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The EU

The European Union is not getting things turned around. It seems to me, that the will is slowly materializing. But the true will to do something has to come.

It is the leadership that is the problem. Mr. Junker seems to be a positive and honourable man. He means well, but we need some decisive action now. Someone with the strength and will to move the ship around a Barack Obama or Donald Trump. A person with strength and integrity.

I don’t know if such a person even exists within the European system, but without such a person the slow decline will just continue.

G-d bless the will to do something else.

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New strategies

I am getting more optimistic, as mr. Trump develops his presidentship internationally. The meeting with mr. Putin seems to be an all out victory. Peacedeals, a deal on Syria, renewed communications between the US and Russia. These are all good signs.

Why? Because Russia is not really an enemy anymore. Yes, it is a competitor, but competitors can be worked with on a diplomatic basis.

I know, that the press and many in the Democratic camp are loath to give mr. Trump any credit. He is very provocative, and annoying sometimes. But a man should not be judged on his appearance, but on his results.

This gives the US a free hand in the confrontation with China. Leaving a lot of resources to deal with that country, that truly is an enemy.

But off cause, we need to challenge mr. Trump also, but with good, positive strategies and ideas. Not just frustration.

Being up against a good opponent, is difficult and frustrating. But instead of being sorrry, lets change the mood, and see what we can do to find new ideas and better strategies.

G-d bless the will to do good, and find new positive ways.

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The Middle East

The Middle East is not really in my hands anymore. When I worked with mr. Obama, he used my ideas, and consequently brought some peace to the Middle East. The Iran deal is lauded as the most successful attempt at making peace in the Middle East.

But mr. Netanyahu wanted otherwise, and convinced mr. Trump. You know, that is ok, maybe I am wrong, and the ideas that I am working on are not at the sufficient quality. Maybe the religious ideas of rav Ashlag are too poor a quality to work in the long run. That may be so.

If that is so, then Netanyahu will perhaps make peace, and the idea of peace through strength will work. It has worked before, so maybe it will work again.

To me, I was truly surprised that mr. Trump made the North Korea deal, so maybe he will be able to make a deal in the Middle East that will actually work.

To be honest, I hope so. This is not about my vanity, it is about the peace of the Middle East. So my vanity is in the big picture absolutely unimportant.

The Palestinians, or whatever we call them, have increased their activity with a new weapon. The Molotov cocktail kite bombs. They have a lot of success with this, if killing innocent people can count as a success.

It also does not give Israel any plus points when they do it. When Hamas and the other local Palestinians did all the Kassam bombs, they lost a lot of international credit. Why? Because at that time, we were doing the Iran peace deal, and you cannot attack a peacemaker.

After the Iran deal was rendered to naught, Israel has lost a bit of the moral high ground, and there is more space for the Gazans.

I believe in rav Ashlag, and I am not naiv. Still most of what I put up in the Middle East is holding. It is just a scratch in the surface.

That is why I have realized, that peace was not given in one fell stroke, but has to come over many years.

I will not be able to descend on Israel tomorrow and make the temple, but hopefully in ten or twenty years I will.

The momentum of the first wave of my ideas are now ebbing out in the Middle East, and we are facing another kind of development. That of slow consolidation.

The aim is, to make a common platform for all the monotheistic religions.

This is what the Middle East is essentially all about. That is the true purpose of the Middle East. Everybody knows it, and they have faith in it. By the will of G-d we will do his work.

This is not over, we just have to be a bit more patient.

It was the same with David. First he became the chosen by G-d, then he was rejected by the Israelites. But ultimately, it is not for us to decide. It is up to G-d. I believe, that what we are supposed to do, is to remake the realm of G-d here on Earth. That is what religion is all about.

Sometimes we do the opposite, and do not succeed with our work. Sometimes we get a step closer to this aim.

We are the tools of G-d, and we will succeed.

G-d bless the will to respect the will of spirit, and see through our own misconceptions and selfish needs.

