This is a public message for his majesty Charles the III.

Dear Charles, there has been a bit discussion on the issue of me being a friend of the British royal institutions and the new king himself.

To be honest about this issue, and I have been thinking a lot about it, off cause I am a friend of the British royal house. I have been a friend of the royal house for a long time, and hopefully I will continue to be so.

The reasons are quite simple. To me the royal house of the UK is a very, very, very important institution of the entire world. It is a major pillar of conservatism.

So, yes I am your friend, and I would love to continue the conversation in real dialogue.

My mail is available, and we have had, a bit of conversation on Telegram. Please let us continue that.

If not, I will off cause continue supporting the royal house of the British in any meaningful way.

G-d bless the royal house of the British.

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Well, it seems to me, that Christianity really has some kind of come back. At least in the US.

It is a bit more difficult in the UK, but the trend is in the right direction.

As a Jew, well, it is all very beautiful, that we can actually contribute to the development of the Christian Churches.

At the core of any faith lies the faith in G-d.

The great debacle that led to a lower faith was the French Revolution, where faith within the institutions was diminished a lot, because it was a part of the the royal institutions of France, that was thrown away.

This was expressed in philosophy of Nietzsche, that expresses the fall of G-d and then in Marxism, that was the political expression of no faith in spirit.

This has led a life until I gave rebirth to G-d again.

That was the pivotal moment. This I do not say to polish my own glory, there is no glory in my work, so far.

But to point to the fact, that the development I have been a part of, has been a turn around for faith.

I mean a solid, physical proof of G-d actually does help. It is real.

Slowly this has been accepted not only in the religious community but also in more broader circles, not least in physics. I have just made I good friend with a psychologist, of the very first rank here in Denmark, who accepts my scientific points.

In other words, the understanding, that G-d is alive, spreads like rings in the water.

There is a long way from the lofty philosophical ideas that I work with, to street preaching. But there is a connection, when the bishops have faith, it is much more easy to have faith being a young preacher.

All in all, the turn around is here.

I could put my academic walking shoes on the shelf today, and still faith will grow, but off cause I willl not. I will plow on, the best I can, with the resources I have. Slowly understanding the metaphysical implications of Anaxagoras especially.

Perhaps even making metaphysics a mainstream subject at Oxford one day.

G-d bless the will to make a renaissance of metaphysics.

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The helping hand

Understanding the meaning og perseverance, or really continue as a person through the ups and downs of life.

Seen from a Protestant point of view, one needs to see the culture of Protestantism through the lense of Martin Luther.

Who was Martín Luther?

Martin Luther was the founder of Protestantism, but he was more than that, he was also a monk.

Monks live in monasteries and lives a life of simplicity.

This simplicity is a testament to the very idea of monasteries, that are houses devoted to the elevation of each person in the house of G-d.

In other words, monks live for prayer, supporting those in need, and see material needs as something not so important.

In other words, they work a lot, and do not use a lot of money.

This way of doing things is really what is behind what we see as capitalism. Why are the western countries so rich?

It is because they are hardworking, and not using a lot of money. Putting a penny aside for a rainy day.

But it also lends to the spirit of perseverance. We work, continuesly, to the betterment of the world around us, to do good.

We should see this as something important, the work for at better world, as something more than just the enrichment of ourselves. But as a realization of the world of spirit.

I know, that this is the same, if you are a Christian a Jew or a Moslem. To be a good person, and help those who needs help.

G-d bless the helping hand.

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Be responsible

One of the things, that I have personally worked a lot with, is the poorest part of the people of Denmark. People on wealthfare, people loosing their children to the municipality and so on.

This world is dark, to say the least.

More often than not, they have not had a voice to speak out. We journalists have not been able to give them that voice, so they are just floating around, like flotsam in the river, eventually just going under.

It is, by all reckoning devastating and very, very sad.

As I see it, a society is judged upon the way it treats is weakest members.

What really strikes me, is that what is needed, is a strong response in terms of responsibility.

If we are to change the way we have structured our society, we need to respond to this pain and suffering of the weakest members of our society with a strong and vigorous response.

A response that involves faith.

G-d is what is good, and in the world of suffering, priest, rabbis and mullahs are supposed to take those weakest members of society and lift them. Lift them with the grace of the angels.

If we fail to remember, that helping and supporting those in need, is at the very root of monotheism, we fail to remember a very important lesson.

We need to help those poor souls, not just for their sake, but also for our own sake. In the sense, that that is what many of us are ordained and supposed to do.

Be responsible.

