and we need to support him too. It is like this, to my theoretical and practical knowledge. Each person has a halo. In religious […]

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January 29th, 2024 No comments

Okay, I have had a number of philanthropist hitting my Facebook page. I dont know, if this is by coincidence or that some of these great, and truly amazing people, are willing to help me invest in different projects. As of now, I have amassed a few projects, that is planned to go through the […]

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To the stars

January 27th, 2024 No comments

When I think about physics, hands down, I am not a physicist. I happen to live in a country that gave birth to some of the best physicist of the world. Ørsted, Niels Bohr, all the way back to Tycho Brahe, who invented precision in physics. So this has been with me the whole time, […]

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Renaissance of the ideas of genesis

January 22nd, 2024 No comments

When I talked to mr. Holger Bech Nielsen on the phone. He was, to be honest, a bit more interested in my political ideas, than my ideas within physics. So, it kind of stopped there, and I am a very fringe player here in Denmark, when it comes to science. But since then, I have […]

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The helping hand

Understanding the meaning og perseverance, or really continue as a person through the ups and downs of life. Seen from a Protestant point of view, one needs to see the culture of Protestantism through the lense of Martin Luther. Who was Martín Luther? Martin Luther was the founder of Protestantism, but he was more than […]

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Jews and Christians

The Catholic Church is in a great outreach to the Jewish faith commmunity, and as a Jew, that really lightens my heart. Knowing both the Christians and the Jews from the inside, let me be a part of this outreach in the sense of, what do we have in common. At the base, there is […]

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The Ether

April 30th, 2023 No comments

For a long time, quantum physics, has been the main theory about the universe. I get it, it makes sense, we as Danes, have contributed to it, through mr. Niels Bohr, and Holger Bech Nielsen. But my criticism has been, in the view of Anaxagoras, who was the inventor of atomic physicism (he was a […]

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September 28th, 2021 No comments

When we talk about light opposed to darkness, us being humanists, what is the “light” we talk about. “The shining light at the top of the hill”?. To understand this, we need to go to the root of the understanding. The root of the understanding is the Egyptian lore of the ancients. These illustrious people […]

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February 12th, 2021 No comments

Praying is one of those tools of the faithful, that is more than just idle past time. We do it to be heard by spirit, and to change our lives. Now, Christianity is very much on its heels in most of the Western world. I see this, and I understand, as a Jew, that this […]

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December 11th, 2020 No comments

Climate Change as an idea and a philosophical trend in the world stems from the battle between German and British thought in the 18´th century. At the time nature was a topic of discussion in the great halls of learning, and great leaps of understanding in what nature was, was done. Among them, the crowning […]

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Just a simple helping hand

January 4th, 2020 No comments

Well, it seems to me, that the idea of making a YouTube channel in connection to the blog, seems to be a really good idea. Ok, here is the offering. If you are one of the readers on the blog, and I mean anybody, please, if you wish to be inspired or in any other […]

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August 22nd, 2019 No comments

According to Iamblichus, the pupil of Plato, G-d is what is good. Then the next pertinent question is; what is good.  This question is a question that we often fail to put to ourselves, and often when we do, we just imitate the ethics that is around us. Leaving us prone to manipulation.  According to […]

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If we are to unite the Americans around a subject, I believe, that it is pretty obvious what project that would potentially be. That of public service, humanism and the American dream.  What is that? Essentially, it is about seeing the need of the society and not only our own needs. Shedding some of that […]

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