Add a helping hand, please

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I may have got an opening in my quest to find a decent job, that may actually make it possible for me to guarantee my service to the international agreement in the Iran deal.

To make it work in the long run, I need to be more than just a gifted blogger boheme, and actually have a living to underpin my work.

Through the order of st. John, where I happen to be a commander, my immediate superior knight has put in a word in UNDP to make it possible for me to work on my ideas on solving the migrant crisis in Europe.

This is quite good, if this works, I can work on guaranteeing the Iran deal, and help solve the European migrant crisis.

If anyone reads this, and can get word to the UN, specifically Mette Fjelland in UNDP, please do so, it will be a huge favour, and I will be able to lift my work from a hobby to a profession. Hobby work is ok, if it does not entail so much responsibility, but the Iran deal is above hobby status.

Please, if anyone, especially in the US administration wish for this deal to come clear and work. Help me get my things together, and make it happen. Please, and thank you.

G-d bless that helping hand.

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Beauty and depravity

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landscapes4_20070401_2054744621Finding G-d goes through many paths. It can be contemplation, intellectual research, sacrifice og prayer. But there is one path, I believe we should prioritize and not forget that, instantly, gives us something, not only spiritually, but also just for our joy, the aim of art; beauty.

We, as conservatives, strive, as always for a rebirth of the ancient traditions. Not that these traditions cannot change in face of reality, but development should be done through the marriage of ancient principles with the world we are living in. Through understanding what used to be ideas of worth and quality in the light of present day. This is truly renaissance, as I see it. Socrates had his ideas about free speech thousands of years ago, but today we try and understand them in the light of the challenges we are met with.

So what about renaissance today? Art and beauty are sought through millennia, thousands and thousands of years. As realized in innumerable edifices around the world. Things that morons and uncivilized people destroy as in Iraq and Palmyra today.

This strife between beauty and barbarity should not drag us down on the level of the barbarians, but lift us to strife for more beauty, not less.

What is beauty really? To answer this question, we, off cause, have to see it in an Egyptian light. Most of the ideas behind what we today know as aestethics or ideas of beauty, are renaissance ideas. That is platonic ideas realized in, especially, the Italian renaissance. Add to this Vitruvius, a Roman, we can all see what it points to; Pythagoras.

Pythagoras was the Greek that, as Plato, had had a long stay in the classical Egyptian society, before et actually fell to Alexander the Great. That is, before it got conquered, and slowly went into decline.

At the time, Egypt was the true land of wonder and magic. It held numerous secrets, that we relay today through, among other sources; the bible, and especially the founder of Judaism truly; Moses.

Anyway, Pythagoras really siphoned a lot of secrets from his stay in Egypt, among them the basic of musical theory, and, I believe, of beauty itself.

Beauty is, according to Egyptian lore; the science of geometry. We can see it in the Egyptian pyramids; perfect geometrical structures.

But not only in architecture do we find geometry, we also find it in painting, where Leornado da Vinci realized the mathematical principle behind the figure of Mona Lisa. The Egyptians had developed a kind of map of the body, that they used to make their statues. This lore was learned and used by the Romans in their statue making, among other things, making statues as Michelangelo did. The statue of David, being one of the most famous.

This is truly what is threatened by Islamic State, this search for beauty and eloquence. Islamic state are harbingers of evil and chaos, and they are therefor the definition of ugly and depraved, as they show in defiling ancient sites of beauty. What a shame for mankind, having these rural depravities having sway over the inheritance of man. Barbarity and stupidity, once more roll over our shores, smashing beauty, destroying our civilization from within.

We should remember this, when we fight these barbarians, they are here to quell beauty as well as honesty and light.

G-d bless our saviour; Moses.

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Sailing at the sea

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v0_masterI am an academic, but not one of the usual ones. Usually academics are in churches, universities or other schools. Working with education and research that is to the good of the society.

Since our societies are on a very downward course, these days it is difficult to be in a university. The academic level is very low, the strings attached is manyfold, and you end up pushing things around and not really making any progress.

I realized this at the beginning of my career, so I chose to be independent.

The good thing about that, is the possibility to go your own ways, and for society, this is extremely vital, because a society needs new ideas to flourish.

