New roads

January 26th, 2021 No comments

Well here we are again, back at the helm, trying out very best to Change things in a direction that seems both viable and serious.

I sincerely believe in compromise. I know that that is in fact what was lacking in the last presidential cycle due to mr. Trumps unconventional style, but be as it may. He was a fighter, and he fought for what he believed in.

Loosing an election is difficult, I tried it with Hillary. But, seriously as any independent businessman will confirm, loosing is a part of the game. There will be a turn of events at some time. I mean, now I am back as a central intellectual after four years, I mean, I thought it was over.

So Donald, as the highlanders used to say; Scotland is never defeated unless you yourself is defeated.

Now, there is a host of problems we need to address. First and foremost the difficult situation with China.

War is probably going to come, so we need to be prepared for that. Not least the military, that needs to have all the necessary preparations in order. How the war is going to start, we will see. But it will be a very difficult war and since it has been peace in the US since the south/north wars 150 years ago, the Americans have grown accustomed to peace.

What we need to do, is to make sure, that the war is as small as possible, and we do not end up in an annihilation scenario as the fight between Carthage and Rome. We may, at both sides see this as an impossible thing, that China will disappear or the US will disappear, but Carthage is no more, and it was a thriving culture for millennia.

So a predictable show of force, and a focus on our own strength, building our production base again and trying to compete with China is very important.

The Chinese are definitely not stupid, they had just grown accustomed to the fact that we did not treat them as an enemy, now we do, because we have to.

So they are wising up.

One of the main strategies we could use, is to be a part of alliance building, something Barack started on. Find our friends again, and make sure, that the Chinese tech and money stays out of their countries. This should be done in a diplomatic way, but it should certainly be done.

The UK is in a dire need of an ally, and Denmark will always be with you, so that at least is a good starting point. But make friends and reach out.

We are all in a state of competition.

Lastly there is the peace deal in the Middle East, again here is an option to reach out to the EU. Again, here I have a stake, because I live in the EU, and they are also a part of the game, but the EU was very much invested in the Iran peace accord. This is a very delicate diplomatic work however, involving Israel, so we should be very careful not to ruffle the feathers of the Israelis, they are the number one ally in the region. I am a Jew myself, and my family almost got guttered in the Second World War, fleeing to Sweden, so I can very much empathize with the project of Israel, I am a Zionist myself.

But I am able to have a dream of peace in that region.

So here again, there will be a lot of going back and forth, but with the right mindset and with a good friendship with European countries, it can be done. But it has to be diplomatic.

Finally, be careful with the identity movement. It is too far out to my mind. What the Americans need to president to be, is a symbol of the republic. An honest, g-d fearing family man, who care about the country, and tries to defend its interest.

That is the American way, and going too far down the identity track is very dangerous it will fan the bipartisan flames again, and people need to see unity and things working again, not the opposite.

Try to find the middle ground and help both the poor, the middle class and strong, together in unity.

G-d bless the peace we can ultimately find.

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Welcome mr. Joe Biden

January 21st, 2021 No comments

Welcome Joe to the White House. It is pretty strange, I remember, that I prophesized it many years ago at the Obama time, but was pretty put down when you didn’t run for president.

Not only was I sorry that you didn’t make it, but I was questioning my own ability to read the political landscape.

Be as it may, here you are, and congratulations.

First of all, I had you back when you needed it the most, and so I will continue to stay a true friend through your service. When everybody else is abandoning you, I will still be there. I don’t change my loyalty very easily.

Secondly, be careful about angering the conservatives right now. I know, that you feel an urge to change all that mr. Trump has done, but be careful and test the waters before you change too much. What we need is healing and coming together again, that requires diplomacy and the ability to listen.

Doing what Trump did again will tear even greater rifts in the fabric of the nation.

Then there is Kamala Harris, the true heir to a lot of the Obama era politics in terms of uniting the people, reaching out to the people of color and staying on the path of rev. Martin Luther King.

She will be your anchor and good friend.

She will be formidable.

So instead of changing so much right now, take it easy, reach out, mend fences, talk to people, be the exact opposite of mr. Trump in terms of forcing your way.

Be the uniter not the divider.

Be a man in the middle.

Concerning all your threats and difficulties with China, that will be on the table before long. Here again do realpolitik. They are a threat to US interest, so move your troops and test the waters with them. But don’t go gong ho pressure on them, show your might, but don’t be too much. They need to know, that they have an adversary that is rational and do things within reason.

Be predictable.

I will try to forge a support for you from Europe and the UK. But we have our own problems over here, and so we may very well need our troops in the vicinity.

But this is not a Napoleons first 100 days, this is a mission of mending fences and feelings, and supporting what is most important of all, that of the American soul.