G-d bless the will, to listen to those in need, and help where we can. G-d bless the vision of spirit, and may we follow it.

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Congratulations your majesty

Well, the celebrations of the crowning of his majesty Charles the III is more or less over, and we can, without doubt call, this a very important success.

A good start is a very important thing in any development, and this is exactly what has happened, a very good start.

The citizens of both Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England seems to be supporting the new king, and in extent of this also the institution of the monarchy.

There is a realization that in these times of insecurity, the British crown is a beacon of good manners, direct connection to the people and is an ethical institution.

This is very important to the people of the United Kingdom.

Add to this, there is a widespread recognition of the royal house of Britain, not only in the UK itself, but worldwide. People of the world respects an ancient institution.

This means, as a consequence, that the Anglican Church is also strengthened and the general support of institutions as such.

All in all, good things for the brits, and good things for the world as such, if you care for a world of abundance and peace.

G-d bless the United Kingdom and his majesty King Charles the III, and may he prosper in his service to the British people.

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Hail to his majesty King Charles the III

It happens rarely, but when it happens, the ascension of a king to a throne, is a very both festive and important occasion.

What are the vital subjects, that the British monarchy should think about in this day and age?

First of all, the monarchy is the conservative part of society, and should remain so.

Conservatism is not a negative part of society, if conservatism is about supporting the basic principles of society, that is vital for the health of society. The virtues.

Ideally the monarchy is an embodiment of the virtues, of the best part of society.

Being a part of the people, supporting those in need and protection of the realm.

In this day and age, a very politically active monarchy is frowned upon, because monarchy is a part of the democratic institution. But we should not forget that the role of the monarchy; to be a guarantee for the health of the institutions, is extremely important.

Institutions as family, organised religion and nationality.

Society is a balance between ethics and freedom. If a society becomes too free, it corrupts, if it becomes too ethical it becomes stagnant.

So a balance between freedom and ethics is very important for the society to function.

In this day and age, where people need vital institutions such as family and faith, the monarchy is more important than ever.

G-d bless the will of King Charles the III, may his reign be long and prosperous.

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Jews and Christians

The Catholic Church is in a great outreach to the Jewish faith commmunity, and as a Jew, that really lightens my heart.

Knowing both the Christians and the Jews from the inside, let me be a part of this outreach in the sense of, what do we have in common.

At the base, there is this fight for good against evil. It is a thing that goes through both Christianity and Judaism. The angels, are shared between the Jewish and the Christian faith.

Then there is something, I believe, that the Christian Church has got from Judaism, that Judaism does not know, that it has given to the Christians. The softness and warmth.

Jews are so social and supportive of each other. Community is such an integral part of Jewish life. Solidarity in its basic sense of sharing and helping each other has really become a central piece of Christian identity. Church means community.

That community was, originally a standard Jewish community, where people shared, helped and supported each other.

You can see it in the story of Judas, abandoning Jesus Christ, was the highest sin, why?

Because that is a betrayal of the community.

That is a very, very Jewish thing. We are dependent on each other, because, as per usual we are the outcast and the persecuted.

This day and age however, there is a reconciliation going on, and that is good for both Jews and Christians.

G-d bless the will to find peace in between religions.

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Well, there are good news regarding to the strength of the US.

First of all, hadn’t we, in the Obama era done a lot of work to turn the economy around, the US would really be in trouble right now.

But due to the reforms we did, reforms that has become a core tenant of the US economy, the US is actually in pretty good shape economically.

But there are a lot of trouble down the road. First of all, the spending. It is actually a problem, that there is so little conservatism in the spending department.

You do not get rich by spending a lot of money, you get rich by SAVING money.

The US is, essentially a Protestant country. I know, that there is a widespread respect for all creeds in the country, and that is good.

But there still has to be a base upon which a country or nation is based.

That is hard work, and not spending too much.

Let me be blunt, overspending is not good for the country. Putting money aside for a rainy day, is however a good strategy.

When Norway had its first oil spree, that really made the country rich, it spend all the money. Then it went bankrupt.

The same is, more or less, happening to the US.

Then Norway made a fund, and put all the oil money in that fund.

So today Norway is both rich, and consolidated.

So saving money is actually most important, when you have money. Save for a rainy day.

Now the economy is getting better. So saving is now important.

But be careful about saving in an ethical way.

If saving is just about the workers and not about the administration, then people tend to be angry.

The way to save is to be fair.

G-d bless the wealth of the US, and may it prevail all the troubles it is in.

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The American leadership

Ok, it seems to me, that the strategy of the US, is getting there.

