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The development, that I have spawned is not a development that is natural in the sense, that it would have happened like it has anyway.

The renewed faith in spirit, the renewed faith in Democracy, the faith in family and so, is something I have invented.

Off cause these ideas were there already, but the more profound vision is of my creation. Off cause some of the problems of these vision, is also my creation.

But be as it may, we need to take another step. I can only get so far by myself, we need to organize.

As we get more organized, the ideas will have a less fragile quality.

Organization however is difficult, everybody wants a share, and who is the most equal among the equal?

So, what we need to do, as I see it.

Is to make a plan, and get on with it.

I have been reaching out, tentavely these last few weeks. A little to my Jewish friends, a little to my orthodox friends, and will continue over the next few weeks to reach out.

What we end up doing, is a matter of listening to all whom may wish to be a part of a renewal of European culture.

My idea is to make a platform from where we can prove the existence of G-d.

This is really what I want to do, and what I have fought for for a long time.

But, if other religious or political people are interested in fighting some fight, I will listen the best I can.

But, I will try to start some kind of collaboration, with all religious people, and please do not hesitate to chip in.

G-d bless the will to remake the world.

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A new view of the world

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The worst thing about the modern science development, is, to me, the idea, that we are living in a Darwinian world. A world where all is about surviving or being killed.

There are other ways to look at nature, that makes just as much sense, and are much more positive.

According to some of my sources, another way to look at nature, is to see it as two opposed forces, one of friendliness, and one of unfriendliness.

This encapsules the same idea as Darwin, just, as in the example of Empedochles, it is more balanced.

It is not that we just live in a live or die situation. There are choices to be made. We can see the friendly parts of nature, and the unfriendly.

It alleviates a lot of the finality of the Darwinian ideas.

It is not so, that we are forced to fight all the time to survive. And just because there are unfriendly forces of nature, that does not imply, that we have to fight them.

So the more nuanced ideas of Empedochles and other ancient philosophers, will tend to give us a more nuanced wiev on the world.

Take the sea. We are not really looking for friendly places to save are we?

Maybe we should.

Maybe we should think about who or what are friendly to us in nature, and savour it.

Maybe doplhins are friendly right? Dogs, cats and so on.

We have friends, and then we have things that does not like us. There are many bacteria, diseases.

If we see the friends we have in nature, and make a collaboration, the world would be another place.

Maybe nature would not be enslaved to us humans, but a place to like and take care of. As the shepherds we are supposed to be.

G-d bless the will to do good, and understand our world better.

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What is happening

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The world is balancing on the brink of total destruction. The development that Barack and I gave to the world is slowly meeting its demise, and there is no real hope of any peace anywhere right now.

In Europe, the signs are grave indeed, the migrant crisis is totally uncontrolled, and nobody knows what to do.

The only real hope right now, is the new alt right parties, that may or may not save the day. But there will be fighting and chaos.

At the other end of the world, the fighting between the US and China is not solved in any way, but basically just put on hold. There is no way around it. China must be stopped in its early development, otherwise, it will challenge the way the world is put together.

There is still time, but time is really running out.

At the good side, there is now a lot of progress made on the AI front, so that the Chinese will not be able to control our hardware. So we are ready for a fight, better early than later.

It is going to come anyway, so we should get on with it.

At the heart of the matter, lies a simple truth. That truth is, that what used to be the English Empire is not functioning. At the other side of Denmark, Russia is not as wealthy, but at least it is functioning.

It is truly this problem we need to solve, somehow.

The way we do it, is by looking at what we are, and be proud of it. Instead of making excuses all the time, be proud of what you are.

This is difficult in the current climate of self degradation, and guilt complex. But, hey, look at it, all the former colonies are now looking back at the time before the independence, as something that was good in a sense. Some even miss us that much.

That can only be because we did something right, right?

Finding our self-esteem and self-respect is really all that matters.

We are good enough, in fact, we are really, really good. We have done so much for mankind, so there is no reason to be sad.

