The Middle East

Gardens of BabylonThe middle East. The place where the Hittities invented the asylum, where the Egyptian priests invented humanism, where the Assyrians invented kingship and astronomy, where writing was invented, agriculture, the wheel, aristocracy, mathematics, metaphysics, science.

This is the place we today bicker over, send our bombs over, with often very little understanding of all the layers of history and progress made there.

We are only fools to judge people in the Middle East, let alone believe we can guide anyone. We can perhaps give the Middle East something back, as Lawrence of Arabia, who through the meticolous application of Oxfordian methods dug up ancient ideas and artifacts of the Hittities.

Perhaps as me, who have dug up ancient principles that the Middle East can use to regain some footing.

But lecturing the Middle East? That is simply stupid and arrogant. We need to show respect for the ancient lore of the peoples there, because we can ourselves learn so much.

As the Coptic Church that I have fallen in love with. Such a simple and true church. There is no arrogance, and an immense acceptance of the burdens they bear. So beautiful.

This is a lesson to all of us, especially the Catholic and Anglican church. Look at them; the forefathers of Moses, with a simple and honest air, with a very direct connection to their congregation. With an ethical stand we can only dream to aquire. They go to the desert to make a joyful party in the midst of the danger.

Honest, sacrifising, simple and yet immensly deep.

This the Middle East. Something to revere and respect, not control.

G-d bless the ancient land of Two lands, Assyria, Babylon, Israel, Arabia and all the rest.

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Iran_-Shiism_Islam-_Zoroastrianism-_ParsiismWe are coming to an end in the infight between mr. Netayahu and mr. Obama. It is about the Iran deal. I have, after I beat mr. Ahmadinejad in the first tenure together with mr. Obama, been in for a deal.

I believe in diplomacy as the first recourse, and only fighting as the second recourse. Sometimes it works, other times it does not work.

With Iran it works, because Iranians are basically a very gifted and positive people, the basic virtues of the realm of Persia is positive. It is an ancient nation of high culture, and is accostumed to be a leader in matters of religion and civilization. As Cyrus as Avicenna as Zoroaster. All great men who contributed to world civilization.

Now, in this discussion I am in direct disagreement with mr. Netanyahu. Mr. Netanyahu does not trust the current government of Iran, well, I cannot blame him. Given the current shadow fighting between Israel and Iran. I mean, in the last Gazan war, one of the main sponsors of the war was Iran. Add to this a direct link between Hamas and Iran, this is logical. Add to this his responsability to protect the Jewish people, a historical task, that has been given to towering figures as Solomon, David, Ben Gurion and Ariel Sharon, he is in a line of great men, that he has to live up to. Not easy, but possible.

I just have the fealing, that diplomacy will work, why? Because there is an opening and we do share the same values as Iran. Honestly, would Iran terminate the holy city, with the most holy of sites not only to Christians but also the Muslims, I do not think so. They are far too civilized for that. We are not talking ISIS here, but a mature and humane rule, that tries to find its place in history.

I do not know the deal that mr. Obama has made, but I trust him, and I believe it to be a good one. After all, it is not the content of the deal that matters, it is the attitude. Are we to fight more or to find peace?

I vote for peace, as long as there is a chance for it, and dialogue is continued.

I know that this goes against the interest of mr. Netanyahu, but as there was Haman and Esther, there was also Cyrus, and both these trends within Persia is a reflection of what Persia is.

G-d bless the will for peace.

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Tommy Robinson

February 28th, 2015 No comments

tommy-robinson-aka-stephen-yaxley-robinson-has-quit-english-defence-leagueNow, I have evolved a little. In the beginning it was all resistance movement and hell bent on fighting back the evil foe we have in our midst. Now it has become much more ”acceptable”, I have readers from all layers of the society, especially leaders who need inspiration to tackle all their numerous problems.

So the conflicts with my own close society have become less. That is in way a blessing, it gets straining to be an outcast for so long. It is ok, and I suppose you can get used to it, but at the end of the day, kids needs to go to school, birthdays are to be held, and endless conflict with everybody around you is a bit draining.

Now it seems to me, that my friend Tommy Robinson from the EDL have had a bit of the same development. From the endless fighting and the problems of organizing a huge defense league, to the more mellow and less straining existence as a politician and a leader. I really hope Tommy will have a reprieve, and people will start listening to him again. Because he has all the right answers. It is not about subjecting anyone to his will, and he is truly not a racist. He is a conservative liberal, as mr. Churchill, but with a new mix of agendas to consider.

Please let that guy in, he is all you have for a hero right now, but he is, at the same time, the best of us all. True, honest, sincere and protective.

