Way forward

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The_Kabala_Tree_of_LifeThere is a lot of things coming into place these days. The entire plan is coming to fruition. First of all, it is with great happiness, that I see Germany finally shedding its shackles of the second world war, and finding itself again.

The understanding of Germany as a normal, but very strong country, is good. We need to continue down that path.

Secondly, I believe that the uprising of IS has united us all in the opposite direction of IS itself. It has become a mirror that we see ourselves in. As IS is murdering and destroying ancient artefacts, we decide to do the opposite, it has become a witches mirror as H.C. Andersen would call it.

Thirdly the entire faith system of the monotheistic religions are uniting in this understanding. We have to recognise, that in order to survive we have to fight the abomination. But in order to survive with our own moral intact, we need to shelter our own humanity. In this sense the challenge will make us better.

In the older time in the halls of Heliopolis, humanism was born, again we see a small window of it coming back.

To be humane is not to be peaceful in a naive way. We need to fight, as we do. But it is always to try and find that middle path of mildness, that lie in-between severity and charity, as the Kabbalah teaches us.

G-d bless the wisdom of the root of all three monotheistic religions.

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I have just heard about the tragic occurrence in the US concerning the pointless mass shooting of innocent children.

There are no words for the severity of the crime. Children. Hopefully this is the work of a madman and not an act of terrorism. We hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

From all of my heart, deep and sincere support, is send from Denmark to you all.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the arms of those we love.

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The Anglican church

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Now in january, there is a synod coming up, where all the leading bishops of the Anglican church are meeting. This is a pivotal moment, where the Anglican church will either break or hopefully continue on a more happy course of reconciliation.

Now, what will do it? There is a huge difference between the parts of the Anglican church, and as the English empire broke down, there is not much to hold this vast Christian conglomerate together.

Well, there is one thing; faith.

The Anglican church, all its different branches has one thing in common; it shares the Anglican faith.

As the military and organisational wing og the empire has seized to function in the entirety of the Empire, still the faith lingers on. Just as in the Roman empire.

So, what happened in the Roman empire to leave the faith still ticking? It was actually the Irish part of the empire, in a part of Europe that had never been colonised, that saved the church. It did it, by building monasteries. It was in these monasteries, originally founded by the Egyptian Copts, but renewed in the Roman world, that the lore of Rome survived. The point is, faith is much stronger than organisation.

So, this answers the question of the problems that the Anglican community asks itself on how it will survive. It will do it, by enhancing the faith. By giving profound Anglican answers to the problems of the Anglican faith. By lifting and ascending.

This is the answer. The Anglican church should lift its faith. Be stronger in the faith, fight for G-d, help the needy.

That was how the Catholic church managed to do a turnaround. By appointing a pope, that is strong in the faith.

G-d bless the Anglican church.

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Migrant crisis

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The wartorn Syria has spilled refugees all over Europe. This we have to take a responsibility for.

I have worked on a solution to this, that includes a beefed up presence in the vicinity of Syria.

Let us do that.

I know, that I will not be at the table. This should be clear now. Well, we will just have to do the best we can.

We should also remember that it is complex.

It seems to me, that Germany wants a new commisioner at the UNHCR to control the migrant flows. Put him in, and then Germany and I can seek to use the influence Germany on this issue.

First of all. A good idea for Germany could be to seek out allies in the Middle East. This should of cause be done in accordance with UK, the US and Russia, to see if there is a possibility to make an arrangement of supporting refugees in the vicinity to Syria.

I would recommend a nonmilitary presence.

It is also very important to strengthen the ties to Israel, because of the historical relationship Israel has to Germany. Israel could be an interesting and powerful ally.

G-d bless the will to find a peaceful solution to the migrant crisis.

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Ten years after the Mohammad crisis

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12049157_1659233554294828_3114983351182976306_nThese days, it is the ten year anniversary for the Mohammad cartoon crisis. In a strange way, we revisit all he feelings and all the mental turmoil of that time, and in a way we see who the real enemies are; the weak and traitorous European states and what we have seen as “Islamic State”.

One of my good friends made a piece of art yesterday, or rather a happening. What he did was mounting a “islamic stats flag” on a pole, and wanted to tie this to a statue of a troll. The symbolism was a reference to all the Christians who are at prey in the Middle East, by the Islamic state.

