The faults of the Western European elite

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The European elite looks dumbfounded at the current development of Europe right now.

In France, and other places, the conflicts with the elite is getting out of hand.

What is essentially the problem of Western Europe right now?

To cut to the core, it is immigration and the poverty of the working class.

For a number of reasons, the Socialists have forgotten their class roots, and simply stopped supporting the workers.

Therin lies the problem.

In the UK, France and many other European Contries, identity politics have supplanted union politics.

It may sound a little academic. But take the example of Mr. Tommy Robinson, Working class hero of the UK.

He grew up in an area that was supplanted with identity politics. Where his dad was a craftsman, he didn’t have the opportunity to be one, because the jobs were scarce. Add to this, the constant influx of cheaper labour, he all of a sudden found himself in a working class city that used to built cars and aeroplanes, to a city run by savage islamists.

This will bring conflict.

And it is the Frankfurterschool ideas, that has inadequately adressed the needs of the workers of today. So they rebel.

The devastation that the workers are seeing in their neighborhood fuels anger and violence.

Look at France for that matter. Add to the fact, that workers are pretty used to revolution and are very strong in numbers. You have a devastating situation.

Now the problem of Mr. Macron was the fact, that he didn’t use the ideas that Obama and I invented to solve the problems, but carried on with climate change and humanistic care for nature.

Seriously? He had the opportunity, but when he came to visit us here in Denmark, he didn’t even invite me, despite the fact, that his ambassador that was to leave was a member of my organisation the Vilks committee. Thank you very much!

What Obama and I developed together, was a barrage of ideas aimed at solving these problems. Bringing back the jobs from the outsourcers, creating a renewed bond between American producers and the workers, and stemming migration.

Trumps has simply carried these ideas on, and is reaping the reward.

The US is back and on the right track.

Still the fight with China is looming in the horizon, and the fight in Europe with the islamists. But essentially the prerequisite of a mighty fighting force, that is a mighty production facility, is keyed in.

So there is a remedy to the ailment of Western Europe. That is; remigration of the unskilled workers that is not needed in Europe anymore, investment in national production capability, and a renewed faith in the Republic.

Take that strategy, and be a winner, like Obama and Trump.

But remember, politics is not a chess game, it is martial arts, so be prepared to fight your way through the battle field.

If you do not, you will be no Napoleon or Vercingetorix, but a sun king falling down.

If you do not heed the calling of the Republic, it will cast you away, and become a sixth republic.

G-d bless the will to see through the fog of war, and do the right thing.

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The European descent into chaos is going its prescribed way.

As Always in Europe, our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.

The reason we have had all these violent revolutions, is because the Europeans are not good at making dialogue and compromise.

An awful and destructive example on this, has been the way, that Great Britain has been ridiculed and treated bad by the European Union.

Why were there no compromise? No real attempt at making a deal, that could have made both sides happy?

Or the Marrakech treaty, that had to be rammed down the throats of the Europeans, despite the massive criticism.

We are so strong in Europe, so we do not compromise.

This has led to eternal fighting. Remember the 100 year fight between Rome and Northern Europe under the reformation, or the French revolution?

While as Europe is yet again transforming into some thing new, there will be victors and losers, but it is sure, that in the process of Change, Europe will see rivers of blood.

Can we find a compromise? Listen instead of being stubborn?

I doubt it. We will see, but i think, that things will go as it usually does; mayhem, destruction on an apocalyptic level and so on.

I for one, will try to make a believable middle course, that a great part of the political establishment will hopefully follow.

But, I will not lay down and die, not in this time, not in the other, rather never.


G-d bless the will to see compromise, even though it seems distant.

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The will of the people

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Today is the big Brexit vote day.

These are my recommendations.

First of all, see things from the perspective of the people. It is their vote, and the entire process is about their will. Not my will, not the EUs will, not the Westministers will or the Conservative partys will.

The will of the people.

If you have a look around Europe, for far too long the will of the people have remained unheard. This has angered the common intelligent man to a point, where he is rebelling.

Brexit was such a rebellion, the Yellow wests is such a rebellion.

