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Well, that was a pretty good string of meetings Joe, to the point, and you made real progress with mr. Putin. Putin is a megapro. He knows how to play the game, and he is really good at it. At the core of his government, it is actually also a warm heart.

You know, Russians have always been villified by the West, especially under the cold war. But the fact of the matter is, that Russia and the US has much more in common than you would know at the surface. Where as the US started as a project 500 years ago, Russia started as a project 1000 years ago.

In Rus. Russians are really descendants of vikings coming from Scandinvia a 1000 years ago. They have had a rougher time than the Americans. Especially the Mongols were a scourge upon the Russians, but then the Russians took their free roaming spirit and turned it into the Kossacks, who swarmed over the steppes of Siberia. Kossacks are really close to cowboys in many ways. Vikings gone inland, shifting boats for horses. Some pretty amazing horsemanship and fighting skills of the Cossacks were displayed over the steppes.

So in a way there is the same kind of frontier spirit over both Russia and the US.

In the wake of the Trump administration this has been subdued, but it can easily be reawakened.

You see, the Russians really like the Cowboys, becaues they see some of themselves in it.

This was a difficult thing to promote when Trumps was president, now it has become a bit easier.

It will matter a lot when the showdown over China comes soon, and the showdown with the islamists in western europe as well.

Anyway, it seems that some rapport have been built with the leaders of Europe in general, and that is very important in this regard. They are extremely pressed on the security front and kind of caught between the wishes of the European Union and the public cry for security.

Hopefully Bennet makes it in the Middle East, so we will not have too many problems on that front. Hopefully we will make peace with mr. Putin, making that conflict less of a problem. Then we can focus on China, that is going hot in Taiwan, and Western Europe.

I know that it is a complicated picture, but we have to be able to see it for what it is, to make any progress. And we will.

G-d bless the will to be a peacekeeper and a strong defender of Democracy.

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The first 100 days

June 14th, 2021 1 comment

Well, it is time for a shift in politics, these are my recommendations for at first move in the vicinity of Israel.

Make friends with the neighbors. Egypt is the most important, due to the geographic border with Gaza.

Make friends with Sisi, show him appreciation and show that we appreciate his role as leader to one of the oldest and wisest cultures of the world.

Egypt has suffered for many years as difficulties and adversity has been the way things have been.

But deep in the memory of all Egyptians lie the memory of the golden era of Egypt. When the pyramids were built, when Egypt was the foremost country of wisdom. Sneferu, Akhenaten and all the other pharaohs.

It is through the lens of the understanding of the Egyptians as what they are, that we can maintain a friendship, the land of order and life.

Then do the same with the other countries around Israel, go to the Arab kingdoms and appreciate their culture and history. Give homage to the brazen desert warriors. Understand their fervent adoration of ethics and the right life.

Then go to Lebanon and water their cedar trees, as a recognition of the Phoenician heritage and their inherent beauty. And the go to Iran, to see, if there is still a bit of that Cyrus spirit. The spirit of valiant, ethical conduct. The spirit of doing the good deeds, speaking in a manner of good, and having good thoughts.

Understanding our neighbors is, to me, the key to peace.

There is a long way from Manhattan to Ur or Babylon, but people are the same everywhere, they want to be seen as who they are, and be respected in the their own right.

We in the West have given a lot back over the years through our research in the ancient cultures of the Middle East, understanding the wealth of culture in Egypt and other countries of the Middle East.

This understanding is now feeding back to the Middle East, and hopefully will renew its understanding of itself as the illustrious civilization it once was and now can be again.

This is the path to reach peace.

G-d bless the peace we can find in the Middle East.

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Making America happy again

Well Joe, things are shaping up. There are plenty of pitfalls ahead, but things are, more or less, back to normal. Normal being the state run by politicians with a good relation to the bureaucracy.

That is good.

Importantly, we need to look at the challenges ahead, in order to prepare.

Internationally, there are two main challenges, or rather, hopefully only one challenge.

First is the Middle East, secondly is the civilwar that is in its infancy here in Western Europe.

First lets have a look at the Middle East.

