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We are hopefully reaching a compromise in Ukraine. It would have been a terrible thing to see the beautiful country wreaked and torn by war. War is something you cannot imagine if you have not lived in it, and therefore you are often prone to start war not knowing the consequences.

This time, it seems to me we avoided it.

There is still a process that will hopefully lead to a good constitution with the protection of all minorities included.

If this is done, there will be peace, and the world will have avoided the tragedy of war.

You hereby have the full and true support of Israel, in the interest of all the citizens of Ukraine, may your children grow up in a world that is secure, may your future be bright, and may you all be happy in your chosen nation.

G-d will hereby bless the nation of Ukraine, if everything settles in the interest of peace.

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When we discuss the existence of good and bad, we must realize, that there are many ideas about this, and many interpretations. So, to really understand this, we can choose the best to our needs.

Here is one reflection on it, that I find simple and logical. In life we are always met with hardships and pain. The more we are unguided by some wise men, the higher the pain.

In this situation, the good is the wisdom of life. How to avoid the suffering and pain that life may otherwise lead to.

Good is then a set of rules to life by, a do´s and don’ts that we can use to make a better life. Take drugs. Why is it a stupid idea to use drugs? Because it may give an instant feeling of wellbeing or joy, but the day after comes the hangover, and in the long run too much drinking will ruin your life. Same goes for gambling and excess in most ways.

So the wise man will tell you to avoid these things, not to put restrains on your life, but to guide you to a better life.

Here again it is a matter of balance, because there is no wrong in drinking a beer or having a nice time with your friends, in fact this is a good thing, but the excess is the problem.

Good is then to purify your life and be as clean as possible. This will, most probably, give you success, because if you drink or gamble all your money, needless to say, you ruin your life.

But good is also the joys of life. The time with family, the joy of children, the joy of a good meal in the light of all whom you love.

So the idea is basically, that you may find your own path between the does and don’ts, but with a healthy eye on freedom as well.

G-d bless the wisdom of good advice.

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214011-120310-twam-japan4If we zoom in on the basic work of church, mosque or synagogue. There is the work of guiding.

We all, as human beings, need guidance. If we do not have guidance, we will end in misery. That is the way the world, or rather the physical world, is constructed. If we just go on with our lives, doing things without thinking, we will end in separation from whom we love, and in abuses of different kind.

But we need to realize, that even though the goal may be the same. That is happiness and enlightenment, there are many roads to that goal.

This is where guidance comes into play. Because each person will need an individual guidance to help him in his or her lives. This is why it is extremely important to listen, and try to envisage ourselves in the place of the ones who needs our guidance.

Here true live experience is the key. You can have so much theoretical knowledge in the university or school, but only through practical experience will this knowledge be truly useful.

We need to shed the comfort of the ivory tower or easy life, and hit the road. We need to see things from the perspective of the poor or the persecuted. Only then are we able to be true guides.

G-d bless the will to be useful to the world.

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Prayer_lgWhen we pray, we wish to be closer to the spirit. But why do we actually do that? Is it just to be close, or is there another reason. To understand this, we need to understand the motives of spirit. Spirit wants us to be closer to it. To get past all the hardships and all the difficulties in the world. But spirit cannot move things physically in the world, it can only communicate with us to our benefit.

So, what we need to do, is to use spirit, as spirit intends. It can help us, because it is superior in one area we are not; intelligence. Spirit is intelligence, and with the help of this source of extreme ability, we can overcome difficulties normally not easily overcome. This is where miracles comes into play.

Spirit will tell us the path we should take to get closer to it, and if we are able to understand this, we have a possibility to make a better life.

This is why I think prayer is such an important thing, or meditation. Because we have there an opportunity to reconnect to our own source, and steer away from indulgence and injustice.

G-d bless the wisdom of prayer.

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When we want to reach the heaven on earth, or rather the celestial realm from the vantage point of our encapsulated souls, we need to understand how to do this.

When we are put into this world, we are totally isolated. Therefore we are totally on our own needs and wants. This evolves slowly for most of us, at a certain time, usually at the age of adulthood, we realize, that we are not alone in this world, and we need to share our belongings and our wealth with other.

Why is this, is it because we need a better standing in the community? Is it because we need a higher profit from our investment? No, the answer is actually in a way simplest, and yet totally profound.

We do it, because we need to emulate the conditions we knew from before we were born, from the time when we were one with the celestial community.

Some of the first Egyptians priests they shaved their heads and went into absolute sharing with their fellow priests, here they emulated the celestial realm all they could. Why? Because they wanted to be one with the intelligence we come from.

This we as humanity have enterited, we want to be one with the creator.

Now, how do we do that? In the world there is what we believe as good and evil. Why are they there? It is a guide to reach the celestial realm. Suffering is in fact not being able to reach from where we were before. Solitude is a feeling of being disconnected from other living beings, dying is the feeling of leaving the community.
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It is almost impossible to make peace in the Middle East. War has been there since the dawn of time, so why should it be any different now?

Therefore we need a plan to make it even it slightly possible to make that goal attainable.

What are we dealing with? We are dealing with the home of three major religions, all the controversy of territorial dispute over a heritage we all share.

In order to share this heritage, we need a common platform, a theoretical basis we all share, if we do this, we have somewhere we can meet.

This is really the basis of the peace negotiations. The process of constructing a superstructure, or rather a shared basis we all can draw on, from each of our religious perspective. It should not be a controlling superstructure, but a pool of ideas and shared beliefs, designed to make a solid frame we can share to understand each other.

This is really the project right now.

It seems to me, that there is a common motivation for this process now. From Judaism, over Christianity to Islam, all religions realize, that this is now, if we want to boost the role of religion in the world. Already we have come far, in all the three religions, but we can reach the goal of total realization of all the basic tenants of religion, if we continue over this course. It is attainable within our lifespan. After that, we will have something for future generations to refer to.

G-d bless the will to regain strength in the world of pure and beautiful religion.

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imageWhen we talk about a renewed progress in the Middle East peace process, we need to know what really kept that mojo running in the first phase of the mr. Barack Obamas presidency, well after reflecting quite a bit about it, and reading first class theory about it, I realized where it came from, it came from change.

What is change. Well your can look at it from many different angles, one is the Alinsky angle, one is the spiritual angle.

According to the spiritual angle change is going away from the material world and all it’s demands and entering a spiritual and ethical world.

