Terror in Europe

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At the realisation, that the European continent and the UK is under the threat of Islamic State attacks. We also need to realise, that it will not go away with the usual lethargic strategies. There is no “let us sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya”. There is only one thing, and that is war.

It is devilish, terrible and awful, but the war is here, and we need to act accordingly.

I know, that people suffer tremendously from lack of opportunity in the third world, but that does not sanctify the mass exodus from Africa to Europe.

These trends are not only tearing Europe apart, but will, if not contained, spill into a mass suicidal war for all of mankind.

It has to be stopped in its tracks, it has to be handled professionally from the beginning.

The main problem is a rise of political Islam within many muslim, especially Sunni muslim circles.

It may seem as a righteous cause, but it is not, it is simply causing a lot of chaos and is the spark that can tear all of Islam apart.

Therefor, the responsible European states MUST act to defuse the ticking bomb.

How is this obtained? It is obtained by a mass repatriation of the proletariat that has been formed under the suzerain of the European Union. As the European Union is buckling and shrinking, the effects of its misconduct must be handled.

It may be hazardous and difficult, but if we do not simply send the people back to safe environments, the ongoing conflicts will spill into even more radicalization of the European peoples. Nazism will rear its ugly head again, and other forms of white supremacy groups will gain momentum.

Therefor, the liberal and Democratic forces that still prevail in Europe, must take a complete different stand on these issues, and make a mass exodus of the malcontents. To simply defuse the bomb that the EU has planted.

This will be difficult, but with an iron political will, and the right investments in security measures, it is possible,

IS is thriving in the poor and disenfranchised muslim diaspora communities, and we risk an all out war with them, on the European continent.

This is what we should prepare for, but it is what we can avoid, if we take this refugee/migrant problem at its root, and reverse the flow.

It is not inhuman, otherwise the malcontents and the Europeans will be at each others throats in just few years, we need to act with force and precision to avoid it.

I am so sorry, but we are left with no other choice, if we are to avoid mass war within the European Union. A mass war with an enemy that chooses to have sex slaves and treat Yazidi girls as mere meat.

They will do the same with us, in fact, in certain areas of Europe, this trend is already there to see for those who dare.

Shame on us, for not reacting while we can still defuse the bomb.

G-d bless the will to act in a terrible situation.

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It has now been the third major Islamic State attack this year in Europe. First Nice, then London now Barcelona. Beautiful Barcelona, the home of Gaudi and with one of the finest cuisines in all of Europe.

We cry with you, we feel your sorrow, we see your crying eyes, and we cry with you. We know how hard and terrible these things are, how much you feel scared and the surrealistic experience.

We must come together, not only in words but also on action. These atrocities must stop, but it will not stop, unless we are clear-sighted about the range and character of the threat.

These are militant, dangerous and professional killers. They thrive in a world with open borders and a laid back security culture.

So, as a consequence, even though it breaks my heart, we need to stop being so laid back, and actually invest in security. Not just a little, but a lot. We need to come together in NATO, and plan ahead for the increased violence, and we need to see this as it is:

A violent attack on the Spanish Democracy. As it was a violent attack on the Democracies of France, The UK and Denmark.

We should not confuse the intent with that of all Muslims, they do not hate us all. But a lot of them do.

So we need to be realistic about this. Be serious about border control, security threats, and also the growing desperation of the socially disenfranchised proletariat of migrants in and around Europe.

Though they all are disenfranchised, they are also a mounting problem. We need to solve it, and be serious about this.

Otherwise we will end up in much hotter waters, and that would end Europe as it is.

G-d bless the will to be serious and tough with these things, and G-d bless the victims of another terrorist attack, mothers and children. It is despicable.

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There is a lot of problems in the U.S. right now. The “fringes” of the Republican and Democratic establishment are on a mutual meltdown with things going on, that is simply not right.

None of the two sides are in their right mind with the amount of violence and general misbehaviour seen by numerous attendants.

I truly abhor the murder by the man killing innocent bystanders in a IS type attack. And the amount of destruction brought to us by the Antifa, is just as absurd. It is just not right.

I say this with the strange situation of actually being right in the Middle, I was a part of the initiation of the alt-right, and I have been the good friend and inspirer of the Democrats.

What do we do?

