For a long time, I have not wanted to meet IS as a religious enemy. I still do not, my dream, together with Barack, has been to create a platform for all three monotheistic religions.

But the attack on a catholic priest in France has changed this.

We need to acknowledge, that IS targets religious targets. As they target many other things, among them democratic targets.

But to ignore a religious target out of strategic considerations, is not right.

IS hates Christians, as they hate other religious minorities.

The fight we are fighting is not only a fight for democracy, it is also a fight to protect religious minorities, and vulnerable religious leaders. As the rev. Jacques Hamel.

It is a fight for common decency, for a world where we can live together in peace, side by side.

In this world the IS strategy to kill innocent spiritual servants is wrong.

Christians need to wake up, and defend themselves.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant and yet to seek peace as the aim.

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American election

I had decided not to help anyone in the American election, and I will not do much, but it really seems to me, that the Democratic camp really needs some advice to get on.

I will do this a little, just to get you going, I owe you this, and you are really using all my philosophy to the best extent, so I will help.

First things first. You are doing yourself a great disservice by alienating all the voters that are attracted by mr. Trump. You do not win elections by vilifying someone, you win elections by having good answers to the problems that trouble the nations you try to be elected to. Voters look for answers not for mudslinging.

I mean, if you start the mudslinging, who are you to point fingers? It is not to say, that you do not point to weaknesses in your opponents armour, but mudslinging is stupid.

Then, another thing. If you have strong opponent, you need to learn from him. This was what Mitt Romney did at the last election Barack and I did together. He learned, and almost beat us. Mr. Trump is truly doing the same. The main part of his election content is something Barack and I cooked up; the economical fight against China, the fight against IS. He even talks about Change. Do not get mr. Trump wrong, he is a very centerleaning conservative, he even likes gays!

What he has brought to the table is the problems about migration in the south. I do not know much about this problem, I live very far away from it. But is must be a pretty big one, otherwise he would not have been able to make such a strong political platform on it.

We need to come up with some serious answers to this problem. Something that will solve the problem within a frame of humanity.

In Europe we have just have a bit of the same problem, a lot of migration, a bit more serious because in the migrant train a lot of the IS fighters were hidden, but migration brings a lot of instability. We tried to tackle it by closing the borders, and so far that has helped even though we still live with the aftermath of the problems. Problems that seem to tear the European Union into little pieces, so it is pretty serious.

But, basically you probably need to do the same; get control of the borders to some extent. Or rather to the extent that the voters and the citizens accept. This does not imply that you have to throw out all mexicans out of the US. But you need a measure of control, if the trends are the same as in Europe.

We need to listen to the worries of the people, otherwise we are not truly democratic.

Then there is the IS strategy. Well, mr. Trump has, more or less adapted the strategy that Barack and I develop. It meets several basic requirements, it is pretty responsibly in terms of ressource using. We truly do not waste lives, it works as a strategic umbrella that has a place for everybody, even Russia, and it keeps the flame of humanistic democracy alight.

So we need a strategy that is serious, supports the economic turnaround Barack has given us, and then looks ten or fiveteen years ahead.

So we need to keep production flowing into the country, not out, we need to prepare for a war against China, and we need to fight down IS. While we do this, we need to gather the ressources needed to fight these fights.

In the Middle East, Barack and I are popular. To the extent, that there has been no major wars apart from the Syrian civil war. This may sound not much, but this area has been alive with war the last 6000 years, so it has been a very calm tenure mr. Obama has presided over.

We need to understand what he has been trying to do. He has been trying to create an equilibrium between the warring factions in the Middle East; Sunni against Shia. By supporting both factions, he has brought peace.

Mr. Netanyahu of Israel has not been too keen on that arrangement, and has been a bit angry, but also acknowledges that it is a new angle on peacekeeping the Middle East.

The greater objective being a common foundation under all monotheistic religions. That being a messianic aim.

Pretty ambitious right?

