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When Rome went from a smallish Italian power to become a world power, it tried to put all the different faiths and creeds under one idea. That idea is called Christianity. 

But before that happened, there was something that was exclusively Roman. The idea of discipline and the faith in an ordered universe.

After many years this basic creed, the Roman, was weak, and many Romans called for a discussion on this. 

But unfortunately for them, they were seen as too primitive and unsophisticated. Greek philosophy was supreme to the primitive Roman ideas of disciplin, and order of the celestial realm.

The same problem is now present at the distant child of the Roman Empire, the British Empire. 

Today Englishness is seen as base and unsophisticated. People want to be citizens of the world, and no one cares for the base of said empire, that of England. 

If the Brits are to learn from the mother idea, maybe they should accept, that perhaps they are old fashioned, not in vibe with all the progressive ideas of the current globalist. But maybe that is what is truly melding the empire together. That of Englishness.

Englishness is again a mix of things. But even at the core of Englishness is an idea that is undivided, as of yet. The idea of freedom being the mother of the true Englishman. A stout, strong, proud warrior that will not bend his will to those who wish to enslave him. 

That is the core, as the Centurion was the core of the Roman Empire. 

Do not forget that, and please care for that old proud man, because he is what truly keeps the realm together. Maybe not in person, but as an idea and an ideal.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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Islamic extremism

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We have a very serious problem with migrants in Europe. In essence, it is defined by the lack of integration these migrants have with the mainstream culture of Europe.

In the U.S. most migrants integrate quite easily if they want, but not in Europe. This has lead to huge problems in the capitals of most European countries. The problems are really tough, we have seen a rise in terror, and a billion small problems in the everyday life of most Europeans.

The problems are so great, that we need to take the gloves off, but we need to do it based on civility, and in a way that the fabric of the civil society is not torn more to pieces, than it is now.

Let us be honest about the problem in Europe. We have a huge problem with Islamic extremism. But calling it extremism misses the point, it has come to the point, where it is not extremism anymore, but mainstream Muslim ideology to hate democracy and strive for the Caliphate.

That is the bare truth, and we need to stop that.

That is the motivation behind the case for a discussion on human rights.

The greatest problems right now is in London, where Islamic extremism is really rife. But also in Copenhagen, Malmoe, Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne the list goes on. We are literally sitting on a bomb, that keeps going off all the time in the most atrocious way.

The plan I came up with when I began targeting ISIS, was to differ between political Islam and secular Islam. That still works, so this is what I propose the European security apparatus to prepare.

A mass exodus of Islamic extremists out of Europe, to their home countries, or somewhere where they cannot harm anybody.

They are welcome to make a caliphate, if it is peaceful and is not situated in Europe, or anywhere else where we prefer Democracy.

So we need to arm up, gear up, and work with the Americans and Russians where we have simultaneous interests. But we need to prepare, or else this might just go down as a civil war, and then Europe as we know it, is finished

G-d bless the will to see things clearly.

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Church shooting

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It is really with great sadness I hear about the mass shootings in Texas. It is terrible, and yet we do not know who did that in terms of political address. 

The end and the beginning of it is off cause the grieving of the families in the church there. The sight of it, and the desecration is just terrible. 

What we should do, is pray for these souls that we have lost, and also pray for the wounded. 

This is a deep wound, that is both physical as well as mental. 

The body is hurt, but also the soul. 

When we enter the house of G-d, we do that in the understanding, that there is a place of peace there. When someone shoots into that place of peace, they not only shatter the bone and flesh, but also the peace. 

That is what is at stake here. The peace between people. 

Who are we to shatter that peace? What right do we have to demolish something sacred?

I say, by keeping the peace, and protecting the houses of spirit, we protect the realm of G-d. There should be no excuse for such an act. 

It must be punished, and those responsible should be brought to justice. 

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we are vigilant and strong enough.

