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I must say, that I really support mr. Vladimir Putin in the outrageous downing of a Russian plane. It is a direct attempt at fanning the flames for another cold war. I hope that Turkey does not succeed in this attempt.

There should be repercussion, and there probably will be. I hope NATO accepts this as Putin does it.

I also agree with mr. Putin, that the deeper problem is an islamisation of Turkey, that is curbing the democratic traditions of Turkey and moving towards a Sharia state.

You could not say, that Turkey supports IS, I mean, Turkey has just had a row of jabs and counter thrusts with IS. But they are not as an aggressive enemy of IS as France.

You now see the consequences of the Obama strategy in earnest. Countries that actually support freedom and democracy, Russia one of them, are melting into a unit. Since Turkey have been moving away from democracy as a foundation of their state, they are caught in-between. Ideologically they are in-between IS and the rest. So they are afraid of the development.

It is time Turkey chooses a side. If they continue on this course of aggression, they will be on the islamist side, if not, they have a chance on getting onto the democratic side.

We will watch and see.

But until that, we are truly sorry mr. Putin, we did not see it coming.

G-d bless Russia, the one remaining nation of the vikings in the east

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Ideas and tactical discussion

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romeWe are, most of us, the children of Rome. Rome fell in around 3 – 400 AC, because it basically was swallowed up be greed and disturbing inefficiency. At that very last stage, when the barbarians stood at the gates, they kind of tried to relink to the very basis of what Rome was; a spawn of Etruscan culture and ideology. The belief, that there are certain rules and barriers that are forbidden to tread over, and the ability to foresee the future in bird entrails and the livers of goats.

You may laugh at this, but if you consider the astounding success of the Romans, at their largest, it was an empire spanning Europe and north Africa, you could see the effectiveness of this culture.

But it was too little and too late, the barbarians sacked Rome and the military and political wing disintegrated, only the religious wing survived to this day, today called the Roman catholic church.

But what was really the problem of the Romans, whom we are seriously in danger of copying in terms of degration and political collapse?

Simply put, it came too late back to its roots. There were attempts along the way, Caesar being one of them, but it was feeble, and it lacked the strength of true conviction.

When the barbarians had gained too much strength, it was too late.

We should learn from the history, and do the opposite, while we still can. This has been one of the reasons, that I have been trying to push a democratic agenda in opposition to islamism. We need to use the very basic ideology of who we are, if we are to turn this situation around.

My first philosophical push has survived most in France, it is the germ that is behind the Generation Identitaire, and thereby ms. le Pen.

I know that le Pen has been unpopular, but such infights as between moral and legal standpoints that are so relatively small as between le. Pen and Manuel Valls, is stupid to sustain. We need to be on the same page, internationally as well. We need to unite as the unity will give us the necessary strength to survive the coming battle.

We were born free, and so shall we remain, until there is no more of us. This is the core of what we are, and we shall remain so, albeit the demands of the caliphate.

As when we fought communism, (sorry Putin, I know that this is your ideology to certain degree), but as we did then, we did it by holding on to what we believe in. We should do that again, as it was democracy against communism, this time it is democracy against islamism.

The sheer monstrosity of the task is apparent.

I do not believe in shading the fight because we are afraid we may target muslims that are friendly. I believe in targeting only muslims were are truly against. The fighters of the caliphate are not all muslims, but only a part of muslims. The rest, we can accept and live together with. A lot of the Muslims around the world are enemies, but not all. So my strategy has, until now, given us two advantages. 1. It gives us a renewed contact to what we are, and our values. We die and fight for them. 2. It makes sure, that not all muslims are targeted.

War will never change, because war is the basis of the material world. The scope and brutality can change, but the methods are always the same. Mayhem, rape and destruction.

We need to gear up, and stay clear on our objectives in this matter; to use as little force needed to win this war.

When we talk about rearming, I believe that the Brits are going in the right direction, and I will give the Brits an advice I got from one of the greatest heroes of Britain, that I use a lot. Winston Churchill said, that what is really our advantage to the Muslim world is the strong arm of science. Put this to good use. Because we need to realise, that the war will be fought both domestically as well as internationally. The weapons of the second world war will do little good against a guerrilla type warrior we are fighting in most of Europe.

