A lot to do

Finally some movement in the game of British politics. About time. Let me start by thanking Mrs. May. Seriously. I know that politics can be a brutal game, and especially for you Theresa. There were times, where things just seemed to be too difficult for anyone to fathom. But please look at the things from outside. The task is monumental, and cannot, just cannot be solved in a forthnite.

Now Boris can enter the fray, and get the deal everybody wants, at least at the British side of the pond. And that is just the way it is.

Anyway, thank you for your service Mrs. May, I have tried to do my best to try and help, but we had too much of a system against us.

But we did win the last election at least, no one can take that away from us.

So, now comes the show down for mr. Johnson.

First of all, what we need to think about, apart from Brexit, is what happens AFTER Brexit. There is no doubt, that Brexit will be a daunting task. But I am sure Boris is the man to do it. He has the skill, the men behind him, and he has a good ally in Mr. Trump.

So, he will, hopefully, set the cause pretty fast, and then leave Europe at its own for a while.

Europe will falter and decay, while as GB will bloom.

BUT for that to happen again, think about the first ball to kick into the stadium; economy. Mr. Trump is building on the system that I invented together with mr. Barack Obama. A system that combines the needs of the workers, with the needs of the industry and thereby military.

According to Paul Kennedy, the power of a great nation lies in its industrial base. Why did GB get so strong in the 18 hundreds? Because of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution gave GB a tremendous edge compared to the other great nations. Why? Well, if you can get to things faster, can build larger boats, and so on, you can rule the waves.

So, in order to regrow the potential of British might, a renewed focus on the workers and the industrial base is paramount.

According to the great philosopher Adam Smith, that gave us free market thinking, we have to balance free markets with the loyalty and ethics of the producers of goods.

See? There is an important balance there. Trump and the US has found that balance, and is currently outperforming China, the true great contender on world domination.

Secondly. You HAVE to cut the gordic knot of migration and repatriation. The left is VERY much against any talk about control in this area. Somehow it seems the left rather wish to commit suicide, than take a reasonable and quite normal view on this. I mean, a country can itself decide who goes where in and out of the country, that is the normal. It has to be done in a fair and civilized way. People shouldn’t be treated unfairly. But the victims of working class areas, that are often very much crushed under the weight of islamistic organizations, should be protected.

If need be, the Islamist, in the UK should be send back to where they originally came from. This is not a threat to all migrants in the country. But trying to subvert democracy is not acceptable.

Then people will cry islamophobia. But terrorist are not the true face of positive Islam, they are wrong, and should be treated as such.

Then again, good, hardworking Muslims, who are not a threat to anyone should off cause be truly accepted. At least that is as I view it.

Anayway, point being, that there are a lot of difficult questions that come AFTER Brexit, that you could just as well prepare the team to have a view on.

What about precense in the Middle East. What about the Anglican Faith, can we perhaps support its good development a bit more.

In this I truly believe, that his excellency rev. Justin Wellby should be supported very much, we should listen to his wise words, and try to follow his lead. After all, he has affinity to mr. Churchill as well, and the queen off cause.

I do also feel, to me, that rev. John Sentamu is also a wise man indeed, someone I am much inspired by. So the two of the are good guys to give notice. They are ethical persons, we should listen to.

So there are a lot of tasks to look at, but always look at the core; the unity of the country, not the fractioning that some other seem to want. But the unity of those who are truly a supporter of the Great Britain.

G-d bless the islands of the British.

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