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Ok, mr. Trump has made Jerusalem the eternal capital of Isreal. Yes! That was a boon, thank you very much. That was a tough, ideologically driven decision with ramifications for the future. Let us see what it ends up with, but thank you! That was perfect.

At the other hand, I also understand, that this was a move for peace. How may we understand this?

Mr. Kushner, the son in law of mr. Trump is the Jewish peace envoy, and he is, if you try to understand his stance on this a man of peace. In fact I could buy him a beer in the local Kabbalah center. So again, that is truly on offer. Next time we see each other in Jerusalem, beer is on me.

The point is, that the Kabbalah prophesy of rav Ashlag is that Israel is a vehicle for peace in the sense that it will be the glue between the three monotheistic religions. That of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. If the gesture is of that, as a peace of that branch, then it is a process that all of us should celebrate. 

Next year in Jerusalem, as we did say. And here we are, hopefully it is a symbol of peace, and hopefully Israel will be as Jeremiah prophesied, the light of the nations. 

That light just got a little candle extra, and let us all celebrate for that. Because we are for Hashem, for the eternal fight against the dark lord and his sons, by the wielders of light. 

That is us, and let us put a little extra light in the Menorah, the commemorate all the sacrifices that so many Jews have done to reach this momentous point of history. 

Thank you mr. Trump, that was a wise and bold move, we stand by you, and having Jews by ones side, is not the worst in the world. 

Hashem be with you all, and may peace finally find its way to the Middle East, all the wartorn cities should find rest finally. Finally. 

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The firebrands

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In many ways we are at the same stage of development in these days, that we were in 500 years ago. 

500 years ago, the entirety of Europe was swamped in superstition, endless plagues, a completely corrupt Catholic Church. A world where charlatans and enlighteners roamed around. You could say, that the building blocks of the US were assembled at that time with great humanists as Erasmus. 

Today we have the same. Scourges of migrants wrecking the continent, a corrupt and inefficient political class, a church that does not stand up for the true victims, and enlighteners roaming around. 
Erasmus did not want to revolutionize the church in the sense that he wanted to get rid of it. He wanted, through a wise and sarcastic wit to change the system from within. 

At the other hand Luther was the true revolutionary firebrand who wanted to change it all. Who won at that time?

This is not to say anything wrong about Luther, he did manage to cleanse his world, and he created something lasting and beautiful. Protestantism. 

My point is just, do we want to make a total rejection of the state as it is right now, or do we Change the system from within. 

In this sense, I do stand where Erasmus stood, but as long as my ideas are not implemented, the call for a Luther just gets louder and louder. 

The reformation was an awfully bloody spectacle, and we risk by not doing anything, and being sucked up in endless fruitless debacles about this or that, that my vision runs out, and the Luthers win the day. 

Britain First and their rejection of EDL is a pretty good example of that. 

By not doing anything, EDL and its ideas are slowly going into the background, and a more radical vision wins the day. 

This is not to diminish the outrage that is behind Britain First, it is a call for the establishment in order to make it realise, that in order to survive, it needs to tackle the corruption, and the sloth and the inactivity. 

At least this is what we can learn from history, and as they say, unless you learn from history, it tends to repeat itself.

G-d bless the will to engage in history and learn from it.

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What to do now

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I have been given the crisis in the British public regarding Britain First some thought.

First of all, if you feel that you are not heard, and everybody seem to accept that your country just goes downhill. It is truly understandable, that you end up not giving a damn, and then just throw all decency out of the window. 

That is, more or less, what the footballers, hooligans and exservicemen of Britain First is doing. 

I understand that. 

At the other hand, I also understand the need to distance oneself from people with a fascist background. Seriously England has always fought against that. 

When I introduced my ideas of a pro patriotic, Viking freedom loving anti islaimist theory. Everybody went on that boat, and it worked. 

Right now, we are talking with the very founders of Democracy, the Human Rights council, and they accept the premises. Because they are wise, balanced and human. 

So in essence, it was a huge success. Everybody agrees to that. OK EDL fell apart after a long ardorous walk of mr. Robinson, but the ideas have become mainstream. 

Then what I think is really the solution to the current predicament, is actually DOING something about the problems. 