It is wounded make it heal.

G-d bless the will to do good, do good actions and heal the rifts.

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European security

January 20th, 2021 No comments

The world is really changing in the face of the American change of leadership.

In fact, things are going to change a lot due to the fact, that both Central European countries as well as the UK is trying to change its focus.

Where the US simply set the agenda in the Obama era, Biden will have a hard time dealing out the cards this time. The European allies are pretty reluctant and the UK seems to be lickings its wounds after Brexit, so I do not see any ambition to try and change the world in a US direction from the UK perspective.

In fact the most promising military alliance right now is the Central European one, and that is in fact good.

You can be for or against the EU, me I have always been a bit reluctant about it, due to the lack of Democratic legitimacy. But a strengthened military alliance actually do make sense. I mean all the challenges we face are more or less the same, and so it makes sense to pool our resources.

Add to this, it seems to me, that the leaders of the alliance, namely mr. Gomes Cravinho is both open for my advise, and seem to be pretty courageous. That is a start, though the development of the alliance is very difficult and will imply some massive changes of policy to succeed.

But with diligence and diplomacy it may just be possible.

At the other hand, the US administration is starting more or less from scratch, due to all the bridges that mr. Trump managed to burn. But, also the US is a formidable force, and a major player in the pacific region, where the UK administration have to move soon to be a serious player there.

Looking at the Mediterranean that is the true proving ground of a possible European alliance, one major shift in politics needs to be adresssed. That of forced migration to the European countries. Don’t get me wrong, I have no idea about racism or any of that sort. I am a pretty brown Jew with a Muslim father, so I can definitely empathize with the migrants here. The thing is though, that the forced migrant policy of the EU, that is importing people from Muslim country into Europe, is a failed policy. Please read that again and let it sink in, it is a failed policy.

There may be many good reasons to start it in the first place, but as of now, it has created massive turmoil in Western Europe, and we need to be honest about that.

It has also created a very difficult security situation, most of Western Europe is infiltrated on all levels. Especially France is totally infiltrated, even the security apparatus.

Gettting rid of all the spies and infiltrators will be a massive task in itself.

But that is important to be able to deliver the necessary security to the populace, they are getting pretty annoyed with terror attacks, and well, that is fair enough. It was not the project of the people to do the mass migration, it was the elites that thought it a good idea.

It has come so far, that the very integrity of the states and not at least the federation is at stake.

Changing that position will be pretty difficult, but again possible if the system wants to survive.

So you see, making an alliance and making weapons is not the real deal of an alliance, the real deal is to change the policies to meet the security challenges ahead. These policies may also be a boon for many political parties around Europe. Here in Denmark the Social Democratic government is sitting pretty well with a large lead in the polls due to a more realistic change in the face of Islamic extremism.

Terrorism is the main advesary to tackle for the new alliance, and that will be extremely difficult, but possible.

What we need is a renewed focus on it, and a best practice mindset. See what will work, and make it work.

Add to this difficult process, we have the peace process in the Middle East, that is very important to balance with a focus on Islamic extremism or islamism.

We have some pretty good allies in the Middle East, and peace is forthcoming, even Iran is within reach of a peace accord still.

Why? Because they are not really interested in a fight with the entirety of Europe, and we are not interested in a fight with them.

So a part for Turkey, we need to bolster the diplomatic discussions with the African countries and especially in the Middle East. They must see, that we are not trying to be mean to Muslims in general, but stop the atrocities done by some islamists.

That is a very difficult balance to do, and will require a lot of skill.

So these are the essential challenges ahead, add to this an attempt at stopping the mass migration, then we have our hands full.

But a dedicated, incorruptible advancement in the interest of the European countries, and true moral force, can do it.

It is about finding the right way, and stop being for sale, then we can Change the narrative.

G-d bless the will to Change the world.

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The renewed role of European defense

January 19th, 2021 No comments

I have just watched a webinar with the esteemed defense minister of Portugal mr. João Gomes Cravinho.

Thank you for a nice reference to Hans Christian Andersen the loved fairy taler of Denmark.

The question of the seminar was; how do we envision the defense of Europe in the future in the light of the transatlantic relation and the other issues that pester the European main continent.

First of all, one has to consider the main question in all earnesty.

The Mediterranean. The Mediterranean has been and is the main problem of Europe right now.

That is obvious, just to name a few of the problems; Turkey, migrants and the conflicts in Africa that seem to spill into Europe.

Now, the main issue is migration. This issue has been very poisonous for a long time, and will be for much more time.

