The first 100 days

April 25th, 2017 No comments

​OK, the first hundred days of Mr. Trumps president ship is nearing its conclusion. 

I think we can handily conclude, that we, the Democrats are basically still very much in the game. 

The things we do not agree with, are not going through congress, but at the points we do agree, things are going forward. 

The only exception being foreign policy, but even here, my voice has been heard. 

Looking ahead, this is probably how things will evolve. There is however, a single extreme danger for the whole party we need to realise. Look at France, and at UK. In both these countries the liberal part has been all but eviscerated. 

In fact that was why we lost the election in the US, because, although ms. Clinton did adopt most of my policies, she still lost because she was too much of the old guard.

This is not to further my own case. I have plenty of things going for me alone, but to make us realise that the danger is far from over. 

We need to keep developing the liberal perspective in the US, with new innovative and modern approaches. 

This work lies ahead of us, and there is plenty of time to do it, but we should not just leave it to me and chance, we need to start work. Organise, discuss, think to keep the motion going. 

G-d bless the will to be innovative in a difficult situation.

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​Well, after some kind of guard change, we have come to this. Some of the policies that Barack and I have implemented, most notably the attempt to finish the cold war, has remained in the new administrations view. 

The fight against ISIS is also still on, and the fight against China has taken a strange but not altogether bad turn. 

There are some things in the Middle East that is going my way. To accept Egypt again and kick out the Muslim Brotherhood is good, but the overall peace efforts in the Middle East seem to rest on my shoulders now. 

Concerning Europe, things have moved forward, but still it remains to see what the downfall of EU and the rise of IS in Europe will result in. Not a good thing I believe. 

But all in all, I think that the transition phase is at its completion. We still need to see how Mr. Jared Kushner will play his game. That is really all that remains. 

G-d bless the will to be honest and strong in the face of strife.

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The difficulty of virtue

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​I am reading an interesting philosophical treaties by Plato. You know the Athenian who roamed the world 2500 years ago. 

In this specific treaties, he discusses the development of a nation or a polis. The sophist of his discourse claims, that it is possible to teach virtue, and by doing that, create the basis of the nation. 

The point is, that, as Heraclitus says, the law is not an external thing, it is an internal thing. The nation only works, if the citizens are all on a certain level in regards to virtue. 

Yes we do have the police and justice system to punish those who are not virtuous, and breaks the rules. But these measures are only secondary, it is for the exception. A nation should have most of its citizens to follow the law. 

This point, though coming from a sophist, that is a person usually not liked in platonic dialogues, seems right to me. And it points to some of the problems that we meet in the West these days. 

The policy of open borders has the consequence, that we mix people of different backgrounds with very different ideas when it comes to virtue. 

In most cases this can, by teaching be solved, but in some cases the opposite effect is seen. As in the case with all the rapists of the migrants. Obviously, this is unvirtous. This is wrong, and they do it because they are, basically, bad men. 

The problem in our public discourse however, is that in most liberal definitions, migrants, or refugees are virtuous when they come. They are seen as poor, good people, fleeing a devastating war. 

This is often the case, but sometimes the opposite is the fact. They are not poor, but bad men, IS fighters, hiding in the refugee stream. Rapists and so on. 

This clash of understanding virtue is where we are truly divided, some people see all refugees as good, some see all refugees as evil. 

The truth however is in between. There are some good, and some bad. What we need to do, is to be able to make a division. Not be naive in this situation, and take care that the bad men do not get into our countries, but the good men are helped. 

That is difficult, but any politicians with any kind of ambition in the West, should master this process. 

G-d bless the will to be honest and humane in a difficult situation.

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Congratulations Mr. Macron and Ms. Le Pen. Both did a good job of getting to the second round of the French election. First of all, as I founded the movement that Ms. Le Pen is a part of, I am off cause proud of you Marine. Well done. Secondly, what I think France needs is not a firebrand, but a serious political process that leads to a heightened security, and beats the islamist that are in the country. 

This will mean the deconstruction of the EU, but that will come anyway whatever France do. With Marine at the helm, it will be controlled with Macron at the helm it will be total chaos. 

