The fight for Freedom!!

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Now, as far as european rearmament goes, we need to look at a new concept.

But in order to do that, we need to look at where we have come from, and who are true enemies are.

Where do we come from?

We basically come from a second world war armament system, that Germany developed together with France and Great Britain.

It consists of armored vehicles, that can be massed and used in different ways.

The Germans were pretty good at this system, making use of the “blitz krieg” strategy, that is heavy, fast-moving tanks overrunning vast areas.

Then we have to look at the true enemies. Yes, I know that there is plenty of buzz about the Russians, but, we cannot use media spin as the basis of our rearmament. This is too important to do without looking carefully at the landscape of enemies.

The most pressing enemy is the amalgament of islamists in Europe. Yes, I know, then you will start yelling racist and islamophobe and so on, and so forth.

But, none the less, this is the reality.

It is mainly concentrated around the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian organisation that is entrenched in most of Europe, and in Turkey as the main state sponsor, plus Quatar.

This enemy is very clever, and uses our own system against us. So far the strategy has been to overflow Europe with poor migrants, using them as attackers and to suck up our ressources.

They have to be dealt with first. No, this is not racist, my own father was a nice and liberal muslim, and I have supported Iran when they sued for peace, and I am the only one power who still support this.

I have nothing against Islam in general, but do abhor the undemocratic claim of the islamists.

Secondly a new enemy is rising on the horizon. That is China. Already the US is on it, and is trying to build a forceful alliance against the Chinese. But we have to be sharp on this enemy as well, not at least to help the Americans. They will eventually come to our help, when time comes, so we need to repay that friendship, as I see it.

So, en essence, where do that lead us to?

It leads us to two main areas that we need to invest in. 1. AI. 2. Combat drones. Why?

Because the Chinese are specialized in AI and communication warfare, we need to bridge that gap to be serious in warfare. Its called cyberwar, and we are already far behind, together with the Americans, we can close the gap. Believe me, the Americans will be openarmed for that investment.

Then because the warfare that we will see with the islamists in Europe will be a low-tech version from their side, that we need to meet with tools that is adequate.

Let me give you and example. In Israel, we have, for long time, have a lot of problems with the Gazans building tunnels from Gaza into Israel. It was low tech, but it allowed the Gazans to launch a lot of surprise attacks on Israeli ground, pretty clever.

How did I solve that problem? I did it by advising the Israeli military tech industry to invest in robots that would clean out the tunnels. So they did, and that worked. Today the robots are the scare of the tunnel builders. High tech solution to a low tech weapon. See?

The same goes with the infiltration of islamists in Europe, we need to invest in flying drones to help the gendarmerie attack and hold positions. The Americans have some pretty cool stuff, they can help. According to my knowledge, we here in Denmark are also pretty far in drone building and investment.

A high tech solution to a low tech warfare.

The two techs, the AI and the drones also work together, so there is a bonus.

How do we then go about rearming the European military? We do it, by preparing ourselves for the inevitable clash with the migrant areas. Instead of going in with only our valor, we go in armed with the best tech.

That will work.

There are a lot of added speculations to this strategy. One is the mixing of police forces with military. That makes for a new paradigm of defense as well. We need to integrate the two forces, but with respect for the traditional role of the gendarmerie, they are the ones in control. We need to respect their jurisdiction, otherwise we sacrifice the protection of the law of the citizens.

Its a bit complicated, but it can be done.

Make an army, to drive out the islamists, and other migrants, who do not respect our laws. At the same time, force the migrant countries to respect our wishes for a peaceful solution, and the takeback of their citizens.

There is one exception to the rule, that is Turkey, that has a very powerful conventional army. We need to be able to tackle that, especially if they attack Greece.

When all this is finished, we will have a battle experienced army, that can then be put into action in other places of the world. South Africa could be a candidate for that.

Then we still have to remember what we fight for; we fight for DEMOCRACY! And our FREEDOM!

G-d bless the will to plan ahead, and be honest about these things

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I have thought a lot about the challenges of France. Seriously, as my sister organization Charlie Hebdo, good friends of the Vilks committee, has experienced. The challenge of the Islamists is severe.

What to do?

First of all, don’t be stupid with your ressources, men, armament and so on. Find your best, loyal, intelligent general, and put him in the front of the assault of the islamists.

