There are always a lot of things happening in the underground of each wing of the political spectrum. Sometimes these things are good, sometimes these things are bad. 

To me, as a Jew, it normally rests upon how these underground developments look upon Jews. 

I see Jews as the kind of canary in the coal mine. 

If new trends are antisemitic, they are usually riddled with conspiracy theories, wacky ideas about who control the world, and have awful ideas about how to make the world. 

At the other hand, if the ideas are prosemitic, the ideas are often, not always, but often idealistic about enlightenment, humanism, all the good ways of the world. 

Ok, I admit, that many Jews do things wrong, to mention a few; Marxism (Marx was a Jew), in the Ottoman Empire there was a crazy Kabbalist Jew who professed all kinds of marvel, but ended up being a fraud. 

There are many both wonderful and horrifying stories in the history of mankind where some Jews took this and that idea to the extreme. 

Anyway, my point is, the heritage that we Jews try to protect, the best we can, is filtered goodness. All the bad guys were lost, and only the good guys remain. Like David, Jesus, Niels Bohr, and many more more or less famous Jews, who have pushed humanity forward in a positive direction. 

So to look at the new things going on in the underground of your own political environment, one should look at the way they think. 

Both right as well as left have, honestly, come up with some pretty nasty new developments as of late. On the right wing, neonazism is on the rise, at least in Central Europe. 

I cant count all the times where some punk drive by shoots me on Facebook to tell me about all the negative things Jews are to blame for in the world. 

It is disgusting. 

This trend has all the paraphernalia of antisemitism, including conspiracy theories, a firm belief in an alternative truth to the rest of us, and virulent hathred of Jews, it is disgusting. 

The same goes for the left wing. Here it is the same, whereas the right wing have Nazies the leftwing have all these crazy islamists.

They also believe in conspiracy theories and blame the Jews for everything. 

So, my conclusion is, that we have good and bad things going on on each wing of politics, sometimes our bad sides emerge, sometimes the underground is filled with wonderful new ideas. As when Eliphas Levi wrote his stories about a socialism that took care of the poor, and tried to warn about famine. 

Look at the name of that guy, he wasn’t even a Jew. But a French priest. 

The same goes on for my heritage, that of Grundtvig. He hired my great grandfather to found his hoejskole Vallekilde. My great grandfather was a Jew, and so on. 

Sorry, but I am just so proud of my great grandfather. He was an amazing person. 

Anyway, we have to be wary about antisemitism in our own political project. Nothing good comes with it, and if we realize it is there, on each wing, we should distance ourselves from it immediately. 

G-d bless the will to be transparent, and see the good of life. 

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