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As Joseph Conrad says, we all share the problem of liking the illusions. To save Europe, we need to come clear on certain things. This is a painful process, but if the democratic nations do not do it, other more sinister powers will do it in their stead.

Enlightenment is the saviour. You cannot be humanistic, if you are not honest.

The fact of the matter is that in Europe, that we have a huge diaspora of malcontents in the large cities. Especially in the west. These malcontents are often sucked up by radical islam, and see it as their mission to uphold some kind on ancient version of Islam.

That is the fact.

The fact is, unfortunately also, that they strive to do it with such horrendous means, that we have almost forgot how these things work. They must have read all the dark pages of the Koran, and settled at a Moses like fight against polytheist. Slaying the infidels.

Well, this is the 21 century, and we are trying to be more civilised and controlled in our behaviour. Such things are not welcome in a modern humane state.

What numbers are we looking at? There is of course different calculation, but unfortunately the numbers are large, and they are getting larger. We are talking about numbers up to 80% of the muslim migrants who seek to empower the sharia law above democratic law.

These people are against the liberal democracy.

What do we do about them?

We need to isolate them, and protect the democratic state against them.

That is the current difficult situation. We are not willing to do that, although that is the endgame. However, terrible it is, this is the task.

This means, that we need to think about borders. Internally in the cities and in around or nation states.

This is not the best cup of tea for the EU, but that is necessary, whether we want it or not.

So we should start doing that. Prepare for a separation of those who truly believe in democracy, and those against.

G-d bless the willingness to be true, even though it hurts.

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It is pretty clear that the UK is on a good course. Thank you mr. Trump, you just saved the UK from a depressing situation.

This is huge in its implications. The new international bloq of the former British sovereign nations of Australia, New Zealand and the US is really a huge strengthening of Anglo Saxon power.

This will eventually become the strongest power on earth. It will, naturally, not be an empire, but a looser confederation of equal powers.

We did it! Turned the collapse and destruction of the English empire into a new a bright beginning. Well done mr. Johnson, Oxford compliments you from its deepest recesses.

As things looked bleakest, we did turn the boat and now we are heading for a brighter future. Just imagine the possibilities in areas of commerce, science, culture, the list goes on. The old school opened its deepest gates to unleash a devastating blast of energy to turn the boat around. You did it Boris, as a champion of said school. A modern Harry Potter, just a bit more grown, but still with that much of magic!

G-d bless the United Kingdom and may it live another thousand years.

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In Europe, we are really in trouble. What is really wrong with us?

I read a lot of Joseph Conrad. I would call myself a bit of a fanboy of mr. Conrad. His deep insight into human nature, his humanistic yet clearsighted view on things, his metaphysical stance. He is the best writer ever.

He has this bit of wisdom for us. He says in his book Almayers Folly, that we are not so different from the so-called “uncivilised” parts of humanity. This was written 150 years ago, so the terms are not exactly politically correct, but it has a point. Here is the quote:

“Their hearts—like ours—must endure the load of the gifts from Heaven: the curse of facts and the blessing of illusions, the bitterness of our wisdom and the deceptive consolation of our folly.”

His point is, that we as they are wont to accept the mere facts and wisdom, preferring folly and the blessings of illusion.

This is the problem. We have made the illusion, that multiculturalism is good, and that there are not any problems with either mass migration or Islam.

We have to shed these illusions if we are to arm ourselves with ammunition to tackle the problems we have.

We have to realise, that multiculturalism is not a viable creed, and there are problems with Islam.

If we begin there; with the mere facts, we have a chance. In fact, this is really the true mark of civilisation. Do we accept what is true, or do we hide behind the illusions?

Pulling down illusions are a painful task. Illusions are blissful. Only the brave will be able to do that.

Nevertheless, if you do, with a humane heart, as Joseph Conrad, you truly have the ability to surge as a people and as a nation.

That is what the enlighteners are for.

G-d bless the willingness to listen to truth.

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A new brave world

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Ok, I have lost a great deal of power due to the change of government in the US. I supported ms. Clinton, because I was afraid mr. Trump would destroy the American democratic institutions. So far this is not the case, and so I was wrong.

This leaves those who listen to me some different alternatives. They can stop listening, they can realise that my power has diminished, or they can believe it is the same.

I would just do the second.

This does not mean that the democratic wave of humanistic ideas stops. On the contrary, mr. Trump is actually a firm adherent of my ideas in the sense, that he follows them faithfully. But he wants to do things his own way.

Well, I of course respect that, and that is always the choice of a reader to use the ideas I have or not.

