Being human

I have been thinking a lot about the late interview with the Suidlanders. It is a REALLY difficult discussion.

On one side, I do not accept any kind of racism against blacks. I know how it is to be scorned and ridiculed. Right now in my town Aalborg, there is a lot of bad blood running in the gutters, and it is running in my direction.

At the other hand, white people, or just people from the north are also just people. So, we need to take this into consideration.

Things can go both ways, and it is when we end up in being inhumane, on both sides, that I really believe, that humanism is not allowed.

Being humane, is what it is about, in both directions. We need to be able to see our fellowmen as men and women, not just a skin.

I mean, how do you put ethics into skin?

Being true to unity as a vibe that goes beyond skin, is what is important. That black and white, yellow and brown are able to live side by side.

Being honest and humane to each other.

G-d bless the will to be a good man, in a situation, where the bad blood is running. Being honest, humble and humane to all. G-d bless the will to be serious and strong in the conviction that we are all made in the image of spirit.

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