The difficult balance

September 26th, 2022 No comments

Concerning the response to the very, very difficult matter of, how to make a kingdom in these days. One of the things I think is very important, is to find a balance between new and old.

Kingdom is old, and should not be seen as a renewer. It should be conservative in its very foundation. Preserve and support the Nation.

So the balance is, 65 % nation, and 35% renewal.

We can, and should take a lot of the new ideas of green Change, it is a good thing, to make a greener world. But again here, we should be careful. Not too much, not too little. Therefor the attempt at growing our forests is a viable path. It can be done in the many estates around the nation. And it is done, my good friend Hans, is doing it.

But the more radical ideas, are maybe a bit too much. We should be careful about too much wokeness. That is very dangerous I think. It will undermine the authority of the royal institutions.

We should be seen as primarily conservative, but to be open to new things, take the best, and support that.

So it is a very delicate balance, and don’t be fooled, people are looking very keenly on our actions.

It is a tightrope we are trying to walk and balance, and we should be very observant of the balance.

G-d bless the English and Danish Throne, may it live another 1000 years.

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The mild light

September 23rd, 2022 No comments

One of the things I learned in the campaigns I did with Barack Obama, was the value of virtue.

If we made some decisions that were unjust, as bombing the Pakistani with drones, we got a bad rep.. But if we did things to the letter in terms of ethics, we got a good rep.

You accrue a certain understanding of your character as you live your life.

The same goes for the current crown on the English. It is the sum of the virtue of the current king.

Therefor, it is really quite simple, you have to stick to your guns in terms of ethics. Find what is valuable to the crown, and do it, not with a fanfare or as a provocative action, but civilised and with style.

Currently, we have to get back on some of the old things, so we need to carve a new path.

That path is a path of justice and straightbacked integrity, as the late queen.

Just do as she did, and we will have a succes.

Talking about enlightenment, that is really the core of the idea of the kingship. There are actually two modes. One is Ra, that is the sun, bright and shining. This mode creates a lot of opposition, and then there is the light of the moon, Isis, that is benign and soft.

In the beginning, it is a good idea, to shine with the light of Isis. If it gets too bright, people will be affronted, but a mild light, everybody likes. The late queen perfected that ability, to shine mildly.

That is really where kingship is today. In the old days, the king would fight from the front, but as we have become a Republic. We need to stand back a bit, and let other do the heavy lifting.

But, we still need to shine our light, and that is why Isis mild light is the adequate light to shine with.

G-d bless the will to find a continuation of the English Crown. Hail to the new king.

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The cold winter

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There is a very cold winter coming, as foretold in the lore of litterature.

This cold winter will be a severe threat to many, especially the small folks, who may not have so much to trade or barter.

Old people will be living in cold houses, and will, as a consequence perish, even.

In this situation, it is all hands on deck, and all who have ideas, who can find solutions, should further these solutions. It is now, not yesterday, that we should think about solving the problems.

One of the things that we can do, is to support NGO´s that already are in the field. My friend Roger Haydon Mitchells has this amazing project, where the disabled and less fortunate in terms of wealth are lend a voice. Truth and poverty commission.

These NGOs can be the ONLY voice some people have.

Lending Roger a hand, is therefor vital. This can also be done by the new king. It is not a political action, but an action of relief and humanity, that we should all do.

So please, think about the winter, and how the little folks can get through it, because winter is finally coming to the heartland.

G-d bless the will to be a generous person.

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Hail to the king!

September 15th, 2022 No comments

Hail to the new king, Charles the third! This new era, that a new king may promise, is an era of both great difficulty, but also great promise.

The monarchy have not been better for a long time, and on this basis, there is an apt opportunity to make new strides to secure England, Great Britain and the realm.

My first advise would be, to find a BALANCE between, at one hand the conservative base, and at the other hand the progress of the world.

If we at one hand seem to backward looking, then we may look dated, but if we embrace the new trends too much, we seem disrespectfull of the institutions.