Being a man of great grace, mr. Obama has never said it loud, but this has been his claim to fame.

When he is gone, there is still me to keep the flame alive and keep his legacy, and I will do my very best.

So you see, there are many little strategic considerations and moves you need to take into consideration if you want to live up to what Barack has done. It is complex, and difficult to get a grasp on. You will need to read up on all of it.

Mr. Trump has done a lot of reading on Rubicon, I can see it on his moves. And off cause, I do not vilify mr. Trump. Do not get me wrong, mr. Trump is a viking reborn, and that often not pleasing to the eye. But he is tough, very well read and extremely intelligent. We need to respect this man, and also his courage to listen to the needs of the people. It would be very dangerous to not listen, people are frustrated. In this situation we need to listen, not to shut people out.

G-d bless the will to listen to the will of the great American people.

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Too much time behind the computer

Things are really heating up, and I feel I should write at least five postings a day; Israel, the US, France, Denmark, the UK, Egypt, Iran, Russia, the Vatican, the Anglican church, the Copts, the Assyrians. There is only so much I can do, and remember, this is a job with no pay. I do this freely to support all those who might benefit from it, as a service to G-d and a service to mankind.

So, I wish I had more time, and less hurry. I have a major job coming up in a little more than a week that I have to train for (a music playing job), so I use a lot of energy on that. But I hope that this will mingle with the philosophy a bit further down the road, so that I can do some gigs that support the philosophical development, talk about my ideas at koncerts, and perhaps get a bit broader audience. Dont get me wrong, I love the readers I have, I feel humbled by all the good I can do with such illustrious readers. But at the other hand, it can, sometimes get a little lonely sitting behind my computer all the time. I need to get out and meet people.

So, I apologise for all the postings I should have written, all the readers that are dependent on the blog, but there is only som much time each day, and with family, daytime job and a musical career, I can only do so much.

I hope you like my dedication however, and I will do my best to support you all, to the best of my ability.

G-d bless the will to be free in thought and mind.

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The will to fight

Things are really heating up in the West, terror attacks everyday. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war. We are not at war as in the old days when nation states of immense power clashed on battlefields of a magnitude unbelievable. We are in the opposite; personal attacks, here and there, always with a moral aim. To subdue, to scare, to show supremacy.

This is a war with the dark sides of islam.

In the first and second world war there was a war in-between ideologies as well. Nazism, Communism, democracy.

In this war the ideological fault lines are more opaque, but they are there.

We need to stop asking our selves what we are fighting for and against, and start fighting. Stop being so much in doubt.

We need to start understanding, that we can put labels on, and we can stop. But, the main problem right now is not the ideological fault lines, it is the will to fight!

Stop being in disarray, and start to fight!

Be vigilant and strong.

G-d bless the will to remain steadfast in faith on our democracies and constitutions.

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Antoni_Gaudi_1878I have just reached my home after a week in Barcelona. It was a bit difficult because of some problems with my friends, I was there with, but the city itself was just amazingly inspiring.

Barcelona is beautiful, has good food, and things work. But what really inspired me, to the point where I actually shed a tear, was the workings of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

I know that it is pretty touristic, and yes, I did do the obligatory guided tour in the Sagrada familia, and yes, I did stand there with my camera googling up on the high vault. But I think that perhaps I do understand the secret message that Gaudi tried to convey to us, because of his obvious base in mystery.

Gaudi was a man of a profound faith. He thought about spirit everyday, and at the same time he was able to create, inspired by spirit perhaps.

The sheer genius of the Sacrada famila cathedral is a testimony to this. It is innovative in so many ways, it leaves you baffled.

Gaudi was a man of a time where everything in Europe was industrialised, and we lost our innocence. A time where the slow means of transportation was changed to fast transportation, where people started living in smog and industrial waste. The same time when Joseph Conrad blasphemed in a sorry tale about the old sailor coming ashore, because noone needed his girth and strength anymore. A time when the shallowness of fast travel started creeping in on us.