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Human Rights

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Denmark has become the chairman of the European Community. One of the projects, that Denmark has initiated is a renewed discussion on Human Rights.

I have initiated that discussion, basically. It was my idea originally. So let me explain.

We have a lot of problems with foreigners in Denmark. They came as a part of the migration that the EU initiated fifty years ago. These foreigners are often ill equipped in the understanding of what it requires for them as citizens to live in an enlightened Democracy.

Often they do not understand what it takes, and often they actually seek other state systems. As we have seen with the rise of Islamism.

This has created a lot of problems for Denmark, and Europe in general.

Now human rights have many different components, one of the main components is the will to see each person as a living being with rights to be protected.

We off cause support this without doubt of discussion.

But there is another very important function of Human Rights, and that is the PROTECTION of Democracy.

Democracy will face new challenges over time, and the Human rights institutions must adapt to these challenges.

The most basic challenge to Human Rights is off cause if Democracy is not respected by the citizens.

It can create a situation, as we saw in the Second World War, where tyrants of different kind used the democratic system to take it over, and reject it.

This can happen, and the Human Rights must implement a sturdy system to counter this threat.

The system is off cause, already theoretically in place, discussed by the ancients.

It goes like this. According to Aristotle, a citizen has to accept and support parts of the democratic institution. That of the law and that of the democratic process. If the citizen, especially a citizen that is new, or comes from a new family of the polis, does not accept this. My idea is to take away the citizenship. In effect rendering the possibility of a hostile take over of the Democratic state void.

This is the idea behind the discussion of the citizenship and the rejection of foreigners who do not accept the law of the country they are in.

It is a defense mechanism.

This we want to implement in the European Human rights discussion.

It should have been there in the first place, now we must put it in, to defend the constitutions of the Democratic nations of the world.

Off cause this is not all we have to do, we need also to educate and help. But if a person has seen its as his purpose to fight Democracy from within, he needs to be expelled. That is the ultimate defense of a nation with internal enemies as Islamists and other villains of Democracy.

G-d bless the will of the council to see the wisdom of this.

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Make America healthy again

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It has been a while since the election and the spectacular result. One of the things I have been thinking about, is how we combine the ideas of the Liberal heartland in a new way.

A main topic we have touched upon is nature. How we try to take care of the wild, Barack and I tried to push a oceanic wildlife protection plan, among other things.

At the other hand, we have the community ideas of Mr. Barack Obama, and the ideas of the teacher Ms. Hillary Clinton, every happy kid is a result of a good little village and a good school.

It struck me, as I have begun reading this amazing book about the life of trees, made by a forester called Peter Wohlleben (read that book, it is amazing), that HUMAN organization reminds me very much of that of ancient tree forest.

Now, you will start accusing me of being a tree lover, and being one of those weirdos that like going into forests to hug trees and so on.

But my point is. We need to see HUMAN society as what it really is; an ecosystem.

Just as trees in forest connect roots to support their kind, we should do the same. Just as trees care for their younglings, we should do the same.

The aim of a liberal democratic system, must be to create a human ecosystem that thrives.

See people and societies as what it really is, a system we need to understand, in order to make the communities, the schools, the villages function.

THAT was shat Thoreau was trying to figure out for himself, the ecosystem of nature has a parallel in human society.

But this is where it gets really difficult. Because human society is like one of those ancient often corrupted forests.

Full of misshapen trees and unhealthy living conditions. Lonely tree stumps, without any communication.

We are living in a ancient wild forest without any foresters whom really understand us. Yes there is a few philosophers out here, but we are desperately rare.

Understanding the living beehives of humans require knowledge, and we lack that.

But if we take a fresh look at society, and all the elements of it, we can make it better. YES WE CAN!

By working tirelessly for those little villages and schools, those communities, we can make a better human society. Strengthen the families, make a sound democracy, make people care for each other, water the roots, take care of the saplings, make America free and healthy again.

