The problems of Europe

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Political development is pretty straightforward though difficult. It is all about finding the right “system” or political architecture in a given situation. In order to do this, one needs to have a vast knowledge about the different systems and how they intermingle.

There are basic systems, that have traditions that are ancient in their own right.

Take Democracy. The initial idea of this system came from two sources. 1. Ancient Athens that is birth-cradle of our civilisation. Here amazing philosophers as Plato and Aristotle defined what we today see as a Democracy. But, you need to know the other source of the Democratic tradition to really understand Democracy. The other source is the Viking Freestate, that was functioning in Northern Europe before the Roman conquest. That is, it was in Germany, France, UK, The Netherlands, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

The system was quiet advanced in its own right, since it governed most of Northern Europe for a long time.

Modern Democracy, is however a mix of the two, and has a healthy vibe of freedom in its core, the belief, that each man is in his own right (and woman of cause).

The complexity of the system we have today, with an upper house, a lower house, a royal house on the top of it, is an improved version of the Democratic system. Especially Roman Law is a good thing.

But all systems needs to adjust to the challenges is confronts. Things have to be looked upon regularly to work.

That is also the problem of the European Union. My claim is, that it has NOT been the architecture of the construct that has really been the focus of the Union, but more the economical aspects of the Union that has been the focus.

You have to make a good architectural plan before you start working on the plumbings.

To be honest, the whole shebang is crashing down. Luckily, we have renewed our understanding of Democracy in Europe, and put in a few extra chinchs in the armor.

This will hopefully create a costly but inevitable turn around of the European countries. Giving Europe a come back on the international scene as the US has just experienced.

But it will be bloody before it will get calm again, that much is pretty clear.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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The fight

March 15th, 2019 No comments

There has come a fissure between those on the right that likes Jews, and those on the right, that does not like Jews.

Let me be clear about my idea concerning this issue. If we start fighting each other, then we are all in problems.

I recognize, that some Jews do things that is considered despicable to some. In fact, I agree that many Jews do things that I sincerely dislike.

But that does not give meaning til all out antisemitism. In fact, true antisemitism will just destroy the progress of our cause.

There are plenty of people to chose to hate if that is what we want. Hating Jews just does not make any true sense. Because there is as many worldviews as there are Jews.

So, please, let us focus on the true fight. The fight for a sovereign nation-state with room for those who serve democracy.

G-d bless the will to see the Nation in the right light.

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March 13th, 2019 No comments

So the Brexit negotiation is again at a standstill. What is really the issue?

Essentially it is the equation that is wrong.

Politics is all about making ends meet. You try to understand the needs of one side, and then the needs of the other side. After then you try to find a compromise.

The problem with the Brexit negotiations is the fact, that Mrs. May has simply sought the wrong equation. In order for the deal to go down as a success in Westminster, the equation is not between the EU and the UK, but between remainers and brexiteers.

What would be a better idea, instead of solving the current crisis is to make a two legged negotiation.

First a negotiation in Westminster, THEN a negotiation with the EU.

Honestly it is a decision made by the british people, so it is their needs that need to be met. See to that, and if the EU does not want to recognize this, then go about your own way.

G-d bless the fair Islands of the British.

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From diversity to simplicity

March 11th, 2019 No comments

The European Union is in hard difficulties.

There are two possible outcomes of the current crisis, either the EU reforms or it stops as a political project.

The current trajectory makes this pretty clear.

Now, I have no problem with the European Union stopping, my plans are actually going quite well with the reinstatement of the national parliaments.

However, if the EU wants to survive, it has to realize the problems it has created.

What is the aim of a state, seen from a political/philosophical perspective?

It is to make a healthy state.

A healthy state will create progress and strength, an unhealthy state will create chaos and destruction.

But how do we create a healthy state?

Essentially it is about harmony between the limbs of the state.

There are many limbs of a state, but in the case of the EU, it is pretty clear, that the balance we need to look at, is the balance between the nationstates.

How do we ensure that balance.

Essentially the more complex a state is, the more difficulty it will have finding balance.

That is exactly the issue with the current leadership and strategy of the EU. Instead of trying to find order and simplicity, it seeks diversity. That is, it seeks to mix up as many things as possible.

Thereby diminshing the ability to create harmony.

To be honest, that is the essential problem.

Instead of working towards complexity, the EU should work towards simplicity.

It is a bit like feng sui, the ancient Chinese work of house harmony. It aims at simplicity not complexity.

If a structure is simple, it is more healthy, because there are fewer things to balance.