Mr. Netanyahu is stepping down, yes it takes a few days or weeks, but mr. Naftali Bennet is gearing up for his own government.

How this is going to shape up, will be pretty evident in the first two to three weeks of his cabinet.

Mr. Bennet is a new kind of politician in some ways than Netanyahu, and in many ways he is just the son of mr. Netanyahu in political terms. And, Benyamin, sometimes it is ok to let the son take over the business, because, I mean look at the son you have got, he is SO skilled. So give him the best possible chance to do something with his presidentship. He has waited, now he is ready, so be a good dad, and give your political progeny a good chance to start.

That would show your pride in Bennet, and give him a good platform to base his initial political strides on.

The beginning is the hardest, and getting over the first 100 days can either make a platform like mr. Biden now has, or create no platform, so that the leadership cannot work.

Your choice, but power is only important if it in itself is progressive in the sense of giving the country a better future.

Maybe mr. Bennet is the future?

Anyway, I will try to help mr. Bennet in his first 100 days. Here is my first advice. Dont go too fast, dont go too slow. You need to progress with your vision in a steady but forcefull manner. Take your time, think it through, and then act.

Secondly, international politics is like a computer in the sense, that it is extremely complicated. It is a massive chess board, and there are some prette skilled players out there.

You can be outmanuevered in a short time, if you do not show skill in the game.

The Middle East is best understood, in the game, as a series of players who are ancient. Understand the Persians, the Arab, the Phoenician, the Egypt in biblical terms gone modern, and you will have sucess. Zionism in the original Lawrence of Arabia perpective is just that, a scholar on the ancient Middle East gone politician.

The Middle East loves that, the old ways, the traditions, the ideas of Babylon, Memphis, Ur, Zoroaster, Akhenaten, because that is Middle East tradition, and tradition runs deep in the Middle east.

The second conflict to tackle mr. Biden, will be that of islamist insurgency in Europe. They are gearing, numerous terrorattacks in Belgium, France. It is a pot that is boiling over.

Here again, to me, it is VERY important to diffentiate between good muslims and bad muslims.

Islamic State are undemocratic and inhuman, liberal muslims of all colour are within the reach of democracy, and should be asked for dialogue.

So tackle the bad muslims and curry favor from the good muslims.

That is the plan at least, we will see how it will unfold. I do REALLY hope, that the trenches are not dug too deep, and the continent will go up in flames christians vs. muslims. But it can be isolated to a fight with only the terrorists.

But time will show.

The EU are planning on taking more migrants into Europe, that can only fan the flames. So we need to be vigilant, and see what will happen.

Then again, hopefully it will all just be small skirmishes, but probably larger conflicts will happen.

Anyway, we are out with a pretty good start, and hopefully we will keep our eyes on the ball, and keep America prosperous, equal and happy.

Because at the end, that is what it is all about, making a world where people are satisfied with their lives, and therefor just, happy.

G-d bless the will to make people happy again.

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Thank you for your service

Thank you mr. President, after decades of service, finally it is time to put the sidearm to rest besides the chair, and breathe for a second.

So many years of vigilance and service to Israel will be written in the books of us Jews, as one of the greatest leaders of Israel and the Jews.

My good friend Gal always tell me, that the Jews that went to Israel are the Jews, that are not interested in giving in, but are ready to fight whenever needed.

After coming from Yemen, going through the desert, his family arrived in Israel some 50 years ago.

The same with many other Jews.

Then there were the wars, endless wars with everybody around Israel, but now, the people of the Middle East, seem to accept us, as a part of the Middle East.

This is your legacy mr. Netanyahu, that Israel is founded on a solid rock, and is not easily flustered.

Now a new leader arrives, and also he will be of the same vigilant type, becuase we Jews seem to have found a recipe for Israeli leadership.

In the next two hundred years, there will be one Netanyahu after the other. Not in name, but in type. The fierce soldier turned diplomat, turned politician.

Not too bad a legacy to put to ones name.

After all, changing the world to something better, is what we can aspire to do, and so you have.

G-d bless Benyamin Netanyahu, and may your legacy never be forgotten.

