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We are closing in on the possible deal with Iran. First of all, it is not about power or personal gain. It is something on a complete other level. It is about the advent of spirit on earth.

Let us be honest about this. We are not totally sure what G-d may be, or how things are structured in the realm of G-d. We have theories, developed through millenia. In this understanding, G-d is intelligence that is inbetween matter.

We are not totally sure if this is the right theory, but with all the intelligence and thought we smallish men here on earth can muster. This is the way things are.

For a long time, we have been cast into darkness and materialism has ruled the political as well as the economical sphere. This must change, and this is really what the peace meeting is all about. It is not only a matter of bringing peace to people and man, it is more, and that is the point, much more about the absurd possibility of actually making a stand in our time, where we will put up an example for future generations to come.

At one point in history, this stroke of luck, this absolutely impossible alignment of political, physical, developmental things are occuring.

If we did not take this opportunity, would be a crime to religion itself.

The peace with Iran will last as long as this process of rebirth of religion will continue, because they are interested in the same thing as we are!

So instead of looking at our own needs, we should see the process in its historic context, and see it for what is it; the rebirth of spirit.

G-d bless the will to keep on track.

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Happy birthday mr. Biden

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Joe-BidenDear Joe Biden

Happy birthday! I hope you have a good day, with friends coming over, slicing your birthday cake and sharing a good time. This is what all wish for for their friends.

One thing I really noticed with you, is the fact, that you are a good friend. I always hear a lot of negative comments on the internet about you, and I always have the feeling, that people do not really know you.

They do not know how you fought from behind for Barack, how you supported him all the way. How you always remained loyal. I did, because I really appreciate this human trait. It is the foundation of politics, you need to be able to trust those you work with and from.

I will remain your friend as well, through the next two years, at the election, after that, and perhaps we will even meet one day, face to face, and you can cut that birthday cake, and hand me a slice.

Happy birthday mr. Vice president, may you live another good year, and may we all prosper by the grace of spirit.

G-d bless you :-)

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Temple massacre

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MIDEAST ISRAEL JEWISH SUN BLESSINGWorking, night and day for peace, and seeing it destroyed by people with no ethical limits to their behaviour is disgusting. Like preying on the poor Yazidis. I wholeheartedly condemn the disgusting attack on the hapless people praying in the temple in Jerusalem. This is without any respect for simple decency or humanity.

Why? Why is this the actions of the Palestinians? Why is this the endgame of the socalled persecuted.

I have no words for the atrocity done, and I do condemn them with all my heart.

G-d bless Israel.

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AkhenatenWe have been discussing the ideas of the family from different angles; philosophical, metaphysical, ethical. But there is one angle that I have been trying to wrap my head around, and have been failing to do.

Monotheism is often traced back to the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. The life of the sun, as his name means. He, singlehandedly got rid of all the many gods of Egypt, and made his religion a religion of one G-d. I must admit, at some point, I was a little disappointed. I could not find any reference to the metaphysical discussion that Anaxagoras is the origin of, but who knows perhaps he had a deep metaphysical philosophy. We only have fragments, his tomb and his city to tell us anything about his whereabouts.

There is, however, two things that are very obvious from the engravings of his tomb. One thing is the prominence of the sun, the other thing is the very peaceful nature of his life. There is no warfare depicted, no smiting of enemies, no heraldrics, just Akhenaten and his family. There is even an engraving where he looses his daughter, and he is obviously shattered by that happening.

When we make a fast forward to Moses, who is the other great Egyptian/Jew who had a lot to say about the family. It is really the same. Moses had other projects than just the family, he was at war with polytheism as well. But he stood very firm on the principles of the family. You can read the ten commandments, and you will find many important principles there. Like you shall honor your mother and father, you shall not covet your neighbors wife, you shall not commit adultery.

In other words, the family as an idea, and an institution is at the very heart of all the monotheistic religions. It is what we can deduce from Akhenaten, from Moses. And it is a peaceful thing. Family is not about guts and glory, it is about love and caring. About helping each other out, about loss, when that happens. But it is a vehicle for peace. Because if we are satisfied, we are less prone to take up the sword.

