Dreams of a new age

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LorCo_094a_illusSo the contest between mr. Sanders and ms. Clinton is heading into its final course. Well, I hope you are both good to go, and may the best man or woman win. I will support either and both.

Talking about Socialdemocratic politics in an American mould, I think that one should look a little deeper to truly understand what it is, and how it may be unfolded.

I like Alinsky in many ways, especially I like his faith in democracy. He speaks first and foremost of democracy as a vehicle for development. I believe he is right in this assumption.

But what is democracy really? To understand and truly appreciate this, I think you have to read a lot of French philosophy (France invented it in modern times) and as a consequence a lot of classic philosophy. Rousseau and Voltaire developed, together with the illuminati (Baverian freemasons) the ideas behind what we today understand as democracy.

So, to look at the roots, we have the Egyptology of the freemasons (Washington D.C. is one great Egyptian necropolis) and the democracy ideas of the french revolutionaries.

This points us to the halls of Heliopolis (the birthplace of Egyptian humanism) and to Athens.

Add to this the polis of Sparta (the ideal of socialism), and you have a mix you should, somehow do right, to meet some of the challenges we meet today.

If we focus a little on Athens, we have Plato and Aristotle. Plato was a bit torn between Athens and Sparta, Aritsotle was an Athens man through and through.

I have pointed to the fact, that there are certain elements of Aristotelian philosophy that I believe that the US and the rest of the democratic world should focus on. First and foremost the support of family as the rockbed of the democratic state. Whereas Sparta was all state and almost no family, Athens was all family and little state.

So my point is, we need to find a balance between these two. To make a total communist state where the family is absorbed by the state is not functional, and, i believe wrong, seen from a Socialdemocratic viewpoint.

One needs to strike a balance. At the other hand, the state can support the family and create a more just and equal society. This can be done by making healthcare and free education.

But it is a difficult balance to find, because if the state takes too much over for the family, we risk creating an unbalanced society.

You also have to be aware of the fact, that the more you make a wealth fare state, the more you are forced to close your borders. Because free healthcare and free education will attract everybody around the globe to your society. If you are not strict about who gets these benefits, the system will collapse. This is what we see in Sweden right now, and what the Danes are so very afraid of will happen in Denmark as well.

It is a tradeoff.

According to Lycurgus (the philosophical founder of Sparta) the Spartan system should be absolutely closed, very little communication with outsiders, and NO new citizens.

I am not saying that the US should not be a haven for the persecuted, I am just saying, that you have to be aware of the caveats in the model.

Then there is the Marxist critique of business. Again this is a truth with its rights and wrong. Seen from the point of view of Marx, it was true. He lived in the preindustrial age of England and that was messy.

But things change, and today persecuting all business is not fair, and counterproductive to the wealth of the Nation.

Wealth of a Nation is created through the loyalty between the businesslife and the nation. As when Apple shifted production from China to Texas, that is loyalty and that creates what any American president dreams of; jobs for the middle class.

So again, Wall street and all its corruption should off cause be tackled, but good family owned and conservative industry should be supported. Liberal business as Facebook and again Apple should be helped as well. This is the key to the unemployment rates of the US now.

But in its core, I believe that the strengths of the US should be strengthened even more. Dreams are based on ideology. We dream about a better world and about Change. The more the ideals of these dreams are realized, the more there is to dream about.

Belief in the core tenants of that great and warm-hearted country is what it is truly all about.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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United States of America

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The primary election process is nearing its climax. Who are going to be the most influential man or woman in the world, the next POTUS.

Well, I do no care much about who it is, after all, my friendship with Barack is good, but he is going to stop now. So to me, It is more about the intellectual and philosophical content of what is to come.

I will be open to any friendship coming up, and I believe that the friendship that goes along between Denmark and the US is rock solid, so it will be a natural continuation.

But let us have a look on what Denmark and the US has contributed with under mr. Barack Obama, one of the great ones.

We started out fighting the Libya war together. That war was, in many ways, pivotal.

It laid a new foundation under the foreign politics of the US. Before, under the Bush era, it was Bush fighting the bad guys far away. The problem about that fight, was the POLITCAL content. There was no war, just a war of attrition, not a war for some higher ideal.

