Listen to each other!

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It has been a rough few weeks in British parliamentary discussion, it seems that compromise is very difficult to find.

You know, compromise is difficult in an environment as the one in Westminster. Politicians are fighting all the time.

But at the other hand, a compromise MUST be found. This is not a support to any of the two factions of Westminster, but a true support of the middle ground.

You are not putting public interest before yourself if you do not deliver on the 31 of October.

The PEOPLE chose to say no to the EU, so they decide, not the politicians. It may be, that you feel otherwise, but that is not for you to decide. You are supposed to be servants to the people, and fulfil their wishes.

Then please do it, support Boris if you can. Talk to the man, find a way out of this quagmire, please, listen to each other.

G-d bless the United Kingdom

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Iamblichus should be a prime source regarding Platonic philosophy. He is a pupil of Plato, and should therefor be close to Plato in regards to his worldview.

I have tried to discuss the principle of unity in regards to platonic philosophy. Plato does not discuss it much to my knowledge. But in fact Iamblichus do.

So, what is the aim of a learned society?

It goes with the aim of UNIVERSITY, what does that actually mean?

Uni, means one. How come, that university is called a place where you teach about oneness?

What does it actually mean?

To understand this, you need to understand the soil Plato was planting his trees in.

Plato, the quintessential and first academic sought after things in a MATHEMATICAL worldview.

He was, essentially what you call a PYTHAGOREAN. That is, at descendant of the Egyptian lore that floated around in the meditarannean in his time.

According to pythagorean lore, you find G-d and good in the mathematical constructs of the world.

You can see it in the pyramids. How come they are perfectly triangular? Well because that is a mathematical riddle. The number three, ends up in one on each side.

Its an equation of spirit.

You also talk about the holy triangular; son, father and holy ghost. Another triangularity.

Or the balance between the rich and poor, that you try to equate with progressive tax.

Or the balance between the three functions of law.

See? All figures of number.

What is the most holy number, the number the ancients always strived for?

They called the nomad, the number one.

One is perfection, and therefor University is called university. To make a school where the science there strived for oneness, also called unity.

Unity is the function of a mathematical view on society.

So, the path is clear; we need to make a frame around society, where people feel alike and not different. Where we celebrate what we have in common, not what tears us apart.

A society, where we all work to make a oneness in terms of politics and spirit.

G-d bless the will to heal the rifts in society, and make peace amongst all those who are now in turmoil.

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The soul of the Empire

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I read a lot of all kind of British litterature. Both the scientific books from Oxford and Cambridge, and a lot of the mystical tomes from the British underground.

So in all humility, I believe, that I have a feeling about Great Britain that is more than just superficial. That is why I like Great Britain so much, and off also because it reminds me of Denmark, just as a brother would do.

Where the brits have developed amazingly after we shared kings, we in Denmark may have remained small in comparison, but we have our qualities as well, among them Grundtvig, the founding father of Danish intellectualism.

It may be a peasant country, but even peasants have their illuminaries and wise men.

In Denmark we have this academic principle called the folk soul. The point being, that the people have a common soul, that somehow encompasses the people, the folk, and thereby makes a kind of spiritual and democratic unity.

After having read some of the more mystical books from England, I realised, that the same used to be said about the Empire. The Empire had a soul as well. I have tracked the ideas, and found that it comes from Iamblichus, the pupil of Plato. So it is a platonic idea.

Now the Empire is in dire straits, but have a chance to be rebuilt again. That is essentially the task of mr. Johnson. If he manages to rebuild the empire, he will perhaps get close to his great ideal Winston Churchill.

The two look very much alike, and there is just that chance.

At a deeper level though. I believe, that if we do not speak about the spiritual matters, then how can the empire be rebuilt?

Getting a comeback in the Anglican Church is more than just a spiritual rebirth, it is actually the rebirth of the British empire we are talking about.

Here the Iamblicusian idea of the soul of the people or empire is very important.

It is not just a matter of making trade deals. But a matter of truly connecting on a more important level. The level of soul. That is friendship, good ideas, community, doing something worthwhile together. Supporting each other in the needs of each part of the empire and so on.

In other words, the CULTURAL part of the rebirth of the empire is in many ways truly important.

It is about that feeling between the different countries of the empire, how they work together and so on.