So, turn around, look at yourself, and tell me, that you do not see a wonderful, proud person, that should have all the honor in the world, because he or she can deliver what is most important these days; peace.

G-d bless the will to be proud of what we truly are. G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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The Danish way of humanism

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When you Change something, it will not be the same anymore. Looking at the grant scheme of things, what is it really that I have been changing together with, among others, mr. Barack Obama, and now mr. Trump.

Forty years ago, Sweden was the great humanist country. It had soaring persons such as Dag Hammarschiold and others. They really blazed the way for a democratic, humanist agenda.

Today, Sweden is the laughing stock of the world. All the migrants wreaking havoc in Sweden, and then suppressed by the media, makes Sweden an example people will loath to follow.

Enter Denmark. Denmark used to be the little brother of Sweden, especially in the sixties to the eighties. Now it is the other way around. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Sweden, and I will fight to save them. I even would say, that we really share values. We are both democratic, humanist countries.

So what is the difference?

The difference is really in the historical experiences of the two countries. In the Second World War, Sweden was spared the nightmare of the Nazis, not so with Denmark. We had the full experience, maybe it was not as devastating as Russia and the Eastern front, but we had our share of horror.

This really gave us a taste of what happens when you are pacifistic. We tried with the Germans to appease them, look at where that got us. So we did get a sound dose of realism.

The founding father of the Democratic, humanistic tradition here in Denmark, a philosopher called Brandes, was a friend of my great grandmother, so we have, in my family, been close to a lot of the fights that was in the humanistic community. I feel, that I have had a solid upbringing when it comes to be a Democratic philosopher.

One of the things, that I really noticed, was the courage of the leading humanist of his time, P.H. Aka Poul Henningsen. When the nazis came, he fought, with all his might, to counter them. The mainstream of humanists, they just stood by and accepted the denigrating and abusive way of the Nazis, but the best of the humanist, he fought back.

That is really the true difference between the Swedish and the Danish way of Democratic Humanism, we fight back.

Often this is costly, me myself I am still living on a shoe string budget, there is no luxury for me, and very little recognition, if any.

But that is the way it is, if you truly want to make change.

So the new paradigm, is a fighting, less idealistic in the “having your head in sky” sense. More basic, more true to the core values of freedom, enlightenment and humanism.

Let me give you an example. When I started my career, or whatever you call it, as a philosopher. I noticed, that the migrants were raping all the Danish girls in my neighborhood. I could have been politically correct, and just stood by. But to my end, I will fight atrocities and humane abuse of any kind. It was wrong, that was all I could see.

So I started talking about it, writing about it, from a humanistic, democratic perspective. It was not racist or tribal or anything. I just wanted to know what on earth was going on.

So I realized, that we ourselves were corrupt, we were not honest about these things. We liked to keep a nice facade, and then just go on. The end result of that attitude was quite clear to me, it could only go wrong. So I started to figure out a humane way to solve these problems, and that got me started in politics.

Today, these ideas are beginning to make their impact on Europe, and will soon turn the boat around.

That is how true humanism and Change is done. Being honest about the problems you face, and then find the most humane and best way to solve the problems.

Being able to stop a development that would have torn European civilization into fragments is the true boon of the process. This is the endgame, that we keep our states and our amazing civilization.

Let that be.

G-d bless the will to see through the fog of war, and find the best and most humane solution to all the problems that is facing Europe.

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South Africa

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It is due time, that we talk about South Africa. The things that is going on down there have ramifications for not only South Africa, but the West as well.

Let me be absolutely honest about my stance on this. Genocide, be it white, black, yellow or anything with any colour is an abomination.

When South Africa was accused of separating people by colour, this was wrong. No doubt about it, but that does not sanctify the genocidal course that the current government is on.

Putting white people in death camps? Raping small kids, just because they are white? Killing mothers and children, raping the mothers when the children look at it. Was this what was supposed to be the outcome of the revolution of Mr. Mandela?

If it was, then we in the West were wrong to trust mr. Mandela and giving him the benefit of the doubt.