Please, if any of my ideas and words have ever given you anything, give him the benefit of the doubt, he deserves it.

You will only be healed if you are able to be whole.

G-d bless England

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February 27th, 2015 No comments

For a long time, people branded me a racist, a warmonger and troublemaker. When I confronted the Danish public with the fact, that a huge epidemics of rape, was at hand in the country they themselves loved and cherised, they did all they could to banish me. It ran directly contrary to all they believed in of tolerance and multiculture.

I have looked behind the veils, and understood the face of islamism. Seen what it did to tear down people and landmarks of great antiquity, torture people and use means so terrible Stephen King would have shied away from using them in his books, altough he is supposed to be the most far creative in horror imagination. Burning children? Slaughtering innocents? Enslaving innocents Christian girls. For what? Just to subdue whoever is in their way.

This is the true face of the Islamic state, of the international caliphate we are fighting.

But in the beginning the socalled enlightened people of the higher intellectual hierarchies did not understand that, their horizon was too narrow, they saw only simple things as race and tolerance.

The world is not simple it is complex, and tolerance as a virtue without understanding how the world works is like jumping up and down in a playpen without knowing anything about the world.

I do not know who invented these half measures, but they should at least read Plato or Aristotle. I mean if we are supposed to have a civilisation, we actually have to take it serious, otherwise we are just children playing with toys we do not understand, with the predicable result.

So now, after the Islamic state has realised its true face, we have the opportunity to discuss, truly, who they are, and what they are doing.

They are descendants of the dark lord, if there is any sense in talking about evil and good. Torture, slaving, burning children, that is the work of the dark lord. He is still here, and he is coming for us.

This reflects our actions, and gives us the impetus to use other means to fight. Because, this is what we are forced to do. We need to be fair, honest, and not use excessive force. We are not to use torture, we are not to lie about the war, we are to be absolutely fair in our actions and our thought.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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February 21st, 2015 No comments

There has been a lot of fuss here in Denmark after the attack on some of my friends, and on the Jewish synagogue. People are really showing their true colors, and the politicians are falling over each other to come to our rescue. Or, in a strange way, it does not seem to be about us intellectuals, all the fuss, but more about harvesting voters, or well, just communication. The solutions have been close to lamb and often absolutely stupid. Everybody is talking about preventive measures, as if no one actually have realized WE ARE AT WAR.

Denmark is not France. In France, the home of philosophy and ethics, the support to ethnic minorities, and intellectuals is actually very strong, also in practise. Here in Denmark, we seem more to be a nuisance to get rid of. Now, everybody have walked with torches, and after that it seems to me, it is back to X-factor.

I have, however been witness to some amazing acts of heroism. My acquaintance Dan Park was at the meeting that was attacked, and he did not flinch, just took another sip of his beer. While as everybody else scrambled for cover. That man has some guts.

I just hope, we will see some kind of action, but not on unenlightened basis, based on knowledge. But, we will see.

G-d bless the peace we will find.

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New book

February 21st, 2015 No comments

Writing a book is like sailing a ship, you start out on the voyage, and you have an idea about the destination, but at the end of the day, you often end up somewhere else, somewhere beautiful, otherwise the trip would be pointless.

So, I am starting this new book, for once just because I like it. It is not some work of duty, to save democracy or make a rebirth to religion, no it is something of an experiment, something that will give me a chance to discover new trends in writing, let me experiment with philosophical issues. For once it is actually not avant garde and ten years before its time, it is just a book, perhaps a good book, who knows, not a single word has been written yet, but I have done lot of thinking, and some of it has inspired my blogging, though, to be honest, my muse tells me, I should write about politics. It would be more to the point, considering the war in Europe and all the strife and pain we will experience.

But, I know it is a bit selfish, and probably not well timed, but I just need to consider the fact that writing is a source of energy for myself also, and if I do not write something unabashedly profane and lowbrow, something that is not immediately satisfying all the high brow critics, then why the heck not? I can do that, it is my right as an independent intellectual.

Enough of my babling. The idea is both simple and complex at once. I am going to write an action novel, but it will be based on ancient Danish mythology, and the ethic core of the novel, will a platonic discussion on justice.

I have done some research, and found a work, or story, that will, hopefully bridge the gap between Denmark and the Anglican world. I will retell the story of Hamlet, or Amled as he is called in Danish. So I suppose it ends up high brow and Oxfordian anyway. But, as Joseph Conrad, my yarn will be littered with action. With battles of grand vikings fighting for their glory and place besides Odin after their rise to Valhalla.

That is an enticing mix is it not?