Essentially what they are saying is; if you do not listen to us, we will dethrone you, cast you away and install a new system.

The ENTIRE EU system and consequently the migration effort, the austerity, the attempt to make some bureaucrats without a direct connection to the people rule us, the taking away of fishing fields, is what they are truly rebelling about.

Add to this the rampant moral and economic corruption.

Yesterday I saw a video from a new party of Denmark; Nye borgerlige. A kind of mainstream version of UKIP. In this video, recommended by the head of SIAD mr. Anders Gravers, three farmers sat discussing the world.

You know, three old grumpy men not having all this international globalist thing anymore. A kind of “back to the earth” reality check. I mean, how do the salt of the earth look at the world these days?

They were old times fashioned grumpy about all the high flying leaders of our world.

They wanted the power back to the people, to their little country. They hated the corruption of the international systems. Kind of a danish version of Donald Trump.

They are right. We have become too affluent, globalized, corrupt in our worldwiev.

We should abandon our ivory towers, cast away our fancy high tech cars, phones and other kind of globalist bling.

Put on some normal clothes, and walk out into the wilderness again. Ask those old timers at the gate of the village. “How to you see the world today”. Maybe even learn a thing or two.

We might just end up getting a little more wise, a bit more down to earth.

Joseph Conrad the acclaimed Polish/British writer had a thing for the ancient sailors of the wooden ships. Steeped in wisdom of the waves and without an ability read or write.

The toughness of the galls is a better learner, than all the books in the world. And if we forget about that, and end up with our heads in the sky, we will be taken from those lofty edifices, and cast to the ground.

But if we listen to the grumpy old timer, maybe we will have a chance of understanding the world anew from the perspective of the people.

G-d bless the will to listen instead of forcing our own agenda.

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Understanding the way of peace

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Understanding politics on an international scale, requires knowledge of the history of mankind. 

These things are complicated. 

The current western elite is probably scratching their heads right now, trying to understand what went wrong. 

Here is an explanation. 

When the ancient Phoenicians, the people that inspired us Jews with acceptance and tolerance as basic principles, had their empire. They were adamantly peaceful. 

They did not have an army, and they always tried to turn the other cheek and rather run away than take a confrontation. 

The story of the bird Phoenix, is probably a principle that the Phoenicians applied to the sacking of their cities. When an army approached, set in the destruction of one of their cities, they abandoned the city with their many boats, let the invading army sack the city and returned to rebuild the city again. So from the ashes a new city sprang up.

They were also the main businessmen of the ancient Mesopotamia. So, they could afford it. 

This tradition is carried on by the Jewish culture. We are also businessmen, wandering the planet rather than fighting where we are. 

So if you want to have peace, as a peaceful culture, you can avoid it by turning the other cheek, run away and rebuild your existence somewhere else. It has served the Jews since the building of the first temple, where we were induced by the Phoenician ideas. 

At the other hand, one can stand up to a challenge, if there IS NO OTHER WAY OUT. 

In other words, when the Romans threatened the Phoenicians in their ascent to dominion of the Mediterranean, the Phoenicians chose to fight. It is what we today know as the Punic wars, and most famous with Hannibal Barca, the leader of the Phoenicians from Carthage.

It is coined in the phrase; si vis pacem, para bellum. In other words, sometimes you need to fight to keep the peace. 

If you are backed into a corner, you need to fight. 

In fact, there is another example on this principle in the ancient times. The Phoenicians had reached a point in around 2000 B.C., where they were at the risk of extinction. What they did was mass slaughter and annihilatoin of the Mycenaean and hittitite cultures. Cultures that later became the Greek and the Persian culture. 

They armed the barbarians, and simply sent them, with their boats to crush the competing cultures of the Mycenaean and hittitite.

Point is, when you are with your back against the wall, even the most peace and loving cultures fight. 

The problem is, that the fight you then deploy is the annihilating kind. Rome almost was annihilated by the Carthagenians, and as a result tried to annihilate the Phoenicians.

So, the wise politician or bureaucrat has this balance in mind. Sometimes it is better to fight at a point in time, where the result will not be all anihilating, if there is a risk of massive war. 

