Strategic considerations

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Well, it seems to me, that all my foreign policy plans have, magically come into focus again.

Allow me to give an explanation.

In the first term of mr. Barrack Obamas presidency, mr. Obama and I worked together quite a lot. We worked on the Arab Spring, the relationship to Russia and other things.

At that time, my basic plan was to try to make a good relationship between the US and Russia, and get IS into focus.

That did work out in the beginning. Before Ukraine, the relationship between Russia and the US was actually really good. After Ukraine, we still kept chugging on, as we succeeded on making IS a target that kind of had the ok from all international players. Including most of the Muslim players in the Middle East.

That war is reaching a kind of milestone in Syria/Iraq, where they are nearly finished off.

So what is next?

There are two things, that I have tried to prepare the American military establishment for:

1. The fight with IS in Europe
2. The fight with China

First the fight with IS in Europe. It was pretty clear to me, that a showdown was looming in Europe. My priority was to make it a showdown. That would strengthen us, and not destroy us. With the current infiltration of most of our civic as well as security apparatus, needless to say, this a pretty tough fight coming up.

My strategy was to try to prepare the system with a philosophy that was straight and fair. I put up democracy against islamism.

This has worked for the betterment of our Western systems. In fact, it has strengthened the democratic faiths of most nations.

I did not know it when i started out on the strategy, but it pretty soon turned out, that the US really loved the ideas. After thinking about it, it was quite evident what it was all about; after all, democracy IS the core faith of the US. I just did not think about it, when I made the strategies.

Anyway, it got us into a fight between a humanistic/democratic faith against what we know as Islamic state.

The fighting is moving to Europe, and, quite fantastically, mr. Trump now urges European states to invest more in defence. Perfect! I really encourage that, when the s… hits the fan, perhaps we are prepared after all.

However, perhaps, the US generals should worry about the kind of fighting we are entering. The basic moral is clear, we ARE fighting for democracy, but the kind of war we are entering can be grim. I do however believe, that the Americans will support the fighting, they are ready to fight the IS, if it is done with as much care for the lives of the servicemen as at all possible.

Secondly the fight against China. This is the real fight. The fight against IS will be bloody, terrible, angstprovoking, horrible, but it is pretty easy to win it. We just have to get started, as we are.

The fight against China however, is quite another matter. If we do not make peace with Russia, we will lose. We cannot fight both Russia and China. If we only fight China, we have a good chance.

There were, however, one or rather two obstacles. The first being, that China has been good at spying on our military capabilities. To a point where they almost knew our secrets better than we did. That was brought to the table some years ago, and it has been worked on. I am not hundred percent sure, that we are ready for the fight, but I hope so. Otherwise we will just have to wait until we get a green light from the military officials.

So, this is what i think we should do it!.

1. We take down IS in Europe, saving Europe, and making the entire West stronger. It will take some time, but after a few years, we would have made some headway.
2. At the same time, we will tackle China, reenforce our military capabilities, and take home whatever American production that is still in China. In fact work with all our allies to isolate China.

That will be, more or less, eight years of work. Nonetheless, at the end of that, we will be back, and not only America, but all of the West, actually including Russia, we be strong again!

G-d bless the will to be cunning and strategic.

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The EU

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It seems to me, that an anti EU vawe is crashing the shores of the European union. But the fact of the matter is rather, that what people are voting against, is not really the EU. It is those who support the EU they do not like. They do not appreciate people who have been trying through manipulation and back door negotiations, to change the political makeup of Europe.

I mean, why should they. People look for honest, accountable leaders, who fight for them, and tries, their best to avoid corruption in their government.

The process around the EU build up has been made on unsound principles, and whenever the electorate was heard on the issues, they, quite openly, rejected the project.

So the political system should not be surprised. What has happened is really just the shift of the electorate from rebelling by votes directly connected to the EU. To take these grievances to the voting of the national parliaments.

If the elites cannot see this obvious connection, well, they should, honestly, find something else to make. It is very obvious.

I think the political establishment thought, that if it just made EU, it could, after it was built, make people like it.