It is not enough to recognize that there is a problem, you also have to do something about it. 

Making more surveillance is not going to solve the problems. It requires broad masculine soldierlike types to tackle all the violence of the Islamists. 

And the Islamists need to find somewhere else to live than in a Democracy. 

To take the wind out of the footballers fight, the state should start acting, doing something. 

With that, the footballers will feel that they are heard, and they will stop the uptick in violent rethorics and confrontation. 

Here in Denmark, we do a lot to give people who are frustrated with the current development a statesponsored and legitimate way to organize and help. It is called the Hjemmevaernet or home defense. 

In this way the state has a way to organize the protest, and also use the good people that are willing to defend their country in the actual defense. 

Instead of pitting the Patriots and the state against each other, we collaborate and try to work towards the same goal.

But truly what has caused the problems is the inactivity of the government, because the government has been to occupied with Brexit, and lost the momentum on home defense. 

Having the eye on both balls is pretty difficult, but it is necessary. 

Our experience here in Denmark is, that there is a lot of red tape to cut through. But it is possible, and it has given the initiative to the state instead of leaving it to the people of the street.

That is really what it is all about, keeping the initiative in this fight. 

Don’t lose sight of the aim, a secure and humanistic democracy. And start acting towards that goal, sooner rather than later. 

The world is watching, so there is no getting around it. 

Please, look at this from at humane perspective, and use the necessary means to keep the peace. 

G-d bless the will to be honest and strong in a very, very difficult situation.

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We are truly living in revolutionary times, I have realised this, as I have kept reading about Paracelsus the rennaissance Doctor who revolutionized medicine.

He lived in a time, where the pest was all encompassing, then there was syphilis and countless other diseases that swept away whole villages. 

The medicinal arts had basically not changed since the antiques and it simply had no effect. 

It created such a deep crisis in the European society, that something had to be done. Enter Paracelsus.

Paracelsus was a quack and a vagabond, he wandered most of what we then thought was the world, and he sucked up all knowledge of that time. 

What he ended up doing, was to invent a whole new way to work with medicine. 

Medicine went from a philosophical discussion on the humors of the body, to being a strict empirical science, still is today. That is medicine looks at the body, and focuses on how the body works. It then tries to design a remedy. 

Paracelsus also was totally open minded anything that worked, he took it in. Folk medicine, magic, whatever, as long as it worked. One example is the willowbark tee, that soothed headaches. This is what is behind aspirin. 

So he was the real deal in a time where people demanded new answers. 

The same goes for politics these days. The political system that we have ended up with after hundreds of years of tinkering with it, is not working anymore. The result is a gigantic crisis. 

Europe is flooded with migrants, that is tearing the whole place asunder. The US and UK had plummeting economies, people are desperate for new answers, because they can see things are falling apart.

Enter the political philosopher. 

It may sound preposterous, but in many ways I feel a kindred spirit in Paracelsus. As me, he sought for answers in places other people see as wrong and not that fine. As me he is a weird type, not fitting in anywhere. As me he is absolutely convinced about his own knowledge that is way deeper than anything else anyone is bartering these days. As me, he is treated with utmost both scorn and appraisal.

A truth seeker and a magus. A unconventionalist and an iconoclast.

So as they lived in a medicinal revolution in the 16th century, today we are living in a political revolution. 

And it is not fancy ideas people are looking for, they are looking for something that crudely works.

This is what has happened in the US, that is at the helm of this development. The ideas that Barack and I put in the system is working, and it is slowly turning around the boat.

But also in the UK, in Israel, in Denmark and France. 

New, freshly minted political solutions to problems really dire. That will create what I inteded: A rennaissance. 

A rebirth of the ancients ideas.

G-d bless the will to understand new ideas and then use them to the good of Europe and all those who believe in that.

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The migrants

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There is a lot of horror in the managing cadres of the British state regarding the rising and mounting problems with migrants.

Well, as the proverb goes, according to the Copts, who have had these problems the last 1400 years. 

“Don’t ask the victim not to cry, ask the offender to stop striking”

In other words, we have to be honest about who are actually causing the problems and then start doing something about it. 