Perhaps there is a de Gaul somewhere in the country, if there is, find him and put him in charge of the assault on the islamists.

He should use the people he has under him with political understanding, a feel for media, and with rapid engagement.

The tools are there, but a lot of red tape needs to be cut in order for the gendarmes to work.

Find your Napoleon, and put him in charge.

Next, as in the attack of Charlie Hebdo, what did that truly signify? It signified, among other things, the mark of your heroes.

As the Vilks committee, that was attacked three years ago here in Denmark, your newspaper Charlie Hebdo are the true representatives of your republican faith.

They do it, to all.

So, with heroes, what they need, is support. Give them all the state can offer as support; security, acces to media, anything they need really.

Because it is not by chance that Charlie Hebdo and the Vilks committee was attacked, it was because they want to kill the best of us.

Keeping the best of us alive, is what matters.

G-d bless the will to ORGANIZE!

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The Russians

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Now I am doing something completely stupid, and totally unfair.

A month ago, the Russians tried to blame all world calamity on the Jews, some sort of half-baked story about Khazarians Jews, and so on.

Ok, there is always a bit of fire in a cloud of rumors, but seriously? All of Jews, including the conservative Jews who has stood by the Russians all the time?

So, in a sense the Russians do not deserve what I am doing now, but I will do it anyway, because paradoxically, the new Jews are not the Jews, but the Russians.

Since we the jews are contributing, serving, helping the world to a better path, I suppose someone else need to fill the role as scapegoat and take the blame for peoples own problems.

Let is be honest about all this antirussianism. It is not founded in anything serious. Yes, Mr. Putin saved Krim, but Krim WANTED to be a part of Russia. They are Russians, and there has been no rebellion in Krim. The only rebellion there has been, has been in the Ukraine areas, that ALSO want to be a part of Russia.

There may be some spying and killing, but apart from that, that is honestly going on all the time, Russia do not deserve the role they have ended up in.

Look at the actions on ground, it is not fair.

We Jews know what it is to be a scapegoat, and we have learned to fight it. Often with devastating results, both on the Jewish side as well as on the attacking side. Take Nazi Germany, or the evil Haman of Persia.

This is not something Russia is used to, so they do not know what to do.

Well, my advise is to be absolutely honest, and then start doing good things. Help here and there, share, show the world, that you are not the bad guys.

And for the rest of the world, there can be peace, if we see through our own prejudice, and start communicating instead of just pointing fingers. We can find peace.

There are not true interests in between Russia and the West, just psychological games that we play with our selves.

Why don’t we focus on the real problems instead of those who, at the moment, do not seem to be able to defend themselves.

And Russia, in this moment of danger, please remember who came to your rescue, the Jews did.

Because you were treated unfairly.

And off cause, Denmark.

G-d bless the will to see things as they are.

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Foreign policy

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Mr. Trump, let me first, commend you for the things that you have done, and I should have done a long time ago. The crackdown on illegal migration, the rearmament of the troops and pushing the allies to take more responsibility.

This has come a long way down.

So, at the same time, let me continue supporting you in another area, because that is really something that I have done a lot of work with.

Foreign policy.

The greatest challenge you have here, is the fact, that the US is sandwiched in between two major threats, on the East the islamists, that is essentially the Muslim Brotherhood, and on the West China.

These two threats you need to tackle forcefully. But then that is where it gets difficult.

In the Obama era, what we did was actually focusing on the threat from the East, the islamists and preparing the offensive to the West. So in a sense we have not been trying to screw (sorry for the wording) the next president, but make a foundation to build upon.

This foundation is now pretty solid, all the economic factors are in the green, and the military is in pretty good shape. New weapons are under development and so you can actually fight due to the fact, that you have guns to do that with.

I know that we mothballed some of the big cruisers, but that was important to save up some ressources for the big finale.

So, there is one thing I need to recommend, that builds on some of the recommendations that I gave you previously.

That of being friends.

Mr. Bush was pretty good at that, he kind of supported the leadership with his Texas charm. He was really a good friend.

But he was also not a friend to his enemies. Them he fought pretty hard.

So that is perhaps an add on to the advice I gave you in the beginning of your presidentship. Be mean to your enemies, and a good friend to your friends.

Then the next obvious question is; who are your friends?

