Welcome presidents!

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Well, now we have two Presidents coming to Denmark. One of them even comes to my own home city Aalborg, to make a speech there. Really want to come, but due to severe budgetary restraints, unfortunately this is not possible. 

It is however possible to invite mr. Barack Obama in for a cup a coffee here in my home, the offer is standing Barack, anytime. 

Then we have another president MAYBE coming to Denmark, that is the current president mr. Donald Trump. He comes in normal Trump fashion, that is great uproar, a few scandals and then as a friend coming anyway, because at heart Trump is a friend. 

Anyway, it is a great honour having you here, you are more than welcome, and look forward to the trip. I will at least, and support you however I can when you are here. 

G-d bless the strong alliance between Denmark and the United States of America.

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The freedom of the Christians

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There is a lot of discussion within the Christian community regarding the use of force. Can Christians use lethal force against an enemy?

There has been numerous occasion where this has been the case, not at least the crusades. But even today, the military is, in most respects a Christian military force, at least in Great Britain. 

Then a reflection on military force within Christianity would make sense. 

Me, I am a Jew, but as a part of the “light upon the nations” duty all Jews ideally serve. My attempt has been to try and help some of the suffering nations around the world. 

So back to Jesus Christ. 

According to some apochryphical sources, Jesus Christ was trained as an Essene. That is a Jewish religious order of the ancient Middle East. An order that calls for purity of soul, the obligation to help those in need, and a rejection of material needs. You could say, the Franscicans of the Jews. 

The Essenes is then interesting in the reflection of the spiritual weighing of war against peace. 

Now, in the great rebellion that Jesus was a part of. That of the uprising against Rome, there were other Essenes than just Jesus around, and they did participate in the rebellion against the Romans. 

There is a lot of evidence of this great rebellion in the dig site og Masada, the last great stand of the Jews against the Romans. Here the coins were emblazoned with the cry of Jewish freedom. 

Essenes, among them Jesus Christ was a part of that struggle for freedom for the Jews. 

There were other Essenes that were commanders in the armies of the Jews. 

This, I think, sets a precedent for Christian warfare. 

Jesus was, most probably, a part of a greater rebellion for freedom of the Jews. There were other Essenes that fought for freedom, so there is an Christian religious underpinning under the striving for freedom, for Christians. 

If Christianity is seen as a continuation of some of the ideas that Jesus Christ managed to spread to world, in a symbolic sense, Christianity is the continued fight for freedom of the Jews, and a furthered sense, a fight for freedom for all people around the world.

That is the core of the militaristic understanding of Christianity. 

G-d bless the freedom of the Christians, all around the world, seen from that original Jewish perspective. You are still fighting that freedom fight, please don’t stop, continue until you are truly free.

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My point yesterday, about the utopian nature of political philosophy is simply, that what we strive for, ideally is something better. I believe that the Ancient Greek and Egyptian had a better society than what we have today, especially the last 40 years things have gone the wrong way. 

But they also had a lot of trouble. Constant warfare and threats from barbarian tribes (us).

But they always strived for a better society. Sometimes they made a huge step forward, as in the time of Plato and Aristotle, at other times things went awry as when the sea peoples destroyed the ancient Hellenic world, plunging it into a dark age. 

As Thomas More prescribes however, in his epitomal work Utopia, what we as cultures should do, is to strive for something better. 

Right now we are plugging holes in the ship. Trying to stop the massive flow of migration, stopping the bleeding of our economy and so on. 

But after that, and inbetween, we need to aim at something better. A better society, a more peaceful, happy and content society. 

Thereby bringing Hope. 

G-d bless the will to stem the flow of migrants to a bearable size, and get our economies up and running again. 

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The relation between harmony and order

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Politics has found its most illustrious academic definition in between two leading philosophers of the world. That of Plato and that of Aristotle. 

While Plato was the archidealist, the Pythagorean, Aristotle was the empirical taleteller of the current. 

Inbetween these two towering set of ideas true success in politics lie. 