Gaudi rebelled against this, and started building edifices that was inviting to the craftsman, quality beyond what had ever been seen in the world. To put up a fence against superficiality and lack of faith.

Today we have come full circle, right? We cannot even defend ourselves against the most absurd crimes, because we are so hollow, so left of all faith, have nothing to hold on to. Everything just was left in the trenches.

Gaudi tells us not to believe so. He built a cathedral over hundred years in the making. Knowing that this sickness would be long in flourishing, and difficult to trample down.

He built an edifice to faith, beauty, craftsmanship, doing things slowly and depth in faith that would stand there when we are again ready to latch on to our own roots and culture.

When we stop to be demoralised and are ready to take up Göehte and Kierkegaard again. When we start defending our faiths again.

We would be able to look at the genius of the work of Gaudi, and say; ah now we get what you were trying to say. You were trying to tell us not to lose faith in the beauty and eloquence of our own culture.

G-d bless the genius of Gaudi and the beautiful city of Barcelona, and thank you.

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I have been in a prolonged war against the secret services here in Denmark. Part of it my own doings, and part of it the secret services. Remember how they tortured my little daughter? How they use all the tricks in the book to silence me up.

It has actually come to the point, where I truly have a good opportunity to do something about it. I have had a contact with the local chapter of the human rights organisation. An organisation that helps people who are persecuted byt the police, in Afghanistan, Iraq and in Denmark.

They are actually interested in helping me.

There is only one pretty big problem, and that is the fact, that we need to work together. The secret service and I. We have reached a point, where conflicts between the states and local islamists are really dangerous. Just look at what is happening in Germany in these days.

In this situation, we need to work together, not apart. I will continue criticising and shelving out advice. But I will stop the outright war a escalation between my person and the state, with the human rights advocacy in-between would be.

We need to stop this, and bury the hatchet. The war is on our streets, and we need to focus on what is happening there, and not on warring each other.

I will help my friends Dan Park and Uwe Max with their cases, but the confrontation between me and the police should stop now.

G-d bless the peace we must make, in order to confront the hostility of the islamists.

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Sword of GileadI think a lot about angels these days, on one hand because I am having a holiday in Spain, in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and at the other hand, because I am working a lot with Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is really the secret basis of Jewish culture. It is the well that we Jews use, to connect to Jewish identity, history and ethics.

It has roots as deep as to when Abraham came from the Assyrian city of Ur to teach us about his first ideas of natural science (amazing is it not), and then really a culture that is enveloped in a classical Middle East frame. It is extremely ethical, spiritual and focused on the good of humanity. These are truly the ancient hippie ideology, though truly a bit more tough and a lot more confrontational. We want peace as Kabbalists, but Kabbalism is not at all peaceful in the naive sense, but peaceful in the sense, that it understands what the world is, and how we can truly achieve peace.

But back to the angels.

Kabbalah is about calling on angels to help the Kabbalist in his work. Angels help those who fight for G-d, that is, to make a more just and good world.

But the Jewish angels are not benign, amourous beings, they are strong, warfaring destroyers, fighting on the side of the good.

We know them as Gabriel, Michael, Uriel. But there are many, many more. Angels as Ezekiel, Kolach, Nazeriel. Strong, spiritual beings, that help those of us, who wish to work on the good of humanity.

Then what are these angels? This is really the question I have been pondering. Remember, to make sense in these issues, we have to connect to a natural science basis, in order for us to make it true, and make people believe in us again.

G-d is intelligence, and angels are in between G-d and man. As messengers, as helpers.

I believe that angels are us selves. That is the way we form our little piece of intelligence in the spiritual realm. Remember, if we theorise, that the soul is embedded in our bodies, but still retains a faculty to connect to the original soup of intelligence, that we came from, and is G-d. We can assume, that this connection can have a specific form. We can put form to our own soul.

Angels are then our own soul formed in a specific frame.