A viable option here, is to, at the one hand, to strengthen the military institutions, and at the other hand embrace the options of climate change.

From the dialogue we have had with Germain Richards, through my friend Palle Madsen (Germain is the forester of his majestys estate in Wales), we could embrace a new way of working with forests. Bring healthy, sound forests to Great Britain and work with the wildlife as well. My good friend Hans Kieldsen also have som quite interesting experiments with the Palomia tree, and other things. All in all a very interesting development, that could, potentially change the green landscape of the UK to a more diverse and lush landscape with an increased biodiversity.

At the other hand, we are engaged in a proxy war, and that war may spread. I hope, that we can find peace, but if not. The military will need its commander.

In this way, a modern approach to the way a monarchy should run COULD be approached. But be careful. People are used to a gentle reign, being too brash is a bit dangerous. But a wise, friendly approach, that respects the needs of the people, and truly serve them, has always been as safe bet.

G-d bless the will to find new ways for the british monarchy.

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The peace

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A milleneum ago, the great vikings of Scandinavia went to the East Roman Empire to serve as guards of the Empire. They were called the Varangian guard, and served, loyally and exemplary their lord in the Eastern Roman city of Constantinople.

Along the way from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, they founded cities to support them, on their journey. Kiev being the main city, that housed a Thinge and represented a wonderful city of north.

Be as it may, the Eastern Roman Empire collapsed, and the Varangians, were kind of trapped in the middle. No one really cared, and they were left to their own devices.

It created a nation of fighting men, trying to survive the endless hordes of the Mongols, fighting the Turks and so on.

An ever increasing attempt at surviving.

But we never forgot them here in Scandinavia, we still bear stories about our ancestors who returned with clothes of so many colours. We called some of them butterflies, for their fineries.

But now the very core of the great Rus is fighting each other, and somehow we in the West are supposed to support one faction.

Have we forgotten, that they are one people, and we supposed to help them find peace?

I know, that the anger runs deep, and as in all war, people are angry. But, as I see it, and this is the true perspective of Scandinavia. We should not pour more gasoline on the pyre. But try and make people find peace.

They are one people, and should meet as the true brothers they are.

At least, this should be the ideal.

G-d bless the peace, that is possible to find, if we try, so please try.

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Goodbye from a friend

September 12th, 2022 No comments

I think I have a very important note to make. After her majesty queen Elisabeth passed away. It just struck me, that I may have something to share.

I know, that I am just a lonely blogger here in the vast sea of the internet, and having been a kind of friend with her majesty, may seem both a bit strange and, honestly, a bit mysterious. But, be as it may, we were truly friends. When I was in deep trouble after my divorce, she came and kind of offered me a job, and I have fought for some time both for british royalty but also for the Anglican Church. So we were actually working with some of the same aims, and trying to figure out, how to make the british isles sound and prosperous.

So, this is a bit of a tale, as to how it was being a friend of Elisabeth, because very few have had that strange yet undescribeable privilege. I am in loss for words.

Elisabeth was that quintessential English rose. She fought for her green islands in a way, that was both stylish yet humble.

She stood up in a world of darkness as a little glimmer of light.

She fought, with all of her heart for the great british men and women, in a world where they are strangely in harms way. She was, behind the scenes, a true champion of both justice AND freedom.

People don’t know that, and I suppose I only know that, because we worked together and she liked me, because this is what I have worked with as well.

I thought you wanted to know. Not many people knew her the way I did, and it is, from the bottom of my heart, the truth as spoken. She was, this comes from a friend, a true rose.

G-d bless you your majesty, and may you live in the memories of your peoples, as what you truly were.

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Farewell queen Elisabeth

September 9th, 2022 No comments

One of the things I so much adored with the late queen Elisabeth, was here grace and humanity. I know, that I have only been read by her majesty, and thus not have been in direct contact with her. But strangely enough, you somehow make connections with your readers. I made this wonderful connection to her majesty.