I talked about needs as destiny in terms of political development. Point being, that you cannot fight the needs. If you do, you setup the frame for a revolution. 

Needs are destiny in terms of politics. 

This idea is Egyptian, or rather ancient Egyptian and understanding this in a Hellenistic perspective you need to know, that Plato was a great fan of Egypt. He studied there in his youth, and is what you term a Pythagorean, that is a Egyptian inspired academic. 

So there is a huge tapestry BEHIND Plato of Egypt that ties his ideas together. 

When Plato discusses harmony as a aim of politics, it is because this is what he learned from the Egyptians. 

Harmony or order was the aim of Egyptian political development, in order to serve the needs of the people. 

Now, when we today talk about harmony or order. We mix things up in a wrong way. Order is seen, basically, as a Roman virtue. Something strict and sometimes a little forbidding. 

That was not the way of the Egyptians, according to them, order was bliss. 

Order was not a sinister thing, but a state of happiness, care, and essentially humanism. 

Humanism is the EFFECT of order and harmony. 

We sometimes forget this in modern politics, that there is order behind humanism. 

We talk about the care for each individual, but in order to be able to care for each person, there has to be order in society. 

Open borders creates the opposite of harmony and order. As a consequence the equilibrium between order and humanism breaks down. 

We do not see the missing piece, that is order when we want peace and harmony. 

In that sense we are pretty primitive in our political ideology. We see only one side of the coin. 

We should therefor embrace the complexity of humanism, understand that it is truly wise. Break free from those hermetic texts that we see as the only source of humanism, and see it in a greater context. The context of ancient Egyptian worldview. 

G-d bless the will to see things in perspective. The true and ancient perspective of Egypt, the mother of spirituality and politics. 

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Welcome mr. President

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Welcome mr. President, it is a great honor to have you coming to Denmark next month. I would say, that there are a lot of people here in Denmark who sees it as both their obligation and self served interest to talk to you. 

Let me be clear about my stance. We in Denmark are not here to dictate anything to our friends. We are one of your most loyal friends and have been it in many years. We see you as a part of ourselves in the sense, that a lot of those cowboys they are named both Petersen and Larsen. 

People who came from Denmark a hundred or two hundred years ago. Each year we actually commemorate this with the Queen coming to be a part of the ceremony. 

We see you as a part of ourselves. 

Anyway, as I have served the US for many years, I will continue to do so. 

I truly hope, that this meeting will be a meeting between good friends, that serve each other in the interests of shared values and hopes for the future. 

We are warming up for the meeting, and just so you know, please give us your wishes for what you want to do when you come. Otherwise it will just be a lot of boring meetings. 

Take Jared as well, he is most welcome. We could set up a meeting between me and him. We have shared interest in the peaceprocess of the Middle East.

There are many things we can do, to further the dialogue between right and left in American politics. 

Anyway, we look forward to seeing you. 

You are most welcome. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The European elite is creating the perfect breeding ground for radicalism and potential revolutions. 

Look at current mood around in many European countries. Greece, Italy, France. Great Britain just pulled itself out. 


Well, if you look at the French Revolution, there was a socialist priest at the time called Eliphas Levi. He wrote a pamphlet called Famine. Where he wanted to inform the elite of France about the famine in the country. The answer of Marie Antoinette was, why don’t they eat cakes?

In other words, she did not understand the need of the people to be able to eat. 

The same goes with the current elite. The need of the people to be secure in their countries is simply ignored by the elite, and as a consequence the system is breaking down. 

Needs are destiny. Politics is about serving the needs of the people. Not doing so will end up in a situation where the entire system will break down. That is called a revolution. 

What that revolution will be remains to be seen. I hope it will be a Democratic Revolution as in France. 

But there are signs of a National socialist revolution coming up. 

That will be truly devastating for Europe. 

So, perhaps being a bit more realistic about the ups and downs of politics would be a pretty smart idea.

G-d bless the will to be strong in faith of Democracy.

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There is a lot of discussion in the US right now concerning guns and gun control. Let me clear about how law works. 