That is the endgame; to strengthen that.

That soul of the empire.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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The spirit of the empire

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Concerning the current EU negotiations, one could, in terms of looking af the needs of the involved parties, discuss how one would plan a strategy. 

First what are the needs of the Brits, especially the voters. They are many actually. But at the core of the vote a great support for the empire, the Queens attitude towards Great Britain, that is that Great Britain is a hub of knowledge, power and international movement, is shared among the constituents. 

They are not a part of the continent, they are proud, independent Englishmen, Walisians, Scots and Irishmen. 

They therefor want to realize that spirit of the empire. Someone might even call it the soul of the empire. 

At the other hand, EU wants the same essentially. EU ALSO wants to be an empire, but the difference is, that where UK is a power player in the British Empire, UK is a vassalstate in EU.

So both parties wants the same, but they have different ideas about where the power should reside. Either in Bruxelles or in London. 

So to satisfy the voters, which is what this all about, especially if you want to win a second term. You need to deliver on their expectations. 

Whether this independence is won by no deal or a deal, doesn’t matter. What matters is, that it is delivered. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom. 

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Well, that was a bit of a drama mr. Trump. First inviting yourself, then making a big blunder, and then retreating without that much of a grace. 

What happened? Well, you just got acquainted with a bit of Danish culture. 

Let me try and explain. Denmark is the vile, tough, primitive little brother of England. 

Where England is illustrious and civilized, we are tough and no nonsense. Where England is advanced, we are plain. 

The Brits call us a peasant country, and to honest, we are. We are the hill Billy’s of Northern Europe. In some areas, to be honest most, this is a bit of a what you say, not so respectable. But when it comes to be tough, we are tough. 

Not only that, we are smart as well. 

If you challenge us, we will bite back. 

Now, our women are, more or less like us men. Tough, no nonsense and true fighters. 

That is both annoying and very cool. 

Mrs. Frederiksen comes from the same area as I am living in now, that is Northern Jutland. Our symbol is a great roaring bull. Tough, no nonsense, and a true menace to the enemies, an untamed force. 

So what you wanted to buy, was in a sense a mountain girl, with a great pitchfork in her right arm, ready to strike. 

You don’t try to bargain with a gal like that, you talk with her and make her your equal. If you do that, then you have a warriors wife at your side, a pretty good support in times of war. 

Now, we are like you, like you Americans in many ways. Unpolished, Protestants. 

That is why you like us, and that is why we essentially like you. 

We are simple folk, as most of you are. 

So, maybe after you know this, we can start the dialogue in earnest. 

Anyway, you are always welcome as a friend. 

G-d bless the mutual friendship between the US and Denmark. 

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According to Iamblichus, the pupil of Plato, G-d is what is good. Then the next pertinent question is; what is good. 

This question is a question that we often fail to put to ourselves, and often when we do, we just imitate the ethics that is around us. Leaving us prone to manipulation. 

According to Plato, in his eminent allegory of the cave, we as people do not like to be presented with truth, and as a consequence, we persecute the truth seekers. 

Me as an example is a pretty good one, even though that I have made a tremendously positive impact on the world as such, still I am the last to stand in the line when it comes to praise and recognition. Be as it may, and it is also nice to an unsung hero, it shines truth to the old allegory of Plato. 

He is right, truth is not a ware we like to either peddle or hear. 

Then good is truly a scarce commodity, because the prerequisite for good is truth. 

Maybe we can actually make a Renaissance, and be more faithful to the virtues of the enlightment, a time where truth was a valued ingredient in our democracies. 

At least, that is what we CAN do, bring truth and honesty to our world, as is the path if we want to be good. 

G-d bless the will to be good. 

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Welcome presidents!

August 19th, 2019 No comments

Well, now we have two Presidents coming to Denmark. One of them even comes to my own home city Aalborg, to make a speech there. Really want to come, but due to severe budgetary restraints, unfortunately this is not possible. 

It is however possible to invite mr. Barack Obama in for a cup a coffee here in my home, the offer is standing Barack, anytime. 

Then we have another president MAYBE coming to Denmark, that is the current president mr. Donald Trump. He comes in normal Trump fashion, that is great uproar, a few scandals and then as a friend coming anyway, because at heart Trump is a friend. 