Therefor open borders is not good idea, closed borders is a good idea. Mashing people up is not a good idea, keeping people around other people they look and feel like is a good idea.

The process of simplification and order is therefor the logical process to make.

There is nothing wrong or immoral about it. Off cause such a process should be humane. But diversity should be turned around 180 degrees and be replaced by the quest for simplicity and harmony.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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Fighting the Jews

There has been a rise of negative sentiment against Jews in Europe, both on the right as well as the left side of the parliament. 

Let me be frank about this development. If you believe in G-d or not, hating Jews has always been the doom of any empire, while as loving Jews has been a blessing.

The most competent and strong empires have ultimately been overcast by the Jews. Take the Roman Empire, that tried to kill the Jews in Palestine, it ended up as a servant of Jews. 

Take the Greek that met is demise in a grand destructional funeral pyre, fighting the Jews. Take Hitler, take Communism. 

As soon as you target that obuiquotus little people you end up in the dustbin of history. 

That is the collected history of mankind.

If you do not know what Jews are, then perhaps you would see them as evil and scheming. And to be honest, there are many evil and scheming Jews. Or rather we are not always fighting in the open. Often we fight behind the curtains. I admit that.

But if you look at the core of Jewish thought, that of the Kabbalah and the Jewish religion, it is all about loving your neighbour as yourself and trying to make peace.

Now we Jews are not easily swayed around, but we are not stupid either. We know when there is a enemy coming, and we fight it. We are good fighters, very good fighters.

But at the other hand, we are also the most loyal and best friend you can ever have.

We never forget those who help us, never.

So, I believe that all that is tempted at fighting the Jews should truly consider if they are willing to take on an enemy, that has nothing against anybody except those who seek to twart them.

Picking an enemy out of sheer spite and without any sense at all, is not conducive to your fight. It is like picking a fight with that strong guy sitting as an onlooker in a game, instead of fighting your opponent on the court.

It doesn’t make any true sense.

Please consider this, as the conservative movement of Europe arises. 

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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Free at last

February 26th, 2019 No comments

It seems to me, that the empire is back. Strange as it is, this is what has happened. 

In a day, where empires are supposedly long gone, and the West is committing suicide, that is a pretty impressive feat done by the Brits. 

As things progress, and Great Britain finds its own feet, slowly the empire will appear again. 

There are many wounds and problems that will have to be healed and adressed before England is wholly healed, and I for one believe, that it is not about the domination upon anyone, but the freedom of those who see themselves as English.

There are bits and pieces of the old empire that is still some kind of dependent on the parliament in Great Britain, but these areas should be respected and enrolled in the common wealth on a sound politics.

The rest; Australia, New Zealand, Gibraltar, Falkland Island and so on, should convene under one common rule to be a strong factor in the international game of thrones. 

Winter was coming, but with the valiant support of such mighty heroes of the brexiteers, the guards are still performing their duty, defending the realm.

Good will win eventually. 

So, well done Brits, things are looking rather bright in the future. Free at last, and with a bright future.

G-d bless the fair islands of the Brits.

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The Englishman

February 21st, 2019 No comments

So the final deadline for the division between Great Britain and the EU is finally at our doorsteps.

As your best international friend, and true servant. This is my advise.

For the time being, I watch a really good movie on Netflix (no I am not sponsored), it is called Black sails, and describes the pirates of the Caribbean. A time of lawlessness and criminality. But also a time of great seamanship and rowing boats.

There are villains and there are heroes. At the center is the Captain Flint. A former marine captain gone renegade due to some misconduct on the side of the English state.

This brave individual turned criminal because he was abused by the Crown.

As a consequence he went to war to counter the feeling of misconduct. Things like that happened a lot in that times. When Nelson fought at Trafalgar, the seamen never got their due recognition.

This is not a time for rifts between crown and seamen. This a time for all to unite and share the burdens of the yoke.

If Englishmen do that, none can put a dent in their shining armor. None can push them here or there.

The spirit of the viking ancestors, and their unbowing demeanor is what England is about. The fire for freedom.

That is the core. That the Brits will remain free, unbound by any who seek to put down this proud people.

Use that as an anchorpoint and guiding star in the next few weeks, see to, that the Englishmen, Welshmen, Irishmen and Scots remain free to roam the sea at their shore.

Let none tell them what to do, but themselves.

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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The path

February 14th, 2019 No comments

The reason why I try to induce the Middle Eastern states to find peace, is not only because war is a truly terrible thing, but also because the advent of Israel is more than just a territory for Jews. Yes it is also the hallowed ground of Jews, sought for for thousand and thousand of years, but that is only the basic part of Israel.