Marine has another thing going for her. She is a good friend of Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin. In a chaotic scenario, these friendship would be good to have for France. Mr. Trump can help with troops, and Mr. Putin can help in the international theatre, where France will play another role with Marine at the helm than what he does now. 

There is only one thing, that I do advise Ms. Le Pen to do, use my economical ideas, as the UK and the US does. It has lead to dramatic increase in the production output of both countries, and it benefits your voters. 

These people are in trouble, they need food on the table. Talk to either Trump or May about it. Or read about it here on Rubicon. I have written about it quite extensively. 

Anyway, good luck both, I support Le Pen, but I recognise the qualities of Mr. Macron as well. 

G-d bless the will of the French.

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​OK Mr. Kushner, I have tried to relay you some of the things you need to think about, if you want to work in the Middle East with peace. Again. 

1. Think out of the box, to continue the endless Palestinian talks is a waste of time.

2. Understand the peoples of the Middle East. Here the history is a key.

3. Make your own plan, but do it within the frame of what Israel is already. Your greatest problem is that you are a new, nobody knows you truly. So you need to get your hands dirty. When I started my political career, I did it by going out to the people, and asking them what they had on their mind. It ended me up in a far right group, but they were the ones who cared, and knew things. A kind of pilgrimage in my own country. Maybe that could be an idea for you as well. Talk to people, the settlers, the different political players, the artists, the engineers, the people living under a constant threat of violence, just so that they know you, and vice versa. 

Again, my door is open, you can come here to Aalborg if you wish. Not much of a town, but the happiest town on earth, believe that if you will.

I will try and help you the best that I can. Else, I will, myself, continue the work I have done in the Middle East, and hopefully support whatever process that will lead to the development of each ancient country. 

But most of all, be humble. This part of the planet deserves it, it is one of the cradles of civilisation, and they are very proud of it. If you understand that, and sees them for what they are, you have a chance to do something else. 

Good luck. 

G-d bless the will to be wise and support the well being of Israel.

And Jared, to really live up to examples setup by earlier generations, there is a long way to go, but we need to try. 

Link to a testimony of a Holocaust surviver. 

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The philosopher kings

April 23rd, 2017 No comments

To understand how you become a true leader of Israel and thereby have a chance to further the goals and the wellbeing of jews, we need to look at the stars of Israel.

First of all of cause Shimon Peres, the greatest star of Israel and one of the founding fathers.

There were others in the beginning, but mr. Peres was there always it seems.

The energy, the dedication, the sacrifice he was ready to make, is unrivalled. And through this immense sacrifice he was able to push a peace agenda at last.

The other star, though, unfortunately to us all so short lived, is Yonatan Netanyahu. He was also a hero, well educated, a true warrior and he paid the largest price for Israel.

What is truly the common denominator between these two? They were both philosophers and warriors.

Through an immense learning, and a will to fight, they lead Israel.

To make peace in the Middle East, you need to reach these lofty heights. Be both a warrior and a scholar.

If you look at an other leaders in history, we see, the philosophical warriors are the best. Alexander the great, raised by Aristotle. Julius Caesar, himself a learned man and a warrior. Marcus Aurelius, Carl the great and me.

The philosopher kings.

These are the leaders, and they are few, but when they appear. They change the course of history.

G-d bless Israel, the land of both learning and proud fighters.

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The Middle East

April 22nd, 2017 No comments

​The Middle East is not an easy place to do politics, especially not if you are from the West. Let us face it. When the Babylonians invented the wheel and writing, we were still living in long houses fighting all the time. 

We smashed the beautiful Middle eastern cultures as the Hittite and the Homeric. 

So we have a certain lack of understanding, that makes it a bit difficult to really grasp what the Middle East is all about. 

We see them as dark, strange creatures that we still have a lot of respect for, I mean the Bible is filled with Middle East culture as Babylon, Egypt and so on. But the current political drama eludes us. 

This makes us act contrary to our own aims of peace and stability. We are just the idiots from the outside that understands nothing and keep destroying and meddling. 

Except for two major persons that really have understood the Middle East on its own terms. Lawrence of Arabia and me. 

What is it that makes us players on the same level as everybody else in the Middle East.

It is an intimate knowledge, and love for Middle Eastern culture. It is the Oxford tradition of digging in the old cultures, Egypt, the Hittites, the Assyrians, the Arab, the Jewish, and use this knowledge to propose peace projects and solutions to the problems faced in the Middle East. 