On the East, you know who your friends are, but I think you have perhaps overlooked the source of the animosity that we have there; The Muslim Brotherhood.

These are really the ideologues behind a lot of the problems we have in the West right now. They are the source of Wahhabism, Erdogan, IS, almost the overthrow of Egypt. That is a sunnimuslim organization from Egypt, that is the true enemy.

The shiites, are, for now, not fighting us, but are focusing on making a show of force in the Middle East.

Off cause this threatens another friend, Israel, so that is a complication.

So, if you look at it from that perspective, then Egypt is actually a key ally in the Middle East, because they are fighting The Muslim Brotherhood.

At the other side of the US, there are some pretty tough enemies. First when you targeted North Korea, it didn’t make much sense to me, but I can see, that in targeting the proxy of China, you challenge China. When China looses credibility, you get stronger.

But that does not make you unaware of the real problem.

Now, to my mind, it is good to challenge China economically. It has the added effect of signalling to the American businessmen, all businessmen, that China is not a place to produce anything.

But, it will end up in a warm conflict. I know you do not wish that, but war is just politics gone from one level of conflict to the other.

There are some good parallels in history, one is the fight between Rome and Phoenicia. Rome challenging Phoenicia for domination in the Mediterranean.

These wars tend to get pretty ugly. So the sooner you start the fight, the less will there be of slaughter. The more you linger, the fiercer the fighting will be.

But two world powers fighting for hegemony is a brutal thing.

If I were you, I would try to understand the mechanism of the Chinese war machine.

Let me give you an example that has been roaming my mind for a long time.

There is this amazing tv series about an alien race that attacks earth. What they do, is to infiltrate all our computers, and then, instead of fighting us, they simply turned all our military gear off. Like a switch.

Air fighters stopped in mid air, battle cruisers were switched off and so on.

But the heroes of the story, and old-fashioned battle star cruiser had, conservatively held on to “old-fashioned” concepts of no connection to the internet, keeping men steering the battle cruiser and so on.

So when all other tech was turned off, they still were operational.

See where I am going with this?

In essence, fighting China should include at least a backup plan of old-fashioned bomber-planes that can steer with maps and not use GPS.

The threat of a take over of all our tech by infiltration should be prevented.

We already had a bit of taste of it, when the Chinese hackers hacked our navy. That scared the s… out of our generals.

I hope that the countermeasures have been implanted, otherwise, I would let heads role in that account.

We NEED to be ready.

In Rome, there was an old statesman in the Senate, that used to end his talk with a; “what about the Phoenicians” for many years.

He, singlehandedly, forced the Romans to be ready. Now, that is my job, I suppose.

So, the war is coming, and you will better get ready. Otherwise, all our expensive ships and planes will just be switched off one day. And that will be the end of the US.

But, if you remain vigilant and ready for the fight, and then fight it with all your heart when it comes, you will win.

G-d bless the force of the US.

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The Kurds

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In the fight against IS, one particular ally of the league, the Kurds, have fought valiantly. This has not really been recognized by the league, and now they are in trouble, because IS is beat in the Middle East, and so we do not need them anymore.

On top of this, Turkey is going full retard, and feeling the urge to realize the ancient quest of the Ottomans, seriously?

Turkey is a NATO member, and is supposed to support the league of Democracy, not exactly the way is to go caliphatic.

Anyway, I think we owe it to the Kurds to help them, keep arming them, supporting their fight for a Kurdish homeland.

In fact, throwing such a valuable ally down the drain will not only weaken us in our regional respect, it will also make it much more difficult to make real allies in the future, we need to repay loyalty.

Turkey is another true problem. They are threatening Greece and they have a pretty strong army. So, we need to be a bit worried about that.

The Central European countries are rebuilding their forces, but we need them to fight internal insurgents, namely IS supporters in the countries.

So having a NATO member go rogue is not good.

But, as I see it, the Kurds are an important ally, not at least for Europe, especially if Turkey starts bombing Greece.

So we should support them, with all our hearts.

G-d bless the will to do right.

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European security

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Finally, the German state is focusing on actually handing al the terrible causes after the onslaught of migrants in 2015. About time, I know I should have been more precise in coming up with solutions, but, we have to learn.

After going to the African countries, trying to make deals with them, asking nicely if they wanted to take their citizens back, we have realized, that they refuse to do so.