However, we still do have a problematic situation in Europe to deal with, and it will evolve into an all out war in the presidency of mr. Trump. No doubt about that. It will also be a war that is led by IS, so it will be a problem.

For Europe, I would recommend walking along the lines that i have already put out; fighting for democracy in the face of islamism.

The idea was to make a soft landing after the EU falls apart, making a net of parties in Europe that is adamantly democratic and adamantly against islamism. This is, more or less in place in most major countries.

So when things start falling apart each country will be able to carry on in a civilised manner.

It will be a brave new world, I unfortunately do not have much to say over mr. Trump. That is fair, but all the plans he is following, I have made, so in a sense it does not matter much.

My role as an international peace broker, philosopher and strategist is not at its end, but really just beginning. Because now comes both the interesting and difficult part; will it work?

I sure hope so, because a lot is at stake.

G-d bless the freedom and peace we can find in the end.

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It is now time to sum up the work of mr. Obama. Has he been such a catastrophe, or has he been a glorious leader?

The answer is, that he has been a thoroughly, industrious and even illustrious leader.

When he inherited the reins from mr. Bush, the US of A was in a dire situation indeed. The scars from the cold war were not healed, and the new foe; islamists were not fought decisively with the strategy that mr. Bush had. It cost a lot of money, and it only stalled the time when the islamists would return to the US and Europe.

This hurt the economy a whole lot, practically making the US dependent on money from China and Saudi Arabia.

That was a situation that was one step from the gutter, seriously.

This is not to criticise mr. Bush, he did show fortitude, and the attack on the Twin Towers came as a surprise, so the US was not prepared.

Now, eight years after, the US is in a completely other situation. The country is back on its feet economically, there are good practises just waiting to be implemented business wise, and the fight with the radical muslims is not under control, but at least it has a focus, and a large coalition behind it.

During the time of mr. Obama, lives were spared in the military with strategies that were cheap in all ways, and this has made it possible for the central administration to gain its feet, and prepare for the endgame; the final fight in Europe and China.

Mr. Trump is making his demands from a position of strength, and not of weakness, not only because he is a strong man, but also because mr. Obama gave him a state in order.

So what is the tally? Did Obama turn the company around for the next manager, or did he fail? Well, simply look at the numbers; excellent prospects for American business, a solid leadership position internationally, and two fights ahead, where one is sure to boost American values, not only in the US, but in the whole world.

What more do you want?

There is one thing that really is a problem however, that I should have been more aware of, and that is all the problems at the border in south. I should have implemented it in my strategies. I did not, I am sorry for that. The reason being, that I am so far away, so it is difficult to really feel what is going on in some areas. I have to be in the US to really feel what is going on.

That is the fault of the previous administration, you should have invited me. As the Brits did when i was invited to Oxford. It gives me an understanding of your way of thinking, and your strategic challenges.

But that could be a new beginning for the next administration perhaps.

G-d bless the United States of America and may he be strong again.

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Well, welcome mr. Trump on the world stage. This is it, after a long and arduous campaign, that is finally subsiding.

Things will change with a new president at the helm of the United States of America. For better, mostly. But there are some caveats that you should be aware of.

First of all, some international politics is not like business. It is something entirely different. Mr. George W. Bush had a little tale about international leadership, that he got from watching his own father.

When all the leaders were gathered at a convention, what he and his father did, and also mr. Obama, was that he treated them as friends.

Leadership is about being equal with the other leaders, and then making them work together. Like the famous round table at the court at Camelot. If you treat your friends like equals, then they feel respected, and that they can trust you.

That is the way the US has led the world for many generations of presidents.

Friendship is a personal thing. It is about the things you share, what goals you have, who your enemies are, and you as a person.

This is truly the main difficulty of international leadership; how good are you at meeting your fellow leaders as an equal.

It was the friendship between mr. Obama and mr. Putin for a long time, that was what hindered the escalation of the Ukraine crisis. Neither mr. Putin or mr. Obama wanted the crisis ruining their friendship.

Contrary to the current discussion in the American media and on blogs of different kinds, Obama really did a good job on foreign policy. He pointed the world to towards an enemy that truly is an enemy to American values; the Islamic State. And he made up a huge coalition to fight this inhuman enemy.

A coalition of all those who are truly powerful, even Russia.

This coalition is actually strengthened by the friendship between Russia and the US.

But at the crux of the matter lies the ancient craft of statesmanship that is to lead among equals.

G-d bless the willingness to listen to ones friends.