In other words. We need to see the world as it is. We are, in the day to day living embroiled in the fights we have to keep our material belongings for ourselves. If we live without justice, this fight ends up in the rule of the strong, and what we call the rule of the jungle.

In this area rests the devil. Sometimes we need to fight it.

Change however, is to let go of the material world, and enter the world where people are good, and we treat each other with kindness, mercy and love.

These two world are in a constant fight, and as Jews, I think it is wise, if we are to put forth a good example, and be the chosen people, to realize the work of the devil, fight it, but keep up the evolution of Change.

Change is a continuous process, that will never end. World peace is an ultimate goal, and we will reach it eventually, but until then, we need to struggle and push the process, millimeter by millimeter.

There will be setbacks, there will be wars, there will be suffering. But we need to give mankind hope for the future, so that they know, that it is possible to make a world, where we actually life side by side in peace.

It’s a mental progress, not a physical progress we are talking about, when we talk about peacemaking.

G-d bless the will to make peace.

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When we discuss the advent of peace in the Middle East, everybody agrees it is a good idea, but nobody knows how to reach it.

There are good signs, and still the alignment is right, but we need to start from scratch again after the botched attempt by mr. Kerry. Sorry John, but do not give up, we still have a chance.

How do we start again? By understanding why it failed in the first place, and then realize a theoretical and practical discussion on the methods and the aims of a new round of peace reflection.

We need to really understand how to obtain that goal.

So, I believe, it is time for reflection now. We need to come up with new ideas and new solutions to reach that goal.

G-d bless the will to relive and regain strength.

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In these very turbulent days in Europe, the question is, where is Europe heading?

On a political level, there are many different currents and many wishes for the future. As a good sign, we see that the will of the people is more and more determinant in the affairs of politics. This is, for me, and all who love freedom and democracy, a good thing.

But, that is not the basic question, the question is; what are we working towards. The answer is really simple; we work towards a strengthening of European identity and organization. We need the institutions to work again, and we need European citizens in all their different Nations to be proud of themselves again and serve the interest of international post world war peace making.

We need to be proud, but we need to stop the empirical drive.

On one hand, there is the obvious ethical reasons for a full stop of empire dreams, at the other hand, it is simply not viable anymore. It will not work.

We lost the faith in ourselves after the loss of the hegemony of the world. Now we need to find a new and less conspicuous role, but in a sense perhaps a stronger role. Where we are the good guys, the strong example, the donors and the givers and helpers.

We have lost much of the political credit in the empire building phase, and we can simply not afford to lose anymore credit, worldwide, we need to gain credit by being the helpers and the givers.

G-d bless the will to relive our own pride, but in a new form based the most illuminative of virtues.

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The eastern part of Ukraine is in turmoil, and the situation might get out of control.

I really urge parts in the conflict to get it right this time, and not just blunder around pointing fingers.

Another misstep, another situation getting out of control, and we might just end up in global war. These are the stakes.

It is not a free for all, not control or no consequence situation anymore, this is dearly serious.

Looking at the situation, there is the will of the Russians in Ukraine. They have a right to decide for themselves.

If the situation spins on, the pressure on mr. Putin can get so hard, that he has to act, and then the reaction of the NATO can be to fight back.

Therefor, please, use diplomatic channels, try to listen to each other. But most serious of all. Think about this from the perspective of the citizens, if they want to be a part of Russia, it is their call.

We as leaders of the world, are not in our true right to choose for them. They have the right to decide for themselves.

So, please, consider a peaceful solution to the problems, get to the negotiation tables, and find a way out.

G-d bless a will to listen and negotiate.

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When we look at the peace negotiations in the Middle East, one thing is for certain. There is no real direction of it right now, there is no “raison d´etre”.

We need to understand the greater scheme, otherwise, it is just another attempt to do something without really knowing why.

The Middle East is the cradle of modern civilization. It started in the fertile crescent, with cities as Ur, Babylon, Eridu, and it spread, over classical Greece, to the rest of the world.

This is why the birth of religion is in the Middle East, this is truly something to be proud of.

Today most people in the world see the Middle East as something uncontrollable and chaotic, and do not see it for what it really is; the cradle of civilization.

This is what the peaceprocces is basically about; turning the conception of the Middle East, so that people will see it for what it really is; a place of ingenuity, progress and skill.

How do we do this; by going back to the point of departure. By really understanding the roots of Middle East thinking. If we do this, the progress can reinitiate.

Most Nations have each their traditions, and it is a matter of using that basis to reinvent each of those Nations to their best.

If we can get the negation en route, and I can have the necessary support, we can do this.

I am not the one who will invent the principles, I am just the runner. I deliver the principles to the countries, they themselves have had. To make those amazing cultures come into life again.

They are so beautiful. The vast dominions of the pharaoh, the urge of Mesopotamia, the skill of the Zoroastrians, the exquisite poetry of the Arabs.

These quintessential qualities, nurtured and presented to the world, will be enough to regain that respect.

G-d bless the will to regain stature in the eyes of the world.

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When we look at the peace process in the Middle East, we need to hark back to the first tenure of mr. Barack Obama to understand the full breath of the process.

Barack and I hooked up in the beginning of his president period, I was a runt and a revolutionary, and Barack was the new president of the United States of America. A fit cooperation, and in a sense beautiful. That a world power can become revolutionary in its mature state. But America really needed it, because it needed a boost in the basic sense of ideology. So we worked on spreading democracy, and we did get a long way in the Middle East, but we also made a lot of mistakes. But all in all, the world is a better place today than when we started.

Then the late pope his eminence Benedict XVI also made his mark, and proposed a fight for peace. I believe this mission connected well with what we tried in the Arab spring, we wanted democracy, but it should end up in a more peaceful world, not less peaceful.
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To really make peace in the Middle East, one has to understand the undercurrents of international politics. We are moving away from a post cold war situation, to a conservative world.

Conservatism is on the rise everywhere on the globe; USA, Russia, France, Germany, Israel, England, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Latin America. Even Communist China to a certain degree.

This is why the tradition of the Oslo accord cannot be used in the peacemaking. Using a cold war process in a conservative spring is not going to work.

We need to meet the challenge in the new world framework.

That is why I have proposed the peace solution to be conducted between the leaders of the religious world. The priests, the rabbis and the imams.

Because in a conservative world, the leaders are the men of G-d.