Now, what would you expect from such a happening. That the Islamic state came and did something about it? To the contrary, they were much more interested in another exhibition of SIAD where Anders Gravers exhibited a number of drawings of Mohammad.

So who then took affair, when Islamic state was too weak (after we have been bombing them for may years), you guess it, the Danish police!They came and put my painter friend in handcuffs and took him to the police station. For doing something that is a praise of our armed forces in The Middle East!

But it goes deeper. It is the cowardice of not only the police, but also the media, who chose not to give the ten year anniversary any attention (except for Jyllands Posten). The schools, the cultural institutions, any of the states activities.

In this we can see, that it is not the Islamic State only that we fight, it is the cowardice of our own state and all its representatives. All the people who have no guts and are afraid that they may be at the end of the barrel one day.

So let us all show solidarity with all the victims of Islamic State. All those poor souls, be it Yazidi or Christian as they have been slaughtered and put to the cross. As we, as lonely souls are all that care. The state fights us, showing that what they are, is dysfunct. They do not work in the interest of the people anymore, and certainly not of Christians. They are so afraid of the Islamic State, that they rush out to do their dirty work, even though the Islamic state does not have the ressources! Oh the irony.

G-d bless all the victims of the savages persecuting the weak.

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Europe and the migrant crisis

September 24th, 2015 No comments

Well, after all the chaos of the discussion of the 160.000 refugees/migrants, at least Europe is stepping in the right direction.

Here are my recommendations.

1. Doing things in the Middle East is like putting your hand inside a wasps nest. It is a hive of minds so ancient we have no idea, or rather, few of us have some idea, but it demands a thorough understanding of Middle Eastern Culture, history and most important of all; religion. There has ever only been one single European individual who have ever had any success, that is Lawrence of Arabia, exactly because he had these qualities. Now you have me, so you have a chance.
2. Going into the Middle East, is going into a quagmire of world power interests. We cannot, as Europe, lift much in terms of political capital. We are competing with China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the US, and most important of all; Israel. So forget about going to the Middle East as great saviours, we have some money, that is it. Apart from that, all you have, is me.
3. We have been working on a peace plan for quite some time. The entire foreing policy of mr. Barack Obama hinges on this. That is, we are trying to mend fences with Russia and Iran. This has come a long way, if it works, it will be the single greatest achievement of Obamas foreign policy, in fact the greatest achievement of his, at all. So, we should be very careful not to ruin this. If we do, we will ruin most of the good will we have with the US. Not to mention alienating Putin even more.

So it is one of those extremely difficult processes that you simply cannot do alone. First of all, Europe does not have any political capital to mention worldwide. Mostly because the European Union is such a mess, and nobody wants to work with a looser, sorry but that is the reality of it all. Secondly, the anti Israel stance that most of the ruling elite in the EU has, is very much noticed in Tel Aviv, and not having a good relationship with Israel, rules out doing anything in the Middle East. Israel is the hub, and only if Israel and Israeli policy makers are satisfied, can we do anything at all. Lucky for you, I have saved Israel numerous times, so I have an amassed political capital that I have tried to use making peace. I will use it as well in defusing the migrant crisis, if I get hands on through the UN. Otherwise I will focus only on the Middle Eastern peace proces. I owe this to my friends in Washington, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Teheran, Moscow and Riyadh.

Anyway, I do understand that some politicians in Europe do not like me much, I have never hidden my dislike for the European Union. But to make this work, you need me.

So, call the UN, plug me in, or cancel the project.

G-d bless the will of the almighty working according to the principle of Sodom and Gomorra.

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To be Anglican

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At the synod in the Anglican church, we need to focus on two things. One; how to heal a fractured church, that feels alienated internally. Healing is here the answer. That is, trying to reach each other in dialogue, and also try and heal the wounds of controversies in earlier times.

Two; there is the very difficult problems of the clash between the islamic extremists of Sahara and the Christians in Middle Africa. These clashes are extremely violent, and we need to help them. Here I think the Anglican should be, well; Anglican. To be Anglican is not to be meek and receiving, it is to fight.

We need, as a church and as the international society, to help the Anglicans who are in harms way with the fight they are fighting. Protect them, so that they can have peace.

G-d bless the will to work in the light of the creator.

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I think each church, synagogue or mosque should find something in the lore of the monotheistic religions for themselves. Conditions change, and what will work here, will not work there, or the other way around. But there are some of those themes, that are universal, and all houses of worship should remember from time to time.