Given that it receives strength and connectivity with G-d, this part of our soul can be extremely powerful, if we are ourselves. It is a reflection of ourselves in the realm of G-d.

Then we come back to the Jewish angels. If this theory is true, the Jewish angels are really the reflection of what Jews are; strong, justice seeking, ethical beings. Protecting those who fight for G-d.

This follows the prophesies of the Jewish prophets quite well. Jews are supposed to wield the power of G-d in a manner, so that he lives here in earth. To this end, we have our strong angels, that helps us on our way.

This is what it is to be a Jew. We should remember this when we see walls of hatred all around us, they are the sons of the dark one. We need to, as the Chosen people, to confront these abominations. But we also need to seek out those leading lights around the globe, who fight for a better world. As we are tasked to bring G-d back to humanity.

This is difficult, because seldom are those who are on the surface good, the real companions of G-d. Often it is the little guy, the David, fighting monstrosities with his sling, that is the friend of G-d.

We should therefor seek out the Davids, all around the globe, and lend our strength to him or her, in order to help them making a better world.

That is what it is to be Jew, and we should be so very proud of that, and do it.

G-d bless Israel.

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The gentlemen

We have a problem about talking about the true depth of the terrorist issues.

I know why, because I have just started reading the book; The gentlemans guide. We all like to be gentlemen, at least those of us who aspire, to be a part of some sort of civilised society.

The problem is just, a lot of the migrants, be it islamists, christians or druze, do not aspire to be gentlemen. They aspire to carve out a piece of territory, they can claim for themselves.

This is the truth. So while we strive to be civil, not step on each others feet, treat all with courtesy, the newcomers do all they can to step on our feet, to make us move.

This inequality is the basis of the true conflict. Because, not being able to tackle the problems in the first place gives room for the conflicts to grow. Where it in the first place was truly harmless small conflicts that we have shied away from, it has now grown to some truly devastating conflicts.

That is why I have, as a truly civilised person, insisted on discussing the problems we have with migration. Not on a racist base, or a inhuman base, but on an enlightened base. One example; it has been very difficult to discuss the persecution of minorities within many migrant communities in public. The outright persecution of gays, blacks, whites, women, christians, and all who deviate from the norm of the migrants.

Discussing this has been taboo in the mainstream. Well, that is not helping the minorities. As a consequence we see atrocities done to the minorities in Denmark. As an example we have seen the Gay pride being stoned out of a part of Copenhagen.

The list goes on.

I know that this seems ungentlemanly, because why bother with these things? We ruin the tone and so on.

Because, I believe that there is a deeper conflict between our rules of being a gentleman and the rules of enlightenment.

To enlighten, that is to insist on the rational debate on all issues of state, is in opposition to the rules of not stirring up the public.

Therefor I think we need to realise, that in some areas, we need to stop being gentlemen, and start, seriously, to discuss the problems at hand.

It will seem uncivilised, but the consequence of being gentlemen, and not truly tackle the academic problems, will cause harm to all who deviate to norms that I as a liberal, will not tolerate. The weak are supposed to be protected by the state. Our minorities are the weak, and we need to protect them.

G-d bless the will to be true.

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The solution to the current crisis

In the crisis we are in right now. On one hand the direct attack by democratic fighting islamists, and at the other hand the rising fear for racism, is the problem. I can feel it myself when I walk the streets. We need at strategy, that, at one hand quells the enemies we have, and at the other hand counters the budding racism.

This is really the difficulty we face.

It is a very keen problem, and doing nothing will just end us in absolute chaos.

What we need to do, is to face islamism. We need to look it into the eyes and do something about it.

This is what everybody agrees upon, there is just one major problem; the secret services, that are tasked with the problem, does not seem to live up to expectations.

Whenever the political class asks the police to do something about it, the answer is, that they do not have the tools.

Well, when I worked with programmers in the IT business. We often met problems we could not solve. My answer was always, well that is not my problem, you need to solve it anyway. That is; get creative.