Anyway, it is a great honour having you here, you are more than welcome, and look forward to the trip. I will at least, and support you however I can when you are here. 

G-d bless the strong alliance between Denmark and the United States of America.

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The freedom of the Christians

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There is a lot of discussion within the Christian community regarding the use of force. Can Christians use lethal force against an enemy?

There has been numerous occasion where this has been the case, not at least the crusades. But even today, the military is, in most respects a Christian military force, at least in Great Britain. 

Then a reflection on military force within Christianity would make sense. 

Me, I am a Jew, but as a part of the “light upon the nations” duty all Jews ideally serve. My attempt has been to try and help some of the suffering nations around the world. 

So back to Jesus Christ. 

According to some apochryphical sources, Jesus Christ was trained as an Essene. That is a Jewish religious order of the ancient Middle East. An order that calls for purity of soul, the obligation to help those in need, and a rejection of material needs. You could say, the Franscicans of the Jews. 

The Essenes is then interesting in the reflection of the spiritual weighing of war against peace. 

Now, in the great rebellion that Jesus was a part of. That of the uprising against Rome, there were other Essenes than just Jesus around, and they did participate in the rebellion against the Romans. 

There is a lot of evidence of this great rebellion in the dig site og Masada, the last great stand of the Jews against the Romans. Here the coins were emblazoned with the cry of Jewish freedom. 

Essenes, among them Jesus Christ was a part of that struggle for freedom for the Jews. 

There were other Essenes that were commanders in the armies of the Jews. 

This, I think, sets a precedent for Christian warfare. 

Jesus was, most probably, a part of a greater rebellion for freedom of the Jews. There were other Essenes that fought for freedom, so there is an Christian religious underpinning under the striving for freedom, for Christians. 

If Christianity is seen as a continuation of some of the ideas that Jesus Christ managed to spread to world, in a symbolic sense, Christianity is the continued fight for freedom of the Jews, and a furthered sense, a fight for freedom for all people around the world.

That is the core of the militaristic understanding of Christianity. 

G-d bless the freedom of the Christians, all around the world, seen from that original Jewish perspective. You are still fighting that freedom fight, please don’t stop, continue until you are truly free.

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My point yesterday, about the utopian nature of political philosophy is simply, that what we strive for, ideally is something better. I believe that the Ancient Greek and Egyptian had a better society than what we have today, especially the last 40 years things have gone the wrong way. 

But they also had a lot of trouble. Constant warfare and threats from barbarian tribes (us).

But they always strived for a better society. Sometimes they made a huge step forward, as in the time of Plato and Aristotle, at other times things went awry as when the sea peoples destroyed the ancient Hellenic world, plunging it into a dark age. 

As Thomas More prescribes however, in his epitomal work Utopia, what we as cultures should do, is to strive for something better. 

Right now we are plugging holes in the ship. Trying to stop the massive flow of migration, stopping the bleeding of our economy and so on. 

But after that, and inbetween, we need to aim at something better. A better society, a more peaceful, happy and content society. 

Thereby bringing Hope. 

G-d bless the will to stem the flow of migrants to a bearable size, and get our economies up and running again. 

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The relation between harmony and order

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Politics has found its most illustrious academic definition in between two leading philosophers of the world. That of Plato and that of Aristotle. 

While Plato was the archidealist, the Pythagorean, Aristotle was the empirical taleteller of the current. 

Inbetween these two towering set of ideas true success in politics lie. 

I talked about needs as destiny in terms of political development. Point being, that you cannot fight the needs. If you do, you setup the frame for a revolution. 

Needs are destiny in terms of politics. 

This idea is Egyptian, or rather ancient Egyptian and understanding this in a Hellenistic perspective you need to know, that Plato was a great fan of Egypt. He studied there in his youth, and is what you term a Pythagorean, that is a Egyptian inspired academic. 

So there is a huge tapestry BEHIND Plato of Egypt that ties his ideas together. 

When Plato discusses harmony as a aim of politics, it is because this is what he learned from the Egyptians. 

Harmony or order was the aim of Egyptian political development, in order to serve the needs of the people. 

Now, when we today talk about harmony or order. We mix things up in a wrong way. Order is seen, basically, as a Roman virtue. Something strict and sometimes a little forbidding. 

That was not the way of the Egyptians, according to them, order was bliss. 