G-d bless the family as an ancient institution.

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There is a violent storm brewing up in the horizon, and it is only if we really stay focused, that we will avoid shedding too much blood. In Ukraine, Poreshenko is threatening with the total disengagement of the two rebel republics of Lugansk and Donetsk. As I understand it, this includes cutting electricity and power. This will, in effect, leave the two republics in a very difficult situation.

It is a bait. It is all about baiting Russia into confrontation. A confrontation Russia has not wanted. But now it comes, and honestly, there is no reason why Ukraine plays hard ball. It is a frozen conflict, yes, but this escalation will lead to deeper resentment, between two peoples who are so much alike. It will be written in the history books as something terrible, and wounds are hard to heal.

In Europe, we should embrace for the impact. Be prepared. We should ask ourselves the question? How do we truly help in a very sad and devastating conflict? Where two cousins are very angry at each other. We should not, and this I think is extremely important, pour more gasoline on the pyre.

We should help, contribute with medicine, peace brokering efforts, try to see the conflict as it is.

It is not about the East and the West. It is about two very close cousins, who are afraid to release control over territory, because of the future implications of the conflicts. We should also stop seeing Putin as the big evil wolf. He is a conservative, he tries to protect his people, as he should.

It is time to help, and mediate, not confront or fan the flames.

G-d bless the will to be honest and humble in the face of this terrible conflict.

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There is a lot of discussion concerning the recognition of the so called Palestinian State. So far, I have not chipped in on the discussion, because, as I see it, the discussion ended after the fall of the Oslo peace accord. I mean, if you get handed a piece of land, and you promise to make peace, because you get that piece of land, and you do not make peace. Why should anyone think you would make peace if you get more rights over that piece of land?

Add to this the fact, that Gaza is, mostly, a proxy war, it does not make much sense to discuss with the Gazans. First you make peace with Egypt, then you make peace with Saudi-Arabia, then you make peace with Iran. Then you make peace with the Palestinians.

As of now, we are only one step away from making peace with the entire Middle East. That is making peace with Iran. I recognize the hazards in this, and I do know it is risky. But, as a Kabbalist, I believe that Israel is the tool of peace. This is why we are doing all the work we are doing.

Then it does not make much sense to me, that Europe is so adamant in using their small amount of international clout on the Palestinians. What about using it in some conflict where it is in the interest of Europe? Like the conflict in Libya or Ukraine.

I think it is because Europeans are clouded in their judgement of Israel. We do not, most of us, see it as it is; another little piece of Europe. The system is European, the history behind is European, it started because of the Holocaust, even the mindset is European in Israel. We have a Kibbutzsystem with socialist communal thinking, we have a booming IT sector, we have a secular army, we have a lot of discussion between a socialist and a conservative parliament. It is European!

Imagine if we transplanted Sweden and put it in the Middle East, what would Sweden end up in of problems? Exactly the same Israel is trying to cope with.

It is only if we see things as they are, that we are able to handle the conflicts we try to solve.

G-d bless Israel.

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There is a huge debate concerning the responsability from the UK towards the EU. It has come to the extreme, that Britain considers redrawing from the European Union. What are the default lines of the discussion, and how may we elevate the discussion in a true philosophical understanding?

So far the paradigm of globalization has ruled the skies of sociological theory. Made by mr. Anthony Giddens in the nineties and not really challenged theoretically until now. In its essense it is a true Diogenetian philosophy, claiming that we are all global citizens. Citizens of the world, and hence not a citizen of a polis or a nation.

This tradition goes all the way back to one of the most profilent pupils of Socrates; Diogenes who was quite famed in his time, on par with Plato, who were the other famed pupil of Socrates.

In a sense, there is an included balance inbetween the two philosophers; Plato being the pupil who took the ethical part of Socrates philosophy, and Diogenes the pupil who took the liberal or freedom part of Socrates philosphy and making in into a philosophy of itself.