To be honest, royalty was not the first idea of my career, or whatever you call it as a philosopher, it was democracy. I fought that fight for quite some time now. But after truly understanding the crucial role of the royal institution, it kind of made me see, the utmost importance of that ancient idea.

I also got to learn her majesty and really liked her. I must say, in a strange way, she became a friend.

Through that friendship with a back ally philosopher like me, I hope she found, that there is a millenium more for royalty, and I have realised, that one of the things I am going to do. Is to try and support the royal institutions. Not because of the honour or the recommendations, but because, through the royal institutions will we, as a western civilisation survive this next decade of chaos that is lurking in the vicinity of our eyesight.

Winter is coming, and the wall will break in the sense, that chaos and destruction will ensure in Europe.

But, the kings and the queens will be the valiant protectors of the realms. And by these acts will they survive and make European culture healthy and sound again.

G-d bless the late queen of the british, her majesty Queen Elisabeth. May her memory live forever.

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The dream

August 31st, 2022 No comments

So, we need to discuss, how to find this mirage of a place, this “Eden”.

In the bible, it is described as a place, where Adam and Eve is living. But they are thrown out of paradise, because they eat from the tree of wisdom, and because Eve is not faithful to Adam.

The moral of the story can be discussed in many ways, but the core of it is, I believe, that it is a MORAL story. If you cheat, you will be kicked out of paradise.

This brings motivation to the theory, that the story is about more than just the mythology of ancient times.

It CAN be combined with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, that is another story about ethics. Here the story is also about sin and evil ways. It is described how the angels of spirit eradicates a city state, because of misconduct and evil.

Again we revisit the idea, that the city state (the nation) is based on moral.

If we think about it, then the point is, and now, please you have listen carefully. Eden is based on the good conduct of man, and only if we are good to each other, do we create Eden.

Eden is a place, where good people lives.

That is the essential message, that the Bible or Thorah tries to get across.

It is when a system is corrupted by cheating or meanness, that it is not a happy place anymore.

So, essentially, the point is, Israel or paradise is created, through striving for a good place in terms of governance.

Both on a personal level, as well as at a governmental level.

This is, basically what the dreams of the first settlers were about, something that eventually turned into a part of the American dream. To create the perfect society, where all are good persons, and the system is so well made, that you don’t need law enforcement. Because everybody treats each other with respect.

G-d bless the United States of America, and all those, who dream of a better and more harmonious world. G-d bless the ability to talk across the isle, and make compromise.

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August 21st, 2022 No comments

One of the effects of the Second World War was, among other things, the debunking and falling in negative grace of the nation as an idea.

I get it, people saw how national socialism and fascism sought to destroy any humanism and kindness in the world.

Yes, that is absolutely true, nazism and fascism was crime against human kind.

But my realisation has been, that it is, to some extent a misunderstanding.

The Nation is, according to the sources that I have found, essentially an attempt at recreating heaven on earth, make Israel or Eridu, as the first city is called.

Politics means debate within a framework of a city-state frame. Polis, means city, and in the ancient time, we did not have nations as we have today, but citystates. Athens, Sparta, Babylon, Eridu, Tyre.

So the genius of Hegel and his likeminded thinkers was to take the IDEA of a city state, and widen it to include a larger population.

So we have United States of America, Denmark, UK, France.

But as we went through a series of revolutions in the West, the ideas that the new philosophers put to the idealogical market was often of a dubious quality. Karl Marx was one of these philosophers with a false ideology to be honest. A brilliant analysist, but a quack architect.

The final attempt at a political revolution was Hitlers National socialism. And at this point, things went from bad quality to nightmare.

Whereas communism was pretty scary, nazism was outright destructive.

So this tradition of revolutions, that started with the French Revolution came to an abrupt end, and we have been hanging in the web ever since. We have stopped wanting to overthrow the entire system, but we have realised, that we need to fix the things that are not working.

This is where Change comes in. Because Change, as I see it, is not a revolution, it is healing.

Fixing the faults of the system, that has gone awry.