First of all, what is really important, is the be clear on our own values. what seems to be the problem with Britain First, is the fact, that they have not been sufficiently outspoken about what they base their values on. If they base it in some kind of fascist dogma, this is off cause totally wrong. Shifting one kind of fascism with another is just stupidity.
Therefore we have been absolutely clear about the base we base our discussion of the migrant problems on. 

Democratic humanism. 

So, if migrants do not accept our democratic values, the rule of law and accept the sanctity  of life, they are not welcome. 

We see a long term threat to our democracy, if we have too large a base of voters who would like other systems and do not accept the democratic law

So, in essence, if a migrant is criminal or a part of a criminal network. That being an extremist mosque or the like, this is shut down, and the criminal is expatriated. 

We are working with the human rights judges right now, to find a way to include this in the official dogma of human rights. 

This is beginning to work, and it has created a sense of urgency in the migrant communities. They are realizing, that in order to live here, they need to abide by the rules. Otherwise we are officially allowed to kick them out of the country. 

It is as simple as that. 

You abide by our rules, or you get a kick out. 

They understand that. 

They still fight for their case, and that is fair enough. But the violence and the criminal conduct, the abuse of public wealth fare and so on, is not helping their case. 

In conclusion, we have a viable, internally accepted process, that leaves a lot of room for the migrants to accept the rules, and it solves the problem of rising migrant violence of different kind. 

It is definitely not easy, but it is a way of tackling the problems that is not inhuman or uncontrolled. 

It is a fair process, that hopefully, will solve the problems in the next ten to twenty years. 

G-d bless the will to be honest in this difficult situation, and use the right levers of the state to solve the migrant challenges.

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The fine art of helping

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I do a lot in the business of helping other people. As a day job I help a young disabled man, who are in need of constant help. As a philosopher my single most important job, is to try and help around the globe. 

So, as a person, I believe I have some insight into the great and difficult art of helping other people. 

Let me be honest about from the beginning. Sometimes I really hate it. When the bills are difficult to pay, when you harassed by the system, when people hate me. Times like that, I really hate it. 

Not that I would do anything else, but I believe that being a helper is not for the fainthearted. You should not try and help if you want personal gratification or to feel good yourself. If you have these motives please try and focus on other things. 

Helpers need to help, because they see it as a moral fight and mission of a spiritual nature. They do it to pull people out of the material trap that is often trapping people. 

In a sense, you should be strong enough to delve into the world of corruption, abuse and alcoholism without being tainted by it yourself.

That is really, really difficult, you have to be strong at heart.Empedocles, the Ancient Greek philosopher saw natural development as a sphere. At the fringes of the sphere there is strife, in the center there is love. Helping is about putting yourself into the midst of that sphere and be the little seed of love. Because the natural development of the sphere is to move forward and backwards from strife to love, to strife. It is a movement of waves. 

So instead of producing a wave, what you do, is to find the center of the sphere of a given community, and support that. 

It is not about yourself, it is about other people, that need help.

Now, going out into the wild is like a frontier movement. People who need help, are often sucked into the material world big time. They suffer from all kinds of misgivings. They drink too much, sometimes even taking harder drugs. They steal, they are violent.

These are the people, who truly need help the most. 

But working with people like that is not easy. Because how do you really help people who are so sucked into the material world, and are almost dying of it?

You do it by being a good friend. It is not about the money, it is about your support on an human level. 

This will put yourself in a tough spot, so you need to be strong. 

Being strong yourself is the most important. That is why you should focus on getting your own life up to date and as sound as possible. Off cause you should do that regardless, but also because if you put yourself in a situation where you have a mental surplus, then you are truly able to help.

Now, what do you do, if you are a philantropist, and happen to have a lot of money that you want to do good with in the world. 

First of all, don’t buy the easy tricks. Don’t go with the mainstream, go out there and find people who are in need. But do not support them yourself, find those people in the local community who are the ones who try and help and have some mental surplus themselves, and help them. Because these Angels in the local community are the ones who truly know what is up and down in the community, and are not prone just to take the money for themselves. 

That is really the difficult part, because good people usually do not cry out for money. They are content in just doing their work. 

But if you give them some money, they can enhance what they are doing already. Just make sure they are not dependent on you.