How does this reflect on the theory of Giddens and the no border, global citizen ideology that the European Union is a realization of. Well it points to the fact, that the freedom of the citizens have been maximixed. There are no borders, there are no limits, everybody can go whereever they want. The ethical part of personal conscience and loyalty towards the nation has been completely abandoned. In theory we are talking about free market and free movement of the workforce, but in theory it is all about freedom. Read more…

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We are approaching the final draft of the Iranian deal. I have no insider information about the draft, so I cannot know anything about it. But, I know the story that has lead up to the deal, and a bit about the stakes that are invested.

It all started in the first part of the presidency of mr. Barack Obama. At that time, I was a bit more free to blog, and Barack and I worked together over a range of issues, to make a comeback for the US. The economy and the strenghtening of American identity is a part of that process. In foreign policy, we were in agreement about one thing; we did not like Ahmadinejad. Why? Because he obviously hated us. He was a vily and intelligent advesary, and he had a lot of things going his way, but through a mix of diplomacy and small time investment in military expeditions, among it what we know as the “Arab spring”, we did counter his movement, and gave a chance for peace to evolve in Iran.

What really happened was, that the Iranians realized, that with mr. Barack Obama there was a kind and gentle man at the helm of the US. Someone who wanted peace, and was ready to try to understand Iran on its own terms. Add to this a good military strategy, Iran opted for peace.

In the meantime, we have had the war between Israel and Hamas including Islamic Jihad (an Iranian proxy). IS has risen, and Russia have its own problems in Ukraine. All problems that are in direct hinderance of a peacedeal.

Read more…

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The family as an institution under the realm and society where it resides, seems to have found a new more constructive in terms of realization of the rule of G-d on earth.

This is really what it is all about, as I see it. Metaphysics is usually a very abstract theoretical labour. Philosophers and theologicans discuss these principles of G-d, and usually it has very little to do with the day to day life of people who enter a religous house.

This has not always been so. The ancient Egyptian priests tried to emulate the realm of G-d, to be as close to G-d as possible. This is also the idea behind monastery and life in solitiude. To be one with G-d.

How do we apply this knowledge to the family as an institution? We do it by trying to understand how the realm of G-d exists, how it works.

G-d is intelligence, and the way we think it is combined is basically just based on theory. But we know, that it can have no conflicts. Because it is everywhere, and whereevere it seeps in, it is the same.

It is safe to assume, that the realm of G-d is a peaceful place. A place where love is the conceptualization of how all this intelligence interact with itself, in complete oneness.

It is a happy place, and a place where noone tries to put anyone else down, this is only when intelligence enters the material world, that the rule of the strong applies, not in the realm of G-d.

So, in the family, we need to emulate this way of doing things. By remaking a situation of complete oneness and love inbetween all who are members of the family.

This is however very difficult, because we do live in the material world. There are often conflicts, and we tend to think too much about ourselves and too little about our sisters or brothers.

The harmony we wish to make within the confinements of the family, is very difficult to make, especially if the family is under pressure. This is when we need to shed our own interests, and think about the good of the family instead. To put ourselves aside, and help and bring joy to our closests.

There will be times, when we feel threatened, afraid, alone or abandoned. But there will also be times when we are in one with the ones we loves. All the parties and traditions that surround the families; marriage, baptism, weekend holidays, birthdays are really tools to unite the family, and make, and remake the frame we all live in.

It is therefor important to understand that metaphysics is the understanding of why we need to make a happy family. Because through the understanding of G-ds realm will we able to understand what we are to remake here in the material world.

G-d bless the will to be free in the loving arms of our family.

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The Middle East is again in turmoil, this time it is the sacred birthplace of the Jewish State that is at stake, and a holy site for Muslims as well. What is really happening?

To understand this you have to zoom in on the underlying parameters of the conflict.

There are many players and interests in the conflict; Israel, Jews at large, the US, Palestinians, Persia, Egypt, Saudiarabia, Quatar. Each player has its own agenda, and it is only if we bend those agendas towards a compromise, that peace will unfold. Because that is really the only goal we all share.