But the backside of the coin is the fact, that it has become increasingly difficult for me to relate to all the other academic life. I am kind of a wild thing, living in the woods, an unpolished diamond, that have difficulty when dragged into the halls of academia again.

I realize this, after reflecting on my visit to Oxford. Honestly, it was a thrill, and I did make a good friend, so for that it was ok. But as for acceptance in the academic world, it was a true disaster.

I did everything wrong. I fought too much with my things, instead of just relaxing, I aimed too high, so that noone really understood what I wanted, and I could not relax.

But, hey, this was my first meeting with the university world in ten years or more. The last time I was in a university, if one could call it that, was when I was a lowly assistant, at the very bottom rung of the system. The professors scolded me on that occasion, so much that it is still impossible for me to have an academic career here in Denmark.

I feel like a sailor, coming ashore after a long voyage. All the landlubbers are scribbling away in languages that I do not care for, or understand.

Because out here on the sea, is where we tell yarns and meet the wrath of the sea.

These are the things I write about. The clashes of civilization, the murder of my friends, and the tall waves of cultures pounding each other.

And when I get ashore, I feel like a man out of my real element. I feel lost and do not really know how to behave. Not that I do not like the modern luxuries of the city and the populated life. I am just to rough at the edges to really enjoy it.

If academia wants me to a part of it, not that they should, but if they want, they should basically accept my stupid mannerisms, and my lack of eloquence.

I have wisdom, won in harsh sailing here at the open sea, this I try to give on to others. But I do not understand all the finer ways of academia anymore, so if you want to work with me, understand my predicament and quality.

G-d bless the will of the beautiful light of the academies.

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Family in an existentialistic view

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You can attack the idea of marriage and family from different points of view. You can do it from the point of st. Augustin, as I did with the posting of faith, hope and love. You can do it in a Platonic view, as I did in my writings on the dialogue Meno, or you can do it in an existentialistic view. That is Kierkegaard.

Kierkegaard was a little special, because he never really married. He had this life long infatuation with this beautiful girl Regine. In a very Goethiean way, that is artistically in love with someone he could not get, he saw love and marriage as an ideal that was unattainable.

But, at the other hand, the attainableness is different in real life. I mean, we have to be married and get kids, right.

Kierkegaard is really the psychological Christian philosopher. He talks about angst and focuses a lot on the inner mechanisms of the soul.

This is good in a modern world, because psychology is all over. But I also think, that this is really the problem of the modern world. We listen too much to psychology, and too little to philosophy. Kierkegaard is a bridge in this regard.

Basically he aims, as all theologians, for love. But opposed to psychologists, he believes that there is a G-d beneath the equation. So, all he sees in his analysis of the mind is always with the aim of reaching spiritual fulfillment.

One of the principles that really made sense to me, reading Kierkegaard, was his ideas of barriers. A lot of us are living in shells. These shells are due to mistreatment, and are really scars. If we grow up in a very harsh environment, as we do here in Scandinavia, we get calloused and retract into ourselves. This leaves us egoistic and uncaring.

This coldness we give on to our children, and we end up in a cycle of harshness and toughness.

This may be good in war, but in family matters it is not good. This is why we need to be open.

Openess is an ability to live without our psychological defenses up all the time. But, then again, to be open in a family, you also need to be careful with your wife. Because how can she remain open, if you do not respect her?

This leads to idea of respect as a ground virtue of marriage. As Løgstrup also say; we carry each other. If I choose to step aside and do my own thing, my wife will fall. If she and I choose to carry each other, sacrifice ourselves in the process, helping each other, work as one, then life will work in the end.

It is, in a Scandinavian perspective at least, an eternal fight for sustenance and joy. A difficult thing i a cold country, but what we have to do nonetheless. The salvation here lies in sacrifice for your loved ones. Carry your kids and your wife on your broad shoulders. Shelter them when the rain comes, and build a safe house for them to life in, and then you may call yourself a man.

G-d bless the wisdom of Kierkegaard.

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Servants to the public

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SenecaIt is difficult to be true in politics. All the pressure, all the interests that is vested in your person and what you do. Lobbyism or journalism is always there to try set their agenda, not your agenda. True friendship is very, very rare, and almost no one is clean.

This is truly the root cause of the problem in the West. We have lost our dignity and virtue, and is prone to accept things, if there is a pay check at the other end.

So what do we really do to counter this lure of democracy, the weakness of democracy?