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The world

Well, things seems to have quieted down a bit, to me, that is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a good thing.

All the turbulence of the Trump presidentship has been replaced by the quietness of the Biden presidentship.

It is not such a bad thing. I mean, perhaps people need a breather after all the conflict and stress. It is as after a long run, you sit in a chair, and wonder if you can ever get up again.

Domestically people seem pretty ok with how things are. OK, not all are happy, but the balance between supporting the conservatives and the liberals at the same time, seems to set people at peace.

They RECOGNIZE the attempt to find common ground, and heal the rifts. Not having people protesting in the streets is sometimes a very good thing.

Anyway, there are some problems arising in Western Europe, the Islamic State has just carried out an attack in France, and my feeling is, that we are nearing ourselves a final confrontation with the Islamic State operatives in and around Europe.

It has the very real perspective in revolting the states in Western Europe making Caliphates, especially Scandinavia is in danger.

Sweden being most in danger.

Denmark is still the best card to play in the fight with the Islamic State operatives here in Scandinavia, we have a Socialdemocratic leader here, who actually understand what is going on, trying to stem the tide of Islamic state infiltration and so on.

But we will see, what will come out of it.

There are, fortunately, a lot of good Muslims here as well. But Islamic State has a strong hold in Western Europe, and the final confrontation is nearing.

What is the rest of the world going to do? They are going to stand up for Democracy in the fight with some of the vilest anti humanist forces in this world.

So that confrontation is coming up, whether we like it or not.

But, fortunately we have the moral fiber and resistance to tackle this fight as well. We will prevail, even though it will be both violent and destructive as always in war.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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Well, we have had A LOT of experience with the farming sector and how NOT to make a difference in terms of climate progress here in Denmark.

First our government put the military into a total destruction of the Mink industry, that was NOT the way to do it. In fact it has created a tempest of violence and destruction in the farming industry.

What was the problem, well using the military to put through your priorities is a bit out of line. I mean destroying an industry with the soldiers. That is just way out of line.

Then we have had the discussion on lowlying parts of the farming fields. Another great blunder. The aim was to create a better and more biodiverse nature, but it will just end up in more swamps. I mean can you see the Goethian beauty in that?

Anyway, there are other, much simpler ways to make a greener nature.

I have had the supreme honor to talk with an old woodsman. Mr. Hans Kjeldsen. Hans has worked on the most beautiful little piece of forest. It has otters, deer and an amazing wild life.

It has small biomes of plants, a great diversity. It even comes with a Indian ring for all the hippies to dance in the night. Imagine that.

Anyway, according to Hans, who has worked on true biodiversity for 50 years, it is about finding a balance between forester and biodiversity. Between economical gain and biodiversity.

Leave it to the ancient foresters to make biodiverse forests. They know how to do it.

And how? Change the support system, so that more farmers can make biodiverse forests.

According to my sources, many of them would like to make more forests, but the support system does not make it possible.

But be clear on the features of the forests. You can have a forest of Christmas trees, and that is not biodiverse.

So, change the support systems, and make it PRIORITIZE biodiverse forests. That will work, at least in Denmark, and probably also in other parts of Europe. But make sure, it takes a national concesus in consideration.

G-d bless the will to make a greener planet.

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Well, we have to understand the crisis with racism and the way we can counter it in the US.

First of all, I know all about it. When I go to the swimming pool here in Denmark, people get out of the pool that I am in, and go to the other swimming pool, because I look ‘funny’.

I have several friends that are what you would call ‘black’, and they are harassed in numerous ways. Right now, the friends of my kids are not allowed to my home, because I am both ‘brown’ and perhaps even worse, a Jew.

My great grandmother had to flee to Sweden in the Second World War, because she was a Jew, and so on. The story goes on, and everybody seems to be so nice on the surface, but when push comes to shove, they dislike me, simply because of my skin.

That is it, I have the wrong color. It is not because of my atttitude or my understanding of the world. I am a very nice person, I never treat anyone in any mean way. Ok, I am a debater, but I have never treated anyone negatively.

So I know racism, how people look at you with disdain and a lot of prejudice.