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Things are really changing in Europe, whether the politcal elite wants it or not. Essentially these are the ideas, that I had to happen to make ten years ago, that is really wreaking havoc in the political elite.

Now even the American president is in on it, not making it very easy to keep to old ways. Well done mr. President. It was a bit tough what you did, but the truth needed to be told, well done.

My ideas are not revolutionary in the sense, that I want to change the system itself. They are revolutionary in the sense, that I want people to remember what the ideas of our civilisation are. There is nothing wrong with Democracy or the rule of law. But the current administration is not working, because we have forgotten the basic ideas of a Democracy. We have become to relaxed and totally unserious about these things.

We have to be serious again. I know that changing things are difficult. But you have to change in order to follow the ideas an needs of the people.

They want and need security, so this is what you need to provide. Take Italy, they are in deep trouble, you need to take them out of that trouble.

The world is full of fighting and strife. It is not a happy place, it is a dangerous place.

To make peace, you need to accept this, and support and protect your citizens.

My plans do not necessarily involve getting rid of the EU. It is a safety net that is put beneath the European nations. So that they may survive.

But the European Union needs to step up, and not do what it has done for 40 + years. Do something else, Change, perhaps.

G-d bless the will to be humble in the changing tides of history.

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What is Change?

When we went from a Frankfurterschool liberalism to an Obama liberalism, what was the change essentially?

As I see it, the essential change was to move from a pretty simple way to look at the world, onto a much more detailed and civilised way of looking at the world.

The Frankfurterschool believes that the minority has to be protected from the majority. This is off cause right. In a democracy, the minorities are often put down. So we need to protect them.

But, and that is very important. We still have to remember that the core of Democratism is off cause Democracy but also humanism.

The US is a Democratic/humanist system, right?

So, my idea was to try and remember what the US really is. See it as it is in all its beauty. A beauty that has been forgotten in the years after the American revolution. A revolution that brought forth freedom and humanity.

Democracy is essentially a northern European way of deciding and doing things. Its viking. Rousseau was quite open about that. Freedom comes from Scandinavia and the UK, plus Germany and France.

This is the way we like to do things.

Humanism at the other hand is not a European idea, its an Egyptian idea. Brought forth firstly by the Medicis of the Italian Renaissance, and then kept by the freemasons, giving birth to the US as an Egyptian/humanistic system.

That is why there are so many Egyptian things in the US. Pyramids on the dollar bills, Steles and other Egyptian magical buildings.

So, instead of focusing so much on minorities only, I think it is important, that we go back the very foundation of the US. To make it clear for all Americans what the US really is.

That is the unifying thing, that can and will bring Americans together.

I am not perfect, I did things wrong. But my work lies directly in the tradition of rev. Martin Luther King, and that is a project of unity not of division.

Civil rights are a unifying thing, a democratic/humanistic renaissance is a unifying thing. Its the same, just with a bit different angle and some other elements. But the IDEA the same. To create a common platform for all of us.

So I am not hired mercenary. I happen to believe in these things, and it is not working for me in Europe very well. So you cannot chose your readers, your readers chose you.

Anyway. I know that the Democratic party is in problems and so on. But there is a platform to stand on. And that is the one, that Barack Obama created. A platform of decency, honesty, enlightenment, freedom and responsibility.

So, do not despair, work on, find yourselves as Americans, and things will Change.

G-d bless the will to do good, and be honest with the things we have.

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Change in Europe?

Nothing happens in the EU that is planned. Everything is just quenching one fire after the other.

That is what you usually call reactive behaviour. You react to what happens to you, you are not proactive. That is planned on what you do.

Everybody else in this competition of global dominance are proactive. They try to influence people and powers around them to their best ability.

The EU is just a mess.

So, what do you do when you are in a mess. You make a plan to get you out of the mess, and you try. More often than not, this plan backfires, gets you in another direction than you thought and so on. But at least you are trying.

So, instead of focusing on the problems only, try and make a plan for the entire project.