I know, that the war in Ukraine is hanging in a thin thread, and we cannot rely on the Ukrainian forces too much, but we are actually holding the line, and all in all, from a starting point, where we were absolutely in the defense, that is not such a bad outcome.

It illustrates the basic challenge of industrial output, that I have talked so much about. You can be the most skilled warrior in the world, if you have costly and few weapons, that will matter very little.

So in a sense, the Ukrainian war, has put focus on what an army truly needs to do, to really fight.

Add to this, it has stopped the rise of China, in the sense, that a lot of production it used to have, is flowing back to the west.

At the end of the day, that is what really matters.

There is a very little risk of a major war with China, it will, most likely be small skirmishes, and perhaps an invasion of Taiwan, but a full scale war all over the pacific is very little in terms of likelihood.

This gives the US the time needed to ramp up production, and thus remain the leader of the world.

You can be a leader of the world, by taking money from everybody else. But true might is not vassalage, it lies in your own strength.

Having your own production line, will give the US that core strength to be the leader of the world.

It will be a difficult time from now on, but the crisis will, at the end, make you stronger.

We have lured ourselves into sleep, by sleeping on the laurels. Believing, that the might of the US would go on for ever. Nothing goes on for ever, empires rise and fall.

And it comes down to the skill of the leadership, to keep the administration fresh and uncorrupted.

Good news, we are improving. Bad news, that improvement is hard and takes a toll. It is frustrating and difficult.

But, we are getting there.

G-d bless the will of the United States of America.

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The Ether

April 30th, 2023 No comments

For a long time, quantum physics, has been the main theory about the universe.

I get it, it makes sense, we as Danes, have contributed to it, through mr. Niels Bohr, and Holger Bech Nielsen. But my criticism has been, in the view of Anaxagoras, who was the inventor of atomic physicism (he was a predecessor to Democritus, who is currently named the inventor of atomic physicism), that Anaxagoras sees G-d in the Ether.

Ether as a substance has largely fallen out of grace in the world of phycisists. Maybe it did not make much sense.

But to me, that is really where the answer lies to the question of where and what G-d is.

There is, according to Anaxagoras a soup of intelligence, inbetween all matter. This substance is, as I understand it, Ether.

It is a substance that goes through all matter, and is besides all matter.

Only at birth and death is there a direct link between Ether and the material realm. When we are born, a small part of the Ether enters into our realm and thus creates life.

Intelligence is life, in all life.

So to me, the discussion on quantum physics in regards to spirituality has taken a turn that does not make much sense. Quantum physics is a description of the material realm, since Quants are a part of the basic building blocks of the material realm also called atoms by Anaxagoras.

It is in the understanding of the Ether, that there is really a metaphysical explanation as to what G-d is.

We can REACH through the Ether, through prayer, and some of the manifestations we see in our world. The help of angels, and the destruction of demons or the fallen angels.

But to truly understand the physical reality of spirit, we have to understand the existence and reality of the Ether.

G-d bless the will to understand, through nuclear physics, the reality of G-d.

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Angels and Demons

April 29th, 2023 No comments

There has been a lot of water flowing under the bridge, since I proved the existence of G-d.

I know that metaphysics is not in vogue these days, but the prove still stands.

I have tried to get in contact with the danish physicists, that are leading in Quantum physics, because it was mr. Niels Bohr, that invented quantum physics. I have wanted to present this work at the next symposium at Oxford, but due to the problems I have had with the danish authority, they have made a bit of a witch hunt towards all Islamic critics of Denmark, I have not really been able to come forth with this work, not to mention, that I may be famous in Denmark, but am also pretty notorious, because of my conservative views on nation building, business and so on.

Anyway, to continue the discussion on spirit and the prove of G-d. I have proven, that g-d is intelligence or NOUS, as defined by Plato and his master Anaxagoras.

Spirit is, according to Anaxagoras a kind of medium in between all matter. Some call it the ether.

This has been with me for the last ten years, and too be honest, my own understanding of G-d was there, and after that, I have tried to experiment with the spiritual realm.

Mainly by contacting Angels.

I have really tried to understand the concept of Angels and Demons, since the eternal fight according to the monotheistic creeds is between the Angels and the Demons, or the fallen angels.

My experience is this, and I have been very much in doubt about my publication of these thoughts, but I think it is time, because the world seems to have accepted that there is a G-d, but the discussion on Angels and Demons, that is the next step in this discussion is just starting.

Because, if there is a G-d, this means, that there may also be Angels and Demons.