G-d bless America.

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Well, many Israelis are a little angry at me for defending the Iran deal I did together with Barack Obama.

Let me be clear about this. This is not just about Israel, it is a larger scheme, that includes all of the world. Here Israel is not just a local Middle East player, but a world player.

Remember when Mr. Shimon Peres was buried, what happened. The entire world went there to put him at rest.

For many in Israel he was a traitor because of the Oslo accords. I understand, they were bad. But to the rest of the world, he was the very symbol of peace that could come from Israel.

The reason why people around the world are so engaged in these peace processes is because it symbolises a greater hope for mankind. If Israel can make peace, perhaps the world can make peace.

That is what is at stake.

I think that the world recognised that the Oslo accord was flawed and basically a scam from the Palestinians. These criminals live off of charity of the world, the worst thing that could happen to them, was actual peace. Then they would end having no value to the world. So they stir up trouble just to be a part of the game. It is all they live for.

But the rest of the world does not need the conflict to be of value.

That is why, given a sufficient amount of wisdom, we can actually make peace.

We did it with mr. Al-sisi, we did it with the Saudis and we did with the Iranians.

Now, this is a fact, and it was a succes. I know that Mr. Netanyahu does not trust the Iranians. I understand, having bombs thrown on ones kids and people stabbed at each day is not a good thing for peace.

We have the same problems here in Denmark, and believe me, I am fighting like a wildcat to protect the Danes and the Jews, putting myself at risk, even my children are at risk.

But I have also a lot of personal experience with both Iranians and Arabs. They are not evil people, they have different priorities, but they are, as most civilised people striving for at better world.

We walk this line, the line of materialism and spirituality all the time, getting sucked into the material world and war.

I understand that we are afraid of Iran, but until we have actually started a dialogue with them, then how can we be so sure that they are not open to peace?

The Iranian people elected Rouhani, a man of peace.

Trump cannot sustain five dfferent wars at once. He has one in Afghanistan, he has one in and around Iraq, and two potential wars in China and in Europe.

As his friends we should not just drag him into a war because we can. We should think about what he needs as well. What he needs is strength to defend his own countries interests.

He is actually doing quite well in that respect, but we are supposed to be our brothers keeper, not dragging him into fights he has no real interest in.

I know this is harsh, but we need to respect he US, help them, put our needs aside and make him grow.

This does not imply that we should lay down our weapons and sing Kumbaya. We should defend ourselves, and we cannot accept a nuclear armed Iran in any way. So we need to focus on a better deal.

Fix it. So let us begin the talks with Iran, preferably with Mr. Trump involved and see if we can somehow make a deal that comes after the deal that is now.

G-d bless the deal that is possible.

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Iran deal

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I respect that Mr. Trump has listened to Mr. Netanyahu in his attempt to make at better deal with Iran. Fix it or nix it, well, we are trying to fix it.

But then what are the bodies of such an operation. Should I be the sole arbiter?

Ok, if that is what it takes. I will do it.

But then the Israeli side has to come forward with some more demands. If it is about making the arrangement work for longer time, then Israel should also promise something in return, like giving peace to Iran.

Right now, it is a bit like the EU deal, Israel has just dumped it, more or less.

Fix it? Well, what has Israel to offer?

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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The price of our souls

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The whole shebang with Harvey Weinstein and the current disintegration the Democratic party is in, really puts forth greater questions than just the superficial questions.

Everybody agrees, that Weinstein is symptom of a deeper malaise. Seriously, how can we have carried such scum at our hearts?

Have we become so deranged and morally decadent, that this could happen in our society. I mean, this is one of those who were supposed to be the good guys.

If we take a look at it from a historic perspective, the answer however comes much more into focus. One of my leading theories have been, that we are still living in the dark ages. After having done a huge excavation in the ancient scriptures that lie two thousand years ago, before the dark ages, I can see, that we have lost a lot.