The next consequence of what is happening in South Africa is, that it drags away the very reason why we are letting so many people from Africa in to Europe. The Rainbow nation that mr. Mandela wanted to build was an agreed concept that we in the West supported. But if the actual result is a white genocide, then maybe we should have been a bit more careful about these ideas.

Not to mention, that the process of multiculturalism is so progressed in Western Europe, that stopping it will take a lot of will and firing power, that we may just realize, that we are not able to handle this ourselves.

And is Russia ready to just look at it, while the Boers, and people close to themselves are just slaughtered. What about mr. Trump, will he accept it?

I think not, the international community must stop these atrocities and put international pressure on the South African government to stop genocide. Otherwise we should consider using the American troops in South Africa, not to mention the new drone tech.

Now, STOP IT ANC, or you will have to deal with the consequences of an international condemnation.

Under here, you can see some of the horrific stories that a certain ms. Southern has documented, bravely I must say.

G-d bless the peace we will find if we do the right thing.



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The balance as a leader

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Dear Donald Trump. I wish I had a bit more time to help you getting over the first year. But my own country Denmark is in a middle of a great turning point, and I am at home taking care of my little daughter, so I am pretty busy with all this.

This is no excuse, I know, and I wish I had more time, and more energy, but you may know, that kids scream a lot in the night, and it keeps one pretty tired all the time.

Anyway, it seems to me, that you are reaching the first time presidential blues. That was the way it was with Obama. In the first four years of his presidential ship he couldn’t get anything through in congress. There was this Boehner, who did all he could to stop him.

But he did get somethings through, and that was all and well. Then we started focusing on foreign policy, and that was a great success.

Anyway, you have to do with what you have.

I know that the wall is all you are thinking about, and want to put up. The problem for us Democrats is, that if you get that victory, then you will get stronger in the next election.

To me, that is playing pity politics. One should think of the greater good, and not on the strategic game. But, that is not how most politicians think, and I understand that.

What I would do then, is keep searching for the remedy, everything can be made politically, it is just a matter of finding the right solution. To find the right solution, you have to be persistent, and work on the long game.

One of my greatest political heroes, Shimon Peres had a knack for getting things done in the Knesset. The way he did it, was with persistence.

He just never gave up.

At the same time, you could not challenge his ethical basis. He was a true patriot from day one, he founded Israel. He made mistakes, but he never wavered in his loyalty.

At the same time, he was a generous and good man, so he was well liked by most.

It is about finding that balance between patriotism and humanism that is really difficult, but all great politicians have found. Politicians like Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill as well.

You have it in you, but there is a long way to go yet.

G-d bless the will to do good in a difficult situation, and make a better world.

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United States of America

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Finally the day has arrived, where my ideas have become mainstream right wing. With the beautiful speech by mr. Trump at the State of the Union, also the right wing has become Trierists. Now BOTH the left and the right wing are true believers in my ideas.

Imagine that.

From a fight in the ditches of the resistance to a celebrated philosopher of BOTH right and left wing.

I agree, there could be more decorum seen from the left perspective, and there could be more guts seen from the rights perspective.

But, the fact of the matter is, America is on its way back on track. The economy is moving in the right direction, the security is moving in the right direction, and the VALUES are more in focus.

Still there is a lot to do, we are still in the beginning of these new ideas, already look at the progress. Imagine in ten or twenty years.

So, thank you mr. President, it is indeed nice of you to reach out, and for my part, I believe we should unite under one banner. The banner of freedom and Democracy. Because this is what we share.

For a United States of America, and may G-d bless him.

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Freedom and virtue

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To make another step into the discussion of Russia, and the general political/religious debate of a renewed Russia, one central item is paramount to discuss.

The balance between virtue and freedom.

The ancients had a perfect balance, that seems to me, has been solid in its base throughout the development of Russia.

In Russia, and in the understanding of the czar, the czar was the equal of all other men in regards to ethics.

HE chose his moral virtues, and everybody else did as well.

But in one point there were no discussion, in relation to a mans personal honor, his word.

A man not worth his word, was not a honorable man.

