When the US went into Afghanistan, it was a reaction to 9/11. An attack on New York in the middle of the day. Mr. Bush used the military to attack a country that, at that time, was the epicenter of a virulent version of islam, a sunni muslim renneassance version of islam including a political state and a repressive law system.

You can like that system or not, but these guys killed over a thousand civilians, just to prove a point.

The strategies change. When Barack Obama was at the helm, it was not so, that the sunni muslim rebels were given a wide berth. We fought them with new strategies such as drones and alliances with local democratic parties. The prime of them being the Kurds.

But Afghanistan remained as a country that we tried to build a democracy in. We kind of inheretid the problem.

One strategy is to go in and occupy a territory, another strategy is to use a combination of modern warfare equipment and diplomacy to reach our goals.

As of now, the last strategical approach is still in function, and it has made a wide alliance including both sunni and a few shia. Why? Because it is a balanced, intelligent and fair approach. It measures the response to the attack, and acts to refrain from civilian casualties.

But that still questions the occupation of Afghanistan. My view on it has always been to try and stop the occupation without leaving the population of Afghanistan at the mercy of the Sunni rebels.

This was also the approach of Bidens administration, but it seems to me, that the consequences are very dire for the populace of Afghanistan.

This is a problem we have to do something about. But just migrating all democratic Afghans to Europe will not solve the issue, it will pour gasolin on the fire of the antimigrant debate. So that is also a no go.

What we need to do, is to make an alliance with a neighboring country, and see if we can make a safe haven for the refugees there.

At least, if it is possible, it is the most balanced solution. Having Europe go into flames, is as bad as having all the Afghans killed. It will definetely create a chaotic situation.

This calls for decisive action and make fast and viable solutions for all included.

It also calls for a rapt surveillance of the current development of the anti islamic state initiative.

While Bush fought to fight the Talibans and the Sunni extremists on their own turf, we need to fight with the new methods of warfare; complicated it equipment, surveillance, and diplomacy.

This has not been in vain, we just changed tactics.

G-d bless the decisive action and tough approach to islamic state vigilanties.

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