Rebuilding our armed forces

March 27th, 2017 No comments

We have to be honest about the build up of islamic state like fighters in Europe. We have had numerous incidents of terror but also findings of weapons caches in mosques.

As Erdogan said; the mosque will be the spearhead and the sword. Well as Hitler, if he says that, he probably means it.

I do not think that Erdogan is a lost cause, but I do think that, with the crisis we have had with him, we should start rebuilding our militaries. Because we may have a lot of humanistic doubt of our courses, but our enemies do not. They are dedicated and fierce.

So instead of using our money on the airforce or navy, we need to invest heavily in the infantry.

They should be grown from the current size to at least ten times more, if not even more. We also need to invest in high tech gear. The drones should be our top priority, but other high tech gear should be invested in. Like small armed vehicles that can enter urban areas and resist small arms as well as RPGs.

Israel has developed a system to go along with our tanks, I think it is called Triumph or something. That will protect our vehicles.

We also need to develop strategies to counter hostage scenarios as in the concert in France.

So, it is time to rebuild our forces, and we need to do it fast.

G-d bless the willingness to build on what we have.

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Be brave

March 24th, 2017 No comments

After the attack on Westminster, one thing is clear. This problem will not be solved by more money, multiculturalism, inclusiveness or dialogue. 

As I have said, numerous times, it is a war, and we are not even fighting it. 

To act on this war, we actually have to WANT to fight it. 

This requires a lot of thought, and a lot of planning, but it has to be done. 

First of all, we need to reroute the migrants away from Europe to safe havens that we have created. But it has to be done effectively, not just haphazardly. 

Secondly, we need to start investing in military to counter the threat. It is not just small, isolated groups, this is organized and it requires a lot of support logistically, morally and spiritually, if you can call killing innocents spiritual. 

This is the demon in action, and we need to prepare, otherwise we are just lambs for the slaughterhouse. That is the truth. 

So, as mr. Trump demands. We need to invest in defense capabilities, to defend our own people and land. 

This should be targeted at the growing threat of Islamic State. So we need to prepare for a guerillawar with an opponent that uses horrorlike tools to cower us. 

We need the spirit of mr. Churchill now. That is a will to fight. We need to use the Anglo-Saxon words, the strong words. We need to fight, on the beaches, in the shopping malls, in front of West Minster, we need to have courage and prepare for the worst. 

Because England is under attack.

G-d bless the will to resist and be infinitely brave.

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March 23rd, 2017 No comments

What is Israel really? To understand that, and truly remake the understanding of Israel. We need to reflect on the identity of Israel. 

Israel was initiated as a Social-democratic state. After some time, as Socialism has vaned, Israel is now searching for a way to understand what Israel is today. 

In this work, as a historical philosopher, I propose a look at what our forefathers thought about when they defined Jewish culture. 

One item, or rather core item, of Jewish culture is the angels. 

The angels are ancient spiritual beings, that reflect an ethical stance to the word. 

They reflect judaism at its deepest levels. 

Each angel has specific colours and characteristica. And through the understanding of what the angels represent, we can understand what juadism is, and thereby Israel.

Israel as a state demands more than just a little, it demands the best. 

The best of all, are the angels. 

Gabriel, the angel of strenght, Ophiel, the angel of beauty, Boel the angel of truth, Ravchiel the angel of compassion. 

Each angel reflect the core of what it is to be jewish.With them we can be inspired to understand ourselves.

G-d bless Israel. 

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March 23rd, 2017 No comments

In France the contented ms. Le Pen is in trouble, why? Because the election platform is too narrow. 

To fight islamism is good, to support your country is good. But a ticket to the Elysee has to be a bit broader. 

I belive, that the antisemitic message is out, and now, hopefully, we can see a support of Israel, so I help.

Basically what you need Marine, is an economical plan to go along with the islamcritic message. 

Here I propose the plan that I have developed with mr. Obama, and mr. Trump has used, at least in the beginning of his presidency. 

The direct support to patriotic producers. At the same time free markets should be supported, not with unhealthy ideas, but as a principle. 

Money comes with rich people supporting you. Rich people support those they like. Some even do not support anybody but themselves. But usually they pay back for what they have gotten. 

This is a problem in France. The industry does not fight for a patriotic cause, but are just a globalised as everybody else. 

This should be turned around. Not by negative means, but by help and inspiration. Napoleon installed some good ideas in his first 100 days. One of them the civil code, that is a deep thank you from the republique to those who served. 

The same can be done with the producers that is supporting their country.

By this, you also, directly support some of the workers who have been left by globalisation, having no jobs. 

So it is an economic plan that will support your core voters directly.