We need the ability to change the advantages of the guerrilla warrior with an endless supply of maniacal self-sacrificing martyrs at his side. His advantage is the selfsacrifise, and the fact, that he does not respect the rules we play by. All citizens of Europe are his targets. The more mayhem he creates the better. Against this, we need machines, robots, drones and other artificial machinery to counter his attack. When he strikes, we need to be able to send in drones, that will take him out.

In a later stage of the fight, we need to envision other ideas. But, research, research, research is really the best weapon we have right now.

As the fight goes on, and the bodies start piling up, the peoples and citizens will look for guidance, and leadership. So we need to prepare that as well.

What will we say and do as more and more attacks are rapidly increasing all over Europe. We will have to sharpen the tools we have, and we may have to arm the citizens themselves, so that they have a chance of fighting back.

G-d bless the will to remain sharp and vigilant in a terrible situation.

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When Voltaire and Rousseau installed what we today know as a democracy, they off cause knew that it is not perfect. You can read the books of Plato and Aristotle, and it will become quite clear. But they forgot to implement the defence against the rise of the tyrant. As Isocrates say, the problem of a democracy in its final phase of corruption, is the fact that none respect the law anymore.

Well, there are off cause checks and balances in the system, that of reflecting the aristocracy, people and king in the division of power. That is lower house, upper house and president. But there is one tool they never pointed to as a remedy to a situation where people are trying to hijack the democratic development.

When Hitler rose in Germany, it was as a protest to the ruling elite and the problems they caused to the German people. Actually it was France that had put too heavy a war compensation on Germany, forcing the Germans to rebel.

But imagine, if the system had had the ability to stop Hitler in his tracks. What and how would they have done that?

They could have done it, if they had discussed whether he was a man of democracy or not. If he was not, he could have lost his citizenship.

What is it to be a man of democracy? According to Aristotle, it is two things. 1. To be a part of the democratic process. 2. To obey and be a part of the law.

These two prerequisites are to be expected of all citizens, in fact, this is what it means to be a citizen.

You can see, that there are many movements in society, some goes against the basis, some follows it.

In the case of Islamism, it is obvious, that this ideology is not in accordance with the Aristotelian definition of a citizen, and should therefor be excempt of its duties and rights.

Off cause, at a larger level, they are also enemies that we fight, bot internationally and, now, domestically, but in the discussion of what we do when we have citizens that are islamists, the Aristotelian definition could come in as a tool to differ between who are in the state and who are outside.

In this way we can ensure the security of the law-abiding and loyal citizens of the nation.

G-d bless the peace we have to find, in the end.

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Avant les Bleus!

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8220---base_image_4.1424269686The days of peace in Europe are over, we have to realise this. If we just do what we have done so far, it will continue downhill. The problems have become so monstrous, that dealing with them now is almost impossible. But leaving the problems for another ten years will put Europe in a state, where the Islamic brothers will take over most of Europe, leaving small enclaves for the few stalwart defenders of democracy and freedom.

Forget about multiculturalism, it is over. We need to strengthen the values of democracy the rule of law and base this on a true acceptance of freedom as the ruling value.

This is in opposition to the Islamic state, that wants to rule based on the supreme authority of Mohammad the first.

It is like fire and ice, it does not mix.

So, we need to put up both ideological defences as well as physical defences. The most important being the ideological defence, we need to believe in democracy again, we need to fan the flame of freedom and fight for it. There will be blood spilled on the beaches again, and brave hearts broken as a result. But this is inevitable. Because if we linger, freedom will disappear.

To give your life to something, it has to be a good cause. Democracy is such a cause. Freedom of speech, thought and spirit is such a cause.

When the brave young men enter the fray, they should not do it as a defence of their homelands only. It is also that, but they should, as the ragged revolutionaries of the first Republic; unbeatable, because they had the fire of democracy and freedom in their hearts, moving as a unstoppable river through the lands of Europe, lead by the young stars of day.

This is what we should do; inspire, elevate, sacrifice and stand in rows and rows, with that burning flame in our chest. Knowing that the Republic is and was something to spill our blood for.

