Humanism and immigration

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The election is not really moving in the British final phase. The problem is pretty obvious; it is about the content of the political ideas of both parties.

In England, the message has been wheeled around the economy, taking in the 2013 election in the US as an ideal. Here it was truly mostly about the economy and less about immigration, the fight against IS and so on.

The reality in Europe is however quite different. Here immigration is linked to the question about the IS fight. Because the immigrants are the IS. A huge swath of the immigrants that come from mostly muslim countries swear allegiance to IS, and as a consequence the two issues are interlinked.

To break the gridlock, the conservatives must do inroads into this uncharted territory.

In Denmark it is pretty much the same, but we have had the discussion in the political system for a long time, making the discussions very detailed.

One first thing is to try and get a humanistic view on the problems. What we should definitely not do, is to go all gung ho racist on the issue, in fact, we should do the opposite. Look at the obvious racist problems there are within immigrant communities, as the antisemitic persecution obvious in France and Denmark. As the genderproblems, as the persecution of Christian minorities in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and other Middle East countries.

That is, the obvious problem with many immigrants is the fact that they are not humanistic, but on the contrary totally maniacal racist.

This view on the issues will ensure a viable and sustainable criticism of the policies that are at place. In fact, until the election started, great inroads were done to the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK, and many of the other problems.

If the Conservatives wish to win, you or we, have to come to terms with these issues and get a humanistic grip on them. Otherwise we will be hardpressed.

G-d bless the fair isles of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Renaissance art

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IMG_3702Well, after a long, or in fact, to be absoluty honest, rather longish, or perhaps, well you could call it short, discussion with one of my friends concerning an art exhibition we are doing together, I have decided to make a bold strike, and start as a painter. In the noble tradition Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and other renaissance painters. Ok, theoretically I might be on their level, but in matters of skill, I am far, far below, I admit!

But, you have to start somewhere, and perhaps this is a bit of inspiration to someone who likes renaissance art.

My first project is about finding beauty in nature. According to the Italian mathematician Fibonacci, there is a mathematical equation, that is found again and again in nature. It is a clever geometrical form, where you add the two last numbers in a row of numbers together. It creates a building block that grows exponentially. You find it all around nature, in your face, where it constitutes a number of measures, in waves in the ocean, in galaxies. Above, you can see it represented in a Nautilus shell. This is beauty as G-d wanted it. Because why is this pattern everywhere, had it not been for an intelligent design?

You call it the fingerprint of G-d.

If you wish to acquire said painting, albeit its primitive form, please do no hesitate to ask. We will start with 2000 USD. If someone wish to buy it, then perhaps, if you think it is too expensive. Just send me an offer.

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The balance

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The balance of the Middle East is very difficult to sustain. Mainly because of the long history of warfare in the Middle East. I mean it has happened ever since Eridu (Eden), the first city, was founded.

The En, or the lore of civilization that is still what we believe in and sustain our civilization today, is brought forth by endless warfare.

So, the Messiah would be a man of balance.

This is what I would recommend the Middle East to think about; where is the balance. Not too much, nor too little. Just enough to sustain ones own power and prowess, not too little to falter and be weak.

It is not about eternal love and turning the other cheek only, and it is not about total warfare.

You have to tackle the fact that you live on earth, and the material world holds some specific challenges. But to get swallowed by the material world, and forget about the spiritual world, will send you directly in the arms of the dark lord.

Therefor, the path between heaven and earth is a narrow line where one must look out for the lurings of the dark one, and be pristine in the actions of a humane man.

G-d bless the will to see things clear.

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The Republic

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John_Martin_-_Sodom_and_GomorrahWhen something withers, be it a plant, a human being or a nation, it is because the strength has vanished. It does not wish to step in the fight and fight. It simply lays down at the side of the road and start to perish.

So how do people react to this kind of situation?

Well there are several bits of wisdom and lore in our culture we can look upon and think about. First of all, there is the story of Sodom and Gomorra. These two city states in the fertile Crescent were in the final state of corruption, when Lot happened to try and save them. He said to G-d; if there is only one honest man back in the cities, save us. But the other citizens started attacking him!

In this story we see, that there is an ancient understanding of moral fallen cities as places of ultimate sin. So much sin, that even good people cannot survive there.

