Islamic State

After the horrendous attack, or rather strings of attacks against western and pro democratic targets in the Middle East, we are at the discussion; who were the attackers?

Well, you should ask themselves, and you will find the answer; they are sunni muslims who are fighting for an old school islamic state. That is a kingdom based on the writings and doings of the prophet Muhammad.

This is a state system in direct opposition to democracy. As in the fight between Communism and Democracy, we now have another political fight between Islamism (political Islam) and Democracy.

In more detail. The islamic state is based on sharia, that is holy law deduced from the Koran and the Hadiths. In opposition to this democracy is, ideally, based on the will of the people. This is the base of the American Constitution and the Magna Carta.

Now, it is a bit of an artificial division. There are greyzones, where some muslims believe in part of the political part of Islam and not all. But there are states that are democratic and Muslim, like Egypt and Tunisia. In Libya, we fought for democracy, but remember, this is also a Muslim country.

So, that is how it is, ask an honest Muslim, and he will agree.

We need to stick to that, for several reasons. First of all, because this is how it is. Secondly, by showing the Muslim world, that we actually do understand the ins and outs of Islam, we present ourselves as a serious player in the international game. This was one of the reasons, that it was, and is a mistake to support the Muslim Brotherhood. When and if we do this, they will see us as unknowing and manipulative in the game of the Middle East.

Thirdly, it gives the part of the Muslim world, that are willing to make alliances and support us, a way. Like in Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia but also Syria and Iran.

Fourthly; religious wars are the worst. When we fight for our freedom, we fight for something positive and emancipating. Fighting for G-d, or as we believe G-d tells us often lead to fanaticism and fascism. Remember facism is not just a rule of Italy under Moussolini, it is the idea that you are absolutely right.

When we fight for our freedom, we know that we are not always right, and consequently have the humility to allow other creeds and political understanding a place in our society. As Jews, as gays, as other minorities. It creates freedom, tolerance and peace.

So, no I do not believe all Muslims are evil, I believe we fight a political strand of Sunni Islam, that has the arrogance to believe that they know what G-d wants us to do. They do not, because G-d always changes his mind. He is for love and solidarity, not for murder and rape. This is not G-d, this is man.

G-d bless all who believe in peace and freedom.

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ACDC-Hughes-long_agoIt seems to me, that after the election the Conservatives have gone back to bickering. The promises mr. Cameron gave under the election is fought over, bit by bit.

Serioulsy? Come on, Great Britain has one of the best chances of getting a lead in all matters conservative; church, crown and security.

First of all, his excellency Welby needs a kickstart in his mission to remake the Anglican church. Find every ressource, every able man to support him. He is the right man, he is on fire and he is radical. We need to support and stem him up, give him ressources, show him affection, and just, basically help him.

Then there is Great Britain itself, that is the United Kingdom. This is of primary concern to her majesty. She is very worried that everything falls into pieces, she need to see movement in this matter. She needs to see, that the United Kingdom is once again on the path of unity.

This can be done be reaching out, but also on answering the call for independence with serious action. Scotsmen wants indepence of a sort, give it to them. This will hold the United Kingdom together. I will work on a Northern Union with Scandinavia and UK, perhaps also with the US, if the US wants. In the distant future also Russia.

But, this drive, of both independence and also a new union should and could support the claim of both Scotland, that wants closer to Scandinavia, and England that wants to boost its claim on international leadership. This is the project that can be done! We in Denmark are all ready now, and we can pull the rest of Scandinavia on to your side. Imagine the power we could have, a power that could be used to realign and solidify our states that are all reeling after the acts of the European Union. Come on, this is ROCK!!!

Then there is security matters. We have a huge influx of IS fighters to the UK, stop them, send them away. But apart from that, solidify the British workers right to a job, he needs it, and the state needs it.

G-d bless you, and COME ON, start on your Cameron tour, Oxford needs it, UK needs it, you need to put your foot down and make your mark. Now is the time!

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I am back

I am back, I am sorry about the break, but, as you may know, there has been an intense and interesting election in Denmark, where a centre/right government finally took power.

I really supported that part, because I believe, that the chaos that is to begin in Europe needs a firm and effective government, not a chaotic and ineffective as we had.

It was a good a fight, and we did not win by a large margin, so we took and gave. Elections are often violent (not physical but emotional) and devasting. Winners take it all, losers loose it all. As the former PM Thorning had to realize. She used my own little daughter against me, so I took her out. This is good in the sense, that at least danish politics is not such a nuisance to the international community as it has been.

