Iran deal

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I respect that Mr. Trump has listened to Mr. Netanyahu in his attempt to make at better deal with Iran. Fix it or nix it, well, we are trying to fix it.

But then what are the bodies of such an operation. Should I be the sole arbiter?

Ok, if that is what it takes. I will do it.

But then the Israeli side has to come forward with some more demands. If it is about making the arrangement work for longer time, then Israel should also promise something in return, like giving peace to Iran.

Right now, it is a bit like the EU deal, Israel has just dumped it, more or less.

Fix it? Well, what has Israel to offer?

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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The price of our souls

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The whole shebang with Harvey Weinstein and the current disintegration the Democratic party is in, really puts forth greater questions than just the superficial questions.

Everybody agrees, that Weinstein is symptom of a deeper malaise. Seriously, how can we have carried such scum at our hearts?

Have we become so deranged and morally decadent, that this could happen in our society. I mean, this is one of those who were supposed to be the good guys.

If we take a look at it from a historic perspective, the answer however comes much more into focus. One of my leading theories have been, that we are still living in the dark ages. After having done a huge excavation in the ancient scriptures that lie two thousand years ago, before the dark ages, I can see, that we have lost a lot.

The driving force in our current societies are materialistic. You can name a few of the materialistic impulses; Nietzsche, Communism, Newton, Darwin, Feuerbach. Even my fellow countryman Niels Bohr, perhaps the greatest scientist of the materialistic age, was that, a materialist. You could have him excused since he was basically a unmaterialistic man, and were friends with the great theologian Løgstrup. But the advancement that Western culture has made in the realm of materialism is both amazing and, as we see with Weinstein, corrupting.

Metaphysics, the opposite of physics, that is the science of spirituality, is just as impressive as physics. There are still vestiges of these ideas in our culture, mostly apocryphal, that is hidden in hermeticism and Kabbalah.

But these metaphysical systems are just as developed as the physical systems we share all of humanity these days. Even more advanced in some areas, not least in areas of ethics.

I am not talking about making an era of metaphysics only. What I am talking about, is a new balance. We need to accept metaphysics, and the necessary conclusions in terms of ethical choices that these ideas give us.

We need to believe in G-d again, simply, to counter that corruption and decadence that our world has fallen into.

We still have the raw manpower and intelligence to make that move, but we need to do it. And perhaps that critical stance that we have taken towards some of the ill in our own culture, is a true beginning of such a move.

As I have said before, G-d lives, and we should move away from the corruption and force ourselves to be better persons. Shed the arrogance of the rich and powerful, and find solace in a more modest approach.

Materialism gave us sway over the entire globe, but at the price of our souls. That price os too high to pay, and we need to redeem our lives and find the love and unity that there is in faith.

G-d bless the will to be humble and more noble again.

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I am a dancer, and as a consequence of that, I know a lot of beautiful women. They are not idols to revere, or someone to attract. They are my friends, true friends.

So, I know how it is to be a beautiful woman, and some of the traps and pitfalls for those human beings. When you are beautiful, attention comes cheap, but true love is difficult. It is like being a rich man, true love is difficult to come by, because the wrong girls are attracted to you. Not the girls who are in it to make a difference, or change the world. But the golddiggers.

It creates a negative synergy, where what you attract what is bad for you, and what you need is really difficult to get hold on.

This is what has happened to the Jewish filmmaker Weinstein. All the glitterati of Hollywood was his to command. I love his films, the “English patient” is one of my favourites. Weinstein must have known what is right and wrong, because he has made films that is a tribute to best in mankind.

But he used his power to demean and put down innocent girls. That is, how can I say, beyond evil. He was a living vampire, preying on the dreams of young girls. Leading to traumatic experiences for so many young beautiful girls, caught in his honeytraps.

It is beyond despicable, and I just can’t get it around my head, how a young boy from a respectable Jewish home could end up there. As a vampire. This is the exact opposite of what we Jews are supposed to be. We are supposed to be the light of nations, the good people, the Chosen people, remember?

And the worst thing about this is, that we cannot afford it. There is an endless cycle of violence against us, so just a little pretext is enough to cater the next pogroms. One Jews mistakes fall back on all of us.

They call what Barack and I have created in the Democratic party austere. Well, if caring about families, and helping the community is austere, then, by all means, let us be austere.

I did not know what was going on, I just hooked up with Barack, because he, as me, wanted to Change the world into something better. A course that we are reaping the benefits of right now.