I proposed one that is, honestly, the best you can get. But nothing has happened yet. If that is the way you want to do it. Ok, np, but the rest of the world is in trouble, and we need to move on with the issues we need to solve.

The Middle East is powder keg, and we need to find solutions for it. The EU has had a stance as a defender of the Obama peacetreaty.

But with the current chaos in the EU. The EU cannot deliver anything.

If nothing happens, well, then we need to take the EU out of the equation, and work with what we have.

Instead of using so much energy and time on the self-inflicted problems of the EU, we will have to move as individual countries.

I am sorry, but you are seriously sitting on your own hands not trying at least to make some kind of plan to change things.

That is the recipe for disaster. Now you know, so perhaps at least trying to do something would be an idea.

G-d bless the will to Change things.

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Mr. Trump

I know, that mr. Trump is not that popular in Europe. But, at the other hand, he is still European in his descent, his family came from Germany, and he is VERY European in his way of doing things.

Maybe he is more Icelandic than haute couture. But he is still one of us.

Therefor, my view is; give him space, listen to him. He comes with a lot of criticism. But a lot of it is honestly right. Why should the US pay for our security?

So give him the benefit of the doubt, and see if we can make a deal.

He is one of us.

G-d bless the will to be strong in argument, but open in compromise.

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The trade war with China is not really working, this is why.

First of all, you need to see it from the perspective of Adam Smith. Adam Smith coined the way we do international trade today. He believed that, if the trade is free, it will give everybody a good chance to compete with each of their virtues. Making a market that everybody were happy in and could prosper for.

At the other hand, he believed, that the producers of goods, were supposed to be loyal to the nations they produced things in.

Like Apple, they used to make all their things in China, now they have started to move some production back to the US. Out of loyalty to the US as a common Democratic project. Thank you Apple, we appreciate that.

So, my idea was to commend and help and do everything we can for the producers of goods, that are loyal to the US. It worked, wonders in fact, it has never been better in the US economically.

So, how do the Chinese screw with this system (sorry for the strong wording). They do it by not really allowing free trade to China, while as they abuse free trade in the world. In other words, we allow them to sell to us, but they do not allow us to sell to them. Yes, within limits, and often at the price of knowledge drain.

So in a sense, they are too protectionistic, and also uses the state to make business.

Thereby giving them an unfair advantage. So, in essence, they are not playing fair.

I do not know about Europe, but I do not think that we are trying to play unfair with the US, not a lot at least, and not in the amount the Chinese are doing it. So, we should not trade blows.

But China is not accepting and following the rules, and should therefor be punished.

G-d bless the will to be sharp on priority.

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DO IT!!!

The way back as a dominant power in the world, is extremely difficult.

There are no easy fixes, but rather a number extremely hard decisions we need to do to carry on.

The challenges are numerous, and the resources we have are not scarce, but very difficult to use, due to the lack of faith and motivation.

So, WE NEED TO REFORM. I urgently ask the different leaders of Europe, to take up my idea about a renewal of the European Union. We are walking on thin ice here, so we need to step lightly. But we need to do it.

Take a look at my reform plan, and DO IT.

Its all just a matter talking up the process, and then fulfil it.

G-d bless the will to act before it is too late.

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Well done Europe!

It must have been a long night discussing the new approach to migration in Europe. To be honest, there is not much new in the deal, but that is really not the true good thing coming out of the meeting.

The good thing is, that the Union is actually going from apathy and indecision to some kind of clarity.

This is due to the cooperation between the leaders of the different nations.

THAT is the way EU will have to work in the future.

By making agreements on an international level.

If it works, make more of it. And make it the cornerstone of the reform.

G-d bless the will to think anew what does not work anymore.

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Minorities vs. Civil rights

When I grew up in place called Avedøre Stationsby, I grew up with the consequences of minority ideas made up byt the Frankfurterschool.

My mom married a nice guy from Bangladesh, but he left her, so she was a divorcee in a rough neighborhood.