We see it in the persecution of minority intellectuals who try to enlighten the cities, searching for truth and redemption. If a city or nation is too morally corrupt, it will persecute these lightbringers, not using their understanding and ideas to rejuvenate and heal themselves.

Then there is Plato. In his view, a Republic goes through a phase of growth and deacy. In the end, where decay sets in, the philosophers are supposed to fight the decay and heal the citystate. That is why he wanted a council of philosophers to guard the Republic. This does not work, because who guards the guardians?

But in a situation where there are free philosophers, who are not institutionalized, I believe his idea might just come through. At least this has been my motivation; to try a steer the Republics away from decay and into health.

Plato has a true gem of wisdom in regards to the process of decay, that I have try to use in my work. He says, that what happens is this; In the final hours of the life of the Republic, the people gets so annoyed with the state of things, that they choose the strong man to clean up the mess. In this the tyrant gets to power, and he cleans up the mess, but in the process he gets rid of democracy. We have had a classic example of this in recent times with Hitler. The strong man.

So what do we do to tackle this obvious danger? First of all, it is about making a gliding process, where we clean up the system from within. I have tried to inspire the current leaders and religious heads of state and temple, to get rid of the corruption from within.

The best and most succesful example is the Vatican state, where his excellency pope Francis has been tremendously succesful in this regard. Cleaning up the mess.

If the theory is sound, and it often is with Plato, it will result in a healthy church with all the benefits of this.

In political life, it has been much more difficult. Political processes are often extremely dangerous, but to my luck there is still so much civil feeling and conduct that I have not been killed. Lucky me.

But, as I see it, the political system needs a revolution from within. The corruption, the lying, the dishonest behaviour should be fought from inside.

Some of the characteristics of the strong man should be borrowed by the politicians who are inside the system. Not to overthrow the system, but to clean it up from within.

In this way we keep our democratic system without sacrificing our moral.

It is an extremely difficult process of the politicians, but it truly works, as we have seen it with my work with first mr. Lars Løkke, the former PM of Denmark and also, most probably the coming, mr. Barack Obama, mr. Putin and if we are ok with that, the coming PM of Great Britain.

It is a balance, because at the same time we have all the rebels of the underground who wants to push the agenda in a less corrupt way. So the leading politicians often have to balance a middle leaning politics with a more radical agenda.

This balance is what the UK has to work on if and when mr. Cameron wins the next election.

It is therefor most important to keep the overall aim of the process in perspective. It is not about surrendering to negative warmongering voices, it is about cleaning up Westminster, getting rid of all the corruption and dishonesty. Do little by little, but do it in an honest way.

In this way elections are won.

As a final note in the equation, I would comment on the understanding of how we notherners behave. According to the ancients, idealism is the nourishment of the tree.

To live is to be an idealist, and those who are idealists, are what drives the entire society.

G-d bless our flagging but still living nations.

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joy3I think, that the main aim of politics should always be positive. For several reasons. First of all, if it is not positive, why bother? Secondly, if you truly believe that there is such a thing as spirit, would it make sense to follow spirit, if it was not positive?

Therefor; JOY is the aim. But how do we find joy?

If you look at nature, you can see the vicious fight for survival as Darwin, or you can see the exquisite beauty as Plato.

Art is that; a search for beauty, and I believe that there should be a bit of an artist in all of us.

Anaxagoras, the predecessor of Plato had a philosophy that was so real and true, that in it lay a proscription of beauty. He saw in life the touch of G-d. He saw in the universe harmony, and he tried to instill the human race to search for that beauty.

We have had a long time where we tried to understand spirit in the light of Plato, then Aristotle, perhaps now it is time to go for the true master of the three; Anaxagoras. He invented the systems Plato and Aristotle based their thought on. But the beauty of his system is unsurpassed.

I believe, that redemption of the Christian church lies in his works, because it can then level out the playing field with physics.

Find joy and harmony again. Be free as humans.

G-d bless the ability to be free.