Being better is obviously not doing as Weinstein did. That is the exact opposite.

Hollywood needs to come around, and especially Jewish producers should look into themselves and find what is good in them, and then act on it. Make a better world, not just in film, but also around them. Make a good vibe, a respectful vibe. Young girls are easy prey, especially if they want something, and they dream about something. But then give them a fair treatment. Pick the girls with talent, not those who are just willing to sell themselves.

We can do that, be serious, artistic and decent. This is what we are supposed to do, so let’s do it.

G-d bless the willingness to be an honest Jew, despite all the luring of the corrupt, be light bringers not the opposite.

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I have few real friends, whom I actually truly appreciate intellectually. It probably comes from the relatively isolation I have ended up in. But I have one though, and he has just written an amazing book on sacrifice. Religious sacrifice in specific.

This book is illuminous in the sense, that it actually tells you a whole lot about the subject. Why we sacrifice, what that has to do with our intellectual, psychological and religious worldview.

Sacrifice is something old-fashioned, in the current society, we tend to think about our own needs before everybody else. The point of the book is, that if we are not able to sacrifice anything, we cannot work as a society. There are some functions of society that requires sacrifice to work. Parenthood is one of them, but also soldiers and fire workers sacrifice their lives for the common good.

At the heart of the argument lies a solid truth, that I believe is right. Sacrifice is the foundation of love. We cannot buy love, the only way we can be loved and show appreciation towards those we love, is through sacrifice.

This book will give you a deep, extremely well reflected understanding of that old-fashioned virtue. Something we might want to bring into our jaded lives.

Hereby, I give my full recommendation to the book, it is amazing.

You can buy it here if you wish.

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I truly understand the view of Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Trump. And I understand, that there is a great worry about the proliferation of nuclear material, not alone nuclear bombs.

At the core of the worry is a lack of trust in Iran. That I also truly understand, there is a lot of bad blood on both sides, and still ongoing clashes.

But there is another thing that I believe that has not been truly appreciated, that is the fact, that Persians were friends before in the ancient times. They can be it again. The great Cyrus was such a friend of Jews, and under the threat of the Babylonians, Persians helped actually.

It is the depth of this relationship, that could promise understanding between Jerusalem and Teheran.

We are here, for peace, we are not here to destroy what has never been ours to destroy as harbingers of light.

If Israel is supposed to be the light upon the nations, that is a peace bringer, it should also be at least allowed to take up the torch of peace.

To make peace in the Middle East, is not about making peace with the Palestinians. These people are not good, it is about making peace with intelligent, worthy adversaries. True ancient peoples can and should talk at least.

The world is not ready for Teheran to have nuclear bombs, someday perhaps it will. But it is not now.

Therefor we have made the accord, and therefore it is upheld by most of the West including great countries as Great Britain, Germany, France and others.

We do understand, that Persia is the very country that invented the idea of goodness. Having a depth of civilisation and culture that is truly awe-inspiring.

Through this understanding, perhaps we can at least meet, and talk.

I, for one, stand for this agreement, but I also understand, that the agreement must be under discussion.

Let us start those discussions, and be partners and friends for the sake of the almighty, and the sake of good thoughts, good deeds, and good words.

G-d bless the willingness to be at peace in the Middle East.

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Mr. Trump and mr. Netanyahu is pushing for a dismantling of the Iran accord. I made it with Mr. Barack Obama, so, of cause, this is not in my liking.

First of all, I really do concede, that Netanyahu has a point. If the accord ends up with Iran having nuclear bombs, it is simply a delay, not a problem solver.

At the other hand, a lot of the things that we promised Iran has not come either, so what we really need, is to talk the deal 2.0.

See? If we can talk about what comes after the deal is finished, we can actually enter into a meaningful dialogue about the outcome of the deal.

Fix or nix it, well let us start fixing it before we nix it.

What would that involve. Well, at the very least it would involve some kind of discussion with Iran. They are not that difficult to talk with, and they have their own agendas, and political positions they want to have upheld. There is room for negotiation.

Start there, at least try, then we will see what comes out of it.

G-d bless the outcome that may satisfy all.

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When Communism seemed to stop working, the answer of some of the intellectuals of that time, was to blame the people. That is a wrong answer.

Hegelian Marxism did not work, because the quality of the system was to fraught with imperfections and constructional weaknesses. I know this, because I know what Marx read, I know the ideas of Hegel, and I know all the ideas that they drew on.

When a system is rejected by the public, it can do either of two things, it can start oppressing the people, or it can Change.