So in a sense, the system of democracy that was given by the Viking ancestors was amplified and found a new balance with the czar.

Then came communism, and in a basic sense, it is the same, though the theoretical order did not know it.

In Sparta, there was the exact same balance of freedom and honour, a Spartan would always honour the law before himself, and no one was above the law, not even the two kings.

In fact, the Spartans respected the law so much, that they preferred to die in battle than to meet dishonour. A very good example was in the battle at Thermopylae, where the wise and courageous Leonidas faced a Persian army of a million with 300 men.

They held for three days.

This was the courage and the respect for law the Spartans had.

Today, Russia has two systems, that of communism that still is a part of Russia, and that of the czar, that was the ruler of the church.

My point is, it is not about the system itself, it is about the honour of each Russian. That he may find a way to uphold his honour and respect the law.

He should be free to carry that through, in order to support the community that he is a part of.

The freedom he has, is the freedom to find his own way, his own values.

So that he is an equal to the czars of Russia.

Each man is a free man, to follow and choose a path that he feels is a reflection of spirit.

G-d bless the spirituality of Russia.

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The holy Nation of Russia

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Russia, or the great Rus, have had a long arduous walk. For a thousand years, it has been on the edge of Europe, kind of forgotten, and then just attacked over and over again.

While Middle Europe was a part of the Catholic sphere, the Russians were a part of the Eastern European sphere.

So the interchange between east and west was sparse.

This led to a weak ability to defend itself intellectually against many of the explosive developments in Europe. Having to defend itself physically against several revolutions, first the French, the the German.

So now we have the Danish renaissance going on, a new revolution in terms of spirituality and political development.

This time around we need the Russians aboard from the beginning, we will not want another political crusade against those who are our kin. Not this time around, they are our kin, we need to treat them that way.

The political, spiritual revolution should be adapted to Russian standards and history. Each country has its own traditions.

So here is a take on that.

First of all, you need to realize who you are.

You are descendants to those strong and crafty northerners who travelled extensively to the Byzantine  Empire, being hired as guards in the Emperor’s staff.

This makes you, basically Vikings.

Now, to truly appreciate this, and also interpret it in a modern frame, Russia needs to, as I see it, see this first society through the development of Russia thenforth.

There are now two dominant philosophies in Russia, first the Communist ideas still at large, and a part of Russian history. Then there is also the rebirth of the Russian church.

These two intermingled developments should be understood in relation to the roots of Russia.

They can, if you understand what these things are.

Let us begin with Communism. Communism is a philosophy, that was created by Karl Marx. A Jewish, German intellectual 150 years ago.

What he did, was to create a materialistic philosophy with the ideal of the ancient Hellenic city Sparta.

With the renewal of the Russian church, I think the Russians have, by and large, shed the materialism of Communism, and have renewed a faith in G-d. All well and good, and I have the feeling, that this is very good for Russia. Not believing in G-d makes an empty life.

So, me, being a red Tory, I believe, that this is right. Not all in Communism was bad, only some of it, mainly the lack of faith. That was what brought Communism down, basically.

So, I have left this idea, and harked back to Hegel, the master of Marx, who was spiritual and believed in the holy nation of Germany. There you have it, the holy nation of Russia.

Now, to go a little deeper into the discussion, one needs to understand what the idea of Communism really was, in the good parts, and revive that.

This means, understanding Sparta.

As I see it, Marx misunderstood Sparta, mainly because he did not see the connection between the Scandinavians that the Spartans had as parents and predecessors, and also because he did not heed the advice of Lycurgus, the founder of Sparta. To Lycurgus, to have a community, you need to have firm borders around it, to make it work.

That is important, international solidarity is wrong, national solidarity is, in a Hegelian perspective right. Not racist, not excluding, but caring for its borders and people.

The boarding schools of England

There is another place, where the Spartan ideas were applied, before Communism, and that is in the boarding schools of England.

I imagine, that Marx must have been inspired by the system he was in, when he got his ideas about, he was in England at the time.

In a boarding school, all meet in the mass, to eat and be equal.