I know.

But, and this where I believe we can learn a lot from rev. Martin Luther King, I never get violent about it, or negative in any way. I accept the disdain of other people, and try to turn it around. I try to be the good guy without any prejudice. I ALWAYS try to build bridges and help people around me without regard to any look at skin color. To me racism is a social construct, nothing more.

I have two white friends, two black friends. My oldest daughter is pretty dark in skin, my younger daughter is pretty white in skin. I mean introducing racism in my own family would be sister hating sister, and that would be impossible, because my two little girls they sleep arm in arm every night.

But what to do in this situation where people are eating each other up in violence and disdain.

First of all, I believe in Martin Luther King and HIS faith in the civil rights movement, and FOREMOST in the principles of non violence. That was why I was so critical against the Black Lives Matter movement. One thing is that poor Floyd was murdered, because he was, his own actions untalked about, another thing is to go raving in streets, stealing and plundering.

Both actions are unforgivable in a civilized society.

Finding closure and a way out this mess, is the recognize the POSITIVE principles of both sides.

On the civil rights side it is truly nonviolence, the acceptance of other people, them being white or black or brown.

At the side of the police it is realizing the aim of police enforcement, that is, ideally to protect the weak.

It is when the police forgets, that it is about protecting those who are too weak to protect themselves, that the police looses a dear and wonderful part of themselves.

We are all here, we all need a place in America, but we also need to see, that doing so means that we OURSELVES take responsibility of our own actions and follow the principles of our forefathers and founding fathers. It is when we loose sight of those principles that America looses its greatness.

Make America strong is to FOLLOW the ideals of the US. It is non-violence, protecting the weak and generally being adamant about following the principles that is the true constitution of the great America. The REVOLUTION continued. It is ONLY if new generations find the beacons of idealism and follow the creeds of the founding fathers, that America is TRULY great.

G-d bless The United States of America.

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Well, now I have been doing some practical, live world research and bridge building when it comes to Climate Change, the religious aspects of progressing at a path ALONG science and not against it. That is NOT against physics that is the main contender to the monotheistic religions and the result is actually extremely, extremely positive.

It really is surprising as to the theoretical success I have had. But it is on such a convoluted and DEMANDING basis, that it definitely will take some time to realise.

First of all, my main idea with religion as to the competition it has with science, was to make a BRIDGE between religion and science.

The hypothesis was, that IF we from the religious community can make a theory, that elevates the ideas we have to a true METAphysical platform, people might actually start to take us seriously again.

Denmark is ideally suited for this, because we essentially made modern science. At least the greatest minds of Denmark did, mainly Niels Bohr, and at the same time, IN Denmark there has never really been a true split between science and religion. Niels Bohrs best friend was a theologian called Løgstrup, and Bohr himself was of a family of priests. Bohr also sported his own version of a chinese philosophy, that people haven’t really understood after Bohr, but the fact of the matter was, that Bohr was a religious man.

So what has actually happened when I started to work on all my religious/physical theories in practise?

Well, from a practical perspective it has all failed. Mainly due to the fact, that the left wing here in Denmark seems to dislike me some, and because what they decided to do (they have been in power for two years) was to initiate a maelstrom of destruction instead of making any real progress. A destruction that is taking them down as we speak.

They started out killing a whole industry here in Denmark. The Mink industry, that is, admittedly, an industry that can be questioned in terms of animal ethics. But what they have done is to use the military to KILL all the poor animals, and render the whole industry void, thereby taking out the meals of the mouths of countless mink farmers. It has been total devastation and numerous mink farmers have committed suicide, image that IN DENMARK! We are supposed to be the epitome of civilization.

It is beyond comprehension and is a true crime against innocent people, and they will, eventually fall because of the ferocious actions they have. They send the military after farmers!

On the other hand, my own experience concerning my work has been stupendously successful.

Like this. So I started interviewing all the physical geeks. A guy making a system that can turn cars into running on wind power alone, through a complicated chemical procedure, you can actually make fuel that runs on wind power. All you need to do, is to change a computer calibration of the motors specifications and you can run on green methanol made with wind or solar power. How cool is that?

