Well, my life has been a bit of a rollercoaster. From the beginning with the Mohammad cartoon crisis, over the Obama administration and now to some kind of reconciliation.

I have given it a bit of thought, on how to keep the balance between the international work and the national work I do here in Denmark.

The problem is, that there is an imbalance.

Two years ago, I managed to initiate a small TV station, with the help of the government here in Denmark, thank you for that. At least now, I am not so hard pressed economically.

The problem is, that it chains my focus on Denmark quite a lot. I do a lot of interviews, and travel around in Northern Denmark.

It gives me a lot of insight, since, I get to talk to a lot of wise people, but it constrains my focus on international politics.

Ok, here is a way perhaps to do something about it. First of all, there was a job, that was in the plans. That job could be a way to support my international focus.

It would make a balance between making money here in Denmark, and making money in the US.

But, and this where my “demands” comes into play. I cannot move to the US.

I can do a lot of work from Denmark, and travel from time to time, but I will remain a citizen of Denmark.

But, if you want to make some kind of arrangement that would make that possible, it could work.

What I do is to construct societies. I am a political architect. This requires little research and testing in the sense, that I deduce my ideas. The ideas I work with are already tested by time, that is why they also work in the present.

Take my discussion on progressive tax. It comes from a discussion Democritus has on equality. It is not the idea of Karl Marx, he got it from Democritus.

So knowing, that this idea is ancient and has worked under certain circumstances, I know how to make it work today.

That is what I do, in all the areas that I work.

Off cause it should ideally, be tested before it is put into the society. Often when philosophers have new ideas, they are tested on countries and people, without their knowing, that is essentially using people as guineapigs.

The western society is a complex and intricate system, containing religion, political ideals, administration, military.

It is extremely complex, if you poke it here, you need to know what the effects are.

So, you have to be careful, that is why you like me, because you know, that, within, reason, what I recommend is not going to topple the boat.

Anyway, my point was, that what could be a kind of solution to my difficulty in reenergising the british/american discussion, would be to have two jobs, one in each country. That would make it possible for me, to discuss the issues of America, England and Denmark. Not a bad bunch of countries in my mind, we are very much the same, have the same systems and aspire to the same ideals.

Anyway, that was my reflection on getting myself to a place, where I can share my time and energy more equally between Denmark, England and the US.

G-d bless the will to do good in the world.

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