In Denmark, the boarding school ideas was transferred to Denmark, by the founding father of Danish intellectualism Grundtvig.

Now, things get a little complicated, but bear with me.

You see, in order to make the ideas of Communism work in real life, as they have done in Sparta, in the English boarding schools and the Danish boarding schools (like my own boarding school Vallekilde), you need to see it, in the perspective of the Vikings.

That exactly was what Grundtvig did, and that is why the Danish community thought really works. Because there is a direct connection between Denmark, Sparta and then back to Denmark again.

The Spartans met in the mass everyday. There they chose their kings, and they also ostracized people they did not like. Sparta was, in essence, democratic. Each Spartan was judged by his ability to follow the rules. You could say, that he was judged by the quality of his word. Did he do what he promised?

The same with the Vikings, they met at Thinge, and there you could give your word on the stone of law.

You see, Spartans were really Vikings in the main ideas of how they thought.

So to realize Communism truly, without all the problems of corruption and so on, a renewal of understanding of how Vikings organized their community is possible. In other words, Russia needs to find its own roots, and then they can be as Communist as they want, because the true version of Communism is how we used to do things here in Scandinavia.

See the wisdom of that?

Let Russia be a holy nation again, but based on the values and virtues of their original kin.

G-d bless the rebirth of Russia.

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The Russian church

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In a sense, the Byzantine church has a better chance of reviving itself than the central and western European. Because middle Europe is in the middle of a chaotic development, and this will hopefully end up in harmony, but that would be naive to believe, the current development all points to chaos and strife.

But the ancient churches of the East have no such problems, they are secure have a healthy development, and are consequently able to develop with ease and in a pace that is intellectually sound.

We do not need to make great leaps of faith and intellectualism. We can take I easy.

I believe, that churches have developed by going back to their roots, and finding new answers.

There are several roots to the Eastern churches, off cause the very central church of Constantinople, then there is the Jewish root of Jesus Christ and the Viking root of Scandinavia.

Finding a way to rekindle the spirit of each root is important in the natural development of the Russian church.

At the core however lies a faith, that there is one purpose of any religion, and that is to do good.

We have many answers to that question, but the aim is the same.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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The amazing thing about a renaissance, is the fact, that all you thought you knew about the world is changed, and all, from spirituality to economics to political theory is turned upside down.

In the process we often see a lot of violence. When the reformation was started, it went through many phases, ending up with a hundred years of war.

Today we are at the same, a reformation of our societies, and as usual, the philosophers are at the forefront of this development.

Being one of those, who are making some of the ideas in a turbulent world, my greatest worry is all the violence that is constantly threatening.

Then there is all the terror, the downfall of the EU, streams of migration, IS so on and so forth.

These are all things that are ingredients in a cocktail of explosive things to come.

So renaissance philosophy is not anti violent, it has always led to a lot of violence, simply because Change is always the handmaiden of violence.

So how do we try to Change without violence. We do it by understanding the threats, honestly and seriously, and tackle them without prejudice and effectively.

We can still stop Sweden from blowing up, but we need to understand the threat Sweden is in, and all the Western European countries.

We can put a veil on, and stop thinking about it, but that will, almost surely lead to catastrophic waves of violence.

Only through a serious, honest debate about the problems of Europe, can we stop them with a minimal amount of bloodshed.

This is all I have tried to do, create paths that are as humane as possible in a middle of a renaissance.

It is not perfect, and it will not be hundred percent successful, but it is an honest attempt.

G-d bless the will to do good.


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It is funny, we believe, that we are so advanced these days with our physics, our biology and social sciences.

If you read back in history however, you realize the folly of this understanding.

You may think that the middle ages were dark and without any light, then how come, that in the renaissance they had a much more advanced understanding of nature than we have today.

Yes, it was all mixed up with magic and things like that. But they actually understood and used Plato, Heraclitus, and many more.

Plato tries to teach us about good as an idea, that is a reflection of the heavens. The idea, or form, of heaven is undivided and whole, while as the ideas we have on earth are divisions of the undivided idea of heaven.