Add to this the ability to take all the garbage of the farmers and turn it into green gas that you can then use in power plants or cars!

So the first time I met one of the green geeks, I kind of wanted to make my intentions known, so I told him, that I am a metaphysician, and I have proved the existence of G-d. He looked at me pretty incredulously. Ok I admit, I kind of had my own little reversed Nietszche moment there, instead of killing G-d og revived him.

But then something absolutely magical happened. The physicist started to warm up to my ideas!

Instead of debunking them as stupid a hoax, they loved my ideas.

So I sent one friend I got my papers from Oxford. And he started raving about how cool it is.

So the physicist loved my metaphysical ideas.

So while the whole left wing here in Denmark were busy slaughtering up to 15 million animals, rendering the poor farmers obsolete, I had a true metaphysical/physical heureka moment.

So I can say, that my ideas actually work on a scientific level. The physicists of Denmark are world leading.

Anyway where does that leave the religious communities?

First of all, it leaves the task to relive metaphysics. Reinvent and make it alive again as a scientific course.

THAT is the true challenge to my mind. Because religious people in general are really deep in their understanding of things, but a true metaphysical tradition really died with the dark ages in Europe.

Reviving it from the greek roots is what we need to do.

I know that there is a lot of discussion as to whether the greek ideas are the best, but we have to start somewhere, yes I know that in Kaballah there is a whole metaphysical universe, but the fact of the matter is, that the scientist are running on the greek ideas, and they have surpassed us in the depth of knowledge and in methodical application. That is the truth of it.

IF we are able to make a link to the physical environment of scientists, we can start from there and make that connection that will eventually elevate the religious community to a whole new level.

But it will be difficult, because the scientists are so far in front of us.

What we need to do is, to REMAKE METAPHYSICS as a line of scientific inquiry.

Did you get the Brian?

That is truly the task, and it falls on Oxford or Cambridge to do it, because Oxford and Cambridge are the world leaders with religious studies, as while Denmark is leading with physical studies.

So the bridge is there, it is extremely weak, could be broken any time, but it is there.

That would be the crowning task of your life mr. Mountford, to remake metaphysics after a dormant period of 1700 years. Imagine that.

G-d bless the will to make G-d live again.

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The Moral sentiment

Spot on Joe, a renewed focus on economy seen from a Smithsonian perspective is not to give tax cuts to the rich. Don’t get me wrong, we need rich people, and they need to be recognized for their contribution to society.

But instead of making a Keynesian attempt at just pumping out money to industry, we need to address, as I see it, the true problem of free market theory.

To me, that is UNDERSTANDING the theories of Adam Smith, and consequently try to find the solution we need to find, within the framework of the Smithsonian theories.

Adam Smith wrote two books, The wealth of nations, that gave us free market theory, and ethical works on how to behave morally.

His basic point is, that freedom has to be balanced out with moral views. That is, what we support, hold dear, sacrifice ourselves for and find virtue and value in.

According to Smith, this is an inner compas, your conscience.

I believe, that the workers are always very conscientious.They love their country, and support their local community. They sacrifice for a better world. They don’t send away production to China, they still are what is written so proudly on the boxes shipped out of the production hall; Made in America.

That is the true point of Adam Smith, according to my understanding of Smith, freedom has to be balanced with conscience towards the country you live in.

Someone has to be the pillar of society, and the ones who make things for the little ones to look up to, and be proud of.

The workers are the salt of the earth, and what we should concentrate about.

So invest in them, and other parts of productive America. Farmers, fishermen, bakers. People making things, because the truth is, to have a job is in itself a source of pride and self esteem.

But don’t forget, that the rich are not necessarily enemies, they can be partners, IF they stop the production flight to China.

This is really where I think we changed something in the last period, we stood up for the workers, and tried to keep their jobs in the US.

That gave us a job boom, and a much needed source of extra income.

To be an empire, you have money coming in from all around, but at the of the day, what you are, is what you do, what you make and how you do it.

Don’t forget those proud words, and make it even prouder; Made in America.