Law is something that you should feel in yourself. As Heraclitus mentions, it is the inner wall of the city. He claims that, you may breach the outer wall of a city, but if the the inner wall; law is a fortified and strong wall, the city will never be conquered. 

Take all these gunslinging morons who believe it to be their right to shoot people, often children. 

Do they have any respect for law? Do they have any respect for the fabric that strings us together? No, they have no respect for the great and justice seeking country they live in. 

There can be people who are just socially vulnerable and sick, so they go on a criminal rampage. But even though it is a socially made situation they are in. It still is not right. 

So to look at the root cause of all these killings. One should look to better education in law understanding. See how law is actually a good thing, something that binds people together. 

People break the law due to different motives, but they should not, and common ground politically is to try and enforce the acceptance of law as something good. A kind of rules that makes society run in a positive way. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The needs of the people

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It seems to me, that the UK have acquired a philosopher Prime minister. The reflections of mr. Johnson are really of a high quality, and I will truly look very much forward to serve mr. Johnson with philosophical ideas and understanding of the world. 

Let us build on a thing that mr. Johnson mentioned in his inaguration speech. 

That of human sentiment. 

Human beings, and all in nature have needs. They have needs for security, food, procreation, having a future and so on. 

Politics is about serving those needs of the people, so they are content and happy. 

Needs are destiny, in the sense that you cannot fight a human need. The best example is the French Revolution where the people were starving. The elite didn’t know that, and all if a sudden they were overthrown. 

No amount of tyrannical state persecution could stop that. 

So, a wise politician looks at the needs of a people, and seeks to serve them. 

What are the tools that a politician has to serve these needs. According to Iamblichus they are two. 1. Wisdom. 2. G-d. 

Iamblichus have these ideas from the Egyptians, who at the time were leading in terms of culture in the classical Hellenistic world. So these are essentially classical Egyptian ideas. 

They believed, that wisdom would guide you to be able to serve those needs of the populace, understand the needs, put in place political systems to help the needs. A good example is a politics of grain storage. In Egypt there are strings of good years of harvest and strings of bad years of harvest, as it is described in the Bible. 

So the king made a system of grain storage so that in good years grain was storaged, and in bad years grain was eaten. 

This was wise, serving a need, and as a consequence the populace was very happy with the king. 

So what are the most pressing needs of the Europeans? It is security. 

We have just had some devastating occurrences of violence in Germany, Sweden is a living hell, and the UK has a bit of trouble in London among other places. 

The need for security is not met by the politicians. Consequently the populace gets restless and seek new politicians to meet their needs. 

The wise polician then meets the need of security in an intelligent manner. 

I have prescribed repatriation as a harsh consequence towards those migrants who make the streets of Europe unsafe. This has been accepted by most, but doing it craves a lot of courage, wisdom and luck. 

So, that is why we pray to G-d to incur that luck, wisdom and humanity to solve this devastating problem. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom. 

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When we talk about unity, there is a depth to that principle, that we should accept and discuss in order to really be able to make progress in this area.

The pupil of Plato Iamblichus, and thus a platonist of the first order has discussed this principle in relation to Egypt. When Plato and Iamblichus lived, Egypt was still an intellectual world power of the first order, and therefor being inspired by ancient Egypt is a quality sign. 

According to Iamblichus the world is organized in triangles. This may sound a little weird to the ears of the modern reader. But that is basically because we have lost some of the basic scientific methodology over the years, especially after the fall of Ancient Rome. 

Let me explain. In order to reach a harmonious society things have to find equilibrium. Equality, another Platonic virtue, is not because we want strife and problems within a society, but because we want harmony. See? The mathematical application of societal development is what truly sets the high bar of civilization. 

Take progressive tax. I know, that tax can be a burden, and I have recommended Smithsonian tax breaks that mr. Johson seems to be doing with wonderful speed and intelligence, wonderful that is really good, it spells good for the UK. 

But at the other hand, making too much inequality in a society where the rich are much richer than the poor leads to civil unrest, breakdown of social order and thus less harmony. The principle of Democritus, that Marx picked up is actually founded in mathematics. 

