The knife’s edge

Well, here we are, at the potential end of the European Union. Let me be clear about the cause of this crisis. It is not about extreme rightwing populism. It is the effect of very poor political work of the European Union, and the rest of the political establishment.

I mean, everybody knows, that the African countries are going through a slow decay in terms of statehood, and at the same time have birthrates that hit the roof.

In this situation, decreasing the civil security is perhaps not the best of strategies.

The obvious result will be a lot of chaos where innocent people lose their lives, and general mayhem is in abundance.

A little foresigt, and resolute planning could have avoided the situation.

Now we are entering the pivotal development that I have planned for the last ten years, and it stands on a knife´s edge.

The strategy that I have planned, and has been set into motion with the people that use my ideas, is forced remigration.

This has to be done in the most humane way, but it is necessary to do it not to lose Europe as a continent.

Do the math, if this continues, Europe will be finished as a livable area. It will be full of mass crime acts, and the societies that we have now will crumble.

These are the stakes. So we can either accept that, and do something about it, or reject it and cease as a society.

It reminds me a lot about the migrations that came form Northern Europe that finished the Roman Empire.

The major obstacle we are running into now is the complete rejection of African countries in taking their citizens back. A pretty peculiar understanding of international law.

The migrants in Europe are not members of any European state, but members of African states, so there is where they belong.

We do not need these people, and we do not want them.

As I have said before, it comes down to lethal force. Is the European Union ready to use lethal force or not.

If not, it will fall, if, it will prevail.

It is as simple as that.

G-d bless the will to be honest and realistic about the awful challenges we face.

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Usually the great leaps of development in Europe has been done by different kinds of magus, strange esoteric persons and alchemists.

People like Jung and Freud who invented psychology, Newton who reintroduced mathematics and physics in mainstream, Paracelsus who is modern father of medicine and so on.

We have a long tradition for a kind of fusion between science and the esoteric traditions of Europe.

Things have spun around differently. In England, the fusion is the most profound. Oxford is literally a temple of magic, my temple of magic at least.

In Germany the freethinkers were usually drunkards and geniuses.

In Denmark, the tradition I hail from, we are lonely philosophers. Like Kierkegaard you probably know.

Isolated in the tower of polished ivory.

I will try and be more polished if I am to make a renewal of EU politics. But seriously, a philosopher in the heart of Bruxelles, how would that ever go?

You know, I do not walk around with a suit on, but travel around visiting strange societies of freethinkers.

But then again, maybe Bruxelles could use a little magic. Who knows, the city seems pretty broken, so a little healing would probably be well received.

We will see, we need to do the attempt, and if it doesn’t work, well at least we tried.

Until then the philosopher needs to get his work finished, at least with the project plan. Then who knows, the magic might just come alive.

G-d bless the will to do right, and to try.

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The Chinese

Now, the challenge of China is not the first time a superpower is challenged by an upcoming power. There are numerous examples. Egypt and Libya in the classical time. Persia and the Greek. The Romans and the Phoenicians and so on.

So there are many examples to learn from in this actual challenge by the Chinese to the American.

To me, the example that is closest to the current challenge is the example of Rome and Karthage.

Here we had contender (Rome) that organically happened to challenge (Karthage, Phoenicia).

Neither Rome or Karthage wanted to challenge the other, it just happened because Rome happened to grow and Karthage was in the way. So they fought. Epic fights actually as the fights of Hannibal Barca and his war elephants.

It is called “Thycudides trap”, though Thycudides was a greek writing about the Romans, so it is a little off, but never mind, it will suffice.

In the beginning Rome was the underdog. Karthage had been the ruling power for millennia, and took power for granted. They used to be merchants, and hired mercenaries to do their wars. A kind of investment strategy.

What Rome did was all a matter of grit. They build a navy, it sank. Then another navy, it sank. Then they got attacked by Hannibal, he almost sacked Rome. Then another navy. Eventually Scipio Africanus, one of the greatest war heroes of mankind reached Africa, and gave war to Karthage on their own soil.