So, we need to have another approach, and that includes lethal force. If they are not willing to take them back if we ask nicely, we will have to make them take their migrants back.

That leads to the next logical step, we need someone of the state to be able to do just that. And that again means rearranging our security forces.

We need sharper, more able, more competent and trained people to make this happen, as of now.

In fact, we need an European ICE force, as in the US.

G-d bless the willingness to do something about this.

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New host

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I am really sorry for all the drop outs of the blog. I have shifted host due to all the hacks I have experienced resently.

Hopefully this will solve all the hacking, the host is specialized in secure WordPress hosting, so I really hope it works.

The former host got a bit grumpy about it, and decided not to cooperate.

Sorry about that, but there should be a higher security now and also faster loadtimes, so I hope this will be experienced.

Thanks for hanging on!

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Traditionally the right has been in alliance with Israel. To some different extents, except for the National-socialists, who are not really the right, but more the left in my opinion.

This has given the right a true source of inspiration, and in these days, the Israeli conservatives are truly inspiring all around the world. The Jews are contributing and supporting where they can.

The “alt-right” wave, that I basically started, is one of those products of Jewish imagination and thinking that really puts the world on another footing.

So, what we need, is to recognize this movement, and see it for what it is, a bit of light from the Jews.

So we are talking about being the “light upon nations”, well we are.

I hope that the right can actually see this, and stop harrasing us all the time.

We are not perfect, but we also have aspirations and goals to meet, lofty goals actually.

G-d bless Israel.

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The first order of the day would be to commend those brave French forces, whom are now fighting the islamists.

Let us be honest about the challenge we meet in Europe right now. It is off cause a challenge of Democracy. Since the brave French are a harbinger of these true ideas, naturally France is at the forefront of the fight. As they were at the Arab spring, so now they are in France these days, where islamists are roaming about killing innocents. As Roland of ancient poems, French gendarmes and citizens are fighting back!

But let us also be a bit honest about the threat so far. It is not working with politics of symbols, what we need is a full scale investment in gear. We need to up the technical capabilities.

This means one single item, that has been the harbinger of destruction for the foes of Israel, drones or robots.

Let France get this new technology, maybe from the US, a close friend these days, and apply it to the defense of freedom.

Let the gendarmes sing again, on the top of their lungs, of patria, equality, liberty and the rule of law.

Let them, fearlessly, enter the frey, but let them do it armed with the latest of tech.

The courage is not discussable, but let us renew our dedication to the patria. Let us sing again, let us believe in freedom again, let that special French combination of beauty and force be the rule of the day again.

Let us celebrate our lives instead of our deaths, let the ancient heroes be relieved in our memories as the citizens brave the weather and fight for liberty.

G-d bless the life of France.

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Europe needs to transform from a derelict and abusive entity, to be a servant of the peoples of Europe.

Otherwise, the entirety of Europe will disintegrate into absolute chaos.

Have a look at Bruxelles itself, and see for yourself.

Now that we have mr. Trump in the White house, things will not really progress that much. He is good in internal politics of the US. But foreign policy is not his strength.

Be as it may, therefor Europe needs to wake up of its slumber and start to fight for its independence again.

Look at it this way; we inherited the blessing of freedom from our forefathers, now this blessing has been taken from us again.

We need to take it back, by the strong hands of our men and women of Europe.

How do we do that?

First of all, we need to change our mindset. Instead of looking at the peoples of Europe as a burden that needs to be controlled, we need to change our understanding of ourselves. We need to see ourselves as servants of the people.

What is the overriding need of the peoples of Europe right now; it is security.

We need to give them that. How do we do that?

We do it by first; closing the borders internally as well as externally. The forces in the Mediterranean needs to bolster its defenses, and be given a free rein in turning those refugee boats around. At the same time, we need to put up some kind of protection around the migrants, so that they are not sold to the wolves, maybe give them a ticket home to their home country.

Secondly, we need to strengthen the internal security measures of the police in cooperation with the military. The two forces need to work in tandem. There is some ideas behind this, that I will return to.

Thirdly, we need to tackle the abuse of the social security systems in Europe by migrants. We need to terminate the clientelism of the migrants, and give them two choices, either find a job, or find a country that you can find a job in. Just staying on social wealth-fare is not a option in the long run.

Fourthly, we need to start repatriating criminal foreigners.