Well, despite all the efforts done. It simply did not succeed. Mainly because all the decision the EU system has made, has been in direct opposition to the interest of the electorate. Like the decision to force Denmark to take migrants in, in direct opposition to 80% of the electorate. If you want to get unpopular, by all means, that is what you do.

As all other governmental entities or system, the EU system has, perhaps finally come to the realisation, that you can only survive if you have a reasonable support of the constituency. Without it, you will end up in the cemetery, with all the rest of political systems that has failed.

As always, what really destroys a doctrinal system, is the ethical ways of it. Like the KGB that finally destroyed the Soviet Union or the sexual machinations of the french aristocracy before the French revolution. The EU with its arrogance and unethical behaviour towards all who are in disagreement with them (my daughter can testify to that), is what ruins the EU.

What I do hope though, is that the system that ends the EU will be a good and civilised one, at least, that is what I have been working on.

G-d bless the will of the Europeans.

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America coming back

December 1st, 2016 No comments

It is kind of contradictory to see the guy that you actually fought against, using your own ideas to benefit not only him, but also the rest of America.

Seriously, that saving the plant in Indianapolis, was just really good.

I have discussed this with myself a lot; how do you really keep the production of a nation inside the nation. I have been inspired a bit by Ayn Rand, whom my friend Lars Seier is really into. But just giving businesses high fives and medals is not really helping that much.

The taxbreak idea that mr. Obama had, seems to work a bit better in fact, a whole lot better.

It really just warms my heart to see those dogs of construction with their missing teeth and their hearts broken, if they had lost their jobs, be so happy.

I may not be a man of production myself, but I really do feel with these simple guys, trying to make ends meet, feed their little ones, putting a little something aside for old age.

These are real people, and they just got their jobs back. That is good politics in action. Seeing the tears in their eyes, and smiles on their faces, just makes all the hassle and all the sacrifice worth it. For all that is worth, well done mr. Trump. Please use my ideas more, if it puts smiles on faces like that. That is goodness in action.

G-d bless the will to do good, to those lowest in the hierarchy.


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I keep thinking about Oxford. It kind of drags me towards it. Not the surface, not the jolly pubs in and around Oxford, but something deeper.

When I was in Oxford. I was so fortunate to join a symposium in the church of saint Marys. A beautiful little church at the heart of Oxford.

I believe it taught me something vital about Oxford. That Oxford, at the heart, is a tiny, beautiful, peaceful little church, with the humility of a country side parish.

This is truly amazing. I think. When I compare to my own school; Vallekilde. Vallekilde is forged as the hammer of Thor. That is the secret of my school. The secret of Oxford is the parish church.

But just besides the smallish church lies huge and impressive buildings. Buildings like the Camera and the bridge of sighs.

In these buildings, the feeling is not of simplicity and life, it is of grandioseness and emptiness.

This is the problem. The heart of Oxford is not the problem. It is indeed sound and alive. However, the larger structure, the structure of metaphysics is abandoned.

That is, the theoretical foundation under the great structures has been shut down, and no one is living in them anymore.

This is what I am trying to say, and I know that Oxford is trying to say as well. The heart is still living, but the buildings around it, need reform.

As in Cambridge, where mr. Hawkins is king. We in Oxford need to be leading some other intellectual area. That is metaphysics.

Yes, I know people will tell you, that is not possible, and metaphysics is dead and so on. Oxford will disagree. It lives, and with the resurrection of metaphysics, not ot only the Anglican church will have a rebirth, all religion will with it.

This is the scale, and the potential. And this is exactly why I so insistent on urging the intellectuals of Oxford to stay in the fight, and put some life in the greater structures of not only Oxford, but faith itself.

G-d bless the will of the believers.

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We are finishing the final months of mr. Barrack Obamas presidency.

It was a blast! And I hope, that the world has become a better place. I know we lost the last election, but we did a good job nonetheless. A lot of the policies we launched is adopted by the subsequent conservative government, so they live on.

That must mean we did something right then?

Anyway, there are a lot of difficult problems coming up, that we need to chip into. Do not get depressed, if we just learn from our mistakes, and chug on, we will change everything.

What I am concerned with right now, is border control.