The problems in Europe are many; massive problems with intercultural conflicts often of a horrendous level. Just to mention a few; the killing of the writers of Charlie Hebdo, the killing of a member of my own union the Vilks committee and a rise in crime all over Western Europe.

Add to this massive problems in the islands of Greece, and the poisonous fight with Turkey.

Now Covid 19 has bought us a reprieve from these issues, but that will not last forever.

So, how do we go about seeing this issue.

First of all, I believe, we need to understand the shift of opinion on war. Ten years ago, diplomacy was the only option between European allies and enemies. Even in the relationship with Turkey, that is a vehement enemy of mainstream European identity, the only option has been diplomacy and we have bought peace with money.

Now, why have we done so? It was because we were war weary due to the atrocities and destruction in the second and first world wars.

Two wars that brought immense destruction to European mainland due to its mechanistic component. Mechanization brought mass killing to the table.

So, things change, and now the Second World War is so far away, and hardly remembered by the new generations, so a more aggressive stance in politics of war is acceptable by the populace at large, in fact a lot of the problems that the mainstream political forces have had in the last ten years, have been a discrepancy between the will of the European people and the will of the political life.

Because as while the politician were busy building the European Union, essentially a Second World War project, the general populace left all the horrors of the Second World War, and wanted to fight again.

That realization is something that the politicians need to condsider. Just look at the Italian defense minister mr. Salvini he was enormously popular in Italy, why? Because he wanted to fight the migrant streams, that are essentially breaking down Europe from within.

Now, you can have many opinions on the matter, and to be honest, I am not one of the hawks, I believe in a balanced approach to the issue, mixing diplomacy with intervention.

But, not recognizing the shift in public opinion would be essentially hazardous to the whole enterprise.

So my essential advice to mr. Cravinho would be, to find a more aggressive stance towards Turkey, and find a way, with diplomacy as well as intervention to stop the migration.

Fighting with Turkey is a viable option, and partnering up with Russia in this area is also an option. But finding a way to do it, is the important question to address.

The rest will flow from that, a professional and aggressive yet diplomatic stance in the Mediterranean will give the European armed forces the credibility it needs to further develop its scope.

Here I sincerely believe that mr. Cravinho is suited to the task, he seems professional and able. So good luck with the priorities.

Fix the problems in the Mediterranean and you will have a great star in the halls of all Europeans.

G-d bless the will to do good and fix things before they get out of hand.

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American politics

January 18th, 2021 No comments

Portrait of Socrates. Marble, Roman artwork (1st century), perhaps a copy of a lost bronze statue made by Lysippos

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the state og policy lately in the US. Don’t get me wrong, I try to embrace a balanced view of things. So that we do not get into excess with anything. But rather seek to find the middle ground, so as to make a sound balance between too much and too little.

In the heat of the argument, often we believe that the other one is evil, and that he or she is morally corrupt.

But listen, how do we know? How do we know that our political adversaries are evil?

Most often they are not, but seek to prop up their own political agenda somehow.

At the end of the day, Democracy is about trying not to have predetermined ideas about how things are, but try and listen to the other end of the table.

Socrates is the epitome of this idea. When he went around in Athens, he said, that he was the wisest of them all. He knew, because he had been around talking to poets, politicians, scientists and so on. But he was most wise, why? Because he knew, that he did not know anything.

It is this humility in the face of political discourse, that most often create a better course.

Knowing that you do not know anything, but just try to grasp at straws, and do your very best. That is a wise way of looking at the world.

That is why we safeguard freedom of speech so fiercely, in order to be able to have a chance to know what other people know and how they see the world.

Now, I don’t agree with mr. Trump with everything. There are a lot of things, where I really disagree with him.

But the end of the day, he does not strike me as evil, but as a vicious fighter for what he believes in.

I can respect that, as well as he can respect my idealism.

Sometimes we need to fight due to geopolitical reasons, as we need to fight the Chinese. I understand the Chinese, perhaps better than most. I have read a lot of both Taoism and Confusianism, and off cause I understand Marxism, my family created that idea.

So my point with fighting the Chinese is not to see them as evil, but avoid a greater world war. Create balance in terms of geopolitical development.

That is a very difficult task.

Anyway, staying calm in a situation, where you work up your emotions is good, and right now, we need to stay calm, and look at the situation from a more levelled point of view. Hopefully in a few month, we can have a feeling of a certain respect for each others perspective.

Mr. Trump said at his inauguration, that he respected the legacy of mr. Obama, maybe we can learn a little from that and seek to improve rather than just destroy, build things rather than deconstruct.

We have an economy we need to rebuild, we have a climate Change strategy to develop, and we have China, that is a formidable adversary.

We need to stay focused, and determined to face the new challenges ahead.