We will see, at least it will tremendous fun to write.

G-d bless us, as we pray for our redemption and inspiration.

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February 19th, 2015 No comments

So we need a status on the current development in regards of the war between the descendants of the vikings and the sons of Allah. I love Egypt, I adore the beduins of the desert, so I do not take this conflict as an all out war, there are groupings of Muslims we fight, not all.

But we must admit, however we see it, that there is an enemy, even the most stubborn liberalist (me being one of them) must agree, that there is an enemy, and we need to fight it.

Being Europe, we also need to evolve along the way. It should not just be about what we fight against, but also about what we fight for.

This however, changes things. Because when you evolve, you come from one position, and you go to another position. This means leaving some ideas and accepting new ideas.

One thing I have noticed in the fight for our freedom, is the fact that we have become less and less corrupt. It struck me, when I learned about the idea of putrification, or fining. The idea, that when you are burned, what burns away is the corruption. Corruption breeds in stale water, while as honesty is found in the fight. In a sense this talks against the idea of peace, because the peace we strive for will most probably also breed corruption, at least if take our parents generations as an example.

Maybe I am wrong, but we should not be blind to this danger when we finally have peace again. If we reach peace, and then end up in corruption, it will all just have been for naught.

But right now, I can see, that the trend is less corruption, more transcendence, less manipulation.
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Who is in front?

February 17th, 2015 No comments

Well, there is some discussion on the relationship between Israel and the ongoing feud between now France, The US, Denmark and the international caliphatists. Who is in the forefront?

We all are! I mean, we have our countries crawling with islamists. Their headquarter is in Rome, in London, in Gaza, they are everywhere.

So what does that make us? It makes us allies. We can be above below, leading, on the side, but at the end of the day, we are allies, that is all there is to it.

In France and in Denmark, it is pretty obvious that the islamists see the fight for freedom, democracy and justice interlinked with judaism. Well, maybe as a surprise to many Jews, this is actually the leading trend within the West right now.

We do not ally ourselves with the Jews because there is some deeper philosophical idea to it, it is simply because we fight on the same side.

But, personally I must admit, that in order to make this fight meaningful, it should be more than just fight over territory and security, that is why I dream the dream of Israel being the ultimate peacemaker, the center of the rise of all three monotheistic religions. All united in peace.

If it was only a defensive fight, what about the dreams of our forefathers? I admit, that Israels most important role is as a defense for all Jews, but why cant we be more ambitious? We need a world in peace, not in war.

We need to do something about the threats we meet, but the endresult should not be war, but peace.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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It is rock or bust

February 15th, 2015 No comments

So now we are here, another strike at the heart of freedom of speech, as in France, as in the US with the Two Towers. They want us to shut up, and implement their glorious caliphate, and we choose to concur, to reject, to say no, non, nej, njet, get out of our sight!!!

You can try to analyze it down to nothing, to forget about it, to blame it on me, but at the end of the line it is like this; it is rock or bust, it is getting into the fray or be killed, it is fighting or dying the slow lethargic death of the cowards.

We chose to stand, we despise you as you charge us, we laugh at your puny ideas and we will come and get you. Mark my words, we will rise again, we will shed the chains of multiculturalism, of the weakness someone wish to put on us, and we will get back on you. As of my right as Jew and as Dane I challenge you again, we will not surrender. You weak, stupid, disgusting cretin.

G-d bless the peace we will eventually win.

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February 14th, 2015 No comments

In the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, there is the fact, that the overall plan seems to have been lost to the conflict. Why is it really that Ukraine and Russia fight? Is it because of freedom? No, obviously Donetsk and Lugansk would, if they could choose, not be a part of Ukraine. So if there was anything meaningful, it would be to set them free. At the other hand, the conflict smacks of fear and old wounds. The U.S. Has been fast to pour in and help the nationalists, and Russia has been fast in strengthening the rebels in Lugansk and Donetsk. But why? I mean, we are facing a worldwide threat of IS, that is benevolently killing all who are in their way. They hold a huge power in the European mainland, and they are not shy of using it. Their methods are obviously taken from some nightmare novel, and they are uncompromising. If we look a few years into the future. It is pretty obvious, that the fight will increase especially in Central Europe, blood flowing in endless streams making the second and first world war joyful preludes in comparison.

So the mechanics of strategy and war gives a natural impetus for all of us to unite and not be divided. I mean, practically, if there is an enormous war at the doorsteps of Ukraine, what will be the probability of Europe coming to the rescue, or anyone actually? We cannot afford it, we are hard pressed ourselves. Even if we wanted, we simply could not.