Again what does this mean to the Platonic understanding as G-d as intelligence. The truly astounding answer is, and hold on to your armchair. The logic conclusion is, that there is a STRUCTURE in this realm of G-d. There are actually BEINGS in this realm of spirit.

In other words, there are both Angels and Demons, and they move about in this intelligence.

Sometimes interchanging with our own world.

The interchange is an eternal battle between good and bad, because Angels are good, and Demons are bad.

This again, gives a lot of meaning to the priest, rabbis and mullahs, because then what is it really that these servants of the Angels do?

They fight for Angels against Demons.

That is the very idea of monotheism.

That is a very daring step, I know. But all logic points to this conclusion.

G-d bless the will to support the Angels in the eternal struggle against evil and Demons.

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Conflict and hopeful solution

April 29th, 2023 No comments

Ok, it seems to me, that the negotiations between Denmark and Turkey is getting somewhere. I know that we cannot get all the we want, but there is a mutual dialogue, and I am, for one, actually hopeful, that we will get somewhere.

Negotiations are possible, we did it with the Iranians, and we can do it with the Turks. It is, essentially a matter of respect. Do the Turks feel respected or not.

I hope, that my stance, that we in the Islamic critical substrata, will respect the Turks due to the difficult situation with Ukraine.

Essentially we have a war with the Russians, and we cannot fight both wars at once.

Add to this, mindless provocation may prove a point, but it is essentially just a provocation.

So, with this, I hope that the Turks, will accept our stance, in the interest of NATO. NATO is more than each member, it is a sum of nations banding together to fight for justice and the protection of each member.

G-d bless the will to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between Denmark and Turkey.

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Turkey and Denmark

April 22nd, 2023 No comments

There is a great problem within NATO. It all started with the Dane Rasmus Paludan going to Stockholm and burning the Koran.

He has been doing this over and over for the last four years.

As a demonstration, demonstrating the superiority of democracy over Islam.

I have not said anything yet, I mean this is a new generation, and all.

But after I realised the consequences for NATO, I did, very loudly tell him to stop.

This is not a demonstration anymore, this is just annoyance.

The Turks seem pretty satisfied with this, but still want more subjugation.

This can now only come from the political system. Because the artists have, more or less, stopped.

So this means, our foreign minister Lars Loekke.

Lars Loekke was the second in command during the Mohammed cartoon crisis, and is the most senior politician left from that time.

He has been very silent on the issue however, and that seems to indicate, that he is, honestly shrinking his responsibilities.

He is supposed, as foreign minister in a conflict between Denmark and Turkey, to find a way to solve the problem.

At least initiate the dialogue.

So, this falls on his doorstep now, and my attitude is, we don’t have all the time in the world to solve this problem. We are very hard pressed on all fronts, and this issue needs to be dealt with, now.

I know, that that is a great pressure to put on the foreign minister. But that is the name of the game.

So, Turkey COULD initiate the dialogue, by contacting, officially, the embassy of Denmark. There is the issue with Rasmus Paludan, so we could start there. That would force the squirrel out of the hole.

G-d bless the will to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between Denmark and Turkey.

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Solving the problem between Denmark and Turkey

April 19th, 2023 No comments

Well, we have, more or less come to the conclusion in regards to the conflict between the danish islamcritics and Turkey, that the key to the problem lies in the dialogue between Denmark and Turkey.

Here is my proposal.

Let mr. Lars Rasmussen make a diplomatic mission to Turkey, to try and find a solution to the problem.

It will involve some kind of understanding between Denmark and Turkey.

But the solution lies in the peace, that Denmark and Turkey can find.

G-d bless the peace we can find in NATO.

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April 10th, 2023 No comments

Talking about green change, what we should consider is the fact, that there is a deep conflict between the agricultural sector, and the ideas of new production methods.

We cannot just decide for the agricultural sector to do this or that. The farmers are a conservative lot, and they need to be in the loop themselves.

It has come quite far in Denmark, and we are actually reaching some kind of synthesis of the agricultural world with green change.

Unfortunately, the new government seems to be totally inept of doing anything, so the development of this sector needs to be done with the EU or other players.

Things are simply not moving at all.

But if we can actually make things move, in other ways, there is a way to further green change.

It has to be based on the respect of all the farmers, and also on the ideas of agricultural products that will actually work.

So, my attitude to this issue is, that we need to focus on the bright ideas that are around the globe, and make them work.

It is almost there in Denmark, and only due on an absolute disastrous handling of the area are we not in conclusion.

Anyway, please, in order for this area to work, we need to make plans, that will respect the integrity and world of the farmers, and marry this world with new ideas.

G-d bless the will to find solutions to the issues of green change.

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