Congratulations mr. Boris Johnson

Congratulations mr. Boris Johnson, after at long process going here and there, finally there is release, and we got somewhere. 

As a supporter of you specifically and the UK in general, this is my work coming into fruition, so I must say, that I am most satisfied with this development. This is really good. I know that I only work as a kind of vehicle for some of the powers and unseen Oxfordian strengths, I know that. But being a medium for such esteemed forces leaves me quite humble. 

Let us be honest about this, the great mother of all of England; Oxford has called into the wild of the Danish swamp and morass, and the vile but strong defender of the isles of England has come forth to join in the fray. 

Alas, my great and humble honour, is to give you my dedicated blade of ancient strength and valour, to your help and ultimately freedom. 

Let the old words speak said mr. Churchill. Let the vile but strong g-ds of old, whom England now gets its strength from speak again, to confront the viciousness of a trembling empire, an empire that now seeks to regain its footing. 

Let the powerful and strong spirit of the old, be the well of strength that will, once again, be the backbone of that wonderful country. Let it raise its banner again, to show its true colors. 

I will be here to shed some light on the process that will set England free, so in this I will serve, unsung and for free. 

But that will be my pleasure, to see how that great culture that I personally love so much. That country of mystery and towering art. That home of litterature, that wonderful, wonderful country now suffering, will once again rise, as the bird phoenix, again remaking its feathers, rebuilding its abode. 

Because it is now time, to make the UK great again. 

G-d bless you, and may that tear finding its way down my chin, be the last. 

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There are always a lot of things happening in the underground of each wing of the political spectrum. Sometimes these things are good, sometimes these things are bad. 

To me, as a Jew, it normally rests upon how these underground developments look upon Jews. 

I see Jews as the kind of canary in the coal mine. 

If new trends are antisemitic, they are usually riddled with conspiracy theories, wacky ideas about who control the world, and have awful ideas about how to make the world. 

At the other hand, if the ideas are prosemitic, the ideas are often, not always, but often idealistic about enlightenment, humanism, all the good ways of the world. 

Ok, I admit, that many Jews do things wrong, to mention a few; Marxism (Marx was a Jew), in the Ottoman Empire there was a crazy Kabbalist Jew who professed all kinds of marvel, but ended up being a fraud. 

There are many both wonderful and horrifying stories in the history of mankind where some Jews took this and that idea to the extreme. 

Anyway, my point is, the heritage that we Jews try to protect, the best we can, is filtered goodness. All the bad guys were lost, and only the good guys remain. Like David, Jesus, Niels Bohr, and many more more or less famous Jews, who have pushed humanity forward in a positive direction. 

So to look at the new things going on in the underground of your own political environment, one should look at the way they think. 

Both right as well as left have, honestly, come up with some pretty nasty new developments as of late. On the right wing, neonazism is on the rise, at least in Central Europe. 

I cant count all the times where some punk drive by shoots me on Facebook to tell me about all the negative things Jews are to blame for in the world. 

It is disgusting. 

This trend has all the paraphernalia of antisemitism, including conspiracy theories, a firm belief in an alternative truth to the rest of us, and virulent hathred of Jews, it is disgusting. 

The same goes for the left wing. Here it is the same, whereas the right wing have Nazies the leftwing have all these crazy islamists.

They also believe in conspiracy theories and blame the Jews for everything. 

So, my conclusion is, that we have good and bad things going on on each wing of politics, sometimes our bad sides emerge, sometimes the underground is filled with wonderful new ideas. As when Eliphas Levi wrote his stories about a socialism that took care of the poor, and tried to warn about famine. 

Look at the name of that guy, he wasn’t even a Jew. But a French priest. 

The same goes on for my heritage, that of Grundtvig. He hired my great grandfather to found his hoejskole Vallekilde. My great grandfather was a Jew, and so on. 

Sorry, but I am just so proud of my great grandfather. He was an amazing person. 

Anyway, we have to be wary about antisemitism in our own political project. Nothing good comes with it, and if we realize it is there, on each wing, we should distance ourselves from it immediately. 

G-d bless the will to be transparent, and see the good of life. 

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True socialism

To me, science or at least social science has met its Armageddon in the open borders policy mr. Soros has professed for some time. 

It is simply stupid. Off cause countries cannot live with open border, its quite simply not working. 

This has led me to fight for at more sensible border policy, something that has been picked up by, among others, mr. Trump. 

But there is a deeper question at large here, and that is something we need to address. 

Because why do socialism end up in this dead end?