In fact, it will soon be the other way around, we will come asking you for help, and you will be hard pressed not to give it, because of the inhumanity and the scope of the events.

The recent figures speaks for itself, according to the surveys I have read, European Muslims are all in for IS. This makes them enemies. Up to a quarter of citizens of France are Muslims. Look at Great Britain, it is the same, as holland, as Denmark, as Sweden. We have a huge number of enemies in behind our borders. Our security systems are so overwhelmed by the prospects, that they are overreacting and persecuting the most prolifent leaders who address the problem. Everybody are in panic. So should we then come to your rescue?

Look at it as it is, you are fighting your own brothers, they are kin. The more you fight, the deeper the wounds will be. You now have a tiny chance to stop the meaningless slaughter and come to terms.

You will be needed elsewhere in the coming fight, and the more we fight with each other, the more weakened will we be when the storm comes.

I cannot promise you anything, and you are wronged by cutting too much into Ukraine. I can only tell you, that perhaps the future events will make the current conflicts look ridiculous, and make us wish there was otherwise.

As in Israel, mr. Netanyahu was weakened by not fighting the Gazans to the end, but the world won by realizing the threat of IS.

I wish I had more to give, but the storm is coming, and we need to be prepared.

G-d bless you, and may you keep your honor.

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The peace

February 13th, 2015 No comments

To understand how to make peace, you need to understand what things are. Knowledge and diplomacy are two forces interlinked. As in the diplomatic sucess the US has had with Iran, it can have the same with Russia, it just needs to understand how the thinking goes in Russia to find the right ideas and ways to make a peace. We did it before, we can do it again.

So who are the Russians really? On the surface, everybody sees a Communist superpower gone down, now trying to regain its power. But is this really what is happening? Russia is not a Communist superpower, it is Russia.

Even under the Communist era, it was still Russia, and Communism was an ideology, but if you dug a little under the surface, you would find, that Russia did not disappear, it was still there with all its tradition, with its fondness for ballet, with its ideas of warmth, with its ancient pride as tall men of the north with a mix of slavic identity. It revers and idolizes the great scholars of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy. We know it here in Denmark, because we also have had a lot of good connections with the Russians over the millennia, even to the extent that we exchanged queens and hospitality many times. Denmark and Russia has been friends and kin for a long time. Our young prince is called Valdemar, as his forefather, who was originally called Vladimir.

Now, there is one thing that people have never understood with the Russians, and that is why each and every attempt on dominating Russians have failed, as the feeble attempt on dominating Russia with tradebarriers will not work. I mean, both Napoleon and Hitler attacked Russia with far superior weapons, and still Russia was victorious, so why would trade blocks work? It is silly. No, Russians have, since the first fall of Ukraine and the first Russians been suffering over and over again. By the Mongols, by the Europeans, but the Ottoman, and as a result, it has grown into accustomed to it, even made a philosophy to underpin the suffering, Russians call it fining (рафинирование). Each war is seen as a chance to grow into something even stronger, expanding the Rus to the farthest corner of the Globe. Remember, Rus, started as a viking state, and is now the greatest country in the world. This has cost blood in streams so unimaginable, that we as central Europeans cannot begin to understand it. This is why pressure does not work with Russia, only diplomacy works.

So, why did Mr. Putin, all of a sudden choose to work with France and Germany? Because he is also a man of peace, we should see the pattern in this, in our dealings with him in Iran, in his ways in Ukraine, where he could, if he chose, just use some of the more dangerous weapons and end the war in short term. He is basically a man of honor.

The way mr. Putin sees the world, is a fight between light and darkness, of chaos and order. Him being the caretaker of the light and the order. Why? Because Russians are independent, but in wartimes have grown used to strong leaders protecting them. He is serving that age old role as a defender of the Rus, as the father of Russia, as the strong, unflinching protector of all who are Russian. He despises weakness and corruption, he admires strength and honesty.
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February 11th, 2015 No comments

Concerning the peacedeal in Kiev, I propose one strange admission. In the beginning of the conflict, the brave nationalist went into the fray. They say, that there is no thing as a nation of Ukraine, I defy them. There is, it should be a choice made freely, but regarding Ukraine, it should, in the western part be based on the culture of the old.

It should reflect the vikings and their values, of freedom and democracy. Of strength and honesty. In the olden times all men met at the thinge, here we held discussion on things and battles were fought. This idea reflects the lofty and beautiful ideas of Athens, complementing the freedom in each case.

So when it falls on discussing the frame of Ukraine, it must be a frame of freedom.

G-d bless you all, and may you all find peace through josting with words not swords.