For humanism and democracy, Avant les Bleus!

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Now, we are all rethinking the strategies that we have to use to stop the onslaught on westerne societies by islamist holy warriors.

You say that development is going from one extreme to the other. We have had one extreme that now pulls us in the other direction; open borders. The Schengen is what really drove the attack on Paris. It made it easily possible for the islamists to coordinate, get warriors in, setup shop and attack. According to Debka, there were 200 men involved. This could not be done unless they had the ease of travelling.

So what is the natural reaction? It is to make borders, or barriers.

In Israel, that is in very much the same situation as we are in Europe right now, we have become experts in borders. From the border to Gaza to the borders at every cafe and busstop. Borders, borders and yet more borders.

In an open world, that is the anathema to free moving of goods and people, but that will be the reality.

What we have to think about is; where should we put borders, and how should we do it?

The problem is, as Israel has on Gaza, France has as many Gazas as there are ghettoes. Wrap your head around that, as many as there are ghettoes. Just imagine how much that is, it must be hundreds and hundreds. But to be safe, and deliver the security to the citizens, each ghetto will have to have a wall. Maybe not all, but at least all those that are infiltrated and controlled by Hamas or IS, and they are many.

That is the first wall. Then we need walls around our parliament, soccer stadiums, airports, in some places schools and so on. You just imagine it.

The problem is, who are we to keep in the confined area? That answer is simple; we need to keep in there the people who are living in France, that are not citizens. People who are citizens own the country. Now if there are citizens who are fighting and working against the republic, they should, by decree, loose their citizenship.

The confined areas, will probably be like Gaza, ordered in some ways, but often in total chaos. So we need to tackle that as well.

This is, believe it or not, the only viable solution.

I do not like it, but this is the result of the EU policies implemented over the last 40 years, and we are now trying to mend it, with a very serious hangover. If we do not do this, the states will probably fall.

G-d bless the willingness to work hard for peace, even though it seems far away.

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The future

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A man will be able to foresee the future if he has wisdom. This is how it is.

When we talk about the rise of Islamism in Europe, please let me ask you to recall who actually started this fight. It was Barack Obama. He defined the enemy as militants that fight for sharia and a muslim rule called a caliphate.

Now, people are saying that Barack did not do enough, and he should have done more. Well, he gave us all a clear mission, did he not. Is this not leadership? According to Forbes list of the most important peoples of power, he is behind both Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. Well, I believe that is a good thing, this underlines, that he does not take the lead for the front, but from behind. Instead of wasting all the ressources of the US, he has kept ressources, saving them for better use; education, healthcare and so on. What is so wrong with this? The US is, as we speak, actually getting on its feet again in economic terms, and that is the prerequisite for an international powerposition in the long run. Remember before Obama came to power, everybody talked about, that the US was finished. Now we see decline in China, and a US back on its feet.

But back to the fight against IS. The IS won a huge victory in Iraq and Syria, and has now made considerable gain in Europe. We will see the outcome, but right now, we are loosing big time. The EU is under serious attack, and falling. The cities of Europe are brimming with IS supporters both lethal, and those who are willing to hide their operatives.

They will, most probably finish the EU, and after that, the probability that huge areas of Europe will be under IS control are large.

The system of Europe is largely paralyzed by internal bickering, and failing to a point. When EU falls for real, and it will, if the refugee streams are not put under control, then we shall see what will happen.

At the end of the day, it is about human psychology. We as westerners are fundamentally different in our worldview and modes of action than the Middle Easterners. In the Middle East, alliances always shift from here to here. The animosity is really not so deepfelt. In Europe it is different, we stay on the same course, putting our plans in the future. We do not stray from the path we have laid out for ourselves. Then we are warriors, not just farmers. But we only fight for real, when we feel truly in danger.

European mentality is best compared to a dam. We fill up water in the dam, over the years. At the end, the water makes more and more pressure, and we try, desperately to keep the water in the dam. But as the water builds up, in the end the dam will crack, and all the amassed water will flow out. This is where we are right now. At the top of the dam, the cracks are apparent in the dam, and we are waiting for the water to flow out.