To me, it has to do with one principle that Karl Marx supported. A principle that is wrong to me. 

Karl Marx believed, that human societies progress in a linear fashion. First we were hunter gatherers, then we were living in cities, then nations and so on. 

What if this understanding of our world i wrong? Perhaps it is not so, that history and progress just marches on. Perhaps it is shifting all the time. Sometimes we go forward, other times we go backward. 

I mean, just compare the idea of the Marxist state with the family. There is no doubt, that when the idea of the family was invented by the Egyptians thousands of years back, the idea was a revolution for mankind. 

This was something Marx didn’t respect, but planned a state, where the family was taken over by the state. 

Has it lead to a more happy life in the socialist states where this idea still reigns supreme?

I mean, look at all the divorces, all the unhappy children, all the families that are broken and weak. Maybe all these people would be better of with a stronger family?

So to me, the progress Marx thought he invented with his ideas, is actually a step back in terms of civilization. 

So as a paradoxical consequence of Marx, he actually reduced the level of civilization in the world, he didn’t further it. 

In other words, perhaps we should not be so respectless with the ideas we inherit from our fathers and mothers. Perhaps the world they came from wasn’t so bad after all. 

I could mention more things that I think was a turn wrong in Marxist thinking: His rejection of spirituality, his open borders policy, his belief in state absolutelism, his lack of understanding with democracy and law, so on and so forth. 

I believe, we should realize that Marx was a thinker of poor quality. 

So what do we do?

As I see it, we turn to the socialist that predecessed Marx, because they were actually in the right to me. Voltaire, Rousseau, and one gem, that I have begun reading lately:; Eliphas Levi.

Levi was actually the true salt of the French Revolution. He tried to build a socialist religion, and he was the one who made the revolution by his famous pamphlet: The voice of famine. 

A book where he tried to tell the elite about the suffering of the poor. 

Something that ended up turning French aristocracy on its head. 

But he was a good man, a humanist and a defender of the poor. 

We have to shed all these analyses of production capabilities and turn to the roots, talk about community again, how we help the poor. 

I also believe, that we have to forget about all this hathred to the family, and start supporting that bedrock of the state and society again. Healthy families, in healthy communities, in healthy nations, in healthy federations, if we want that. 

Stop going down that very hedonistic path we are going down on now, and start to care about what is truly important again. 

The world is not without limits, there are limits, but those limits should be about doing the right thing to friends and family. 

G-d bless the will to do good.

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When Great Britain becomes free, it will once again be what it truly is; a vast, never ending empire of the West. 

The lay out is already ther; a solid connection to great parts of the world, a cultural as well as an academic leading role in the world. 

Top notch scientific development i all areas. 

But most important; a culture that people really respect. 

But there is one aber dabei. To be free, the UK needs to sacrifice some of its connections to the continent. 

This will not be easy, and therefor, the independence will have to be seen for what is is; a sacrifice for at better future. 

The UK will sever its ties with the continent, but it will at the same time solidify its ties with its former allies in terms of culture, system and ideas.

It is therefore both a boon as well as a sacrifice to walk that path of freedom. 

But a path that I hope all in the UK will ultimately support, at least those who see themselves as a heirs to the democratic ideals of the UK. 

There are negative ideologies, as those who look like letterboxes, but most will support the will to be free. 

Also, it will reverberate with the friends of the UK around the world, that the UK chose to be free, reflecting their own stance here in life. 

G-d bless the will to be free.

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Here just before the final stretch of the Brexit Odysee, there is a good idea, that I may give to whom will be the next PM. 

According to the ancients, you get freedom, but you only realize it by the strength of your arm and conviction. 

In other words, we are free at birth, but to remain free in life, we need to stand up for our values, our integrity and our country. 

That is the way with freedom, you may get it, but to keep it, you have to fight for it. 

As it is with England. England has always been free, ok we Danes once happened to rule over England, but apart from that, it has always been free. Free from outside rule, until someone thought it was a good idea, that UK joined the EU. 

Did it give the necessary freedom, no. It has given the country away to a Brussels bureaucracy, that has not thought about the freedom of each country, but rather its own control. 

This is not the way of the Great Britain’s. As a part of a country that has given kings to England, this time around we will give you your freedom back. Old wrongs righted. 

So this is my advice, fight for your freedom. Do not take it for granted, that you will remain free. Take your freedom back!

With this courageous act, once again you can tend to your own affairs, make your own course, and give that liberty to each of your own men and women of the Great Britain. 