Well, I have been doing som research on metaphysical studies, and it just struck me, that the founder of modern liberalism mr. Alinsky must have dipped his toes in Hermetic water. Hermetism is the secret lore behind alchemy, magic, and harks back to the ancient Egypt.

Mr. Alinsky dedicates his book, Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. Strange right? Well if you know something about Hermetism, it is not so strange. Lucifer CAN be seen as a ligthbringer of sorts. In btw. I do not believe in that, I believe that Satan is Satan.

But, this explains mr. Alinskys talk about Change.

Remember, the main epithet of Mr. Obamas presidency; Change. He has this idea from Alinsky.

Anyway, I believe that I truly have a more profound understanding of Change, after having read some of the sources of Mr. Alinskys ideas, probably.

The point is, basically, that everything in the material world changes, and everything in the spiritual world is fixed on a principle level.

So, truly what Alinsky is talking about, in a deeper sense, is the understanding of the world as a world of Flux.

Things Change all the time, and therefor, we need to change with it. Find new answers to new problems.

This is truly where I believe, that I gave Obama something, and strangely enough, also the Alt-right. Both parties wanted to Change, understand the world anew, and give new answers to new problems.

Take the problem of terrorism. After 9/11, it was pretty clear to everybody, that all muslims are not good guys. There are some, who wish to hurt us. So we needed a new answer to that new development. We needed to Change. So we looked at it, and decided, that all muslims who respect Democracy are the good guys, and those who are against it, are the bad guys. We Changed.

Take the question of economy. We realised that the old answers of trickle down economics and just Keynes is not enough. We needed new ideas, so we came up with the idea of patriotic businessmen. That was Change.

My basic point is. That those morons who are battling each other down south, are actually the ones who have not changed. They are still holding on to the old ideas, and it is as despicable as ever.

But those who have been on the journey of Change, tried new paths, reinvented politics, they are actually not so far from each other.

My point is, in all this mayhem and destruction, there is a great part of society, that actually tries their best to find common ground. To work together, to find each other.

Those are the ones Barack and I tried to inspire and give new fuel. Those who wish to protect and serve this great country, and not destroy and ruin things.

They are the ones who seek solutions and try to amend.

They are the harbingers of Change.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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I think the preparations for the war with China is running quite well.

First of all, Mr. Trump has got a new way of handling the press. It really works. Instead of going through different mouthpieces, we can control the escalation and de-escalation ourselves. It served us pretty well in the North Korea challenge, and it actually made it possible to give the Russians a feeling of pride in the face of the humiliating actions by congress towards Russia.

There is one thing however I think is pretty important to get working within the presidential house; the presidential family.

You know, as one of my great heroes of political thought once wrote; the worst thing about politics is that the families always seem to fall apart. There are however, once in a while those few couples who seem to do the opposite, and actually support each other so much, that the shared political output is better than one of them alone.

I think that Mr. Obama and his beautiful wife, was one of those couples. They are really good together.

My point is, you need to make your family work while you are president. Not only your wife and her positive position, but also the rest of your family. They need protection, they need to feel that they are contributing in a positive way. The more the presidential family is in harmony, the more you can use of positive energy on your own goals.

Barack did an admirable thing I think, he had dinner with his family each and every day. Even in stressful times, he still came home and saw his children, listened to their worries, and tried to be a good parent. Everybody admired him for that, because it did show his true character as caring parent.

That is what is important, family, country and one G-d.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Changing with the times

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It seems to me, that we are trying but not really succeeding in the proces of finding new ways in the Democratic Party.

Look at it this way; ideas are principles you fight for, to make a better world. Now, the thing is, the world changes. You have different challenges in different times.

When Karl Marx founded Marxism, he was living in a world, where the industrialization was running amok. Workers were living under the most difficult conditions. So Marx made an ideology that matched the challenges of the society.

It became a huge succes, because it really had a lot of quality.

The same can be said of the French Revolution. That revolution was the result of a crisis in the Aristocratic systems of Europe, especially in France, where sexabuse by the aristocracy was widespread.

The next step after Marx, was the Frankfurterschool. That were some Communist Jews who had to flee Germany, and then founded what is, more or less, modern academia in the US.

Again people of immense learning, and they had some good ideas. But the world changes, and new challenges are presented to our generation. Namely those of Islamic conquest and the deteoriation of the working middle class.