It is hard for Middle Easterners to understand this, but there is on symbolic store Middle Easterners understand, that is the symbol of the Apocalypse. This is European thinking, we wait until the apocalypse come, and the we fight.

Two more pokes in the gut of the Europeans and all water will flow.

G-d bless the will to be free and honest in this difficult situation.

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Rue Voltaire

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11218051_10153049260791741_3058193495285531805_nYou know, I almost cried when i painted this picture. Because, as we speak, and the world turns around, people die, fathers, sisters and brothers mourn, and seen in the perspective of the holy warriors, I may be cool for them to meet their deity. But those who were spilled, did not chose that path themselves, will be missed.

Voltaire is one of my own heroes, and WHY? was is exactly rue Voltaire that should be the focus of the greatest and most devastating attack. Because it is the symbol of freedom and democracy. Let us remember this when we mourn, it is not only people who are attacked, it is our way of life, our values and what we believe in.

So I call my painting Rue Voltaire, in honour of one of my heroes that was attacked, and therefor cry.

May spirit bless the peace we strive for.

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Kaulbach_Destruction_JerusalemPeople are asking themselves these days; how did we end up here? With war on the soil of Europe. We did all we could to hinder this development, to the extent that we sold all we had to reach that dream of a borderless world, where all would live in harmony.

Well, as all other dreams, dreams are not realistic. They are often based on false premises and therefor end up in nightmares. As this one.

Do not get me wrong, I know the 68´ths, my mother and father were 68´ths, and I grew up with freedom, creativity, tolerance and so on. The problem being, that even though the ideals are good, the implementation sucks.

You cannot create a peaceful world, if you do not accept the simple fact, that beneath the civilised society lies the rule of the strong. As in any basic book of philosophy, the reason we have the police, is to protect the weak against the strong. Thereby making a just world.

If you take that protection away, as you have done in practice in Europe, you will reinstate a world where it will be the strong that will tyrannise the weak. Tyranny, remember, the world we sought to get away from after the second world war.

By lowering our defences, we have let in a new Hitler, a new strong man. This time it is not national socialism, it is islamism. Muslims who fight for an Islamic state.

So do we just sit there and accept that the Islamic state murders innocent people, of cause not! We have to realise, that in the material world, there is both good and evil. If we do not support the good, and fight the evil, well, as a simple equation of cause and effect, we let evil win.

No religion has ever preached a gospel where evil should win. No religion, on the contrary, all religion is exactly about fighting evil, and letting good win. You can discuss your methods, and here religions differ. But, all agree that you cannot accept the dark lord and his minions to rule over all the world.

So what we can, and should, discuss is exactly that; the methods. What methods are adequate in a fight against IS. We have all agreed that bombing them in Syria and Iraq is an adequate response. It saves lives of western armies, and leaves the dirty work to people who have their own freedom to win it by.

But in Europe, there will be no Peshmerga guerilla group to do the land fighting, there will be only Western police and military.

So the natural answer will be to give them the job of fighting the IS, as we do.

It will be a long and gritty war, and it will encompass all of the West. Once again American and Russian boots will be in Europe, once again it will be an existential fight, won only if we invest all we have.

But this time, we should prepare for the end result of the war. It should be a more enlightened, more free, more democratic, more fair Europe, that will invite in the Jews, and create a world where science and faith will work hand in hand. It should be a world peace, that should last, not just 50 some years, but as long as in the US or Russia. A strong but benign Europe.

But in-between this preferred result, and now lies, Armageddon.

G-d bless the peace we will win, in the end.

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delacroix-libertyIt is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes I write this. I just knew, that it would happen. I have been planning for this for years and years. But now when it happens, it makes me feel inadequate. I should have done more, why could I not stop this.

But, the point where it could have been stopped passed forty years ago, when I was so small I could not even talk, so it was not my fault. It was the fault of my parents, the 68´ths. We are paying for their ideas today.

So what to do? Well the human mind is slow in realising the actions that would make sense in a rational universe. It is mostly the feelings that talk. And that is mostly good, but faced with this mayhem, feelings are not what we should think about, we should be rational about it, and do what is the wisest thing.

The first thing we should realise is the fact, that unless we turn the migration wave around. That is getting more migrants out of Europe, than getting in, Europe is doomed.