To make peace in the Middle East, the cradle of all religion, we need to do it now, in the interest not of this world, but the world beyond.

We need this peace to be made in the word of G-d, not in the interest of mundane matter and personal interest. But in the interest of spirit.

Spirit does not have borders, it is in total communion. No persons who are deemed good enough are left out. This should be the walk of the peace interest, not the selfish interest of this and that tribe or people. But the interest of man.

G-d bless the peace we will find.

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SpartanBronzeWarrior2When we need to change, we need to have a strategy, that will give us that change. Internationally I have recommended a “Spartan” strategy. That is a strategy that was followed by the Spartan kings during the wars they had with Athens in around 500 BC.

What was really striking about these fighting men, were not their professional fighting skills, no, it was their way of leading the men they led.

They were so good at leading, that they often persuaded the enemies to fight with them.

I have done quite a lot of research on this question, because to me, they are the best leaders mankind has ever seen.

So why did they have success?

This question is difficult to answer, because the organization and the heritage of the Spartans are quite complex.

But let us start with the heritage. Who were the Spartans really?

Well, there are different tribes in the Hellene world. Ionian, Semitic and Dorian.

Mostly Ionian and Doric.

Sparta was a Doric city, Athens was an Ionian city. The fight between Athens and Sparta called the Peloponnesian war, was a fight not only between two systems; conservative and liberal, it was also between two tribes Ionian and Doric.

But the questions is then; who were these two people?

Well, in the Homeric fables, a time of heroes and damsels were depicted, great heroes as Odyssey and the Achilles fought; a mythical time.

This mythical time were the time of the Mycenean. In the spring of Hellene civilization this amazing tribe were roaming the beautiful islands, living in palaces and inspiring art and warfare. What happened then to the Homeric world?
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imageWhen you are a world leader, often this brings a lot of isolation and it is difficult to find new friends, because you never know whether there is a hidden agenda, or the new friend represent some kind of power player. It is difficult. But then there is often a possibility to make new friends with other world leaders, because then you are sure there are no hidden agenda, you really meet on an equal footing.

These friendships on an international level are very important, because friendships make it possible to make alliances and work together, not only as peers but also as organizations.

Thing is, you open up, and you give your most precious commodity as a person, your trust. This strange psychological bond is something good, and should be respected.

I know mr. Barack Obama well enough to know, that when he met the wise Franciscan monk yesterday, he extended his friendship and trust.

And I know mr. Bergoglio, the humane and loving priest, that this was accepted. Perhaps on this foundation, the love of the world can and will move forward, so that people will eventually share the bonds that strengthen them and give them the opportunity to reach spirit, because this is really the aim, ind the end.

G-d bless the will to find new good friends.

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I believe what we are witnessing these days, where Germany is in the forefront of a peaceful deal with the Russians is in fact a historic event.

Since the Second World War, the European politicians have mostly been weak and not able to put forth a vision that would happen on European terms.

It was a bit of a hangover after the five hundred years of dominance over the entire globe.

We have lost all the power, but now we are finding a new and much more fitting role; as a leader in terms of intellect and diplomacy.

We have lost most of the power over the world, but we still retain all the wisdom and skill we perfected over centuries. It is a bit like the Roman Empire, the organizations imploded after seven hundred years, but the legacy is still a part of our history and tradition.

We represent a view on things that is a part of the make up of most countries in the world, and people listen to that voice, because we represent their roots.

Currently Germany has seized this role, and is building bridges between east and west. That is magnificent, it is outstanding. We need countries to work for peace, and especially Germany with its losses in the first and Second World War is gaining a lot of strength in these moves.
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International peace efforts

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The international peace efforts have had a serious breakdown. The current crisis in Ukraine, the stalled negotiations in Israel and the stall mate in Syria.

This is because the momentum of the initial Arab spring and consequently all the hope it gave for a positive democratic evolution is almost spend.

It has changed the world in many ways, but we need to be sharp on the final chapter of this progress to make the peace that was promised in the beginning of Mr. Barack Obamas presidency.

Diplomacy is an extremely difficult art. It calls upon wisdom, and it calls upon extremely ethical behavior.

This is difficult, but possible, there are examples in the past where charismatic and just leaders won over not only friends but also enemies.

Anyway, we need to wrap up the losses we have had recently and start the peace process again.

This time, we need to do it with the respect of all involved, we cannot just bulldoze over the entire earth and then presume that that will give us peace, it is not possible, given the current real power based on military and economic dominance for anyone single state to have its way.

Therefor we need to start talking sense, and stop the bickering.
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In the current situation in the European crisis between the EU and Russia, we are doing one thing completely wrong. We only listen to ourselves and not to the other part. It is called pre judgement, we believe we know what the other side might think or have as motives before we actually start listening to the other part.

What if the other part actually thought something else than what we thought he meant? What if the perception we had were actually wrong? Then we would base our actions on an untrue foundation.

In the case of Ukraine, I really think we should actually start listening to each other, and actually hear what the other part has to say, maybe it was not as awful as we thought?

There is only one reason for war; if your opponent is uncompromising, and he steps over your red line, otherwise diplomacy is the way, and the adherence to international law.

If we start opening up to a constructive dialogue, this could solve the problems of Ukraine.

We need to think of the needs of the citizens of Ukraine and not our own needs, in this way we can create a peaceful solution.

G-d bless the peace we will find if we start listening.

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Well, we discuss now the chaos and havoc in Ukraine. The new government have not really been able to create a serious and stable situation where all minorities feel secure and all institutions are made for all the citizens of Ukraine.

Add to this a tremendous success in Crimea for Russia, and Ukraine is in trouble.

The European Union have tried to help, but that absurd organization can’t seem to do anything right. Off cause we need an honest vote for all citizens of Ukraine.

If the East do not wish to be a part of Ukraine, well it is up to them. If the citizens of Ukraine wish to be a part of the European Union, well that should also be put to a vote.

This violent and forceful take over of the Ukrainian institutions is not necessary, what matters is the vote of the people.

If chaos and revolution is the aim, well then it should be because there is a better alternative, as in the French revolution. But not just to make chaos.

There is however the problems of the Soviet Angst. Most of the former Soviet Republics are really scared of being swallowed up by Russia, which is off cause fair enough, but that does not imply that Russians who wish to be a part of Russia should not be able to do that.

