The city and the temple

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Nuremberg_chronicles_f_21rWell I Ihink we have come a little way in England with the great rennaessance, but we have also confronted our first challenges.

If you are brave, as I truly think his excellency Welby is, then you have to fight the monsters that confront you. If you enter a fight, you have to accept, that you will get hit. That is the way it is with fighting for something, be it physically or intellectually. But the very fact that you do fight, gives everybody around you the feeling that you are alive, and you are moving somewhere.

As I begun my theoretical discussion on the Anglican church, I believe I will repeat it; you are walking on a very fragile shell. You have to be careful not to move too fast or too forceful, you need to remember the discussions and the negotiations is not about your own selfinterest, but in the interest of the world, of mankind, of nature, of the church. You are only the servants of the realm of G-d, if you lose the connection to that inspiration, you will fail. Always pray and listen to the purity of the lord. Hear his voice of healing as well as urge to fight for his realization. Open up to his love and positive inspiration.

It is not about war or power, it is about love. Yes you should have heated discussion, yes you should be focused and believe in many things, but at the end of the day the very project is not the process, it is the aim of harmony and fellowship brought by walking not alone, but with your fellowman in company.

How do you do that? You do it by evolving along the lines of the discussion. We see, that there is a confrontation bethween the church and the Torys, in other words a confrontation between metaphysics and politics.

So we need to understand both theories, how they intermingle, and how they actually support each other. I will give you an example.

When Lot returned to the city of Sodom, he was there all alone in the interest of G-d. He pleaded with G-d that if only one was on his side, in the city of destruction egoism and selfabsorbneds, the city would be preserved. He was run out of the city by the citizens, and G-d destroyed the city.

So what is the point? The point is; to have a city (polis), you need honest men and women. This is the charge of religion; to inspire for honesty, loyalty, sincerety.

So polis (politics) and religion goes hand in hand, and in fact if that is not so, the city will fall.

G-d bless the city of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Oxfordshire.

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the brave

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The brave will inherit the World, as we say here in Denmark. In other words, the coward will fall.

We have seen it over and over again. How the brave have ultimately won the wars.

It spells ill for Europe, or at least Central Europe, because it is so filled with cowards, that they fall over each other to cave in to whatever threaten them.

There are, however some good signs. As always, it is France that lead the revolutions. The mix of idealism and a very very high level of intellectualism fuels the revolution. What happens in France right now, will set the pattern for the rest of the conflict. That is why the Charlie Hebdo attack was so important. The countries not directly hit by the onslaught can entertain the idea, that they will not be hit within the close vicinity of their future. But, they will be tought another lesson, and consequently follow in the footsteps of France.

What to look for is bravery, in the situation where people are scared, they will look for the brave to lead them. Manipulation, craven manners or the like will not be popular.

So far, luckily, the progress is along state lines. We have not had many huge violent uprisings. But as I said, this will come, if the states do not listen to the people. It is not a threat, it is a fair warning, and, honestly, being a man of peace, I say it, so that the politicians can change course, and avoid the situation. The seriousity of the situation taken into consideration, shooting the messenger is not a viable solution.

Finally, let me give my sincerest condolations to the lately deciesed king Abdullah. Your eminence tried to make peace, and let us all hope that his son will be a man of peace as well.

G-d bless you all.

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More of the same

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If you want to predict the future, you need to know your past. How is the past of Europe? It is a string of revolutions, counterrevolutions, wars, mayehem, deaths and progress.

Through that burning kettle of both ideas and warfare, has the world progressed and made a truly magnificient cultural development, like the Middle East.

This cauldron of ideas has produced; Christianity, Lutheranism, Democracy, Communism, Industrialism, Nazism, Facism, The Roman Empire, The greek Empire, The Freestates, on and on it goes for five thousand years.

And now the leaders have decided they want peace, by seducing the people into shutting up with television and the “Lügenpresse”. Add to this decided to throw in some of the most revolutionary peoples of the Middle East into the mix, who have exactly the same “dynamic” understanding of the world. That is a continuing flux of ideas warring each other.

So what are the chances for peace? Nil, or close to nil.

As I see it, what we can do, is try to steer the process of war and peace into the most peaceful path. Instead of an all encompassing apocalypse we are steering straight towards with the current system, we can make a less painfull process, where we target the problems precisely.

Unfortunately, this view has been the most unpolitically correct, because, in order to understand the most peaceful way, we actually need to understand what is going on.