With this approach, we have a possibility to give the Europeans some measure of security.

When and if this works, then we can start rebuilding our societies and thereafter take back some of the power we used to hold. Not to colonize and so on, but to keep the peace.

Turn around the boat.

G-d bless the will to be sharp on the priorities of the peoples.

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In Europe right now, we are finally waking up to the fact, that we are engaging in a proxy war with some pretty dead enemies.

It is like the zombies are reinventing themselves, and attacking the capitals of Europe.

Let me be honest with you, absolutely honest. The current crisis we have in Europe, is not about racism or white supremacy, it is about the Cold war infowar system that is still active within the European press and academia.

I know that this will probably put me on a few stakes in and around the Liberal media, but that is the way it is.

My father was a Muslim, a wonderful, liberal, intelligent person. He fought in the liberation of his country Bangladesh, in an attempt to make things right.

So this, for me, is not about right wing bigotry, I KNOW that you can be both black in skin and Muslim, and still be standup citizen.

But, and that is where things get hairy, there are some of the migrants who are not such gentlemen as my father. Look at Italy right now, it is overflowing with drugs and the crimerate is skyrocketing.

The media obviously take a moral high ground, they think, painting all the migrants as poor refugees fleeing from war.

Some of the are, my father was one of them, but most are not.

In the cold war, the Soviet Communists turned the media, culture and academia against the country they were living in. They tried to destroy the moral cohesion, the church and so on.

Still these systems linger in the media, but are now, slowly, falling out of fashion. My Credo; to bring Light to Democracy has become the new idea of a media ethos.

So that is good, but what we see when are really looking, is a Europe teetering on the abyss.

So what do we do?

I have worked on the problem for some time in Denmark, and I have already had some experience.

First of all, it is about changing the perspective of politics. We need to see it for what it is.

If people come to Denmark and start rampaging, violating the laws and go amok in an attempt to bring us down using sexual attacks.

Well, then they are enemies.

It is, in essence, not racist to say this. It is the truth.

In many countries, the elite do not dare to challenge the cold war dichotomy that resides in the media, culuture and academia, but are bowing their heads.

But that is over, there is no racism in looking at these problems rationally, that is what we are supposed to to; spread the light.

In Denmark we are very practical, so we have begun the repatriation of the criminals. We are still not very effective, but the political live is doing all that it can. Especially the Socialdemocrats are blazing the way.

We are also targetting the widespread abuse of the social system by migrants. All the money we use on pampering Somalis in Denmark, could be used to a much greater effect in Somalia.

BUT, and that is very, very important, we take our security needs serious. The reform of the security apparatus, that we have made, is aimed at strenghtening the police and the defense.

So now that we are actually taking serious, that we have a lot of IS warriors and IS like ideology flowering in the country, we have the necessary security apparatus to back up our dismantling of these enemies.

Again, it is not all the wellfunctioning foreigners who we are targetting, but the criminals, the islamists and those who abuse our social system.

This process is an important process to get right, so we survive. We are so far out in trouble, that surviving may just be a problem.

G-d bless the will to see these problems as they are, and act accordingly, even though this will be hard.

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World affairs

The world is stills turning, more or less around the spokes that I have developed over time. In Europe, the rise in center rightism is really gobbling up all the old middle leaning parties. Socialism is, more or less, a saga in Europe right now.

This process was aimed at tackling the downfall of the European Union. It is bound to happen, just take a look at the math.

What is important however, is that we have stable governments after the EU falls.

This reflects the Italian shift of power, the Lega is in my mold, and has made sweeping gains.

Hopefully, this will tackle the awful situation with uncontrolled migration. I hope so, really do.

In ten years time, there will no more Central European bureaucratic divide and conquer politics from Brussels, but a much more loose federation. Hopefully a federation, that will stand on its own two legs, or however many legs there may be.

We will see, but the fact of the matter is, that the Lega will have to deliver on fighting migrant crimes, and on remigration.

This leads to another real war, that will, hopefully not, but maybe, commence in between Italy and the countries that refuse to take back their migrants. This is an act of war. If you send millions of your citizens to colonize another country, then that is an act of war, if you do not want to take them back again.

Italy needs to see it in this way, and force the remigration of migrants from Nigeria and other such countries.

In the years ahead, hopefully other countries will help Italy in their attempt to force the migrants back.