G-d bless the beautiful France and may he live for another thousand years. 

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Seminar in the US

March 23rd, 2017 No comments

I have been given the opportunity to find a remedy for the liberal trouble in the US. With one of my good friends, I will make a small seminar with a powerful message. 

It is my hope, that I will be able to turn the downfall of the Liberals around. 

It is all about one thing; new ideas. 

Barack and I worked a lot on many ideas in his presidency, so we will revisit them, and find the best to propel us forward. 

G-d bless the will to be strong as the world is changing.

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March 23rd, 2017 No comments

Things are starting to move in England. As political correctness is faltering, the debate about the trouble and the failure of multiculturalism is starting. 

About time one should perhaps notice. 

Ideas that are wrong should be criticised, and new ideas should come instead. But at the end of the day, this day of mourning because of the terrible threat of violence should be used for something concrete and specific. 

That being; an open discussion on the issues. 

Not talking about something wont solve it, talking about it may just give you a tool to fix the problem. 

Now the UK will never be the same, but it can be better, in the sense, that a renewed discussion on the true cause of the terrorist attacks can give you answers. And by those answers you can fix the problems you have. 

There is still time, you can fight back. You have the means, all you need is the will. 

Find that, and you will be saved. 

G-d bless England, as you still have friends, and all hope is not lost yet.

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March 22nd, 2017 No comments

France is overrun by extremism; left-wing extremism, right-wing extremism and islamism. 

In this difficult hour, it is time to relive what France is. Is it a weak and sick old man, or is it a beautiful country with traditions of the roman era, of the men of north, the spirit of Isis; Paris. 

Now I truly believe, that it is time for the great warriors of France, the patriots, to rise and bear arms. Not to make a negative mark upon France, but to make a positive mark on France. 

Fight for something beautiful, something that will make this wonderful place live for another thousand years. 

I believe, that the patriots, should shed all the negative influence from Nazism, the Madam Blavatsky ideas, and start to look at the other side. 

At the angel of Michael, the light bringer, to bring light to France again. To see it, to understand it to relive the valiant cry of Roland. 

This is what France is, and what is at stake. 

Good things, things of value, things that will have to be used to be alive. 

But most important of all. I believe, that there is a great, great idea that must now be fought for, that we must rise up for. That idea of the Republic, that idea of Democracy, threatened by barbarism and islamism. 

Only if the great sons and daughters rise to the occasion, and shout! At the top of their lungs for France, will we see her for another day. 

G-d bless the beautiful France, and may we live to see her again. Par Isis, Paris.

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March 19th, 2017 No comments

In the current conflict between migrants and Europeans, we have two choices, or rather, I suppose we mostly have already chosen. 

We can either chose to confront this conflict as an ethnic conflict or as a political conflict. 

In Sweden the current environment, which is absolutely devastating, the conflict will, most probably, be ethnic. As in Yugoslavia, Swedes will band together with Swedes and other ethnic groups likewise. 

There might be a religious superstructure to the migrants to chose from, that is an islamic identity and rule. But we will see. 

The effect of this development will be like Yugoslavia, some areas will end up muslim, other areas will end up Serbian or the like. 

If we, however, chose to see the conflict as a political conflict, that is a fight between democracy and islamism, the development will be qualitatively different. 

The ethnic element will still be there, because democracy is a traditional value for most Europeans, but many migrants will be given a way to find loyalty to their new countries. 

This also gives the current states an opportunity to survive. If the migrant crisis explodes into ethnic violence, the states will not survive, but new states will appear as a result of the turmoil. 

The philosophical and ideological strength that follows in the footsteps of a revolution, that is a democratic revolution, within the frames of the current system, will make the tackling of the problems much more civilised, and thereby much less violent. 

That is my plan, and has been all the time. That is why I have founded the democratic, republic wave that rides over Europe these days. Because it will be the wisest, and hopefully the least violent. But the air is pregnant with war, let us hope the war will be within some frames of civility, otherwise Europe will really end up in a bloodbath. 

G-d bless the willingness to fight for a positive system.

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E Pluribus Unum

March 18th, 2017 No comments

These days there is a lot of problems politically in the US. The left is trying to undermine the right, and the right really hates the left. Not always, and sometimes it is right, and so on. But the country is split into two warring factions, that do not compromise or try to work together. 

Politics will not work well under such conditions, what we need is to reach across the aisle, try to bury the hatchet and compromise. 

As I see it, both camps have a lot of truth in their stance. On one hand, the liberal part is truly scared about the possibility of a constitutional meltdown. On the other hand the conservative part is truly worried about the possibility of a moral meltdown. 