You see, the Middle East knows that it has been leading, and is not anymore. As China, that has the same role, they seek a way to find a leading role again. 

But contrary to China, the Middle East is not as aggressive and dominating. When we have criticised the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood for world domination, most great players of the Middle East as Egypt and Saudiarabia have chosen our side. 

So there is a possibility to work and develop the Middle East in a constructive way. As we are doing with Egypt now, and we can do with all the other ancient countries. 

Here is a role to play for Oxford, in fact it is vital that the Oxfordian tradition of learning and understanding is kept alive and has a role to play. Here again is an exiting role for the UK to play. 

G-d bless the will to be right with the Middle East.

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​These beginnings of presidentships are really difficult, so much to convey and so much at stake. I do not prescribe anything, but I do try to make the shift from one presidentship as smooth as possible. 

Now, there are basically two guys that are interested in the international politics in the Trump administration, as far as I can surmise from the outside. 

Mr. Kushner and Mr. Bannon. After doing a little research on Kushner and knowing where Mr. Bannon comes from. These are my advise. 

First of all, it is about the complexity of the operation. Barack and I made most of the decisions between the two of us. That was both good and bad. Good because it made a lot of consistency, and allowed us a very complicated and successful strategy that has spanned decades, and is still the basis we are working with. Bad in the sense, that it has been, mostly, unknown outside a very, very limited group of top brass. 

This gave me a lot of problems when Kerry took over. He tried to do the usual Clintonesque Israel Palestine peace process, and failed. Because he did not understand what Barack and I had been up to. 

If Mr. Kushner wish to avoid the mistake Mr. Kerry did, please I am here, just call me, contact me, anything, I will help. 

It seems to me, that the two advisers are not that happy with each other. This is probably due to different views. I believe though, that these differences can be overcome, if both parties study the lay of the land a little more. 

The fight against ISIS is linked to the peace process of the Middle East. In fact I started all the focus on ISIS with the help of Mr. Netanyahu. The point is, there are some bad guys in the Middle East, and they are ISIS. In order to make peace with all the other parties, we just need to line up in this fight. A common enemy creates a bond. 

Honesty, I am a little surprised to say that I actually like both Mr. Kushner and Mr. Bannon. Both leading characters in their field. Mr. Bannon a hardcore conservative liberalist of the anti Islamist lately anti Muslim mould. In fact, I disagree with the view that all muslims are evil, but we came from the same mould of islamcritics. He is a good guy. And Mr. Kushner the best of Judaism, intelligent, honest, religious, gentle but with a fighter inside. 

Good men both. 

I think it is a matter of understanding the strategic choices, and truly listen to Mr. Trump, because he had it right in the first place. 

Good luck guys, I will try to help you the best I can. 

G-d bless the United States of America, may he live for another hundred years.

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April 20th, 2017 No comments

​Listen, I have given the whole international strategy quite some thought. The funny thing is Donald, when you started out, you had all the right priorities. You pushed NATO, you wanted to be friends with Mr. Putin, you wanted to fight China and ISIS. 

These were also my priorities. Why, because it is pretty obvious that these things are the right things to do. China is a threat, ISIS is a threat. Being friends with Mr. Putin just makes sense. 

I know that there are a lot of people out there that wants to influence you, and truly I see your ability to listen to them as something important and a true quality. 

But you should also listen to yourself. You may not have that much experience with international politics, but you did get the priorities right in the first place. 

Washington D.C. is a though place, especially with all the pressure on you. But you need to hold on to your own ideas of how to do things. Because they are mostly right. 

You know, my feeling is, that when you started all this, you did it partly from interest and partly because you wanted to change something. 

Power is a difficult thing. It corrupts, and sometimes it leads you away from the things you started believing in at the beginning. I happen to think that most of the things you ran on are right, because it is more than just you or all your advisers fighting for your ear. At the end of the day, it is the small man at the bottom rung, who cannot make ends meet, because his job was lost, who I am fighting for. I think, it is the same with you. 