The election is very good news for mr. Cameron, and the US. Since the pro Anglican part of the Danish political system won. We will see a lot of negotiations and closer relationship between the UK and Denmark. Perhaps even to the extent that Vallekilde and Oxford can share ideas and debate again. I really hope os, I love Oxford.

But, we should focus on the Middle East process and the prophesy of Rav Ashlag, at least this is what I will do.

I will try and bring peace, and mend the wound for those who are in harms way. We can do it, and bring love to the bright and beautiful land of the Levant.

G-d bless you all.

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Danish election

I hope things are professing well in the UK. Since I have left the election, I have been quite busy with the Danish election, that fortunately ends in a week. Two elections in a row, that gets to you. I will look very much forward to the redemption work we have to conduct in the Middle East, and the peace process we should envision and pursue. All of us.

I hear, that the wise leader of the Anglican church have met with the leader of Al-Azhar. A grand opening and a good prelude. That calls for applause!

Then there is one thing, that I would like to give as an opportunity to mr. Cameron, the now happy PM of Great Britain! What a feat David, we did it. We did for Oxford. It will pay dividends down the line, if we just keep up the pace, and save what we find and hold dear.

There is a very interesting thing happening in the election process here in Denmark. They call it a great win for you David, but, as, I see it, it is a shared victory. The Danish conservatives are moving towards a solution as Great Britain is currently negotiating with the EU. We will, if everything goes right, be joining hands soon.

You could, if you wished to influence the debate, send some smoke rings and artful symbolic gestures towards Denmark, that you, hopefully support our outstretched hand. There is a certain respect and honor given to anyone who are of stature here in Denmark, if you send some signals. Not too obvious off cause. But something the newspapers could argue about and work on. Thank you.

All in all, in a week I am back, hopefully with good news.

G-d bless you all, and may we have peace.

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Middle East

I hear, that the bombs are falling from Gaza again. Let me be absolutely clear; it will not help the Gazans or the West bank in their struggle for freedom or any kind of positive relation to me or the West. It is unacceptable.

I think I made it clear last time, that what you win, you win it by being ethical in your means. Bombing indiscriminately is not ethical, it is unethical, and will not be tolerated.

I made it clear last time, and I do it again. Do not start any warmongering, you risk endagering the entire peaceproces, and that will not be popular.

G-d bless the peace we will find.

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Election in Denmark

I have had a long time coming, focusing on the Middle East, and trying to make peace there. Not the easiest task in the world. But possible.

Right now, there is election time in Denmark, and it is very close. I have to focus on it in the next three or four weeks, on my danish blog.

But after that, I will concentrate in international matters again.

And yes, I, off cause will support any democratic candidate there is. Unless of cause it is someone with an inter national agenda that is not peaceful. In America, that is more conservative than Denmark, I align more with the Democrats than the Conservatives when it comes to Welthfarestate, religion, community work and business. But, after all, I really love and respect mr. Obama. So, I think it will be a hard thing to work without him. But all good things must come to an end.

Anyway, I hope you understand my work here in Denmark for the time being, I will be able to focus more fully on international matters in a forthnight.

G-d bless you all, and may we find peace.

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Anaxagoras and Abraham

We need to work, in practice with the new all compassing theological framework behind the unification of the three monotheistic religions. In this work, I propose a simple act; go back to the beginning of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Here you find a noble citizen of Ur and Babylon; Abraham. 

According to my sources within Kabbalism, that has the maximum knowledge of the genesis of the three religions, Abraham was a metaphysician. Today we know him primarily as an ethical figure, and the person that made the covenant. But there is more behind this first veil. If you google Abraham and checks out his metaphysical stance, you realize, that he was a deep thinker, and there was a cosmology behind the first ideas of monotheism. 

So as Abraham, we need to find a metaphysical and cosmological understanding that is as advanced as possible. With this, we can also compete with physics, that currently hold the torch in relation to understanding of the reality we are in. We need to tackle Hawkins, Niels Borh and Einstein. With respect of cause. 

This is why I have tried to realize the epitome of metaphysics, that is the Anaxagorean cosmology. He is the best we have, and he is, currently, the most advanced state of metaphysics man has reached. After that, it did not evolve much. 

I have tried to convince Oxford to help me in this regard, and they will, hopefully, but we need to expand this first step and evolve in all three religions. Abraham was the first, we need to expand this understanding. 

G-d bless the will of G-d. 