The truly difficult thing about helping and philanthropy in general, is that the persons who truly needs your help are those who cry out the least. They often just suffer, suppressed by someone. 

A good example are the Egyptian Copts, who are an amazing Christian minority. They are so uncorrupted themselves and amazing, and they receive very little help. 

That is a good project there, helping those Copts, they are actually in a lot of problems right now. Suffering from abuse of different kind. 

Giving them money would be a kind thing.

Then, never go on the beaten path. Because the beaten path is usually just another system of power abuse of some kind. 

Go out there and look for people who suffer in the silent. Like the Yazidi who were sold as slaves by ISIS. 

So in essence, find the local lightbringers and try to help them. 

G-d bless the will to do good.

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The defense of Europe

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We are now entering the next phase of the defense of Europe. The European states have, as usual, not done much. After mr. Trump tried to push them a bit on the war on terror through NATO, what has happened? In Denmark they have, after a long time finally decided to target….. Russia. 

The only conservative thinker that has pushed an antiterrorist agenda has been me. This has been accepted, but still I am held in the farthest possible distance to any real money, influence, power in general. It is not that I want that, but it is pretty symptomatic, that I am held in contempt, because they are not willing to do what is necessary themselves. The same goes on in most of Europe, there has been a small little surge in investment of military capability but it is mostly without any real focus. OK the European Union wants to build an army, but to what end?

What we need to focus on, which should be pretty apparent is the horde of IS fighters returning from the Middle East, not giving them better treatment than our own veterans. Imagine that. 

It is really painful to be a witness to. 

Me myself, they have, more or less, stopped the persecution. But there has been no compensation, excuses or anything like that. The media is still closed for me, anything that could actually make a life just a little better than living with one foot in the gutter, being terrorized on the job, doesn’t really seem to appear. 

According to my friend, it is because I am an extremist. Thank you very much, as if accepting massrape of women is not a bit extreme. Who is the extreme, the one who criticizes it, or the one who accept it?

My best advise to the Americans is, push on. The European laggards should be pushed to actually confront the terrorism there is in Europe, and we should not accept Denmark as terrorising and persecuting anyone who dare to speak up. It is disgusting. 

I know that there has been a lot of discussion on Britain First. Let me be clear, I do not know the basis they found their ideas on. It seems to me, that they are pretty vague on that. So I have no clue on their conduct, that is why I have not officially discussed them. 

According to my friend Melanie Phillips, they are fascists of some kind, and off cause swapping one kind of fascism for another is stupid. 

But that does not make their basic criticism wrong. Off cause a part of the Muslim community needs to be tackled and stopped from spewing anti semitism, hathred for democracy and so on. 

One wrong does not make one right. 

So, my advise is, start getting serious about these problems, it’s painful for the rest of the world to look at this outright treason of the European people. 

So can we please do something about these problems, on a sound democratic, humanistic basis. Taking care of the weak, who happen to be little vulnerable girls. 

G-d bless the will to see through all the fog, and be strong in fighting for those who are weak and vulnerable.

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The challenge to Democratic Humanism

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In the rennaissance, or rather one of the rennaissances that of the 15 th century, we had a huge move away from barbarity and to humanism. 

When you read the books of that time, you really understand why. In one of the books that I am reading you hear a lot about what was really the “rave” of that time within the community of shamans of Scandinavia. I suppose it is what we call Vølver here in Denmark, men and women of prophesy. 

What they did according to the book I am reading, was to skin the legs of a man, and make nice trousers of them. Imagine that. 

Another thing that was real all hip, was to chop off the hand of a thief, and dry it, to make a Talisman of that. Not civilized. 

What I am saying is, that we have become humane, but there was a time, where we not humane. 

In these times of migration and influx of people who have not been tought with humanism, a lot of the things that we have moved on from since the 15 th century is making a comeback. 

Especially ISIS is remarkably renown for the barbarity of their conduct. But also organized rape is appearing in many places of especially Northern Europe by migrants. 

In a sense we see that the dark times that we have moved on from is returning. 

For me, this is really the crux of the matter. Will we fight to keep our humanistic societies as humanistic, or will we acceptthat the dark times of Europe are returning. 