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I have a feeling, that I am finally getting through to Great Britain, with all my spirit. Listen guys, you know, I have nothing to gain from helping you. When you invited me to Oxford, I paid it myself, putting two months of work in the paper I delivered. After that, I have heard very little, I do not get anything out of it, I sacrifice myself. Right now, I should be working on some of my own projects, and yet I sit here, all engrossed in the English electoral fight. Why? Because, you are family.

We sprout from the same tree, we are one. It is a long time ago, but still the roots are the same.

So, my advice is free, truly free, in fact I paid it myself to get it to you. So there is absolutely no second agenda. I mean, if I tell my closest family or friends I work with the election, they hardly believe it.

So, from the bottom of my heart, with all I have in myself of support and love. GET UP! Believe in yourself, hold your destiny in your own hands. The aim is not to subject the waves, the aim is to survive.

Subjecting the waves is possible if you survive.

And remember this; at the end of the day, it is about who you are close to.

We are close to you, because we are the same family. Support those who you need and love, and you will be redeemed.

G-d bless England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

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The true heart of the queen

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dronningen-aleneDenmark is the land of fairy tales. Everybody knows the feeling and the ethos, mainly through H.C. Andersen, but also through numerous other fairytales, reproduced by Walt Disney and Barbie. In fact all small girls wish to be a princess and all true little champs wish to be a hero of the realm.

This philosophy comes all the way back from Dan, Skjold, Hamlet, Christian the IV and numerous other kings and queens of Denmark.

So concerning conservative moral fibre, as I see it, it is quite simple. Reach in for that boyhood dream, that vision of you as the cavalier, that dream of you being that prince on the white horse, and be it.

I will give you a relative late example, that has been powerful for us Danes. When we were occupied in the forties by Hitler, the king Christian the X was not so keen on the arrangement. The reason why we were occupied at all, were because we, except for at few die hard intellectuals, had been cowards in the face of the Naziwar machine, and being half German anyway, we thought we could ride it out.

England, the US, and especially Russia did pay for our liberation, we did not, to our shame.

So how did the king tackle this challenge? He rode, everyday, alone on his horse in the streets of Copenhagen. He was a tall regal man, and an avid equistrain.

He did not say anything, just rode, without any protection. It was a silent act of defiance. As time went, it became a happening, people started walking with him, in silence. Just walking, showing, with the king courage, defiance.

This is what leadership is about. Not screaming and yelling, just doing, in and against innumerable odds, what is right. If everybody around you have given up, still you can get up on that horse, and just move. It may be dangerous, it may be haphazard, but as it went, the king saved the honour of Denmark. He stood up, in a time of need.

Now, after the terrorattack on some of my dear friends in Copenhagen, our queen, bless her, is doing the same. In defiance of political correctness, in defiance of terror, in the face of danger, she calls on us, and tells us to be brave. To be united. Thank you so much dear queen, we truly, from the bottom of our tired souls and heart, needed that support.

It is not done in an inhuman or uncivilized way, it is just done with dignity. Supporting the troops, showing kindness to our sacrifice, doing it, not behind barriers or protected, but out in the open.

If she can do it, we can do it.

G-d bless the heart of the queen.

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The mark of Cain

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cain-si-abelI think a lot of people in the West do not really believe in themselves anymore. It is obvious in the political life, in clerical life, in the day to day workings of man.

It seems to me, that our civilization is old and tired. As in Rome, where Roman virtue was but naught, not long before it fell to our vicious forefathers of the north.

Ill told, ill fought, with a coziness and abandon that represents a dying culture. As a consequence, new more vigorous cultures seek to gain what our ancestors fought for over the last thousand and thousand years.

Look at the churches, some say they are just beautiful shells, we use them at weddings and burials and then not anymore. Look at our values, we sell them for comfort, until there is nothing more to sell. Look at our own self respect, it is so small, even though it makes no sense, when we truly look at our ability to organize, think, construct and invent.

I read this beautiful little book, it is about the second world war, and it represents it from the perspective of two children, one is a German boy, the other is a blind French girl. What really strikes me, is the strength of the Nazi ideology. It is so fierce and maniac in a way. Without any doubt, just a juggernaut of force.

When I met my first resistant fighter of the Second world war; Max, through my historical studies, he told me, that Nazism was extremely strong. So it makes sense.