Securitywise, we are facing a new threat that cannot be tackled with the tools we have, well then we have to make new tools.

The problem here is just, that the secret polices are extremely uncreative, and when they do come up with something then it is always pointing the gun in the wrong direction; that is on islamcritics and not on the islamists.

At least that is what I experience myself. I cannot say if that is a general trend in other countries.

Anyway, to make new tools, you have to work within the limits of the constitution. We are not tyrannies or corrupt police states. We are democracies, so we obey the law.

Here is when it gets difficult, because what is within law?

When we are talking about islamists, remember we are not talking about religious groups, we are talking about groups that are mainly political. They use religion, but their aims are not religious, they are political. They aim at a political system called the caliphate, with an undemocratic law system called sharia. A POLITICAL aim.

That is very important, because within our constitutions, religions as such are protected. But political groups that seek to overthrow the democratic state are not protected by the same democratic state, they are enemies.

This principle will ensure that we are within the bounds of human rights and the basic ideas about a democratic states. It is not all muslims, but muslims that are fighting or supporting the caliphate and the connected sharia law system.

When my predecessors Rousseau and Voltaire worked on the first French republic, there was one part of the Aristotelian framework of a democratic institution, they did not work much with, that is the DEFENCE of the state. This gave us a problem in the Naziera where an antidemocratic part (the Nazis) could use the democratic system to hollow it out and change it into a tyranny.

What is the real defence against such a scenario? It its the control of the citizenship. A citizenship is really a green card to the democratic process. What you get when you get to be citizen, is a vote in the election of government.

The defence of the democratic state is then simple; if you are not loyal to the democratic institutions, the you are not entitled to a citizenship.

If you are not a citizen, then you do not have a permanent claim on residence in the state you may be in. You can be thrown out.

That is, in all its cruelty and radicalism, the tool that is envisioned in the defence of democracy. It is not my idea, it is the idea of Aristotle, and therefor an idea of Athens, the first true democracy.

Now reality is never easy to handle, and if you do not do anything, then the consequences are often worse than doing something.

So let me repeat. The secret services needs to round up islamist, and supporters of islamists and send them through a legal process, if they are loyal to our democratic institutions, then they may stay, otherwise they will lose their citizenship and must find somewhere else to live, that is closer to their political aspirations.

This will work. But it will be tough. The alternative is however, full fledged racewars.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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The will to act

July 15th, 2016 1 comment

The time is ripe for government action against the infiltrating islamist fighters, if not, civil war will erupt. It is as simple as that.

If the state does not deliver on security, the people will look elsewhere.

This calls for some pretty tough decision making, and some tough action.

Let us have a look at it.

There are one overwhelming danger right now; the threat of islamism. The flag carrier being the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas (for some), Islamic State and a number of connected groups to this ideology.

They hate our democracy, and fight for the muslim caliphate.

An idea, that did work until it was dismantled in Turkey about a hundred years ago.

Well, if you fight that fight, you are an enemy.

What is the situation? First of all, we do already fight them in Syria and Iraq, and we are winning. All of us, that is Russia, the US, France, Great Britain and the rest of the coalition.

But the imminent victory brings new tactics to the islamists, that primarily being of mass killings of westerners.

They hate us, and therefor they kill us.

What do we do about that. First of all, we continue the fight in the Middle East, but we now need new tactics in Europe, the US and Russia. That is old democratic, viking heartland. Even Australia and New Zealand is in problems.

This is not about race, it is the traditions of democracy and freedom that was, and is a part of viking culture, that they hate.

How do we then tackle this threat?

We differ between those muslims that support the Islamic state and the muslims that support our democratic ways.

That is, basically, a sound and simple principle, but the effect is, however, much more complicated. Why?

First of all, because there are two other principles we then have to discuss as an effect of this decision. Firstly we need to discuss the breath of the problem. That is, how many islamists do we talk about? If you are an islamist, that is a caliphatist, do we then target you if you are violent, or also if you are nonviolent? That is, what about the great background of peaceful islamists, that create the frame and the nourishing of the violent islamists. What do we do about them?