Order was not a sinister thing, but a state of happiness, care, and essentially humanism. 

Humanism is the EFFECT of order and harmony. 

We sometimes forget this in modern politics, that there is order behind humanism. 

We talk about the care for each individual, but in order to be able to care for each person, there has to be order in society. 

Open borders creates the opposite of harmony and order. As a consequence the equilibrium between order and humanism breaks down. 

We do not see the missing piece, that is order when we want peace and harmony. 

In that sense we are pretty primitive in our political ideology. We see only one side of the coin. 

We should therefor embrace the complexity of humanism, understand that it is truly wise. Break free from those hermetic texts that we see as the only source of humanism, and see it in a greater context. The context of ancient Egyptian worldview. 

G-d bless the will to see things in perspective. The true and ancient perspective of Egypt, the mother of spirituality and politics. 

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Welcome mr. President

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Welcome mr. President, it is a great honor to have you coming to Denmark next month. I would say, that there are a lot of people here in Denmark who sees it as both their obligation and self served interest to talk to you. 

Let me be clear about my stance. We in Denmark are not here to dictate anything to our friends. We are one of your most loyal friends and have been it in many years. We see you as a part of ourselves in the sense, that a lot of those cowboys they are named both Petersen and Larsen. 

People who came from Denmark a hundred or two hundred years ago. Each year we actually commemorate this with the Queen coming to be a part of the ceremony. 

We see you as a part of ourselves. 

Anyway, as I have served the US for many years, I will continue to do so. 

I truly hope, that this meeting will be a meeting between good friends, that serve each other in the interests of shared values and hopes for the future. 

We are warming up for the meeting, and just so you know, please give us your wishes for what you want to do when you come. Otherwise it will just be a lot of boring meetings. 

Take Jared as well, he is most welcome. We could set up a meeting between me and him. We have shared interest in the peaceprocess of the Middle East.

There are many things we can do, to further the dialogue between right and left in American politics. 

Anyway, we look forward to seeing you. 

You are most welcome. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The European elite is creating the perfect breeding ground for radicalism and potential revolutions. 

Look at current mood around in many European countries. Greece, Italy, France. Great Britain just pulled itself out. 


Well, if you look at the French Revolution, there was a socialist priest at the time called Eliphas Levi. He wrote a pamphlet called Famine. Where he wanted to inform the elite of France about the famine in the country. The answer of Marie Antoinette was, why don’t they eat cakes?

In other words, she did not understand the need of the people to be able to eat. 

The same goes with the current elite. The need of the people to be secure in their countries is simply ignored by the elite, and as a consequence the system is breaking down. 

Needs are destiny. Politics is about serving the needs of the people. Not doing so will end up in a situation where the entire system will break down. That is called a revolution. 

What that revolution will be remains to be seen. I hope it will be a Democratic Revolution as in France. 

But there are signs of a National socialist revolution coming up. 

That will be truly devastating for Europe. 

So, perhaps being a bit more realistic about the ups and downs of politics would be a pretty smart idea.

G-d bless the will to be strong in faith of Democracy.

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August 7th, 2019 No comments

There is a lot of discussion in the US right now concerning guns and gun control. Let me clear about how law works. 

Law is something that you should feel in yourself. As Heraclitus mentions, it is the inner wall of the city. He claims that, you may breach the outer wall of a city, but if the the inner wall; law is a fortified and strong wall, the city will never be conquered. 

Take all these gunslinging morons who believe it to be their right to shoot people, often children. 

Do they have any respect for law? Do they have any respect for the fabric that strings us together? No, they have no respect for the great and justice seeking country they live in. 

There can be people who are just socially vulnerable and sick, so they go on a criminal rampage. But even though it is a socially made situation they are in. It still is not right. 

So to look at the root cause of all these killings. One should look to better education in law understanding. See how law is actually a good thing, something that binds people together. 

People break the law due to different motives, but they should not, and common ground politically is to try and enforce the acceptance of law as something good. A kind of rules that makes society run in a positive way. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The needs of the people

August 7th, 2019 No comments

It seems to me, that the UK have acquired a philosopher Prime minister. The reflections of mr. Johnson are really of a high quality, and I will truly look very much forward to serve mr. Johnson with philosophical ideas and understanding of the world. 

Let us build on a thing that mr. Johnson mentioned in his inaguration speech. 