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The devil

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Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And EvilAll in all rationality and a Condorcet inspired view on the world is how we see things today.

This gives us the ability to move forward, because we are willing to let truth seekers have room, even if it is at a great cost to the nation states.

But throwing away all the lore and insight of the churches have also given us less ability to understand what is happening around us.

Take the idea of a devil, or the devil. This idea is something we do not really take serious anymore. But what if he still was out there, doing his work while we decided he did not exist?

There are some stories about the devil being a fallen angel and so on, this is more a story I think. The real devil is something else; it is the dark side of man and nature. The destruction, the lust for power, the joy of abuse, greed, all these dark sides of men, that is still there, but we have chosen to ignore.

The ignoring of the devil in the sense of dark side of man, gives room for true evil. In the old times, the KGB was thought of as being the most evil of all places, we still have it here in Denmark with the PET, it is evil in its core. No room for humanity or grace, just the cold wind of abuse put on all who are not in line with the ideas of the corrupted socialist state.

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JuliusCaesarWell, the Vatican church are trying to understand the ideas that the current Pope Mr. Bergoglio has implemented. To understand the depth and the quality of it, perhaps some of the reflections that was behind it, could be a wise thing to ponder.

Rome is not just a Christian church. It is also the heir to the virtues and the ways of the Romans. The church is built on a solid foundation that should be taken into account when you want to change something.

If you do not take the basic traditions into consideration, the outcome will be much too far from the ideas of the Church, that it will not function. The method is therefore to look at the traditions and come up with a solution that draws on them, but suited as solution to some of the problems that is of today.

The problems were quite simple; lack of discipline. Too many scandals, actions to bring the church in a negative light. This is against the interests of the Church, and it can only happen if the clerics think too much on themselves and too little on Rome.

Rome is an organization of itself, and it will only work if the rank and files of the faithful servant are loyal to the project; to enliven and spread the gospel.

If the clerics start thinking about their own comfort and wellbeing, the virtue of Rome is plundered. Yes there are off cause some comfort that you must have, just because that is the effect of a well run church, but it should never be the direct aim; the interest of Rome should be the direct aim.

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Now, the Catholics have discussed a lot whether it was fair that I went into war with the Danish state over the life of my daughter.

I am not perfect, and I do mistakes. My mission is to make a better world, and most importantly, to fight for the life of G-d.

But there is a story behind the bitter fight I have had with the Danish system. A long story in fact.

It all started just after the Mohammad Cartoon crisis. The event that ultimately put Denmark on the world map. I had just written my first book, and as a Grundtvigian I decided to join the people in the fight against Islamism.

I joined the resistance, not really knowing much about the backside of politics. The organization I joined was called SIAD. Stop Islamization of Denmark.

From there on it took gigantic leaps, till today where the mission is on its way, and we are halfway at finding ourselves as westerners, Jews, Iranian and many more as people around the world.

But it started in a barn in the outskirts of Denmark in that little noticed village that housed SIAD.

From the beginning I had a lot of influence on the local political scene, but my style was very potent and I did insult many people. As I saw it myself, it was a matter of truth. I fought to get the truth about the calamities out.

Truth is a very potent weapon, but it is also a means to your own destruction if you do not take care.

The public reacted by persecuting me with all available means. Through ridicule, splitting my family into small pieces, killing my mother, and almost killing me.

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March 18th, 2014 No comments

Well, now it is official. Russia and Crimea is united again. This is a breaking point of Western influence and progress. As I have said before, America is on the right track, but the EU is going down.

What I have noticed however, is the courage and the fearlessness of the Russian leader. Fair and yet bold.

These are the character strengths that is needed in a world where people can follow the steps of the leaders through internet and social media. People can judge by themselves, and they judge fairly.

I know this discussion is difficult for the West. But I do hope that the West will eventually see Mr. Putin for what he is; a hero to his people.

G-d bless the mighty Rus.

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Peace in the North

March 17th, 2014 No comments

Europe is changing rapidly these days. I have written about it before, but to recapture. the European Union has been at war with most of its citizens from the beginning. The raison d´etre, have been a classical secret society idea, that the elite knows best.

This idea comes all the way from Pythagoras, and even further back to Egypt. The main idea behind it, as actually quite sound, it is a refuge for philosophers and other clear thinkers, to protect them against the hatred of public when they want to change the society to something better.

In the case of Pythagoras, it is quite clear what the dangers of this approach brings. The public will eventually find and persecute the philosophers anyway, if they realize what the secret society have been up to.

So far the EU bureaucrats have been quite successful in obfuscation the truth, and have built the Union into an empire of a kind. The only problem is just that the public are starting to realize the end game, and as in many other secret projects, it turns out the people do not really like the ideas of the synarchists.

Now, if you look at history, most examples are as follows; the people realize that they have been deceived by the secret society, they rebel and kill the secret society. It happened with Pythagoras, and it will most probably happen with the EU elite. This is not a threat, it is the lesson we can learn from the past. If we do the same mistakes over and over again, we will not learn anything.

Now, what will the wise politician do in this situation. It depends on the mood of the country. If the mood is very pro european a wise stand would be to balance it off for the time being, but as the mood grows less and less pro eu, the politicians are forced to choose sides.

It is a little up and down in the different countries. But Italy is moving away from the Union, as is Great Britain, France and Germany.

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United Kingdom

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palace_of_westminster_london-wideThere is a path for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. This path has not been realized by the proud descendants of Vikings, Kelts and Romans yet.

But if you look at it, it all makes sense.

Let us have a look on some of the conditions that the United Kingdom is facing right now.

First of all, the romance with the EU combined with the moral collapse after the empire collapsed really has wreaked havoc on the UK. The faith in the country is almost depleted and the union itself is almost gone.

Add to this a number of enemies within in the territory of the UK, things have gone down the drain.

But, challenges are there for the bold to be met.

So how has the people reacted to this calamity; they start grouping up in the tribes they know they can trust. The English become more English, the Scottish more Scottish and so on. It is a normal reaction, if you feel threatened, you start binding ties to the persons closest to you.

This is the political and psychological conditions behind the problems that the UK face today.

So what do we do?

We react to the challenges, so that they are channeled into a new political organization that will strengthen and not weaken the economies and the faith.

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March 13th, 2014 No comments

Concerning the crisis in Ukraine.

To make any sense of it, it might be a good idea to take a step back, and look at it from the outside.