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A good read

They call me a warmonger, they call me a thief, they call me a spook and a liar. But there is one thing that is clear, deep down under all those layers of insecurity, of ”getting out of the hood”, of trying to reach those aims noone else claim or even dream about, there is a good heart. A good, sincere, honest heart, that is all mine. It is not from my parents, they were both idiosyncratic or politcal correct. It is not from my upbringing, that was 99% pain, and one percent good reads. It is my heart, deep under all the sorrow and the loss and the sacrifice, I have that, which, at the end, qualifies me to bring the world onto a better place, just a sound, well meaning heart, that will try its very best to propel our destiny to a brighter and more positive place.

You know, in a world that is falling apart, you have to be able to step aside, and truly look at the world from a more neutral perspective.

I know, that my dreams of a better world is hanging in a thin thread, that got a lot thicker with mr. Camerons win in the UK, but still the thread can be cut anytime.

But, whilst we look into the darkness of our future, and search for that little piece of luck or that smallish way out, we should always remember, that deep down in the fine layers of our soul that borders the almighty, there is a thread of good in all of us.

That is what brings hope. In each and every man or woman, child and elderly. In the flowers and the butterfly, there is good.

This is why we are here, to realize that token of hope.

We can do that, if we try, and the almighty always gave both signs and methods for us to reach him. So we should not despair or give up, because he is there, and he will guide us onto our path. It is written in the stars they say, and I believe, with all of my pained heart, that he wrote a little path for you, for me, for your sister and brother, for the disabled and the rich, for the fallen and for the upright. He wrote a little script we could read. Therefor, there is hope for all of us. I also believe, that miracles are not just a theory, it will happen, if we believe. If we believe with all of that part of our hearts that is close to G-d, and is good.

Go down on our tired knees, and pray. Because, someone will answer, if we just have enough faith.

G-d bless all those lonely wanderers, who are in need of a guide, not a mortal guide, but a guide, made out of spirit.

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Middle East

The Middle East with all its domes and centers of religion is in turmoil, it always has been in turmoil. But with Israel thrown in the mix, the turmoil has, on one hand increased, and on the other other hand decreased.

Israel is truly a vehicle for peace, but at the other hand it also, by being not neutral a motor of conflict.

I realize, that my stance; the neutral stance, is not really working these days. I wish it was otherwise. But at the other hand, it still is a potential bridge to overcome the differences.

I am the Messiah in a Middle East context, that is a prophesiezed hero to turn the different ideas into one.

This is not something I have wished for, but something that is in the cards. You can fight me, but you will always lose, because in a religious heartland, people will always, in the end, go with G-d.

G-d bless you all, and may you all see what G-d really wants, not just your own motives and self-interest, but G-ds interest, that is love.

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UK clamp down on islamists

There are a lot of things going on in the UK right now, especially the clamp down on islamists and other radical Muslims is under way. I wholeheartedly support it, we need to be realistic about the destructive potential of these ideas, and in order to keep at sound and healthy society, we need to be sharp on our democratic values and system.

We cannot tolerate IS to work out of Europe and be supported and protected by democratic rights they obviously do not like. It is like feeding the crocodile with its own tail. The more we support them, the more we are eaten up.

But, I also do believe, that we should have a positive aim. If we are too sucked up by all the glorious singing that leads to rape and mass murder, we end up as them. We should, by all means, stay on our own values in this regard. We do not fight jihadis jihadi style, we do it to keep our freedom, and we do it on our own premises and with our own methods.


These days there is a lot of discussion in Denmark concerning a meeting on the beautiful island of Bornholm. Some parts of the islamic critical political environment wants to make the meeting about the discussion of Islam in the Danish society, while the idea was to make a cosy political festival where you could relax and talk to people of all colour. This has brought a lot of finger pointing and conflict.

This is a sharp contrast to the reaction we had a few months ago, when some of my friends were attacked. We are heroes, they are still just not accepted.

This is because, from time to time there has been a racist agenda and a very negative agenda from these other islamcritics. It just does not work, we need to be clear on our methods and aims to cut this cake. There should be no racial motives or things like that. But a true and purposeful defence of our beloved democracy.

G-d bless the will to be sincere and honest in the face of corruption.

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To rearm G-d with systems and methods to grow and realize his providence here on earth, we need knowledge. The more we know about G-d, the better we are at realizing his work.

This calls on repentance and humility, we cannot take or steal from other, but we can give and support those who needs us.

In the Middle East we have, according to T.E. Lawrence the fighters of the desert. The blinding heat and the searing, blistering sun has given hardness and clarity to those who wander out of the desert. This ethical clarity calls for poetry. The waning of the sun over the desert mountains, the shimmering of spirit over the heat of the dust. This calls for strength in wisdom and power in serving G-d.