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Time to pick sides

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It makes me happy, that the Trump administration is making progress with mr. Putin. The more we collaborate on a senior level, the better it is for both our systems. Mr. Putin is not a communist. He is a Christian nationalist. Bless him for that.

In that capacity, he will, and should fight against the onslaught of Islamic State fighters that roam the Middle East and primarily Europe.

This is a time to pick sides; are you for or against. Are you against the Islamic state and like-minded organizations? Or are you in collaboration?

Denmark, as one, is truly not fighting the islamists in Denmark or anywhere else for that matter. It, at the same time, fights the freedom fighters of Denmark.

This is a clear example of collaboration. We should put these types of European governments in the basket of deplorables, the Nazi collaborators, and treat them as such.

It is now time to pick sides, which side are you on in this fight, a collaborator of Islamic State or a part of the coalition against.

G-d bless the will to fight evil.

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Goodbye mr. President

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Barack, this had been a looong fight. We did some good things, and we did some things, that did not work that good. But at least, we brought things forward, right?

For me it has been a tremendous honour to participate in some of the things we have been doing together. In fact, being friends with you, is the single most important thing in my life as an intellectual. It gave us a possibility to raise the flag, and fight for another day. For Democracy, for human rights, for freedom.

We will see what it will come to, but one thing i certain, we did it! United States of America is better off now, than it used to.

The legacy that we have built will be one of progress, of doing things better, of improving the outset of the great American nation.

Now comes mr. Trump. And honestly, I like him in the sense, that he may seem like a buffoon, but truly he is not that. He is as American as anyone else. He believes in the founding fathers as well.

Things will be different, but we need to hold on to Hope and Change, otherwise we will lose our faith.

I hope, that we can meet now Barack, now it would be possible perhaps.

But a part from that, well done mr. President. You brought honesty and moral compass to the presidency, that will set a standard for those who come after you.

G-d bless you, and your wonderful family, and I will, for one, truly miss you.

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The enemy is finding its allies

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Well the war is drawing closer, and all its allies are gearing up. Yesterday someone vandalised the mast of my little sailing boat. They picked up two of the lines holding the mast, making the mast fall onto some adjacent boats.

The islamists and their allies are packing their gear and readying their weapons.

I am waiting for an official reaction to the crime, if none is given, I think it is high time we put Denmark in the category “pro islamist”.

If they are threatening on this level, and getting away with it, it is pretty clear that we have found out where their loyalty is.

I am trying to pull at some of my connections in my party conservatives, if they do not respond, in two days time we have an apparent first open enemy to the democratic league.

It is regrettable, but that is unfortunately the way things are.

If the secret police try to kill me in the next two days, well then you have an open opportunity to open a flank.

G-d bless the willingness to be honest and strong in the face of oppression.

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The Freedom of our world

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2017 is about be be one of those pivotal years. The year where the populace finally had enough of bickering and the lack of action in the face of islamist violence.

The pace is picking up now. Attack after attack after attack. In an endless stream, and this is just the beginning.

In a conflict, the two parts will be facing each other to the bitter end. As in the Soviet Union and the US, as the Phoneicians against Rome, as in all major wars where the one side is unbowed when it comes to compromise.

There is no compromise with violent jihadis. Their belief in a holy war is too strong, and they have nothing to lose, nothing.

Importing a vast underclass of unskilled, untrained and poor migrants and then just leaving them alone with no hope to further their situation has led to this, if we want it or not.

The ideals of multiculturalism have become a nightmare.

Even I as a wizard of political solutions cannot solve this in a peaceful manner. It is going down in a gunfight, if we want it or not.

When people bring a gun to a gunfight, dont go there with a pocket calculator as the word go. Be prepared.

This goes for all European states with a huge diaspora of Middle East and Northern African populace.

There is no good news in this chaos, there is only hope in one thing; what we fight FOR.

We do not only fight for the survival of our species in a sense, we fight for the freedom we will regain when this is over. Republicanism, liberty.

The one ingredient in our civilisation we will not let go of.

Let the bells toll, let them tell all the foes of our nations, that we will not relinquish the one thing we hold truly dear; our freedom!

G-d bless the willingness to sacrifice ourselves for the freedom of our world.

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Balancing the books

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Now mr. Trump is moving into the White House. Congratulations. We had a bit of a row, but I am truly happy that you made it. In contrary to many other liberals, I do not see mr. Trump as a problem. He is a warning from workers and other true Americans that we forgot them. We should see him, and treat him as such.

We are, luckily in agreement of most foreign policy matters. Especially on Russia, we agree.