We need to make that, and we need to work on it, from a collaborative perspective.

Border control is really going to change the way the US is working, so we need to be constructive in this process, and try to work with the other side.

First of all, I think we should start thinking about border control from a rational and humane perspective. There is nothing wrong in having borders. What is wrong, is to have borders in order to differ on a racist basis. That was the problem of the borders of South Africa. They were racist borders. Then there is also a problem in having borders to keep people in the country as in Eastern Germany, where you were shot if you tried leaving the country with no visa.

So the question is, as I see it; why are we having borders? And what are we doing with them?

As I understand it, the main problem, right now, is migration crime.

A lot of the migrants that come to the US have no jobs and start stealing. That is off cause a legitimate concern.

A country is a system also. In the US, it is a Republic. If the core values of a Republic, that is the democratic process and law, is beginning to wear down, Houston we have a problem!

The basic problem with not having a border is that the security and protection of the citizens are put in jeopardy. The strong puts down the weak.

This is a core institutional task to remedy. If the law is broken, the Republic falls. That is not a viable option.

So, we need to do something about that. Since they are, honestly, not our problem. Mexico should deal with, since it is their citizens, not ours.

If Mexico is unwilling to take their own citizens back, we could use the Australian method, and send them to a camp where they will do no harm. A harsh solution, but that is where we are right now, unfortunately.

G-d bless the most humane solution is this very difficult situation.

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November 23rd, 2016 No comments

Now, what we need right now is a revolution. We have discussed the Marxist revolution, that, honestly did not work. It is simply too shallow a construct. There are lot of good things in it, like public healthcare, but the construction itself is simply not working.

What we need is another revolution. That is the American revolution. The revolution where fierce freedom fighters stood up against tyranny for a fair and just world. The revolution where the humane man was first invented.

This revolution is really the true revolution, but a revolution that needs the blood of the young to go on working. We need to stand and fight for justice.

My point is; as Alinsky said, what really is the core of the Liberal revolution is Democracy.

That road will lead us to victory yet again. Our young people chose that, let us spur them on, let us ask them to join another day, another fight.

Who is the enemy? The enemy is the tyrant. As of now, mr. Trump seems to be accept his responsibility with a certain professional attitude, that is, he works inside the system. That is his right, breaking down the system is what we should be mindful of. He might just be ok after all.

Anyway, we have to find those tyrants, they are everywhere, right now in head chopping terrorists first and foremost. We need to bring the pain to them, as they have been putting fear in us.

We need to brighten up, put up our banner and fight for freedom!

G-d bless the United States of America.

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November 21st, 2016 1 comment

It has been a while since the beginning of the American election, and some of the issues that are close to my heart have lacked the attention that it deserves. I am only one solitary Jew, what am I to do?

Anyway, the discussion of spirit has taken a leap in my own head. After reading quite a lot about the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, I realised a couple of things.

First of all, it appears to me to, that the metaphysical community has overlooked a development within physics, that actually plays the ball back to the metaphysicists.

When Niels Bohr started discussing quantum physics, what he really threw out of the door was empirical physicism. That is a debate on the material world that is always founded in evidence.

The reason is simple; on the level of the atoms, we cannot use hard evidence, because the scale is so small.

This brings us back to a classical method, where logic and argumentation based on what we do know is the method of progress.

I mean, Bohr had a lot of points, that he only theorised on, he could not prove them.

People seem to accept mr. Bohr, but they do not accept the metaphysics that uses the same method. That is nonsense.

Then I have also realised that we do not understand much of the world. What we do understand, we have put to good use, like the understanding of light, that has given us the radio, cellphones, x-ray and so on. And the understanding of electricity on par with magnetism, that has given us electric motors.

However, still we only scratch the surface of understanding these things. Take light for instance. Light is according to Bohr a particle – wave. In a strange way, we have tiny particles that behave like waves. Like sound waves.

Nevertheless, they are not embedded in any medium. Like sound waves are embedded in air.

This makes no sense. Light must be embedded in something, a medium we cannot see. Some talk about the ether, to me, it makes sense, we need to relive that discussion of the ether that light travels in. Maybe we just have not understood the way the ether is working?