And most important, we need to bolster the reputation of the US in the entire system, build bridges and improve image.

We succeeded in the terms of mr. Barack Obama, maybe this time it will be a bit more difficult because Obama was one of a kind, but it is possible.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The Copenhagen Spirit

January 14th, 2021 No comments

We are in a kind of crisis in the American public. Everybody are screaming at each other and in the moment of warfaring, we may do things, that we come to regret after some time.

Let us have a look at this from a open source perspective.

You know, the deeper story beneath open source, and the idea behind the internet has a beautiful and enriching story that most have not a clue about.

Today at the most of the big tech companies they life and swear by the ‘Copenhagen spirit’, that is, in essence the way of working that mr. Niels Bohr brought to the US when he did the Manhattan project, that is the invention of the atomic bomb.

He had this wonderful idea, that if you trust people, they actually are able to lift their responsibilities themselves.

For me, that is the epitome of working as free persons in a network.

There are wonderful stories about the physicist on the Niels Bohr institute, that played ping pong in the basement, and went and saw a lot of cowboy movies. The books they used as bats were advanced physics books and in that wonderful atmosphere a lot of great wisdom was envisioned and proved. Today Quantum physics and the development of that last strain of ideas is the end and the poor line of thought that we can muster.

At the other hand, the dreams and ideas of Bohr, are really here with us. The open network to create peace and stop us from going into nuclear Armageddon.

So what lies at the heart of this whole system of organization and ideology?

Well, Bohrs good friend, and the philosopher who inspired him to think about openness as the answer, a philosopher called Knud Ejlar Loegstrup, had this belief, that 80% of all our conflicts are misunderstandings. So UNDERSTANDING each other’s motives and worldview will actually hinder most conflicts.

This is the driving force for my cry for reconciliation and stopping all this senseless warfare between the right and the left. Perhaps, there is a lot of misunderstandings going on. Perhaps mr. Trump is not such an evil person that we believe, perhaps the left are not devils either?

UNDERSTANDING and trying to see the view of those we tend to hate can be a way to solve the conflict.

I am not saying, that people do not things wrong, they do, and should off cause be corrected. But an honest try to understand the world, and see people for what they are, is the best start on any attempt to solve a conflict.

So this is what open source is all about, to be able to give a window of understanding to those who try.

Look at people from an unbiased view, and find a way to solve a conflict without ending up with war and misery.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you need to fight, but actually most of time most of conflicts are just your own imagination running wild.

Should we examine peoples true intent or just go on banging the drums of conflict?

My idea is to be faithful to the tenants of Borh, and keep the internet networks open.

G-d bless the will to be honest and humble in our approach to the world.

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The Open world

January 12th, 2021 No comments

There are a lot of things going on in the US right now, and many worry about it. Which is off cause both natural and good.

But as one of those, who have forged some of the ideas of the development, I am not worried, on the contrary, I believe, that what we are seeing is essentially a vibrant democracy in action, and not a tyranny coming into form, why?

Because the reason why mr. Donald Trump is so unpopular, is because he has tried to root out the corruption of the higher echelons of society. That is, in all its simplicity and daring, a great service to Democracy.

Yes, I know that there was the desecration of Capitol Hill by someone who saw themselves as Trump supporters, but at the end of the day, what really matters is his fight against the corruption of American Society; Weinstein, Epstein and all of these disgusting corrupt individuals of the rich class.

Why is that so important, well it is really the bane of any Democracy to be corrupted, this was what felled the Roman Republic, and in a sense was detrimental to the UK in the sixties.

Bible abiding, law abiding, families are the core of the Republic, and if they fight against some kind of corruption, namely that of child abuse and other kinds of abuse, well, that is good.

In all this tumult, one perhaps need to understand what really created Donald Trump. Mr. Donald Trump is a creation of the internet. Q Anonymous, that is a unity of the right and left wing internet warriors and seekers of light, are his creators. These guys were born with the internet, and baptized in the light of the understanding of how and where corruption is and was. So they sought a champion to wage their war against that corruption.

That is not going away, why? Because essentially these guys are the heirs to the whole idea behind the internet, that of open communication in a computer network. An idea coined by the likes of Niels Bohr and others of his postwar generation. The idea is, that if we live in an open world, war is less apt to happen, as theorized by mr. Niels Bohr in his famous letter to the UN, where he called for an open world after the Second World War.

Yes I know that the big tech giants seem to feel that they start owning the internet, but they don’t, and they never will.

All the mechanics of internet control via Facebook and the other Social media platforms, will never again stop the opportunity of the true seeker to know truth.

So, people in power now worry much more about getting caught, and that makes the world better and less corrupt.