See how the ancients were wiser than us?

Now unity is another principle that one wants to achieve in a society. Here the mathematical principle is different from the principle of harmony. Harmony is the effect of equilibrium between two opposing factors or forces. Unity is the product of the triangle, that is a central principle to strive for as a society. A principle that gives us principles and so on. 

What is then the core principle to strive for according to Iamblichus? It is what is good. Goodness in a society is the aim and the motive of any political development according to Platonism. 

What is goodness in a society? According to Iamblichus, goodness is G-d. 

In other words, the interpretation of spirituality is what ultimately will bring an ethical perspective of society. 

In other words, making a united society is done by behaving in a good g-d inspired way. 

To see what is important to everybody, to watch out for those who have too little. To be humane in the treatment of those who are citizens in a country. But also to take a stand against abuse, theft and destructive behavior of those who seek to undermine and destroy society. 

All based on truth, rationality, humanity. 

In other words, it is something we should agree upon as a society and then do it in a good way. 

See how the ancients were bright in their ideas?

I think we are on the right track, but we need to find that middle path between peoples needs, and give everybody a chance to find a path in life. Give people a sound frame to live in, to make a good life. 

Make Change, to give Hope. 

G-d bless the will to do good. 

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Welcome mr. President

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Welcome mr. Trump to Denmark. As a part of a larger trip, the American president now comes to visit Denmark. This is good in many ways, not least because we share a common heritage and have fought besides each other many times. 

We share destiny and many other small and large things here in life. 

As a recommendation to the Danish public, I have recommended the good attention from all of Denmark, and it seems to me, that this is what is going to happen. 

To be honest, there has been a lot of negative press on mr. Trump in Denmark, but hopefully this will be a bit less when the visit comes. It is seen as a bad manners to treat a guest negatively, and consequently I hope, that the press will respect the visit as a positive thing. 

There are two leaders in the country. One is the queen, and the other is the newly elected PM of Denmark. Ms. Mette Frederiksen. Both really strong and honorable women. The queen was the first to reach out to the president. She is good friends with the English Queen, so perhaps the two have conferred together. Here the friendship of mr. Trump to the English queen is most helpful. 

At the other hand, I must say, that the newly elected PM of Denmark ms. Frederiksen has surprised me as more capable than I thought in the beginning. I support her as PM, and wish her all the best. She is in a difficult situation trying to balance some of the things that the old guard of the liberal are doing with some of the new things going on in the liberal camp. She is trying her best, but as the American liberals know, this is difficult. 

Anyway, be prepared for an interesting tour in our little fairytale kingdom. 

I hereby support the visit with all my heart. I truly hope that the two countries will be strengthened in terms of cooperation and shared interests.

G-d bless the relationship between Denmark and the United States of America. 

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Economy and the works of it

Well, the UK is in a bit of a bind. On one hand, the EU is trying its best to hinder the trade of UK into the EU, at the other hand, the US is really doing its best to help the UK. 

But what are really the mechanics of the system, and how may the UK prosper after it has left the EU?

First of all, you need to understand world trade by understanding Adam Smith. Adam Smith is the philosopher behind the trade system that we have today. He argues for free trade everywhere in the world, and the simple argument is, that in order for all to prosper trade should be free. 

There is off cause an aber dabei to this. Because there are rules. Piracy, that is stealing goods from other countries in the world is wrong and should be regulated and stopped. Stealing know how is also wrong as well as copying. 

But apart from that, free trade is really a good thing for the world, it gives each country or nation in Smiths perspective the ability to focus on the qualities of its own people and traditions. As we here in Denmark have an ancient tradition for shipping that goes all the way back to the Viking age, we are good merchants and have good merchantfleets as Maersk, the crown jewel of Danish industry. 

The same goes for the US and the UK. By investing in research and development, the nations have develop goods that people around the world likes to buy. Like cars and aero planes. 

There is a constant competition in this area, as the new gadget or product is developed. 

Lately the US have had some smash hits within the telephone industry and computers due to a combination of a very good developmental startup community, some very well educated people and the right leaders. 