Mr. Putin is not the threat he has been portrayed as, and the Ukraine conflict that was at the heart of the conflict we have now, was done in a pretty democratic manner.

Where we do have a little of differences, is in relation to Iran.

I supported mr. Obama on this, and there is a reason for that.

First of all, it is because of Israel. Mr. Netanyahu and I disagree on Iran, because Netanyahu has a country to protect. I really understand the stance of Netanyahu, but I truly wish to empower the peace efforts of Israel. This is what Israel is; a vehicle for peace.

But there is another reason for supporting an pro Iranian deal. That is, that Iran and Russia are allies.

So if we antagonise Iran, we also antagonise Russia.

Mr. Putin is willing to understand our stance on this, if we get closer as allies. He is no enemy.

But there is a balance of how much he can leave Iran alone, and he is a man of his words, as he proved with Syria.

Mr. Putin does not want to topple the power balance. He could have abused the alienation between the Arab nations and the US much more than he did.

Nonetheless, he is not one for disloyalty either.

We have a huge clash with IS and China coming up. And as I see it, we need to balance the check books on this, so that we end up with sufficient support for these two wars, or potential wars.

This is not my decision to make, but this is the equation as I see it.

Europe is going down in hell, and it will be hard to keep American forces out of Europe. Especially because mr. Putin will be willing to help as well. So there is a certain competition there.

But that scenario will suck up a lot of resources, and will be very dangerous.

My plan, initially, was to bolster the ideological basis of our fight. That is, the glorious fight for Democracy. This is what will happen in Europe, because the Islamists are against exactly that.

If we win, and that we have to. We can setup true humanistic democracies in and around Europe.

In fact, most Europeans will support this fight wholeheartedly, making American troops true liberators. Something we have not seen truly since the second world war.

That will be a good relief for once.

After that comes China, and that will be a different ballgame. Nevertheless, we will see what that will come to.

G-d bless the revolutionaries of America!

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How to listen to the people

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If you want to Change a system, you have to align the interest of the constituency, at the same time aligning the interest of the servants of the state.

These two powerful parts of the society are not always in agreement with the direction of the state.

One might want security and welthfare, the other might want boons for themselves.

In such a situation, a conflict arises. The constituency starts doubting the system itself since its demands are not satisfied, and the elected elite are worried about the loss of power.

In this situation, there is only one thing to do. To be honest.

Things cannot change rapidly, but the system itself can rectify its lack of connection by trying to really understand the needs of said people.

Otherwise we end up in a situation where the elite sits in its ivory towers and the people are starving in the streets or fears for its wellbeing.

It is about listening to the worries of mr. and mrs. Smith, the small people, those who have no direct control of the state apparatus.

That is the only and best way to rectify a democratic system in decay.

Instead of doing more of the same, we need to understand the needs of mr. and mrs. Smith.

In the factory, on the street, in charity, in the army, in the daycare, in and around everywhere where they go about their daily business.


G-d bless the willingness of openness in governmental structures.

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Great England

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It has been half a year after the British referendum on EU membership, and it has yet to materialise.

Well, to cite the Queen; what are you waiting for? One thing is to counter all the threats of a divorce from the EU. Another thing is to do it.

There is not pretty or easy way, you just have to do it.

Then what is left? Well, you will find out, that you may not have the most illustrious friends in the world. They may not look hip or wear the right designer jeans. But they are your friends.

What is it really that is important; to look good to the international community, or to live a life that suits you?

When Winston Churchill went against the opinion of the world in the midst of the second world war. He did not do it because it was wise or looked good. He did it, because this was what the british people had elected him to do.

End of story.

The same is expected of the descendants of said paragon. Just do it, even though it will be costly, will take mountains of moving to do. This is what the people chose, so it shall be done.

G-d bless the wisdom of old, and the fortitude of the bold. G-d bless England.

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To be American

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What is it truly to be an American? If you look deep down, and at the very apocryphal layers of that Great and amazing country, you come to a place of secrecy.
Have you wondered why there was this weird pyramid on your five dollar bills? Or what that beacon on the top of the liberty statue means, or what about the fact that most of Washington D.C. is a huge Egyptian city?

I will tell you why.

Some years ago, I was approached by the freemasons, and then by the knights higher up in the hierarchy. It was at a time, where I, tumultuously broke through internationally, and I was at the same time being buried under a lot of pressure from government bodies, so I didn’t really have either the energy or the appreciation about what was happening.

Imagine you were approached by secret knights of the jedi order wanting you to be a knight in their order.

I came through with it at some level, and I am proud to say, that today I do represent the order of st. John, the Maltese nights. Having a high position in that order.