This leads us on to the discussion of G-d. G-d is very much the same as the ether. That is in a medium we cannot sense. But is still there.

See my point? We still do not understand the way light works, and yet we say that something that is close to the understanding of G-d does not exist.

It does not make sense. It is really just the shortcomings of our own logical faculties that stop us.

As I see it, we need to step up in the religious/metaphysical community, right NOW. I must say. I am a bit disappointed about the fact that not one religious community has stepped forward and is ready to fight for G-d. You need to step up. We need to fight for the existence of G-d, and we move now. This is what religion is about, remember?

Then there is some other thing that strikes me, as lacking in the discussion of the physicists.

Anaxagoras, talks a lot about centrifugal power. He highlights the fact, that centrifugal power is obviously prevalent everywhere in the universe. Just look at our earth. It is round, because of centrifugal power. Our world turns around, and hence matter is pushed from the core to the fringes. This is counterbalanced by the power of gravity, that keeps matter assembled.

Two natural powers are working in unison.

You can see the same phenomenon in the galaxies. That is also held together like at a spinning top. It has a centrifugal power hub, and is held together by gravity, making the beautiful spinning motions.

If physicists had centrifugal power at the center of attention as Anaxagoras, a lot of problems would have been solved already. Like the problem of saving energy. We use a lot of rare metals to make whole cities of batteries. Why not use the power of a centrifugal station? We could make a mill with at core of matter that turned around and thereby preserved energy. Sped up by wind power, slowed down when tapped of energy.

There are also several other things that seem strange to me in physics. One thing that does not make sense is the theory, that neutrons and protons are circling a centre, thereby making an atom a specific atom. Gravity does not work on the smallness of the scale we are talking about. Gravity is a natural power that needs a lot of mass to work.

We have to rethink that level of physics. Somethings are not right in the theories of Bohr. He came a long way, but there must be another way it truly works.

Nonetheless, this is my take of metaphysics, at this point of my theoretical discussion. I believe, that G-d is in an ether that surrounds the earth. It is in a medium we cannot see or sense in any way. We can just conclude it is there.

What we know is, that it is around the earth, we do not know that is anywhere else, so far. Because we have not discovered life anywhere else in the universe.

So the spiritual ether can be either only here on earth, typically surrounding earthlike planets, or everywhere in the universe.

What we need to discuss is; how does it work, and consequently, can we prove it further?

G-d bless the willingness to fight for G-d, come on clerics and other, step up, we have to have a comeback.

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Well, it seems to me, that mr. Trump has defied all expectations and is actually making a success of trying to find a balanced team to tackle the problems we face.

Yes, there is mr. Bannon, but at the same time there is a mr. Romney. That is trying to reach balance. Well done mr. Trump.

The demonstrations against mr. Trump is also on the waning. That is good as well. We need to understand, that even though we did not like the fact that mr. Trump won, this is still the way democracy works.

At the good side, we now have defused a situation where a lot of Americans felt that they were not heard. Now they are heard, and we can go on with being a democracy.

If mr. Trump succeeds in finding a balanced way of governing. Things may still be good.

So, instead of fighting mr. Trump, let us make sure, that he is given the opportunity to tackle those problems the nation has.

Do it with tough but humane approach, and democracy will have shown its resilience.

G-d bless the democratic state.

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November 17th, 2016 No comments

Well, we are a bit over a week into the transition period of mr. Trump. The signs are good, mr. Trump seems to have grown politically in the election process, and we might just get something positive out of this, after all.

Let me clear about one thing; I think we should think about ourselves first and foremost. We need to build a better party. Secondly however, the nation is in such a crisis, that we need to examine the need of the nation and not on our own needs only. We need to cooperate, and find a way out of this mess.

One thing that is discussed right now, is the repatriation of all the illegal migrants in the south.

Well, this is really dangerous water to swim in political terms, so I won’t take any sides in this. Just remind people, that this is an issue we need to solve had it been a democratic or a republican president. It is getting out of hand. The crime rate is already too high, and unemployment is getting out of hand.

