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Differentiating between “black” culture and “white” culture does not make much sense to me.

There is civilisation, and it has nothing to do with the color of your skin.

Civilisation is, essentially, a Mesopotamian and Egyptian set of principles that were developed 3000 years ago in the classical Mediterranean time.

The most common source to this time is the bible, that tells us about the stories of old; Noah, David, Moses, Job, Abraham.

A source to the ideas of the fertile crescent at its time of glory.

These ideas, that actually propel humanity forward to a much better place, that is the dreams of paradise and Eden, is the heritage of all man. A guide to a life here on earth we can reach if we work hard enough. It is salvation.

I know and understand, that you may have differences in culture and the way you look, but the end goal is the same regardless of where we come from as human beings.

So perhaps unity is a much better goal to strive for, than all the conflict and frustration that has come with the Corona virus.

I get it, it is truly frustrating and the world seems to be upside down, but at the end of the day, life is reachable as a life worth living here on earth, if we truly listen to the ancients that were, actually, most of them people of color.

G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts, and good actions. G-d bless the peace we may obtain, if we truly will.

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My own two hands

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Making a life for yourself is not easy. I talk from my own experience. Blaming others for your own misfortune will not bring you any relief. I talk of my own experience here also. I mean, I have been in the keen eye of the government for quite some time now, been deplatformed and otherwise have had a really tough time.

But, be as it may, somehow, praise spirit, I have prevailed, and therefor my own experience is. That if you work hard, stay on the right side of the law, and struggle to foster a nice family, you can actually make a good life for yourself.

That is the wisdom of Luther, that hard work, dedication and a strong commitment to your fellowman CAN give you a good life.

Victimhood, that some people seeks to give people as me, who are not white, will not bring me any good. But honest work, and a dedication to my family will.

I think, that perhaps, that that is an important lesson to share in these times where we are pointing fingers at everybody all the time. Your fault! Is the first thing seems to be saying these days.

Maybe everything is not everybody else’s fault? Maybe you yourself is responsible for your own life?

My experience is, that maybe I could blame people around me, and to be honest, there have been times, when I have done so. Pointing fingers, being angry at people around me.

But my own happiness will not be ensured by pointing fingers, it rests, solely in my own two hands.

My hands CAN build a future for myself. But it requires dedication, self-sacrifice and a huge heart for my fellowman.

In other words, being responsible for ones own life, is what it is about. Blaming others won’t get you anywhere, but supporting your community and family will actually get you somewhere.

When I look at my two kids, they inspire me, and keeps me on the right track. Because they are so dependent on me. I can’t go around putting them in harms way, that will wreck their lives.

So maybe its time to do some serious soul-searching. Who is to blame? Everybody else, or you own actions.

We CAN build a good society and make unity, if we try, but it requires self-sacrifice, hard work and dedication.

G-d bless the peace we CAN find, if we are strong enough.

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Si vis pacem, para bellum

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There is a good, solid conflict brewing in the West. The conflict between China and the US including mainly Anglo Saxon allies. That is the empire.

This conflict has its ups and down, the main up is the character of the conflict. It is totally unbloody. It is a new form of cold war, that we still have not really wrapped our heads around.

The arms race of cyberwar.

What is cyberwar? Cyberwar is essentially hacking gone crazy. Where hacking in the old world, before it was truly weaponised, was annoying the feds as small kids, and stealing secrets like Wikipedia, these days it is government controlled attacks on infrastructure and weapons.

You can, if you are really, really good, control a hangarship.

We have seen the potential of cyberwar in Israels complete wrecking of Iran and in Chinas small, but truly effective wrecking of Australia.

So, it is a new way of fighting, it favours those with the best computerskills and the best computers.

And guess who is leading the fray in this area, no you guessed wrong, it is not the US, it is China.

China is the best, not only a little, but they are in their own league.

Catching up to them, is what NATO and the Anglo-Saxons security measures is all about.

How do we do that?

We do it by looking at it as it is; it is a weapons race. As in the cold war with the Russians, it is not bombs we are racing to beat the chinese with, it is cyber machinery.

Where the competition in the old times were atomic warheads, these days it is the sheer power of quantum computing, hacking skills and so on.

In other words a job for Microsoft and mr. Bill Gates.

Put him in charge of this fight, if he wants, and you will see some real progress.