He met Hannibal Barca at a last desperate fight. The Karthagenians being massed with numerous fighters, the Romans with their grit beat the soft Karthagenians, war elephants or no war elephants.

So what can we learn from this fight?

First of all, it is about cohesion and grit. The Romans did not win because they were the better skilled fighters. Hannibal was an illustrious leader, and an amazing strategist.

No, they won because they had the grit to go on, and on and on and on.

Imagine what will happen if mainland US will be bombed. Will the country fold?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself. What happens if the Chinese, in the course of war manage to reach the shores of the US?

In the beginning of the war between Karthage and Rome, the Karthagenians did not see this coming, but were living peacefully, just as Americans are doing now.

But this peaceful living became their doom, because they were not prepared for Scipio Africanus.

So I have been talking about this for a while, and most Americans can see the problems rising.

But do the US have the grit? And if not, how will a leader prepare his country for the long haul?

The Chinese, unaccustomed to nuclear war, are not backing down. They are carrying on stealing our production and know how. They need to reflect the fact, that what happened to Karthage was complete annihilation.

Carry on with the arrogance, and that may just happen to the Chinese, it has happened before.

I am trying to diverge the flow of events that leads to a massive war. Right now the US can still beat China relatively easy. Do that, and the Great War will be avoided. Do not do that, and imagine Chinese bombers over L.A..

War is a sickening thing, but sometimes it has to be done fast and as effective as possible.

This is, to me, one of those times. Get it over with, fast and effectively, then we can get to peace.

G-d bless the will to learn from history.

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North Korea

Congratulations mr. Trump, well done. I never saw it coming, but making a peace deal with North Korea as just as big a deal as when I did it with Iran.

Same, same. This is my experience with the Iran deal, that you may use with the North Korea deal.

First of all, you need to worry about your allies in the area. When we made the Iran deal, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other allies in the area were really worried. So worried, that mr. Netanyahu used a lot of his political capital on eroding it. As he actually suceeeded with.

So they worry, and you need to easy their worry, especially towards China, that is expanding, and needs to be tackled.

I still opt for an all out war on China, fast and overwhelming before they reach a military capacity we have difficulty to beat.

Secondly, they made the deal, because you or we are strong. That is very good. They used to walk over us, now they actually do what we say.

Make a distinction between enemies and allies here. I support you in many of your claims on military budget, you are right about that. But allies has to be tackled like friends, or business partners. Being too pushy will just push them away.

Thirdly, take a look at the long term strategy. It is as probable as Amen in the Church, that the military push China is doing will become more and more difficult to tackle.

So find every option to kill their business, shore up allies in the region and so on. Isolate them if possible.

Eventually this will end up in a warm war, so we need to be realistic about it, prepare for it.

G-d bless the will to be understanding and sharp on priority.

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One very important balance, that we have not done well in the European Union, is the balance between the different nation-states and the former colonies.

Take the UK. The UK has a lot of history with many countries around the world. Chile for one, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and so on. The same goes for France, that has a lot of ties to Canada, many small islands in the pacific, many former colonies in Africa and so and so forth.

Europe used to be small countries with a lot of extra power and territory in the colonies.

Now, things have changed, and honestly some of the deeds European countries did around the world were extremely wrong. But we did many things good as well, among them spreading civilisation where there was none before.

The peaceful cooperation and shared commerce should be important not only to the European countries but also many former colonies.

We share history, systems, ideology and way of doing production, and with the renaissance that Europe is currently having, a lot of the former colonies have an option to cling on to that whirlwind of new ideas, new strategies and new options in a peaceful world.

So the European Union needs to find a way to give a lot of freedom to the European countries in their work with the former colonies.

Take Canada, they are leaning towards Europe because mr. Macron has a lot of goodwill in Ottawa. That is good for Europe as such.

How to formalize this is up to discussion, but it is a very important principle we need to find exactly the right balance to make work.

G-d bless the will to be honest and give space to those who are kin of us.

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New paths

The world is changing down paths I did not forsee. I had planned for a turn around of USA, now it seems, that the true turn around is the EU.