In fact both parties are right. They see the problems of the other part, and are right in their criticism. I however truly believe that the process of reconciliation is to try to be open to the criticism of the other part, and use that to reflect on our own faults. 

We are all sinners, and it is only if we are humble about our own misgivings, that we can reach a compromise. 

Yes, I do believe, that the southern borders should be fortified and migrants should use the official channels to enter the US. Yes, I do believe, that America should be strong again. Honestly, I have worked tirelessly on this for many years. 

But I also believe in humanity and humbleness, in respect for spirit. In fact, I believe that without humbleness one cannot be strong, because humbleness will give you the ability to reflect on your sins. 

Mr. Trump asked me to guide him, I believe I have stayed true to that. So in this spirit of understanding, we need to unite. Because as mr. Breibart said, E Pluribus Unum, in manifold are we united. 

G-d bless the great Nation of United States of America.

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March 17th, 2017 No comments

I am hopefully going to the US, maybe on behest of the conservatives or the liberals, but there is one thing that I have really realized the last few days. 

You need to start, or restart your tradition of philosophy in the US. I mean, I will be happy to be a surrogate for some time, but this will only work for some time, untill that I am no more or something unforseen happens. 

The founding fathers were all philosophers, but it seems to me, that the tradition, more or less, stopped with them. Who are the philosophers of today, one may ask. 

A country cannot do without a tradition of brilliant thinkers founded in the greek classical time. We have a function to play for democracy. 

This is really the core of the problem, or why the US has felt lost, because the tradition has died out. 

Perhaps we can rekindle this tradition? It is not easy, it takes a lot of altruistic work of many people to make a frame on which a philosopher of two can emerge. But it is possible. 

In Denmark the tradition has been going on for a thousand years, more or less. So there are a lot of predecessors and illustrious minds to learn from. 

But for a nation to make room for philosophers, a certain prestige should be given the calling. 

It is a very elevated position, and a position that demands the utmost of the person who so desires to be a philosopher. It also demands an extreme ambition, and a solid education, preferably on an elite university. 

In essence it is an aristocratic pursue, so it needs good strong families to both support good universities, and a yearning of learning in the intellectual aristocracy. 

But it can be done, if the universitites and the old families are willing to. 

Maybe even a renegade like me can get the honor, if he works hard enough. 

G-d bless the willingness to be strong in intellectual pursuit.

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March 16th, 2017 No comments

I truly believe, that I am a good person. I might not be perfect, who are? But I have always tried to look at the world, and do what is good. 

Doing good is somehting philosophers have discussed for millenia. Aristotle claims that good is a final epitomic virtue called happiness. Plato talks about the good, the beautiful and the true is the same. 

I believe that both are right, but there is more to it. For me, I can say, that it is often something about a feeling that I get. 

I remember when I was in Salvador fifteen years ago. I am a dancer, and we ended up there with my dancegroup. 

Salvador is an evil city. When we walked the streets there, we were met by people who wanted to sell small children for sex. There was a lot of violence, darkness hiding in the corners. 

In contrast to this, there was also cultural groups that were good, and a few writers. But the city of sin is not only Rio de Janerio it is as much Salvador da Bahia.

When I worked in IT I made a lot of money, but I ended up leaving the business, because there were so much darkness in the business. The companies cheated the customers. Whole schemes of how to make money on customers, without really giving them anything. 

Now, I am in politics, and there is also a lot of corruption there. Too much it seems sometimes. In Denmark they continously try to shut me down, they call me all kinds of names, and believe that I am “controversial”. When it is controversial to confront the sins of your country, then we are truly in trouble. 

But what is goodness really? Apart from the philosophical discussion, I also, deep in my heart, believe that goodness is a sense. You can feel it, if you are tuned to goodness, if your are tuned to spirit. 

Helping a friend is good, being honest is good, trying to support your family is good, helping your country. 

Bottom line, to be a good person will lead you to a better live, and may save religion. But it will also give you many enemies, especially those who are full of sin. 

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients. 

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March 13th, 2017 No comments

Well, I have wanted to go to Oxford again, and it is a bit of a challenge. I got sidestepped because the Americans showed interest, but still I want to go to Oxford.

I have given it a bit of thought. I know, that from the outside I am seen as a bit of a wild creature. I am out here fighting the wildlings waving my wand, sending off spell after spell.

But there is another side of me, that I have not had the opportunity to show the world. That is me as a truly civilised person.

I know that when fight in the wild, it seems all hair, swords and burning wands, but when I am at a school, I am another person.

My own school Vallekilde, that is the equivalent to Oxford in Denmark, was founded by my great-grandfather Ernst Trier. He was the leading intellectual at his time.