My family of Jews fought the Nazies, and I have no illusions on the negative impact of Nazism. I however also see, that turning away from Nazism, also made us extremely weak. It fire branded and stigmatized elements in our society that we otherwise loved, like our northern mythology. It kind of monopolized the northern mythology.

To me, this is ridiculous, I mean, these are our roots, and just because they were abused, it does not mean they should not be valid. It is a matter of how you use it. For good or bad.

My basic point is; we have to be strong again. Not in a negative and Jewhating way, but in a positive way. We have to shed our guilt from the second world war, and regain the faith in our own culture.

The mark of Cain will always be that of Jew hatred. The mark of bliss will always be that of Jew love. I love Jews, from the bottom of my heart. I adore Moses, David, Ben Gurion, though he had his faults. I love Benyamin Netanyahy for his fight. I love my little daughter so much, that I gave her a Jewish name; Rakel.

With this, I hope that we can rise again in the West. With faith in ourselves, and on the side of good.

G-d bless us all.

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The flag

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Maersk-flag-610x200It seems to me, that somehow my metaphysical and economic theories might blend in the case of UK politics. On one hand, I have tried to remake Adam Smith in a more balanced way, and at the other hand, I have tried to make a comeback for the Christian Churches and specifically the Anglican as well as the Catholic Church.

My point in the economic discourse, was the lack of conscience in relation to business, and metaphysically my main point have been, that G-d is truly alive.

In the case of his excellency archbishop Welby, the businessfocus has been “radical”, as in absolutely ethical, as I understand it. And in relation to Adam Smith, radicalism could be interpreted as a comeback to the understanding of business as a Conservative plight, where country, queen and flag is supported.

I have a friends within the Danish business community, among them the leader of the oil department of Mærsk. Quite an international business, with a gross production output in the billions. So it has a lot of people working, and it is as conservative as you can get it.

I was, to be proud of, read by the late mr. Mærsk, who was an old sailor, and a captain.

When I met my friend, I remember meeting him in this international headquarter, served by a german secratarie, business was done in mostly English, and I suppose I wondered why he wanted to be my friend.

I realized it a bit into the meeting. I told him about my ideas of a conservative reneassance of the importance of keeping virtues and values. All of a sudden, he almost jumped at me and he said, or rather shouted at me; We still flag with Dannebrog (the Danish flag). It kind of startled me, but the fire in his eyes was a contrast to all the international business around me.

That was why he wanted to be friend with a philosopher, who, by all means, was a leper in the eyes of everybody else, still is.

He was still loyal to the flag. The old flag, that came down to Denmark a thousand years ago.

So, we truly understood each other, and that is a story that both clerical as well as business should perhaps remember. Where they truly meet, is under that banner of the nation.

It might be totally out of fashion, alt modish and anti EU, but it still there, and people still believe.

On these vestiges of pride, should a new dawn be built.

G-d bless England.

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When Galileo realized, that the sun did not turn around the earth, but it was the other way around, most people wanted to put him to the cross, and purge him from society. But after the time really understood him, he was commended as one of the greatest philosophers and scientists of the world.

My point is; something that seems strange and alien in the time may actually be right and will propel the human world further, after it is understood and accepted. It is because, human beings really do not like to have their world view challenged, they rebel if someone does that.

Take this realization I have just had with political science; that geometry lies at the heart of it. You can see it most prominently in Plato, who fathered the Republic. His idea was that societies start with a king, goes on wit an aristocracy and ends up in a democratic control. Hence the president (king), senate (aristocracy) and lower house (people). A triangle.

But in the works of Democritus, the father of progressive tax, you also see a lot of geometrical work.

These are some of the basic building blocs of what we today see as our advanced civilization. We just forget to use it when we create new systems.

Take Marxism. It is an international system based on Sparta, that was initiated as a very closed system. Because Lycurgus (the founding philosopher of Sparta) knew that his system had to be closed. So we have a system that was doomed to fail from the beginning. Russia is just now picking up the pieces.

Or the works of Adam Smith. He himself was aware of the balances of his ideas. You need freedom to be countered with rules and regulations. This is an equation. But we used only the freedom part, and forgot about the ethical part, giving us capitalism swallowing up man and humanity. It was not until I proscribed a cure, that would remake this balance that things seem to get into balance again.