It is a simple as that. If we do not do that, there will be no more Europe. There will be a new Middle East where Europe used to be, filled with all he usual infights the Middle East is comprised off. Some may like it, but I do not. Do not take me wrong, I love the Middle East, but I do not think it should engulf all of Europe.

So how do we obtain that goal; getting more migrants out of Europe, than in?

There is only one answer, and answer that we have dreaded all along; force.

We can use money, we can use bribery, religion, ideology. But at the end of the day, we are forced, as all other in nature, to be strong, and use force.

As the Middle East and the rest of our close countries are progressing, the need for jobs and shelter will not decrease but increase. So the pressure will increase as well. We have to be honest about this.

The only thing that will protect European culture and civilisation is an increase in arms. If we do not do that, we will die.

Already Sweden is on the brink of death, they say that themselves quite openly. In a few years, the system will have been brought to corruption, and the jungle law will have taken over.

As the Islamic state is using our own stupidity and insecurity, we should be honest about the threat and prepare.

There is still some lag of understanding in many layers of society. But be serious about this, and we will turn the tide.

We are entering Armageddon, and it is time for the warriors of light to line up, and stear down the faces of the sons of darkness. If they are not heeding the call of the silver trumpets, they will fail on this final day of warfare.

So rise, all ye warriors of light, prepare your spears and glorious armour. Because darkness is here, and only by the fierce strength of the arm of the warriors, will light increase and not decrease.

G-d bless the peace that is at the end of this long, long tunnel, and may spirit bless all the victims of beautiful France. We mourn with you, truly, truly, as we cry for your wounds. G-d bless you, may yo be strong and fight!

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Middle East

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There is a lot of genius in the strategic considerations of the sunni rebels we are fighting. We should not underestimate them.

First the flooding of Europe by both IS fighters and hapless refugees is a stroke of genius and tearing Europe apart. Supported by liberal media, this is a huge blow to the West.

Secondly, the uprooting of the democratic states we sought to strengthen and support in Northern Africa is also going their way. Still we have Egypt, that is a stalwart supporter. They are civilised there, and Egypt is so much than just a Sunni muslim state. The pharaoh of old are stil whispering there, and we should respect them for that.

The latest stroke of warfare is also a stroke of genius. Downing a Russian civil jet is not only a blow to Russia, but also a blow to Sisi. This is devilish in its genius.

We have to counter this by understanding the plot. The plot was to weaken the Egyptian economy. If Egypt looses its tourist revenue, it will suffer tremendously.

So, as a Muslim country, trying to find a new democratic role, I think we should support Al-sisi even more.

One thing we could do, was creating safe passages for our civil jets, so that another jet will not be downed. It should be pretty easy.

Then support Sisi economically as well as in arms. He is fighting our fight, and we need to support him.

Concerning the refugee crisis, nothing will be solved before the EU system has failed, then there will be individual solutions to the problems, hopefully all within civil rights. Some states might fall, we will see.

But we should not underestimate our enemy, it is impressive how it, with few means manage to fight us.

G-d bless the will to find peace, in the end.

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the_ring_of_the_nibelung_by_gromyko-d5awdmkGermany is wavering on the brink of destruction. The far right is waiting for the state to fall, and the state is totally unprepared for the violent onslaught on its institutions.

You could say, that it is well deserved, but to me, a sinner is not a word to be used. What we need to do is to help each other.

This situation is a result of one single institutional process; that of taking too little care of the ressources of the state. The state has been seen as an endless ressource, able to feed all, and create security for all. This is not the case. There are limits, and the limit has been reached.

There are a number of tool that can be applied. But you need to make one thing absolutely clear; if the situation is not put under control, the state will fall, and something or someone else will take over.

So, in order to make the state stand, you need to invest in security. Both police forces as well as military.

I know that many see this a refugee crisis that we have to solve and use all we have for the poor migrants. I concur, my own father was one of those people fleeing from Bangladesh when the war was there in 69, but there are also those in the migrant flow, that have no good intentions. So they rape and pillage.

You need to tackle both challenges, be kind to those who mean us no harm, preferably in the vicinity to their homeland. And then fight the IS fighters and other extremists among the refugee train.