Nourishing the ideas that keeps the nations healthy and happy. Change is joy, and companionship. Change is dreaming of a better world.

It is EVOLUTION and not revolution.

So, we came quite far under Obama, but then Trump came and we had to stop somehow. Not that the Trump followers does not read my things, I can see they do. But the effect of Trump, was a lot of conflict in the world.

So, I have tried to tell people to calm down, and be reasonable. Not to subdue them, but to make people able to talk with each other and be true, instead of fighting all the time.

IDEALLY nationhood is an immensely positive goal, that mankind has striven for in thousands and thousands of years. The idea of paradise on earth.

This lofty goal, is still there, and it is definitely not an aim at destruction and callousness as nazism, but a dream of unity and love.

G-d bless the aim of unity and love.

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The reason why I have turned around when it comes to the nation, is a pretty simple notice in one of the books I have read.

Working on my book “The freestate”, that is a discussion of Democracy, I realised, that there were some incongruence in the work of Karl Marx.

This is not to debunk his ideas on an ideological level, but to discuss Marx on a philosophical level. Marx was very much into Sparta as an ancient example to follow. Where the US is Athens, the Soviet Union used to be Sparta.

Sparta worked for 700 hundred years, so it was very stable as a political construct. But, there was a keen and very clear reason why this was the case, and that was the fact, that the community was absolutely closed to all foreigners.

You just couldn’t become a spartan, you had to be born a spartan.

This is cut clear by the philosopher Lycurgus, who is the founder, philosophically speaking, of Sparta.

Then how come, that Marx talk about community, (communism) and at the same time talks about workers uniting internationally?

I mean, these two things are essentially not compatible. It does not work.

To me, it shows, the lack of quality in Marx works. It does not sit with quality. This is pretty strange, coming from Trier, where German ideas of quality comes from. We all respect the Mercedes and BMW.

But just as cars have quality, so does political architecture.

This is what Lycurgus tells us.

Lycurgus made something, that lasted 700 years. Essentially this is where the left is left these days. With a poor base in terms of theoretical quality.

Again, I do not say, that all ideas of Marx were wrong, but it has to work, otherwise it brings misery to countless billions around the world.

I mean, look at the effect of communism. It does not work.

So then the solution is pretty simple, we need to go back to Hegel, who Marx rebelled against. Hegel was right!

Sometimes, when you rebel against something, because you are young and talented, doesn’t necessarily make it right.

Hegel was the one, who had it right.

Anyway, this is why I call for a blessing of the nation. G-d bless America. G-d bless England. G-d bless Denmark. Because, I believe, that we need to have blessed nations by G-d.

This does not mean, that we have to have Neo nazi nationalism. No it means, in essence, that we should realize what nations REALLY are. It is written in the bible, it is the attempt to build Israel on earth, Eden or paradise.

It is not a negative goal, but a goal, where we all are living in harmony. Just as the first pilgrims had it. They were right. The frontiersmen, were for a dream of building paradise on earth.

This is what a nation is, if you really look into it.

So, this has been my proposition. Change, is to build heaven on Earth, in a very abstract way.

It is difficult, it can only be done, if we strive and fight for it to be realised. But it is the idea of nationhood, if you look into the layers behind scripture. The bible or Torah is just full of EXAMPLES. To truly understand what is going on in the ideological layer, you need to read the history behind these examples. So I have done that, Egypt, Phoenecians, Jews, Assyrians, Persians, Greek, Roman. All the ancient cultures, that is the bedrock we stand on.

And it is not an oppressive goal, the ancients sought, it is a goal, where humanity lives hand in hand in harmony.

G-d bless the will to follow the ancients, and rebuild this world in trust and companionship. G-d bless the dream of Eden.

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Made in America!

August 19th, 2022 No comments

It is at once a great privilege and and terrible responsibility, to take up the mantle after great thinkers as Immanuel Kant, Jürgen Habermas, Søren Kierkegaard, Adorno and Karl Marx.