To the socalled peacemakers of the European Union, this has been against their strategy, where manipulation and misunderstanding has been the tool.
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Congratulations mr. president for a beautiful speech, it will be very difficult getting results, but, looking back at the last six years, the projects we have commenced are shaping up, and are realized in true progress. Especially the economical development of the US is a testimony to the fact, that our project is good. Still, realizing peace in the Middle East would, potentially, secure the presidency for the future as a turning point for the US.

Things are heating up in Europe. The islamists are slowly being cloaked off, as the cold war systems lose strength and the war becomes hot.

There are some serious realizations Europe has to do to counter the muslim state ideology. We are talking about a political version of Islam, that seems to be willing to go to any lenght to get their way, and they are many.

When this has finally been realized, one way or the other, we can finally start counterworking their ideas here in Europe, but Bobby Jindal is right, and, I am sorry to say mr. Cameron, you have to suit up, and get ready for the onslaught. London is a hotbed for international islamist recruiting and financing. England as such is on the verge of collapsing under the strain, and the secret police has just begun to dig in the corners. When they realize, that 80 % of the Muslims in the UK are islamists, they will have to come up with some serious problemsolving, and that problemsolving will include the armed forces.

At the same time, happily, the church of England seems to be on the right course, and so in the fight, we still have some positive results of the crackdown on the Islamists. But as Enoch Powell said, it will be rivers of blood.

Better start arming before that fight, ideologically and materially.

Philosophers are not supposed to be politically correct, we are supposed to see and say things other people are not able to. That is why I say; be prepared, the Charlie Hebdo massacre was just the begining, it will escalate.

G-d bless us all, in the face of the war we are entering.

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The path

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tumblr_mo8mfdzXJh1s5re8vo1_500There is a lot of problems in Europe these days, as a prophet of a kind, in the old Jewish mold, I believe, that my predictions have come through, and the path that I have laid out is the path mankind, at least the European kind, is walking. In slow beats, down that path, full of thorns and yet with a bright little star at the end, illuminating our worried and wrinkeld chins.

Mankind will always walk in the shadow of evil, trying with each step, to be a little closer to the light, but the valleys are full of desolation and mediocracy.

Now, as a forethought, I believe, that the European people have chosen my path due to the realization, that if you live in the valley of darkness, true light is the only salvation. Honesty, beauty and love is the only path out of darkness. At the other hand, I believe, that darkness has to be fought. In the study room of Jesus Christ, that wise old Jew, there was this story about the end of times, and how good and evil would stand facing each other in that final Ragnarok, in that final trial of mankind. At the end of my trial, we will see if that is so, if we really stumbled and fought our way through all those dark encounters, where we tried and suffered and lost all, just to regain a little.

But that little is the quality of life, and peace.

Let there be light, the old Jew said, let there be kindness he said, let there be love he said. And all arose to meet him in his embrace, because they thought he was right, and peace finally would descend upon mankind. But then he said; you will have to fight first, fight your own prejudice and frailty, your own enemies.

G-d bless all, who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the poor and the needy, for the right causes, and for beauty, not just for power.

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Business and church

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There is an ongoing discussion in England between the Anglican Church and the current prime minister of Great Britain. To try and elevate and understand the discussion in a deeper theoretical sense, I would like to try and build a basis under it.

First of all, the current political policies, that has changed the economical situation of the realm, is coined in a kind of anti free market thinking, with respect of free market thinking. So to really understand the current policies, you have to embrace economics. Economics used to be Keynes against Adam Smith. Keynes defining an incentive policy for mainly the Democratic of Socialdemocratic part of the political sphere, and Adam Smith recommending a free market theory to the conservatives.

This changed in what we know as Obamanomics. A mix of Puritan no nonsense saving policy, and a focused help on the patriotic business and production companies of the nation.

So in a sense, this is actually the very conservative part of the policies that Obama has implemented in the US. It has helped the country tremendously, we are looking at five percent growth per annum. The deeper calculus in this idea has been, apart from the ideas that spurred me in the book where Adam Smith talks about ethics as the base of society, an analysis of the strengths of western culture. We are free and creative. This gives us a clear advantage in the area of research and development. We are very good at inventing things and coming up with new ideas. Exactly the quality we are fighting for in the Hebdo controversy, the freedom to challenge the taboos and realizing new ideas. But, if we redistribute the production of our new ideas to cultures that are often enemies, we will undermine our own strengths, in effect giving our own progress to our enemies. So we need to haul our production facilities back, and put that great mark of our products saying Made in America or Made in England. This idea follows the ideology of the business environment, who are often old fashioned bible thumping, family based dynasties, who are proud of their contribution to the society, and see their mission more as a service to the nation than a money piling business.
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Archangel_TyraelWe pray for redemption, we understand that the end is near, we relive the destruction of our temples, and yet there is hope for another round of fighting in the phalanx of ligth. Be that hero of justice, of good and spirit.