So idealism is basically a striving for spirituality in this world.

That was what they were doing in the Renaissance, what are we doing today? Do we even have ideals?

So how can we say, that we are so much more advanced today than in the olden times?

We are not, we just have not realized it.

G-d bless the will to understand the world anew.

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Well, American economy has had a wonderful rebound. That is very well, and thank you Apple for returning to the US, to support the nation. That example will hopefully inspire other companies, to do the same. Thank you very much, we all are very grateful for your grace and support, it means a lot to all of us.

Then in the middle of all the succes, let us remember those few diehards who made this possible. Me, Obama, in the beginning very few, but now it has become a success.

You know, a success can be, gracefully, shared without anyone becoming poorer of that.

The more who benefit, the more the merrier.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it life for a thousand years.

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The great Russian religion, is a behemoth that has never truly realized itself. In its conception it was an arm of the Byzantine Roman Church. A vast complex theory and ideas, that has roots all the way back to the Nicea convention.

But through the millennia, the abundance of spirit in Russia never truly connected with the roots of the men of north.

All the lore and ancient practices of the original inhabitants never truly was realized in the Russian church.

We still remember it here in Denmark, how your ancestors went to the amazing Miklagaard as we called it, returning with bright colored, brazen clothes.

Through many dark years, Russia, or the great Rus, was transformed from the brightness of the Thinge to the darkness of war and warfare.

Corrupting the body of the Russian people.

But through the millennia, the little flame of faith still were kept by a few faithful. Keeping the books, keeping the light aflame. Going into the wild, to keep the lore.

Reconciling all the little items of Russian folklore, strength, warmth and spirituality, is a thing we need to remember these days.

Spirituality is a good thing, if it contributes to the wellbeing and soundness of the people.

If people are strong in faith and happy as they are.

As I see it, mr. Putin has been a beacon of that development. Things have soured between east and west, but I still believe that there is a path of peace between the two great parts of the Danish and Swedish diaspora.

The founder of my faith here in Denmark, the great Grundtvig, envisioned a strengthened bond between all who come from us, and I have tried to be the instrument of that development.

So that we can all become happy and content wherever we live.

I know that my hoejskole is a small and insignificant school, but the wreathed frescos of Thor and his fight with the Midgaardsorm, the beautiful rays of light that envelops the hall of speaking is the birthplace and holy hall of all that come from us.

We keep the light here, and let us all remember who we are.

G-d bless a renewed Russia, may it live for another thousand years.

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Rev. King

January 17th, 2018 No comments

Through the last fifty years, after rev. Martin Luther King died, there has been a war fought over his legacy.

But let us put it right. What he did, was to make a movement that was pro Israel, anti violence, and pro civil rights. That is the core of it.

Then, at the other side, there was the violent pro Islamic movement of Mr. Malcolm X.

In a sense, the migrants that were not white and had a direct descendence to men of the north were split into two. One that wanted to integrate, have an equal say, be just a normal part of society, the other who wanted to sow discord and bring war to the society.

Today we are still there. For me, being a civil rights man, I believe, that I have taken the ideas of rev. King a step further.

I have brought war to those who fight our democracy, that of ISIS, and I have rejected all those migrants who are destructive and abusive of the society.

In fact, I believe, that the worst problem we have right now, are the fear mongering, criminal, abusive migrants who reject the civil rights.

They are the ones who sow discord, and then how are we going to live together in harmony?

By rejecting the chaos sowers, I believe, that the right of those who are not exactly white in their skin, have proved the loyalty to the society in general.

This is dangerous, and the fact of the matter is, that the right wing have actually taken these ideas to them first, and then the left wing.

But for both sides, I truly hope, that the path that I have created will be a path of peace and stability.

Especially those who are at the margin of society will be the ones who benefit. There is white trash, and black trash. What is the difference? There is no difference, we all suffer from being poor. We are all the same.

In these difficult times, please let us remember, that there is one thing we hold in common. Our humanity.

G-d bless the will to see the world in its potential, not in its divisions.

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