Then there has been many leading academics and artists in my family. Like the van Gogh family is the leading artist family in Holland, Trier is the same here in Denmark.

What I am trying to say is, you should definitely not worry that I will misbehave or start doing things at the school. On the contrary, I come there because I like to teach.

I really miss teaching, and besides from Vallekilde there are no other place I would rather like to teach than Oxford.

I feel like drawn to that place somehow, I cant explain it.

But here comes the agenda that I would like to propose, and hopefully we can make it happen.

G-d bless the will to do good, and save the Anglican church.

Link to agenda: Introduction seminar Oxford v2

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You are not alone

March 12th, 2017 No comments

It is with a great shame, that I see, that the Turkish government are not able to discern between their own government and that of a foreign government. 

If turkish citizens happen to be in the Netherlands or in Germany. Then they are not entitled to any part of the democratic waving of Turkey. 

If they wish to be a part of Turkey, well, they are free to go and live there. Otherwise they are entitled to nothing and should follow the rules of the country that they are guests in. 

Hereby I wholeheartedly support Holland, may you be strong in this difficult time. 

Just remember; YOU ARE NOT ALONE

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March 11th, 2017 No comments

So,  in my attempt of helping the UK,  the development of my little seminar has so far been,  that the conservatives in the US are interested.  Imagine that.  

I have given a little thought to that,  and honestly I think that that is a good thing.  Ideas are free in the sense,  that I do not own them,  and anybody can use them as they want.  

But to reiterate, my attempt to support the Democratic part of the American political life,  I have made something for you as well. 

It may not seem as much,  but it is the best that I can do at the time.  If you want,  I would be happy to come over,  and try to discuss some of the issues that has been at the center of my work with Mr.  Obama.  Thereby keeping his light alive.  

For me it has always been very important to unite the country and not contribute to a fragmentation.  So I sincerely believe,  or rather it is my ardent hope,  that my work will be a work of continuous reconciliation.  Therefor I am really happy that the conservatives are open as well.  

In practise,  there is a problem about funding.  Currently there is none,  so to make a trip possible,  a small amount of funding needs to be found somewhere.  Just the plane ticket and perhaps a welcoming home somewhere,  that is all that is needed.  

The seminar is attached below,  and you can see,  that I have tried to touch on some of the main issues that has been up in the presidency of Mr.  Obama.  The angle could be changed depending on who will invite me.  I hope it is parts of the political establishment,  and the media including bloggers. 

It is not a competition on who gets me first.  I will be fair,  and I will not prioritize someone over others.  All are truly welcome.  

That said,  if you want to invite me.  Please send a mail,  and I will be happy to respond.  

G-d bless, and may we find a new path in this life,  that will guide us to a better world. 

Link to seminar:

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Womens liberation

March 10th, 2017 No comments

There seems to be a lot of discussion and demoralization on the liberal side these days. It is understandable, but it is also a bit embarrasing.

At the end of the day, it seems to me to be a kind of regression. The positions of the 68 are celebrated, and the new ideas Barack and I put forth are kind of closed down.

I understand it, but it is not that efficient when it comes to real live politics.

Around ten years ago, I had this moment of truth in Denmark. It was at my local gym, and there a few migrants were pretty open about their experiences with Danish girls. As they said; over 40 Percent of them had been raped. That being their friends in their local youth club.

You can look at it many ways, but compare this to slavery. When Thoreau fought against slavery, he simply could not see how slaves could be treated like subhumans. North America went to war for that. Because it was wrong. Seen from a humane perspective, the problem is the pain that the slaves suffer in their imprisonment.

So it is the amount of pain that sanctified the civil war of the US. A rape is worse, when a girl is raped, the pain and the suffering will never cease. The trauma is too deep. The enslavement has been internalised, and the person afflicted will never be free and happy again. They can learn to live with it, but their lives have changed forever.

This was what Oriana Fallaci saw when she fought the islamists after she had fought the fascists. The inherent slavementality that is in islamist thinking.

My point is, political progress or development should not be anchored in theories about the world. It should be anchored in the concrete wrongs of the world. What is happening in the world, done by human beings, felt by human beings.

When something is obvious, and has been like that forever, it is hard to change course. But liberation of women is not about getting through the glass ceiling or black womens concieved problems. It is the rapes.

The rapes by a oldfashioned, evil, maledominating, patriarchal, disgusting philosophy that has no reason to be here on earth. And just as the civil war was fought over slavery, this fight againt IS, and yes also the Muslim Brotherhood, is about that same thing. That is inhuman acts.

G-d bless the will to be honest and strong in opposition to defamation of women, and hapy womens liberation day.

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