Yet we concur and take another step, jumping from stepstone to stepstone, trying to survive.

There is good news in the papers today, the spiritual guides seems to whisper. Another redemption, another round in the ring is being prepared, because we have faith. Faith in spirit, and faith in the afterlife.

We know that one day, the almighty father in heaven will relive the mission to us earthbound, in search of his blessing. He will once again stand there with all his might and joy, telling us humble beings, that we will we go forward in his light. Once again is there space for us bening beings at his side. Once again will we believe in him, to turn another page in that long forgotten tale of old. To understand that he be with us, as our crutch, as our hailing and guiding star, as our lighthouse, as our belief in spirit, good and all that is full of joy and love.

Once again will we turn our tired chins to the light, and be warmed in his ligth, to know, that we as people, yes people of the earth will relive his spirit in our tiny hearts, and as these hearts grow in love and kindness, will he, again prowl the earth, and give the humans their blessing.

Once again will we be saved by his grace, because we have found his will and his tender yet strong helping hand. Once again will we rise as men, be humane and gentle, be honest and simple, be disciples of his grace in his gaze. In one with all that is beyond our recogning and understanding. Once again will freedom and honesty reign the earth, as his will is heard beyond the farthest reaches.

May you, my dearest friend be blessed as all are willing to sacrifice humanity in the dirtiest war seen ever.

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dads-and-dad-blogYou can reach an understanding of what it is to be a familyman through recognition of what is really the core conflicts in family life. I have done a lot of work with children at the age of eight to ten. Right now I work as a caretaker of two boys who have a lot of problems, one even is not able to feed, but has to get food through a tube.

Their family is really broken, divorce and so on. What has lead to this extreme situation? It is basically a fight between good and evil in the family. Violence, egoism and abuse.

My little daughter Rakel she is now almost three years old. She has this tendency to try and get her way all the time. So we fight over what she should eat, NO NO CANDY!, and little things as when to leave the table, and be a nice, sharing and loving person. She is only almost three, so this fight with her, to put some moral fibre in her, is normal and just a part of any normal upbringing.

The families where abuse and violence occurs, does not do it this way however. They let the children do whatever they want, and as a consequence, they go wild. They go and do what nature programs us for, the rule of the strong. They start seeing, that getting your way, without regard to a fellowmans wellbeing is in fact fun, you can easily get stronger, and you can enrich yourself at the cost of your neighbor.

This is where evil starts, it starts by people disregarding the very basis of society; that everybody should accept that they are their brothers keeper, and not their thief.

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The police

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Corruption is always in the dark. Remember, we, from a religious perspective, talk about the angels of light, fighting against the dark lords? What are we talking about, and why are they dark? Because they live of lies, deciet, cunning, and hate, yes they hate the truth.

Let me give you an example. My mother died five years ago. At the same time, my best friends mother died. A few months ago, the father of one of the leading lights of the conservative movement, his father died too. They all died prematurely. Another one of the people in the fight against radical Islam, his wife, died not very long ago, prematurely, mystically. See the picture?

This new occurence, where an islamcritic had his father killed, had some interesting features. Just before his father died, his brand new car was torched. It represented his income, because he works as a tour guide in the summer. So it is an increase in torture and pressure, ending up in killing his father. What do all these incidences have in common? It has in common, that we are all critical towards Islam, from different political perspectives. So it cannot be the left wing killing all the islamcritics.

It all points to the other major player in the persecution of islamcritics in Denmark; the police. They are openly against all who critisize Islam. Numerous times have they, themselves, staged trials to try and quell the criticism. As with my friend Firoozeh, who were convicted a racist, because she criticized Islam as a painter, being a muslim herself!

So, in all probability, the police have been, secretly, killing the supports of the islamcritics, trying to quell the intellectuals.

And now, the politicians are discussing, how to give them more ressources to protect us. Does it make any sense?

Not before the police themselves change their attitude, will the islamcritics be protected.

G-d bless the light of the few remaining prophets.

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Synchronizing the flight checks

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You know, I never really wanted to be a writer, one day, I just happened to be one. I woke up one morning, with another psychich headache and a strange sense of satisfaction of actually realizing some worth of my life, helping someone, doing a simple chore as a philosopher, doing some good, and I realized I was a writer. It just kind of came.