So it is a matter of fighting for our values: democracy and getting jobs back to the U.S..

Add to this a rejection of the nihilistic part of Marxism, focusing on a spiritual reawakening.

I am not saying, that we should not protect minorities, we should, but we should not make it the only focus of our ideas. These are subject to the new ideas. That is Democracy, and spirituality.

That is Change, remember. Change is not about keeping the same old, same old refrains, but about renewing ourselves, finding new ways.

The world changes, we need to change with it.

That was actually what it was all about, the Obama presidentship, Change. If we forget that, we also forget the best and most astounding turn around for not only the U.S. but also the Democratic Party.

So let us get back on the horse, straighten our backs, and have a little faith in Change.

G-d bless the will to see things in a different light.

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Being neutral to all sides, to the best of my ability

August 11th, 2017 No comments

It is really difficult how to embrace both Mr. Trump and the Democratic Party plus all the supports of the ladder.

On one hand, I am a truly loyal person, I do not jump from party to party, and I never will. I suppose I am also a good friend, or at least, I really try my best.

But the thing is, BOTH mr. Trump AND the Democratic Party really needs my support, and has a claim on it.

Add to this the problem, that the world is at a very dangerous crossroads in terms of military development, everybody really needs me.

So, I truly hope, that you do not see my support of any of you as a rejection of the other political part. But a practical and necessary thing to do.

I will try, to the very best of my limited ability to be a serious and really good friend to both parties.

We are talking about a potential nuclear war coming up, that needs the best we can all give. This is very dangerous, but we will prevail.

G-d bless you all, and I truly hope you see, that help is for all who truly needs it and come with an open mind.

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Making America great again

August 10th, 2017 No comments

Well, well done Mr. President, you stood up to what you believed in, and called off North Koreas game. I am proud of you, well done.

This is difficult in a situation, where you have so many against you. But, the fact of the matter is, that there will be hellfire raining down on our enemies. That is the way it will be.

If we look at the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the China debacle. We are strong on fighting power, IF we amass all our troops. And we are weak in cyberspace.

The Chinese have been developing their spooknetworks for a long time, and are better than we are in this area.

This gives us a disadvantage in the realm of networkcontrolled munitions, communication and so on.

I believe it is pretty obvious, that we need a plan B, if the Chinese manage to shut down our networks, GPS systems and so on. And we need a weapon to take down their networks, if possible.

But that is all in a bit of future.

Right now, there is North Korea. We need to realise, that there is no such thing as a Iran solution. It is really not in our interest, and they are far more geeky than the Iranians. The Iranians were angry because we did not recognise them as a civilisation. The North Koreans are just a Chinese proxy that continues the fight that the Russians have stopped.

For fifty years they have sought to undermine our leadership and strength. They are almost there, and this is really a last call of action. We need to realise this, we have our backs against the wall, and if China succeeds with their ambition, they will not treat us well, there are too many grievances.

So we need to fight them down, on our own terms.

Actually things are shaping up, I don’t know if we have a deal going on with India, but they are actually with us, and thank G-d for that. That is sent from heaven, G-d bless them. This is a blessed occurrence.

Anyway, we still need to think about our troops and strengths. We need to build a league against China/North Korea.

We will not have the Russians with us, but we will have them with us in another theatre of war, that of the war against the Islamists.

The strategy I built with Obama, was to fight two menaces at once, giving a boost to our collected enterprise.

We fought the IS, because they are a menace, and we supplied, built up the economy and so on, in preparation to the fight with China.

The fight with IS was supposed to boost the morale, and create a network of allies. This is still holding, and it will continue in Europe.

So we have a leading role in both Asia and in Europe.

Our European allies need our leadership in the fight against IS in Europe, and as a consequence, they will follow us on China as well.

See the double strategy?

Bottom line, what we need to do now, is to make plans for an invasion of North Korea and China, see where it leads us. They need to know that we are serious about this.

At the other hand, we need to make deals with NATO both on the China conflict, but more importantly on IS in Europe.

It is hell over here, car crashing every day in France, UK and Sweden, that is a mess, even though they are not part of NATO.

But these tandem preparations should be done openly, and effectively.

We also need to rethink our engagement in Afghanistan, we need those troops in other places.

But the next half a year is a phase of preparations. We need to get the huge military machine into high alert, and get them to be ready.