In the Christian or Roman world we have worked, for a long time on Platonic philosophy, then on Aristotelian philosophy.

My aim has been to surpass this and head back to Animaxander, the teacher of Plato, because, for one thing it is on a higher level than Plato, with all respect. But there is another thing, that might interest the Sunni Arabs, it is poetic in its very nature. It is a system built to realign the heavenly order with the material order.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the paper passed the peer review yet, but perhaps this was a line of thought that could elevate the Saudies.

If Saudiarabia wants to compete with the rest of the world, it needs a system that will boost its philosophical level. This would definitely boost is, and it would be poetic.

If you wish to boost this understanding, you need to invite me over to give you the basics, but from there on, you can use it to elevate your understanding of G-d and what he might want us to do here on earth.

G-d bless the peace we will find, by being one with G-d.

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The Middle East

The Middle East is a source of conflict, because it has always been like that. Be it Christian, Assyrian, Coptic, Sunni, Shia, Zoroastrian, Jewish or any other of the hundreds of ideologies filling the Middle East .

I do not decide who will do what, I can only advice. But the advice should be based on ideas from the Middle East to work there. That is simple.

In terms of peace ideas, these are ideas that are in the Middle East understanding, because people see what war brings of misfortune.

Many local powers have shed the dependence on the West and are trying to work on their own. This is good, because most of the West has no idea about how the Middle East thinks and works. We just are elephants in the boutique of glass. Destroying things as we meddle.

But, at the other hand, if, by some chance, there are people in the West who actually do understand, as it rarely happens, the marriage of Western and Eastern philosophy can bring prosperity. As it is truly doing in Saudiarabia and Egypt these days. And as it will do, if all hands come down in the table in Persia.

Look at Egypt, how she prospers by using her ancient ideas in connecting with a European style constitution. It works.

So, ancient beautiful ideas all of a sudden are revitalized, kept in secret books for thousands and thousands of years, to reemerge! In modern times.

May you all prosper and be rich and honorable again.

G-d bless you all.

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If we take a step back, and look at the ideological content of the UK election, it seems to me, that things are running together, and if we are lucky, we might just experience a certain synergy between the different parts of the Anglican society.

First of all, what really came through, and basically was the crux of the matter was the economy. There has been a lot of talk about austerity, and how the money saved by austerity helped the economy. Well, it does not work that way. The way it works is by building up production capability. This is how a country makes money.

China has done it by copying our production methods, philosophy, systems and so on. It has made them rich. It is like an architect and a carpenter building a house. The better you are a building the house, the better it becomes. If you are very good a building that house, you can sell it, and other houses, and you get rich.

So, we are very good at building things here in the West, all it really took, was a motivation for our production men and women to make things here in the West, or rather in the UK. You do that by respecting and honoring those who build. If you, like in many socialist theories, hate and ridicule the people who build things, they will find somewhere else to build things. But if you truly respect what they do, and shower them with praise and honor. They will build where you are, it is also called patriotism.

Now, patriotism goes hand in hand with another part of society that needs a bit of help. The church.

Here again, we have a huge backlash of demotivation and lack of self-esteem. The socialist ethos has all but wiped out the church of England. So we need to turn that around 180 degrees. How do we do that? We do it by kindling the faith. By actually giving the church something to believe in, to rectify metaphysics.

This process has been going on for a while in the personation of his excellency archbishop Welby, who is a former businessman, and a radical. So you see, the production people, who were scared and saddened by the lack of honor they got from the state and people, and the church actually do have something in common; the need support to make the society grow and prosper.

This realization has been long under way, but it truly materialized in this election.

There are a lot of things we need to do in the coming five years, but let us not abuse the position we have, let us be positive and benevolent. Let us not just use it to destroy what the socialists have left, but use it to build things. Make new houses, create a better UK, not only with money. But also with new ideas and creative work.

Patriotism has a bad name. But to me it does not make much sense. I mean, patriotism or the belief in a national state is as old as man. It comes from the fertile crescent, we have cities like Eden, Ur and Babylon there. In the classic greek time we had Athens, Sparta, and in modern time the theory that was invented at the same place that gave us agriculture and writing, has been expanded to include greater areas.

How can writing be a source of conflict, so to say, it does not. Man is a source of conflict, because there is a shadow within as Jung calls it. And it is if we do not realize this, and search for peace, we will have war. The clothing is not important, the intent is.

G-d bless the United Kingdom, and may it survive and prosper.

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3bI come from this place of beauty. My great grandfather Ernst Trier founded what was to become the Oxford of Denmark. The great and beautiful Højskole of Vallekilde.