Let us have a look at it. First of all, we have America, specifically under the leadership of mr. Barack Obama. He, or rather the democratic leadership under him has the single agenda of making peace without too much military intervention. We believe in dimplomacy and justice as means of warfare. War is never an end in itself, only a means to use if nothing else can solve the crisis. We sincerely believe in dialogue and democracy.

Then there is the Persians. As the Americans we share the aim; peace, but for different reasons. The current ideology is not a secular order, but a religious order. In religion we believe in the advent of G-d. We believe that we have to work, tirelessly for the realization of G-ds rule in the material world. Since the realm of G-d is made in peace, this is off cause the end result. So, again, the aim is the same, but the reasons are a little different. There are some overlaying interests, since America is a very holy nation in the sense, that G-d also plays a founding role for the Americans, but it is still very secular in its ideas and manners.
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Europe is heading the wrong way. Economically it is surely going the wrong way, and culturally it is definitely going the wrong way. We have been some bravehearts who have seen this development for a long time, and often tried, sometimes in vain, sometimes with some sucess, to do something about it. Mind you, the dangers are considerable. You can get shot, stabbed, put on hold, persecuted with the Capone method. That is checked and rechecked comcerning anything the state might find that they can draw from your account.

But, lo and behold, with the sure feeling of respect for yourself, and healthy attitude towards danger, you can survive, even thrive to some extent.

The European Union is a dangerous animal to fight. It will use all methods appliable to dissidents to quell your tiny voice, at least this is my experience. Add to this the added insult of having to defend European interest while having to feel the sharp end of the state system, sometimes I feel a little scizophrenic.

I wonder why they persecute me at all, and do not ally themselves with me? I mean, they want the same as I; the comeback of Europe, and wish for a more comprehensive foreign policy. Why not cooperate at some level, after all, with all respect, being a European philosopher is a much more powerful position, than trying to control a plethora of different interest. I wish for Europe to prosper, be more democratic, have finer institutions. But I think I know why. Ever since the birth in Eridu, Middle East civilization has had its supporters, its attackers and its corrupters. The supporters try to use the traditions the best they can, as the French Rennaessance philosophers (and also me). The attackers does not know much about it, and consequently destroy it, like the Islamists, and the corrupters use it to control people. They do not care to enchance justice, or give people more freedom, they use law and democratic institutions to have their way.

Perhaps European politicians could once more become bannermen of civilization? Use their time to work for peace and tolerance, and not just subdue all of us who want freedom?

Hope has the color of springgreen as we say here in Denmark, may we live to prosper.

G-d bless the will to survive.

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The Middle East is waiting for the negotiations between Mr. Obama, Mr. Putin, his highness Rouhani and the Iranian parliament to conclude. There is a huge turmoil in Israel right now, because of the land annexation in the West Bank and in Jerusalem. But there will be no conclusion on these conflicts before the negotiations are finished and we know how it will fall out.

I hope, it will be a conclusion that all can agree upon, it would really strengthen all of the war torn Middle East. Add to this a peaceful relationship between the East and the West.

As time moves on, the conflict between the Palestinian state or the attempts to make one, and Israel will stop. Because the world has moved on. There are no one who are interested in the rather insignificant conflict, when the Islamic State roams and is dangerous right besides it. It will be swallowed up by IS, and stop.

So in all probability, we need to wait a little to see what happens.

Hopefully it will be a move for peace.

G-d bless Israel.

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Winston Churchill

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winston-churchill-dayConservatives often refer to Mr. Winston Churchill a warrior of G-ds grace, and a very intelligent man. In the liberal press he is often not that positively mentioned, but everybody agrees that stopping the Nazi killing machine was a good thing.

So how are we to understand this dividing and yet prominent and positive figure.