The thing is, it is complicated. You can’t just make more bombs, you need to make bigger computers, invest in security, manpower and so on. All this has to be integrated into all kinds of things.

So you need an expert to fight this fight, here mr. Gates is THE best choice to my mind. He loves his country, and he is a good guy.

He can do it. So put him on the task, with immense respect to his contribution to the world off cause. It is not an order or something of that kind, but a very, very kind request to help the US.

Otherwise the US, is in harms way a few years from now, and a good, solid, sympathetic fighter like Gates is the best bet to my mind, if he wants. Maybe he can recommend someone, if he is not interested in the job.

But, this time around it is not atomic warheads we need to worry about but hacking ability and capacity.

So lets build some serious hardware with that wonderful stamp on it; Made in America.

G-d bless the will to make peace if possible, but prepare for the worst. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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Change, what is that?

Listen guys, you have two choices, either you follow the tenants of Karl Marx, or you follow the tenants that I have made in the consecutive development of socialism.

Please let me try and explain.

Karl Marx tried to envision a society that was the opposite of the ideas that the philosopher Hegel envisioned. Hegel was one of the founding fathers of German nationalism (before Hitler).

In Hegels vision, the nation is a spiritually driven idea or perspective that would lead people to enligthentment. You still are very strong in this regard in the US; G-d bless America is a Hegelian idea.

Marx wanted to Change the ideas, and he did, but we need to realise, that he had some progress, but some of the ideas he made were not good. Among them the defection of the nation state.

Believing in your country is not a bad thing, it is a good thing.

Globalism has showed us, that no borders make a huge mess. We have seen it, not least in the EU, that is, honestly a huge mess.

There are some theoretical ideas to explain this. I have discussed it in the light of the ancient ideas of the city state of Sparta, that was Marx ideal state. Lycurgus, the philosophical founder of Sparta was quite clear about how to make a commune. It has to be closed, hermetically closed.

In my view, this is where Marx makes his worst mistake. He has this idea, that workers can unite all over the world. That is a good idea, but to be realistic, each unit has to be closed in order for each commune to work. At least this is the idea of Lycurgus, and he made a system that worked for 700 years, dig that.

In other words, the logical development of socialism is to go back to Hegel for the spiritually enlightened nation, fixing the flaw of the Marxist idea, and making a system that actually work.

Add to this a reenacting of the family as the basic commune, and there you have an immensely strong political system.

Still we need to keep all the ideas and lore of the French revolution to my mind, these ideas were really good; enlightenment of the press, democracy and that city at the top of the hill.

Understanding these ideas and visions, that is the basis of Change is really important I think. Not only to save America, that is in dire straits, but also to save liberalism as such.

We are in a corner, with our back against the wall, therefor we need Change.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Thank you for your friendship

Welcome mr. Pompeo, foreign secretary, visiting Denmark for the first time.

To me, that is a beautiful sign of cooperation between Denmark and the US.

Here is why; essentially we are family. I have thought quite a bit about my own engagement with the US, how I have tried to help, support and be a good ally.

But it goes deeper, a lot of the Nielsens, Rasmussens, and Olsen that live in the US now, used to be Danes.

So they have become Americans, and that is perfectly ok. But it still bears to the fact, that we share common roots.

Just take Disney, that seems to be the next successor after Hans Christian Andersen. The film Frost that has just been such a mega success, was inspired by a fairytale of H.C. Andersen.

But it goes deeper, a lot of the Frontier wagons that settled in the west were driven by Danish farmers. They must still be out there somewhere singing lonesome tunes of a land long forgotten. Little buckaroo and all that.

But at the heart of our relationship lies a common ancestry as well as a common religion.

As you are Protestants, so are we (to be honest, I am a Jew, but I still love the Protestant ideas that is here in Denmark, so I convey them). This gives you guys an opportunity to be inspired by ancient Danish Protestant thinkers like Loegstrup and Grundtvig.

These thinkers are of a exceptional quality, some of the ideas have already become mainstream through Niels Bohr, that was a good friend of Loegstrup. Like open source and all these values that fuel the computer industry, the way he worked that gave us the Google and Facebook work ethics of open, free working and so on.

But these ideas are a part of Danish development, and a lot of them have not really been introduced to the Americans. They are in a sense apocryphal, because you need to be in the know to have access to them.

Like the ideas about trust, that Loegstrup also worked on.

