Ok, let us stop the panic, there is no such thing as at major crisis. Let us put things in perspective. For at about forty years the European Union has expanded incrementally, one little step at a time.

This has been done, mostly, with absolutely no care about what the citizens of the European Union thought about it. Perhaps the bureaucrats and the political elite thought that they could somehow talk people into the ideas after it was there; fake it until you make it, seems to be the idea.

Well, politics is not Hollywood, it is the thin glacing over war. If you do not play your cards wisely, you will be killed, or someone else will be killed. The actions you do, will end up giving you a boon or a basket. Either will be your crown or demise.

You take chances, as the elite has done with the European Union, and you either win or loose. All is not lost yet, but it is pretty clear that all can be lost, due to the fact, that you may be good at manipulating people into accepting your premises, but such behaviour does neither breed nor attract good leaders. Good leaders are where there are challenges and ethics. Because good leadership is based on ethics.

Is it possible to change the tide?

Well, I do not know, and, honestly I do not care much. It is not my project, I have never liked it due to the dishonest content, and I see it more as a problem for Europe than a problem solver, at least seen from the perspective of Denmark. We have gained nothing and payed a lot. To the point where Denmark seems to stop existing.

Things will have go on its way, and perhaps someone will pick up the pieces, but why? What is really the basic idea?

It all just seems altmodisch and very little connected to the fight for freedom and justice. My grandparents idea of a just world, based on the experiences of the second world war.

It is over, long forgotten, the second world war, and we are standing on the brink of the third world war. The war of the western democracies against islamism. That is my priority, and an ancient hegemonic structure to wheel in European Nationsstates so that they do not fight each other, does not meet the demands of the current threat. At the contrary it hinders it.

But, let us at least be careful not to be too angry at each other, at least in the Conservative camp. We have a fight to fight, and a another day to win. Because the rules are new, and the enemies novel.

G-d bless the peace that we hopefully will find in the end.

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Mr. Cameron

I just realised, that mr. Cameron is leaving Downing street 10. That is a blow, and I did not see this coming. After all he has done what was good for Britain, turning the economy around, putting up barriers against uncontrolled migration, paving the way for two momentous elections.

I really think that it is a pity that he has to go, instead of staying and picking up the pieces.

You know, of cause mr. Cameron has campaigned for a stay, but he was the one who gave the opportunity at the first place. So he is really the one who served the people by giving them a voice.

Dont be so sorry David, you did the right thing, fighting for your shire. Dont be sad, you won as a moral character and a renewer.

What we need now is to reunite and find a way out, we all supported your way of doing things, and it with great sadness that we see you leave. I think I talk for all Conservatives when I say this.

May mr. Cameron find the path that he so chooses as his own, and may that path be blessed.

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Great Britain!

Great-Britain-Flag-great-britain-13511739-500-313I stood up, 5 am to see what the British in or out vote was going to be. I sat there with my glasses on, looking out through sleep depraved eyes, and lo and behold! The Brits are leaving the EU.

At one hand sad, because we like to be in the same family as the Brits, but at the other hand, good for Britain.

Let us have a look at the implications.

Great Britain, will have to take that back again, the “Great”. Great has not been in the favour of Britain ever since half of the empire broke down sixty years ago. But now, as a sole system, it is entitled to the “Great” again.

Symbolically referring to the fact, that the Brits used to rule half of the world, but now only rules one third of the world. I mean, if you really look at that, what is there to be so depressed about? Britain is the sole ruler over so much real estate, that it is extremely rich.

What really caused all the problems after the Second world war has now, more or less, been removed, and England with its cousins and friends, can yet again enter the world scene with the proper sense of greatness.

Once again, lo and behold, I for one will look forward to see what it develops into, and be a partner in this development. Most prominent as a true friend of the Anglican Church.