Secondly, what do we do? Do we repatriate them, that is throw them out of the country? Do we emprison them? Do we put them in ghettos? This is an ethical discussion. Because they are enemies, but they also human beings, we have to treat them with dignity.

This is a discussion we need to have, in all spheres of power, right now, not tomorrow, not yesterday, but now.

The states need to show the populace, that they are able to act, and will do what is necessary to tackle the situation.

The discussion should be open to interpretation, and should be public, in order for people to have their say. It should be the people who decides, not only us intellectuals and politicians. We have a dangerous situation, we need the consent of the people for our actions, otherwise they will act on themselves.

So we should launch ideas and models of action, and listen to what the people says, and then take action.

At the same time, we should realise, that we are in for a long haul. This will take time, and we will be in this fight for some years. The outcome is not given, and we will end up a bit weaker than what we were in the 18´hundreds just after Napoleon, but we will be reasonable strong, strong enough to solve the problem.

But we need to act now, otherwise it will be civil war, and that will end the Western civilisation as we now it, and probably leave the scene to Russia and China to fight over. With all respect to the two nations, but it is not in the interest of Europe or the US to be torn into pieces, just because the states did not have the capacity to take charge.

We have the material means, but we need the will to do something about it, we should take that will, and do it.

G-d bless the peace we are striving for, and will only win, if we act to curb this problem before it gets out of hand.

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Old_Frayed_French_Flag_(6032746234)Not again, this is the first thing you think when you hear about another terror attack, not again. Now another one in Nice, one of the most beautiful towns in the world, now smeared with blood.

Orlando, the Vilks committee, Charlie Hebdo. Attacks on innocent civilians. This is disgusting.

But I think, we should wheel this around, in our grief, we should not only think about what we are loosing; our security, our peace, but what we can win; our values, our freedom our democratic rights.

Because this fight is more than a fight against terrorists, it is a fight for our own democratic institutions. The islamic state wants that exactly; an Islamic state. We have our own perfect state, called the democratic state.

And all these attacks are not only on people, they are on the idea of the free man in a free country. Able to do what he wants within the frames of a just law, be free in his speech and honest in his daily business of his political views.

Let us fight for something, instead as against something. Let us fight for what we believe in, what we have inherited from so many brave women and men before us, who shed their lives on beaches and in trenches.

The fight for our freedom.

G-d bless the republic of France.

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Sparks of G-d

I am sad, about what is happening in the US now, just seeing all the films and the movieclips about people who are devasted, makes tears flow down my cheeks. It is horrible.

However, you need to turn this around. It is bad, but it is in no way irreparable. You need to turn it around and see, that each day, in all across the country, there is a wonderful nation full of hope and positivity.

It is not the end of the world.

Use this to enforce your own humanistic values, where is it written, that each man is the same. There is no such thing as different races. There is no such thing as strangeness because of colour, we are one, under the gaze of spirit.

When we came into this world, it was without any colour on our skin, it was as a spark of G-d.

Then someone put different meaning to us due to our skin colour. This is wrong, there are not difference in our ways. Just difference in the pigment of our skin.

Let us walk that walk, where we, hand in hand, shed our differences, and look at each other as persons, not as black or white or brown. But as individuals, as sparks of G-d.

Because in the realisation of what we are lies a truth. We are, as men, much too elevated in what we are, as to succumb to the race fight.

We should remember who we are, by the grace of G-d we came into this world, and so we still are.

G-d bless the pain and suffering of this who lost their dear ones, may G-d bless America.

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July 10th, 2016 1 comment

0503-martin-luther-king-quotesIt is really with great sadness I hear about all the race infighting in the US. This is not how the US was envisioned in the beginning. The equality between the peoples of the US, is the very lifeblood of the founding fathers ideas. The idea, that equality between people would bring harmony, is true.