But at the other hand, you must realize, that even though we are the source of a lot of American culture, we still admire many the amazing achievement you have done. Not least the ideas that led to the non violence development that gave us Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi. Beacons of humanism and enlightenment.

We also love the way you have made the countryside of the US so full of beautiful places and so rich in culture. We like the cowboys here in Denmark, and off cause respect people of color in all variations.

As time progresses and we develop our civilization, hopefully this rich friendship will continue to bring new and better people and development that will hopefully make a better world for both Denmark as well as the US.

We love you guys, and we hope that the feelings are the same at the other side of the pond.

We are so proud of you.

G-d bless the will to be honest in thought, and brave in action to be the makers of a better world. G-d bless the United States of America, and may it always prevail.

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Currently I read a less known classic, a ‘founding father’ of caricature and the poking of fun against the high minded. A sport that started in the Ancient Greece with a lot of cool and funny writers, and was continued in Rome.

The guy is called Lucian, and he is cool to say the least. He is honest, funny and deep.

He has this tirade against power, that I really like, and it goes to the core of what enlightenment is in the civilized world.

He takes off from a funny place compared to modern days. He discusses slander. How slander can be weaponized and used to degrade and destroy otherwise wonderful people of achievement.

He says, that slander is the tool of the less accomplished, those who only do things sloppily and without much skill.

He points to the fact, that slander is evil in its core, and abuses power by secretly inflaming peoples thirst for revenge and hatred.

He has this example of people who are kind, strong and wise, and how they meet the world with openness, just to meet the hatred of others.

Thereby giving a win to the slanderer.

We live in this world, where we are constantly slandering other people. Not believing them, and trying to figure out the motives we believe they have, but they do not have.

What is the remedy?

The light, enlightenment, to speak the truth.

Often this is forgotten these days, as we delve into bipartisanship and name calling.

We should not, but have the guts and ethical strength to look at things without prejudging.

Now that is the path to less popularity, that is the fact of it. Me myself, I am still deplatformed, my network is slowly rebuilding after years of government destruction and vilification. So I know the price, perhaps better than most.

But at the core of ethical principles, this is the first amendment and therefor also the basis upon which we need to stand.

The Statue of Liberty tells that story, that in order to be free, you need to be truthful therefor the importance of free speech.

G-d bless the will to find truth in what we do and say.

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The light

Seriously New York Times, firing a journalist, because she did not conform with Black Lives Matter identity politics. Here in Denmark we are still in chock over the act.

Listen, New York Times is supposed to be, like my own family’s conservative newspaper Berlingske Tidende, a beacon of light.

What is that, and how are we supposed to interpret that.

Let us have an honest look at it.

Brandes a strong humanist and the founder of Politiken, the leading humanist newspaper of Denmark, called Politiken; an organ of the highest enlightenment.

Enlightenment being the keyword here.

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is, ideally, to spread truth, wherever truth is supposed to be. Thereby fighting darkness, or lies and deceit.

Since lies and deceit are the basis of evil. Being a lightbringer is a fight for a better world.

There it is. That is the basic point of the Statue of Liberty, that all the masses of poor people met when they came to Ellis Island.

You are a reflection of that.

So, off cause this is your own choice, but seen from the outside, as a humanist, leaving that mission, is a very sad thing.

It is the core of a humanistic, Democratic state.

G-d bless the will to continue the fight for the light against the darkness.

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Moral corruption

Now, listen. I want to tell you a secret, that took me quite a long time to glean from history. You probably know this secret, and many of my readers are already following the basic principles of it, unknowing what it really is.

But knowledge is power in your life.

So here it comes.

We talk about paradise, right? The American dream is essentially to recreate paradise here on earth. A place, where people are happy, and there is an end to all problems. A place where kids are getting wiser than yourself, and you have hope.

This place is a mythical place, somewhere we do not really understand the reality of, and therefor do not take that serious.

That is a mistake, it was a place called Eden or Eridu, the first city.

See? The idea of a society that makes people happy and content, is a story in the bible, but the secret is, that it is the first city of civilisation that man made.

So the process of recreating paradise is a POLITICAL process. Something we can do here on earth, right now, if we choose to.

That is the secret.

But then again, how do we go about doing that? Again, it is really quite simple, bible tells us some of the ideas, and we have to look in a few other places to know the rest, mainly greek philosophy to understand how it all works.