I mean, if you can go about your business without a fight, that is the best, but if you are in for one of those massive, existential fights, you need to do it swift and at the right time, that is when you are still more resourceful than you adversary. 

That is why I have advised for a swift and short war on China. We do not have the stomach for it, so it will develop into a much more destructive war, as China gains more and more weapons. 

The same goes with Europe, where I have advices a swift and strong response to IS. That is the small war, the big war is the West against all of the Muslim countries. 

My feeling is, that the UK will follow this example, and focus on IS, but somehow the continent seems to favor the peaceful principles, trying to delay the inevitable. 

Perhaps if France has its revolution, things can actually work in Central Europe, but there is a long way to go. 

G-d bless the will to do wise decisions, at least you now know how things are designed from the beginning.

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The Temple

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Understanding the monotheistic faith, there is one thing, that one needs to understand in order to truly appreciate the depth of the ideas  behind Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

The Temple is where the three faiths has its core tenents praised and developed. 

So what is the Temple of Solomon really. The Temple that is the centre of Jerusalem, and should be rebuilt by the Messiah?

It is actually built by Phoenicians, that Solomon befriended in the time of the first Israel. 

You can see it by the copycat job that it truly was, that of the copycat job of the Phoenician Temple of Tyre. 

Read the Bible, and you can see for yourself, that the first Israel was an intimate ally of the Phoenicians, so intimate, that some of the secrets of this ancient and peaceful people of Lebanon was given to Solomon. 

What were these secrets that was given to Solomon and praised at the temple?

Well, you can see it by the entrance of the temple. Two brass columns were erected there, a copy of the columns of the Temple of Tyre, which were the column of severity and the column of mercy. That is, the two central columns of the Cabbalstic tree.

In other words, the first idea of the balance between mercy and severity is the very point of the first temple. 

Today this core idea is still valid. As above so below is another way to underscore the point that to live in balance, you need to see when to be severe and when to be merciful. 

G-d bless the will to see things as they are. 

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It seems to me, that the young generation of Democracts are more socialists than Democrat. 

Do not get me wrong, progressive tax is a good thing, it brings harmony to a society if it is done rightly. But it cannot work unless you have closed borders. So it is with public health, with the right mindset, this is also a good thing. 

Caring for the nature is also a good thing. If it is done by focusing on the real perpetrators. I mean, the ocean is suffocating in garbage, that is a REAL threat to the beauty of the sea. The rainforest in Borneo is in these days destroyed by the greed of humans. The amazing sloth is raped and exterminated. There is a true and desperate cause there to fight for. It is also quite easy, just do not buy anything with palm fat in it. 

But the FANATISCISM of a Democratic republic is not in these fringe topics. These topics are important now, but the core subjects that one should be fanatical about is not the humanistic or socialistic topics, it is what drives DEMOCRACY. Freedom of speech, the encroaching danger of Islamic state, the loss of faith in the tenets of the Republic. 

To keep your faith, be fanatical, sacrifice yourself, but choose your subjects to be fanatical about with care. 

To keep the Republic alive, you need to stand up for it, and see where it is threatened. 

Be vigilant, be prepared for the revolution that carries within it a promise of rights of the citizen and freedom for all. 

You are blessed with many good politicians, compared to the ones we have in Europe. 

Your politicians actually care about serving you, and not serving themselves. They are not perfect, but they actually do care about the constitution, and the defense of it. 

You should also be caring about those values, whoever you are. 

Have a look at the constitution, and you will find plenty of things to be fanatical about. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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New faith

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The understanding

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There are a lot of people here in the West that really hate Muslims. They see Muslims as essentially lower beings, criminals, rapists, childmolester, just all bad in humankind. 

At the other hand, there are a lot of Muslims, that see the West as decadent, immoral, lustful, deceiving and sinful. 

Both is, seen from each perspective true, if you look at each other from the perspective of sin, seen from each other’s perspective. 

It is true, that in the Muslim world, the sins are the the above, and it is true, that the sins in the Western world is the above mentioned. 