Who are the main antagonists of the descendants of the viking empire? Is it Ukriane? No. Is it Russia? No.

It is first and foremost islamic radicals who are threatening the security of Europe, Russia, Asia and northern America. We have Al-Queda, we have the seccetion in Chechnya, we have them in China, we have them Africa, Middle East. They are still wreaking havoc around the globe.

Then there is China. For the time being it is not making much fuss, but looking at the growth rates of the economy, it will.

So, why are we getting deeper and deeper in to a conflict in Ukraine, pitting old cold war enemies against each other?

Because it is the most easy. All the systems of the cold war is still in place and much of the ideology, so it is easy to venture further down that road, but is it wise?

The more we are united, the less the danger will rise from our enemies, the more we are divided the higher the danger.

Now. Looking at the current conflict from a sound and realistic view. It should never have gone so far. It should have been solved with a clear eye on the long-term goals, and a fair solution given to the citizens of Ukraine.

If we just end in another meanless war, we will lose, maybe not the battle, but we will lose the war for independence and liberty. Because then we will not have the means to keep our democracies free in the long run.

G-d bless the wisdom we should see in the situation that we confront.

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March 11th, 2014 No comments

Now, the game over Ukraine is more or less finished, the peace compromise that I proposed has been accepted by the different parties, and thank G-d, peace can be the fruit of this process. For this I think we should be grateful for the wisdom and the light we have been the humble servants to.

To follow the good and the spirit of the universe, is necessary if we wish to have peace. If we only follow the interest of the material world, we end up in war. Because then it will be greed and jalousie that will control our actions. Now we can serve the human kind, and bring betterment and progress to all the children of the earth. Make the world a better place.

Now, Israel has had a wise and central position in this debacle, and I hope, that in the future this role can be strengthened and progressively work in more areas where wise counsel is needed.

This is Israel, to work for peace. If this mission is accomplished, the system the great jewish prophets envisioned can be realized. In fact, the vision Abraham had, can be realized.

Israel was never meant to be a dominating power in terms of military strength. That does not mean that Israel should not defend itself, but it was never meant to be oppressive.

This leaves Israel only the force of the pen. The ability to counsel and appraise the situation. Not force anything.

This role is strengthened, and hopefully we can continue on this path, and help our compatriots in The Middle East.

As soon as the Ukrainian conflict is settled, we should really move on to Syria, and try to bind the pieces of that stricken Nation together again.

At least, seen from a humanitarian perspective, this is the most important.

G-d bless the will to bring forth peace.

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Ukraine is on a new path, hopefully the path of redemption and renewal. But how? The difficulty of the matter is extreme, as the conflicts are numerous and the resources are few.

First of all I would recommend a task force focusing on a new constitution. Why? Because the constitution is the reflection of the national identity.

In Ancient Greece, each city state had its own constitution usually made by a philosopher. In Athens it was Solon, in Sparta it was Lycurgus.

Now, making a new constitution forces all participants to discuss how and what the country should be. If made professionally, it can be a very inclusive process. In fact if we look at the recent work done in Egypt, exactly this has been the idea and result. Superbly conducted by Al-sisi all the democratic factions attended the process, and as a result, a rock solid constitution, where all the participants of the revolution feel they have a part. As a sign of the ethical standard this constitution is made on. Al-sisi reduced his power as a president and not enlarged it. They have this very beautiful tradition in Egypt of sacrifice to the nation of Egypt.

In America too, making the constitution was some of a legendary work, elevating the makers into half gods, and rightfully so. The American constitution is a marvel of checks and balances and the system is extremely sturdy.
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imageAll politics is about the making of a better society. For this the politicians need the philosophers, in order to come up with new ideas to tackle the difficulties of the nations.

Now, it may seem as though new things come up all the time, and new ideas are surpassing old ones, and we live in this vicious whirlwind of a society, where everything changes all the time.

It could not be more wrong, in fact the ideas we base our socities on have not changed the last five thousand years; priesthood, rule of law, democracy, and so on.

All was invented in a few thousand years in Mesopotamia, or rather basically it was invented in one single city called Eridu, a little in Uruk and the rest in Babylon.

Of cause a lot of development happened in Egypt as well, but most of the political ideas (apart from the Scandinavian principles) was invented in a city we today know in the bible as Eden.

What will this insight give us? Well as Leo Tolstoy said. All normal families work after the same single principle, all dysfunctional families work with each their own special principle.

Really we have not moved, as mankind that much since Babylon.
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Well, it seems to me, that the Ukraine situation is coming to a halt. American allies are not in the mind to attack Crimea, and in this situation, diplomacy rests on a weak basis.

Personally I believe the outcome of the conflict ended fair and in the future we will se a peaceful collaboration between the two states. Why not? Both states are resourceful enough to support the people on the territory.

International relationships are however frayed over the conflict, the trust between Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama have diminished, and that is regrettable. But in practice it is not that much of a problem, the world still turns around, and the basic premises of the world are the same. Russia is not Communist anymore, and USA is not Capitalist anymore. So there are no ideological differences between the two.

In fact Russia is growing stronger, and USA is growing weaker. Barack and I have tried to turn the situation around, and in some aspects we have. But the corruption and godlessness of the country is still not totally turned around. There are good signs, as the catholic revolution, but most of the protestant parishes are not that strengthened. Perhaps the next president will see this as his objective, to realize, that G-d is alive and give Americans faith back. Faith in G-d.

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Peace process

Well, the peace process in the Middle East is not really working. It is a matter of perspective, and it is because I have not used my limited energy on the process. I am sorry, I am just not that, never mind.

Look, the way Barack and I made significant progress in the first term of his presidency, was by recognition. Everybody wants to be recognized. If we are not recognized, we feel as the relationship is unequal.

Recognition however is about understanding the other part of your discussion. This is actually the difficult part. Because to understand someone, you need to know them. Take the Persians. They are a proud culture, and rightfully so. It is an ancient civilization, and not recognizing this premise, is not to understand them.

I will tell you a story, that really gave me an understanding of international politics. My grandfathers uncle was a Grundtvigian. Grundtvigians, are the adherents to the founding father of Denmark; Grundtvig.

Denmark has had a long and strained relationship with the Faroe islands and Iceland. Both being a part of the viking empire that Denmark made a thousand years ago (England was actually also a part of that). But, through thousand years, we have been together in good times and bad times.