The world changes, but true Change cannot work, unless you actually know what you are changing from, and what the options for change is.

It is about knowledge, and wisdom. About knowing what architectural building blocks you can use, and how to use them.

A society is like a machine. It can be of good quality, bad quality or be a dump. But in order for the machine work, it needs parts that are interlinked and these links should be greased and kept in good order.

When the Frankfurterschool took over from Marx, they did an extremely poor job. Because in order to make at good society, you do not need oppression, what you need is a system which has been constructed with regards to the situation that the people is in.

Ideally, we Jews are supposed to support this task, as we are supposed to be the light upon the nations. That is the inspiration, the wisdom, the place you need to go to find new ways to Change.

It has been deconstruction for far too long, what we need now, is CONSTRUCTION. We need to start fixing all the wheels of the machine to make it work again. Help rebuilding the society, so that it remains secure, faithful, orderly, beautiful, happy and sanguine.

I’m am not talking about a dictatorship, I am talking about a system, that work. A system people will choose themselves, because they like it.

This is redemption. To start rebuilding all the little cogs ans wheels of society. Namely us. Make our families work again, our democracies, our political institutions, our churches, synagogues and mosques. Make things work again. It is not about being arrogant or being self-righteous, it is about the simple things in life. To see that things are going in the right direction. See more people having a better life. The lower the middle and the upper classes. All of us.

Deconstructions is over, now it is construction.

G-d bless the will to be positive and strengthen all the good things in our society.

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Great Britain

October 3rd, 2017 No comments

There is another subject I have been avoiding, because it is a split between two people, whom i really respect a lot. Mrs. May and Mr. Boris Johnson.

They both seem to disagree a little about the course of the EU negotiations. First of all, I try not to take sides. I believe, that both try their very best.

But, the fact of the matter is. That the election was quite clear. It was an in or out vote, and people voted out.

Not reaching that result is not respecting the public vote. In that sense, there is really no discussion on the end result. Perhaps Britain can stay a little in when it comes to business, both sides have an interest in that. But any accept of the EU institutions sway over British institutions, would be a result not respecting the public vote, that is the people of Britain.

When the process has started, there really is not going back on that. How to reach that end is however extremely difficult, because the EU has decided not to engage in the negotiations in any meaningful way, humiliating Mrs. May in a terrible way.

What we need, and that may come from any of the parties of the Tories, is a solution to that problem; how do we end up with an independent Britain.

There really is no other way, cheating and dragging out the negotiations does not solve anything.

But, engaging with a sound and realistic strategy is the only way. I do not believe there is any other way than to just start the separation. Then the EU leaders will come forth and find a way to make a sound deal. Because who needs the deal the most? It is actually the EU. So Britain holds all the cards.

That is the reality of it.

G-d bless the will to find a serious solution to this devastating enigma.

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The independence of Catalonia

October 3rd, 2017 No comments

I know it is a little late for the rejection of the central Spanish authority in their manhandling of the Catalan independent movement. But, I have had to think a lot about it. It is not that simple.

This is what I have reached as a conclusion.

First of all, independence is a right for all Peoples. Not giving a people independence is outright illegal. But there are often contradicting motives for independence.

If it is just motivated by economic growth, I believe that this is not a solid motive. If it is motivated by a wish to make a true democratic constitution, that is another matter. That I wholeheartedly support.

The right of a people to be free, is a right we should always support.

I understand, that the EU is also in two minds on what to do. On one hand, it wills to solidify the central government, but at the other hand, I understand, that there is a true respect for the will of the Catalan people. What other can you have?

The best course here is to support the Catalan people in the right manner, for the right reasons. If they want true independence, because they want more freedom, please let them have that. If it is just a matter of lack of solidarity to the rest of Spain, then I think the motives are wrong.

Then give them independence but suspect solidarity to the rest of Spain. Then the equation could be found right.

G-d bless the peace, that must come.

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Another attack

October 2nd, 2017 No comments

So it happened again, another round in the theatre of evil. Killing innocent people at a country concert. What is the matter with these people, who do such things.

If it really is ISIS, which it may very well be. It is forbidden to listen to music in Islam, and Las Vegas is a city of sin for the Islamists.

Then how can it ever be spiritual to kill innocent people! It makes no sense.

Anyway, we pray for you, and we feel the pain that you feel. The destruction and chaos seem absurd, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If we confront the evil that is there, in a sound and honest manner, it can lead to strengthening.