You know, when you live on an island, often you feel that you are alone, and I know that Brits are not very fond of “Continentals”. But there is an irony in the fact, that you had a strong helping hand in this case. We Danes helped you. So maybe there are friends on the Continent after all. We like you, with all your quirks and your wonderful ways. We like your magic and history, we like your personality, we like your boarding schools. We like your fried fish and bacon, we like James Bond, your aristocratic ways, your blue collar heroes. We like you, and at the end of the day, it may be, that your only reference to someone to help you is placed in the story of Beowulf, and it took a Dane to give you another shot at independence, but so what? Let us take this wonderful opportunity and use it for the best of who really matters; the peoples of fair islands of the British.

G-d bless the windy meadows of England and beyond.

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ap_orlando_nightclub_shooting_hug_jc_160612_16x9_608It is with great sadness that we here in Denmark hear about the tragedy of the Orlando terror attack, or as mr. Trump rightly calls it; an attack by islamic extremists.

Let me clear about this; this is war. It is a war we have not wanted. We never challenged radical islam in the first place, they challenged us. So, by all means, it is a war that is right and just.

However, war is just that; war. It is killing, raping, destroying peoples life and livelihood. It is broken families, and friends lost.

That is war.

But one the other hand, it is also a possibility to find new friends. The enemy of your enemy is my friend.

Since IS has a lot of enemies, well there are a lot of potential friends out there for us to win; Russia, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia.

Even Iran.

But one thing is clear, the enemy is among us, and instead of covering under the threat, let us be strong in our conviction, steadfast in our steps ahead, and clear-sighted as to what we should do.

Let us be bold and free.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may spirit keep it safe.

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Mr Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, smiles during an interfaith roundtable in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015. Sanders said figures like Trump attempt to "divide" Americans. "A few months ago we're supposed to hate Mexicans and he thinks they're all criminals and rapists and now we're supposed to hate Muslims, and that kind of crap is not going to work in the United States of America," he said. Photographer: Drew Angerer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It is with great sadness that we hear that the presumptive nominee of the democratic run mr. Bernie Sanders has lost his chance to get into the White house.

We, the people, mourn it, and we hope, that you will set free a movement that will Change the entire American constitution, so that it will remain free and abundant.

Idealism will only work, if there are ideals to strive for. Funny thing is, it is same the same values we always fight for, but, at the other hand, it is also the same value that is threatened all the time; Freedom.

Freedom is at the heart of mr. Sanders pledge, a beautiful, volatile, blazing torch og the purest light.

Put that torch to your very heart, and you will never go wrong.

Because, though our societies are based on freedom as a virtue, there are always a threat to it.

Sometimes we get lazy, sometimes we get convenient, sometimes we forget what is really important to us.

But you told us otherwise.

Let us hope, that that fight is not over, but just a new beginning, for a freer and more just world.

May spirit bless you, and may it take you, as one of his angels, when time comes.

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The flow of Change

When things Change, they do it in a specific pattern. First there is a great crisis, then someone steps in with a solution, if the solution is good, there entire system goes that way.

Take the example og the fight between the Soviet Union and the United States of America.

On one hand we had a state that led by morals, or at least that was the idea. To make an ethical state.

At the other hand we had a state that used to see itself as a democracy, but changed as a consequence of the Soviet criticism. It became “capitalist”. The idea was, that if our enemy believes we are capitalist, well I suppose we are.

Still there was the overall fight between Communism and Democracy, but at the heart of the fight was also a fight between ethics and free market economy.

Now fast forward to 9/11 and thereafter the Mohammad cartoon crisis. These two crises were pivotal in the sense that at the first the US realised it had a bitter enemy, and in the second Denmark stepped up and put a direction to the fight.

So the paradigms changed. Before we had a fight between Communism and Capitalism/democracy. Now we have a fight between islamism and democracy with a spiritual twist.

See the connection? In the first war we took some of the critique and used it in our own way, in the second we have done the same. We realise that the threat is spiritual in a sense, and this has led us to rearm our own spiritual core. The Jews in Israel and the Christians in the West, add a pint of Thor and Odin, there you have it.

The course has changed, and we are changing with it.

They beauty of it, is the fact, that we only fight a portion of Islam and not all, giving room for a democratic Sunniislam to grow.