The driving force in our current societies are materialistic. You can name a few of the materialistic impulses; Nietzsche, Communism, Newton, Darwin, Feuerbach. Even my fellow countryman Niels Bohr, perhaps the greatest scientist of the materialistic age, was that, a materialist. You could have him excused since he was basically a unmaterialistic man, and were friends with the great theologian Løgstrup. But the advancement that Western culture has made in the realm of materialism is both amazing and, as we see with Weinstein, corrupting.

Metaphysics, the opposite of physics, that is the science of spirituality, is just as impressive as physics. There are still vestiges of these ideas in our culture, mostly apocryphal, that is hidden in hermeticism and Kabbalah.

But these metaphysical systems are just as developed as the physical systems we share all of humanity these days. Even more advanced in some areas, not least in areas of ethics.

I am not talking about making an era of metaphysics only. What I am talking about, is a new balance. We need to accept metaphysics, and the necessary conclusions in terms of ethical choices that these ideas give us.

We need to believe in G-d again, simply, to counter that corruption and decadence that our world has fallen into.

We still have the raw manpower and intelligence to make that move, but we need to do it. And perhaps that critical stance that we have taken towards some of the ill in our own culture, is a true beginning of such a move.

As I have said before, G-d lives, and we should move away from the corruption and force ourselves to be better persons. Shed the arrogance of the rich and powerful, and find solace in a more modest approach.

Materialism gave us sway over the entire globe, but at the price of our souls. That price os too high to pay, and we need to redeem our lives and find the love and unity that there is in faith.

G-d bless the will to be humble and more noble again.

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I am a dancer, and as a consequence of that, I know a lot of beautiful women. They are not idols to revere, or someone to attract. They are my friends, true friends.

So, I know how it is to be a beautiful woman, and some of the traps and pitfalls for those human beings. When you are beautiful, attention comes cheap, but true love is difficult. It is like being a rich man, true love is difficult to come by, because the wrong girls are attracted to you. Not the girls who are in it to make a difference, or change the world. But the golddiggers.

It creates a negative synergy, where what you attract what is bad for you, and what you need is really difficult to get hold on.

This is what has happened to the Jewish filmmaker Weinstein. All the glitterati of Hollywood was his to command. I love his films, the “English patient” is one of my favourites. Weinstein must have known what is right and wrong, because he has made films that is a tribute to best in mankind.

But he used his power to demean and put down innocent girls. That is, how can I say, beyond evil. He was a living vampire, preying on the dreams of young girls. Leading to traumatic experiences for so many young beautiful girls, caught in his honeytraps.

It is beyond despicable, and I just can’t get it around my head, how a young boy from a respectable Jewish home could end up there. As a vampire. This is the exact opposite of what we Jews are supposed to be. We are supposed to be the light of nations, the good people, the Chosen people, remember?

And the worst thing about this is, that we cannot afford it. There is an endless cycle of violence against us, so just a little pretext is enough to cater the next pogroms. One Jews mistakes fall back on all of us.

They call what Barack and I have created in the Democratic party austere. Well, if caring about families, and helping the community is austere, then, by all means, let us be austere.

I did not know what was going on, I just hooked up with Barack, because he, as me, wanted to Change the world into something better. A course that we are reaping the benefits of right now.

Being better is obviously not doing as Weinstein did. That is the exact opposite.

Hollywood needs to come around, and especially Jewish producers should look into themselves and find what is good in them, and then act on it. Make a better world, not just in film, but also around them. Make a good vibe, a respectful vibe. Young girls are easy prey, especially if they want something, and they dream about something. But then give them a fair treatment. Pick the girls with talent, not those who are just willing to sell themselves.

We can do that, be serious, artistic and decent. This is what we are supposed to do, so let’s do it.

G-d bless the willingness to be an honest Jew, despite all the luring of the corrupt, be light bringers not the opposite.