There is a saying, that when Akhenaten was with his family, it was all peaceful. At least, that is what you can deduce from the pictures of his grave tomb. Families holding hands, daughter, father, sibling. This peace was a healing thing. Whenever we look at these people, we know, that deep under our religions, there is that rock bottom of faith. This is healing.

The Anglican church is in great danger of falling into pieces. Why? Because there is little faith. I remember the discussion in Oxford where rev. Brian Mountford sold a book on the crisis of the atheists in the face of the church and vice versa. It seems the Anglican church has become an empty shell.

But what is really the deep sanctient truth of the Anglican church? My forefathers came from Angles here in Denmark, and those who traveled from Denmark to England thousands of years ago, where my forefathers. Now vikings, as they are called, have a bad rep. You would then ascertain, that the deepest roots of that being Anglican is rotten. But I beg you to differ. Our forefathers where not villains, yes they were fighters and there were bandits among them. But to themselves, they held one virtue very much to their breast; the virtue of kin. Kin was the basis of their world. Their forefathers, their brothers, and their cousins. With them, they always wanted peace, so strongly, that they were willing to fight for that peace.

In this lie a truth, that will salvage the Anglican Church. The peace that Anglicans offer, is not a meek or a unmoving peace. It is an active peace. Peace is not won by prayer only, but by going out in the world, and changing it. Be with the suffering, help where help is needed. But also by supporting those who are in danger of succumbing in war.

There is another great virtue of the Anglican church, that I really like. That of it being a church of healing.

If nothing else, then do heal. Heal the community that you serve. But how do you do that? You do it by being strong in your own faith.

Why would people go to the church at sunday? To hear a boring lecture of how to behave, or listen to long psalms? No, many people are suffering, they come to hear a small word, that may lift their spirit. That word, that may give them the ability to face another week, suffering, being sick, having a joyless job, being in a difficult situation.

That healing, that Jesus Christ gave, was not a unmoving healing, something to forget about, it was an active healing. He came, and he gave.

As when he did it on a sunday, though it was forbidden and pharisees decided to take his life.

That is the true example that could redeem the Anglican Church. Heal, by faith the world that you serve, wherever is may be.

G-d bless the Anglican Church.

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According to the german philosopher Schopenhauer, inquiry into something may rest on an honest basis, that is trying to find truth, or rest un an basically primitive and self-aware basis, that is to win the argument.

Here we have the sophists on one hand, and the true academics on the other hand. He argues, in the same line as Machiavelli, that such a thing as an honest quest for truth is not possible, as soon as you counterpart starts to fight for his point of view without any concern for the truth, the truhtseeking part will fail. So, it is better, the argument goes, to be the ones that attack, gaining an early advantage.

Sophism is everywhere these days, especially in the media, that seem have forgotten all the ideals of Voltaire, and delves into a full-blown heuristic discourse or dialectics.

The worst example is the poor little boy found dead at the beach a few weeks back, the media went all ballistic about it. At the same time, numerous sexual attacks were reported in Munich both, and that was most extensively, on other refugees, but German girls were also targeted making Munich one big brothel.

So, the media put all the focus on the one angle ignoring the other angle, making it extremely difficult for the public to truly decipher what was going on, and even worse for policy makers to make any serious decisions onto the matter.

This is a clear example of sophism. The media tends to be overwhelmingly liberal, focusing on the migrants/refugees as victims, not taking into consideration, that some of them are not victims, but in the same league as many of the bandits that roam in Africa and Middle East, Boko Haram, IS and so on.

The point is, it is a difficult situation at best, and very difficult truly. Just seeing things in a simple light may gain a feeling of superiority and a win in the political battle between conservatives and liberal. But this is too perilous a situation to throw in attacks from left to right. People are needing and generations of young women, some of them abused for years, are left in the cold because of this stupid war between left and right. We need to help these people, not tend our own little projects and power.

Well, to hope for a rational discourse is perhaps a little difficult in the situation with all the feelings running amok. But at least policy makers should keep a cool head, and act according to the maximum humanistic path. We both have to help the true refugees, and we need to protect the poor women at pray from evil men.

G-d bless the willingness to see things as they are, in the light of the creator.