That is the lay of the land.

At the other end of the world, the conflict with China will become hot at some point. This is better to do sooner rather than later.

Bomb out their industrial capabilities.

As of now, they are pretty much just geeks sitting behind computers looking at the world through the lense of a screen. That is pretty easy to beat, but as the Chinese military wing increases in power, the toll of defense investment will be higher, that is an easy equation to make.

So, get on with it, and in ten years time, we will be on the top of the world again. But it will cost us, and that is the price we pay for at neglect in defense expenses and laying our security in the hands of the US only.

The West needs to wake up and take responsibility for its own security needs, and it needs to do it sooner rather than later. The longer we linger, the more the cost will be in terms of life and money.

We come out of the shadow of the Cold War, beaten in terms of moral and faith in ourselves. But still, materially we are sound, so we better get to fighting not for material gain, but to truly survive.

In this process I hope we find our self esteem again, we need to be proud of ourselves again and stand up for our values.

G-d bless the will to be honest and forceful facing the dangers we face.

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Wow what a morning. It started with me getting a note from the service provider og the blog, saying that I had a hack attempt.

Then I had to try and remedy the situation with the provider, who then was pretty slow, and even less entertaining, gave me wrong info on the solution.

But after som heaving and puffing, things seem to work again. Sorry for the problems, that you might have encountered. These things happen with political blogs and the like all the time.

Hopefully there will less problems in the future, but then it will probably happen again. Again, thank you for the patience.

It was probably the Chinese by the way, these hackers, tsk, tsk.


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We are focusing on a tradewar with China, we had very limited sucess with flounting our military capability in and around China. Their superior hacker geeks simply hacked our ships and showed us, that cyberwar is a field where we are lacking capability.

Ok, we can still enlist the geeks of Israel, if everything goes haywire, but that would be really embarrasing.

So, we are looking at scooping up the lack of progress we have been hit with, and that means one single item of focus; AI.

That is the name of the game, we need to use all the resources we have, and focus on that.

Then there is the tradewar.

Look, this will end up in a hot war whether we like it or not. A trade war is fine in the sense, that it gives us a bit of a better economy. But at the end of the line, what is really important, is not the harm we can inflict on our enemy, but the ability we have to produce ourselves.

Off cause, we should take advantage of the tools and tricks that will hurt the Chinese economy, but the true test is our ability to arm ourselves in the field of production.

The Chinese think, that their lead in communication abilities are enough to sustain a vicious blow to our arms, that is a folly. We can bomb their production capabilities anytime. They have foolheartedle placed it all in a few locations.

That is all it takes to bring them down.

So, instead of talking about tradewar, just focus on making motivations to ensure that American business makes things in the US. You can make a taxexcempt plan, you can shower honor on them, you can talk to them and so on.

Just make sure it is in everyones understanding, that three proud words should be stamped on all goods in the US; MADE IN AMERICA.

Then we can outcompete them.

So, focus on AI, reduce their lead in hacking and bomb their production facilities, that would finish them off, more or less.

And then, get the production back in house, no more outsourcing in chief.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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I have lost control over world affairs. What I write is listened to, but as Mr. Trump has accessed the White house, my ideas are not the ones, that steer the development.

This does not mean, that I am out of the game, but it means, that I am much less powerful.

But that is ok. The reason why I started this world changing thing, was because I wanted to save the West in particular and the world in general.

That has happened, the general trajectory is pretty much on par with what I and Barack Envisioned. That is a rebounding of the West, renewed faith in Democracy, the family, freedom and the country.

We have a clear feeling about our enemies, and we are preparing the enivitable conflict with China.

Russia is a bit of a problem, we should not fight them, and hopefully we will not. But that is a problem we have to turn around.

In essence we suceeded, Barack and I. I know there is a lot of partisanship, and bad blood flowing between the Republicans and the Democrats. Ok, that is fair enough, and I suppose that great achievements are not celebrated in their time, but in the hindsight of history.

So, I cannot control anything anymore, and nor do I wish to. But my beautiful soul has been a key part of international development.

There are still fights to come, and I will be there as a strategist and a planner. There is still the fight to realise the existence of G-d which is not as big a challenge as saving the world, but a huge task nontheless.

So, thank you for listening for so many years, and let us hope, that our legacy is rightfully put where it belongs.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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