I solved this riddle by looking at the Muslim world from the perspective of what we are in a good day here in the West: Democratic, humanistic. If we are what we are supposed to be in the West; fighting for freedom, sacrificing ourselves for the tribe and the ability to be free, what would that make the worst Muslims? It would make them freedom hating. 

That gave us the term “islamists”. That is Muslims that fight for a Muslim political system. 

Since many in the Muslim world actually like our system, and see the benefit of the Democratic\humantistic philosophy, the work Obama and I did, made us a lot of friends. 

So, when we in the West are NOT sinful, but uphold our own values, there is a path of peace. It leaves the critical Muslims at the fringe of the Muslim world, because, contrary to popular perception, Muslims are actually not stupid or evil, they just see the world through a slightly different prism.

This means, that the medication that I prescribed, that can actually solve the problem of jihadi Islam worked. 

So, that is why I believe, that we should still focus on Islamic State, and fighting them. Because this brings up the best in ourselves. The fight for a free and humanistic world, where we see the world through a prism of understanding and a deep humanity. 

At the other hand, we need to fight the corrupt elements of our own society. Those who do not wish to follow the Democratic course, but surrenders the cause to vie for a standstill in the fight. 

The ones who tell us to ‘carry on, mind the gap, do not think’. They are actually the true enemy of us all. The apathy, the lack of moral backbone, those who look away as the jihadis do inhuman things to our own children. 

So in a sense, we all fight the corruption of our own society, with different means, in different theatres, but with the same aim, to find a way to live peacefully besides each other, in a harmonious world.

G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts, and good actions.

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Antisemitism is a difficult thing. On the one hand, we are most often, not guilty of the hate we are met with as Jews. At the other hand, we are punished by G-d, if we stray one millimeter away from the covenant; to be the light upon the nations. 

Take me, as an archjew, praying with Tefilin everyday almost, praying for peace and love in between people, I have never met any hostility, even from my fiercest enemies. 

Everybody loves me, and want to be my friend in political life.

At the other hand we have George Soros, who is hated by most of the beautiful blossoming nationalism in Europe. 

What is the truly the difference, well it should be quite obvious, I try to serve, openly, Soros work behind the scenes to manipulate and invest his money. 

Now, this is not to further any antisemitism. Off cause Soros is within all laws as to what he does. But he misses one point to my mind; that of the Jews being the light upon the nations. 

We are here to serve all the nations, help where we can, without trying to push any agenda that is detriment to humanity. 

I am quite sure, that this is what Soros believes he is doing. So why do people love me, and hate Soros?

It comes down to the idea of light. We are the LIGHT upon the nations. The light is the truth. 

When we do not speak truth with a humane heart, then we are not fulfilling our destiny, fulfilling the covenant. 

The ancient Phoenicians, who are some of the basic inspiration of Judaism (they lived as the only truly peaceful people of the Middle East 4 – 5 thousand years ago), were businessmen, just like Soros, and some of the other bankers and businessmen who push the open border agenda. 

These ancient and wise people sought to further their empire without an army, imagine that. 

They had this keen observation, who the descendants of those arch businessmen could use. They realized through their extensive knowledge and exposure to many varied peoples, that one thing always gave war. That of difference of culture. If people are too different, they start war. 

So they tried to blend in, and not be too different from others. 

The same wise principle should be learned by the current businessmen, if you create a situation, where people are mashed together with too much difference in culture (aka diversity), it creates the worst base of war. People have all kinds of grudges against each other.

To create peace, you need to do the opposite of diversity, you need to create harmony. 

G-d bless the will to make a harmonious society.

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New movements

December 24th, 2018 No comments

Well, things are going in the right way, but it has come in a jump that I didn’t expect. 

First and foremost, England is tearing itself free from the banking elites amateurish project of the EU. Amateurish in terms of political philosophy. 

That is good for England, and from here on the Brits can decide for themselves. Good, that wonderful and strong people can find its own footing and prowl on in the world again, not burdened down by these amateurs. 

Secondly France is rejuvenating itself in that classic French way of the revolution. I hope it is not too bloody, but I doubt it. Just remember to find light at the end of the tunnel. 