During the second word war, Iceland broke away from the community, and tried its own course. It is understandable, but of cause, for Danes, painful. We have been unfair to the Icelanders, and they decided to split.

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The lawstone

Hjort.001.komprim.The Right Sector is a neo national organization, that has ties with the National Socialists, and used to be anti semitic. Well, things can evolve, and it seems to me, that the Right Sector is on a new path. In the conservative grass-roots political development, things have changed rapidly over the last four – five years, and a lot of new ways have been projected. I know this from my work at SIAD.

If the Right Sector really wants to contribute constructively to the progress of Ukraine, a new set of ideas have to be implemented. But it is extremely difficult, because this would involve changing one self. Changing a systems starts with your own development as a person.

What is really the problem about Ukraine these days? It is the corruption of the current elite. They just want to enrich themselves, and are not willing to sacrifice their prowess to the people of Ukraine. Basically it is an ethical problem. They are godless and egoistic.

So, how do we change that? By implementing new ways. What are these ways seen from a Scandinavian perspective?

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Ukraine and Crimea

Well, the current situation in Ukraine, is basically the result of what I thought about the crisis, through the recognition of Crimea by me, and later the international community.

Why did I recommend that?

Well, as I see it. States are not the legal framework, or the army, or the parliament. It is the framework around a group of people united by an idea, a religion or most commonly by historical events that slowly made an identity for that people.

A good example is the frontiersmen and the struggle for independence United States of America has been through. It gave something to the identity of America.

So states are just the organization of this living collection of people with a story of its own. The difficulty as a leader and as an architect of the states (the philosophers), is to make a state that reflect the will and the history of the people in the state. Politicians feel this very clearly, if they do not follow the will of the people, they will not be voted in the next term.

In Ukraine there are basically three distinct people, intertwined but still distinct. The Russians, the Ukrainians and the Tatars.

Each are sharing some history, each are distinct.

So the natural consequence would be to share the territory of Ukraine in to two separate states, and give the Russians one, and the Ukrainians one.

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IMG_2438When you make your own family, new challenges arrive, new difficulties, and yet new options and new joys.

Having a family means that you are helplessly trapped in matter. You simply have to create a home for your wife and children, you have to make a living, you have to share yourself not only with your wife, but also with your children.

True idealism really is confronted the minute you are married, and especially when you have children.

This challenge basically gives you a situation when you constantly have to sacrifice yourself. You are helplessly dependent on your wife and you cannot just follow your heart at any given time. Some would argue that family really is a prison, some would argue it is a place to find love. It is both. In this sense family gives a lot, but it also takes a lot.

Løgstrup, the Danish philosopher has this really beautiful little maxim, that I like. He says, that you carry you loved ones in your arms. Because what you do will determine their life.

Buber, the Jewish philosopher found G-d in the connection he had to his wife. The intimate discussion they had, led him to analyze the intimacy between ich und du.

But basically, I believe that you really understand what love is, when you get children. Yesterday Rakel was really happy. She had a nice day, and she always dances when she is happy. She danced to all her favorite children’s songs, and then she sat on my lap, to watch a movie.

After a while she just sat there, and held my hand. She looked in my eyes, unblinkingly, as only children can do it. And she was absolutely open to what I had to say.

This true connection, and true love, is the work of G-d I think.

The place for joy and refreshment, the place for hard work and sacrifice, the place for deep integrated love, is really when we are in our midst of our family.

G-d bless the will to find rest with your loved ones.

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The roots

babylon-04To really try and understand European identity and values, you might want to dig deep in the history of Europe.

There is one very interesting castle in the mediterranean. It is ancient, and the history of this castle is written in the epic stories that built Europe; Homer, the Odyssey.

In the ancient Greece, before the golden age of Plato and Aristotle there was a mythical age. An age of heroes and princes, an age of virtue and beauty.

This age is still an age we can dream back to, when we are in an age of great destitute and decay.

This culture was called the Mycenaeans. They were kings and aristocracy, and they had all these lofty ideas of romance and heroism.

We know that, but did you know, that there is an even deeper story to the Mycenaeans?

There is the story of the Amazonian warriors. The great female fighters, who ruled the east.

In fact these fighters were representatives of the culture called Hittities. A culture long forgotten, but still lingering in our culture.

The English adventurer Lawrence of Arabia, was an intellectual who searched in the Hittitie ruins and found so many things. He was also one of dreamers, the dreamer who would find new understanding and values.

The Hittities had one special idea, that they gave on to the rest of humanity. The idea of Asylum. Each Hittitie city was a safe haven for those who those who were persecuted by someone. As some churches and mosques are today.

A place for weak to find rescue.

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It is rare that we see a new nation come into being. But seems to be the case right now in the Crimea.

I salute you, and I hope you will prosper.

Consider this the good wish of the Israeli Nation, may you be willful in deeds, and just in action.

G-d bless the new Republic of Crimea.

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As the world progresses, Israel is still not really realizing its progress. We are caught in the so-called peace process, and not really engaged in the international discussion on human rights, the national security and peace.

This has to end, we need to envision what Israel really is; the light of the nations. Right now, I feel very much alone in this process, as I really try to bring peace and understanding between the warring factions of the world.

Israel is not doing this, but too invested in the close vicinity of Israel, it is ok, considering the danger we are living in. But we need to change that dynamic and really contribute positively to the peace brokering of the world.

I love Israel, I love its mission, and I really try to live the mission in the real live. To be the light of the different nations of the world. Giving advise and trying to be fair to all who are in a difficult situation.

This is our job as the chosen people, and we need to do it.

If we keep on, looking at our own security and not on our basic task, the situation of Israel will not improve. But if we contribute and enhance the wellbeing of all nations on earth, we will slowly increase in stature and thereby have more freedom and respect.

G-d bless the descendants of Abraham.

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In the course of the conflict in the Crimea, several issues have come up; the independence of the city Sevastopol and its surrounding, the fate of the Tatars, the interests of Ukraine, and consequently the interests of Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin.

The situation is not as it seems, and I believe, that if we actually try to understand the situation from the perspectives of each other, the solution is quite simple.

On one side, we are seeing a cold war logic. Where the East is fighting the West, and vice versa. On the other side we see a sincere investment in the well-being of ethnic Russians.

Add to this a sincere strategic dilemma and we have an issue seen from two different angles.