The real reason why Israel is there, is because we have a spiritual path to initiate when we try and rebuild Israel. The path of the Chosen people. 

More than often we do not accept or live out this covenant. We go about or daily lives, and try merely to survive. In fact we are pretty good at surviving with all the skills honed through two thousand years. 

But the fact of the matter is, when we built Israel the true test started. That of doing what we are supposed to do as people Chosen.

The difficult thing about that process is, that this can only succeed, if we are humble. Humble not being a trait that goes well with us Jews, after all, we control many things around the world. But humility is however the only path that will and can bring about the Change we are supposed to make in the world.

So instead of just protecting ourselves, we are supposed to be the light upon the Nations. Help, share our resources, be a good friend. 

Luckily this process is well under way, as we saw with the help young Israelis has given to Brazil under dire circumstances. This is truly the way of Israel, to be the helper. The help being off cause important, but the EXAMPLE being more important. Perhaps this will inspire other countries to help each other in times of difficulty.

I know, that we are embroiled in all the wars in the Middle East, and the Sunni and Shia are vying for our support. 

But that should not stop us from giving from our pure heart to those in need.

Take Libanon. This marveollous country steeped in ancient lore of forgiveness and tolerance. Why is this country not our natural ally?

We know, and see the hardships this country has withstood, to preserve its ancient heritage. 

Why cant we be collaborators in strengthening the deep lore of this country?

After all, the first time around, when Solomons temple was built, it was built with the help of Lebanese craftsmen. A lot of the profession in trade comes from learning from the Lebanese in the first place. 

Then why are we not friends now again?

The depth of knowledge is what will give us peace.

G-d bless the will to see peace as the goal, all over the world.

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The EU

February 12th, 2019 No comments

Well, I could be honest and annoying and tell you: I told you so. If you did not accept some of my ideas on a reform of the EU, people would simply start to elect parties, that would take them out of the EU. 

The pace is also, more or less, the pace that I believed. As of now, the EU will cease to function within two to three years. 

There will be vestiges of power, and the structure as such can continue as a hollowed out system for ten to twenty years. But if the power has left the system, what is the point?

There is a chance at around two to three percent of salvaging the system. The only chance is to give me acces to the wheels and cogs of the system, and change it to accommodate the rapid development of the continent. 

Honesty, I do not care. I know this might seem heartless, but seen from a political perspective, I have already installed the powers of Change in the European countries. Political parties, that are both humane and forceful. This will eventually save Europe. 

What is at stake is not the freedom and independence of Europe, but the depth of the conflict we are entering. How much blood will be spilled?

If the European Union travels much more down the path of destruction, the liberation of Europe will be extremely bloody. But if it relents, and finds some kind of compromise, peace is possible. 

So I have put my plan into your system somewhere, you just need to activate it. Otherwise you are most certainly dead.

G-d bless the will to be honest and realistic in the face of Armageddon. 

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New roads and ancient pitfalls

February 9th, 2019 No comments

The development of Europe is following the lines, more or less, of what I have planned. 

On one hand, I must say, that I am deeply impressed by the sheer strength and tenacity of the Brits. They just never give up. I thought, that it had something to do with the Viking roots of the Brits, but it does not. It is a unique character trait of the inhabitants of the British isles, no wonder they made such a vast empire. 

Hopefully after the disentanglement of the EU, the Brits are ready to plot a new course, and in this course reinvent themselves. 

They are posed to be a new international force yet again, that is pretty cool for a political turnaround. 

And yet a turnaround where both the strength and humanity of the Brits is preserved. 

We have to face the terrible crime rate and abuse of normal Brits by all the islamists and perpetrators of foreign origin in the UK. These have to be repatriated to satisfy the public. It should be done in an orderly manner, and then we will see how we go on. But to be realistic after the March breakup, this is on the top of the agenda. 

Here a solution that will hopefully satisfy both left and right should be planned. That is a forceful protection of the Workers, and a forceful repatriation of those who seek to harm UK democracy.

There are many other projects and possibilities that open up after March, so this will be a time of both strife and emerging new roads. 

At the other side of the pond, a lot of strife and anger will increase to tear the EU apart. 

This will be extremely violent, and hopefully some kind of peace will emerge out of the battle. But we are looking at Central Europe as a battle ground between nationalists and globalists in collaboration with Islamic fundamentals. That is a vicious fight. 