G-d bless the will to stand up for America.

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Davids sling

Well, now we are at the eternal dance around the ‘golden calf’ Israel.

It seems to me, that it holds such a mirage of attraction due to its status as the hub of the monotheistic religions.

The power that holds Israel is the leader of the three religions.

So as a consequence all three religions fight for dominance.

But, and this is truly where things get interesting, what happens when the TRULY leading religion of the three, namely Judaism holds sway over the holy city of Jerusalem?

This is really what this fight with the Muslims is all about, do the Muslims accept the leading role of Judaism or not?

This is why, the ETHICAL conduct of the Jews are so important. How do we tackle the conflict. If we are less ethical than Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the perception of our conduct will be harsh and instantly condemning.

This is why I believe that the ethical or moral choices we make should be as best possible.

This does not mean, that we should just take all the beating, we should most definitely not.

But it means, that our response should be measured and precise.

WE should, by all means, avoid ANY loss of civilians on the Muslim side, and ONLY respond in equation to the attacks we receive.

We cannot be seen as the dominator but only as the defender.

Because at the end of the day, we should remember, that there is a HUGE audience looking at what we are doing, and in these social media times, lies have harder time flying, so most people around the world can actually see what is going on.

Yes Islamic jihad still have some supporters on the extreme left wing, but most sane people can see that Israel has been attacked, and is responding in DEFENSE.

So precision, only targeting military targets, sheltering all Israelis, the ethical way of war, and we will win what this war is REALLY about; international acceptance and support.

I mean, why is it, that Europeans should support Islamic extremist terrorizing innocent civilians?

G-d bless the will of Jews to survive and do what David did; use his sling to fight with precision and force.

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The Middle East

So first act in the two pronged conflict I presumed has come underway.

The conflict in the Middle East between Sunni and Shia Muslim terrorist against Israel is under way.

Why do I call them terrorists? Because shooting rockets towards civilians is the very definition of terrorism.

War between soldiers and military infrastructure is one thing, using civilians as targets are forbidden according to the UN charter, and the Koran.

Civilians are not to be touched in war, it goes against all ethics when it comes to war.

This situation is due to the fact, that the Biden administration has not really touched upon the Middle East in earnest, so now the warring parties in the Middle East are trying to see how far they can go.

Will it be an apocalypse?

A realization of the ancient prophets as to the advent of Israel?

It remains to be seen, but I do feel that apocalyptic vibe in the air.

Anyway, my best advice to the Biden administration would be, to try and go BEHIND the proxi parties in Gaza and talk directly to the Arabs and the Iranians. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are nothing in themselves but the extended arm of Iran and the Arab world, or at least, that is what they try to be.

It makes sense, to reach the real powerbrokers instead of the pieces on the board that are simply moving at the order of the power brokers behind.

This is not to criticize either the Arabs or the Iranians, but to put forth a strategy.

G-d bless the peace, we will eventually find. G-d bless Israel.

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Current events

Well, we are now entering the post corona world, which equals to Asger has to get back at international blogging world, or whatever you would want to call it.

There are several daunting yet possible challenges ahead. First of all, there is the climate change challenge ahead of us. This is a great problem, but there are a lot of solutions as well. I have worked with it quite intensely here in Denmark, and even though it is a bit of a potholed road to the end result of eternal climate bliss, we are actually getting somewhere.

There are some pretty interesting perspectives in using wind and solar power that we are looking into here in Denmark.

It could almost for certain end up saving the world, imagine that.

Next in line lies the fatamorgana of world peace, which, at the time being, is looking a bit bleak. There is the rising tension in both Israel as well as France, that is the hub of islamist uprising.

Where that goes is still to be seen, but it is going to be interesting to see, where it all leads. I hope for a peaceful solution, but to be honest I doubt it.

In Denmark we are working on a repatriation scheme, that will, slowly and surely repatriate islamist and criminals out of Denmark.

I know, it can be criticized, and it should. But if you come to a democratic country, and your first act is to try to change it into a fascist islamic state, well, then you are a terrorist, and should be treated like that. That is pretty obvious. Terroism is terrorism.