Ignite that fuse, let it be heard, that your generation did not falter at the task at hand. But stood up for your freedom, to give it on to generations after you. 

If you go away on thirty years time, and the country will be free. It will be your doing, just imagine the honour that will be bestowed upon you. 

Freedom is not free, it has to be won by the courage and hard work of each generation. 

Let it be so, that this generation did not fail that task, but stood up to the task when needed. 

And let it be known, that this time around, the Danes were your friends and not your vicious foe. 

G-d bless the freedom of the isles of the Great Britain’s.

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Come on England!

Well, this is it Boris, a whole life of striving, doing the right thing, trying to find that middle path between what is true and what is noble. 

This is it, a potential coronation as the saviour of the Realm. 

It will be an arduous task, something that only one in each generation can actually do against odds seemingly insourmountable. 

But as Mr. Winston Churchill singlehandedly won the Second World War, based on a thing so mundane as decency, now your time has come to put your mark on history. 

The time for the Great Britain’s to arise once again, for its shimmering peaks of skill and knowledge to manifest once again. 

You are that man Boris, to take the reins of the empire, the one that is truly called for, please admit your own vanity to a place where it is not a factor. Please, sacrifice yourself for the good of the commonwealth, please be that English chap, that will swing in on his moped, and save the day with a gracious swing of his Excalibur. Be that honest, good and fine gentleman. Be that man of scholarship and excellence. Be that man of integrity, as the country needs to raise the banner once again, and call all its best heroes, its wisest philosophers and most beautiful of the roses to remake England. 

Blessed be it, by the warmth of spirit and grace of that whom truly protects us from where we can only fathom its existence. G-d bless your tiny and windswept island, COME ON! And be that sturdy, stubborn, wonderful men and women we all love as our kin and friends.

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If we are to unite the Americans around a subject, I believe, that it is pretty obvious what project that would potentially be. That of public service, humanism and the American dream. 

What is that?

Essentially, it is about seeing the need of the society and not only our own needs. Shedding some of that me time, and look a bit to community time. 

Let people meet across what would considered barriers, and things that is usually considered dividing things. 

Put in motion things, that unites and does not divide. 

That again is not about religion or politics, it’s about human dignity and humanity in a more general sense. 

Something that is not just for one or the other system. But some things, that is potentially human. 

Some say, that the soul is where ethics reside. That our connection to G-d is what teaches us about what is good here in life.

Perhaps it is that essential goodness that we need to strive for, that “yes I see you too” feeling. That is love. Not fake, not just something we pretend, but that what truly binds us together across our differences. 

Find that, and the great US of A, will be redeemed.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Lest not forget

There has been a difficult time for mr. Boris Johnson. Some leftwing extremists have sought to hinder his advent as a political leader, and the new Conservative guard in the face of mr. Farage, is also not happy about the idea that a true conservative leader will be in number 10.

You know Boris, as mr. Trump says; it comes with the territory. These are the things that modern politicians have to endure in these days.

Do not let yourself be put down, or in any other way feel threatened by this. But carry on the lightning torch of humanity and strong feeling for the country of the Great Britains.

Lest not forget the wider vision of what we are doing. It is more than just Brexit, it is the reermengence and rebirth of the British common wealth, that some still see as the Empire.

The empire is not what it used to be, but with the right leader, it may just have a comeback. Not as an expanding cultural rule, but as a solidification of the English spirit and thought.

Let Oxford live again, let the buttresses of the ailes shine with light of the coming empire.

Let English culture regrow and spread its wings again.

It may be a quaint old spinster, some say. But deep underneath, there is that tremendous personal strength. That tenacity of a people hard hit with difficulty and bad things all in all.

It has happened before, as is can now.

That the spirit of the people, will turn the tide of the destruction, and fight for another day. For another millenium, for another day of peace.

G-d bless that wonderful English people of the hardhit and yet immensely strong spirit of and island, let it prevail.

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Liberal Zionism

We are the brink of a possible war with Iran. I have fought to hinder this, and these are some of my more profound reflections.

Liberal Zionism is a trend, that, philosophically, has a root in Danish liberalism. I am not the first Danish/Jewish philosopher who have given something to Israel.

Herzl was the founding father of Israel, he gave us the constitution and the framework of the first Israel, at least this time around.

But philosophically and thus ideologically there was a contemporary of Herzl, and that was the Danish/Jewish philosopher Georg Brandes.

He was the leading humanistic philosopher of his time.