That of human sentiment. 

Human beings, and all in nature have needs. They have needs for security, food, procreation, having a future and so on. 

Politics is about serving those needs of the people, so they are content and happy. 

Needs are destiny, in the sense that you cannot fight a human need. The best example is the French Revolution where the people were starving. The elite didn’t know that, and all if a sudden they were overthrown. 

No amount of tyrannical state persecution could stop that. 

So, a wise politician looks at the needs of a people, and seeks to serve them. 

What are the tools that a politician has to serve these needs. According to Iamblichus they are two. 1. Wisdom. 2. G-d. 

Iamblichus have these ideas from the Egyptians, who at the time were leading in terms of culture in the classical Hellenistic world. So these are essentially classical Egyptian ideas. 

They believed, that wisdom would guide you to be able to serve those needs of the populace, understand the needs, put in place political systems to help the needs. A good example is a politics of grain storage. In Egypt there are strings of good years of harvest and strings of bad years of harvest, as it is described in the Bible. 

So the king made a system of grain storage so that in good years grain was storaged, and in bad years grain was eaten. 

This was wise, serving a need, and as a consequence the populace was very happy with the king. 

So what are the most pressing needs of the Europeans? It is security. 

We have just had some devastating occurrences of violence in Germany, Sweden is a living hell, and the UK has a bit of trouble in London among other places. 

The need for security is not met by the politicians. Consequently the populace gets restless and seek new politicians to meet their needs. 

The wise polician then meets the need of security in an intelligent manner. 

I have prescribed repatriation as a harsh consequence towards those migrants who make the streets of Europe unsafe. This has been accepted by most, but doing it craves a lot of courage, wisdom and luck. 

So, that is why we pray to G-d to incur that luck, wisdom and humanity to solve this devastating problem. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom. 

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August 2nd, 2019 No comments

When we talk about unity, there is a depth to that principle, that we should accept and discuss in order to really be able to make progress in this area.

The pupil of Plato Iamblichus, and thus a platonist of the first order has discussed this principle in relation to Egypt. When Plato and Iamblichus lived, Egypt was still an intellectual world power of the first order, and therefor being inspired by ancient Egypt is a quality sign. 

According to Iamblichus the world is organized in triangles. This may sound a little weird to the ears of the modern reader. But that is basically because we have lost some of the basic scientific methodology over the years, especially after the fall of Ancient Rome. 

Let me explain. In order to reach a harmonious society things have to find equilibrium. Equality, another Platonic virtue, is not because we want strife and problems within a society, but because we want harmony. See? The mathematical application of societal development is what truly sets the high bar of civilization. 

Take progressive tax. I know, that tax can be a burden, and I have recommended Smithsonian tax breaks that mr. Johson seems to be doing with wonderful speed and intelligence, wonderful that is really good, it spells good for the UK. 

But at the other hand, making too much inequality in a society where the rich are much richer than the poor leads to civil unrest, breakdown of social order and thus less harmony. The principle of Democritus, that Marx picked up is actually founded in mathematics. 

See how the ancients were wiser than us?

Now unity is another principle that one wants to achieve in a society. Here the mathematical principle is different from the principle of harmony. Harmony is the effect of equilibrium between two opposing factors or forces. Unity is the product of the triangle, that is a central principle to strive for as a society. A principle that gives us principles and so on. 

What is then the core principle to strive for according to Iamblichus? It is what is good. Goodness in a society is the aim and the motive of any political development according to Platonism. 

What is goodness in a society? According to Iamblichus, goodness is G-d. 

In other words, the interpretation of spirituality is what ultimately will bring an ethical perspective of society. 

In other words, making a united society is done by behaving in a good g-d inspired way. 

To see what is important to everybody, to watch out for those who have too little. To be humane in the treatment of those who are citizens in a country. But also to take a stand against abuse, theft and destructive behavior of those who seek to undermine and destroy society. 

All based on truth, rationality, humanity. 

In other words, it is something we should agree upon as a society and then do it in a good way. 

See how the ancients were bright in their ideas?

I think we are on the right track, but we need to find that middle path between peoples needs, and give everybody a chance to find a path in life. Give people a sound frame to live in, to make a good life. 

Make Change, to give Hope. 

G-d bless the will to do good. 

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