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I have few real friends, whom I actually truly appreciate intellectually. It probably comes from the relatively isolation I have ended up in. But I have one though, and he has just written an amazing book on sacrifice. Religious sacrifice in specific.

This book is illuminous in the sense, that it actually tells you a whole lot about the subject. Why we sacrifice, what that has to do with our intellectual, psychological and religious worldview.

Sacrifice is something old-fashioned, in the current society, we tend to think about our own needs before everybody else. The point of the book is, that if we are not able to sacrifice anything, we cannot work as a society. There are some functions of society that requires sacrifice to work. Parenthood is one of them, but also soldiers and fire workers sacrifice their lives for the common good.

At the heart of the argument lies a solid truth, that I believe is right. Sacrifice is the foundation of love. We cannot buy love, the only way we can be loved and show appreciation towards those we love, is through sacrifice.

This book will give you a deep, extremely well reflected understanding of that old-fashioned virtue. Something we might want to bring into our jaded lives.

Hereby, I give my full recommendation to the book, it is amazing.

You can buy it here if you wish.


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I truly understand the view of Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Trump. And I understand, that there is a great worry about the proliferation of nuclear material, not alone nuclear bombs.

At the core of the worry is a lack of trust in Iran. That I also truly understand, there is a lot of bad blood on both sides, and still ongoing clashes.

But there is another thing that I believe that has not been truly appreciated, that is the fact, that Persians were friends before in the ancient times. They can be it again. The great Cyrus was such a friend of Jews, and under the threat of the Babylonians, Persians helped actually.

It is the depth of this relationship, that could promise understanding between Jerusalem and Teheran.

We are here, for peace, we are not here to destroy what has never been ours to destroy as harbingers of light.

If Israel is supposed to be the light upon the nations, that is a peace bringer, it should also be at least allowed to take up the torch of peace.

To make peace in the Middle East, is not about making peace with the Palestinians. These people are not good, it is about making peace with intelligent, worthy adversaries. True ancient peoples can and should talk at least.

The world is not ready for Teheran to have nuclear bombs, someday perhaps it will. But it is not now.

Therefor we have made the accord, and therefore it is upheld by most of the West including great countries as Great Britain, Germany, France and others.

We do understand, that Persia is the very country that invented the idea of goodness. Having a depth of civilisation and culture that is truly awe-inspiring.

Through this understanding, perhaps we can at least meet, and talk.

I, for one, stand for this agreement, but I also understand, that the agreement must be under discussion.

Let us start those discussions, and be partners and friends for the sake of the almighty, and the sake of good thoughts, good deeds, and good words.

G-d bless the willingness to be at peace in the Middle East.

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Mr. Trump and mr. Netanyahu is pushing for a dismantling of the Iran accord. I made it with Mr. Barack Obama, so, of cause, this is not in my liking.

First of all, I really do concede, that Netanyahu has a point. If the accord ends up with Iran having nuclear bombs, it is simply a delay, not a problem solver.

At the other hand, a lot of the things that we promised Iran has not come either, so what we really need, is to talk the deal 2.0.

See? If we can talk about what comes after the deal is finished, we can actually enter into a meaningful dialogue about the outcome of the deal.

Fix or nix it, well let us start fixing it before we nix it.

What would that involve. Well, at the very least it would involve some kind of discussion with Iran. They are not that difficult to talk with, and they have their own agendas, and political positions they want to have upheld. There is room for negotiation.

Start there, at least try, then we will see what comes out of it.

G-d bless the outcome that may satisfy all.

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When Communism seemed to stop working, the answer of some of the intellectuals of that time, was to blame the people. That is a wrong answer.

Hegelian Marxism did not work, because the quality of the system was to fraught with imperfections and constructional weaknesses. I know this, because I know what Marx read, I know the ideas of Hegel, and I know all the ideas that they drew on.

When a system is rejected by the public, it can do either of two things, it can start oppressing the people, or it can Change.