This is it, gentlemen. The first fight of Mr. Trump, and that is going to make America great again.

G-d bless, and keep safe.

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August 8th, 2017 No comments

Dear mr. Trump, it seems to me, that the trouble of governing such a huge country as the U.S. is a more daunting task than you realised in the first place.

It is, I remember the first phase of mr. Obama and my work. It was the same, trouble, difficulty in getting things through congress and so on.

But, you do have a few tricks up your own sleeve, and I will give you one really good one here.

There is one tool, that you still have not used in foreign policy; your attention.

I will give you an example. When Bruce Springsteen campaigned along Barack, he did not like it that much. I really like Bruce Springsteen, but Barack and Bruce did not connect that well. So Mr. Springsteen felt kind of off beat.

What did Barack do? He took him on one of his flights on Air force One. A rare treat, Barack did that for a very few people. That helped, they caught each others attention, and from there on Mr. Springsteen campaigned very well.

The same thing goes on in foreign policy, and in domestic policy for that matter. You can, by giving attention to people you want to draw closer to the U.S. strengthen the diplomatic bonds. It works, and it gives the U.S. some leverage over the political scene.

One of the things Mr. Putin was really angry about was the fact that you did not visit him, for instance.

But, this is a way to forge alliances with different powers around the world. For you it actually has payed off with your visit to Saudi Arabia, that gave the U.S a precious ally. The sword dance may have been a little awkward, but it worked.

Take India, we actually have a pretty good chance of drawing them closer to us. This makes sense, since we are in an open conflict with China. So you could go to India, and see if you could draw them closer. That would increase the pressure on China.

As for Mr. Putin, he really deserves a visit too, in my eyes, he stood up for you for a long time.

Anyway, that is not for me to decide, I just try to give you the tools you need to succeed. Right now we need to box in China, and so we need to make friends with their enemies and not get too much in the crosshairs of their allies.

It is actually also a lot of fun to visit countries, I think. But I have always really liked travelling, so maybe that is just my taste.

But anyway, you can use your presence and attention as a tool in statemanscraft. Box in China, make friends with the countries around China, and you have a better base to fight from

G-d bless the will to be strong in a difficult situation.

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The President

August 4th, 2017 No comments

The congress is scared about one thing; do you Mr. Trump disentangle the democratic process. They have, honest to say, something to put that fear in. The first hundred days were mostly executive orders, and they have not recovered from that yet.

What you experience, is the first backlash after the first hundred days. Now, after the first hundred days, there is a new phase. That is the phase of being presidential. You can get less through, and you need to focus more on foreign policy.

Leave them alone a bit. I do not say, that you should stop the prosecution of the paedophilic rings, on contrary, if it is really true that peadophilia is rampant in some upper class circles, no excuse is enough. It has to be trampled out, as did his eminence pope Francis. It is disgusting, and I have your back the whole way on this issue.

Then there is the discussion on how to be presidential. You have it in you, you proved that at the Poland speech. That was not only a little presidential, it was an amazing feat, worthy some of the best American speeches over the years. You know my stance on the EU, and I really support you here. The EU is no good news.

But back to the art of being presidential. It is like this. The democratic institution is made of three parts. The lower house, the House of Representatives. The upper house, the Senate. The presidential institution, you.

These three parts of the democratic system reflects three parts of the society namely the people (lower house), the aristocracy (the upper house), the king (the president). There is a lot of fancy smancy theories behind this system, but the point that is important for you, is the fact, that you are ideally the king.

That is really all there is about being presidential, you need to act like a king. Now, what would that be then?

A king is, ideally, the servant of the people. He tries to understand the needs of the people, and enact it. But there is more to it, he is also the embodiment of the law. That being, in the case of the US, the constitution. You are supposed to be perfect in your understanding and respect for the law. This is where people are afraid, do you respect the constitution or not.

So in order to win over the House and the Senate, what you need to do, is to study the constitution, reflect on it, and then act from that perspective. For instance, is freedom of speech endangered? Your job is to make sure it does not happen. Is the integrity of the state at danger, fight that danger and so on.