So what I am saying is, believe in your own ideas, they are sound. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The two fights

April 19th, 2017 No comments

​Well now it has been a few months of Mr. Trumps presidentship. I realise, that I have been quite demanding, and I am sorry, but there is so much at stake, and so little room for error. 

I am not a president, I am not a leader of a country. I am an intellectual, and it is my job to lead and guide the free world, from an intellectual point of view. 

This is my job. 

Contrary to a president, I do not field any warriors or command huge armies. I do not have to seek compromise in the two chambers and I am idealistic, and can do that without any repercussions. 

But at the end of the day, the interest of the US and mine are exactly the same. 

I bleed, I sacrifice, I fight for a better world. 

When Mr. Obama took over from Mr. Bush, the situation was really problematic. The US fought the islamist or the radical Muslims in a very expensive way. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was extremely expensive. 

Barack and I scaled the costs down, sought and succeeded in making an alliance, and gave the American economy a breather. 

This gave the defence community a chance to think about the priorities. 

Because the basic problem of Mr. Bushes wars were, that it gave China a way to push down the US. Because the wars were paid with money lend from China. 

So it was a problem that the Afghan and Iraqi wars made the US weaker in other end of the globe. 

In practise it meant a lot of money going to the Chinese, and also it gave them a way to expand their territory worldwide. We see it in Africa, and East Asia. 

Now, we changed that, and this gives the US a very good fighting chance. 

The strategy against China is complex. At one hand it is domestic. We seek to rebuild the production base of the US, through cutting off the flow of production going from the US to China and Mexico. At the other hand we build a military presence ind and around China, to curb their aggression. 

This is working, Australia is coming back to us. The Philippines is coming back. The Taiwanese feel supported and so on. In essence we are fighting back in East Asia, to the benefit of our allies and ourselves. 

Two birds with one stone and all profits. Win win. 

This fighting is again more than just a military might of showoff, it is also, and that is really the most important, an economic fight. 

We need to win the economic fight to win the military fight. 

In fact, we should not use military force unless we are truly forced to. 

If we can press back China without lifting a gun, that would be preferable. But we should not be naive, it may come to blows, and if it does, we should ready for it. 

So again, these are my analysis, it is free, it does not cost anything, so I hope you do not see this as Mr. Obama trying to run things from behind. It is not, it is me Asger, trying to save the West and our democratic values. 

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of strife.

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April 17th, 2017 No comments

Ok Donald, now your first strike of foreign policy choices have been made. 

To be honest, I am not that impressed with the strategic choices, but I do like the tempo. 

First of all, strategy in business and in warfare hold some of the same components. You worry about your resources, you make a plan that needs to come to fruition, and you worry about the morale of your employees. 

There are many other factors that are not alike, but these basic traits are, more or less, the same. 

The fight against ISIS is so far evolved, that the answers to those question are pretty straightforward, and they have been answered just fine. This war, which is, basically, the most important to you, should really be your first priority. This means focusing on getting NATO up and running with the aim of beating ISIS, helping Al-Sisi, worrying about what is happening in Europe. 

Secondly, there is China. I understand that you somehow made a deal with them in order to contain North Korea. 

This really eludes me. I mean why even accepting the help of China. I can understand it, if you want to make a conventional war. But usually the way Reagan fought Communism, was with the CIA. That is secret ops, regime change and the like. 

Communism usually leaves the people pretty unhappy, so they are open to new ideas. 

If you go with CIA option, you do not need China.

China however is a whole different piece of challenge. 

They are actually pretty happy there, and as a consequence the CIA will be useful, but who knows in this situation. 

They are a much larger threat to US interest, they are stealing the jobs, and they are threatening US allies. 

This challenge is much larger, and should really be mulled over. The war is inevitable, so we better be prepared.

G-d bless the will to think straight in a difficult situation.

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What did we actually do?

April 15th, 2017 No comments

Looking at the Middle East now after mr. Barack Obama and I have left it, it might seem a little bewildering what we were up to. 

I mean, we tried to make peace with Iran, we supported the Arab states at the same time, and tried to find peace with mr. Putin as well. 

Most other American strategies have focused, mostly, on the infighting between the so-called palestinians and Israel. 

First of all, what we tried to do, and did with quite some success, was to elevate the conflict from local to regional to global. 