What we do need to do however, is not to see from above or from a strategic point of view, we need to see it from a view of below. On one hand, we have had a sincere revolt of the Ukrainian people, who want their independence from Russian influence, at the other hand we have the Crimeans who want their independence from Western influence.

What is important is the interest of the people. We need to listen to them what do they want and need.
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Well, the world is actually working much better now than it used to, the Cold War is over, the Middle East is much more calm, the United States of America is in a better place, religion is progressing.

There is only one problem for me; as a writer this blogging mediation of my thoughts is quick and effective, but it leaves me pretty empty handed when it comes to making a living. In the old days, you could live as a writer in newspapers or by selling books, but this possibility is closed for me.

I am trying to figure out a fair way to make a living as a writer in the new internet age.

On the one hand, I really do this out of idealism and a true wish to make a better world. But that does not feed my little family. It forces me to take different jobs, but I cannot take a job I am qualified to take, because that would leave me no room for writing.

It is a dilemma.
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The-Brightest-of-StarsIn the search of a new religious identity, we need to counter, or rather tackle the fact that cosmology is not a part of metaphysical discussion anymore, or rather it should be again.

I have tried to deliver a cosmology to rival the cosmos theory of natural science. It is based on true philosophy and is as good as anything made by the natural scientists.

As I see it, we also need to understand the historical development of the world view. According to the classical historian A.H. Sayce, the cosmology that is the base of Jewish thought and later developed into what we know today as Kabbalah, is actually borrowed from Babylon.

Babylon was one of the main centers of human development, here they also developed republican theory, banking and a range of subject we still use today.

This is important, because religion is the basis of the Nation.
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Polybius(1)Well, Ukriane and Russia is in a bit of a fight. First of all, I really do understand Russia. The rejection of Russia comes after no real conflict with Russia for a long time. Russia has actually learned from its Communist past, and is much more sedated and less in favor of using its military strength to cower and subdue anyone. Only once in Georgia, apart from that it has actually accepted the freedom of Poland, Lithuania and many more former Soviet republics. This is done because it understands the problems, and the buffer states it felt it used to need, is not needed anymore, due to a peaceful relationship with the West. It is and act of humility and good will.

But it hurts, it hurts Russia to be rejected over and over again. Yes there were many atrocities done in the second world war, something Russia, for some of it has excused for. Other things it needed to be excused for. But that is war. When you fight, you get allies, and you get enemies. Finding peace after a war is a long and difficult process that is basically an ethical path, showing that the anger and the frustration that led to war is not anymore, and the respect and understanding is what the new generation wants.

I will give you a classical example on this process. Actually the way the Greek survived being obliterated by history.


When the greek city states fell to the advancing Roman armies, a few leading intellectuals and aristocrats were taken as hostages to Rome. It was a common practice at that time, they were a kind of ransom.

Greece was not happily subdued, imagine the proud culture of Plato and Aristotle made servants to the rather barbaric Romans.

But a strange and wondrous thing happened. One of the hostage, a certain Polybius, made friends with the Roman gentry. He was a leading scholar of Greece and naturally a very superb academic. The Romans acknowledged the skill of Polybius and the superior culture of the Greek, so they let him in and started to learn from him. Polybius on the other hand, made a brilliant work called The Rise of the Roman Empire, and a fruitful process was initiated.

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Finding peace after the rebellion is a precarious matter. Because, there are so many interests invested in the freedom fight.

First of all there is the relationship to mother Russia, and then there is the relationship with EU and America.

First of all, I would recommend the discussion of why. Why did the rebellion take place, and consequently what would the actions necessarily be?

It took place because Ukraine wants a better future for its people. Corruption is rampant, the system is in dire straits, and the ideology of Ukraine is still not really on the mend. The strong resistance of the conservative rebels Right Sector points to a possible path from the exit point of the rebellion.

What they proscribe is a medication that will fit the alliances with Russia and give respect to Ukraine. That is human rights, protection of the church and a national identity based on the history and the mythology of Ukraine.

Add to this a freedom striving investment and in the long run a more prosperous and viable future is possible for Ukraine.

The most important is the relationship to Russia. To understand this, we need to see this in a historical light. Ukraine is the birthplace of Russia. So the ties are very strong from Russia to Ukraine. It was where it all started.

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I am really sorry, I have this very personal confession to make. It just struck me the other day, and in the interest of the ideas I try to relay, I hope you will be interested in listening on.

I went through a lot of the texts that I have written, and I realize that I have been so wrong in one thing; my own perception.

Basically I am a genius, but at the same time, sometimes I click, and I lose it. I am a sick genius in the sense, that the hard core focus I have on all the theory makes my brain see and hear things that are not really there. It is an overload of my brain in a way.

I know, that often the ideas I relay are fundamentally changing the world, and being humble and simple when you have that power is just extremely difficult.

But I truly try.

I am sorry about my misgivings, and I will try to heal and be a part of the normal world.

G-d bless the will to be sound and normal.

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In Ukraine there is a chance, right now to actually change things. I really, really applaud the peace deal, further violence would have been very bad for the nation.

But one thing is peace, another thing is a way forward. There are a lot of things that should be rearranged and improved in Ukraine.

Basically Ukraine is still reeling from a Communist hang over. Communism simply did not work, because Marx and Engels, even though they were geniuses in their field, did not really understand the mechanisms of statehood.

Take the idea of materialism, the faith behind much of the Marxists doctrines. Basically, how would you make a better world, if you do not strive for a higher purpose? Faith is not just a belief, it is a motor for the good in society, if you remove that motor, the system breaks down.

This is why Ukraine is so corrupt today, because there is no one who really believes in a better world. All are just busy enriching their own material existence.

So you need to start believing again, to realize that there IS a higher purpose on earth, that it is possible to be free, to make a better world, to realize justice.

It is a matter of faith.
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800px-Nicholas_Roerich,_Guests_from_OverseasTo me Ukraine is much more than just the demonstrators, and the so called “rightwing” demonstrators. Basically it is a country, that needs a boost in the direction of freedom and conscience.

I am sorry for the late answer, but my time has been eaten up by the fight against the Danish system, and their will to torture my daughter. But, that fight is hopefully over, and perhaps you can use my ideas for something.

Ukraine is a viking nation, basically, it was here the Danes, the Swedes and the Norwegian settled a thousand years ago on their way to Miklagaard, or in its own language, the Byzantines.