It sounds weird right? Like having pyramids on the five dollar bills.

I learned some things, but one thing I truly learned from my senior teacher, was the value of Egyptology.

I didn’t really understand all that talk about Egypt, but then I started digging.

I realised, there was a layer, or are layers of our civilisation that harks all the way back to ancient Egypt. That is why we keep putting up all those cenotaphs, have crosses in our religions, talk about Glasnost or illumination.

But after reading a lot on the history of Egypt, I realised that only gave me a superficial knowledge. I needed to go deeper yet.

I found the answers I was looking for in two sources. One is Plato. The other is what you call hermeticism.

Plato you most probably know, at least in name, hermeticism you most probably do not know.

Hermeticism is comprised of a series of secret writings that date all the way back to the hellenised Egypt. That is when the Greeks held Egypt.

So it is actually a bit of a mix between Greek philosophy and the ancient Egyptian philosophy. However, it is the best that we have got.

In this view, you have the sun G-d Ra, living in the amazing city On or Heliopolis. He will spread the light by telling the truth.

The TRUTH is the light.


The eye on the pyramid of the five dollar note, is the eye of the G-d Ra, shining his light, the truth on everybody.

The same of the statue of liberty, what she shines from the beacon, is the truth.

It was brought to the US through some of the masonic orders. The US being one of the principal strongholds of masonry.

Well, you probably have a feeling about this, at least if you have seen the Star Wars series, where this is depicted, most beautifully in the order of the Jedi (Templars and Maltese nights) fighting for the republic.

What you may not know however, and this is where you need to peak your ears, is what it is you actually DO with these ideas.

What you do, is that you stand tall, unbowed by pressure, unbowed by the naysayers, the liars, the manipulators, the know it alls, and you speak truth.

It may sound easy, but that is the most difficult thing there is to do here on earth. Even though it is the basis of many a creed and religion, being honest and open spoken about the problems of a society is the most difficult there is.

You will be haunted by all those who wish to cloud the truth in order to have power.

You will get nothing out of being true, and yet you have to do it.

Who would do such a thing? Being true, knowing that it will give you nothing but misery?

Jesus did it, Ghandi did it, Tolstoy did it, Moses did it, Luther did it and many many more.

If you want Change, you have to be true.

That is what it is to be American. At the heart of that Great and strong country is. This is what it is, to be true.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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To be positive and ethical

December 24th, 2016 No comments

Reading about the roots of liberalism in the US, really makes me feel sorry for liberals. I think Alinsky had some of the right ideas, but the methods! The immorality, the Chicago style is just not right.

Philosophy needs to be honest and search for a betterment of the conditions of man, be idealistic.

Marx wanted something better for man, though he miscalculated in some places. However, his ideas were honest.

So were the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky.

But the Franfurterschool of eternal criticism, of sexual liberalism, of deconstruction was dishonest. They sought to create the conditions of a marxist revolution, when there were no such conditions. Thereby becoming the problem, not the answer.

In Denmark, it is much different. Here we have had no radical theorist, but rather benign and positive theoreticians like Hal Koch who truly believed in freedom of speech married to a Socialdemocratic ideology.

He talked about dialogue and democracy. Wanting to get Denmark away from the Nazism of the Second world war.

Then there has been Brandes, a true enlightener. He believed in humanism and enlightenment.

Grundtvig who was the national romantic, believing in enlightenment for the people. Giving the people wisdom.

Kierkegaard, you know him. The romantic aristocrat.

H.C. Andersen, another fairy taler.

All these men wanted something better for the world.

They were dreamers and idealists.

Now, we have to find a new path for the liberal perspective of the US.

Let us start by defining it as something positive. It should not use immoral methods. Yes we have to defend ourselves, but we also have to stay honest.

I think your fascination of me, has led you to something deeper than you really understand. I represent a development. I am the latest philosopher in a long line of thinkers.

There is a depth in my ideas. That has never truly been appreciated by the academia of the US.

Since most of you came from a system that was Anglo Saxon in the beginning, these roots are your roots.

This is not to say, that there not are place for other peoples roots as well. There are, but, latching on to me. Will give you democracy, humanism, freedom of speech, nationality a Jewish/protetant view, and so on.

What I will attempt to give you, is a bit deeper perspective. Something you can build upon.

Now Denmark is popular. This will not be forever. But while it is, I hope I can give you some of all the interesting and beautiful theories we have developed here in Denmark. It will be the Danish renaissance, and it will hopefully fill up a hole in the US. That is the longing for dreams and positivity.

G-d bless the US of America.

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