But to truly understand what we are witnessing these days, and see it in the long perspective. We should see what are, right now fighting with and for; for our democratic/spiritual values in opposition to a caliphate.

G-d bless the will to find the most peaceful way of fighting.

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Ethics is one of those fields that are really hard to understand. Let me give you an example. When Jesus Christ (the benevolent and spiritual jew) was crucified, he was crucified because he rejected all rules.

It is written in the bible, that the Pharisees, some not some benevolent and less spiritual jews, condemned him to death because he healed a man on sunday. Sunday being the day of rest.

If you look at it from a moral perspective, that is what maximises the good of the land in that action. It is true that Jesus Christ did something good, despite the rules and edicts of the Pharisees.

You can see here, that the Pharisees are really the clergy of that time, that ruled and held sway over the Jews.

So what did Jesus do wrong in the eyes of the Pharisees? He did not respect the rules of the Pharisees.

Do we hear a bell ringing here?

Jesus Christ was a rule breaker. Imagine that. The central figure of a complex that now spans the entire globe with a gazillion of rules that people must follow. We cannot do this because the church tells us, we can not do that.

What would Jesus say? He would, because that is why he was crucified, say follow your heart. What does your heart tell you in this situation where you have to chose between A. Following a rule. B. Do something that is obviously right for the person involved.

In this I believe lies a single point of balance between too little and too much.

It is not so that Jesus say we should not follow the rules, he says that when the rules are obviously wrong, we should not follow them, we should follow our conscience.

In this way, he puts our hearts free to do what we think is the most humane.

It will put one a cross often, because the rule makers will see you as a threat to the common welfare. I know this, because I always follow my heart and my own logic in all I do. Because that is what light truly is; following your heart in the light of the creator.

Because the creator has no rules, he has only the attachment to all around us as a rule, and nothing more.

We should try and follow that rule.

G-d bless the wisdom of the creator.

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Now mr. Trump is criticising the strategies that mr. Obama and I have laid on foreign policy as incoherent. Well, they are not.

Then he says that we are rattled. Well, we are not. The strategy is a strategy, it cannot be rattled.

I like a good fight, and I would love to fight mr. Trump, just because he seems to be a worthy adversary. But I will not, we are friends, remember?

Denmark and the US have been standing side by side for many, many years now. Toiling, fighting even dying.

Now, and then that is abuse, as mr. Trump says.

Listen Donald, I have sacrificed my career, I do not take a single penny for the job I have done for the US. Helping you in your troubled times. I do this because in my view, that is what you do with friends. You help them if they are in trouble.

You did the same to us in the second world war, you helped us. So we owed you.

We do not abuse you, we are friends. We fight together, as one.

I know that there is an economic burden to the US in Europe. I really support the American pressure on European countries to ramp up the defence expenses. Not at least to prepare for the infight with the Islamic state in Europe. That is going to be costly in all ways.

But it is not all about money, it is actually also about using your others ressources as intelligence, strategic insight and diplomatic influence. In all these areas, I have supported mr. Obama from day one, and given him the best we had.

This is an alliance, and friendship.

We are going to keep that friendship whatever happens, because the relationship we have is deep.

G-d bless the international comradeship between Denmark and the United States of America.

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The nation

babylon_tower-410x289There is some discussion in the UK on the issue of a nation. Mr. Roger Scruton who blessed us with his presence here in Denmark a week ago, has the idea that you can differ between nationalism that is a vile and dangerous creed and being in connection with the nation, that is an identity.

Well first of all, a nation is simply a system of government. It comes from the Middle East and was invented in what we today know as Iraq. Invented by different semitic peoples like the Assyrians and the Jews.

Especially the Assyrians were some of the first to invent the nation. Things like the rule of law, a social state, kingship, organised religion, literacy, science and so on, was invented in Assyria.

We still have a vital connection to this first step of civilisation in what we in Christianity call the old testament, and in Judaism call the Torah. In Islam, it is written in the Koran.