Thirdly there is Israel, that has been caught in a precarious situation after Trump has redrawn a great lot of his troops from the Middle East. It makes sense, IS has been beaten, more or less, so why are still there?

At the other hand, our allies thrown at the mercy of our enemies is not a good thing. So keeping a keen eye on the Kurds and Israel is important especially if we are going back in. These guys are our friends. 

We should not be naive, they have abandoned us in the past, and will do it again if they see the need. In the times of the crusades, they actually abandoned us at a very crucial point. 

But, we should still give them the support they need. 

When it comes to the Christian minorities of the Middle East, this is a new priority that we actually share with Russia. 

A common ground may be possible to find there? There are numerous vulnerable minorities like the Yazidi, the Christian Assyrian and the Copts. 

People who are in harms way. I know that this is a priority for the Vatican as well as the Anglicans, so a good collaboration could be seen in this area.

Last but not least, we see that Europe as such is getting free from the idiotic decisions made by the banking elite. 

We want to be free from all these international organizations. We did not ask them to come, and honestly, the situation that they have put us in, is a booming and apocalyptic situation with only one solution; war.

That was the opposite idea of the whole project, so it is time to get on with our lives, and stop this destruction of the international elites. 

G-d bless the international peace we can have, if we are strong and honest enough.

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New ideas

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I have often wondered about political science. It seems such a shallow endeavor. 

Being a polymath, I work in different sciences; politics, metaphysics, law, economy, art, business ethics, pedagogical methods, science methodology and many more. Among them a penchant for magic in a classical sense.

When you read all these different subjects, you tend to notice, that the different subjects have a different knowledge of the classical outspring. Metaphysics as one is very well connected to Plato and Aristotle. These again are well connected to Egypt, Mesopotamia and the well of ideas that is from from the birthcradle of humanity. 

The same goes for law, that truly recognizes its classical foundation. 

Not so with politics. Off cause you need to know your classics in politics as well; Rousseau, Machiavelli perhaps even Plato. But the political environment today is all about identity politics. Seriously? 

I mean, identity politics is all just the last vestiges of Frankfurterschool Marxism, that again were just the dying breath of mainstream Marxism. 

So political science has ended up in a dark ally, with a knife in its hand, due to the fact, that there seems to be no other way out. So rather commit some kind of tragic scientific suicide, than truly opening up to the plethora of ideas and wonderful principles that our civilization is based upon. 

Just take this one; I am reading about the Phoenicians for the time being. The Phoenician, for those who do not know them, were seafaring peoples of the Mediterranean. They are, among other things, the inventor of the Cabbalistic tree, an early inspirer of Christianity and the culture that gave os Hannibal and his war elephants. 

This unique culture was special, since it had no army, but rested on diplomacy alone to make its gain. 

Just imagine that. An empire without an army. Perhaps they had a few tricks up their sleeve?

Why do modern political thought not invest in discussing these principles and ancient ideas?

Because they do not even know that they are there. I only know it, because I am interested in metaphysics, so I go about checking things out in the ancient land, because a lot of secrets and ideas are buried there. 

I truly hope, that politics start to get interested in its own tradition instead of dabbling with unsound ideas, that lead political science into black and dangerous alleys.

G-d bless the will to make a renaissance in the political sciences, we need that now.  

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New priorities

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American military might is truly only one mission, if it follows the dictum of the constitution; for the people. 

This means, in all simplicity, it is a vanguard for freedom and Democracy.

Freedom and Democracy is threatened more than ever all around the globe, not least in Europe right now, where corrupt power elites conspire with Islamist in taking away the freedom of the European people. 

I know this hurts to hear, but signing one and the other international agreement without confering the people is not giving people freedom. 

This has led to an immense mayhem of dark proportion. Revolution almost in the motherland of revolution. 

My point being, that American troops may soon be involved in real fight for freedom and Democracy in Europe instead of Afghanistan. 

This is NOT a military threat to the EU machine. I wished I could have fixed all the problems, but it is not open to my way. 