Still I am trying to scream at the top of my lungs to make England take that proscription, and she falters to do it. Perhaps lacking the moral fibre. You have to be what you are in politics to be succesful. Conservatives are guardians of moral and ethics, and we we need conservatives to do their duty. Otherwise will the balance not work.

This is where Oxford comes into play. You are the lock, I am the key. Yes, you may be a little wary of the potential and the grand scope of my ideas, but truly, is it not always so with a renaissance, with new ideas? It will create Change.

I think we are entering a new age of enlightenment. In the 20´th century, due to the centralized way media worked, manipulation and hence the mediocre were the ruling party.

You can see it with the EU today. Is this the epitome of civilization? Not at all, and they are very much 20´th century created. Trying to manipulate and not elevate.

With the freedom of communication, it will again be merit that rules. Because, if there is a great market of ideas available at your fingertips, you would want to be guided or use the best. Why would you use the second best? You would not.

So, it will not be the person with the most direct acces to wealth, power or contacts that will propel the system forward, it will be the most competent and prolific. The best blogger or bloggers.

In this small window of opportunity, humanity has a chance. You never know when the window closes again, or the system somehow corrupts. I mean power has realized that comments on blogs are to be influenced. They have control over the blogging, to some extent, by sucking bloggers up in the mainstream newspapers. But they still have not all the power, and I am, as one of many, free.

The meritocratic system works, to the benefit of man.

G-d bless the freedom of the internet.

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Vitruvian_ManOur planet is a mess, our societies are a mess, our future and past are a mess. This is because we do not care about balance and harmony. We only care about the immediate threat or problem to solve, so we loose sight of the larger picture, and often get ensnared in more and more complicated and unharmonious frames of existence.

Today our societies are a mix of Aristotelian/Platonic democracy on one side, and marxist international spartanism on the other side. Add to this the different religions and economic systems, and you see the patchwork is a work of different strands of ideas without any conscious effort to harmonize the different parts.

So we have chaos and lack of humanity as a result. You see it everywhere, crime is more rampant, the families are suffering, we get less children, we suffer from lack of faith in our own systems. Because we simply cannot understand all its parts, but we can see that something is wrong, and that it does not work.

To add to this mess, the philosophers who have influenced our political architecture in modern times lack the most basic understanding of what they are building on, so they make bad choices. Not to mention the followers of the different strands of philosophy know even less, so that makes it even more difficult to make any sense out of it all.

Then, as a consequence, people tend to fall for the simple answers, and find a solace in primitive systems, that gives them an easy fix, and peace of mind here and now.

They all miss the basic point; there is only one cure, and that is to fix the architecture of society, make new balances, suppress some elements of development, strengthen other, to make a new and more harmonious house.

But, then again, if you make a new house, you need to fit it into the surroundings. You cannot just start all over, as the futurists thought. You have to know the old, and fit it into that. So architecture of society should be individualized, as in Egypt, Israel, the US, UK, Denmark, France, Russia. Each nation is unique, and need unique solutions.

There is one thing we therefor need to remember, when we build our new political buildings; the ideas were created with one special aim in mind; geometrical harmony. That was how the ancients thought. They new, and harmony is a matter of finding the right balances in the house. You cannot have a heavy beam without a strong pillar. And you need a strong base under the different pillars of the house. To make it harmonious, you need to see the beauty in the geometrical forms; the triangle of power, the equality in racematters, the pyramid of society, with the family as the base.

These thoughts of harmony is what creates a happy and content society. The more advanced, the better.

G-d bless the architecture of society, and may it be healed and whole again.

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The moral sentiment

Dwarrowdelf_LoTRThere is a lot of talk about a renaissance of England, and how this is tied to a ”Thatcherite” way of thinking about conservatism. How ms. Margaret Thatcher was driven by a want to do a bidding in her life. How she had problems alleviating the Smithsonian want for free markets and Hayek’s ideas of minimal state, with a want to serve G-d.

Well, the point is, as I see it; she wanted to serve G-d. How you do it will represent a challenge to all who are Christian Muslim or Jew, but that you should do it, should never be challenged, at least not if you want to see yourself as a conservative.