With the latest news from the G7 or whatever it is called, the cards are thrown in the air, and seem to land all in the hands of the EU.

Canada is with EU, Russia, who has Europe as its main trading partner wants to work with us, and so on.

I didn’t see it coming, and the small victory leaves a lot of work to be done, but well done everybody.

Then again, I do not want to see the US weakened. I have worked so many years to strengthen it.

Anyway, the way forward seems pretty clear to me. We need to consolidate, renew, reform and we will end up with a pretty powerful international unit.

G-d bless the will to do good when power floats your way.

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Mr. Robinson

Mr. Tommy Robinson, the working class hero of England, has been detained once again due to criticism of the reign of terror certain migrants put the hapless young working girls through.

Seriously, all the man is saying is the truth.

I support mr. Robinson, because telling the truth is what our democratic constitutions are all about.

Curtailing the truth doesn’t belong in a democracy.

G-d bless mr. Robinson, may he be free to tell the truth.

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Ethics of the European Union

One of the problems of the current EU administration, is the fact, that it does not really know why it is there.

I mean, what is the purpose of the EU?

As the structure decomposes, the motivation for the project becomes less and less apparent.

What we need, among other things, is to discuss why?

Why do we have an EU project.

This is essentially an ethical discussion.

At the core of it, is a question of humanity. Why do we do things for humanity.

According to Aristotle, you can see ethics as a kind of a tree. Each virtue is based on another virtue. It is like logic, each argument is based on another argument.

So if you put virtues into a chain of arguments, there must be an original argument.

The argument that started it all.

According to Aristotle, the virtue that all other virtues rest upon is happiness or joy.

The reason why we have all the other arguments, is because we want to make a happier place for people.

That is the core of the European Union, the litmus test. How does what we do make people more happy.

It is like the continuing discussion on minorities that seems to be the sole focus of the science of humanities that the EU support. How does that make the citizens of Europe happy?

If it doesn’t make them happy, then why do we do it?


The test of all projects of the European Union, should be to test, if they make the European Union a better place with more happiness for the people.

G-d bless the will to think new thoughts for the next millennia.

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To make a constitution, in the classical time, great philosophers roamed the known world, gathering knowledge and then designing a system that would ensure the stability of the Polis.

As Lycurgus, who made the constitution that Sparta was built on. He roamed the then down world, and created a closed system that worked for 700 years.

Or Solon who made the Athenian constitution.

In that sense, a political system is the result of the deliberate understanding of political theory of a genius.

So, in order to do things right, we need to learn from the ancients, and make a constitution that reflect the methods they developed.

The true reason why the European Union doesn’t work, is because the constitution is not good enough. The balances of power is too tilted towards a cadre of secret bureaucrats, the ethical basis is too wrought with vice instead of virtue, and the balance between the national level and the federal level is unclear, making a turfwar the effect. Practically holding all the European Nations in a stranglehold of inefficiency.

I am not saying this to criticize, but to point at the problems we need to solve, to make things work.

So how do we do it? Essentially a constitution reflects the citizens. If the citizens are all into freedom, as in the US, the constitution will reflect this. If they are not social cohesion as in Sparta, the constitution reflects this.

So a European Union constitution should reflect the view of the citizens of Europe.

There are several roots to European culture. The Roman, the Viking, the Egyptian, the Classical Greek and the Mesopotamian.

Each culture has influenced European culture to some degree. The Greek has influenced the European culture through philosophy, leading to political systems as the French. The Egyptian has through the hermetic influence of the Medicis in the Italian renaissance given us humanism. The vikings gave us the urge for freedom and the Roman gave is the urge for disciplin and so on.

To make a constitution that will reflect all these cultural traits is not easy, but nevertheless the only way something of a solid structure can be made.

Add to this all the political turmoil we have in Europe already, we have a problem.

To restructure and reform the European Union, I need the support from all people in power.

Only then is the reform possible.

The constitution should have been made in the beginning, not now when everything is falling apart.

Call I a political turnaround of the highest difficulty.

To be honest, there are around 20 – 30 % chance that it will work.