Now, it was destroyed by the Mongols, but somehow managed to survive until now.

After many years of Communism, Ukraine has come out of the shadow, and has tried to piece together a new nation. But it is divided by national and ethnic differences, this is reflected in the east and west divide.

Now, the problem is basically not that large. Ukraine can, and hopefully will, retain its good relationship with both East and West. That is not the problem. The problem is the system.

To me it seems, that the shadow of the communist era is still looming at large over the Ukrainians. It it is basically the moral destruction of the country that is still looming at large. That is corruption, lack of transparency and a state not working very well. But it is also the problems of faith and family structures largely destroyed by Communism.

This is really, as in all other countries that was touched by Communism, the problems needed to be solved.

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Thank you

February 19th, 2014 No comments

Well, things come to and end. I suppose my long invested relationship to the Danish political system is momentarily, or perhaps finally coming to an end.

It started as an attempt to fight back the Islamists, it evolved into a backing of the conservative camp. But right now it has ended in a mess that is impossible to get out of, or rather the system will fight to the bitter end to hold me back, or whatever.

Torturing little Jewish girls is a means to an end, but not in my life. I step back, you are hereby commissioned to corrupt the government as much as you want, to infiltrate the media, to sell off the last remaining threads of power of the people. You are hereby commissioned to do whatever you want.

It does not make sense anymore, my role as an international peace broker and ideologist behind the conservative rise, is much more fulfilling than hunting corrupt officials of the stupid Danish state.

But, perhaps there will be a change of minds sometime in the future, I do not know, but now I wish to thank all those who assisted me in the fight for Rakel.

Thank you Israel for standing up for Rakel, there is still a fight for the Jews of Europe, but Rakel is, for the time being, free to roam, without any threats.

Thank Americans for your support, I will continue to support you, as you support me, as brothers in arms.

Thank you all. And some might have supported me, that I do not know about. This is not to diminish your support, but to relay my dearest thanks.

When we win some, we lose some. That is the way of life.

I won the support of my friends, and the Danish system was given a severe blow to its corrupt ways. The entire secret service is under reconstruction, and the officials in the state are all now under very serious scrutiny.

All in all, a good day for the good guys.

G-d bless you my friends, may your life prosper and your path be enlightened.

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imageIn the Middle East, there is one thing that really believe is a huge obstacle to get over.

When the Arab world was in its greatest, it was all a flush with intellectuals and philosophers who really developed the sciences into something that made the world wonder. As in mathematics, music, poetry.

But then the dark ages came, and very little was kept anymore.

Still there are trace here and there, but the true flourishing of the 10-12 century is really behind us now. The societies are, for some reason, delving deeper and deeper into barbarism. It is an act of desperation.

Now, Egypt is moving ahead in a fine way, and there are also good signs in Persia. Not that Persians are Arab, but some of the same feeling of neglect and the want to move forward as a respected nation is also in the Persian nation.

Now, I will tell you a very interesting story that, to my mind is the key to development.

In classical Greece, there were several splendid philosophers; Anaxagoras, Plato, Socrates, Diogenes, and many more.

When Athens was at its height, during the reign of Pericles. There was this amazing philosopher called Anaxagoras. He was the one, who unequivocally proved that the sun was not a G-d, but a material object.
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imageWhen you fight someone, you need to know when to stop again. I think my fight against the system, for now should be halted. My primary objective; to stop the torture of Rakel has been met, and I am afraid things might get out of hand. The current climate around Denmark is internationally very negative, and it could be too much.

We will see in the future if there are other paths to take, but for now we need peace.

I see the Christians, especially the Catholic Church are a bit reluctant to my fight against the system. They think it is too much.

Well, as I see it. This is exactly how Jesus Christ would have met the same challenges. When he had his fights, he fought against the Romans.

There were different parties on the Jewish side, Zealots, Pharisees and Essenes. Jesus Christ was an Essene. Most probably he had studied in a small yeshiva close to the place he lived and preached.

Essenes were the liberal of that time, but due to the awful oppression by the Romans, they were not as soft on power as liberals are today. You can see it in some of the material that is conveyed to us today, especially the Dead Sea scrolls that is the library of an Essene yeshiva, perhaps even the school Jesus studied in.

A central text I really like, is the text about the fight between the sons of light and the sons of darkness. It is a good representation of the lore that must have been the core of the Essenes ideas about life and ideology.
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The European Union has come to halt in the negotiations in Israel. The EU has one big problem; lack of skill.

The EU has not really understood the complexity of the situation, and is therefore running into one defeat after the other. Add to this a very small amount of political capital to invest, due to the Second World War and the acts done to humanity at that incidence. It is a wounded behemoth trying to act like a graceful ballet dancer, the result is as appalling as it is ridiculous. Nobody, expect off cause of the hapless people of Europe take them serious really.

Anyway. The reason why it is so, is because of a strange disconnectedness of the Bruxelles power apparatus. They are living completely in their own world, without any real appreciation of the things on ground. The term “ivory tower” does not really cover as a definition of the situation. “Ivory castle” or “ivory bunker” would be more adequate.

Several of the most respected european intellectuals have criticized the institution, among them the respected philosopher Jurgen Habermas. But all to no avail, the sheer arrogance and self-importance is in direct opposition to the actual respect and influence it has in the world.
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I sincerely believe, that there is a way out of the mess the current situation of the Middle East is in now. Let us look at some of the positive developments.

First of all Tunisia and Egypt is moving in a very good direction. Especially Tunisia has overcome the Arab spring in a very positive matter. Egypt is in serious problems because of al-Qaeda related uprisings and the Moslem brotherhood.

But Al sisi has actually managed to deliver on his promises and he is, numerically, the most popular leader in the Mid East these days, not a small feat.

So there are good signs, but of cause, also a lot of problems.

Currently there are three problems. First of all there is the negotiations with Iran. This problem is in fact not really a problem, both Iran, and its protector Russia is ready to compromise and find a good solution that will lead Iran out of the current isolation, and into the heart of international recognition with all the benefits of that.

The next problem is however quite dire. It is a conflict that originally started as a part of the Arab spring, but turned into a long-term siege and sectarian violence; Syria.

Basically the conflict is my own fault, because I switched my focus away from the Arab spring at a time not very fortunate for Syria. I should have seen it coming before the conflict went into uncompromising mode.
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