This process is still in its infancy, and it remains to be seen if it will work, but there are good signs.

We also have to be a bit realistic about the endless climate change migrants that seek the promised land of Europe and the US. It has to be conducted in an orderly fashion, and it is the choice of either the US or respectively European countries if they wish to have the new citizens, or repatriate these material refugees to a place where they can be helped without direct access to Europe.

I know, again a tense subject, but we have to make these things work, and not just be a slave to our own lack of imagination. Things change, and we have to tackle the problems we face in an orderly as well as humane fashion for all involved, but migrants/refugees as well as Europeans and Americans. It has to be done in a nice and humane way.

The last bit of discussion to my mind is the inherent issue of trying to make a welthfarestate and at the same time having free migration to the country.

This combined effort is a bit of a false idea. If you want to make a wealthfare state, you need to make pretty steep barriers to enter, otherwise the solidarity with the others who pay for the welthfarestate will stop.

It is a pretty deep fault that goes all the way back to Marx and his misreading of Spartan society, that is the ideal of communism or marxism.

In order to have solidarity, people generally need to know each other and feel a kinship.

At least this is the point of Lycurgus the founder of Sparta.

That is a dilemma we need to be honest about, if we want to continue or expand the wealthfare state. It goes against the current understanding of socialism, but it is nonetheless the point of Lycurgus and he built a city state that lasted for 700 years, so he is probably right.

We can’t really compete with the ancients in this regard, we have to respect their wisdom to my mind.

Anyway, we need a steady hand on the wheel, and the going is pretty soon going to get tough, so we need to stay alert in France and in the Middle East in general, things could just end in war.

G-d bless the will to find a way that will end up in peace.

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Well Joe, you are doing quite well, and the classic Union ideas are MUCH better than Woke identity politics.

To me talking about Union Politics gives us a way to connect to Marxism in a way, that we can talk about what is good and bad about Marxism.

I think I have a bit of a unique view on Marxism, since Marx was one of my distant family members. Trier where I have my name from, is where Marx grew up in a Jewish family, so I feel a kind of kinship to him.

This does not mean, that I do not see his faults and flaws, I do.

One of his major flaws being the fact, that he threw out religion out of the window. That is a major fault, and one of the reasons that I have sought to support religion so forcefully. Without religion, there is no natural bend towards good.

This is why I believe, that if you want to make an Obamacare 2.0, don’t forget the priests.

I believe, that religion should be a part of a social wealth fare state. The reason why we have a state to care for the weak is found in the Bible.

In this way, you also reach out towards the Conservatives, making a bridge there.

I believe, that only through spirit, can you really understand the positive aim of society, it is about the angels. When you are inspired by angels, you naturally do good, right?

The reason why a lot of the social welthfarestates tend to corrupt is because of the materialistic basis.

There is the discussion on progressive tax as well, I have some ideas about that as well, you might want to use too.

It is all about fixing the faults of Marx, making a humanistic system, that will actually work and make people happy and content.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world. Be a better person and make a whole and happy world.

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The revolution

April 28th, 2021 No comments

Well, things seems to be developing in a direction that will, at least for the eastern side of the US, be difficult to handle.

As of now, France is REALLY gearing up for a fight against islamic extremism. Twenty generals have publicly declared leftwing academics and many muslims enemies of the Democratic/humanistic state inadvertedly threatening the politicians with action, if they do not do something.

So, what does that mean, really?

Well, it means, that France is adamant in keeping its lead in fighting islamic extremism, and academia is in for a difficult time, to say the least. This is not a little insignificant country, this is France, mother of all revolutions, and a fierce defender of freedom. Its intellectuals founded the US, more or less.

Add to this, France has always keenly sought a role in world leadership. Here it has its chance, because the US has had a few years of problems.

What is it really that France is saying, it is saying, that it is willing and able to start a WAR against islamic extremism IN France, in fact the generals are threatening the politicians that if they do not do it, the generals will put them out of office and do it themselves. Since they are fighting for the integrity of the state, and the state is democratic, off cause this will not be the end of Democracy, but a protective action.

