What is Israel really? To understand that, and truly remake the understanding of Israel. We need to reflect on the identity of Israel. 

Israel was initiated as a Social-democratic state. After some time, as Socialism has vaned, Israel is now searching for a way to understand what Israel is today. 

In this work, as a historical philosopher, I propose a look at what our forefathers thought about when they defined Jewish culture. 

One item, or rather core item, of Jewish culture is the angels. 

The angels are ancient spiritual beings, that reflect an ethical stance to the word. 

They reflect judaism at its deepest levels. 

Each angel has specific colours and characteristica. And through the understanding of what the angels represent, we can understand what juadism is, and thereby Israel.

Israel as a state demands more than just a little, it demands the best. 

The best of all, are the angels. 

Gabriel, the angel of strenght, Ophiel, the angel of beauty, Boel the angel of truth, Ravchiel the angel of compassion. 

Each angel reflect the core of what it is to be jewish.With them we can be inspired to understand ourselves.

G-d bless Israel. 

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