His ideas about enlightenment and humanism is what is the rock bottom, that liberal zionism stands on today.

So a reflection on his ideas and philosophy is what is good to think about in these days of strife and peace.

Brandes believed in a thing called “The highest enlightenment”. As I understand him, this is essentially an uncompromising search for the truth.

Truth will set you free, and serve as THE tool of Democracy.

It is also represented in the statue of liberty, the torch is the torch of truth.

You can also find a religious parallel in this idea, Michael the Archangel sets forth the sons of light. That is the fight for truth, Israel being the light upon the nations and so on.

But as a essential consequence of this; Israel is supposed to be a harbinger of light, in the sea of darkness.

This is how you find peace. Not only by walking with a big stick and talking softly, but also by criticizing and enlightening all corruption in the world.

This the legacy of Brandes, that through knowledge, wisdom and truth, can you find peace.

To be honest, the followers of Brandes here in Denmark, especially the party called “Kulturradikale”, that is cultural radicals, have not been truly able to follow this course, but has surrendered to the vilest and most destructive forces of the world. As they did with nazism, and now with islamism.

This is where I, as a follower of cultural radicalism have criticized the other liberals for not taking the virtues and values seriously.

The Obama peace process as I have been and able to help with underscores the value of Liberal Zionism, when it actually works.

I admit, that the Oslo accords was a flop. It did not work.

But I think that the rest of Israel most also admit, that what I did with Obama actually did work.

We brought peace to the Middle East. We united all the different factions of the Middle East, to fight who were the sons of darkness.

Following in the footsteps of Brandes and heeding the creed of the great archangel Michael.

That example should give som credit to Liberal Zionism, as it actually worked.

Because that is essentially the test; does it work. And it did.

G-d bless the freedom and peace of Israel.

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Middle East

The current conflict in the Middle East was a long time coming. Question is; does it make any sense in an American perspective, and how does it tie into the security needs of Israel?

First of all; Israel is supposed to make peace, not war. The continuing saber rattling towards Iran does not create peace, it creates war. We are supposed to be the level headed and intelligent middle ground in the Middle East. Taking each side into consideration.

There was an unbalanced power buildup in the Middle East, and the Russian/Iranian side had had too much power due to the peace process that Obama did. 

This is unbalanced. But that does not give us the excuse to make a very aggressive campaign against Iran. It does give us the right to fight the proxy wars off cause. But we need to meet Iran on the level they are fighting us. 

I truly believe, that things are spiraling out of control. We need to take step back, reassess the situation, and look at our true priorities. Are we really interested in starting a fruitless war in the Middle East, putting young people in harms way?

What is it we want to accomplish but peace?

Not a naive or powerless peace, but a peace between equals.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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Election 2020

Things are slowly heating up in the US concerning the election in 2020. Let me be clear, I will not be the one who decides anything. But I do have my champions. It is no secret, that I really like mr. Biden. Perhaps because we know each other from the Obama era. I like Joe. He is an average American, but also one who can reach left as well as right.

We need someone who can mend the fences, and make the system run again.

However, there is one thing I really believe Trump did better than what we did in the Obama era; he did get migration under control.

To have any chance of winning the next election. We need to accept his ideas about migration, and fulfill the pledges he has given in terms of protection of the country.

Uncontrolled migration and open borders simply creates too much havoc in the country, creating problems for the citizens.

It is not that people can’t come to the US, but is has to be done in the normal manner, with green cards and so on.

Not illegaly.

We also have to face, that there are some countries that are better at giving people to the US than others.

We should prefer countries of origin, that actually wants to be a part of the American dream.

That said, we need to heal, to unify, to build bridges, not antagonize our political adversaries.

Here in Denmark, we have just had an agonizing process of some of my friends actually, who had some disgusting claims.

I do not believe in senseless conflict, I believe in humanity and unity.

This is hopefully what will come.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The new round table

The british political agenda is shifting rapidly. Let me be honest, I hated when I saw Mrs. May being humiliated. It was a crying and devasted PM.

Not to deliver in politics is awful. But at the other hand, we need someone with the skill not the necessary political color scheme.

That is why I condone mr. Boris Johnson as the contender for the next PM. He has the immense amount of skill needed to pull the UK out the EU whith as little harm as possible.

He IS the right man.

I remember when I was invited to Oxford some years back, at the time of Mr. Cameron. I got hold of this amazing book written by Mr. Johson. A sort of political manifesto of Mr. Johnson, written as a tribute to the greatest conservatives of all time; Wiston Churchill.