As the rest of the world will enter into the fray, people will die. 

But that is as it has always been. The stupidity and arrogance of the ruling elite pits them against the people, creating a vicious circle of revolutions. 

G-d bless the will to be clearsigthed and humble in the face of this new conflict.

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The Yellow wests

February 4th, 2019 No comments

What will the Yellow Vests do now?

From the beginning, the movement has been a thaw in the political landscape, a new movement across political lines, that mixes left and right in a new mix. 

First of all, it is not about racism or inhumanity. It is about caring for those workers who has been abandoned by the political establishment and now seek to prevent a catastrophe for the workers. 

A new political movement of the craftsmen. 

This new political movement will not accept being trodden upon or being abandoned. 

To see the needs of this new movement, we need to look deeper into the philosophy of the workers and understand where it went wrong. 

It is a fundamental flaw of Communism, that has brought France to this point of chaos. 

Communism is an idea of Sparta, that is the original ideal of the commune. 

When Karl Marx used this idea, he did some reinvention of Spartan ideology. Where Lycurgus (the philosophical founder of Sparta) underlined the importance of a closed political structure, Marx believed in internationalism. 

This is the core of the problem, national socialism as in what Hitler wanted was cruel in all ways. But it worked to some degree on a political level. 

My own family was hunted by the Nazies, so to be honest, I have no love for Nazies. But if you look at international Communism opposed to national communism, there is no doubt, that national communism was the most popular. My mentor, the freedom fighter of Denmark Tom told me so. He knew, he had fought the bastards his whole life. 

I believe, that a national community is what is needed to find a way out of this situation. 

But, I do not think it should be ruled by a dictator, it should be ruled by the people. 

In other words, I believe we should go back to the Spartan idea, and close the nation off from foreigners, and keep the state democratic. 

That is Social-democratism.

We have to flip some of the priorities around, but the ideas should be kept strictly social-democratic.

People like the islamists should be kicked out, and the Democratic rule should be upheld. 

But the state should still care for those who are weak.

G-d bless France and the Sixth republic.

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John Sentamu

January 29th, 2019 No comments

Oh dear, what a drama with the Brexit negotiation. I have fought and adressed the discussion on the poor workers, who have been forgotten by the Socialists. 

But as I see it, this is not to say, that there is no redemption for the migrants who truly WANTS to be a part of the Common wealth. 

In the US Barack and I supported the Anglican clergy. Specifically the illustrious and wellmeaning rev. Martin Luther King. 

In the UK, there is a parallel to this development, that is possible to encourage and sustain. That of his eminence rev. John Sentamu. A wonderful person in all essence to that word. 

He can deliver the peace, as I see it. A good man, a supporter of the Common wealth and a very black man. As me in fact, I am only half Danish. The other half is Bangladeshi. 

My role here in Denmark, has also been to make a path for people who wants to be Danes and are not 100% Danes in origin. 

What is important, and what rev. King did good. Was, that he, with peaceful means, stood up for the US. 

He supported the constitution, the Protestant faith, and that worked. 

At the other hand, we had Malcolm X. that honestly did not support US, but tried to fight it. 

Malcolm X. was the cool cat of the two, but rev. King was the answer. 

The same in the UK. Rev. Sentamu is the answer. 

That division between King and Malcolm X. Is and should be realized somehow. 

Be honest about it, and protect the workers, who have been at the sharp end of the trouble that the UK is seeing right now. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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The Middle East

January 25th, 2019 No comments

The Middle East is in trouble. For one that truly loves the beautiful stories of the Middle East, all the ins and outs of the Hittitite, the fall and consequent going underground of the Phoenicians, the moral purity of the Arabs, the humanity of the Egyptians, and the middle men, the Jews as the great communicators of Middle East culture, strife is not my cup of tea.

We are supposed to be an example, if we are to regain some respect worldwide.

Now, as things stand, Mr. Netanyauhu is very aggressive. This is normal for us Jews, we are pretty much used to pogroms, ridicule and other kinds of persecution. I have had my own taste of this destructive behavior in Denmark, where my group The Vilks committee was ambushed and lost member, and the gunner went on to kill a guard at the synagogue.

My great grandmother closely escaped Holocaust, and so on.

As the Lebanese say however, there is a balance between severity and mercy, as represented by the two main pillars in the temple of Solomon, that Solomon built with the help of the Lebanese.

This ties in with the Hittitite, or rather the Persian, who believe, that there is such a thing as complete goodness. The extraordinary drive of the Iranians is, that they have no affinity with Satan, only with good and selfsacrifise.