It is not a matter of your way of speaking, it is about the values of the constitution. Do you protect them, no, do your fight for them, in the morning, in foreign policy, in media, in the streets. DO you care for the freedom of the American people. If you do, you will be accepted, nay, hailed as the best president in a long time. Reagan did just that. Stood up for Democracy against Communism. You have your challenges ahead of you, you have to find a way to tackle them, on the sound basis of the best constitution the world has right now; the American Constitution.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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A lot of the people that read Rubicon are spiritually searching people. Not people who have all the answers, but people who try to understand what G-d really wants us to do here in our brief time on the planet earth.

We are all sinners to a certain degree, but we are also persons who have a choice in live. Do we want to do good, or do we follow Satan down that seductive path into darkness.

Are we creatures of light or darkness.

As a true believer in the light, I suppose I did try to find that secret path of the light. The path you cannot see, but you know is there. The path where you have to reflect on every step. To see if it is a step of good or bad.

It has lead me, among other things to be believer in Judaism, and the tenets of that ancient creed. But due to some unfortunate occurrences, a lot of persecution and so on, this has been difficult. Living in a practical hideout without many Jews around has been a bit of a nightmare, to be honest.

But, you know, good faith will bring you miracles. Today some of my friends stopped by, and made my Bar Mitzvah. It was pretty awesome, you know being protected by spirit, is not something to take lightly.

So, I feel it was such a momentous experience for me, that I wanted to share it here on Rubicon. You are not introduced to spirit everyday.

Thank you for listening here, and may we all be enlightened by the spirit on each of our journeys.

G-d bless you all.

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Mr Trump

August 2nd, 2017 No comments

I have been pretty reluctant to guide mr. Trump, but the world is falling apart, and I need to try and help. The consequences are too dire, we are looking at a possible war with Russia and China combined. The US cannot sustain that. Add to that a rise of IS in Europe, you can imagine the problems of that.

I know, that I was a central advisor for Obama, but we need me in the game again. Otherwise the dangers are too large.

First of all Mr. Trump. You need to get the connection between you and the media all right. There has been a lot of infighting, and that is ok, but the shifting of press secretaries is not good.

My best advise is; do it yourself.

You are so media savvy, that you can easily do it. No problem.

As for Twitter memes, that is just ok. Good to have your own little method to reach the public.

Secondly. You need to get things going with Mr. Putin. I know this is difficult, but look at it this way. If and when the showdown comes with China, you need to be friends with Mr. Putin.

How do you obtain that; you push back on all those infringements and so on that is made in the congress against Mr. Putin. Make it a major point of your presidency.

Thirdly. Make arrangements with India. They are actually on our side, so when we get to the war, WE can be the ones who box in China on two sides.

We should not underestimate China, but we should not overestimate them either.

So there will be a dance around the golden calf in China, and we need to be on top of it.

Luckily the Brits are coming round, just before the show starts. Good for us. Especially if they are able and willing to support us in the war. The Brits have some sophisticated weaponry, and are really good fighters.

But, you need to push back in congress against all that is anti Putin, to make Mr. Putin feel that he has a man in the White house that has his back. He needs to feel that, otherwise he will be angry, and angry Russians are a pretty scary sight.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Well, we are witnessing the great triumph of Zionism these days. We have accomplished peace in the Middle East, more or less. We have made Israel a vehicle for progress, and Israel is at the brink of rebuilding the third temple.

Imagine that, all thanks to the amazing presidentship of Mr. Barack Obama, and his humble servant Asger.

At such a momentous moment, it is perhaps time to look a little back in time, and discuss a bit where Zionism came from, how it evolved and ultimately has triumphed, in a positive sense.

Denmark had a pretty prominent role in the development. Mr. George Brandes was a Danish philosopher who was leading in his time, and supported the project and through him a lot of the humanistic ballast that Mr. Herzl realized was induced into the Zionist idea.

Over time, the Danish angle has been for good or worse. We must admit that the Oslo accords failed. It was, among others, driven by Mr. Herbert Pundik, another Danish humanist. But the Brandes way ultimately succeeded with the work Barack and I did.

The success can also be seen in the support that Israel enjoys by Jews around the world. Very few Jews is against. Off cause we disagree, but the need for a strong Israel is felt by all Jews. If we succeed in building the temple, I think the gamble was right.

Thus Zionism lives and continues to work despite all the dangers that it meets. It is a brilliant success among so many catastrophes, lately the Shoa, the Holocaust. We can maintain that success for eternity, if we hold onto the faith that Mr. Herzl and Brandes prophesied.