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February 10th, 2015 No comments

We have become corrupt in Europe, there was a time, when we sung about the freedom and the fight against tyranny. Now we scrabble about, craven and afraid of our own shadows.

This is really the difficulty facing the Ukraine conflict. We do not come into it with honesty and truth, but through means of manipulation.

Only if we become what we once were; fighters for freedom and honesty, of nationhood and brotherhood, of equality and humanism can we effectively solve our problems.

We all eye each other with suspicion, a leftover from the cold war, and the opposition between capitalism and communism. I urge you to see, that we should not enter the conflict as comrades or businessmen, but as citizens. As scions of that great civilization that France gave us, as democrats and honestly believing in the peoples of Europe, believing in their right to remain free and unbound, to be equal with us, not unwieldy problems we have to wrangle with.

Let our inner gendarm rip us free from the prison of the second world war, and let everybody free.

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The sons and daughters of G-d

February 8th, 2015 No comments

When you fight for your life, in the face of mortal danger, you hop and skip and do your best to be looking for the small door, that might be at the end of that dangerous path you are trying.

When you are out on open sea, and the wrath of the storm seeks you out, and you do your best to steer your little boat, using your immense skill, and you feeling for the waves, to guide your decrepit boat, you sometimes fall upon a hidden cliff beneath the vawes, and your boat starts pounding away on that underconscious reef, chipping at your boat, that is only made of plastic and tar.

Then you pray, you stand up in your tiny rocking boat, and you pray for the almighty to save you, to tear away the hidden anchorlines tying you to the dangerous reef, you elevate into the realm of G-d, and you promise all your might and service to be saved by his grace. You pray and you lift your chin to the creator to call him to descend upon mankind and help and give his blessing to all who see themselves as men. Save the human race from folly and destruction, give us another chance, stop us from burning down Sodom and Gommora, because there are some honest men here, perhaps not perfect, but at least striving for peace, trying to make amends, make ends meet, help instead of just taking, giving instead of just grasping for more power.

We make amends, and we fight he promises, to convince G-d that there is still hope for mankind, and we can make peace, we are not just gruesome IS fighters using blackmail and manipulation to control, not just the secret police severing the loved one of our heroes, not just the sycophants of the media, not just the craven juglers of politics thinking of only their own careers. There is more to mankind, there is love and providence, and beauty, there is fairness and care and healing, there is the helping hand of a man helping his neighbour, there is acceptance and time for our children, there is honesty and solidarity, there is humbleness and understanding.

This is man, not the evil and egoism we see around us, not the warmongers and the power seekers, but the simple honest man. As he extends his hand to make peace.

Make peace, not war, understand on the premises of love and brotherhood not on egoism and selfishness.

G-d said, remember; you are my son.

And I believe that only through the realization of this; that we are all sons of G-d, can we relieve ousrselfs from the chains af the material world. Be in his image, share his benevolence and fairness. Be joyful and happy. We are all the sons and daughters of G-d and we should, for our own sakes remember that.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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heavenly justice

February 6th, 2015 No comments

If you, once in a while, have the exquisite priviledge to meet the spirit, you must be an oracle. Or what? Maybe being an oracle is about knowing the past, thereby getting an inkling at the future. Maybe it is just the vanity of a too intellectually burdened genius hovering over everybody else, as he uses his abilities to further the providence of man.

It might be either, it might be or, but the effect of the oracleship, the Umin and Thumin, the grace of Delphi is as much shaping the future as predicting it.

Kabbalists are very proud of the late Kabbalist rav Ashlag. He predicted the rise of Israel, he envisioned the coming of peace, he had all the ideas that Israel is thriving on, and should realize, at least as we kabbalists see it.

But, perhaps his genius is not in the fact that he predicted it, but the fact, that he shapes the future according to his will.

I am hard pressed these days. After the fall of the journalists of Hebdo, I have had a wrangling with the secret police here in Denmarks. So far they have been trying to shut us all up, and I have been fighting them, to make space for some of my friends, and to survive myself. The lying, evil KGB of Denmark, seems to shipwrecked on my rocky shore. Falling apart, man and mice leaving the ship tumbling about in the gale, flying about as they lie for their own security.

As a prophet, of all three monotheistic religions I say this; look in the darkness and you see evil. Those who manipulate, try to steer away from the all seeing eye of the overlord of the angels of wrath, they are the darks sons of evil. I know, I look them in the eye, and I do not bow. Not with any weapon of their evil quiver thrown upon me. I do not bow.

And I curse them, they will see their soul rotten in the afterlife, seeping with festering wounds, caught up by infamy and evil as they are brought heavenly justice.

G-d bless the wisdom of old.

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