What can we do? Well first of all, let us just be clear about one thing. Having a border is a natural thing. Not having a border is the unnatural thing. A nation needs a border to control its territory. A border can be many different things. It can be an ideological border, a cultural border, and even in some case a raceborder.

I am not arguing for anything of the above, just pointing out the obvious.

What is the United States of America? It is a Republic. That is, it is a democratic, humanistic, civil construction with certain values and ideological principles to guide it. It is what is, simply written, in the National Anthem, constitution, the words of the founding fathers and so on. “Give me liberty or give me death”, as they said.

What defines a citizen in a Republic? According to Aristotle, one of the main philosophers behind a democratic construct, it is defined by two things. 1. The adherence to the law. 2. The adherence to the democratic process.

In other words, if you hate democracy, and wishes to follow another law than the republican, you are no longer a citizen.

Aristotle continues. If a polis (at the time of Aristotle they had city states not nations) needs new citizens, it should do so with the interest of the polis in mind. Usually it is because the city lacks new citizens.

These are the basic rules of citizen control.

Now there is such a thing as identity, as was the point of the British Brexit discussion. Identity is much broader than the discussion on citizenship, and this can open up for some additional demands for a citizenship. What you put into this box, is very different.

But these are the basic rules you can use in your discussion.

I do, however recommend, that we handle this crisis in a humane way. We are talking about people, and they are not allowed in the country if they break the law (rule number one of Aristotle) but we still need to treat them with dignity.

G-d bless the willingness to do the right thing, in a difficult situation.

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Take it easy

November 15th, 2016 No comments

Well, now that the election is done, and the soul searching begins. Please let us do one thing, as Alinsky says; we live in a democracy. Violence is not the solution to our frustration. We need to start discussing what went wrong, and how do we make a comeback on a sound basis.

We have made a lot of progress, and we still have mr. Sanders and his movement.

Democracy is good in the way, that it will change the system if there is great resentment, but without violence.

Let us keep it that way.

We lost, because I made a lot of theory some years back, that now comes back and beats me!

That is ironic, imagine being beaten by a former self!

Since I was the one plotting a lot of the theoretical basis that Trump is running on now. Remember I started out as a right wing extremist, I can say, that there is absolutely nothing racist or antisemitic about the basis I made. There are some bad broken eggs in the right wing. There are some nazis, that I despise, but mostly the right wing are comprised of patriotic, justice seeking individuals. They, or that of me that is in that camp, basically tries to find serious solutions that are challenging the countries. This time mainly Islamic State. But it is not a racist basis.

So, if we please calm down and use the energy to look inwards, and be critical to ourselves instead of mr. Trump, that would be good.

It is not the case that I think that we should not be critical to Trump, we should, but not with violence. That is a mark of uncivilized behaviour, and we are still expected to be the epitome of civilization. How are we to strive for democracy, if we do not accept it ourselves?

So please, take it easy. We lost, that is how politics works, we will get on our feet again.

G-d bless the will to accept defeat.

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November 14th, 2016 No comments

Ok, I believe people, especially people in the mainstream media are scratching their heads right now, asking themselves what the h… is happening.

It is a shift of paradigm as Kuhn defines it. The anomaly of the old paradigm has been prevalent for some time, and it was just a matter of time before it would happen.

Somehow, like an old time Martin Luther, I have a special role as both the one who started all this, and now a kind of friend of the old guard. That is special.

Anyway, old guard or new guard, one thing is important. We need to get our democracy out of this in a way that it will function afterwards. We are fighting for our freedom. If we end up being less free, it is pretty stupid.

The fight against the islamists are pretty well discussed and documented. That will lead Europe, at least, into a new era of enlightenment and peace. But what is happening in the States is different. The problem you guys have are different because the migrants are not muslim, but Mexican.

Anyway, I know this is a fierce fight, but alas, let us not forget that this is for freedom, the shining light at the top of the statue of liberty.

G-d bless the will to be free.

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November 14th, 2016 No comments

Listen, I know, that there are many people in the liberal camp that is devastated and sorry about the election. Me as well, I put a lot of effort into the election.

