The climate change discussions are essentially a profound discussion on the wealthfare of the world.

How are we going to prioritize the development of the shared ressources.

To understand how this can be done, I truly believe, that we need to UNDERSTAND the ways of the world.

Essentially the world is bounced between order and chaos or, as other call it conservatism and freedom.

Understanding the right decisions in the situation, whether to be conservative or liberal is really the crux of the matter.

One of the major discussions we have had lately is the migration waves that are hitting the shores of Europe. To a staunch liberal perspective, the freedom of migration is paramount. To conservatives the order of the nations is paramount. Finding a balance between these two perspectives is important.

Why, otherwise the states become unhappy and often destabilized.

I know, then we liberals say, don´t build the wall and all that. But the conservatives do have a point in pointing to the fact, that the migration is destabilizing the countries they affect.

Instead of refusing to see this basic fact, we liberals should acknowledge, that there is a problem with migration.

This will hopefully defuse the political conflicts that are building in the major countries in Europe; France and the UK.

Let them have their walls, as long as the true aims of their endevours are positive and focuses on the integrity of the states, the law and the peace of the populace.

We need to understand and recognize, that maybe a little order is important also. The horrendous murders of artists and journalists is a problem. My good friend Lars Vilks has just been murdered, because he stood up for Democracy and free speech.

We need to protect the artists and journalists who defend humanism.

That freedom is more important than freedom of movement, that is the basic argument.

Anyway, let us try to understand each other, and create a better world, instead of just banging our own drum all the time.

Be open, and understanding of our opponents, work across the aisles and make peace.

G-d bless the will to listen to our fellow men. G-d bless the will to find peace.

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