So investing in education, first class universities and so on is not only for the benefit of the citizens, it is also an economic calculation. 

Behind the scenes is a first class banking sector, that may be a bit unethical around the edges, I truly admit that, everybody admits that. But the good thing about having Jewish bankers around is the capital flow they can provide for new enterprises. Yes, off cause it has to be controlled if it is not able to do it itself. But if it is focusing on making progress within key areas, while making money on the side for themselves, everybody is happy. We even have a term for it; business angels. 

But, and this is where the UK has to get used to how things work in a globalised world, there is a free flowing of production capability in the world that is destructive to the system. You can outsource your production to China and India, especially China, and that destroys the system itself. 

Then R and D can be done in the US or UK at the expense of tax payer money, and then moved to another country. That destroys the balance of the system. 

As a consequence, we need to put in checks and balances to counter that problem. This was done by Obama and continued, with amazing success, by mr. Trump, making a huge trade deficit with China much smaller and giving back jobs to unemployed American workers. 

Not only does it lift the economy, it makes jobs and most important, it creates an industrial base for the military to work with. 

The industrial complexes that the civil industry makes can be changed into making weapons. 

That is conservative politics at its best, and it helps the workers as well, thereby giving that reach over the aisle in the parliament.

You can underpin the theories with Adam Smith himself, he knew it to be a potential problem, and wrote extensively about it. 

His angle on it was ethics and morale. He wanted the producers to be loyal to the nation. Again a fine conservative principle.

I have worked a bit with the Danish industry, and my experience is, that they are very conservative, and WANTS to help the nation. But they feel overlooked and unappreciated. 

That is why a simple tax plan that will show some appreciation of the nation towards the industry and the banking that is loyal to the flag will help tremendously. 

They feel that they truly contribute, they obviously do. So they should be recognized for this. 

Napoleon talked about official recognition. Giving medals. The queen does that. But the state can also help by showing some praise on those who are still loyal within the business community. 

It has worked wonders in the US, and should provide the same relief for the UK. 

Trump has already made good strides as well as Barack Obama. 

So some experience has been built. Not to mention, that mr. David Cameron initiated the process in the UK, making progress with it as well. 

G-d bless the prosperous Great Britain. 

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The powergame

Bringing the UK into the international power game again, will be a very difficult task indeed. Essentially the UK has been out of the game for 60 years, ever since the Second World War, so there is a bit of a gap to close. 

Anyway, the power game of the great powers is essentially a tug and give game. You tug a little here, you give a little there, and slowly but surely get your way in things. In fact actually fighting is pretty rare. 

The situation is like this; Russia and the US is still fighting the Cold War game under the surface. Mr. Putin and mr. Trump are two opponents, who fight each other in terms of allies. 

Especially in the Middle East, this confrontation goes on to this day. I tried to stop it, and make som equilibrium. But that has not worked 100%. There is more peace between Russia and the US than there used to be. But it is still in function in the Iran confrontation, where Russia backs Iran, otherwise Iran would not be so bold. 

Getting tangled up in this power play would be absolutely stupid. If the UK wants to play an independent role, it should off cause play its ressources according to its own needs. 

What is the needs of the empire? Well, that is quite obvious, it is to mend some of the glaring holes that there is in the empire. 

For 60 years, the borders of the empire has been crumbling, and untold horrors have been the result. Just ask the Rhodesians and now the South Africans. There has been an ethnic cleansing of the servants of England. 

That has to stop, if the UK is in any way able to do that. 

There are many internal allies of this process, as the church and the queen. So there are plenty of players to set in motion. 

Now, international power game is not about winning, it is mostly about diplomacy backed by a military machine. 

My best advice would be to send the marines to South Africa, try to mend the fences there. South Africa is a crying and horrible problem. Here the descendants of the Boer and Brits are run into conzentration camps and generally lynched in the streets. 

It is not so open, but if you see some of the footage that Ms. Lauren Southern did, extremist in South Africa is pretty open about their ideas. 