This neighborhood was full of “minorities”, people from the Middle East, Northern Africa, and a lot poor Danes.

To be honest, this was not nice, it was full of drugs, people having psychological problems and general discomfort. There were nice things here and there, but you just couldn’t trust people where I grew up.

Then I moved to place called Vesterbro in Copenhagen. A part of the city a bit like my old neighborhood, but still with very few migrants.

There was a different vibe in Vesterbro, yes there were poor people and a lot of crime. But we took care of each other, and though the kids were rough, there were still limits. We even had a nice place for the young adults, where they could make music, and be the tough kids with the deep understanding of the street as a fair but tough environment to grow up in.

Then Vesterbro started to change, and look more and more like Avedøre Stationsby. It became darker. A lot of the people that migrated to Vesterbro from muslim countries really hated the West, and started abusing the young girls, and treating everybody very terribly.

This made me see, that there was something wrong.

Then the Mohamad cartoon crisis came, and the muslim world went crazy on Denmark.

You can argue about the validity of the angriness, but seen from my point of view, it was unfair. We had done nothing to treat the muslim world badly, and the reaction was unproportioned.

I had been minted a philosopher just a year before the incident, and had had very little success.

So, this was my chance I thought.

Knowing that migration is not necessarily a blessing. I stated thinking about what to do, where the weak points were, and the general lay out of the land in terms of academic understanding.

That lead me understand, that there was a whole level missing in our understanding of minorities.

Being a minority myself, in many ways actually, I could see, that the priority we were given left something very important in the equation. The whole basis of the democratic state was missing.

I mean, you could be a minority and hate Democracy, and still be protected. You could be a criminal, a demagogue, hate Jews or gays, but having a status as minority gave you a possibility to do whatever you wanted.

That was wrong, it is still wrong.

So, I thought about it, and concluded, that if there were Muslims who did not accept or were loyal to Democracy and the rule of law, their status as a minority where forfeit.

That is fair. If you do not respect or accept Human rights, including the respect Democratic law, you are an obvious threat to the state.

So, we starting fighting The Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and so on.

At the other hand. I tried to instill the respect for the virtues of Democracy and the rule of law in ourselves. Fighting for Democracy was good, but we need to have faith ourselves as well.

So I supported rev. Martin Luther Kings Civil rights movement. Here was a good man, trying to bring people together and not sow discord. He wanted to build a platform, and make people dream of a better world.

To me, Civil rights are above minority rule.

Because minority preference is essentially white supremacy thinking. I am sorry, but that is the way it is. The minorities are the helpless blacks or gays and so on, and the whites are the good people helping the poor blacks.

That is not equality, that is supremacy. Just in new clothing.

Just because you are black or gay, it doesn’t mean you need help. I mean, I do actually work ok myself. I can fend for myself.

What I think minorities really need is not preferential treatment, but respect. I think we need to be treated like everybody else, because we are like everybody else.

I think that the presidency of Mr. Barack Obama essentially proved that.

He is not white, but he did good, and we need to stop prioritizing minorities, and just respect them.

Then we need to see, that those who really lost in this minority preference were the poor white guys.

They missed the train, and now they need some help getting on their feet as well.

I say this not as a white guys, because I am not. But because this is what civil rights is about. Helping, sharing, trying to be your brothers keeper, not looking at the skin of people, but who they are.

G-d bless the will to support a world, where we are together and not separated.

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True humanism

A lot of the problems that is in the world right now, is due to shortsighted politics. Especially the humanists of different colors are not realistic about the challenges that face the world at large, and especially the western world.

I am a humanist, not only am I a humanist, I think I would define myself as priest of humanism.

I believe in it, I have traced its roots all the way back over the Medicis to Egypt.

This is what I do, carry on the light of the Egyptian sun worshipers.

So, why am I termed as a right wing populist by many humanists?

To me, it is because I am a true believer, and thus do see things in a much more complex light.

The core of humanism is not the care of people or the nature, it is the will to be enlightened. The uncompromising search for truth.