I am not picking sides in this conflict, and be as it may, somehow I have become that defender of Democracy that Plato envisioned as an integral part of Democracy.

It needed an open internet network so make a basis that I can work on, but now I am truly free to defend our Democratic ideas.

Rooting out moral corruption being the most important task, and mr. Trump did just that.

So, please, from the mouth of Plato, and his plea to all who believe in Democracy, look at what is important for the Republic. It is to be honest, true and just in a world of self interest.

If we learn that from the presidency of mr. Trump, we have learned an important lesson, and we choose to do it ourselves.

Forget about the censorship, and anger and keep faith in the open source.

G-d bless the will to be faithful to Openness.

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The empire

January 3rd, 2021 No comments

So we are free, it took four ardous years, or was it even more?, to get here, but here we are.

The question is, what now?

Here I believe, that looking a bit on Russia is actually not such a bad idea. I mean, we have been foes, but Russia is getting along pretty well, and they have a thousand year long tradition on keeping the realm together.

What is Russia really?

Russia is a Viking state that started at the rivers of Ukraine, and spread to the east. Along the way, there were a lot of fights, and it really changed the Russians to what the Russians are today; strong, vicious fighters that sleep, but when awaken are unbeatable. That is the lesson learned by both Hitler and Napoleon.

The sleeping bear, as they are called.

At the height of Russian empirialism, because that was what it was, Russians beat everybody even Japan.

Now, how did they manage to keep the realm together?

A lot of the states that was swallowed by the Russians are still ethnically and religiously not Russians, but Muslims and other ethnicities.

They did it by tying a strong bond between the NATIONS of the Russian empire. Somehow each citizen in what we understand as Russia have a Russian identity. They are part of Mother Russia.

The same is probably a strategy that we could try with the British empire. Create a strong identity. A British identity. An identity of people reflecting and idolizing the British culture and ideas.

That is a difficult thing right now, because we have been going in the other direction for such a long time, and just starting a racist Anglo Saxon banging on the shield idea would be out of this world, not to mention both wrong and totally unethical.

But a British identity does not have to be simple, rather make it complex, beautiful and strong in ideas.

Take the ideas, that I have worked on with Oxford, the ideas of climate change in relation to the Anglican Church. This whole ideology ties into Darwin, Goethe and Classical Greek philosophy. It reclaims the land of the Church, and seek to make people believe not only in the church again, but also in G-d.

This is a possible British project to try and unite the different nations of the British empire under.

A good idea, and a way to find some common ground, and it reaches out to the young as well.

We still have to remember, that building nations in an empire, requires nation building, so of cause we have to be in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and all those nations, and inspire and try to improve the nations in a way that creates a sustainable as well as steady flow of happiness.

The British empire was created on the back of the philosopher Adam Smith, that is a banking empire. But now we need to talk content in terms of national ideology, spiritual ideology and the likes.

Don’t get me wrong Adam Smith was a genius, but we have come to an end with his ideas, and the true enigma we have to solve is to understand how to get on from his perspective and SOLIDIFY the empire in terms of stability and happiness for all the citizens.

It can be done, the Russians did it, so we can perhaps learn from them. They seem to be interested in teaching us.

The key here being philosophical development and Change.

G-d bless the will to be honest and solidify the empire that is struggling and honestly crying out for help.

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The climate

December 27th, 2020 No comments

I believe, that there is a balance between theory and practice when it comes to the debacle on climate Change.

On one end, we need to realize the ideas behind the whole political discourse. I mean, what is nature, and how does the ecosystem actually work, with people in it.

We are a part of the great drama of nature, and we need to be honest about the role we play in the collective development of nature itself.

So far we have been mostly negative. We destroy and use nature to our own needs without really thinking about the impact we are having on nature.

Ultimately nature is a fragile thing, and it may very well just collapse.

At the other hand, we also have to be able to do something about it. I mean discussing pollution is a concrete and serious discussion. Not only in our own countries, but globally.

When India polutes the oceans, it is to the detriement of everybody. The same goes with Denmark, if we do something that will destroy nature in some way.

So looking at this on a global level is pretty much a given.

We also have to be able to talk about the difficult things, like overpopulation. What do we do about that? So far the rate of succes has been limited, and what we have done have brought more harm than succes.

So that is why I have proposed a kind of containment strategy, or at least a more realistic understanding of how overpopulation work. We have to come to the conclusion, that in some areas, there will be famine, and we cant do much about ourselves.

We can prepare, and make help ready, but ultimately if a country is overpopulated, it needs to take action and be responsible themselves.

At the end of the whole discussion, we need to have a positive goal, and deeper understanding of nature, a cleaner more sustainable ecosystem and a closer connection to the beautiful creation that is given to us.