That what was changed in the Libya war, it was a FOR something. A war for an ideal, a war for something higher than just simple attrition. It was a war for DEMOCRACY.

That was what we truly started with, and that was what was the ideological foundation under the war against IS. Islamic State, in opposition to a democratic humanistic state.

This is what got Americas heart beating again, and what gave hope. The fight for a higher purpose, for something larger than just self-preservation.

In this ideological driven fight America got its greatness again. And it has proven itself a tough and good strategy that has put America in the front of a league that expands the whole world. Who will not fight the IS? Who will not fight for the light and humanism?

Everybody wants, even the sworn enemies of the US seem to want to be in in this fight against evil.

It was accented in Europe after the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo newpaper/satirics. And it was accented in the sexual assaults on the hapless european girls. What is wrong with this attitude, it is the simple fact, that they do not respect the individual, the soft weak targets of children and women, but think only about their own satisfaction.

This is not human, and not humanistic in any way.

This fight for something good might put American boots on European soil again. But I hope that, this time, we can handle it ourselves.

I see good signs in the UK, where Cameron seems to take the threat serious and is funding a new development in the arms race against terror. Not terror in the Middle East only, but also on the shores of Europe.

This leading role, that America has not really realised, truly, and consciously, because the media is too focused on all the faults, and not on the grandness of what United States of America truly is.

To elevate oneself, and grasp that revolutionary spirit, the spirit of Change and democracy is difficult. But sometimes, and that should be a project of any American president, we should elevate ourselves and remember what we are.

That was my message in the last posting. It is not about you being Danish, or copying our system. It is, truly, and in its core, about you being yourself. Being American, raise that flag, straighten your backs, be proud of what you are in that glorious, democratic, humanistic nation, and fight the eternal fight against evil for good.

G-d bless the nation of the Americans.

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February 5th, 2016 1 comment

yl07zkigzezvrnxwvdunWell, Denmark seems to becoming a central political firebrand in the American election process. On one hand as an ideal to many on the liberal side, and as a possible target of Donald Trump!

Well, I know this was only said as an example, so I am not worried too much about that.

But the fact of the matter is, that Denmark is seen, by many as a possible model to copy. Being the most internationally prolifent intellectual of Denmark, this seems to me, to be a part of my doing, and also a respectful nod to some of my Danish reflections.

But, the thing is, I am not Denmark, and I am not popular in mainstream Denmark, in fact they truly hate me, and have been doing anything possible to try and track me down and shut me up. Why? Because I am a rebel.

The ideas that I have a not contrary to all that is Denmark, but they are not mainstream in any way, they are a possible solutions to some of the problems we have here.

I think that is really what inspires the Americans, because deep down, beneath all the force of an international power nation, the core of the United States is not that of an empire. The US was created as a refugee for people like me. People who rebelled against the tyranny of the states, had new ideas and wanted to have peace of their own.

In a way I hope I remind Americans about who they used to be, and that is really what is going on, and what I think that the presidency of mr. Barack Obama has been about. Remembering those virtues and values of the true America, that shining beacon of illumination. That mirage of truth.

What you should see in Denmark should not be Danish values and virtues, it should be American values and virtues. If you copy us, copy some of the values we share. The humanity, the belief in democracy and humanism, the caring of the weak, the fight for justice.

There are off cause philosophical changes that I believe that I have tuned Socialdemocratism with. Like the fact that big business should not only be ciritsized they should also be honoured when they support the nation. The fact that family is a central item of our civilisation. That spirituality is important.

Things that are not originally Socialist, but social institutions that are of vital importance to a dynamic political state. To a healthy state.

But deep down, it is not about being Danish, it is about being American. Reading those old books of light and love again. Dreaming again, being what YOU are; American.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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I think mr. Lars Løkke, the current PM of Denmark has disgraced the nation and all its citizens. The way he has handled the migration crisis is terrible and is showmanship of bad politics. Truly he is the worst politician in the world right now.

He has to go. I have been quite clear in my criticism of his way of handling things from the beginning, I think he is an amateur and a bad person.

We are working on another solution, but it will take a little while to get a replacement for him. I hope the international community will be a little patient and await our replacement process.