That is truly spectacular.

In other words, to my mind, the Middle East is walking a tight line between severity and mercy, but I sincerely hope, that the Persian shows what true spirituality is, that of being good.

We Jews are not good at trust, history tells us otherwise. But our essential aim, is to be a good example to the world, and be that light upon the Nations.

What is the answer to that essential question, how do we trust?

We do that by seeing the Middle path between mercy and severity.

If we see things that will sway us towards trust, we move towards mercy, if we see things that sway us towards mistrusting, we move towards severity.

My point is, we should be rational and objective about these things, not naive in any way.

But, if we see and do good deeds, have good thoughts and then do good action, things may Change in the Middle East.

G-d bless the will to understand what we Jews are in the Middle East, that is the COMMUNICATORS of the development, and thus the light upon the Nations.

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The faults of the Western European elite

January 21st, 2019 No comments

The European elite looks dumbfounded at the current development of Europe right now.

In France, and other places, the conflicts with the elite is getting out of hand.

What is essentially the problem of Western Europe right now?

To cut to the core, it is immigration and the poverty of the working class.

For a number of reasons, the Socialists have forgotten their class roots, and simply stopped supporting the workers.

Therin lies the problem.

In the UK, France and many other European Contries, identity politics have supplanted union politics.

It may sound a little academic. But take the example of Mr. Tommy Robinson, Working class hero of the UK.

He grew up in an area that was supplanted with identity politics. Where his dad was a craftsman, he didn’t have the opportunity to be one, because the jobs were scarce. Add to this, the constant influx of cheaper labour, he all of a sudden found himself in a working class city that used to built cars and aeroplanes, to a city run by savage islamists.

This will bring conflict.

And it is the Frankfurterschool ideas, that has inadequately adressed the needs of the workers of today. So they rebel.

The devastation that the workers are seeing in their neighborhood fuels anger and violence.

Look at France for that matter. Add to the fact, that workers are pretty used to revolution and are very strong in numbers. You have a devastating situation.

Now the problem of Mr. Macron was the fact, that he didn’t use the ideas that Obama and I invented to solve the problems, but carried on with climate change and humanistic care for nature.

Seriously? He had the opportunity, but when he came to visit us here in Denmark, he didn’t even invite me, despite the fact, that his ambassador that was to leave was a member of my organisation the Vilks committee. Thank you very much!

What Obama and I developed together, was a barrage of ideas aimed at solving these problems. Bringing back the jobs from the outsourcers, creating a renewed bond between American producers and the workers, and stemming migration.

Trumps has simply carried these ideas on, and is reaping the reward.

The US is back and on the right track.

Still the fight with China is looming in the horizon, and the fight in Europe with the islamists. But essentially the prerequisite of a mighty fighting force, that is a mighty production facility, is keyed in.

So there is a remedy to the ailment of Western Europe. That is; remigration of the unskilled workers that is not needed in Europe anymore, investment in national production capability, and a renewed faith in the Republic.

Take that strategy, and be a winner, like Obama and Trump.

But remember, politics is not a chess game, it is martial arts, so be prepared to fight your way through the battle field.

If you do not, you will be no Napoleon or Vercingetorix, but a sun king falling down.

If you do not heed the calling of the Republic, it will cast you away, and become a sixth republic.

G-d bless the will to see through the fog of war, and do the right thing.

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January 20th, 2019 No comments

The European descent into chaos is going its prescribed way.

As Always in Europe, our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.

The reason we have had all these violent revolutions, is because the Europeans are not good at making dialogue and compromise.

An awful and destructive example on this, has been the way, that Great Britain has been ridiculed and treated bad by the European Union.

Why were there no compromise? No real attempt at making a deal, that could have made both sides happy?

Or the Marrakech treaty, that had to be rammed down the throats of the Europeans, despite the massive criticism.

We are so strong in Europe, so we do not compromise.

This has led to eternal fighting. Remember the 100 year fight between Rome and Northern Europe under the reformation, or the French revolution?

While as Europe is yet again transforming into some thing new, there will be victors and losers, but it is sure, that in the process of Change, Europe will see rivers of blood.

Can we find a compromise? Listen instead of being stubborn?

I doubt it. We will see, but i think, that things will go as it usually does; mayhem, destruction on an apocalyptic level and so on.

I for one, will try to make a believable middle course, that a great part of the political establishment will hopefully follow.

But, I will not lay down and die, not in this time, not in the other, rather never.


G-d bless the will to see compromise, even though it seems distant.

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