Religion was designed to be a vital part of nations wellbeing. Take the story of Babylon, this story is about the downfall due to too much liberality. If there is no one language, a common belief system, the nation will turn into a tower built higher and higher, until everything breaks down.

This is a vital story that we can learn a lot from today where our nations are falling apart, and the European Union has been unable to make a common frame for all.

It is like the tower af Babylon in each individual nation, breaking down due to incoherence.

So, in the most of history a nation has been a positive thing, because it gave its citizens peace, prosperity, order, justice, freedom, spirituality and science.

So seen from a historical/philosophical angle being afraid of the nation is like being afraid of a wise architecture that man has built upon for thousands of years, lately building a new version called democracy.

But I do know where the antagonism comes from, it comes from the European Union, who has been in war with the nation as a simple equation; more power to the nations, less to the European Union.

Well, why dont you then just say so?

A nation is, when it works, and unfortunately often it does not. But when it works, it is what makes people happy and satisfied. It is what brings order and symmetry, harmony and justice.

G-d bless the central nation of Israel.

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There is a lot of talking about “disruption” these days. How IT tech startups, and grownups are changing the way we see the world. As Apple, as Facebook, as Amazon, as Spotify.

The same happens in the academic life. It has happened numerous times; Anaxagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, Walden, Kierkegaard, Adam Smith, Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Voltaire, Newton. Great, great thinkers who saw a truly different world than everybody else, and by their superior intellect as well as drive changed the world.

When that happens, all the pharisees and old guard members will roll off the same incessant drivel about the stupidity of the ideas. They will often persecute the intellectual, while as the intellectual will have his supporters and disciples.

“Disruption” is not only in IT these days, it is also in intellectual life, and the thinkers will change the way we look at the world.

In this situation I think it is vital to reflect on the philosopher and his motivation. Take Newton, he REALLY changed our world, he, more or less, put the church into the grave, singlehanded.

The thing about Newton was that he, as a man, was an extremely nerdish and not a very likeable character. He was often souped up in his dabbling with magic and alchemy, and had very few friends.

The world he made was such a world; a clinical, non personal world we still live in today.

Therefor, I believe, if I realise my project fully, that the world that we create after my ideas are fully implemented, is a world, where family, friendship and human warmness is at the core of how we look at the world.

We need to wheel in what Newton started. Not to forget his many truly astonishing exploits, but to soften the edges. Find friendship, spirituality and warmth again.

Because we may be on the top of the world, but if that is a place of coldness, then it is not worth it.

G-d bless the wisdom of the familymen.

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Now, we have been criticised a bit, Barack and I on some of the decisions we have made. Well, we are not perfect, and we have done some mistakes. That is only natural when it comes to making international decisions in an environment as difficult as the current political one.

It is not like in the 16 and 17 hundreds, where European manufacture and industrial items, weapons and intelligence were vastly superior to everybody else’s. In this world, our opponents are as skilled as we are, and often more skilled in some ares.

Fighting is extremely complex, and as a consequence the strategies must evolve.

Let me give you a historical example.

When Alexander the Great attacked the Persian empire, it was a showcase in intelligence in opposition to brute force. The persians basically commanded gigantic slave armies, and the Greek were free citizens fighting for a cause.

At the battles there were, many times over, odds stacked in favour of the Persians in an extreme numerality. 2 million persian soldiers against 50.000 Greek.

Alexander won by reinventing strategy. He put up modern positions of soldiery. Some amazing ingenuity. How could he do that? He could do it, because he represented the epitome of Greek thought. The strategies he used were developed in the Greek wars, he was supported by Aristotle, one of the wisest men in human history.

So ingenuity opposed to raw strength will win the day, if the ingenuity os good enough.

Fast forward to George Bush. What did Osama bin Laden do? He made one brilliant attack, and Bush reacted by dragging the US into two costly wars. Wars that dragged the US economy to its knees, and gave no real result. Remember, mr. Obama killed Osama bin Laden with the secret service, not using much money in comparison. So it is smartness compared to brute force.

This is the way we need to fight the jihadis. Not by using brute force, but continuing using the cold war methods that the fight with the Soviet Union gave us.