After that I promise, that, if I get influence in the process of politics, what I hope I do, I will make sure that the policies that the country endeavours on will be in accordance with international law and common ethical behaviour.

We are in a difficult situation, and it calls for unconventional solutions, but these solutions should all be ethical and within the human rights.

G-d bless the will to find good solutions in a difficult situation.

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revolutionWhat we are witnessing right now is a turn of European ethics and politics. As we have seen numerous times. It gave us Catholicism, Protestantism, Democracy, Communism, Nazism. Potent philosophies that have changed the world.

The process has been, since protestantism, that the system have evolved into such an oppressive state that some lone philosopher on the fringes rebels and changes the system. We saw that with Luther, Rousseau, Karl Marx and Hitler.

This is not a moral verdict on the different systems, but a simple conclusion on the development of Europe.

Oppression leads to revolution that leads to an explosive development.

Those who predict that Europe is dying and will cease to end, will have to be refuted by the history of Europe. Europe is back, or rather European culture with all its facets and different versions in each nations is back.

The fight we fight is, on one side against the oppression of the system. As usual absolutely devoid of any moral or ethics, and at the other side the islamist threat rising and changing the face of Europe.

I would like Europe to be that peaceful and benign continent, good to its citizens, and protective to its people. But, as usual, Europe is the opposite. Some corrupt system is oppressing its peoples, and the methods are unbelievable in its corruption. Jew hatred, massive rape waves, and the corrupt system just tries to subdue the intellectuals who fight the corruption. This is what the US was a reaction against in the first place. Why the US became the refugee for Europeans who were persecuted. This is why strange and nonconformist went to the US to be free. To flee the oppression of the states.

As usual the states are fanatic in their persecution. As in the fight between the Catholic church and the Protestants, as in between the Aristocrats and the Democrats and so on.

Not all trends are good, but they have one thing in common; they are absurdly strong and will propel humanity onto a different course.

But after Köln Europe is back, battered, worn, at the brink of destruction, but still alive and well and ready for another round of the battle of ideas.

And though what comes now will be nightmarish and destructive, good comes from the fight between good and bad, and I hope that the good we will fight for this time will be worth all the sacrifices.

G-d bless the will to be free in the face of the immense oppression.

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New Socialism

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Flag_of_the_Spartan_EmpireI think it is revving up for another revolution in Europe, this time not communist or humanist/democratic, but a mix. Into this mix comes the church and the other faiths.

This mix will be dominant in the next decade to come. This revolution will be what saves Europe and by that the European civilisation that encompasses the entire globe.

A new definition of the old, an old definition of the new.

I have just, again, have had the rough hand of the secret police trying to subdue me into submission, so that they can continue their foul acts of supporting IS fighters and accepting the rape of young girls, the persecution of gays and subjecting of all artists that may not accept the new abomination of a course, where young girls are the fuel of the bonfire they have erected in the abysmal flaming of our world. Each scream, each tear, each destroyed life is a testament to the corruption of the current government.

I am a follower, among others, of the great revolutionary leader and antifascist Oriana Fallaci. She fought the fascists of Italy and continued on a course of fighting islamofascists of Teheran (not the current leadership, but the one under the likes of Ahmadinejad).

I have pondered this for some time; how can she, as a socialist fight the atrocities of islamofascim?

It goes through a discussion of marxism really is. Marx was very inspired by Sparta, the ancient Greek city-state. He saw the materialism that had gripped the West as a problem, and sought for an antimaterialst idol; Sparta.

But I believe that he really missed the basic point of Sparta. Sparta did not see itself as a anti materialist state. It was, but that was not the aim of the city-state. The aim of the city-state was Justice. Each Spartan put the law above themselves. If the law defined a specific principle, a Spartan would rather die than cross the principle.

This is really what socialism is; a fight for justice, and in recent time; a fight for social justice.

Because what is this fight really? It is a fight to protect the weak. To protect the woman, the child, the gay, the ones that are not necessarily in the midst of society. That might live on the fringes.

It is a fight a fight for them. So that they are not subdued by the strong. That is socialism at its core.