We are in a bit of a problem. A problem that can be solved, if we are serious and work constructively about it.

Take mr. Elon Musk. He is doing something to solve the energy crisis. Or some of the farmers here in Denmark that have experimented first with windmills and are now working with new experiments with all kind of things; gas, oil produced by the waste of the farming industries and so on.

A lot of good ideas.

It can be done, we just have to be realistic about the challenges ahead, and do something about it.

G-d bless the will to be realistic about Change.

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Merry Christmas and happy Hannukah

December 25th, 2020 No comments

Well, merry Christmas and happy Hannukah dear reader. Things have finally turned in terms of downward og upward spirals.

Finally the UK is free from the EU, and have made a deal. That is good, for everybody. Perhaps not the Danish fishermen who live where I live here in rural Denmark where I live, but essentially for everybody else.

It seems to me, that when we finally get out of the Corona lockdown, we have a lot of things we can do, and a lot of projects we need to embark on.

First of all, both the UK as well as the US is in a new position, a position, where we have a positive outset, and hopefully can join forces. I really hope that for one.

There are massive challenges ahead. The first and foremost being the fact, that the overpopulation of the world is destabilizing everywhere.

Phosphor as a nutrient to the process of making crops is running out, and we will see starvation and after that wars within the next decade.

Migration being a core concern, that we have to tackle humanely and forcefully.

There will be massive conflicts along lines that will appear, be it this or that religious or political denomination. At the base of the conflicts we will see, will be overpopulation.

A complete crash is actually imminent. As soon as a destructive ideology takes over an area in a vested grab for power, and the food industry suffers, the country or area collapses. You have seen this in former Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, where the farmers were slaughtered in cold blood, as of now the whole country is filling up with deaths of its citizens.

Rhodesia is the model we are currently following, and we will all die, if we do not change course.

In the West, in most countries we have woken to the fact that that is the problem, but we still are not in agreement of what to do.

Essentially the whole overpopulation brings so much suffering with it, that we cannot stomach the things we have to do to survive.

We prefer delaying the final outcome by bending to the process.

Well, we have to wake up to the fact, that the earth is dying, and we people are the disease.

Here again, I do not believe, that we should be mean or treat people badly, on the contrary we need to realize the best possible outcome. We need to think about mother earth and what it brings us of joy and good things, but we also, as humanity, need to think about the problems we pose to the ecosystem of the earth, and be honest about it.

Just letting people wander around the globe as they want to, is not a solution for the long run. Even though we prefer having the strength of the many, we still need to realize, that there is a breaking point and be honest about these wanderings, and stop the wanderings that are unsustainable.

It is cruel, the world is a cruel place. When people flee from environmental catastrophes, and war in general, our natural instinct is to help those in need. But if it destabilizes the country they enter, then nothing has been won, and another country may fall to overpopulation.

What we need is as many wellfunctioning countries in the world, producing as much healthy food as possible.

Instead of solving our problems by evening them out, we need to take the bull at the horns, and keep food production evolving and improving.

At the end of the day, there is going to be war over territory, for the food it produces, and we need to enter these difficult times with strength.

These are the challenges ahead. I know, that looking at these things straight is a difficult thing to do. But to solve a difficult problem, you need to start being honest about it, and take the best possible way.

The next decade will be all about climate change, and how we challenge it in a wise and serious way.

It will be immensely difficult, not least in terms of fighting those territorial wars. But that is the way the world is developing.

Climate change is not a peaceful thing, it is a very, very violent thing.

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we look at the world in realistic terms.

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The promised land

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I see a lot of Star Treck these days. I really like Star Trek, and I have wondered quite a bit why I really like Star Trek, it is the epitome of nerdiness, but it has something deeper resting in its ideas, that kind of resonate with my own quest of trying to convey and fight the the American dream.

At the heart of classics like Star Trek lies a deep humanistic striving. A striving for a better world, and a firm belief in the good of man.

Rest assured, in these days, we have come to realize, that the Promised land is not so promised as we thought. We can’t just figure it out, and truly there are some caveats along the way.

But at the other hand, figuring out, how to tackle these caveats is truly the task at hand.

At one hand we have a lot of principles on how to work in the world, sound, humanistic principles that has faith in the force of Democracy.

At the other hand, we have tumultuous world with a host of challenges. It is in the cross hairs of this meeting of principles and reality that we have to forge a path forward.

At the one hand, being too unrealistic about the world will not work, at the other hand being too cynical about the world will not work either.

There are bad guys out there, that seek to destroy and erect towers of tyranny. They are there, and as a consequence we have to be realistic about the world as it is. We have friends, and we have foes. That is the nature of the world right now.