I am reading Senece these days, I stumbled upon him yesterday in a free public library. He is this old and wise Roman praetor and consule.

In his work “On peace of mind”, he has a lot of good advice. First of all, we have to see it for what it is. All the people who wants something from us, they are in their business. It is not that they are not good for something, but we have to be realistic about their aims and their background.

But they are incredibly annoying, and therefor we need to able to have peace somewhere. Seneca talks about a simple place in the countryside, where he can redraw to, and find his peace of mind again. Then he talks about elation in opposition to gloom and doom. He says, that peace of mind is in the middle. To keep away from too much ravening, and too much depression.

This is a stoic idea, that is an idea that originally came from Zeno, a Phoenician, and should be seen in this context. It is not a truly original Roman idea, but actually from one of its competitors. Rome has always been good at taking in new ideas and make it its own.

Anyway, virtue, that is really at the core of this discussion, is what it is about. We have to be honest and simple in what we do. Listen to the public, and try and understand their needs.

If we live a simple live, we are not as prone to be lured into the fallacy of materialism. We are not as easily seduced by money or flatter, but can continue being what it is all about; being servants to the public.

G-d bless the will to be simple and honest in the face of seduction and too much fuss.

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Europe and Africa

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The world is both like an oyster and on a path to hell. At one end, we have all the possibilities of a new world. At the other hand, we have the hell that is upon us with Islamic State. It is like an endless void blistering with light. Finding those lights, and navigating the sea is what will get us to those lights and shed the fear and the problems of the darkness and the endless sucking material seductive apocalypse.

Talking about apocalypse. Let me please present you with my ideas of solving of the current migration crisis in Europe.

First of all, we need to see this challenge in an international light. We know, that Africa is confronted with some of the same challenges that Europe is confronted with. And though Africa thinks we do not see them, please reconsider. We do; we are listening to the Copts and the Assyrians and though Africa has truly fundamental differences, we are also very much on the same boat.

What Africa confronts right now, is islamic extremism. We have seen it in many of the middle african countries. Scourges of the earth as Boko Haram are giving war to african countries, and we have helped.

The same development is seen in Europe. A few days ago heroic americans fought down an islamic terrorist in France. So it is the same problem just on different continents. But as we are much stronger militarily in Europe, sometimes africans need our help. We help, and we are making friends in the process. Because of all the friends the Africans may have, the Europeans are the most likely to come to aid, because we are sharing challenges. But, this also includes a less harsh treatment of the European descendants in Africa. We cannot continue the ethnic cleansing of European farmers in Africa, not if we are to stand in unison against the islamists.

Talking about Europe, we are facing a dilemma. At one hand, we need to be humane towards the refugees and immigrants that seek shelter in Europe, at the other hand, we need to tackle the extremist who are among the immigrants. It is a dilemma.

In a dilemma, we need to think things through to find a solution. Not doing anything is a huge problem, because we will end up being swallowed by islamist fighters. Shoving all migrants into boats and the sinking the boats as the European Union is doing now, is simply inhumane.

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Sometimes antisemitism takes its strangest forms, and the jews targeted can be anything. This time it was a musician, one of my favourites in fact.

He courageously went on singing with his heart about Jerusalem in the face of anger and ridicule. Will it ever stop? No, but as always, there are courageous Jews who get up and do what they do, just because otherwise would be cowardice.


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Lack of knowledge

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Reading the exquisite platonic dialogue Meno, I stumbled upon a principle, that may enlighten the debate about evil and good in our current societies, and may give us an inkling as to why the Islamic State has such stupendous success.

According to Plato, or Socrates, evil is the effect of stupidity or lack of knowledge. As a person gets wiser the person also gets less prone to evil.

This is a good reflection of IS I would say. Most of its combatant are gang members from different European and other countries. Not the most enlightened people.

These people then tend to follow the simple patterns and the easy answers. This is, again, what propels the forward to do evil deeds. Because the simple answers paint the brutes into a world with simple ideas.

If you are not muslim, you are an enemy. What a simple view of the world. It is easy to comprehend, you do not have to think much, just act according to this flawed, but simple logic.

This, at the other hand, gives an answer to the problem of eliminating the scourge to some extent; education.

G-d bless the will to be complex and humble in the face of knowledge.