I really liked it, and it is still in my bookshelf here in Denmark.

The idea of Churchill of managing both the left and right inspired me as well. Finding the political middleground.

That is truly the talent of mr. Johnson, and that is exactly the skillset we need these times.

The Tories are in danger of total collapse.

Bring in the knight to make a round table. That is mr. Johnson.

G-d bless the will to be honest and humble in the face of the mounting task at hand.

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The Middle East

The Middle East is at the brink of war, and I believe, that that is not a good thing.

Take it from the perspective of the Americans.

The US is in a war with China, it may sway forward and backwards a bit. But there is no doubt, that the show down is neering. It is simply not possible to have two super global powers just besides each other with no conflict.

So, there is a problem with the Chinese.

Looking at its virtues, the Chinese are extremely well organized, has an ancient culture, and has no problem with getting ressources with foul methods. The last virtue is a bit of a vice, but seen in the great power game, ruthlessness and efficiency getting ressources is a good thing.

At the other hand, China is not traditionally a fighting power. It does not, as Japan, have a tradition for military conflict. It has a tradition for defense, but over the time China has develop due to the conqerours who have taken China and defined the trajectory of the country.

It is, for good or worse, a static culture, that does not like to either develop through conquest or inspiration.

This has changed however in the later years, and China has developed through copying European traditions, especially British traditions.

So we are looking at a behemoth of the power, that has to be tackled by the West.

The US has woken up to this threat quite early, due to the work of Mr. Barack Obama, and has tried to find a way to fight China.

Late Mr. Trump has done so also. Economic warfare will off cause bring some progress, but it will end up in physical warfare sooner or later. So getting the country into that gear is pretty important.

We have wasted some time not being sufficiently agressive, but the next president will have to work and fix this challenge.

But that ties into the Middle Eastern conflict. Fighting on two fronts is pretty stupid. So using a lot of ressources in the Middle East right now, is not a good strategy. We need them in Asia.

Therefor, the course towards peace in the Middle East, is the best seen from the perspective of the US.

Then we have Israel.

Is it in the interest of Israel to fight Iran?

Well on some levels it actually is. Due to this conflict, a tight and good relationship to the Arab world has developed.

We have more friends now. Consequently, we are more at peace. It even ties into the Gaza conflict, where the Arabs are ok with abandoning Hamas, if they can work on Iran.

At the other hand, war is terrible. In terms of human lives and suffering, war is always terrible.

That is why, I have actually argued for a redemption and a plan of peace.

We in Israel shoud not be the harbingers of destruction. We should be the peacemakers.

I know, that sometimes war is inevitable. If that is so, war should be done as fast and humanely possible.

So, all in all. I do hope, that we can talk peace in the Middle East, because, honestly, that is all the best.

G-d bless the Middle East.

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Now there is a chance, for at renewed positive deal in the UK.

I have proposed a deal that finds common ground between the parties in the Commons.

There is one serious recommendation that you might want to consider.

The best politician that the Conservatives have right now, is mr. Boris Johnson. He has the ability to make bridges and find compromise.

Perhaps he would be the ideal candidate to engage in the negotiation process?

If he can deliver here, he can perhaps be the next PM also, and Mrs. May can redraw back to a dignified role in the party. Respected and beloved.

The compromise is what is all about, and even though there are radical elements in Labour, there are also more midleaning elements. Perhaps a compromise with them could be possible.

G-d bless the UK.

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We Jews uphold a tradition called Purim, every once a year we celebrate the miracle of the rescue of the Jewish people around 2500 years ago.

According to the story the Jewish people was held hostage in Persia by the Persian empire. A great and vast civilization at the time.

According to legend the evil Haman sought to put the Jewish people to the torch, but by divine providence queen Esther (the name of my second daughter) went to the emperor Xerxes and he decided to trust the Jews.

What can we learn from that story? Well first of all, I suppose it is about the relationship between Jews and Iranians. When we are at our best, we can be friends. When we are loving, intelligent, go with G-d, there is peace and rejuvenation to be found.

But when we descend into egoism and selfishness, the opposite is the case.

I believe, that we as Jews should be neutral.

Now the great peace treaty, that I am almost the only one to upheld was based on these ideas.

I know, that they seem unrealistic now, and perhaps soon things will deteoriate.

But let us remember this moment, that moment of Purim, when we actually found each other in peace.

Perhaps that will be the saving grace, when things start to go bananas again.

G-d bless the peace we can find on this place called earth.

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