When women are subdued and attacked, when gays are in harms way, we stand tall. As the Spartans when they went to battle. We let our hair grow, and put flowers on our shields. To fight that corruption of the states, as they feed the women to the pyre, to build whatever evil society they see. When the islamofascist falls prey on the weak, when the current elite tries to subdue the few artists and freethinkers who are outspoken in the face of these atrocities.

This is what the Spartans would do, for their fair women, of all colour, as we should.

G-d bless the ephors of old, as they may speak to us, their descendants so far away, but still holding on tot their vision of social justice. Where the strong is fought in his prey on the weak.

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The crisis in Denmark

January 28th, 2016 No comments

There has been a lot of critical discussion on Denmark and the Danish refugee crisis these last few weeks.

Some of it fair, some of blown out of proportion. But, there is an element of truth in it, if you cannot see that, then you are blind.

Danes do not respond that well to international critics. We are not used to it, and we have our heads up a certain .. never mind.

But if you look at the content of the crisis, it is this comparison between what Denmark does right now, and what Germany did to the Jews under the second world war, that is the most potent.

The signs are pretty clear, the entire populace believes that it is ok to use sick methods on the train of refugees/migrants. Perhaps it is more signal politics than true politics, but the intent is clear. The master mind, or what you would call it, is the current PM of Denmark mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen, and he has a lot of strange actions on his resume, or rather his party has. Especially the way they treat other vulnerable groups as the jobless is really disgusting.

But where are the Jewish parallels. As a jew I have been reflecting a bit on it. I mean, I may be critical, and I am probably a pain in the …, never mind. But the effects of the politic that has been in Denmark for quite some time, has ended up in mass rapings and persecution of both Jews and intellectuals, so I do believe that I am right.

When I, as a Jew, get a rough treatment by the state, I have noticed something. Maybe I am kidding myself, but it seems pretty clear to me, that those who support me have a good result, and those who fight me has a bad result.

But only when I suffer.

In that sense, there is something about taking the sins of others and carry them. Those who are willing to repent and try and make a better world, they prosper, and those who fight me, they wither.

It is pretty obvious with Lars Løkke, with my support he prospered, without it, he withers.

I think it has something to do with the moral background I use and have. It is Cabbalah, enlightenment philosophy, many Jewish things actually. These are the treasure of humanity, and if you fight it, you fight the good in humanity, you fight the path to spirit.

For that you will be punished, as the Danes are right now. They are punished for subduing and persecuting me. While as my friends in the different beliefs, in politics and of cause Israel itself is rewarded.

It is not about me, it is about following the tenants of goodness, if we do that, things improve. That is truly my testament.

G-d bless the will to be better.

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Lars Løkke

January 27th, 2016 No comments

Everybody loves to hate mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen, the PM of Denmark. Well, I do agree. I think he is really the most stupid politician in the world. They way he controls the migration, the way he treats me, the way he treats the international opinion, is just stupid. It is a disgrace to all who have some kind of heart and moral compass.

It is disgusting.

He used to be my friend, before he got elected. I helped him get to the chair he resides in now. He was vilified by the media and all kinds of unjust half-baked stories was thrown at him, by the media. Because they wanted the PM of that time. ms. Thorning-Schmidt to remain in power. I always defend the weak, I am a knight after all. So that is my job.

But when he was elected, that friendship turned out to be a one way street. Me helping him, not the other way around.

I waited for him quite a while, but he just ignored me. Some of my readers may remember my “icon of evil” campaign of that time, It was a bit too much, but it was, apparently also prophetic. Because look where we are today, we have a stupid, stubborn PM with a moral compass of a tree.

Now, to be fair, he has his good sides. He actually does pretty well in housing the refugees that are here already. We use a lot of money on them, so all the hullabaloo is mostly what you would call signal politics. The police won’t take the jewellery off the migrants/refugees anyway. They have strictly responded that they will not do it. So things are not as bad as they may seem.

But it is the intention and rationale behind his thinking that I truly believe is evil. He has this idea, that helpless and weak people are eligible for pressure. What does not reach the ears of the international press, is the way he handles people on the dole. People without work. In fact they have a much harder times than the refugees. He puts up these work camps of unemployed. They are truly a bit like the nazicamps. If you do not work or do this and that, he will promptly take what little money that jobless has. Some of the really weak people, they die of this treatment. Actually there are more people dying of the treatment than getting jobs.