But that is how democracy works, and instead of feeling sorry for ourselves. I believe we should start discussing what went wrong. In other words learn from our mistakes.

One thing I believe we got wrong, was the putting up of a candidate that pointed to the past and not the future. I do like ms. Clinton, but hey the 68´hippies are gone. Now it is time for a new generation to take over.

How do we do that? First of all, we listen to the theories of old, and then we make new theories.

The foremost theorist of the liberal constituency, is Alinsky. He told us two things. Most importantly; we are a democracy, so we need to turn that democratic flame on. Secondly, we are a workers party. Now, he was also for minorities, but that is not our problem. We do that. What we do not do are the two first things, mainly democracy and union work. I mean, mr. Trump won all the union workers hands down.

What do we do to correct the situation?

We open our minds to the world. Instead of trying to make the world fit into our frame, we forget about our frame for second and try to understand the world without prejudice.

Allow me to give an example.

When I finished university, (I went to a university very much like Berkely) I travelled the world. I went to Brazil, the States, France, Germany, Italy, Bangladesh. I was a dancer, so I went a lot to Brazil to dance there.

In other words, I lived the normal liberal life, I even lived in a place called Vesterbro in Copenhagen, home to artists and other kinds of bearded hipsters.

Then, when I matured as a philosopher, I started thinking about my own country. At a certain time, I realised, that I did not even know it. I knew the city, but the countryside was unknown territory to me. That kind of struck me as a flaw in my own upbringing. So I decided to get to know it. As Walden I went off the beaten track, and made, friends with some of the most incarnated right wing hillbillies.

You know my friends in the city just did not understand me. They asked me; why on earth do you want to go there in the countryside, they are narrow minded and racist all of them.

Well, on the contrary, I found out, that was not true. In fact, it was the city folks that were narrow-minded and had a lot of prejudice. The country folks live close to the earth, and their perspective was often simple, but much more true.

My friend Anders, the right wing extremist, was an organic farmer, and he had a son with a palestinian woman. He loved his son, but hated islamic ideology. (We worked on Islam critic things together).

He knew a lot about Islam, and he was not prejudiced, but really knew things.

Now, what I am saying is this; it is time we get off the beaten track (Brazil, France, MOMA and cafe latte) and try to truly understand our own country. Or rather you need to get out of your comfort zone of Manhatten, and go out into the mountains and meet people, understand them, get their perspective.

They say that their way of life is dying. Well, that is a cry for help. That is why mr. Trump won, and that is what we need to deal with on a constructive basis.

In Denmark, we have the beautiful tradition of Folkenlightenment. The city folks go out to the countryside, and together we make theories. Like the andelsbevægelse, and the Højskole.

You need to make the same, work together, instead of against each other. Find out theories together, meet, share, be friends.

G-d bless the willingness to learn from our mistakes.

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November 13th, 2016 No comments

Right now it appears to me to, that what it is all about is shelving power to here and there. Listen, this is a mistake. What it should be about, is meeting the needs of the electorate. They do not care about the inner workings of the machinery. They abhor the inner workings of the machinery.

So you need to start your presidency with actually showing the electorate, that you care about them.

So, perhaps you can begin by travelling to one of those poor areas that voted for you. Listen to what they are saying, and start acting on the business thing.

Wealth is about production. At least, that is the idea of Adam Smith, combined with Ayn Rand. Businessmen are often not appreciated by the society, so they are unhappy with the situation and chose somewhere else to use their money.

You know how these people think. To make an economy run, you need to talk to the business society, and appreciate them. Make them feel, that you are their president. That you will look after their needs. Show people, that you are not that interested in the bureaucracy, but interested in them.

You need to be realistic about the bureaucracy. They are not important. You are important, because a president is much more than an administrator. He is the leader of not only the servants of the state, but all Americans.

Just a tip. Some of my ideas about Adam Smith have taken root in the UK, and ms. Theresa May is doing a lot of work with them. Mr. David Cameron used them as well, to a significant effect. So when you speak to ms. May, you could discuss these things together.

And then, you could discuss wall building with mr. Netanyahu.

You are the leader, but they are good friends and family. Help them, and they will help you.

G-d bless this difficult, difficult transition.

