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American politics

January 18th, 2021 No comments

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the state og policy lately in the US. Don’t get me wrong, I try to embrace a balanced view of things. So that we do not get into excess with anything. But rather seek to find the middle ground, so as to make a sound balance between […]

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The Copenhagen Spirit

January 14th, 2021 No comments

We are in a kind of crisis in the American public. Everybody are screaming at each other and in the moment of warfaring, we may do things, that we come to regret after some time. Let us have a look at this from a open source perspective. You know, the deeper story beneath open source, […]

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The Open world

January 12th, 2021 No comments

There are a lot of things going on in the US right now, and many worry about it. Which is off cause both natural and good. But as one of those, who have forged some of the ideas of the development, I am not worried, on the contrary, I believe, that what we are seeing […]

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The empire

January 3rd, 2021 No comments

So we are free, it took four ardous years, or was it even more?, to get here, but here we are. The question is, what now? Here I believe, that looking a bit on Russia is actually not such a bad idea. I mean, we have been foes, but Russia is getting along pretty well, […]

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The climate

December 27th, 2020 No comments

I believe, that there is a balance between theory and practice when it comes to the debacle on climate Change. On one end, we need to realize the ideas behind the whole political discourse. I mean, what is nature, and how does the ecosystem actually work, with people in it. We are a part of […]

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Merry Christmas and happy Hannukah

December 25th, 2020 No comments

Well, merry Christmas and happy Hannukah dear reader. Things have finally turned in terms of downward og upward spirals. Finally the UK is free from the EU, and have made a deal. That is good, for everybody. Perhaps not the Danish fishermen who live where I live here in rural Denmark where I live, but […]

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The promised land

December 21st, 2020 No comments

I see a lot of Star Treck these days. I really like Star Trek, and I have wondered quite a bit why I really like Star Trek, it is the epitome of nerdiness, but it has something deeper resting in its ideas, that kind of resonate with my own quest of trying to convey and […]

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The soul

December 14th, 2020 No comments

In the Oxford Symposium, one of the greatest presentations, to me, was a presentation of the American singer song writer mr. Johhny Cash. Johhny Cash is one of those iconic musicians whom define the very essence of what it is to be American. I asked the two American gentlemen, whom presented the tale of mr. […]

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December 11th, 2020 No comments

Climate Change as an idea and a philosophical trend in the world stems from the battle between German and British thought in the 18´th century. At the time nature was a topic of discussion in the great halls of learning, and great leaps of understanding in what nature was, was done. Among them, the crowning […]

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Climate change and unity

December 8th, 2020 No comments

Well apart from tackling Covid 19, we also need to have more positive things to do. One of the things that I have been working on here in Denmark, and that seems to be a sincerely positive, but VERY difficult process is climate change. After doing several interviews with farmers, and having the discussion with […]

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Peace in the Middle East

December 7th, 2020 No comments

It seems to me, that we have come a long way in the Middle East, there is a peace of some sort. We have almost peace between Jews and the Arabs, and this peace is legendary in itself. Of cause, the close kinship between Arabs and Jews, we actually look very much like each other […]

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The virtuous

December 4th, 2020 No comments

There is a new paradigm on the way, you can look at Great Britain, France or the great United States of America, with different leaders. But all have to tackle of the deterioration of the nation and the challenges ahead. So, how to we go about tackling that. As we have discussed it is about […]

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November 12th, 2020 No comments

The coronacrisis seems to wear off, but there are still some pockets of resistance, and things to do to make thinks all right. First of all, let us have a look at the reaction and the threat. There has to be some kind of level balance between the two. If we react too harshly at […]

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Climate change

November 10th, 2020 No comments

Well, now it seems like, that we are back at the track again in the US. First of all, let me be clear, I did not support any of the candidates. I held on to the belief, that it was the best man that should win. So essentially, this is not my victory, but mr. […]

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The independence of the UK

November 8th, 2020 No comments

I believe, that the UK should start moving out of the EU. Get the job finished, and find some new cooperation with the US. There are new winds blowing over the US, and the UK might just get on that train. There are a number of agendas that is interesting, one of the being the […]

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