It is the same rationale he uses on the refugee/migrants. If he just applies the right amount of pressure on them, they will go to a neighbouring country. Thereby doing wrong to the refugee/migrant and Sweden and Germany.

At the same time, he is trying to keep the borders open, because he talked with Merkel about that.

I am not saying that we should not be serious about these problems of migration, and yes it is tearing the European Union apart. There is the problem about the rapes as well. But what good will it do, if our own humanity suffers when we counter these problems and try to do something about it?

That is my concern. We need to handle these problem, in a humane way. Otherwise we are dragged down to the same level as the idiots that we try to deal with.

There are many among the refugees that are in harms way, we need to help them. Children, Christians and women. But there are also many who are not refugees and weak, and those we have responsibility for. There are even IS sympathisers in the crowd, and rapists.

The thing we have to do, is to handle this in an professional and humane way. In a way that we do not lose our own values, and still protect our countries.

Lars Løkke is not exactly the man to do that job, to say the least.

G-d bless the will to cut that gordic knot, without loosing ourselves in the process.

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The West

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I think I know what the entire conflict between the West and the East we are going through right now is about.

The West has been leading in the world in many ways for many years now. Through the last five hundred years Europe has been the pinnacle of development. The ideas and the progress that Europe has created has been unparalleled in the course of human history. It still goes on as we speak; The internet, my philosophy, the space industry, the technical development is extremely strong, and will change the way we life and do things here on earth.

This has brought a certain arrogance with it. We do not respect Middle Eastern culture, chinese culture, or any culture at all. We know that we are the best, and we are dumbfounded whenever we experience people that do not buy our values as a self-evident thing.

It is what is called a supremacy complex.

Now, this worldview is challenged by China to some degree and Sunni Islam to a degree. All of a sudden we are not just the best or the most progressive, we are challenged in our own self-image as the natural leader.

So instead of realising this, we subdue all who challenge our own worldview, namely those who do it of our own culture.

This is really the psychological unconscious motive behind the suppression of the rapes here in Scandinavia. If we openly realise the rapes, we also have to realise that our societies are failed. We are not number one anymore. For Sweden this is very, very difficult, because it has been used to be the poster boy of European society. Always tolerant, progressive, leading in all spheres of human societal development. So instead of realising that we are going downhill, because that is what happens when we encounter the problems everybody else does, we desperately try to subdue the facts. Both consciously as well as unconsciously.

But true advancement in terms of society is not the development we see today, it is to realise the full extent of the problems and start doing something about it. The rapes should be stopped immediately and the freedom of expression should be reinstated at once.

The ambivalence of out societies are fully shown in the subduing of me. In fact I believe I truly have all the progressivety and advancement Scandinavian leaders strive to have themselves. I know about Middle Eastern culture, I respect it, and I am not arrogant, so I am respected by everybody in the World. Sunni, shia, orthodox, catholic, anglican, jews.

Yet I am the one they try to subdue.

So there is an element of stupidity in the arrogance, and that is where it gets nasty.

When we here in the West are evil (what we are when we accept massrapes, subduing of intellectual and taking the jewellery of refugees), then the marriages of arrogance and stupidity gets really destructive.

It is that arrogance and stupidity we should combat and continue combating.

G-d bless the light of the creator.

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The atrocities of Denmark

January 24th, 2016 No comments

You know, for many years I have passionately fought for peace. I have sacrificed myself in the interest of other humans. Children, women, even refugees.

Through this course, i have pinpointed the bad guys and given room for the good guys. I have fought the IS, and helped the peace core in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Through all this, I have been hunted by the police in Denmark. Why, I have often wondered why. Yes I have criticised some muslim here in Denmark, namely those who are doing atrocities. Everybody agrees, even other muslims, that raping and pillaging is not the way for Islam.

Yet, through this intellectual fight, the police have hammered me, stolen my money, tortured my daughter.

But now I just realised why. It just came clear to me after that the public revision have gone through the statistics of the police. I suppose it is something that is done after the attacks in Cologne. The bureaucracy wanted to see if it is the same in Denmark. Do the police hide things here as well?

Guess what, they do. There are huge numbers of cases unaccounted for. Rapes, and accusations of rapes that has never got to the statistics. Leaving the citizens unknowing of the true magnitude of the problems.