In a paradoxical way the humanists are usually the ones defending the barbaric migrants. That I simply cannot understand. How can one who are sworn to protect the sanctify of life defend child molesters?

It makes no sense to me, and it is a misunderstanding of humanism. Humanism is not soft on crime, it is the wisest and most enlightening harbinger of justice. It is not soft of people who molest children, but will unconditionally hunt them down. 

Because the vision of justice and peace is always challenged by injustice. We saw it with nazism, we saw it with communism and we are seeing it again with Islamism.

Democratic humanism must be strong to fend off the barbarity of people who do not accept that sanctity of life, but despises it. 

I know that not all Muslims are to blame, I recognize the movement of most of Muslims. At the other hand, muslims must also recognize and fight the atrocities that is made in the name of Islam. 

Raping of small children on an industrial scale. How can that be anything that the work of the dark lord?

G-d bless the will to understand the good of humanity.

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We have developed here in the Western and eastern civilizations in moves and jumps. Latest jumps have been the minority caretaking of the cultural Marxists. The development we are in right now is basically mine, which is democratic socialism with a fierce renewal of faith. 

Each step of the way has been done by a bunch of philosophers or, sometimes with just one philosopher. 

I am reading a lot about the Renaissance philosopher or mystic Paracelsus. He is a bit like me. A mystic with a lot of skill and also temperament. A genius of his time, who is still parting the waters. 

He basically represents the move from mysticism to rationality. He was the one who invented a lot of what we see as empiricism and objectivism of today. A contradiction since he was a mystic himself. 

The move I have recommended and fought a lot for, is a move where religion and spirituality is mainstream accepted again. This is really not a move against the rationality of Paracelsus, but in fact a move within the religious community where we move on from Aristotle and Plato to Anaxagoras (the teacher of Plato) to a more complete and rational explanation of the universe. 

The Renaissance with its focus on the ancients is yet again taking another turn. This time FOR religion and spirituality. 

What I am basically saying is, that when we went on with rationality and objectivism, only accepting what we can scientifically prove, we lost a lot in the realm of religion. This we need to recapture to be whole again. 

But when we do it, we do it on a secure and profound basis. Not in any way superficially. 

G-d bless the will to do good and understand that metaphysics should have a come back in the major halls of learning. 

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It seems to me, that the US foreign ministry is searching for at new strategy in the Middle East. 

First of all, again, as in the war between the Sunni and Shia, what is the endgame?
The Middle East does not really give anything to the US itself. So, if you wish to Make America Great again, perhaps focusing the resources where that goal is the aim makes more sense. 

I am here talking about China. 

The entire Middle East warfare theatre is facing a whole new paradigm with the new drone weaponry. 

I championed the idea of making small autonomous drones to fight ISIS. 

This development is now, more or less, complete. 

It gives us a weapon of such destructive power, that the nuclear bomb is a kitty compared to it. 

The aim of the development was to counter the strategical disadvantage we have in guerilla warfare against a ideologically driven opponent. 

It was pretty effective in Afghanistan, but we also had some drawbacks with the strategy. What we met was a lot of resentment by the civilians in the area, they felt that the way of making war was unfair. 

But, wisely deployed, we can win a lot of battles cheaply and swiftly. 

What we have to do, is to use the weapons where it has most and best effect. 

In ten years we are probably going to deploy it in Europe, in some areas before. France and Sweden are candidates for warfare of such a way, because they are really in danger of falling as states. In a desperate situation, we use desperate measures.

If I were the Americans, I would reach out to the European states that needs the weapon, then why not France?

Concerning the games in the Middle East. What I did was to support an anti Moslem Brotherhood strategy. That is, I supported Mr. Al Sisi in Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. This gave us a true act as a local player, because the people in the Middle East recognized us as a player with sufficient knowledge of the local power games. 

Israel is kind of reaching the same level of local player status. 

Talking with Turkey will abandon that strategy, which may be wise and then again maybe not. It gives Turkey too much power, and Turkey is actively fighting many European states including Denmark. So in a few years Europe will have to rap up the fighting against Turkey. 

So there is a choice there to be made. 

What I believe is important however, is to keep the peace. That is why I have supported those who want peace. 

In essence America needs to choose its friends wisely. 