Anyway, this problem reflected in the importance of using troops in Afghanistan and Syria is simple. We need the troops much more in Europe if the islamists take their chance and try to seize power in one or more of the European countries. They have fierce backing of the different Islamist countries, are very well organized, and have the firepower needed to make a go at taking power. 

Sweden being at the prime of their list, and other weak countries as well. 

This fight, that is the real fight that we have been waiting for for some time, will be extremely bloody, and detriment to the Europeans. 

So, good gear, guerilla style fighting skills and drones will be applied.

The militaries of Europe seem to be at the brink of going away from the corrupt power elite, at least in France, where the generals have condemned the actions of the current French leader, so the fight will be including the brass of Europe in most countries. 

But, it is time to renew the military tactical priorities. Europe seems to be going up in the seems, this is a part of the Democratic world, that American military defends, and thus it is more important than Afghanistan. 

Add to this the added boost of morale, since this fight WILL be for Democracy, and can safe the ailing Democracies of Europe. 

I know, that the idea behind Afghanistan was to fight the enemy in their own territory. Problems is, that through the misconduct of the European elite, Europe has also become Islamist territory. So that argument makes the original argument for the Afghanistan involvement less important. 

We shouldn’t just leave our allies there, we can still support them, but the big fight is moving. 

Concerning Syria, the same applies. Europe as a war theater is more important that Syria, and the fight is more or less over. 

But again, we should not abandon our allies, just make sure, that no more war breaks out. 

Syria has suffered long enough, if they can have peace, let them. We should not impede their priorities, as long as they leave Israel alone.

G-d bless the will to think clearly in these troubled times. 

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The last crest of peace

December 20th, 2018 No comments

We are finally seeing some development in the discussion on Brexit. I did not really see the opportunity, but now when it is here, it seems quite opportune. 

We are riding the last crest of peace in the parliamentary democratic final wave. 

To see what is at risk, one has to look at the continent, and see for oneself, the detriment that the current system has led to. We are at the final stage of democratic corruption, and soon, according to theory, tyrants will spring up to deal with the problems. 

It is written in scripture, as when Sodom and Gomorrah fell. We stand at the brink of the same absolute destruction in the continent. At least this is what Plato say and that is again reflected in the Old Testament, that describes the same processes of Eden style politics (Eden being the first city state in Mesopotamia, and hence the blueprint of the republic citystate as Plato describes it).

The only true option one has to absolute destruction according to Plato, is the sacrifice of the philosopher to turn the boat around. 

I have suceeded with that i the US, and in the East European states that is inspired by my thoughts, but Central Europe is not in time, and they have themselves rejected my help anyway, so they are hard core determined on committing suicide. 

Anyway, it is this spectre of destruction that Mrs. May faces, that the whole society of the UK faces. 

There is a sufficiently critical mass of uncorrupted politicians in the UK, so that the UK CAN avoid the destruction. Add to this a very benevolent royal house, that really cares about the country and the Englishmen there, and the Walisian, and the Irish and the Scottish.

My proposition is; put away your differences, and start at discussion in earnest. 

How may you find a way that will satisfy all the different perspectives of the citizens of the UK. 

First and foremost, I propose a sanguine look at the islamists of the country.

I am a descendant of a workers community, and all the horrors that currently is suffered in these workers communities I have seen with my own eyes here in Denmark as well. I know what it is like to live in a radical islamized community. 

It is like living in a war zone. 

However, I also know, that there many Muslims who are supporters of the liberal democratic idea. 

In essence we are talking about liberal as well as islamist Muslims. 

It is quite obvious, that the anti democratic Muslims is a treath to the democratic institutions. 

This is beyond doubt, and if not takled forcefully, it will overturn democracy, just as Nazism did in Germany. 

It is a threat of infiltration and destruction from within. 

This inherent threat is beyond right and left, and should be adressed accordingly. 

It is a massive threat, and is the vanguard of destruction coming your way. 

So man and woman up, and see through the fog of war and disagreement and look at what you all agree upon; that of protecting and defending liberal Democracy.

G-d bless the will to fight for freedom, equality and brotherhood.