Mr. Churchill had one thing I really liked about him; he held no illusions. You can wish the world was like that or that, and hope for at better day. But you should always plan on the reality of things. That was why he was so hated. He did not make any makebelieves, but understood things as they were. Hence his adamant defense of Britain, and his nononsence approach to the Nazis. He knew they were bad guys, and he fought them because of it. He saved Britain in that understanding and defense.

There is another side of Mr. Churchill I really like; he was, deep inside those layers of politics and fighting stance; also a soft man. Or rather, a gentleman. He fought for his country and his ideals. But he always remembered that the end result should be a positive one. As a Christian he probably held the belief, that there is a higher purpose to our being here on earth, and thus an order and civilization worth defending.

Basically this is why I believe the conservatives hold all the cards these days in Europe. Because we fight for a liberation of our countries, but we do not wish a tyrannical order to be installed after the liberation, but a good and prosperous society, where both weak and strong may find rest.

Today, there is only the rule of the strong to be present in Europe. Those who hold power, do it beacuse they can, and not because they wish for at better future for the little man, for the weak man. The weak man is not in his objective, only his own selfagrandissment. This is not a chivalric attitude. This is a selfimportant attitude, that is not in alignment with a serious conservative perspective. We fight to protect, not to subdue.

G-d bless the strong arm in protection of the weak mother or child.

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When we look upon the three world religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We see an image of war and conflict. For a long time it has been Christianity against Judaism, a conflict that is luckily almost over. Now it is Islam against Judaism and Christianity, a conflict I believe is difficult to solve, but at the same time a work we have to do to find a way out of.

We are all descendants of the great Jewish prophets of the late Israeli state. Daniel, Ezekiel, Elijah. So each of us dream of the realization of their dream, in each our way.

But in a strange way, right now, we actually have the possibility to realize it in a new way. By making a platform that will elevate all three religions to higher prominence and importance. To realize the advent of spirit.

When I begun my work, I put myself at the service of spirit. So in a sense, what we have done through the prayers and the inspiration that have come from my blog, have been a part of a spiritual development, that spirit wants us to do. Often the words that enter the paper seem strange even to me, and personally, I do, sometimes wonder of what actually was written.

I am not a particularly great person, in fact, I have as many idiosyncrasies and faults as everybody else. So people should not use my example, what they should do, is to listen to the words here at Rubicon, and use them to the use it was intented. Because the words that come, and enter into these pages are pure. Not contaminated by my own prejudices, not intented at least.
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There has been a long discussion regarding the institution of the family. As of now, this has been, largely a failure. Why? Because most of the issues that has been discussed are difficult to be in accordance with, because they happen too fast. One thing is to root out corruption, nobody has anything against this, and I suppose everybody knew that is was appropriate and necessary. The more focus on the family is also welcomed, but it has been difficult to weather the pace.

So what do we do? We focus on the positive perspectives of the discussion we have. The family is a very, very beautiful institution, and if the principles on which it is founded on works, it can and will bring joy to many.

So instead of looking at the external rules as who and how to marry, look at the internal things. How to found the family on serious values. Values that will serve all children, father, mother, grandparents, siblings, cousins.

When I was in Bangladesh, where my father comes from, I had an insight into some of the good and bad mechanics of a larger family. There is a lot of control in such a family. Social control, this can be a burden to the more free spirits. So perhaps giving room and accepting each other in a family is important. At the other hand, we really stuck together. One of my uncles had kidney decease, and he could not really function without his kidney. So one of his brothers donated his own kidney to his brother, knowing very well, that he would have trouble without that kidney. A true act of solidarity.

In other words, the values and the way a family works is really the true discussion that would potentially bring the discussion onto a new more constructive and positive track.

Tolstoy said, that all good families are the same, and all bad families are different. Good is order, bad is chaos. Finding those principles that will lead to good order are the principles that may elevate the discussion onto a higher and more working level. If you are a good carpenter, you make good furniture. When you do this, it is because you are working methodically and according to certain principles. It is the same with the family, it requires good principles to follow and hard work to realize.

G-d bless the willingness to comply with the principles that will ultimately lead us to G-d.

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