Vallekilde lies at the brink of the sea, and when you look out of the windows at the top of the school, you can see miles and miles on.

In the main hall, there are frescoes of Thor and Odin, hunting the orm of Midgaard. This place is so filled with memories and magic you would sometimes think it in a Harry Potter film. It is not the same, but yet in a profoundly Danish way, it is.

Each generation of Triers, especially those who are leading in their time, are supposed to expand the school. This has been my dream. It never really happened, I tried and failed.

That is why I knew, when I was called to Oxford, that I could not fail that school too.

At the surface, you could say, that I was just a passersby, not really invited, not truly a part of Oxford. But when I came to Oxford, it all really spoke to me. Not like Vallekilde, because Vallekilde is in my veins, literally. But because I could see a great and proud school vaning and I could see that it needed repair. Not in the structural sense, but in a deeper sense. Its soul needed repair.

This has been my work ever since I came home from Oxford, to try and repair the soul.

English people know, that there is such a thing as magic. Not as you might expect as a superficial thing. But a much deeper thing. Something about miracles and light.

We, Oxford and I, just delivered such a miracle. Isn’t it crazy? We came from nothing, and left everybody reeling. I hope, that Oxford, in the deeper sense, will rise again. And not like Vallekilde be snatched away from me. Once again.

Schools are living things, especially if they are as old as Oxford and my own Vallekilde. We need to tend their souls to really make them blossom.

Let us all do that in the coming years. Tend the souls of those great living, magical entities, so that they may deliver us.

G-d bless Oxford and its valiant knights, standing there in the morning sun, to fight another day, for her honour.

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UK election

Winston-ChurchillWell, as AC DC said, it was Rock or Bust. Given the the result, I suppose it is ROCK!

Well done everybody, you stood up for your queen and country, you refused to give up, spitting defeat in the face. Well done.

One might put a few words on analysis, why was it done? First of all; good deeds lead to luck. By focusing on the positive things, luck was in the side of the Tories. That is a lesson that should be carved into the first stone page of every campaigners book from here on. I got it from an ancient Anglo-Saxon poem in fact. Good deeds lead to luck.

Then at the other hand, there were some mudslinging as well, at least so it seems. But if you really focus on the actual meat of the messages, it was truly positive; using the foundation laid by the austerity, to build up the country again.

Then there is the unfortunate situation of UKIP. I would not be so sorry about it really, but look forward at the EU election as what really matters. UKIP set the agenda, and has moved the entire political system their way, that is why they lost. The other parties have taken their ideas. What is most important; to have the honor, or to truly make a difference? I would vote, being the most successful campaigner on earth, and receiving absolutely nothing for it, except for ridicule and persecution, for the service to matter. It is not about yourself, it is about the service you do. You may die on the way, but as long as the country wins, you should be ready to commit that sacrifice.

Then there is the Labour. Utter and total destruction, why? Basically because of a lack of new ideas. The chest of new an inspiring things to do is empty. It strikes me, that Neil Kinnock, the husband of our current Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt had all the opportunity to win me over here in Denmark. After all, I have supported, unflinchingly mr. Barack Obama, but I suppose the other way, that of persecution, made more sense to him. You chose, you had the effect.

So what are really the things we face. First of all, I believe we face a situation where UKIP has a great claim in changing the system. It is not fair to them, and something should be done to rectify that way. One way is to follow systems in Denmark, Schwitzerland or Israel. That is a representative percentage of electioneers reflecting the actual vote. This will however have the obvious drawback, that local candidates will not feel as motivated to fight for their constituency, but at the other hand bringing change of national spirit harder to materialize. I suppose it is a discussion worth, I will chip in on it to draw some parallels to other classical constitutions as the Athenian and Spartan, and others of interest, if needed.

Finally, who won really? Was it mr. Cameron? No he brought the actual win through, but he is a representative of something, the tip of the iceberg so to say. The best man of his backers.

No, it was something else, in a powerleague that outshines mr. Cameron completely, with all respect, it was the Shire that won. It was Oxfordshire, that dream or fatamorgana of ancient power that stood up, awaken from its slumber and started fighting with a power so immense, that we will still see what will come of it.

It is not a posh university, it is not a dying thing. It is a conservative humanistic dog of war, and it has entered the fray, beware all enemies of England, because England has awoken and it is fighting. With its back against the wall, but in this position it is at its very best.

G-d bless all, winners and losers, and may G-d heal your wounds and dampen the spirit of those who do this of their own winning, and spur those who do it to serve.

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