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New conservatism

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gvttttIt seems to me, a kind of a “New conservatism” has begun to emerge. As we have left the Thatcherian concepts of solely free market, and the fight against Communism, we are now entering a phase of a more balanced Smithsonian economic philosophy, where national production is balanced with free market theory. This in practice strengthens the economic base of the nation, as well as secures a flow of products worldwide. To support and secure this system however, we still need to have a look on economies that cheats at the weight by copying our products and our military secrets. In order to make a fair and level playing ground, R&D should be protected and support the nation it is produced in, otherwise it makes the entire structure lopsided. In order to have a Smithsonian system up and running, we need the law to function in all the nations participating. As a consequence, certain nations has to be cut off the system, unless these nations start playing on the same field as everybody else.

Looking at the fight against islamism. We can see, that this challenge is almost tearing at least Europe apart. Islamism has got a firm hold in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Berlin and many other European cities. Added to the problem with a huge influx of migrants that seem to marry the ideas when they come to the new country, instead of embracing democracy and free speech, we have a problem indeed. A problem that needs tackling with the armed wing of the state. That is the fact of the day.

As a strange mix of events, the events have mixed jihadi ideals with cold war methods. So they are BOTH waging war on the street, taking war booty and other archaic ideas, AND infiltrating cultural life. This creates a strange situation where musicians, that is islamist singers like Jihadi John are entering IS. Strange indeed. But we need to remember, that this advesary is not stupid, and it is all new. So we need to rethink our strategies.

At the end, it all comes down to that Oxfordian spirit. That, dugged, stubborn, self-sacrificing continuation of the fight against the dark lord. Because at the end of the day, that is what we are fighting. The dark lord and his evil minions, happy to divulge in rape and cutting off heads as he grins his lopsided grin.

That and then our own darkness, as people seem to wish to hide his crime. As this is apparent, we realize what we are; we are the fighters of light, in the service of spirit.

G-d bless the will of the creator, as he guides us to confront that of his advisories.

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We are back!

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BHtA7wYx9u52I remember, I had this dream before the last Gazan war. It was terrible, in short it was a nigthmare about the fall of the West. At that time, Israel was not, except for mr. Netanyahu, cognizable about the threat the last Gazan war was to the entire West, it was a turning point. We won, this is now clear. Ok, there is still a threat, but basically with the advent of IS, it has disappeared. Hamas is not longer a threat to Israel, because IS eclipses it. In this way, there is actually peace with Gaza. We did it. The strategy to pull out as IS was on the rise, sacrificed the immediate victory, but gained the long term goal; to make peace.

There is still the threat of Iran, I realize, that it is not over. And I do not know whether there is any substance to the claims that they are fooling us, but until the opposite is proved, we must believe that they actually wish to join the international opposition to IS, and give Islam another face and content than what IS wish it to have.

Now these are macrostrategic considerations, that seem to fall on deaf ears in Israel. I understand, the feeling of being surrounded and always have to be on the alert for more or less three thousand years, if not more, is a bitch, if you will excuse my language.

Now, looking at Europe, my machinations are almost bearing fruit. I know it seems a little sinister to be so strategic, but to fight evil, you have to be strategic, because he is. You have to be steadfast and honest, look through his schemes and develop long term strategic plans.

One of the goals was to build an alternative to the EU, because it was doomed to fall. I did not know how it would be, but it seems to me, that it is a more loose federation. I think most Europeans like the free market and collaboration on different areas, but the straightjacket it has become is alienating many, if not all Europeans. The alliance with the Islamists, is not a good idea either.

From Greece to the UK, the opposition is now so strong, that things have to change. As Germany is also enveloped in pressure from the grassroots, at least Schengen have to go. The EU has to face this, the rampant violence and chaos it has resulted in, will tear entire Europe down. It has to stop immediately.

Then there is a development that I did not really anticipate, but now is coming to bears as well. If Europe is healthy, and progressing, it will pull the former colonies with it. This is not a arrogant perspective, I have sacrificed myself for the US and also I have had a good impact, through the current pope of South America. But as we, in Europe somehow get our bearings again, the positive ideas are sucked up and used not only by Europe, but also of all of those who we gave birth to. And, as I see it, giving something who are like you, is not such a bad thing after all.