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November 12th, 2016 No comments

Barrack it is getting late, and the lamps are shutting down. The last days of your presidency are coming to an end. First of all. I just want to thank you for your interest in me. Only you could have done that. You took me in, when no one wanted me anymore. When I was lying on the floor, crying out for help. You listened. You did that, because we were both in serious trouble, and I suppose we needed each other. Thank you friend, and may all the work we have done help just every American and everybody else on this planet.

The bottom line is this; we did our job brilliantly. Nobody questions that. We stood up for all Americans. Hell, sometimes I even feel more American than Danish.

But, we did it. In this time of actually losing the election for ms. Clinton. It may seem a bit difficult to appreciate. Especially with all the chaos around us. But we did not lose the election, ms. Clinton did. People are not putting their backs to what we did, they liked what we did, but they simply did not have the faith in Clinton to truly do the same as what we did. This is not to scorn ms. Clinton, but just point to the fact, that we as a presidency and a philosopher succeeded.

There is just one problem. The situation is getting out of control. The political animosity is rife, and we need to help Donald Trump in his first decisive days. We agree on this. If we can get him up and running, he can pull this through, I hope.

Then there is legacy. Serious Barrack, the best thing you can do for your own legacy, is to provide me with some better means to continue. Right now, I am not in trouble anymore. The secret police have left me alone, finally, and my economic situation is not that bad anymore. Nevertheless, there is one thing that really hampers my reach; I cannot travel.

To help mr. Trump the best way possible. I need to go to Washington from time to time. One thing is to able to call me in case of an emergency, but another thing is to get to know me, and talk to me. People usually need a personal friendship.

If you want to maintain your legacy, you may want to provide me with some kind of way to travel to the US. Setup an account that makes me able to get to and from the US.

Well, let me say it this way. If you want the country to stop from being destroyed from within, make the best possible situation for me. I am your only hope. I do not say this to be selfappreciating, but simply because that is how it is. I am your guardian, and that is a bit of a responsibility. I will however attempt to meet that responsibility. Due to the seriousness of the situation. I just need to be able to give it my very best shot. This is serious. We need to do whatever it takes.

But thank you friend. It has been a tremendous honour to work with you. I know that I have been difficult, but I hope you understand the difficulty of my situation.

G-d bless you and your beautiful family, may you all succeed.

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The law

November 12th, 2016 No comments

Well, we are really in trouble. Mr. Trump appears to be working on a serious basis of his presidency. One thing, I just really like Mike Pence, he is the one card that truly may swing things around. He is honest, serious and just a good man. He is your best card Donald.

Secondly, the Republic itself is in deep, deep, deep trouble. The reasons are pretty clear; the lack of respect for authority. Here I think mostly about the lack of respect for the law is deeply troubling. Mr. Trump won, hands down. I fought for ms. Clinton. But I have never truly disliked the message of mr. Trump, and Trump himself seems to come around and are willing to work with me, so, in the interest of the Republic, I will be a good partner of his. There is more at stake than just liberal policies. It is the future of our Republic that is at stake.

This is not mr. Trumps fault, he is doing his best, but it is the frustration and conflict within the American constituency that is the problem.

I will give you my best tip. This comes from the best source on Democracy there is. When Athens, the birthplace of Democracy was in trouble, it had this amazing and brilliant thinker. A guy called Isocrates. A democracy in its crisis, as we stand in now was something the Athenians discussed quite a lot. Plato had his views, Aristotle his, and then there was Isocrates. The thing about Isocrates was, that he truly succeeded. His ideas were what led to Alexander the great, and vision of a panhellenic unity was his. He saved Hellas.

Now what did he say about the crisis of Democracy. He said, it is about the law. People do not comply with the law anymore. Plato said that everybody got to free, and was annoying to everybody. Even the animals seemed to get annoying.

This is the one that tool you have to fix things internally. Strengthen the law.

Here you have one good man; mr. Rudy Guiliano. He saved New York, with the proper care, he can dampen feelings in the whole country. Putting up a no nonsense policy towards all who break the law.

This he can do, and only him.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may she prevail in these challenging times.

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