They got an eye on me seven years ago, when I asked about this problem in an interview with a guy called Lars Hedegaard; why do we allow it?

The answer is, because the police has hidden the facts for the public. They wanted it to stay like that, so they fought me down. To keep the facts hidden.

They fought an international peacekeeper down, so that the poor hapless girls of Denmark could be raped again, and again.

Just imagine that. Now Denmark wonders why its reputation is in tatters. I can, very easily explain that. It is because you have no boundaries when it comes to the cover up of those evil deeds. You just torture and maim and put in jail those who talk freely about the rapes.

It is just so disgusting, it is hard for me to wrap my head around it.

The police has persecuted me for years, because thee wanted the rapes not be known to the public.

Talk about transparency and good public governance. My oh my. That is just going quite well. Let us all just give ourselves a medal and get on with it. We are truly at the forefront of things.

There is one reason why Denmarks reputation is in tatters, and that is because it has, willingly seen through fingers with the rape of young girls.

That is why, and that is an abomination of a course.

Let that be changed.

G-d bless the peace we will find on the other side of this horror story.

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January 24th, 2016 No comments

There is an increasing pressure on Denmark due to two things:

  1. The way that Denmark has tackled the migrant crisis has bot been very humanistic. The authorities have used scare tactics and do things that are obviously wrong. Like taking the jewellery from the refugees/migrants.
  2. There continuous campaign the secret police has conducted on my person.

Regarding the first issue, which of cause is the most grave. After all, we are talking about more people than just me. The irony of it all is, that I have, already planned a process that would ensure both the danish populace and the migrants/refugees. I have made a plan, where we in Denmark will put up serious developmental projects in and around Syria to educate, give health and security to the refugees. This will help a much larger quantity of people than what we are doing now. And it will minimise all the confrontation between the refugees/migrants (some of them IS operatives) that we have seen in the new year. This is a simple solution to a complex problem, and it is truly based on a humanistic view of things.

Regarding the second issue. The continuous war that the secret police has given me (without me having any means to respond). It has wavered forth and back. I have even had some help of them I think they think in their machiavellian minds. But the bottom line is, that they have for around eight to seven years infiltrated my family, used the “Capone method” against me. That is using the system to reduce my income. In practise setting me in a kind of prison. If you have no money, it is difficult to get anywhere. There have been months, where we, me my wife and my daughter have had almost no money. Not because we did not make any money, no we have normal jobs, but because there was always some kind of bill the system could boil up, so we could hardly scrape by. Ok, that was not the worst. The worst has been, that they have used my little daughter in their games. Using her kindergarten and nurse to try and shut me up.

So now, they are ALL SCHOCKED that the international community is pointing fingers.

Honestly, are there any other states that in their right minds would persecute a philosopher? We are sacred, because we are supposed to be the last saviours of the society we live in. Doing it is absolutely criminal, not only in the eyes of other philosophers, but human society. I mean when Ghandi was beaten by the state, did that state not lose credibility?

My advise to mu friends in the international community; press on. You are the ones who are fighting a spiritual fight against an inhumane system.

G-d bless the will to fight for good.

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January 21st, 2016 No comments

Ukraine is in trouble, and one of the greatest troubles is the oil pipe that mr. Putin plans to build through Danish waters.

It is a threat because it will lift off the lever Ukraine has on Russia, because the current oil pipe runs through Ukraine.

Through all the conflict that Russia and Ukraine has had with each other, I have tried, successfully I think, to strike a balance between Russia and Ukraine. In fact I have connections to both powers.

I will, off cause continue to do this. It is my project to make peace.

What is really the problem is not alienation, it is stupidity on both sides. I am sorry to say. You are kin! Russia was spawned from Ukraine, and a conflict between Ukraine and Russia is just totally stupid.

What we need to do is to try and understand what brings us closer not what tears us a part.

The most strange thing is that both Ukraine and Russia is moving in the same direction; to a deeper understanding of itself religiously and in a national frame. Since both countries share the same history, the result should be unity not disunity.

But, anyway, we here in Denmark, truly understand the depth of the problem and the implications. We have no motive but to try and help the peaceproces, and we will not take sides.