Why? Because as the ancients say, the truth and the light are the same.

Spreading light is being true where there were no truth before.

Why is this so important? Because the humane decisions you want to take, can only be taken if they are based on realistic assessment of a situation.

Take the fight against islam. We could have fought all islam, but that would have been unfair to many muslims. At the other hand, we need to fight those who burn down our cities.

So, based on a thorough analysis of islam. I defined the enemy as islamists, that is political muslims. The other muslims were accepted and even supported.

This is a way of enlightenment, the solution to a difficult problem is based on a true understanding of the subject matter.

The same goes for the problems we have with migration. This is an even worse dilemma.

At one hand, if we do not help, these people will suffer. But if we help them by giving them a free pass to Europe, most Europeans will suffer.

Since our primary interest lie with the citizens of Europe, we must prioritize them.

Add to this, we need to be serious about the magnitude of the problem. The amount of people of the world are sky rocketing, it can only end up in a huge fight.

So we need to be ready for that, and serious about it.

That is the long term goal.

We cannot just give away our ressources now when we need them the most.

This is a dilemma with no winners, and the explosion that is in the horizon is getting larger and larger.

So we need to honest about this.

The humanist answer to a problem is then not just to think about the here and now, but based on a thorough analysis of the problem find the MOST humane solution.

Just before ragnarok, there are no simple easy answers, only terrible ones. And not doing anything, is the worst you can do for everybody.

But humanism prevails, if it is done in a true manner, it even is the only solution to the problems we face, because it will give us the least amount of pain, all of us.

G-d bless the will to be true about the mayhem that we are trying to avoid.

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Ok, now the plan for a possible reform has been finished and send into the EU system. If the commission wants to speed up the process, I know there are ways to do this.

Please consider this. The whole system is almost falling apart, and we need action immideatly.

There are a vast numbers of difficulties for at reform of the EU. As you can see under weaknesses in the attached application. So, making a reform now is almost impossible, we need to be sharp on the ball.

But, that is the way it is.

Now, we from the conservative opposition to the EU have been very critical towards the whole project for a number of reasons, valid reasons. But to counter the critical stance, one also needs to be constructive.

So this is us being constructive.

There are many issues to consider, some of them already presented here on the blog. But there are many more.

I hope we can get the ball running, and we need start the game as fast a possible.

Link to appication file: Draft 3.0

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The knife’s edge

Well, here we are, at the potential end of the European Union. Let me be clear about the cause of this crisis. It is not about extreme rightwing populism. It is the effect of very poor political work of the European Union, and the rest of the political establishment.

I mean, everybody knows, that the African countries are going through a slow decay in terms of statehood, and at the same time have birthrates that hit the roof.

In this situation, decreasing the civil security is perhaps not the best of strategies.

The obvious result will be a lot of chaos where innocent people lose their lives, and general mayhem is in abundance.

A little foresigt, and resolute planning could have avoided the situation.

Now we are entering the pivotal development that I have planned for the last ten years, and it stands on a knife´s edge.

The strategy that I have planned, and has been set into motion with the people that use my ideas, is forced remigration.

This has to be done in the most humane way, but it is necessary to do it not to lose Europe as a continent.

Do the math, if this continues, Europe will be finished as a livable area. It will be full of mass crime acts, and the societies that we have now will crumble.

These are the stakes. So we can either accept that, and do something about it, or reject it and cease as a society.

It reminds me a lot about the migrations that came form Northern Europe that finished the Roman Empire.

The major obstacle we are running into now is the complete rejection of African countries in taking their citizens back. A pretty peculiar understanding of international law.

The migrants in Europe are not members of any European state, but members of African states, so there is where they belong.

We do not need these people, and we do not want them.

As I have said before, it comes down to lethal force. Is the European Union ready to use lethal force or not.

If not, it will fall, if, it will prevail.

It is as simple as that.

G-d bless the will to be honest and realistic about the awful challenges we face.

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