This has to stop, some pressure on the current government should be put. Send some of the flagships to the southernmost point of Africa, and defend those poor people there. 

This confrontation has the advantage, that mr. Putin is on our side on this issue, he is also terrified and disgusted by the actions of the South African government. 

This is not about race, it is about stopping a tragedy.

In essence, it is about finding those bleeding wounds around in the empire, and start solving the confrontations there. 

And it is about justice, we should not embark on new colonial ventures, but stop the injustices. 

G-d bless the might of the United Kingdom’s. 

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A lot to do

Finally some movement in the game of British politics. About time. Let me start by thanking Mrs. May. Seriously. I know that politics can be a brutal game, and especially for you Theresa. There were times, where things just seemed to be too difficult for anyone to fathom. But please look at the things from outside. The task is monumental, and cannot, just cannot be solved in a forthnite.

Now Boris can enter the fray, and get the deal everybody wants, at least at the British side of the pond. And that is just the way it is.

Anyway, thank you for your service Mrs. May, I have tried to do my best to try and help, but we had too much of a system against us.

But we did win the last election at least, no one can take that away from us.

So, now comes the show down for mr. Johnson.

First of all, what we need to think about, apart from Brexit, is what happens AFTER Brexit. There is no doubt, that Brexit will be a daunting task. But I am sure Boris is the man to do it. He has the skill, the men behind him, and he has a good ally in Mr. Trump.

So, he will, hopefully, set the cause pretty fast, and then leave Europe at its own for a while.

Europe will falter and decay, while as GB will bloom.

BUT for that to happen again, think about the first ball to kick into the stadium; economy. Mr. Trump is building on the system that I invented together with mr. Barack Obama. A system that combines the needs of the workers, with the needs of the industry and thereby military.

According to Paul Kennedy, the power of a great nation lies in its industrial base. Why did GB get so strong in the 18 hundreds? Because of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution gave GB a tremendous edge compared to the other great nations. Why? Well, if you can get to things faster, can build larger boats, and so on, you can rule the waves.

So, in order to regrow the potential of British might, a renewed focus on the workers and the industrial base is paramount.

According to the great philosopher Adam Smith, that gave us free market thinking, we have to balance free markets with the loyalty and ethics of the producers of goods.

See? There is an important balance there. Trump and the US has found that balance, and is currently outperforming China, the true great contender on world domination.

Secondly. You HAVE to cut the gordic knot of migration and repatriation. The left is VERY much against any talk about control in this area. Somehow it seems the left rather wish to commit suicide, than take a reasonable and quite normal view on this. I mean, a country can itself decide who goes where in and out of the country, that is the normal. It has to be done in a fair and civilized way. People shouldn’t be treated unfairly. But the victims of working class areas, that are often very much crushed under the weight of islamistic organizations, should be protected.

If need be, the Islamist, in the UK should be send back to where they originally came from. This is not a threat to all migrants in the country. But trying to subvert democracy is not acceptable.

Then people will cry islamophobia. But terrorist are not the true face of positive Islam, they are wrong, and should be treated as such.

Then again, good, hardworking Muslims, who are not a threat to anyone should off cause be truly accepted. At least that is as I view it.

Anayway, point being, that there are a lot of difficult questions that come AFTER Brexit, that you could just as well prepare the team to have a view on.

What about precense in the Middle East. What about the Anglican Faith, can we perhaps support its good development a bit more.

In this I truly believe, that his excellency rev. Justin Wellby should be supported very much, we should listen to his wise words, and try to follow his lead. After all, he has affinity to mr. Churchill as well, and the queen off cause.

I do also feel, to me, that rev. John Sentamu is also a wise man indeed, someone I am much inspired by. So the two of the are good guys to give notice. They are ethical persons, we should listen to.

So there are a lot of tasks to look at, but always look at the core; the unity of the country, not the fractioning that some other seem to want. But the unity of those who are truly a supporter of the Great Britain.

G-d bless the islands of the British.

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Congratulations mr. Boris Johnson

Congratulations mr. Boris Johnson, after at long process going here and there, finally there is release, and we got somewhere. 