And if it is ISIS, then we must also realise, that their reach is long, and this battle far from over.

We must be strong, in the face of this corrupted behaviour. Have faith in our values and way of life. Because it is the best, and it will triumph in the contest with this abomination of a faith.

G-d bless United States of America, and may it keep its strength.

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The new right

September 29th, 2017 No comments

Germany has had a rough time these last hundred years. First there was the unification under Bismarck, then there were the years of a defunct Weimar republic, and lastly the second world war.

The problem for Germany is really not the political development. Yes off cause, as a Jew, and having family members fleeing from Gestapo, I really despise the Nazies. But in a political, developmental sense, the problem was not really the content of the ideas, it was the geopolitical implications of having a huge, strong power in the middle of Europe. It was and is too penned in.

Now it has shackled itself over the last eighty years, not to make anyone afraid of them. But that also does not work, even political correctness seems to anger many.

There is however a way out, but it will be difficult, and it would involve my support. You have that, there are many others whom read here at Rubicon, and right now, I am trying to make a political basis for the Liberals in the US, add to the this the stress of this being a work with no pay, it can be a little difficult. But, I will do my best.

Look at it this way.

AfD is a child of the Mohammad Cartoon crisis. In the aftermath of the cartoon crisis, Denmark was a part of a realignment of the right. I know, because I made it. These were my basic arguments. First, if the right goes apocalyptic in nazi feelings and ideas, the West will fall, and there will be no Jews left in Europe. So, what we need is another way out. We need a conservative ideology, that is not racist. This ideology should target Islam, but do it in an intelligent and humane way. Through the understanding of our own values, as freedom, democracy, humanism, spirituality and so on, we could build a positive image of ourselves, opposed to a negative of those we came to call islamists.

These ideas spread in the world, and today they include different parties that has not yet really riped to full fruition. But you know them. Donald Trump, Marine le Pen, Edl, SD, Generation identitaire and AfD.

My point is, this political development is designed to remake the political landscape, so that we may keep the democracies we have around the globe. The alternative was division. As we used to say in Edl; United we stand, divided we fall.

I know that revolutions are pretty brutal, and off cause the political system is afraid of them. But this revolution is not about ruining the system, it is actually about saving it from itself and the moral corruption that is in it. The lethargy and back ally deals.

So, there will be no problem in working with them, seen from the system’s perspective. In fact, basically the system will benefit a lot.

The alternative is a full destruction of the Democratic constitutions we have, and war without the state to participate in any coherent way. That is definitely worse, than what we have now.

So, I hope, that you can cooperate. I am not saying, that the system should take any crackpot idea and use it, but take the anger and protest serious, channel it into a well-functioning, systematized and humane handling of the problems.

The mass migration that happened some time ago, should be tackled head on, and within limits that are described by law. But it should be forceful.

G-d bless the will to tackle the situation with impunity and force. But still remember, that we are all humans.

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The collapse of centerstage politics

September 27th, 2017 No comments

Ok, I have begun a synopsis describing the things Obama and I did through the presidency. I know, that many liberals see the things we did, as a kind of way out from the deepening of conflicts that is inside the party and with the conservatives.

I have given it quite a lot of thought as I have made the synopsis. The genius that Obama had, was to give the liberals a new way. There are, basically two places where Social-democratism has not failed totally. That is in Denmark and the US. Why? Because it actually takes all the conflict that the new global world gives the West, and challenges them. Just look at Germany right now. The middle is absolutely imploding. Not so in the UK, in Denmark or the US.

Why? Because we have Changed.

The redemption for the Socialdemocrats, or rather the traditional center stage parties, is to tackle the issues of migration, terrorism, Islam and so on, on a solid, realistic basis.

Not taking these things into account will simply wipe out the center of politics, as in Germany.

We need sound, serious and often tough measures to counter the rising threat of Islamism, terror, migration, threats to women, gays, Jews and a terrible rise in crime that these migrations carry with them.

That is really the legacy of Obama, he gave us a way, that is center focused, not radical, but uses the tools of statecraft to solve the problems.

It is pretty scary to think about the German election. I made the AfD, but I also seriously want the state to survive. We are talking about a complete collapse here. That is a bit of a problem.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of immense problems.

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The current negotiation between the UK and the European Union is not going well. Why?

Because the situation does not look like a normal negotiation. Usually two parts meet to find a solution to something, find a way to improve the relationship of both parties.