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The French heroes

December 19th, 2018 No comments

The sixth French Revolution is on its way. I have sought this for many years, and since it could not come from the top, perhaps this time it will come from the bottom. 

I am a total fan of the original French Revolution. As I see it, this is the most important event in European history, ever. 

In this revolution, the people rose to claim leadership, and freedom was once again thundering on the shores of the new Republic. 

This feeling, the intent, the possibility was a massive win to Democracy, the birthright of all who are living up here in the North. Our system what was lost, and now back in a new and inspiring version. A combination of the classical ideas with the spirit of our ancestors, the Franks.

To make it better this time is truly difficult. But there are some things that can actually be improved on. 

The one thing that was lost in the first French Revolution was the myths. The epic stories of Roland, Vercingetorix and the other French heroes of ancient times. 

These stories may be stories, but at the core of the myths lie values, virtues and ideas that has been lost in translation. 

Many today feel cut off from their French roots. This off cause is due to globalism, but it is also because the mythology of the French ancient heroes were not the focus of the first French Revolution. 

This world of strong and noble men, women of courage, and heroes of the old, is a thing that must be refound again. The French thirst for a rennaessance not only in terms of freedom, but also in terms of selfworth. To feel French again with a sufficient understanding of that as something worth something. 

National identity should not be based on negative things, but on the deeds of those ancient heroes be it woman of man. 

Those grand spirits that sacrificed for France, in the dying sun they rose as grand defenders of France. 

May that spirit find its way into the peoples of France once again. 

Vive la Republique!!!!

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The English

December 19th, 2018 No comments

The Brexit process is finally starting in earnest. I suppose it had to be tried, the attempt to get the EU to get an interest in the process from at sound perspective. But this has not been possible, whoever you are, a Brexiteer or a Remainer must simply realize this.

This leaves the process at the hands of the UK administration itself.

No deal is being prepared, it is the only viable option right now. Another vote would not solve anything, repetition of the same vote would just be a repetition.

But to look at things from a positive perspective, this gives a true opening for Westminster and everybody in the UK to actually start discussing what comes next.

As I see it, the problems that the EU has left will be mounting, but with the right set of decisions, the UK has a chance at making itself a better nation.

There is no balance in the current priorities. The former British colonies suffer from a weak connection to the UK. The role of leading intellectual powerhouse is needed, not only for the UK, but for Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada. Not as a leader in the material sense, but a leader in spiritual matters, intellectual matters and scientific matters.

But also some of the dependants of the UK in the former colonies needs to be supported, just to leave them to their own fate, is terrible.

We have seen how farmers across Africa has suffered tremendously, they need support legally and with resettlement, if they are too much in danger.

In other words, there is a host of unsolved problems across the anglosphere that needs to be addressed with diplomacy and problem solving intent.

In the UK there is a lot of problems as well. The most pressing is the problem with home grown terrorists.

Here again there is a huge discussion that will have to include the right as well as the left.

It is crucial, that this problem is solved in unity.

The solution that Barack Obama and I came up with, was to differ between those who support democracy, and those who are against democracy.

That is IS and IS like organizations are the enemies.

This gives room for democratic intended Muslims to be a part of the society. Giving Muslims a choice of integrating.

There are problems with migrants not only in terms of terrorism, but also crime.

This has to be adressed forcefully by the security apparatus.

Enemies of the state, should be treated as such. But liberal people on any colour should be treated on the same basis as everybody else.

Now, there is the fact, that England is England. And a renaissance in English, Scottish, Walisian as well as Irish identity is important.

People need to feel rooted in a positive sense.

Here in Denmark we have a very positive romantic idea about Danish culture, something we inherited from Goethe and Grundtvig. Vikings are not savage beasts in our understanding, but romantic heroes.

So a positive intent on the culture is very healthy to our experience.

So, let us disucuss the deeper issues, but let us be open for more than just the MPs of Westminster, let all that have a role and opinion be heard. The church, the queen, the unions, the fishermen, the workers, the students, the gays, the low and the high.

Let us try to find unity as his eminence rev. John Sentamu advises us so rightfully.

G-d bless the fair islands of the United Kingdom.

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