At a personal level, it is not about blaming others, it is about you yourself getting your family to work.

These days the families suffer, due to the inability of the man of the family to strap up and take responsibility.

Men wants bling and easy fun. That destroys the family, and kids pay.

That is the truth right there.

WE as men, have to put ourselves to the grindstone and start working. Not for ourselves, but for our kids.

That is, we need to sacrifice ourselves, to make a frame around those we love.

Women are difficult, and sometimes impossible to live with, but it is OUR responsibility to be a man, man up, and start that hard work it is, to be a good father.

That is a start.

The next level, the level of society, is, firstly, to be a part of a good community.

A good community, is a community, where things are run efficiently and according to strict rules of acceptance of each other.

This is where understanding, and acceptance comes into play.

But also the ability to help those who have less.

Community will only work, if we work together, if we share goals and do not fight over scraps.

Thirdly there is the city itself. Here we have the law, framed around a system called a Republic. That is a division of Power in three. Legislative, judges and the police.

Each, ideally, holding each arm responsible for not abusing power.

We also ideally, have the press to make a place where these things can be criticised openly without the fear of the government.

Add to the education and science plus a healthy military.

And a sound banking system.

That is the face of a Republic, and handled right, it gives people a shot at the American dream.

Loosing that is the stupidest, most heartbreaking thing. Because it would mean, that our kids would live in a world, that is not happy and they cannot dream of a brighter future.

So instead of tearing down the construct that our ancestors, black and white have fought so vigourosly to make, we should look at the places where the PRINCIPLES of the Republic is lost and things have corrupted. Because that is the true problem right now. Not just economic corruption, but more importantly, MORAL corruption, and start fixing that.

Make police be just, media be free, families be loving again.

Then, just then, do we have a shot at making a frame around our kids, that is sound.

But right now, the good man is isolated, and every body is pointing fingers at each other. No reconciliation.

We need to step down, and look at each other again, and stop the blame game. Put our noses to the grindstone again, and start that impossibly hard work it is to make a dream come trough.

But seeing your kids being happy, that is all it is about.

Remember that, and we do have a shot at fixing these things.

G-d bless the dream of a country called United States of America.

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Rebuild and reconstruct

Now, there seems to be some kind of initiation of “progressive” communities in the US.

Let me be clear about one thing, if you do not understand the basic principles of how to make a society, there are some pretty awful pitfalls here and there.

Let me explain the basic buildingblocks of society, to perhaps help these new initiaries.

In the wild, where tribalism and the natural tendencies of man rule. There is no justice, only the rule of the strong.

The one with the biggest gun or largest coterie of strong men rule.

That is actually how international politic work, the rule of the strong.

Now, Marxism preaches, that in order to make a “just” society, you need to abolish law, defund the police and so on. This is an idea he came up with in one of his books, so we have anarchists and free societies.

Karl Marx, a Jew of, most probably, my own family. Trier, my surname, is where he grew up, my Jewish family comes from there and so on, he had some good ideas and bad ideas.

One of them, to my mind is to envision anarchy as the end result of his development. Why? Because he did not have acces to texts of Hammurabi the founder of law.

If he had had that, he would know, combined with reading Plato, that law is there to put down the rule of the strong, and protect the weak.

Ideally the police is the MOST important protector of the weak, thereby ruling out the rule of the strong.


Law is, if it really work, a protection for the little guy.

So by taking that element out of the equation, he effectively reenabled the rule of the strong.

So the basic building block of society has been, since Hammurabi, the rule of law.

It is, essentially what makes us civilised.

On top of that you can have a feudal system, democracy, Marxism whatever you want. But taking away the basis will just plunge society into chaos, and out of chaos the warlord will emerge. Usually it is some kind of ganglord.

We don’t want criminals to run our society. That will only bring down the society for real.

So, where does that lead to?

It leads to the fact, that what we want now, is not the abolishment of these institutions, but renew them, bring back service, justice and freedom.

But do it a way, that it has no stench of racism, in any direction.

Law can be corrupted, as it is usually is these days. The law enforcement do not hold up justice as an ideal, but abuse their power to “control” the populace. That is simply to stop too much trouble.

But there are good cups here and there also.

That is the messy world we have. No-one is perfect, but the rules stay the same.

Getting rid of the corruption is what it is about, not defunding or destroying, but rebuilding in a better and less corrupt version.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The fall of manmade civilisation?