Instead of focusing on the problems between to proxies of Gaza and the West bank, we tried to address the problems of the region at regional level. On one hand we have the Arabs, at the other hand we have the Persians. In the middle we have Israel. 

Locally we tried to make the fight with ISIS a pannational project, we all could fight. This served the further goal of preparing Europe, and ourselves of the menace. 

So it was a kind of killing two birds with one stone idea. 

This actually worked, and we now have a broad coalition behind the fight against ISIS that serves the purpose of preparing Europe for the oncoming fight, and gives us a broad backing behind American lead priorities. 

On top of this, it is a fight FOR democracy, since ISIS is against democracy. 

It even goes further in the sense, that we do not target all muslims but leaves a window open for a peaceful cooperation, something that mr. Al-Sisi tries to help us with. 

This very complex operation is still in service, but it has taken a huge hit in the Syrian debacle. We still have Russia on board on the fight against ISIS, but we should be VERY careful not to lose them. 

Try to think about it, we have Russia behind an American lead operation. That has never happened before. 

In fact Obama and I made a world-wide alliance, for American values that everybody agrees upon. 

If we lose that, American involvement and especially ideological leadership will suffer tremendously. 

So why do no-one understand this?

Because of the complexity of the operation, and because, honestly and here I truly believe that American media has failed, noone cared to ask me to explain the details. 

You have to be really elitist or extremely nerdish when it comes to politics, to understand what is really going on. 

Now we are not perfect, but the results talk for themselves. 

And I truly believe, not at least because I think mr. Obama deserves some credit for it, that the American public has a right to know what we did. 

We should truly celebrate the victory and the strength of the American perspective, instead of criticizing ourselves so much. 

And we did it, while saving money, resources and protecting the soldiers the best we could. 

This is not to say, that we cannot spare lives in the coming conflicts of China and Europe. But we have tried to construct the best possible weaponry for the conflicts, so that as many lives as possible are spared.

So I really think that the American media deserves to let me explain what actually went on. Not at least for the next generation of leadership to be prepared for their action. 

G-d bless the will to act with precision and care for the men at arms.

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Middle East

April 13th, 2017 No comments

Well, I know that mr. Trump sees the Middle East as a mess. Well, it has been a mess for the last 5000 years, ever since the first city of Eridu (Eden) was founded, then over all the fightings between the Assyrians and the Egyptians, the Hittitie (Iranians) the Babylonian (Iraqi), Jews, Christian, sea peoples, Muslims, Polytheist, French, English on and on it goes. 

The Middle East has always been at war. 

Bringing peace is a dream that has been harboured there since the beginning of time, an institution as the Messiah has been instituted, just to nourish the dream about peace. 

What Obama and I tried, was much more complex and ambitious than tried ever before, and we did, albeit not perfect, get somewhere. 

Israel has been strengthened, Iran has been strenghtened, Egypt has been strengthened, even Saudi Arabia has found a new more peaceful way. 

Ok there are problems, Syria is a mess, the war in Yemen is a problem. 

But the process of peace was initiated and still is actually going quite well. 

The problem for the Middle East is not that it always fights, it is, that it is caught in the global competition between East and West, Russia and the US. 

This feeds the hostilities, that would, otherwise be less toxic. 

Seen from an international perspective, I think we should see the conflicts for what they are. 

The conflict in Syria is a part of the Arab spring, the idea was to bring Democracy to the Middle East. 

Seeing it from that perspective, I cant see why Assad cannot be a part of the solution. This however wont happen now, after mr. Trump has invested so much in his abdication. 

So the conflict will continue to infest the relationship between the US and Russia.

My best advise is; think about peace, and how NOT to ruin all the treasures of the Middle East. What happened in Palmyra is a crime against humanity, the destruction of ancient mosques as well. 

Do we really want that, or do we, as the heirs to the cradle of civilisation try to lift ourselves and reach a level that our ancestors found?

It will be difficult, but possible, if we search and understand our predecessors and ancestors, their ideas, and build upon them. 

Think for ourselves, not for everybody else. 

G-d bless the peace we will find in the face of another round of atrocities.

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The burning light of democracy

April 12th, 2017 No comments

I have reflected a little on all the work mr. Obama and I have done in the international theatre of war, and where that leads to you mr. Trump.