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Below as above

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I think I know why Meno was such an excellent choice for a renewed discussion of what family really is. It is because it still young in its conception. Plato was in his early works very much influenced by Socrates, and yet not so young again in Meno. So the frame of the more mature Plato shines through in a lot of the principles and ideas of Meno.

If you want to have your mental health restored, reading Plato is always a good way to do it. I kind of puts things in perspective, and you get a grip of what is right and wrong. Add to this the ever present spirit of Socrates, that is a humble genius, that had the ability to look at things afresh, and always with interest.

I have pondered a bit on with Meno, and actually finished the dialogue, and several things can be taken from this eminently inspiring text.

Plato claims, that virtue is knowledge. We talk about the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues. But the fact that there is knowledge in each of the principles, we should always remember. A virtue is not a formal principle, it is a everchanging principle that will change according to the situation. In each family, the principle off cause hold some basic lore, but each of us must find our own path.

Finding the content of the virtues is however where the church can help. Take courage. What is it to be courageous in a family? What is it to be faithfull? What is it to be honest? What is it to be loyal? What is it to show solidarity?

The pick and choose among the virtues is an important work, and one that good pastors can do. It also offers true value to all the broken families, as well as the good ones.

It however reflects back on the church, because, we cannot advice people to be honest and true, if we are not that ourselves. It is actually not easy, but will demand faith and work.

Plato ends up saying that you can have science, that is rigorously analyzed knowledge, and you can have good opinion. That is poets and leaders just know what to do, but cannot tell why they do it. That is the difference between theory and practice.

To advice families, and to help them find a beautiful path, they need to do things, that is practice, but we only have theory. So we need to mix these two things. Look a best practices, but at the other hand, apply theory. There is a lot of interesting work to be done at the universities, to bolster and support a good development for all who are in trouble and need our support.

Look at it this way; the family as in institution has been without much support in many years, as it gets more and more support, from beneath we will build the realm of G-d. In each little unity we will try and spread the love of spirit and create a little world, as we came from.

Below as above.

G-d bless the wisdom of Plato.

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Faith hope and love

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Faith_Hope_and_Charity_001I have pondered a little over the ethical frame of the synod. Having made the idea, with certain motives as to why we should move on making the family the vehicle of joy and rejuvenation, we still lack a serious framework to work with. With respect to all the ideas out there.

I have read a bit in the platonic dialogue Meno. Partly because it is pretty simple, and partly because it targets the discussion of virtue. That is what virtue is, and how we may use virtue as a guiding light.

First of all, as always when we read Plato, we are struck by the simpleness and humility of Socrates. He is never full of himself, and always just inquiring into the mysteries of the universe. We should remember this, I think. Not to be full of ourselves and have all the answers at the ready. But still remember the humility of the inquirer. Be open to new avenues of thought, and not be arrogant.

The second thing that struck me with the dialogue is the fact that Socrates tells us, that there is virtue connected to different phases of life, and gender. What is courageous of a woman is not necessarily courageous of a man or a child. While as the mother is the housekeeper and keeper of the economy, the man must protect the families interest. Sometimes it is different. In other words, we should have an eye out for the fact, that some virtues are more suited to some phases of life, other to other phases of life. What is however important is the fact, that these virtues should lead to a better life, not a worse life.

Tolstoy tells us, that all happy families are alike, and all unhappy families are different. To this truth is connected a utopian quest. If there is such a blueprint of the happy family, it must be possible to actually find it. Instead of only philosophizing about it, we could actually find empirical data, find some good families, see how they work, and try to understand why they work.

Kierkegaard talks about heritage sin. That is, you inherit the sins of your father. If your father was a thief, there is a good chance you will end up a thief yourself. This evil circle is something the church must work with. It will not happen overnight, but there are a lot of families in the poor area, who are in need of guidance and help. Sometimes education will help, sometimes just the eucharist will be enough. But shepherds should get out of the comfort-zone and visit there where no one else would visit, to care for those in need. Among the thieves and the crooked lies the most difficult task. In this area the faith of the father is truly tested. I know, I am in one of those jobs here in Denmark. But we need, in this situation, to have faith, and remain ethical, never abandon our cause.

It all comes down to a single virtue, or a collective virtue as Aristotle say. He say that this single virtue, the virtue of the virtues is joy and happiness. I believe, that Plato has a point in the fact, that justice is a part of this virtue. You cannot be happy if you live in sin. But most important is the fact, that in order to have hope, you need faith, faith in love and thereby G-d.