What I would recommend would be to find a way to find friends in Europe and then take it from there. 

Also off cause support Israel and try to help where help is needed. 

Giving Israel an early acces to the drone weapon would be welcomed. 

At the other end of the globe, there is a more important game for the US itself, and that is to shore up support for the fight against China. 

This is important for the US itself, so it should be toppriority. 

We have to be realistic about all the dangers that the US faces, and act wisely in this wartheatre.

Be wise with our resources and plan ahead

One problem we really need to fix, is the fact that the Chinese has hacked the GPS system that we use for all our war vehicles, that has to be fixed ASAP.

Another thing is the fix the gap that will come between China and the US with the focus of China on AI. 

Combine AI with the new drones, that could give us a bit of a problem, see?

We need to focus on drone development, very heavily, and then start using the drones wherever necessary. 

Especially in Europe. 

G-d bless the will to be honest and wise in the use of our ressources.

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The new path

November 23rd, 2017 No comments

Without being in the US, I kind of feel a change of sentiment in the Democratic Party. Where the Clintons used to rule before, now it is more the Obama way that is really the true Socialdemocratic ethos. 

Well, as a Socialdemocrat of some kind, that is beautiful. 

In Denmark Socialdemocratism has always returned to its DEMOCRATIC roots, when it was challenged. A good example is the movement of Hal Koch who lived just after the Second World War and the disgraceful conduct Denmark had been witnessed to by its own people. 

We did not do well in the Second World War, we never fought really, we stood down. So we felt that we had sacrificed our believes for a milder treatment by the Nazi war machine. 

What Hal Koch did was to go all in on Democracy. That really changed the story, and has ever since really been the modus vivendi for the Social Democrats when in danger. 

The same tradition is what I have tried to revive. To stop looking into Cultural Marxism, and look into the true roots of Social Democratism That of Democracy. 

That is really what I have basically given the US. A way back to the common ideological base we share. 

To be honest, I did not really know how the US worked in the beginning. I just noticed that Barack really liked my ideas. So I tried to help and be a friend. Still am. 

But I see now, that what we did together, was to change the direction of the liberal party back to a more sound and constructive path. 

As the legacy of Mr. Obama is challenged, let us not forget that. I hope that now when the downfall of Ms. Clinton is more or less at its end, we can start building on this new base. 

That is the aim of the book I try to publish in the US. 

To build a sound base under the party. A true, democratic, honest, enlightened, wise, just philosophy to support the community. 

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of adversity. 

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Peace in the Middle East

November 20th, 2017 No comments

The climate in the Middle East is bad. Mostly it is due to no involvement by the great powers of the world. As the competition has vaned, the motivation to support this or that power has also vaned. 

The main opponent for the US is now not Russia, in fact friendships are built, but China. 

Some of the same dynamics that was between the US and Russia could be foreseen in the Middle East, if China decides to enter and have supporters there. Right now China seems more interested in not making any enemies, so I do not think China will fight in the Middle East.

This leaves the Middle East alone, to carve out its own future. 

First of all, if war happens between Iran and Saudi Arabia, who will loose?

Iran and Saudiarabia. I am not specific friend of any of the two powers, I hold my bets on international peace. But I truly believe, that fighting between two powers will not be good for any of the two. 

What are you to gain? Dominance? Money? Justice? Just think about it, what is the endgame. 

For Israel, I will only talk for peace. Israel should not enter in any formation of any kind. But talk for peace in the region. This is what Israel is about. Both Sunni and Shia should have acces to the holy sites of Israel, and Israel should be the protector of the common heritage of all three monotheistic religions. 

What we need is the world to prosper. For our kids to be happy. For beauty in the old mosques to be appraised. 

In this world of endless warfare, we should not look at war as the only way to solve a problem. Perhaps we can talk. Have the sense to lay down ancient grudges, and find a way to live side by side. 

This is what Israel and ultimately the world is about. Peace. 

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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The will to be free

November 18th, 2017 No comments

It is a little difficult to get through to the American public. It is a problem, that what I have done together with Mr. Obama has been kind of nullified. First of all, we really did a good job on foreign policy, secondly we laid the foundation of the economy that mr. Trumps is building on.