We have come a little way recently. Let us build on that basis of peace. Stop the fighting and meet each other.

G-d bless the peace process of Ukraine and mother Russia.

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January 21st, 2016 No comments

Well, the European Union was based on an idea of a open democratic union, and on the equality of all its members. Through the greek debt crisis some, or all of those lofty ideals vanished in a desperate fight for survival.

Now, we are talking about more power to an idea or society, that has failed as a moral project. It failed with Greece, and it is now, slowly deteoriating into something very dangerous.

I have been planning, the last eight years for this collapse. Because even though I do share the values of the European Union. I truly believe in an enlightened, democratic world, I just knew, from the beginning of my career, that it would never work, and I have feared the downfall of the EU.

If the net result is a more autocratic and even nazilike Europe, the entire project should never have started. Then Europe would have been much better without it.

My strategy was to implant and fight for a democratic, nationalist agenda with a POTENTIAL for cooperation between the equal countries.

I believe, that if this process is ever going to work, it has to be cooperation between equals. If it is not, as the EU has become now, it is worse than not having it.

Europeans are tribespeople, and if you do not accept and respect that, you will never get anywhere. This does not mean you should actively support an overly tribalistic view of the world. But you should respect the Europeans and their individual histories and mythology.

We will see who will win in the end, I truly hope I win, and I do not understand, that I am not supported more in my visions of Europe, that is truly democratic.

The idea of a European Union is too radical, you need to take it a bit more easy, and respect the pace of the peoples of Europe.

Now we are entering a European spanning war, and that will define Europe. Because those who rise to meet that threat, will define the future of the country they fight for.

I have fought to make a democratic/humanistic opposition to that terrible islamistic threat. I hope I win, and I hope that those who formerly supported the EU will see, that my project is much more sound and therefor possible to implement.

You have to be honest to make politics. If you are dishonest and manipulate things, then people will eventually see through your schemes. If you are true to what you are, are willing to sacrifice your own life and safety, you are then able to give a moral underpinning to your ideas.

Sitting behind a desk and dish out money to this and that will not bring you anywhere. But fighting for an idea, with your life, will spurn you through.

We will see, but my feeling is, that I have the initiative.

Go with love and truth, not manipulation and bureaucracy. Be honest, straighten your back and talk truth.

G-d bless the survival of Europe.

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January 20th, 2016 No comments

Congratulations mr. Barack Obama, we did it! Brought peace to the Middle East, through diplomacy did we reach a deal with the Iranians.

It has been a really long haul, but eventually we did succeed. This calls for a celebration!

I am celebrating now! :-)

I know, that there are numerous problems around the world, and we are fighting here and there. There are evil men doing what they are doing here and there. But we have proved, that through diplomacy can we actually make a difference. Through wise words and intelligence, through trust.

Now people say, that Iran will use all its money on terror after this. Well, we will see. And as we on our side, have people that support war, and people that support peace. They have on their side have the same. It is really an internal as well as an external fight on both sides.

Let us pray, that our side wins on both sides.

Until then, we should really prop up our friends and seek to foster more peace along the way.

There is no doubt, that the warmongers in Europe will try their very best to alienate us all. But if we have faith, and keep up our belief in the good of man, we will prevail.

G-d bless the peace we have made, and may G-d the almighty bless Persia the heir to the hittitties.

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Happy birthday Michelle Obama

January 17th, 2016 No comments

michelleMichelle Obama is having her birthday, happy birthday! I know that my conservative views sometimes seem a little too harsh sometimes. But please, if you look at it from at coloured perspective, you can see, that if we do not, as the first, take a fierce stand against terror. We will be the first ones to loose our protection of the state.

It is like this, we have to do everything better than everybody else, just to prove our loyalty.

What I am doing, makes way for normal law-abiding citizens to be a part of society. It makes a little room for us as well.

Apart from that, I really envy your beautiful family. I try to be as good as you guys when it comes to raise a proper family. With all it entails of security and joy of life.

Family is the rockbottom of society, and we should, perhaps, from one family to the other, extent our gratitude.

Anyway, happy birthday from my little family! :-)

And G-d bless the ability to remain strong when the gale and wind tries to blow away your little sanctuary of the world.

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