My angle has been a little different than that of Hayek and the other Chicago conservatives. I have stood my ground, time and again, when I thought that something was wrong. Not more, nor less. I did it, when the dot com boom faded and lives and destinies of men were caught up in its wake. I cried for justice and honor in the face of a live stealing capitalism that did not see the man in all the wreckage it did. Leading to my first book; The Good Leader, that was a wrap up of Aristotle’s Ethics, fused into modern business.

Then when I discovered that young girls in my community was raped and misused. I stood up again and cried for justice and repercussion.

Both times I payed with ridicule and antagonism. The first time I fell sick for ten years, the second time I was persecuted for another ten years, leaving me to almost falter a second time. By I stood tall, because IT WAS NOT RIGHT!

After a while I realized that there were several anchors to this way of seeing things. Adam Smith talks about freedom of goods, but at the same time he talks about the moral sentiment. A feeling for what is right and wrong, an inner compass, something divine inside each of us, that we as men can refer to. That is, in essense conservatism. To reach in to that inner sanctum of soul, reaching in, and finding that rigid stick, that burning flame, that strength of religion. That, feeling that there is something that is right, and there is something that is wrong, and with the knowledge of the cost, stand on side of good.

Jesus does it as well, Martin Luther as well, all the great protestant philosophers and church men had one mark that put them as the epigone of their time; they stood tall in the face of evil, of corruption, of the little seduction, of that we call ”easy living”. Being a conservative is not easy living, it is hard living. Fighting for something, crawling into that mount Moriah, to put the ring in the depths of fire. It may cost you your life, your money. Sometimes your future and your security, your friends or family. But at the end of time, you have served the greatest thing in life. You served your own conscience, and with that, the spark of G-d within you.

G-d bless England, and may she rise again.

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We are discussing the consequences of the deal with Iran. Will it be usable, will it work, will it make the Middle East a better place.

Well, the main guarantee is now mr. Barack Obama. He will, as long as he is president of the United States, back it up.

But after he is not the president anymore, what then, will the deal still bind?

Well, who knows. We can only guess. But one thing is clear. I will there backing it, and that is almost as powerful, as things are right now.

I believe in it, and I hope that the legacy of mr. Obama will be one of turning the world around and making it more peaceful.

Can we trust mr. Obama? Well, he has grown, and is now a fully grown, mature, internationally leading statesman, with a lot of experience. Is that a man to trust? I mean, who would you not trust, if you cannot trust a man of that stature?

He is what he is, and he says what he means.

G-d bless you all.

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mk7-drouaisThe current archbishop of Cantebury, his excellency Welby is a radicalist. At least this is his own words. In his opinion, radicalism is at the heart of what it is to be Christian.

I have pondered a bit about it, and actually I must say that I agree. To be Christian is to be radical.


Well, when Jesus Christ was condemned to the cross, he did it because he was radical! The exact occasion was a sunday when he was, by the pharisees, told not to heal a person, because at that day it is not allowed.

Being a radical, he refused to obey, and went along healing anyway.

In the monastery that Jesus Christ is supposedly a student, the monastic order of the Essenes, they do not seem that benign either. The story about the warriors of light against the sons of darkness. Bright young men standing there with the emblazoned and gilded weapons waiting for the cry of the horn of Michael. That is not a benign story, but a radical story.

But if we look a little deeper into the matter, we see, again and again, that the matter where Jesus Christ took a stand, was ethical matters in opposition to orthodoxy. So it is not just being radical because of that, it is because radicalism leads to a better and more just world.

Perhaps this can be to some use in the campaigning for England; make it a just cause.

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I think a lot of my projects, and ideas that I have tried to sponsor are somehow running together in the UK election. The passion for an ethical business, that has led to a rise in production output. The passion for a redeemed Christian church. The fight against the sinners of the caliphatists.

These are all ideas intertwined. But not understood could lead to devastating consequence. I do not believe in a crusade. I believe in a democratic consequence against Islam.

These two things are difficult to keep apart.

But if we do not, we risk ending up in a religious fight, and I will not sponsor that.

I believe in the cooperation between the leading monotheistic religions, and I believe the supremacy of democracy over caliphatism.

G-d bless you all.

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