I am not saying, that you cannot control who gets in to the country and who do not, but those who originally made the country, should be able to live along together.

What does that require? As the great rev. Martin Luther King says, it requires that all are protected by the rights of the state. Civil rights is for everyone. That is why it is so extra important that the police are the most non racist in the country. Because they control the rights. If they veer off on a racist cause, then the civil rights body is not neutral as it is supposed to be.

I know that you may feel that “whites” have it less good. I know that there is a such a feeling. But sometimes you feel like going haywire and start shouting and just do whatever you want. It is like that with human beings, there are initial feelings that has to do with our natural inclinations. The problem is just, if we follow these natural inclinations, we end up in a society where the strong rules.

Civilisation, or civil rights, is about refining our inclinations, and bring a higher level of society. A society where we are able to live side by side red, white, green, yellow, whatever the colour.

This is what the US is about, being civilised and thereby having the opportunity to be free from violence and the rule of strong.

I believe it is about looking at the positive ideals, instead of getting sucked into the negative blame game. The US is a harmonious society, where people live side by side, despite their colour.

G-d bless the United States of America

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The highlanders

Scottish-flag_2109121aNow there are pitfalls for Great Britain, and there are potential benefits for the realm of the sovereign nation of the Brits.

First of all, there seems to be a great threat in the composure of the highlanders against the rest. With the usual Celtic highlander spirit the great clans are not greedy, and yet not satisfied either.

Scotland is the land of the Picts, and though it has been long gone, the days of the druids and holy water, the unique cultural difference is still there.

We, vikings has dispelled celts from all of Europe, and as a consequence there is still bitterness.

But we as who hail from the strong G-ds, do also understand some of power and the beauty of the celtic spirit. We may not take it all in, but the bonny tale of the young hero is something I believe, we have learned a bit from.

But now we need to work together again, and that will only mean one thing; understanding across the threshold of cultural differences, to be open to strengths of each culture, to meet on common ground.

Lest all the differences will grow into war.

So I believe, that the way forward now, is to meet with openness and trust. We know that the Scots dreams of indepence and freedom, but let us be honest. This dream is unrealistic in its true sense. There is no way that the Celts will inhabit all of Europe again. That time is over.

But there is a possibility to throw down the axe, and make peace. For now, until the great highlanders agree to fight again. Let us hope, they find a worthy foe, someone, that truly wants to kill them. Because we do not anymore, we are long passed that point.

G-d bless the Celts, and may they live and prosper.

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The EU

To understand what is truly going on Europe right now, we should also look a little of the roots of the Union, that is method wise.

I read a lot of books on magic, I know many people think this is weird and probably occult in some way. But to me, after having read Jung, I realised that the roots of psychology is the magical tradition of hermetism, Kabbalah and so on. The discussion of magic is really where a lot of the groundbreaking ideas come from. Things that are then going mainstream under different forms. NLP is one of them, there is a lot of Kabbalah in the music industry as well, and so on.

Back to the EU. EU uses magic in a convoluted and warped form. Magic is often the use of spells, specific words and so on. The EU uses this in abundance, power words as; integration, islamophobia, Brexit. They probably do not know that they are using a form of magic, but just sees it as tools of statecraft that they can use steering the public in certain ways.

This is really the problem. You cannot use black magic, if you want to steer the way onto a path of light. It is black magic, if you use spell casting to your own advantage and not to the advantage of good.

Black magic is perhaps an arcane word, but you get my idea, right?

Acting behind closed doors, using manipulation to steer the general populace onto a specific path that you see as good, does not work in the 21 century. In these internet times, openess, honesty and the fight against injustice is really the best path.

We are the warriors of light, and therefore, by the grace of spirit, do we stand by the little man, the persecuted, the left behind. We stand for openess and trust. If the tyrants and sons of darkness veer their evil heads, we will fight it.

I know that the EU does not see itself as evil, but if you manipulate, use black magic, and hide behind closed then you are, well; evil.

G-d bless the light of the creator.

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