As a supporter of you specifically and the UK in general, this is my work coming into fruition, so I must say, that I am most satisfied with this development. This is really good. I know that I only work as a kind of vehicle for some of the powers and unseen Oxfordian strengths, I know that. But being a medium for such esteemed forces leaves me quite humble. 

Let us be honest about this, the great mother of all of England; Oxford has called into the wild of the Danish swamp and morass, and the vile but strong defender of the isles of England has come forth to join in the fray. 

Alas, my great and humble honour, is to give you my dedicated blade of ancient strength and valour, to your help and ultimately freedom. 

Let the old words speak said mr. Churchill. Let the vile but strong g-ds of old, whom England now gets its strength from speak again, to confront the viciousness of a trembling empire, an empire that now seeks to regain its footing. 

Let the powerful and strong spirit of the old, be the well of strength that will, once again, be the backbone of that wonderful country. Let it raise its banner again, to show its true colors. 

I will be here to shed some light on the process that will set England free, so in this I will serve, unsung and for free. 

But that will be my pleasure, to see how that great culture that I personally love so much. That country of mystery and towering art. That home of litterature, that wonderful, wonderful country now suffering, will once again rise, as the bird phoenix, again remaking its feathers, rebuilding its abode. 

Because it is now time, to make the UK great again. 

G-d bless you, and may that tear finding its way down my chin, be the last. 

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There are always a lot of things happening in the underground of each wing of the political spectrum. Sometimes these things are good, sometimes these things are bad. 

To me, as a Jew, it normally rests upon how these underground developments look upon Jews. 

I see Jews as the kind of canary in the coal mine. 

If new trends are antisemitic, they are usually riddled with conspiracy theories, wacky ideas about who control the world, and have awful ideas about how to make the world. 

At the other hand, if the ideas are prosemitic, the ideas are often, not always, but often idealistic about enlightenment, humanism, all the good ways of the world. 

Ok, I admit, that many Jews do things wrong, to mention a few; Marxism (Marx was a Jew), in the Ottoman Empire there was a crazy Kabbalist Jew who professed all kinds of marvel, but ended up being a fraud. 

There are many both wonderful and horrifying stories in the history of mankind where some Jews took this and that idea to the extreme. 

Anyway, my point is, the heritage that we Jews try to protect, the best we can, is filtered goodness. All the bad guys were lost, and only the good guys remain. Like David, Jesus, Niels Bohr, and many more more or less famous Jews, who have pushed humanity forward in a positive direction. 

So to look at the new things going on in the underground of your own political environment, one should look at the way they think. 

Both right as well as left have, honestly, come up with some pretty nasty new developments as of late. On the right wing, neonazism is on the rise, at least in Central Europe. 

I cant count all the times where some punk drive by shoots me on Facebook to tell me about all the negative things Jews are to blame for in the world. 

It is disgusting. 

This trend has all the paraphernalia of antisemitism, including conspiracy theories, a firm belief in an alternative truth to the rest of us, and virulent hathred of Jews, it is disgusting. 

The same goes for the left wing. Here it is the same, whereas the right wing have Nazies the leftwing have all these crazy islamists.

They also believe in conspiracy theories and blame the Jews for everything. 

So, my conclusion is, that we have good and bad things going on on each wing of politics, sometimes our bad sides emerge, sometimes the underground is filled with wonderful new ideas. As when Eliphas Levi wrote his stories about a socialism that took care of the poor, and tried to warn about famine. 

Look at the name of that guy, he wasn’t even a Jew. But a French priest. 

The same goes on for my heritage, that of Grundtvig. He hired my great grandfather to found his hoejskole Vallekilde. My great grandfather was a Jew, and so on. 

Sorry, but I am just so proud of my great grandfather. He was an amazing person. 

Anyway, we have to be wary about antisemitism in our own political project. Nothing good comes with it, and if we realize it is there, on each wing, we should distance ourselves from it immediately. 

G-d bless the will to be transparent, and see the good of life. 

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