The world changes, but true Change cannot work, unless you actually know what you are changing from, and what the options for change is.

It is about knowledge, and wisdom. About knowing what architectural building blocks you can use, and how to use them.

A society is like a machine. It can be of good quality, bad quality or be a dump. But in order for the machine work, it needs parts that are interlinked and these links should be greased and kept in good order.

When the Frankfurterschool took over from Marx, they did an extremely poor job. Because in order to make at good society, you do not need oppression, what you need is a system which has been constructed with regards to the situation that the people is in.

Ideally, we Jews are supposed to support this task, as we are supposed to be the light upon the nations. That is the inspiration, the wisdom, the place you need to go to find new ways to Change.

It has been deconstruction for far too long, what we need now, is CONSTRUCTION. We need to start fixing all the wheels of the machine to make it work again. Help rebuilding the society, so that it remains secure, faithful, orderly, beautiful, happy and sanguine.

I’m am not talking about a dictatorship, I am talking about a system, that work. A system people will choose themselves, because they like it.

This is redemption. To start rebuilding all the little cogs ans wheels of society. Namely us. Make our families work again, our democracies, our political institutions, our churches, synagogues and mosques. Make things work again. It is not about being arrogant or being self-righteous, it is about the simple things in life. To see that things are going in the right direction. See more people having a better life. The lower the middle and the upper classes. All of us.

Deconstructions is over, now it is construction.

G-d bless the will to be positive and strengthen all the good things in our society.

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Great Britain

October 3rd, 2017 No comments

There is another subject I have been avoiding, because it is a split between two people, whom i really respect a lot. Mrs. May and Mr. Boris Johnson.

They both seem to disagree a little about the course of the EU negotiations. First of all, I try not to take sides. I believe, that both try their very best.

But, the fact of the matter is. That the election was quite clear. It was an in or out vote, and people voted out.

Not reaching that result is not respecting the public vote. In that sense, there is really no discussion on the end result. Perhaps Britain can stay a little in when it comes to business, both sides have an interest in that. But any accept of the EU institutions sway over British institutions, would be a result not respecting the public vote, that is the people of Britain.

When the process has started, there really is not going back on that. How to reach that end is however extremely difficult, because the EU has decided not to engage in the negotiations in any meaningful way, humiliating Mrs. May in a terrible way.

What we need, and that may come from any of the parties of the Tories, is a solution to that problem; how do we end up with an independent Britain.

There really is no other way, cheating and dragging out the negotiations does not solve anything.

But, engaging with a sound and realistic strategy is the only way. I do not believe there is any other way than to just start the separation. Then the EU leaders will come forth and find a way to make a sound deal. Because who needs the deal the most? It is actually the EU. So Britain holds all the cards.

That is the reality of it.

G-d bless the will to find a serious solution to this devastating enigma.

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The independence of Catalonia

October 3rd, 2017 No comments

I know it is a little late for the rejection of the central Spanish authority in their manhandling of the Catalan independent movement. But, I have had to think a lot about it. It is not that simple.

This is what I have reached as a conclusion.

First of all, independence is a right for all Peoples. Not giving a people independence is outright illegal. But there are often contradicting motives for independence.

If it is just motivated by economic growth, I believe that this is not a solid motive. If it is motivated by a wish to make a true democratic constitution, that is another matter. That I wholeheartedly support.

The right of a people to be free, is a right we should always support.

I understand, that the EU is also in two minds on what to do. On one hand, it wills to solidify the central government, but at the other hand, I understand, that there is a true respect for the will of the Catalan people. What other can you have?

The best course here is to support the Catalan people in the right manner, for the right reasons. If they want true independence, because they want more freedom, please let them have that. If it is just a matter of lack of solidarity to the rest of Spain, then I think the motives are wrong.

Then give them independence but suspect solidarity to the rest of Spain. Then the equation could be found right.

G-d bless the peace, that must come.

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