Ok, here is an idea.

The main problem in the US for now, is the lack of knowledge on how to appreciate the American Dream.

Everybody wants it, and everybody strives for it, but how do we attain it?

Here is the explanation, that might shed some light on the path forward.

First of all, if you are Republican or Democrat, there really is no discussion on how to attain the goal of making the American Dream available to everybody.

How is that even possible?

Well, you see, Western civilisation is not really Western very much, it is essentially Middle Eastern.

The rule of law is Mesopotamian, Humanism is Egyptian. Only Democracy is an essential northern European construct, but even Democracy derives partly from Athens, the great beacon of Democracy.

So where does this lead to?

Well, civilisation is a product of a number of principles; the division of power, the rule of law, religion and humanism.

These sets of institution create the frame around each citizen, making civilisation and the American dream possible.

When each citizen creates something, he contributes to the motor of civilisation.

So, all kinds of wacko anarchistic systems does not attain anything, it only picks out different building blocks out of the wall, and inhibits civilisation.

What is my point?

Well it is pretty obvious, somehow we need to agree on all these ideas we have inherited from the Middle East.

So instead of seeing Western civilisation as something mournful and bad, please let us see it for what it is; it is a gift from the Middle East, and hence has absolutely nothing to do with white privilige or supremacy.

It is simply the best ways man has been able to come up with to steer ourselves away from tribalism and rule of the strong.

That is really what is at stake these days; civilisation itself.

G-d bless the civilisation we can protect if we are strong enough.

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Listen, I know, that the crisis of the Coronavirus kind of took off, and made people mad at each other.

Especially those who see themselves as black are mad.

But that is not an excuse for killing innocent old people in a private owned garden.

As there are racists and bigots in the white camp, that fact of the matter is, that it goes both ways.

You cannot as a black person reduce your behavior to a justified rebellion to kill all white people.

It is inhuman.

At the other side, killing blacks is ALSO inhuman.

There are trends within the white community that is evil, but it is also the same in the black.

Truth is, that in Zimbabwe and South Africa, whites are at the bottom of the latter.

If we are to live together, what is important, is to recognize the other person in your community as someone equal.

We are all born and cared by spirit. Spirit does not care whether you have brown or white skin. What he cares, is your actions as a person.

Do you forgive, or do you do acts of evil?

That is what it is about; your personal responsibility as a person.

Maybe it is time to stop demanding so much, and start giving a little something.

Recognizing that other person, not as a person of color, whatever the way that is, but as a true person.

Someone you can relate to, understand and respect.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it remain whole.

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Law and anarchy

When you are young and angry, you want to Change the society NOW. Not tomorrow, not the day after, but now.

Be as it may, the direction of that Change, if it is to work has to be discussed and planned by people who are in the know.

Take the French and American revolution, that gave us Democracy and slave abolishment. This was inspired by some pretty heavy thinkers; Voltaire, Rousseau and a few others. Let me be clear about these eggheads, they were not young and brash, but mature and rebellious. They KNEW. Voltaire was a Platonist.

This was why the French and American revolution worked in the first place.

Now, there have been a lot of revolutions that kind of had the opposite effect. Take Venezuela, that is built of good ideas, that is good ideas on the surface. But these ideas are pretty shallow when it comes to the day to day work.

You cannot both make a huge state owned society, and expect people to work hard. Not unless you make a strong incentive like an ethical, moral case as the Spartans.

These things have to go hand in hand.

If not, the society crumbles.

Now, it may seem like a good idea to bring down the police and make an anarchistic society without the police. But the fact of the matter is, that without laws what you fall back on will be the rule of the strong.

You have to understand, that rule by law is a containment of the rule of the strong. The rule of the strong is the NATURAL rule. That is what happens in nature. Here the strong rule, by preying on the weak.

Law is made to PROTECT the weak. Thereby create a better and more lasting civilization.

It goes all the way back to Hammurabi, the Babylonian king and founder of law.

You can build an anarchistic society, IF you create an unbreakable allegiance to LAW.

Thereby ruling yourself.

That is the point of Marx.

Just skipping the step where people are brought to this higher level is, will all end up in tyranny.

You know, I am sorry, I wish it was otherwise, and nothing seems to change right now.

But don’t worry, we will change things from within.

Make the necessary educational reforms of the police, so that it gets closer to what it is supposed to do; serve and protect ALL citizens.