Being an artist is not fun, in fact I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. Your life is never stable, you always try to get on, and you always worry about your economy. But it is a good life, because you see things. Your friends are even worse bohemes than you. Some live on the streets from time to time. You may think Bukowski, the famous drunk poet, is cool from a distance, but living together with him is a nightmare. But he is a friend nevertheless, and he is alive.

This way of free wheeling and, honestly, very costful for the soceity, life, is what the Islamists and, so far, the guiding Socialdemocrats helped by the secret police, have wanted to stop. To clean out. All these too strange people, with their long dirty hair, yes dirty, as in D.I.R.T.Y., you know unkept and even smelling hair, should be stopped. We do not need them, they show no sensibility. How do we get rid of them? Well, ok, we will leave them without protection, and you can then threaten them all you will. So you KILLED them, why did you do that? Couldnt you just have kept on threatening, why did you have to make them martyrs? That was stupid, now we even have to truly protect them, just to keep the electorate happy. Maybe not that much, but just for the show. But please cant you just stop killing them, it is bad for business, and the dangerous RIGHT WING! Will steal our dwindling electorate bases, please, pretty please.

Well, a few of us have actually survived, and seen the day, when you, yes you, the people actually stood up, and truly supported us. I knew it would be difficult to survive, but I thought if I just kept a comparably low profile, it could work. I could guide the process from behind, and change the course slowly. You know, I know it is presompteous, and probably bad taste. But I did it! I managed to keep all the jackals at bay, keeping the fire lit, and now, after the people have come out in millions to my support, and my fellow artists, the politicians have to support us. The game has been won, it cost me my mother, my sister, most of my friends, my career, but I did it. I did it!

The politicians bargained on the strategy of suppressing everybody, the artists, the journalists, the freethinking spirits, in order to feed the islamists, slowly with our demise. But, the strategy does not work anymore, simply because, you, the electorate, have been too sickened by their devious and disgusting methods. When their plans came to fruition and people actually started dying, you stood up, and defended us. In a strange way, you forced the politicians to move with you, because they were too afraid, or too moved by the event, thereby creating a wave so strong, that all the pickering and fidgeting with the purses of the poor intellectuals, have been swept away.

So this is something to celebrate. Ok, I have not seen a single policeman in my vicinity, ever, not even after the Charlie shooting. The politicians talk about the importance of SYNCHRONIZING THE FLIGHTCHECKS, as if that would really help me. Just one little, teeny weeny camera with an alarmbell at the targets of the islamists, would, in a cold cost benefit analysis, come out a bit cheaper, and MUCH more efficient at keeping the lives of the artists and journalists. But, oh no, that is not really in the plans, keeping flight checks synchronized is probably a much better idea.

But, look at it this way. Untill you start actually doing something serious about it, your voters will slip away. I hold that gun in your face, as you hold your gun into my face. I will take your voters away, untill you actually offer me some protection. Got it? I will take away your job, your prestige, your fine fancy car, your own flying jet, if you do not take that gun away from me, and start aiming at the islamists instead. Got it?

G-d bless the will to survive despite increasing levels of danger.

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the police

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Ok, so we have had one of the most important failures of the police, ever. Twelve cartoonists have been gunned down in France, and everybody who are intellectuals and criticize Islam is in peril, especially artists and journalists. In Denmark, the police has chosen to work with the Islamists, and leave the artists at their own resources. Often very, very few resources, because we are bohemes most of us, and therefor not able to live very well of our own work. Add to this a great scare of dealing with us, you get the picture. No security at all.

This seems to be all honky dory with the police, still no protection. Well perhaps some, such as the infiltration of EVERBODYS computers. How come that the police seem to be thinking that they REALLY need to know what everybody is thinking and doing, because of security needs off cause. But when it comes to actually protecting the people they have been charged with, then the need seems, all of a sudden, to dissappear. Perhaps because they just really like to know everything, and sit on their flat behinds, taking all the money, living in grand buildings, and then doing absolutely nothing to protect the cartoonists, the bloggers, the writers in harms way. No, rather they seek to shut them up, so that they, again are able to sit on their flat behinds, doing absolutely nothing. Why is it really, they seek to shut up the intellectuals, despite the fact, that this is, specifically what they are charged to do, and payed to do?

It is because it makes their own lifes so much more easy. Just shut up seems to be the point, and then they can go back to drinking coffee, playing chess, or perhaps that is too challenging a game?

It is because they are lazy, are not willing to actually do their jobs, and are afraid of the consequences. Much more easy just try to shut up the intellectuals.