At the same time, we need to acknowledge the legacy and heritage that we have.

Here is how it is. We are the most benign and best empire of the world.

That sounds great and all, but there is the truth of the word empire in the mix. That includes territory, fighting with other powers over power and so on. That is potentially a system that gives way for tyranny itself.

At the other hand, there is no comparison. All other empires in the history of mankind have never been so kind and understanding. The Romans were pretty tough, the Greek abused Egypt, the Phoenicians bought and sold their territory.

But we actually do care about the wellbeing of man.

So going forward, a kind of balance between the honesty of the Anglo Saxon empire, and the humanistic content is something we should align ourselves with.

I mean, can we really embrace the Klingon or the tyrannical oppressor, or do we fight him?

Well that is an easy answer, but at the end of the day, I truly believe that the perpertous and stubborn fight at the path to the promised land, is what we need to stay on.

We need to keep faith in the soul of the Nation, and not stop fighting for that soul.

That is what we need to understand and try to do now. Stay on the path to redemption.

Perhaps redemption will not happen, but on the way, we can make the world a little bit better.

G-d bless The United States of America.

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The soul

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In the Oxford Symposium, one of the greatest presentations, to me, was a presentation of the American singer song writer mr. Johhny Cash.

Johhny Cash is one of those iconic musicians whom define the very essence of what it is to be American.

I asked the two American gentlemen, whom presented the tale of mr. Johhny Cash how the situation is with the story of the Americans, the American dream and they repeatedly said, that it is in great trouble, the very SOUL of America is at stake.

That is a pretty steep assessment, and I must admit, that it kind of scared me a bit. I mean, here in the Obama camp we have been talking about unity and have talked all the good things about being American up. I mean mr. Barack Obama himself have just written an AMAZING book called Promised Land.

So we care, and we think about how to tackle this problem.

The whole talk about SOUL kind og inspired me to think about a Danish philosopher called Grundtvig, the founding father of Danish Democratic development, and he talked a lot about “The soul of the people”.

I think, that that is really what this is all about, if there is no soul of the people, things start to unravel, and we start at the alienation.

Maybe it is about time to talk about that beautiful soul that Johhny Cash tried so hard to sing alive. That promised land, that city at the top of the hill. Keep the flame alight for the next generations to come.

Because as anything else, souls need nourishment and sustenance to live.

It will only live, if the dreams are kept alive.

G-d bless the will to really reach The Promised land.

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Climate Change as an idea and a philosophical trend in the world stems from the battle between German and British thought in the 18´th century.

At the time nature was a topic of discussion in the great halls of learning, and great leaps of understanding in what nature was, was done.

Among them, the crowning theory; that of Darwin.

But before and around Darwin there were many discussions, Linné, the Swedish botanist that defined the whole system of nature, Göethe, Herder and Kant that discussed the ideas from a Platonic as well as Aristotelean perspective.

So the discussion of nature, that has lead to climate Change ideas, are very deep, AND it talks to the rift between Anglo Saxon thought and German thought.

This whole discussion is what it really is about when we talk about the rift between religion and science. Because the Anglo Saxon as well as French thought drifted towards materialism German thought tried to cling onto spiritualism, but had eventually to give into the Newtonian ideas. Hence Marx and Nietzsche.

But to heal the academic world, we NEED to understand what was going on, and to understand the urge of the Climate Change workers to find spirit somehow, because that is what is truly beneath the whole Climate Change movement. We need to understand the ideas of the belle époque to move on today.

So here it comes.

Nietzsche proclaimed that G-d was dead, but that was AFTER Kant and Göethe made their call for a renewed spirituality. Politically this lead to Marxism, that is today non spiritual.

Marx taking a standpoint after Hegel.

So it makes sense, seen from a natural, climate perspective to go BEHIND Marx and Nietzsche and see where they came from.

As discussed before really the natural point of discussion is Göethe, that was a believer in the beauty of nature, and had a very profound understanding of nature. Göethe had several gardens that he tended and studied, a predecessor to Darwin, that went to Galapagos to do the same.

So what was the idea of Göethe concerning nature?

He was, and had always been a neoplatonist, so he grabbed onto the idea of a set of archetypes of life that is behind all life.

Plato had different understandings of G-d, one of them was, that G-d was good personified, and all good had a kind of blueprint that we follow.

So there was the archetypical idea of a plant and then the environment the plant or any other life lived in.

This was continued by Darwin who focused on the environmental side of the equation.

Me, I am an Empedochlean and an Anaxagorean. So, I do not hold the same ideas of nature as Göehte. Essentially I hold onto the idea that nature is continuous creation of life, and that G-d id the love in this creation (Empedochles). Add to this, that G-d is intelligence in heavens that is conveyed into nature through birth and goes back to heaven through death.