After all, that is how IS fights, by infiltrating, subterfuge, pinpoint attacks and so on.

A war fought with an elusive opponent is not won by brute force, but by fighting them with intelligence, cunning and subterfuge. Countering their recruitment, forcing our European allies to take the threat serious (we cannot fight in Europe, if the Europeans are not willing to fight), drying our their monies. But most important of all, in these internet times; winning the MORAL war.

Winning the moral war will bring us support from all around the world, because who would not fight along side us against a foe os such immoral behaviour?

That is the mindset we need to use to fight this elusive opponent. Skill, cunning and intelligence.

I think that is why the general public never really caught on to what we have done, because it is such a masterful, difficult chess fight where the overall progress is drowned in the complexities of the moves on the chessboard.

G-d bless the will to win against the terrible enemy.

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Nordic summit

There is a great Nordic summit going on in Washington right now, probably the accustomed Washingtonians do not think much of it, after all, things like these happen all the time.

But, instead of just letting it pass as another thing in the endless parade of international occurrences happening in DC, lets have a look at it at a deeper level.

You came from us, remember? When our great, great grandfathers took a single ticket on one of those crammed boats, braved the prairie, plowed the earth, that had never been plowed before. Dying, surviving making a new home in an often hostile world.

My great, great grandfathers brother became a known academic a hundred years ago. His children became American, and were not Danes anymore, except for the memory of a fatherland long forgotten, but still the roots are there.

This is what it is about. A shared memory, and a shared history. Because my great, great grandfathers brother he had his roots here. In Denmark, and that reflects on the culture of the US today, as it is a memory in Denmark still, loosing so many sons and daughters in a time of scarcity.

In these internet times, things seem to go the other way again. The great Democratic party seems to have had a path to the source of their own shared history with the Danes, and my G-d is that a healing thing!

To feel the connection to what you are, the culture that, in many ways, spawned your own.

We are friends, more than just friends, we are family, and as family we stick together.

This shared destiny, is, I hope, deeper than just flags hanging on poles, or empty promises, it is a shared path. A path we trod down on together.

We are not perfect, often we do things wrong, but we have values, and we have a shared destiny, for now, and in the bright future.

G-d bless the great nation of the United States of America.

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There was a time when we philosophers did our best to kill G-d. Remember? When Nietzsche told the story about the man that came down from the mountains and told some people that he met, that G-d is dead. Have´nt you heard?

These days it is the other way around, we try our best, we strive, we sacrifise ourselves to make G-d alive again. To prove his existence, to give him a platform, to make people believe again.

Have´nt you heard? G-d is alive. Read it on this blog, and rejoice in the fact, that you are not alone, spirit will carry you to your final destination, and after that he will carry you in his arms to a place of joy.

Then why? Why is it, that we do this? As our civilization is threatened, some will ignore it, but there are a few people, that will stand their ground. People who have not given up, who still stand by their culture and will fight and sacrifise themselves. They are the last of the last, the fine line between obliteration and renewal.

We do it, because if we do not believe in our culture and our values, then we are finished.

That is what it is basically all about; faith. Faith in our values, in our system, in our religions, in our G-ds.

And it will be by the measure of the strenght of that faith, that we will be either doomed or saved.

G-d bless the wisdom of Socrates and Jesus Christ, the redeemers. (Said as a Jew)

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American business

There has been a renewed discussion of the economic skills of the great Us of A. Well there is no discussion that the skills are there, the discussion is just; how does that translate into jobs?

First of all, the Republicans, and most of the Democrats does not really seem to understand the underlying philosophical discussion under what we today have come to term “Obamanomics”.

Remember the last election fight, when mr. Romney was deemed “outsourcer in chief”? Before that election campaign, no-one had discussed the outsourcing as a problem, because there were no theoretical basis to do that from. We made that, Obama and I, and that saved not only the American economy, but also the British, because mr. Cameron got the tools as well, and has made a resurgence of the british economy too.

What is it, that made this possible.