Will someone please do something to this pathetic bunch of people, either sack them or at least put them on a short leash. Or just start all over again, begin from scratch, and rethink security again. Instead of investing huge amounts of resources in high tech surveillance. Which is, honestly, immoral, and against all legal rules. Protect the people in danger! How difficult can it be?

It is just beyond, belief, that the police can get away with being so stupid after the Charlie Hebdo shooting. We are at war! Act like it, or just say goodbye to your well payed job, and do something else. For heavens sake, this is absurd.

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Je suis Charlie

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imageIn these times, where the basic principle of democracy is opposed to islamism, it is of a vital importance that we unite. The more of us there are, the harder it will be to fight us. If we are few, they have succeeded, if we are many, the fear tactics does not work. So I bring, along with most other newspapers in Denmark, the frontpage of the next issue of Charlie Hebdo. This is a defining moment, Europe is once again able to think for itself, and act accordingly. And, as is also European tradition, it comes in a rush of emotion and revolution! Vive la France!

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Protection of the liberals

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So finally the political establishment is ready to talk secret police, or just police in regards to the freethinking and often provocative artists, bloggers, journalists, cartoonists and so on.

We are different, I am a liberal conservative, Hedegaard is a liberal marxist, Uwe is a liberal socialist, Jalving is a liberal conservative, Firoozeh is a liberal liberal. We have just one thing very much in common; we are liberals. We are diehard liberals.

We need protection, because we are the kings and queens of democracy. Look at it this way; the guiding principle of a royal house is off cause the ideas of the king or the queen. So an attempt at ridiculing the king or the queen is an attempt on the state as such. In a democracy, the philosophers and different artists who fight for democracy using freedom of speech to criticize and challenge the system, they are the most prestigious and most important. Not because of vanity, but because the embody the good principle of democracy; challenging the taboos to develop the society at large.

So, as the queen is protected in Denmark, by the police, the defense and so on, the liberal artists who challenge the system should be protected the same way. In Denmark we have democratic/royal system. So there are two sets of dignitaries to protect.

What about the politicians. Well off cause they should be protected, but the intellectuals should be protected more, because we draw more fire, literally. Why? Because the enemies of democracy will off cause target the core of the system. It is like in the second world war; killing Hitler would have made the second world war over, or Churchill. It is in this light, that the Charlie Hebdo attack should be seen, and in this light, that the lack of security should be seen. Would the police allow the islamists as close to the queen of Denmark as they let them get close to the cartoonists? Never! The entire policeforce and military would sacrifice themselves before the islamists could get to the queen, as is of cause right and important, since she embodies the principle of the royal house.

In practise however, it is a bit more difficult. Most of us artist are living normal lives, we have children in the kindergarten, jobs that are no always compatible with a high security risk. I have a job as a caretaker of handicapped children, and many of my colleagues are without jobs, simply because it is very difficult to get a job, when the employer runs a very big risk employing you. Some do not care, live on the streets, some are so famous they can live from their art, some go on the dole.

My point is, there are many different situations at hand with liberals who are so diehard, that they are willing to risk everything to criticize, we are an odd, often strange collection of people with very different needs.

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The way of spirit

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In these times of insecurity and yet hope, one may try to understand which way we might chose to create a better world.

According to the philosopher Anaxagoras, G-d chooses the most complex and beautiful way. It is like civilization. Is civilization simple or complex? Civilization is off cause complex, that is why the world needs philosophers, because philosophers reduce the complexity into something understandable. He syntethises many layers of understanding and many variables into complex and yet balanced systems. As democracy in a French variant. It is complex and beautiful; rationality, humanism, freedom of expression, the social contract, the spirit of the laws. Advanced, beautiful thoughts.

This advancement will often have to fight simplicity, or the simple answers. As now with the Islamists. The Islamists believe that a crude and ruthless interpretation of the roots of Islam is the answer. The lure lies in the simplicity. It is easy to understand; the bright, simple way of ridding the world of impurity and leaving only the ethical and sound.

But is it right? No it is wrong, because G-d seeks not simplicity, he seeks the understanding of all the virtues involved, of all the differences, of all the complexities of the world.

Look at the soaring eagle, as it flies above us. Is that a simple creature? No the beauty of that creature lies in the fact, that it is absolutely in tune with its surroundings, it flies in extremely complex patterns, each feather adjusted to the wind and the ability to fly.

This is the way of G-d, and only if we really shed the blindfolds, will we be able to truly accept and be in full connection with the world of G-d.

It is easy to kill and destroy, it is difficult to construct.

Those who do construction are those who are in favor of G-d, otherwise we will not understand the ups and downs of the spiritual realm.

G-d bless the will to build and not to destroy.

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Vive la France

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