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It seems to me, that the cards are played differently this time. As we wind down the road, fighting IS, it actually happens that this cause will unite us all.

The atrocities, the immoral behaviour is obvious to all. It comes to the extreme that it might actually solve the Syrian crisis. If we can unite in the area, we can make peace in most of Syria, and actually stop the conflict.

This enhances the probability of a solution to the European crisis of migration. Remember the refugees in Europe comes from Syria. If the crisis is solved, the migration crisis in Europe is also solved, at least for the part of refugees that come from Syria.

All in all, it is like one of those games where all the pieces of the puzzle seem confusing in the beginning, but then all of a sudden, everything just comes together.

If this actually works, we will have peace in the Middle East, and the road is paved for a religious process uniting all three monotheistic religions.

Just like that, what a beautiful thing. It must be the work of G-d, otherwise we could not have seen such a thing.

We should look to spirit and thank him for this opportunity of peace.

G-d bless the wisdom of the almighty.

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September 16th, 2015 No comments

In order to end the refugee streaming over the borders, a good cooperation with Assad and a hospitable understanding in the vicinity is important.

We should ask Assad what he thinks. I mean, it is his citizens that are fleeing the horrors of his country, so we need to understand what he would like us to do as well.

One thing is the need of the refugees, but what about the need of Syria? If the entire middle class flees to Germany, who will help rebuilding Syria when the war is over?

Things are not so simple, and we need to understand this in depth.

As the peace process endures and hopefully concludes in a solution where all who want peace hold their hands for a better future of The Middle East. Hopefully we can all focus on stopping the atrocities of IS, and thereby stop the warring in Syria.

It is about the power you have at your disposal, and how you use it.

We need to help the peace in Syria, in order to stop all the suffering of the people of Syria.

Things are going quite well for mr. Barack Obama in this regard, and hopefully we can crown it with a lasting peace. It will not be easy, but it is possible.

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we try.

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September 14th, 2015 No comments

Now, the downfall of the European Union should not stop the peace process in the Middle East. I know that these two things are interconnected, but, a major war for a caliphate by Islamic State in Europe, is not exactly the best PR stunt for Islam.

Islam is, as any other religion prone to go berserk or find peace. It is like that. You can choose what you want to do yourself.

I have tried to support the downfall of IS, while I have tried to put up the framework for a cooperation between all three monotheistic religions.

We must do both, and I know this will seem difficult right now, but if the situation is controlled in Europe, hopefully the conflict will be limited.

But for now, I hope we can find as much peace as possible, for the wellbeing of man. And always remember, the Jew, gentile, Christian, Muslim or atheist, we are all people, created in the vision of spirit.

we can choose to go down in hail of flame as the IS supporters, or we can choose to serve mankind.

G-d bless the will to be peaceful in the face of overwhelming odds.

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September 14th, 2015 No comments

The entire EU is under an immense pressure, and as mr. Jean-Claude Juncker said, the bells are tolling. The tools that I have given will work, but it will only take off the pressure, all the inherent problems of islamic extremism and the works, will still be there, and it will grow worse and worse until we take it seriously.

Talking about Germany, it is pretty obvious, that things have gone horribly wrong. Fighting in the streets, mayhem in München and so on and so forth.

This will take a long time to do something about, but we need to do it.

Conflict is bound to arise, due to the simple fact, that many of the Muslims in Europe are even more radical than in the Middle East, and more well equipped with money and resources.

This will go down some kind of horrible path anyway, and there is not a question on to whether we should tackle it, but rather on what scale and with what means.

As always, the more efficient and humane you tackle a crisis, the less it will develop into a full scale war. But I seriously have my doubts as to whether we will succeed in tackling this with the least possible violence.

It will be violent, it already is. We are moving away from the 68´ths values and ideas, and moving towards the conclusion of their flawed ideas.

It will hell, and from that hell something will eventually rise, I seriously hope it will a democratic and conservative/humanistic order. But, that will require action from those who believe in that. Serious action, with humanity and honesty as a goal.

How do you fight a war without being seriously morally debased?

You do it, by always looking at the the end result of your game, and by never loosing sight of your means.

If you start using means that are too harsh, you have a problem. But if you always use the least possible means to solve a situation, you will win morally.

G-d bless Germany as he struggles with the flood overwhelming his barriers.