This is all derived from the epitome of Platonic thought, the book called Timeus of Plato (the book he holds in his hand in the painting above).

It took me a long time to research, and it is still ongoing.

But if we can push forth our understanding of science as well as spirituality in the light of Plato and Göethe we may just save our religious institutions as well as our world at large. Because the reason for our current predicament is faith in only the material realm, and that is important to understand. We need to heal ourselves as well as the planet.

G-d bless the will to Change and start the healing.

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Climate change and unity

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Well apart from tackling Covid 19, we also need to have more positive things to do.

One of the things that I have been working on here in Denmark, and that seems to be a sincerely positive, but VERY difficult process is climate change.

After doing several interviews with farmers, and having the discussion with rev. Mountford of Oxford University, it seems to me, that at least some of the difficulties concerning climate change is to be discussed.

Let us have a look at it.

First of all, the THEORETICAL basis is pretty clear. We are fighting for a better more sustainable world, where WE as humans both understand and are part of the world in a positive manner.

Nature is according to the romantic view of both Göethe, Alexander von Humbolt and classical thinkers as Empedochles a place of wonder.

But we have to be honest about this development, we are working with neoplatonic ideas that is conveyed through Göethe.

So we HAVE to admit to ourselves, that these ideas are in essence stupidly romantic.

Now, don’t get me wrong being stupidly romantic may not be such a bad idea sometimes, but the fact of the matter is, that we cannot rely only on romanticism to reach our goals of closer contact with nature.

We also have to work in the REAL world, and as we all know, the real world is a VERY messy place.

In other words, if we walk around in the woods hugging trees, maybe we are a bit more happy, but maybe the woodsman that tend to the wood is not so happy about us running around in his wood.

So in order to turn our romantic ideals into something worthwhile and lasting, we need to turn our eyes to the vast process of REALLY changing our environment into something beautiful.

This process is really the difficult part. Because here we are met with the true reality.

What is that? That is the fact, that mechanics, academics and church organizers do not necessarily understand the world of the farmers.

Where many people of the city are romantic about nature and the country side, the fact of the matter is, that in the real world being a farmer is business.

It is these two very different worldviews, that we need to fuse somehow, and that can only be done in one way; dialogue.

Forcing the farmers to do anything is massively counterproductive, we have just had an example of that in Denmark, where the state decided to expropriate a part of the farming community. Just eradicating a whole part of the country world.

It has cost massively in terms of human as well as animal pain. People have to leave their homes and the farmers are going totally nuts.

It feels like a very, very, very heavy-handed way of doing things.

While as dialogue and understanding has been totally absent in the process.

So breaching the gap between country and city is extremely difficult.

But trying to unite the country is what this is about, and the countryside should ALSO have a voice in the matter.

So, heavy-handed control is not the answer when it comes to developing sustainable ways of working with nature, dialogue is the true and only way.

A practical way of starting working on this process is to make a committee that tries for an honest dialogue with some of the leading lights of both camps. And don’t forget, that the true experts are rarely the ones that claims they are the true experts, the true experts sit in experimental farms in secluded areas with new ideas. At least this is the way it is in Denmark.

So, please let us not be heavy handed in this process of climate change, but try to close the gap between Americans, and unite.

G-d bless the will to be strong in opinion and honest on approach.

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Peace in the Middle East

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It seems to me, that we have come a long way in the Middle East, there is a peace of some sort.

We have almost peace between Jews and the Arabs, and this peace is legendary in itself. Of cause, the close kinship between Arabs and Jews, we actually look very much like each other and share the same both ethnic as well and religious roots, do help.

Israel is slowly becoming a natural part of the Middle East. Old cousins returning from years and years of diaspora.

This is truly peace, as I promised.

In the rest of the world however there is still conflict, and we have to talk about this as well as work on ways to stop them.

Sometimes you need to fight to make peace, and there are conflicts we need to address.

I do hope however, that the new Biden administration, recognises the path to peace that is finally materialised under Trump but was started with mr. Barack Obama.

Peace is something that creeps up on you, and is there almost by coincidence, but at the end of the day. Let us remember Lawrence of Arabia, the first zionist, or one of the first brits to put his mark truly in the Middle East.

Through his immense Oxford learning, his understanding of the Middle East has transformed it in his visage. The pen is stronger than the sword, and let us rejoice in the fact, that this time, the pen won, through the vast understanding of Lawrence of Arabia, the renowned Oxford scholar.

Let his memory be a star to follow.

G-d bless the peace we have found.

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