Where does that leave the US, again, I hope the US will get back in the lead, but to be honest, I am pretty smitten by France. Just imagine a French revolution in my time, and having a part of it. This like christmas time for any philosopher, it does not get any bigger. I know, then there is all the violence and the bloodshedding, but the vibe, and the courage. There is nothing like a French revolution, period.

So what do the US do?

Well, to be honest the US needs to see some action as well. But, there is the importance of recognizing the pro muslim part of the Democratic party. Bernie and his crowd. We cant just go on muslim hunting, and it would be wrong, trying to find a balance here is important.

Will it beat the french? Maybe, maybe not. But seeing the French in all their glory maybe is not such a bad thing, and we are sharing values like 1:1 anyway, so it is not that we have an ideological difference.

The French are ambitiuos, and they have a window of opportunity here.

We are looking at a war that is potentially a 100 years long, and definitely vicious, but the alternative is the fall of the Republic, and that is simply not an option, period.

G-d bless the way we will find, as the world is gearing up for more action, and France is leading the fray.

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The world

April 24th, 2021 No comments

Well, now we are, at least, going in the right direction, but we must realize, that there is truly a long way to go, before the world is really under any kind of American leadership.

This I do not say to discourage, but to kind of prepare ourselves for the long haul.

One of the things that has been going on in the last four or five years is the leadership gained by France in fighting islamist extremism. They are fighting it in France and in the entire francophone world.

As opposed to the Anglo Saxons, France has never really had the same break with its colonies. They are stil kind of colonies, but since France have started out being a humanistic/democratic republic fighting for equality, the French colonies have never really been treated badly, not as the Belgian og Anglo Saxon Colonies, so there is still a great bond there, that is truly humane.

At the other hand, the french colonies, especially in middle Africa are really fightin against islamic extremism of the worst kind. The killers come down from Sahara and start their killing spree.

Point is, if the US wants to lead, there is a lot of catching up in this area, and with the softer tones coming from Washington, people are wondering whether the US is drawing of the conflict fighting Osama Bin Laden, IS and so on. A fight that is raging in Africa and Western Europe.

Again, we should be very careful not to push away good muslim allies as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and pro westerne democracies and allies, and find that balance.

But the fight is still very much alive, and right now France is leading.

Finding some kind of action and strategy here is really important, and cooperating with France is very important, since they are doing a very good job at it.

France wants to carve our its own legacy and honour here, and to me, that is just really good, leading is not about giving credit, it is about making strategies and supporting, selflessly for ones allies.

But, there remains to be done a huge amount of work here.

Then there is the border crisis. I know a hot potato, and ms. Harris is drowning in the job, I get it.

But it is, nonetheless a crisis building up steam, so we need to tackle it in a humane yet forcefull way. And in the current climate of animostiy that is going to be really, really difficult.

I mean Noam Chomsky is pulling out the big guns, and is calling anyone who wants to tackle the crisis with an iota of order and seriousness, evil.

That is the problem lying right there, and we need to solve it, to make progress and lead again, fix America for everybody, black and white and brown.

So what should we do?

First of all, I would initiate a dialogue with the involved countries that are loosing their citizens to the US.

Yes, some will cooperate some not. But some kind of communication should be established.

Then I would invest heavily in border control. Not a border control to run around and hunt people, but make systems that actually house migrants, make sure, that all rules are followed, keep the kids safe. Be serious about this.

Chaos is not doing any good, we need order to protect people.

So invest in border security, but with the aim of making the whole system humane.

In the UK, mr. Johson seems to have fallen asleep, what is going on Boris?

I know that being sick is a devastating experience, me myself have just had two years in bed more or less. But that is life. As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said; if you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.

But now you are healed again, so you need to carry on brother. That is life, ups and downs, use your skill to further the interests of Britain and the Commonwealth, but in a nice and decent way.

So equality is not about one winning over the other, it is about harmony.

If you are truly equal, then you are supposed to be happy, that is the aim of the world today, to make a harmonius, equal world, where people are happy, right?

Not too much conflict, but respect and honesty.

G-d bless the will to heal the world.

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