But these are the stakes, so I hope people will support me.

G-d bless the will to do good in a difficult situation.

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Concerning the EU progression. I have now found the relevant fund, and will soon try and apply for some funding for the development of a reform of the EU.

I will write the application as a series of essays, that I will publish here at Rubicon, in this way the EU system will get a feeling for the ideas behind the process, and it will ensure that the work has been published already at the very beginning of the project.

Hopefully, if the work gets a grant, I will continue the research, and publish the work as I go, with the aim of making book of essays as the end result.

G-d bless the will to be sharp on this development.

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New developments

As Europe Change its priorities, we need to ask ourselves; what about the European Union bureaucracy?

As I see it, we need to reform it. So that it is much more flexible, more focused on each country, and work for the betterment of each citizen.

This process is possible, and I can do it. But the problem is, I need ressources, that is money, and the ability to talk to the involved parties to help here.

I have been trying to push this option in the form of a think tank. I have a good friend who has connections.

This is my prerequisite to embark on a reform process.

I will not do it just here from the blog. My advice would be based on too thin knowledge. I need to know the mechanics of the European Union from the inside to come with any serious advise.

We have the possibility to make something that would actually work, but for me. You need to give me acces to the maw of the system.

So, I have been trying to push the idea of a think tank, if this does not succeed, well we have to do without the framework of the European Union or see where it drifts too.

But, to do it right, we need to base these reforms on deep analysis and deep political/philosophical thought.

So, I hope that the leadership of the European Union are open for some kind of work.

I happen to be a nice and very civil person, I think. So I hope these aristocratic traits of humbleness and civility will make it work.

Anyway, please. To be serious about this next phase of European development, we need to able to work together and solve these terrible, terrible problems.

I will help, but you need to let me in.

G-d bless the will to be humane in the face of great upheaval and problems.

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Things are changing rapidly in terms of power in Europe.

But let us be a bit realistic about our means and ends.

The great challenge for european powers, has been the influx of migrants. This we have not been able to tackle. So far the only method has been to spread the migrants in the different European nations.

This does not work, and if we look at the trajectory of the development, will not work in the future.

So, we will need to do otherwise to solve the problem.

My idea, along with Australia, has been to repatriate the migrants, as they enter Europe.

First we did it the nice way, by asking the states that these migrants come from, but that has not worked. Most of the countries simply refuse.

So, we need to accept, that we need to use force, to remigrate these new waves of migrants.

Then there is the question, do we have the capabilities to make such a move.

That again comes down to armed forces.

Some countries have these capabilities, others do not.

So there needs to be a vast investment in infrastructure of this kind.

It can be done, but it is difficult. A month ago Mrs. May had a row with the press over this issue. So the press is essentially against.

That means, that we need both a press strategy as well as a military strategy. These two processes has to go hand in hand.

Be honest about it, why we do it, how we do it and so on. Secrecy doesn’t work in a situation like this.

It is difficult, but possible.

G-d bless the will to do things in an honest and humane way.

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The new Europe

In Europe, we are used to be unchallenged to our domain of power. That is intellectual prominence, military dominance and level of organization.

That has changed dramatically in the last 60 years. As we have been licking our wound after the second world war, the rest of the world has developed at a rate that we have not seen before.

This creates a situation, where old habits have to die.

Let me give you an example, that really made things clear to me.

Egypt, that is classical Egypt, was unchallenged in power in the first two thousand years of its existence. There was virtually no competition, because the surrounding powers never had the brawn and power to subdue the country of light.

So Egypt could change without too much interference from outside. It changed from Old kingdom to New kingdom, making changes along the way.

The old system went down, because it could not sustain itself, and a new line of kings (pharaohs) took power, making vast changes and modernizations.

But when the Greek grew in power, the Egyptians could see, that the time for upheavals and total destruction of the Egyptian state was not possible anymore.

So they send a pharaoh to teach Alexander the Great, because they could see, that he would be the one to spread Greek dominance in the Mediterranean.

What happened, was, that the area was consolidated into a centreal power.

