Ok, the Afghanistan draw out is kind a reaching a climax. All the newspapers have smelled blood of a leader that they can intimidate, and the ground personnel in Afghanistan are not feeling a sense of security.

So what do we do?

We show that we understand the game of international politics, and we make the moves, that makes most sense in the situation. With the wellbeing of all of East Asia as the true aim of the situation.

From when I put some thoughts to this issue until now, the following have happened;

Most importantly Turkey seems to accept the idea, that we work with the close vicinity of Afghanistan in terms of shoring up the refugees and giving the refugees a permanent to semipermanent place to stay.

This is because all the migrants/refugees are going to end up in Turkey making the life of mr. Erdogan really problematic. Already a lot of the Syrian migrants are making his life a problem, because they make a lot of problems in Turkey, effectively pushing the electorate to the fringes of Turkish politics. The extreme rightwing of Turkey are called Grey Wolfes and they are pretty scary.

So a massive wave of migrants from Afghanistan would further destabilise Turkey, and that is a problem.

It seems to me, that the current solution to the massive possible exodus from Afghanistan has been to promise a small number of migrants stay in Western Europe. That will create a huge pushback from the fringes of European politics, and might just cost mr. Johnson his seat. He was elected to make migrants go out of the country, not go in. So that is a very dangerous solution to the stability of the European governments as well.

What is a possible solution however, is still to make a diplomatic blitz to the neighbouring countries around Afghanistan. Turkey would be very much in agreement with this idea, and it will effectively send a message to the Afhganis, that we will help as much as we can, but migration is not an option.

It is not fair, because the redrawal of troops and the consequent take over by Taliban was not fair, but that is the best we can do in the situation.

Anyway, we must, as I see it, seeks diplomatic solutions with the neighbouring countries to Afghanistan, and then we must start hunting the leaders of the Taliban.

We must also seek results in the other areas of conflict where the Al Qeudas are. Give people the impression, that we are doing all we can to solve the problem.

Israel is very much with us on this, so we have the best partner possible.

Then there is the press. When they smell a weak leader, they will go into a frenzy, and start accusing you of this and that. Dont worry too much about it, adress the problems the best you can. But the press in this situation are just going bollocks, and there is nothing much you can do about it. Talk with them, explain your plans, and then just take it easy and stay calm.

Dont take it too serious, but show strength by remaining calm and on the ball.

You can do this Joe.

G-d bless the will to stay calm, in the eye of the storm.

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