That of a nation state made for the Jews. A home all Jews could reach, a home that would put great barriers between the Jews and all who wish to destroy the Jews. A home in Jerusalem.

Not only that, but also a state that could bring light and joy to those around it. Support the great ancient cultures that it is embedded in.

Perhaps realize the ancient dream of a rebounded Middle East.

That is truly a feat done by Mr. Barack Obama, and I truly hope that he gets the credit for it.

G-d bless the will to repeat the great work of Herzl and Brandes in these times as well.

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The Middle East

There is some trouble brewing in the Middle East, especially around the Temple mount. The “Palestinians” wish to enforce the guilt of the Jews, and try to provoke a response.

At the heart of this matter lies the choice of the Christians the Jews and the Muslims. What do we want?

We can chose to find peace, or we can chose to fight each other. Why do we continue to chose to fight each other?

It is because we are often wrapped up in our feelings and immediate urge for action. We feel wronged and remember this and that wrongdoing.

This is a choice we can do, do we follow that feeling, or do we try and emancipate ourselves from the immediate reaction, and be a little realistic about the challenges we meet.

Instead of going on with the rush of emotion, we can take a little step back and try to seriously appraise the situation.

The Middle East has a lot to give the entire world, and a lot of the ideas that has been developed in the Middle East are still very active in the world.

I see Israels role as a tool to recreate a spiritual as well as an political turn around for the Middle East.

We got far Barack and I, and we need to build on that frame.

But if we rush in on the emotions of the Palestinians, we miss the bigger picture, that is that of the return of honour not only to the Muslims, but to the entirety of the Middle East, the birth cradle of man.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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Here in the West, we have decided that there is no such thing as spirit or magic. These things have been enlightened away, and we believe only what we can appraise with our senses.

What if we are wrong? What if there is such a thing as G-d or spirit. What if magic really exists, and the whole world of spiritual thought is in effect?

I truly believe, that there is such a thing as G-d, and I live in a world where there is magical creatures, spiritual entities and a life after this.

This is brought to me on a purely rational basis. I do not believe in anything I have not experienced myself. Coming from a scientific world, rationality is what I have been brought up with. I have used these tools to try and understand what we commonly know as metaphysics. That is the scientific discovery of spirituality. A science as all others, with the same demands to scientific methodology and scrutiny as any other science. In fact, I believe that metaphysics demands a higher level of scientific inquiry than humanistics, since it rests on a purely argumentative, theoretical basis. It goes from thesis to thesis through a rigorous dialogue and based on proven arguments. In fact metaphysics has more in common wit its scientific brother physics than human science.

It is the rigourous method that gives it its claim to scientific fame.

For a long time I wanted to go to Oxford to prove my theories. I did that in fact, due to the helping hand of rev. Justin Welby. But I realized, that that did not change science that much. Oxford welcomed me, and I was truly honored.

But the realm of metaphysics, is actually stronger in Denmark than in the UK, with all respect.

That is because of the Niels Bohr institute.

Due to a lot of fighting I had in Copenhagen, i missed a golden opportunity to make a cooperation with the institute I realize now in hindsight.

To truly make that bridge between metaphysics and physics, I need to talk to the amazing scientists at Niels Bohr institute. If this is the result of my recent comeback in Danish intellectuality, then that is the most important.

Because G-d is alive, and not recognizing this, will take all the will we have to do good and leave us without a mover. Without the immovable mover, as Aristotle defines G-d.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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The will of G-d

Israel as a force of good has actually materialized itself in these days. I know, that there is a lot of discussion regarding the issues of the Temple Mount. But, seriously, if the saudis are actually supporting a peaceful solution, we are one step from actually rebuilding the temple itself.

What will a rebuilding of the temple require? According to the venerable rav Ashlag, it will require a common foundation of all three monotheistic religions. That is Islam, Judaism and Christianity. All should share the same basic religious ideas.

When that comes, the Temple Mount will be more than just a temple for Judaism. It will be a foundation for all three religions that come from Abraham.

This is what the current row is about. Can we make the temple or not.

As a metaphysician, it is obvious to me, that the differences between any man are just something we men made. Spirit or G-d never wanted that. It wanted us to be like it.

In this spirit the temple should be built. As a reflection of G-d, not us imperfect humans.

G-d bless the realization of what G-d wants.

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