It is, as then stated, a discussion on the two books of Adam Smith. Smith developed the free trade ideas, that drove most of the expansion of British empire. In its core, it argues, that free trade will enhance the overall production and consequently wealth for all who are in the free trade zone.

This is off cause true, and no-one doubts it. We saw it in the crisis of the thirties where trade barriers were put up, here the overall production simply fell, and the wealth and jobs fell away as well.

Then a war came, and that motivated the production again.

But there is another book of Adam Smith, that I have pointed too, that misses its application. Coming from a philosophical world, I know that freedom always goes hand in hand with responsibility. If you have no responsibility to anything, then the freedom you have will make you weightless and disconnected. It is the freedom from something that gives the feeling of freedom.

So, usually there is a kind of trade off or balance in the equation between freedom and ethics.

Being a philosopher, Adam Smith off cause knew the same, so I looked for the ethical part of his philosophy, and found it in his works on moral sentiment.

Smith really was a brilliant philosopher, and he had the balance in his philosophy, we just did not understand it well enough to really implement it. This is our current problem.

So what does Smith say about ethics? He says that the moral sentiment must be attached to the nation to work. In other words, while there is free trade among the nations, there should be a loyalty between those who produce goods and the nation. This is the key, and that is the current problem. When American manufacturers moves production to China, the US looses wealth.

It is not good for China either, because if the system is ruined, then there will be no-one for them to sell their goods too. So it is in all nations interest to keep a sound an loyal production base. In fact, it is a vital a part of the Smithsonian equation as free trade.

So this is the key, and unfortunately it has only worked to some degree, and not all the way through. It needs to be reinforced, with good measure off cause.

Businesses should feel appreciated, there should tax reduction for those business that keep their production in the US, and so on. Use your imagination and it is quite simple to make it happen.

A stronger focus on patriotism overall would also help, be a bit more patriotic, let the flag unfurl again and be happy with your great nation, because in all fairness, you should, because it is so great.

G-d bless United States of America.

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There has been a lot of discussion about the aim and the purpose of the foreign policy of the Obama administration. Mr. Trump says, at one hand, that it is absolutely without aim, at the other hand the EU administration has just admitted that the policies are much deeper and better than their own!

Well, one cannot be true without the other.

I am not the only one Mr. Obama listens to, there are others, so it is not only my advice that has been heeded. But in the Arab spring Obama and I were pretty much inseparable, and the idea behind the fight against IS were strategic considerations that we both agreed on.

Many people see Obama as against Israel, this is absolutely and totally wrong, he just believes in the same values as the liberal camp in Israel. He wants peace, and to his credit you must be open to the fact, that Obama has never really engaged in the fights between the Gazans and Israel, giving Israel a wide berth here. If he had supported the Palestinians more, the last intifada (that with the bombs) would have been devastating.

He has held on to the idea, that the peace process should be met at the source. This was the entire idea behind making peace with Iran.

If you zoom out a bit, you will find the basic fight that we are in right now; the reclaiming of Western values.

What is so terrible about IS? It is the fact that they hate democracy, and love the caliphate. So the fight against them is much more than just a fight against terror, it is at the same time, a fight for our own values.

And this is what it basically all about; the reclaiming of our own values.

In a world where western interest are threatened and we are loosing ground, we should both put up an ideological as well as a physical defence.

That is crux of the strategies that I have made, and that has influenced Barack a lot; the rise of the West again.

So we have defined the enemy; the Islamic State, and has put together a wide alliance behind it. It has been so strong, that the problems we have had with Russia, that could have developed into a third world war, was eased out by the fact, that we are kin, and we are fighting for the same basic ideas.

The world according to Samuel Huntington is a world where civilisations fight, and we have sought to strengthen our own civilisation, and we have failed in some areas, but also won a lot. Egypt is now a democracy, we have brought momentary peace to Israel, we have changed the mindset of the Europeans, we have forged a friendship with Russia that was extremely important in the wake of the last crisis.

All in all, we are poised for a comeback as a civilisation, if the next president knows how to play his cards wisely.

Not to mention that we have done all this while saving money and making jobs.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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