Being a centreal european thinker in the same mould as the Frankfurterschool and off cause Danish thinking, the schools that these predecessors have produced are pretty amazing.

At the other hand, it is also my privilege to counter and rebel against my forefathers. Maybe I am in the same family as mr. Karl Marx, but that only makes it more prevalent to say, that yes I do respect the man, but it is my job and right to discuss the man.

No, I do not believe in an international borderfree world, I believe, as the predecessor of Marx; Hegel, in a g-d inspired nation.

This does not mean, that I do not understand and respect many of the ideas of Marx, yes, there should be a social system in the state to protect the weak, yes, there should be a community to stem from, yes, workers are to be supported. But, it is, to me at least, folly to think, that we can have solidarity with people we do not know. We need to start with what we know, and then start from there, and expand it. This is the natural way. As Alinsky said, we need to ORGANIZE! This organisation is done by someone, with the aim of something. But also, as the old union leaders said. Let us work with people who make plants and produce stuff, if we can.

It does not necessarily have to be an adversarial relationsship, we can, if we try, make it work, and make sure, that things are still in the oven, both in Europe as well in the US.

No, not all workers are in love with the green change, some prefer to have a car, and live in a small flat. They cannot afford an electric car.

At the other hand, we should make it so, that we build a greener world, hopefully to the benefit of all.

G-d bless the will, to ORGANIZE, and make things, made in America.

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August 14th, 2022 No comments

Understanding Plato, is to understand academia. Academia is in a great crisis these days. All the things, that some see as a part of Woke, and most see as a part of political correctness, that is diminishing the ability to think freely at campus, COMES from academics, who obviously do not like the idea of letting other people talk about what they want to talk about.

This is a bit like telling a jew not to like Israel or a muslim to be unjust. It is a fault in that league.

Let me explain.

Plato was a quiet rebel. He had seen atrocities in his life, and decided to make a system, that would serve as a deterrent against tyranny. A deterrent against oppression and corruption.

Being the person he was, he didn’t do it by scolding anyone, he did be trying to build the most beautiful, coherent, idealistic system that man has ever seen.

He was all into beauty, good and truth, and many other virtues. He is THE philosopher to turn to, if you want to be an idealist.

He had seen it all in his own life time. His teacher, whom he REALLY loved, Socrates, was killed by the callousness of a class of tyrants. His other teacher Anaxagoras, was put to jail. He was surrounded by teachers who had been put into jail. The system he was living under, that of Democracy, was riddled with disgusting moral corruption.

So his attempt at solving the problems he saw in his life, was to, at one hand, point to Sparta for an alternative, which I personally thing is a problem, and then build this beautiful, marvel of a system, that we still see as the basic stone of all of academia.

Academia MEANS people who adhere to the crowd that was in the grove of Academus, a grove where Plato students hung out, as we still, in an abstract way do.

Plato was a QUEIT rebel. The tenants he gave us; the cave allegory as the main tenant is about GOING AGAINST the moral corruption of the society. His genius was, that he invented an institution, that, if it works, works against the corruption of Democracy, thereby being the very thing that keeps Democracy sound and well functioning.

It wasn’t Sparta that was the remedy for Democracy’s inherent danger of corruption, it is academia as such.

In this sense, if academia LEADS the corruption in a Democracy, something went just wrong somewhere. It is doing the complete opposite of what it is supposed to do. I mean, it just doesn’t make sense.

We still have bastions of true rebels within academia, as Chicago university, and Oxford.

But there is an inherent problem, in academia as such, and as a true platonist, I just know the ideas of this ancient person, and have lived with his ideas in most of my career, or whatever you can call it; his message is clear. We are supposed to search for the light, through dialogue, to hinder the moral corruption of society.

G-d bless the will to see things openly, and be honest and true. G-d bless the wisdom of Plato.

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August 13th, 2022 No comments

After the long symposium that I have just attended at Oxford university, a lot of good analysis and understanding have evolved as a result of the discussion.

