Be yourself!

Soon there will be another election in the US. Let me clear about this. This will not be an all loose, or all win.

We are actually faring quite well.

Most of the ideas that Barack and I installed are still there, and it works.

But, that does not mean, that we cannot be better or improve on the things that we have been doing.

We have been discussing the idea of unity on the US. But what are the main words or idea that will unite us?

Well, look at yourself.

What are you called?

Have you thought about that. Your name.


That is what unites you.

It is that simple.

What unites Democrats is the Democracy of the United States.

Within this civil rights.

But the US is more than just a place on the map.

It is an idea that came from somewhere and needs to go somewhere.

But again, it needs to be enwrapped in what it is, it is a Democracy. And that is the start and the end of it.

At the other hand, the wealth and plethora of ideas and principles of Democracy, is a wonderful treasure chest of political energy to draw from.

Look at it, look at yourself, find yourself in your own values.

They are there, all you need to do, is to be yourself.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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