Anyway, as a way to get through to the public, and also start supporting the legacy of mr. Obama, I have send a really good book out to several agents in New York. The idea is to get a breakthrough in the US, and on this basis start targeting the criticism as well as try to explain what was actually going on.

I know that a lot of the things we did is going down memory lane, but the trends are still here. And I think we should honour that.

Apart from that, we need to find a new balance with some of the challenges we are facing.

One is the threat of the fight between Sunni and Shia in the middle East, another is the danger of collapse of American dominance in the East.

We are in danger of loosing a front there, and we cannot let that happen.

Things are not exactly going in the right direction, but we are still ok, more or less.

What we have to do though, is start getting serious on China. Do we want to beat them or not?

Whatever we do, we still need to see the danger they pose. As soon as they are in control, they will not care very much for us. So we need to prepare for the worst.

The book is also more than just a case for my philosophy, it is also a cry for redemption of Democracy.

THIS is what we need, faith in Democracy in this dangerous hour for our civilisation. Not lethargy or acceptance of our lot.

But faith, faith in freedom of speech, the right to have arms and the right to have our persons protected by law.

Bust most important, the right, and the will to be free.

G-d bless our wills to remain who we are, despite the danger of collapse.

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November 10th, 2017 No comments

When Rome went from a smallish Italian power to become a world power, it tried to put all the different faiths and creeds under one idea. That idea is called Christianity. 

But before that happened, there was something that was exclusively Roman. The idea of discipline and the faith in an ordered universe.

After many years this basic creed, the Roman, was weak, and many Romans called for a discussion on this. 

But unfortunately for them, they were seen as too primitive and unsophisticated. Greek philosophy was supreme to the primitive Roman ideas of disciplin, and order of the celestial realm.

The same problem is now present at the distant child of the Roman Empire, the British Empire. 

Today Englishness is seen as base and unsophisticated. People want to be citizens of the world, and no one cares for the base of said empire, that of England. 

If the Brits are to learn from the mother idea, maybe they should accept, that perhaps they are old fashioned, not in vibe with all the progressive ideas of the current globalist. But maybe that is what is truly melding the empire together. That of Englishness.

Englishness is again a mix of things. But even at the core of Englishness is an idea that is undivided, as of yet. The idea of freedom being the mother of the true Englishman. A stout, strong, proud warrior that will not bend his will to those who wish to enslave him. 

That is the core, as the Centurion was the core of the Roman Empire. 

Do not forget that, and please care for that old proud man, because he is what truly keeps the realm together. Maybe not in person, but as an idea and an ideal.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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Islamic extremism

November 8th, 2017 No comments

We have a very serious problem with migrants in Europe. In essence, it is defined by the lack of integration these migrants have with the mainstream culture of Europe.

In the U.S. most migrants integrate quite easily if they want, but not in Europe. This has lead to huge problems in the capitals of most European countries. The problems are really tough, we have seen a rise in terror, and a billion small problems in the everyday life of most Europeans.

The problems are so great, that we need to take the gloves off, but we need to do it based on civility, and in a way that the fabric of the civil society is not torn more to pieces, than it is now.

Let us be honest about the problem in Europe. We have a huge problem with Islamic extremism. But calling it extremism misses the point, it has come to the point, where it is not extremism anymore, but mainstream Muslim ideology to hate democracy and strive for the Caliphate.

That is the bare truth, and we need to stop that.

That is the motivation behind the case for a discussion on human rights.

The greatest problems right now is in London, where Islamic extremism is really rife. But also in Copenhagen, Malmoe, Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne the list goes on. We are literally sitting on a bomb, that keeps going off all the time in the most atrocious way.

The plan I came up with when I began targeting ISIS, was to differ between political Islam and secular Islam. That still works, so this is what I propose the European security apparatus to prepare.

A mass exodus of Islamic extremists out of Europe, to their home countries, or somewhere where they cannot harm anybody.

They are welcome to make a caliphate, if it is peaceful and is not situated in Europe, or anywhere else where we prefer Democracy.

So we need to arm up, gear up, and work with the Americans and Russians where we have simultaneous interests. But we need to prepare, or else this might just go down as a civil war, and then Europe as we know it, is finished

G-d bless the will to see things clearly.

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