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September 10th, 2015 No comments

My feeling is, that there is a bit of movement in my bid to start a cooperation with the UNHCR. It would make sense, if I was an employee or an ambassador, I could reach out to all the players in the Middle East, and start the peace process in earnest.

Many in Iran see the West as an immoral place. In some ways they are right. There is a lot of corruption and double talk in the West. But recently, due to the end of the Cold war, and the advent of the Internet, things have started to change.

It started with mr. Barack Obamas bid to change the foreign policy to a more honest approach, and now it has, so far, concluded itself in the peace process.

The current leaders of the West are all trying to find solutions that are as ethical as possible. Working for peace.

But, we need to ramp up the process, and the marriage of my ideas with the ideas of UNHCR makes sense. I will be able to apply a deeper level of philosophical thinking, and perhaps make a problem solving institute in the service of mankind. I have the backing of the Americans, and therefor we could see and end to war in the Middle East, at least on a multinational level.

Add to this the work on the refugee crisis, and we would have numerous solutions at hand.

We will have peace, though the path will be rugged and difficult. But lives are holy, and we should all remember, that in the eye of spirit, each grain of life is a reflection of him, and we should act accordingly, with respect and care for all life.

G-d bless the will to be humble in a difficult and devastating row of problems meeting us.

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Background of migration crisis

September 8th, 2015 No comments

Aasgaardreien_peter_nicolai_arbo_litePolitics according to Seneca, is about seeing things as they are. If we make our decisions based on how we would like it to be, we make wrongs assumptions. But if we make decisions based on truth, we make good decisions.

Now, concerning the ongoing debate on migration. We have come some way. My basic idea about differentiating the migrants in refugees and economic migrants will grant a huge relief in the handling of the migrant flow. There is nothing illegal or wrong in protecting ones nation or liga against people who wish to wander and settle on its territory.

This flow will, most probably, increase in the following years, due to a falling population in Europe and a burgeoning population in Africa and the Middle East.

There are no easy solutions to this problem, and the level of security will have to be beefed up seriously. It will be bloody, and keep up getting more bloody. We are entering a phase in human history where the green earth cannot sustain its humans, and as Darwin correctly theorised, the strong will subdue the weak.

We have a good relationship to all the nations that are in trouble, and we can help, but there is only so much we can do. It will be devastating, and the wars that will ravage the African continent will be severe. It will be a human catastrophe, that cannot be solved by Europe. We can do all we can to help, but we cannot save Africa.

The other thing we have to realise is the fact, that the main problem with the migrants that are coming now, is the fact that they are Muslim. I like Muslims, not the IS, but apart from that, I like Muslims.

But, there is a history of conflict and warfare in Europe between the Muslim countries and European countries. This conflict goes all the way back to the beginning of Islam, and has been going on for 1500 years.

This means, that the conflict has very deep roots. The flow of Muslim migrants will feed into the animosity that has been historically, and is wakening old conflicts.

In Poland they remember their national hero Jan III Sobieski who defeated the ottoman invasion in Vienna, in Hungary the war is all too close not to remember. At the Muslim side, it is the same. Old wounds ripped up because we thought that all conflict was over, and we could just relax and smoke a joint. Guess what, we were wrong.

So far, the conflict has been guided into a fight between democracy and Islam, hence the fight against Islamic state. But who knows what will happen in the future. The Vikings are on the rise, because we are the basic answer to the Muslim migration. I have friends with a deep belief in the old gods, and if they truly are let loose, we will have a war so fierce that the hundred year war was a picnic in the Picadilly. Two sacrificing war religions in each others teeth, that will call for an apocalypse.

My responsibility is to the vikings, so I will follow them, but I truly hope, that we do not have to come so far.

But, all in all, all the talk about moving around refugees does not work due simply to the fact, that they will, voluntary or involuntarily feed into this apocalyptic conflict.

We need to defuse that conflict before it goes off.

This we do by, at the one hand, fighting and repatriating IS warriors on European ground, and at the other hand, giving the Muslim refugees serious help in the vicinity of their homeland. The help should not be halfhearted or lack resources, we should really help.

I know that these things are hard to face, but we need to face them with an honest and open heart, to defuse the the conflicts that we see coming.

Hard lessons and hard measures. But if we do nothing, the Ragnarok coming will be so terrible, that we have never seen anything like it. It will change the world into a very dark and sinister place.

G-d bless the will to be honest in a difficult situation.

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