Today in Europe, and in the world at large, there are several states that vie for the role of Alexander the great, the difference is just, that the known world is not the Mediterranean, but the world as such.

Perhaps China and Russia is fighting for a multipolar world. Thing is, we already have a multipolar world. What is in the cards, is not a shift from unipolar to multipolar, but from multipolar to unipolar.

If the development of power follows the pattern is has followed, the ones who win the latest contest of power, may just end up being the leader of the world.

In this situation, revolution and destruction of Europe, general upheaval is bad.

We need the restructuring of Europe to be according to a plan. Something that will strengthen us, not follow the usual pattern of destruction and rebirth. Because when we destroy ourselves, some other power will seize control of our territories.

THAT is why I wanted to create a soft landing for the EU, so that the european powers, reborn in a vibrant state and fighting stance, could challenge the world on its own premises.

This seems to be coming through. Everybody in Europe are waking up, and seeing the writing on the wall.

IF we can change this dangerous development into an ordered and functioning power structure. We have a chance to regain our independence.

We have a chance right now. But we should be honest about the dangers.

Europe is the least probable to be the dominant world power due to inherent weaknesses of the system.

We are too different to make it work.

We have one thing going for us though, that is our tradition of revolution. That is vibrant, unconventional, brilliant political thinkers.

Let us use that one single advantage to survive in this new race of dominance.

G-d bless the will to be sincere and honest about these challenges.

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Both the US and Israel does not have much respect for the European powers.

We deserve that, by being complacent, and believing that we did not have to do anything to keep our power, we have become old, slow and static.

That is not what we are, we are vibrant, we have the best thinkers, the best universities, the most illustrious militaries.

So, essentially this is the time we need to ask ourselves, do we wish to be someone elses toys to push around, or do we take responsibility into our own hands.

The issue right now is the Iran deal. We cannot save it alone, we need Russia and China as well.

It is no secret, that I have been fighting to put China on the agenda in the US, simply because China is a massive threat to US power. It is not a threat to Denmark or Europe in general, but to the US.

A shift of allegiance is not my cup of tea, and so far, I will not do that. But keep pushing the China agenda.

But if the US keeps pushing my country into the corner of the ring, I will fight.

So, we CAN turn our attention to the East. Right now, that makes the most sense, but I think, due to the historic and personal connections we have to the US, that we should not make that shift now.

But it is a sound possibility.

Do not shove us around, you will regret it.

G-d bless the will to take our fate in our own hands.

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The European Union

When I started my “career” or whatever you can call it. It was as a reaction to the mess that the former generation had created of Europe.

I read “The rise and fall of the great Powers” by Kennedy, and I realized, that the EU was the least probable to make it through the next twenty years.

So, instead of trying to fix it, because I had absolutely no ambition or any possible option to do that, I created a movement, that would make the fall of the EU a soft landing.

A Democratic/humanistic conservative philosophy, that would make the fall easy, and give the nations of Europe a way out of the mess.

The fall of a behemoth as the EU is off cause very dangerous for the Nations involved.

But now, ten years after, the situation has moved a bit.

Italy, the First Nation that has taken my ideas seriously in Europe has made history by making a coalition between right and left, and many of my ideas are worked at.

BUT and that is another difference, in the meanwhile, the US has taken my ideas, and proven them to work. The US is not out of the quagmire it was in, but it is clawing its way out. All lights are moving from red to yellow, and hopefully in a few years will turn into green.

That has proven the validity of the ideology, and now back to Europe.

Here the European Union seems to want to be a part of my revolution. Well, to be honest, I never saw it coming. But when we are here, you are welcome.

I never wanted to tear the European Union down, in fact I had the opportunity ten years ago when I was in Bruxelles with SIAD. But to me, destroying what others build without giving a chance to find a new way, that is not humanistic.

Call me soft, but I can see that the European Union WANTS to do good, but is woven into choices made by generations before.

So, as always. I will help.

I am not promising anything. Because to be honest, the situation is out of control, and the basis we are building on is like shifting sand at a cold a storm ridden beach.

But I will help.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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