In this situation however there is nothing to gain for the European Union, and everything to gain for the UK. Let us face it. The UK has no special benefit of being a member of the EU. It is the other way around.

The UK is the second most powerful power of the world. The EU has no claim to fame. It is an unequal relationship.

So, the one side simply has no benefit of the breakup. What does it do? It tries to stall the negations, so that the status quo is kept.

How does it do that? By coming up with demands that are obviously nonnegotiable.

The UK must realize this, and act accordingly.

The EU is taking quite a risk, if the thing deteoriates into chaos, it will spread.

So, what will be the fortuitous strategy of the UK? It will simply be to undo the arrangement itself, but, and this is important, with little fanfare.

In order to keep the EU satisfied, one needs to recognize, that the EU is afraid the UK will rock the boat too much.

As in Eastern Europe, acceptance of the right outcome by the EU, but in a quite matter will serve both parties best.

Going head on into a conflict, that is where we are heading now, serves no one. The European Union will lose face, it will lead to chaos, and the Brits will have a lot of internal bickering, and perhaps even a change of leadership in the middle of the negotiations.

This will serve neither of the two sides.

Do it civilly and orderly, without too much fuss, and then both sides will benefit.

G-d bless the will to be honest in a difficult situation.

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The fighters

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Ok, so now the international community has concluded the first day of a conference in the UN. Especially two speeches were vital to me. The speech of mr. Trump, and the speech of mr. Netanyahu.

First of all, let me give a history.

Around a year ago I met this man here in Northern Jutland. This guy was and is a very poor man, he is a thief and a hustler. He wanted so much to be friends, and in the beginning, I really rejected him. I thought he was just too much.

Then time went by, and I began to see him as he really was. This poor man, was a fighter. He had burned the Koran, and then the police came after him with a vengeance.

He had long hair put up in a braid, and a huge hammer of Thor tattooed on his forearm. He used to show me all kinds of weapons to impress me, and honestly, I was a little impressed, but then again, he seemed a bit too much.

Then we started to fight together, he wanted to get rid of the blasphemy law, and we grew into being friends.

We won that fight together, as comrades in arms. And even though he has so little strength, he went all in, putting Dannebrog on shoulders and using that hammer of Thor to fight for the freedom of the Danish people, against a vile islamist enemy.

This friday we plan to give him a hammer of Thor in silver and a silver plate commemorating him as a fierce fighter for freedom. We will do it at Lindholm Høje, and ancient burial ground of vikings here in Denmark. A place where black birds circle the ancient graves made like ships.

That spirit has come down to you mr. Trump. That ancient spirit of the fighters we came from. I know that John might not be someone who you like to be “seen” with, but I see him, and I see his qualities, as I see your qualities. You are a fighter, by G-ds grace.

Now, I started this fight for the ancients ten years ago, and I did as a half-dane. That has its deeper implications. It is not a fight for the supremacy of the white man, it is a fight for the VALUES of the men of north. Freedom, democracy, family, justice and community.

As I see it, there is no skin colour attached to these values, we all share them. They are a part of human civilisation.

This process has reached is zenith in the presidency of mr. Trump, and, honestly, I am really proud of what you have achieved through that fighting heart of yours. It is really well done.

Fighting is what we were born for, the way we fight, is something we choose.

I am proud, that you have chosen to align yourself with the Jews, and that we can, as lights on the sky, spread humanity as well.

Anyway, we will see where it ends.

Let that spirit of freedom, fought for by the mishaps, and the ridiculed be found again, and remain as strong as ever, maybe even stronger.

G-d bless mr. Trump, may you find your fights, and find the way you want to fight them in a sensible and intelligent way.

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September 19th, 2017 No comments

Ok, so the confrontation with China has been nudged up one more step. China has some pretty impressive hardware when it comes to hacking, we must give them that. Taking control over some of our warships, that was impressive.

But when it comes to strategy, that was the most stupid move ever. Now they have lost the element of surprise.

What we can do with this little incident is test our defense against their cyberattacks.

We really need to step up our game. FAST.

Soon the North Korea situation might deteriorate into real warfare. That is a time we have been planning for, and again, when the …. hits the fan, we need to move fast.

There is a risk of attacks on the US itself, we need to plan for that as well. There can be more terror attacks, and the Chinese geeks may try to hit our infrastructure. Therefor we need to think about vulnerability. Where will it be, and plan ahead.

All in all, not bad for a first phase. We got the Chinese to play their game before we did, so we can asses the strength of their weapons.

We will see in the future how it plays out.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of these problems.

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