First of all, international politics is very difficult, especially in a world where we are not progressing, but trying to stop the downfall. 

It requires a bit of genius to treat this process in order to counter all the threats that there is. But it is possible.

First of all, you need to think about the cause. Fighting, giving your life for something, is not something taken lightly. Our men and women at arms are giving their life for something. That something in the US of A is the constitution, the “We the people”, and that again is democracy. 

You can fly drones over far away lands, and you can act with the skill and tech that we have, but at the end of the day, morale, that is the will to fight, needs a cause. 

So in the first term of mr. Obama´s tenure we fought for democracy in the north african countries. It was called “the Arab spring”. We won the fight, but we lost the peace. 

This is why I think we should think about what comes after, from the beginning. If we want peace in Syria, then what is that peace, and how can we ensure that it follows our ideas as well. 

The good thing about fighting for a cause, is the fact, that you gain natural allies. Of cause France, the second cradle of Democracy was all in on the Arab spring, and after that, they were in on the fight on ISIS. Because the fight against ISIS is actually the natural step after the Arab Spring. ISIS is the enemy that ruined the Arab spring. More or less. I know that we did a poor job of securing the peace, but IS were and are our enemies. 

Now Russia and Syria are actually not against Democracy. Yes they are not perfect, but, all in all, they actually hold elections, believe in human rights, try to secure the wellbeing of all religions and so on. 

So, even though we fight here and there, we are not natural enemies. 

This is the way it is, and most enlightened commentators knows this, so it makes it very difficult to truly fight them. Because you need public support to do so, and you do not have that very much. 

This leaves you with the two enemies that I and Obama have focused on in his second tenure; China and IS. 

If you want progress, use the tools we have created. It is all prepared into the smallest detail, especially in Europe. 

My aim has been to fight IS in Europe, and create a multitude of democracies in Europe after the fall of EU, which is imminent. 

When the EU falls, there is ample opportunity to flex American muscle, and a lot of smaller countries who are in dire need of help against the uprising of the IS in Europe. 

So I promise you success, if you see what strategy is on a political level. It is to make a one to one balance between ideology and struggle. 

Unfurl that banner of Democracy again, keep the light of revolution burning. 

That is what is the basic function of the presidentship, keep the light burning for all Americans to nourish from. 

G-d bless the burning light of Democracy.

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April 11th, 2017 No comments

To understand what is really happening in the West, please let me take you back to a time when things actually did work. 

A time that is almost forgotten today, but it actually made a lot of the present day administration. 

The time was at the time of the sun king Louis XVI. He inherited a realm where he was the only power supreme, and he used it to build a realm that was, for its time; progressive, inventive, sure of itself, with a loyal citizenry. He was renown for his brilliance, and with that brilliance, he attracted other brilliant minds to work for him. 

In a sense we can say, that the next French generation, the Republicans, owe him a great debt. Because even though Democracy was against the aristocracy, many of the thoughts that ended up in human rights and so on, was initiated in the progressive realm of the sun king. 

If we compare this with today in Europe, we can see that the exact opposite is happening. Our rulers are pretty stupid, there is no progress just a slow decline. 

Let us take a few examples; in order to build a realm the current leadership of the EU imported millions upon millions of migrant workers with very little skill and a mindset absolutely alien to the peoples of Europe. 

Well, if the project was to unite the different european countries into one identity and culture, why make the differences even larger than what they were in the beginning?

That is not what you would call enlightened leadership, in fact it is very close to absolute stupidity, the result is given; chaos. 

There are numerous examples of like decisions that is the opposite of genius, and has led to the chaos we witness now. 

So what can we learn from that comparison? We can learn, that the progress of our predecessors were made by genius. 

The enlightened and supreme leaders of Louis XVL made progress. 

In fact, why is it that Europe has been so succesful in matters of civilisation before the second world war, because we had brilliant minds; Adam Smith, Voltaire, Condorcet, Kierkegaard, Hegel, Kant, Bohr, Maxwell, Newton. 

That is what we can learn from the example, and that is also what we need to do to get out of the misery that we are in right now. 

We need to strive for intellectual betterment, follow those academic stars, that illuminate our sky. 

That is the answer to our misery.

G-d bless the wisdom of our ancestors.

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