Thereby creating an equal footing for all, with no regards to skin color.

I have two daughters one is considered at brown girl, the other a white girl, judging on their skin. Both are my own flesh and blood.

You would wish a society for them, where they can both grow up to be a part of society, not judged by their skin.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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If you do not understand the basis of socialism, you will not create a better society, but a worse society. Just going bananas trying to enforce ideas, that in the past have not worked, will not get socialdemocratism anywhere, it will only lead to tyranny.

Tyranny being the state of society that is the effect of a system that does not work, and therefor tries to enforce its rule on people.

You can only have freedom, if you have a system that will give people that freedom. To make a system that gives people freedom, you need to have good, solid rules to go by. Like justice, freedom, equality.

To make this, you need to understand the ideas that rule any kind of society, otherwise what is the aim of the revolution anyway?

One of the ideas, that people seem to have forgotten and is pretty vital to socialism is progressive tax.

It is an idea, that Democritus, the ancient philosopher made, and it aims at creating equality in society.

So, what is the effect of equality? According to Democritus it is happiness.

Happiness is the aim of any society.

That is the path we need to find, the path to happiness. Not the path to destruction and misery.

G-d bless the will of finding a good way.

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We are going in the wrong direction with the Black Lives matter demonstration when it comes to the solutions we find.

I get it, the police does not protect or respect black people in many places. I get that, but defunding them will not solve the problem.

Police is a VERY important part of society.

Let me explain.

Socialism is a reflection of the greek city-state Sparta. Karl Marx was very infatuated with the iconic ancient city.

Communism is a reflection of Sparta.

Now, as we all know, communism has never been a good idea, and is opposed to Democracy, that is the creed and idea of the US.

But there are many socialists in the US also.

So how do socialist play a positive role in a democratic society.

They do it, by helping the disenfranchised and poor, those in need, right?

How do they do that?

They do it by law, at least that was how the Spartans did it.

Law is there to protect the weak against the strong.

You get a good story about this mechanism in George Orwells animal farm. What happened to all the ideals of the animals when realizing the Bolshevik revolution? It ended up in a dictatorship.

Why? Because there were no real mechanisms to realise the ideals.

How did the Spartans realise their ideals? They did it with an almost fanatic allegiance to law, equality; equality beyond the law. Social justice; let the law protect the weak.

See, law is the only tool, that will realise the ideals of socialism.

Now, I get it, if we do not have any influence on the law, it can be the opposite.

But no law, will only get us comrade Napoleon, and that is worse.

We need a new understanding of law, make sure, that law truly serves the weak and not the strong, has no colour blindness, and is above all citizens.

In this way, we can actually make a better society not a worse one.

Right now we are tearing down, not building anything, and that is a dangerous path to walk.

Tyranny awaits us at the end of that path, we have to be realistic about that.

Orson Welles was right about this, we need to clear our heads and be serious and progressive about this. Not destructive and just stupidly angry.

We need to build, not tear down. We need to make dreams available to everyone, not destroy peoples chances.

We need to make an Eden not a hell, as we are on the course of doing now.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it prevail.

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The western world has descended into chaos. What was once the epitome of civilisation, has in a few years crumbled.

Western civilisation is not finished off, but it is tetering on the brink of absolute chaos.

The latest chaos of the epidemics and Black Lives matters is just the last step of a long run against the destructive end.

It all started two hundred years ago when western civilisation went from expanding to moving back.

In the meantime, the western alliance has been cut to pieces, and the pace with which this is happening is dumbfounding.

What can we do about that?

We can chose our fights carefully.

The migrants of Europe wants to chose a fight with the native Europeans over race.

I mean, when you start desecrating the monuments of Churchill, that is a blatant call for war.

That is the way it is.

Perhaps the system, our civilisation is not responding but the hatred of the Saxon seems to fill the air. That is a prelude to war.

Now, what can we do to stop this descent into chaos.

We can pick the war we wish to fight.

Do we fight a racewar, or do we fight at fight for freedom, where race is not of the matter?

I chose the latter.

Let us see, that where the Democratic/humanistic society is threatened, it must respond, forcefully to the challenge. This includes burning of poor peoples of houses and desecration of statues.

It must do so to keep the law and defend our civilisation, not to make a race war.

If we do that, we are finished for good.

G-d bless our tetering civilisation.

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