The borders of Europe is reinstated, and thus EU will fall. But we still need to help each other out. Support each other, as we do here in Denmark, the best we can.

Come on Angela, be bold, solve this crisis, otherwise the German state will collapse, and that would mean one thing; chaos, and the bad man thrives in chaos.

G-d bless Germany.

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There is a lot of turmoil in the Middle East, but if you look a bit beneath the screaming and yelling, as it has always been in that illustrious part of the world, we can see, that the deeper structures of the conflict are actually aligning quite well.

The main event is actually the cooperation between Russia and the US, potentially an international peacemaker. You can say a lot about Putin, but one thing is sure, he is, at the bottom of his hearth, a good man.

We should remember this when we try and paint him as a villain and a warmonger. He is strong, but he is not a bad man. He is a republican in a Russian mould, but a nice one.

The other significant event, is the fact that the palestinians have been rioting for some time now, and has gotten nowhere. That is a sign, that Israel is less threatened. The peace that we are able to forge is coming, slowly, in waves back and forth, but always in the right direction.

In Israel, we just need to keep our heads cool, and stop the violence. If the palestians continue their offensive behaviour, well, then we simply have to separate them from Jews. How this is done, is up to Netanyahu, but it has to be done civilised.

Do this, and the threat will stop, and a permanent solution can be installed.

G-d bless the beautiful land of Israel.

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4554545606_8f5d4b38d7_bTo truly understand the way of ecology, one first has to understand, that ecology is an ancient creed. Secondly, one would have to link these ancient ideas with metaphysics, or rather in the Anaxagorean mold, the combination of metaphysics with physics.

Because what is it really, all this nature on earth? It has existed in millions and millions of years and slowly developed to where it is today; an extremely complex system that envelopes our beautiful earth. Like a giant mind.

Because that is what it is; it is a living mind in the sense, that if G-d is intelligence, we are sparks of G-d, and this intelligence is induced into matter as soul. Then nature is a hive of intelligence.

Since nature is a complex organism, that interacts in numerous ways, in accordance to basic principles, you could argue, that we are just small wheels in the machine.

But we as men, are able to inflict damage to nature, or shape it to our wishes. Sometimes it is good, often it is the opposite. We do not understand the responsibility we have been given by G-d. We just, as stupid automatons, destroy what we do not understand. Creating barren wasteland in the wake of our stupidity.

Therefor, we should act as shepherds of G-d, understand the miracle he has given us, and be careful about it. Take care, so that the nightingale will still sing, and the crickets accompain it. So that the wind will still blow in the sails of the adventurer as he explores the beauty of nature. So that we as men, do understand that we have been given responsibility. To be shepherds.

G-d bless what we do understand as men in the great beauty of nature.

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DuskyDolphinThere is a lot of discussion on climate change and the responsibility that we as humans have towards the ecological processes in nature.

It is not new, it is an old dog, that has been reinvented many times. Many conservatives talk about climate alarmists, and people using these ancient ideas with no real basis.

Listen, it all comes, originally from the halls of Heliopolis. The great temples of On. Where humanism was born in Egypt.

Here the priests talk about the need for humanity to be the shepherds of the nature. If we are not responsible for nature, nature will crumble and wither away.

As I see it, nature is my own temple. It is when I wander the great forests of Galicia that I see G-d. Or when i skip over the tumbling seas at the horn of Hals, that nature enlightens me in the dance of the dolphins there.

That is truly when I see beauty.

This beauty of G-d and nature, will only be preserved and strengthened if man takes care.

This is why, I believe we should be those shepherds of nature, not uncaring.

G-d bless the rolling seas of mother nature, may she be preserved and strengthened.

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cand9999816The US is not bad. Barack, Joe and I have lifted it, and things are chugging on. But as old dogs of war put their beaten hands down, new stars must rise.

In this process, one must ask oneself, what to do?

I believe that Pope kind of tried to help the US, not by lecturing the US, but trying to kindle that faith in the beautiful ideas of the United States of America.

What will truly bring the US into the next phase of its development, is the understanding of itself. The basis, the faith, the Change.

Thank you Joe, for your service, we will truly miss you.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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