First of all, I have been quite critical against woke for some time. The reason being, that I do not see this new cultural marxist idea to be very much in contact with the whole idea behind cultural marxism. Cultural marxism is, at its core a religious, humanistic, Jewish philosophy, that seek to further the right of the individual.

The mass movement of woke is against the very idea of woke, that is supposed to see each individual as something sacred.

How can safe spaces, and political correctness have anything to do with the sacredness of an individual?

Harking back to the beginning of cultural marxism; Adorno, Horkheimer is to realise that the opposite of nazism is not just the fight for a fair treatment of minorities, which I think is extremely important, but much more, the ability to treat people humanely. Freedom of speech being the main idea.

Enlightenment, that Adorno speaks about, is being true.

I also believe, as a result of the discussion, that there must be a certain faithfullness to the idea of non violence. I know that in Ukraine and the Middle East, we have to defend ourselves, but the point of non violence is essentially, that war is about the virtues of each opponent. If you find yourself fighting against a party, that is totally beautiful in terms of ethics, and carries the sacrifice that they have to endure with a smile.

Then you fight against someone, who are truly good persons.

Seeing each other for what we are, is important, and making safe spaces, to shut that important truth out, is a step in the wrong direction.

Thoreau, who came up with the ideas of non violence, was a principled person, who preferred going to jail, rather than obey an unjust law. He was a simple living guy, who just didn’t accept the rules, if they were unjust.

That is the true example.

G-d bless the will to truly find peace, in a world of conflict.

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The work of G-d

August 1st, 2022 No comments

When you work for spirit, the aim is to make a better world. But how may that world look like? It is a world of happiness and joy. That is entire project of the monotheistic religions, to meet in joy, love and happiness. Dance, have fun, meet across the normal boundaries that set people apart.

G-d bless the Lambeth conference

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Holding on to our humanity

For a long time, I had the good fortune to be so strong in my faith in humanism, that I did not succumb to the usual death trap of bitterness and vindictiveness that is often accompanied, with people that searches for light and truth.

Plato explains it like this. Humanity lives in a cave. It is strung to the end of the cave wall with strings, so it can only see the shadows of a small bonfire that is behind them. But, between the bonfire and the peoples, some guys walks back and forth with carboards that casts shadows on the cave wall.

The point being, that most people only see the manipulated truth, not the real truth.

So the task of the philosopher is to go down into the cave, cut the strings, and let the true light into the cave.

This story is the main story behinds things like journalism, science, a lot of religion and many other application, for thousands of years.

The problem is, when the philosopher cuts into the strings, people start to rebel, and are angry with the philosopher. Bringing truth into the cave is unpopular. The truth bringers are rarely popular.

So you do, as a philosopher, end up in a string of harassment, are put to jail even and even, sometimes, put to the stake and burned alive. As Galileo, and Anaxagoras.

You know, I have just been through another bout of persecution, by the city council, by the cultural minister, by some people of the antivaxx, by a ring of peadophiles and so on.

For the simple act of being honest about the problems we face these days, and for calling out the crime ridden underworld here in Northern Jutland.

Now even I do have my limits, and after a hectic spring, with a lot of struggle, I found myself in a position, where I fought on endlessly.

That was the trap, right there, the bitterness, the loss of faith in humanity.

Because, and that is a profound realisation, enlightenment is a HUMANISTIC tradition. It is about the faith in human beings, and the good we can do for the world. The minute you loose that positive and constructive focus, you are just a bitter old man, loosing your motive and idealism.

Luckily the red indian community was there for me, in my troubles. They tried to heal me, and showed me thet beauty of being positive and supportive.

Maybe this is where we have ended after Trump? Lost our faith in being honest, supportive and nice to each other. We have become bitter, the fight has caught us, and we let ourselves to places, that are not good.

Holding on to our humanity is the only thing that really matter in a conflict. Loosing our humanity will mean that we have, in a very real way, lost the fight for a better world.

G-d bless the will to remember our humanity in a world riddled with trouble and conflict, remain positive and supportive to everybody, even though it is immensely difficult.

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