G-d bless the seeker for truth.

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In the upcoming synod I think, humbly, that we need to envelop the entire process in a theological frame, that truly lifts the entire religious discourse. Before I had the pleasure to visit the discourse, ideas as intelligent design and the like was really the sharp spearhead of moderne theology, but the problem was; it was not accepted by the layman or the modern media. So, it lived a life of ridicule and nonacceptance by mainstream. This has changed with my theology, or rather the theology of Anaxagoras. Why? Because people take it serious. The sincere attempt to meet modern scientists and natural science is seen as something new and viable. Ok, I have not been seriously criticized by international natural scientists, only some of my friends here in Denmark who are good, but not on an international level. But even they accept the premise and are not always in agreement, and very critical, but understand the language, the ideas and sees it as a relevant partner.

The process that began with the reformation has finally begun to revert, and while as we have had five hundred years of separation between mainstream society and theology, we now see the opposite reaction. I believe that his eminent pope Francis is a representative of this development. It has yet to truly materialize in the protestant world. But there are attempts, though not successful as of yet. But we will get there with a little patience and hard work. We also need the wise anglican bishop of Cantebury to reach out again. I am not saying this for my own benefit, but because YOU need it. We cannot stop here, we need to plow on and safe Oxford. The shire requires it. If not put in motion by his emince, perhaps other denizens of the proud town could put something in motion. You need me more than you know, but need to open the door I cannot do it myself.

In Denmark there are little lights shining, and hopefully they will get brighter. Not to mention that Germany seems to, after all, want the Danish connection strengthened. I am here, to save and fight along all the angels of Germany.

Looking at the theology itself. I think we need to see it in a wider perspective. Christianity began as a superstructure of the theology of the Roman empire. In Rome ideas from ancient Persia, Egypt and of cause Israel was welded together into a new ideology. In this construct one element was conspicuously missing, the philosophy of the etruscans and their ideas of discipline. I have recommended these principles to reemerge to some extent in Rome, after all, this was what Rome was built upon. Especially in relation to money and other immoral degrees. It helped, and his eminence Francis has been fast cleaning up the mess, and Roman imperator would have done.

Then comes the dark ages where Plato was really the crux of Christian theology. I have pondered quite a bit about this, off cause. I read Plato very much, and even have a proposition as to a dialogue that could be a starting point for the synod to use. I have to read a little more before I truly recommend it. But as you see on the fresco here on top of the page. Plato in the middle points upwards, to the heaven. This is not by coincidence, he was the more spiritual of the pair Aristotle and Plato. Aristotle points downwards.

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1144263350_akhenaten and his familyConcerning the upcoming synod the family. I think, that it is very important to understand this in a metaphysical light.

As in the ancient Egyptian temples, what we do, we do it to reflect the existence of G-d. Prayer was originally such a thing. To emulate and to get closer to G-d, the priest there tried to emulate the world of spirit.

The same is the idea of the family, as I understand it, in the light of the “heretic king”, Akhenaten. That is the founder of the monotheistic religions. He sat there, with his little daughter on his lap, and held a loving hand to his spouse. Why? What can we envision this early Moses to do in his philosophy? Perhaps he, as the priests emulated the heavenly kingdom on earth.

Spirit is love, it is interconnected and boundless. When we step into this world, we are met with loneliness. We are isolated within each of our little shells. The family is a remedy to this. We have our children that we truly love, our aunts and uncles whom we also love. This is how it is in the realm of G-d.

So in a sense, the basic idea of a family is more than just a place for ethics. Ethics is important, so that we may share our feelings and our daily bread. But we must, as I see it, in the very original sense of the idea of the family, see love at the heart of this institution. Remember this when we care for our little ones, protect them, share our life with them. We do this to get closer to all our spiritual selfs.

G-d bless the will to understand and love.

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The UK forces

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There has been talking about using the British forces and some kind of pedagogical instrument to sway young Muslims over in the direction of the crown. Listen, this is folly. Not all Muslims are extremists, but you need a wing of the government that you can rely on hundred percent. We may soon see a showdown in Europe against IS and the Moslem Brotherhood, and we need the forces ready.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients. They would not take chances like this.

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