The Fab Four

December 1st, 2021 No comments

Well, when you think about it, one of the good things about the current world, is the depth on which it is developed. I have the supreme honor to see the Beatles documentary, that Disney+ has produced these days, and be as it may, these guys really changed the world in their days.

But did they know anything about the true depth of the world?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am an amateur musician myself, and I really like music. The “Fab Four” were really amazing in their skill. But they did lack in the department of insight into the mechanics of our political system.

While as our generation, where the internet has changed all, and still is the wheel everything turned around, is actually deeply philosophical.

Again, it is not to diminish the Beatles, but to see the differences from the 68´ths and this generation.

We want to Change the world, both in the 68 and today, but the medium is different, so it gives the speaker to other types.

I may not be a skilled in music as the Beatles, but I am then skilled in writing and understanding of the quirks of our democratic system. So the development is different in a sense. Still the energy is the same though. John Lennon was a childish person in some ways, but he had star quality, there is no doubt about that.

The same with the other guys in the band, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, they all had that star thing going on. Pretty cool guys, if you ask me.

Anyway, I was supposed to talk about the police reform, I have an idea for that, but that will be the next posting, sorry for the detour, but that Beatles documentary is really, really good.

G-d bless the will to be good at what you do.

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You know, I know a lot about humility. Through my life, I have been a hotshot. First I was one of the greatest stars of Copenhagen in my dancing days.

Then I started in communication, and instantly became a hot shot in that. Over and over, until now, a hotshot in philosophy.

My experience is, essentially all the glamour is not what builds your character. What builds your character is adversity. Problems.

The last ten fifteen years, after I started in politics, I have had to fight my way through. With terrible opponents.

I believe, that this has built my character. I have become a wiser, deeper and less haughty person. I know my own limits, and I am much less prone to think of myself as a winner.

I know, that to get to that point, where I actually win in the greater games, I will have to make countless sacrifices. What I respect in a winner is not that they have won, but I know the countless sacrifices that was underway.

My point is, in regard to the current problems we have in the US. Humility is the first true thing we need to get to. Because winning will require us to have a sound look at ourselves, and see our strengths and weaknesses.

Humility is the basic strength, it will teach us a way out of the problems we are in.

Sometimes looking at our own shortcomings can be difficult, but to learn about a new path and new way to do things, we need to be able to look honestly on ourselves.

Maybe that is what the frontier ideology is about; the struggle to polish our character. That is why it is so important, we need to have the opportunity to really struggle.

Anyway, being a good and honest person, has never been a bad thing, it is what we need now. To climb down from the trees, and see the things we share and nurture that soul of the people.

G-d bless the folk of the United States of America.

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Ok, well, things are shaping up. We are on a new course, that will, hopefully, make a better America.

First of all, leaving the idea of unity, will bring America down. The United States of America has always been that, and should continue to be that; United.

So, please, stop the violence, the vilification, the accusations, and accept each other. Root for the white if you are black, and vice versa.

I have done that, and it felt ok. You know, I have done a lot of television here in Northern Jutland, talking to old white guys about climate change, and they are not racist.

But, and this is a thing, that has been unearthed in the whole Black Lives Matter protest, divisive though it may have been; police brutality.

As I have written, I know how it is.

But, we should not abolish the police, we should make it just.

Here in Denmark, there is just no way back. I don’t think that the police is interested in change and reform. They just want to control, and use illegal methods. They steal and punish without a verdict.

But in the US, it is different. The police is still very much an idealistic institution, and it is through this idealism, that there is a hope for transformation.

What we need to do, is to make the police more just.

Nobody can, in their true and right minds, oppose a reform of the police to make it better.

How do we do that?

We do it by discussion the idea of justice. The police is supposed to bring justice to the community. Justice is colorblind, in fact it is supposed to be blind, that is the very symbol of justice. A g-dess blindfolded weighing the scales.

That ability to look at justice blindly, without any personal investment, is what needs to be upgraded.

Do a reform, where justice is STRENGTHENED. Make a better policeforce, that is more capable, less corrupted, if there is corruption, and serves the law. Enforcing the law, on a rational and colorblind way.

In this way, we can solve the riddle, and keep the U.S. united.

G-d bless the will to make peace and keep the U.S. united.

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Root for the poor, root for the common

November 27th, 2021 No comments

Listen Joe, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against indigenous Americans. I have always had a good relationship with them. When I was sick, they did some kind of healing, and it helped me get well again. The same goes for gays. I used to be a dancer, and in that milieu I met a lot of gays. And yes, they can be too much, too much glitter, too much Eurovision, too much promiscuity. But at the heart of what gays are, they are just having a lot of difficulty with their sex orientation. They are often persecuted, people don’t like them and so on. The Jews the same, and often young women who are at the mercy of the dark webs of manly victimisation. That is the way of the world, it is difficult. The same goes with muslims, they are often vilified, but their response is violent, and so they dig their own grave. My father was a muslim, a wonderful, wonderful person. But the fact of the matter is, that a lot of muslims, seem to fly aeroplanes into buildings, so we have to do an adequate response to that. So we fight the Islamic state, because they are the ones flying aeroplanes into buildings.

My point is, even though we are seeing a lot of anger FROM the minorities, there is still a large unvoiced part of those minorities, that just want to go about their business, get to work, come home and cuddle their kids.

I these days with all the hullabaloo of Kyle Rittenhouse, it is the few who are yelling in the streets. We need to remember, that there are a lot more, who just want to have peace.

Root for them, those who just want peace. Not those who want to punish the white guy. Because honestly, they are the few. Most Americans, just want to go on with their lives, living it peacefully, and getting along.

The division between right and left is not good.

We need to bridge that gap, and create unity.

G-d bless the will to be a peacemaker in a difficult situation.

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Non violence

November 24th, 2021 No comments

I know, that the US is all in the ropes about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. But, and listen, this is an area, where I personally have A LOT of experience. At least, experience with police brutality, that is unfounded in law. So my advice woul be; be realistic about the corruption of the police.

I will give you a story about my life. My ex-wife, she was, for many years, under the regime of the PET, the KGB of Denmark, because the PET wanted to shut me up. The PET infiltrated my family, my best friends, and they, most probably killed my mother.

Day out and day in, they tried to control me via the money I didn’t have. Once, I got a hundred bucks from my father I law in my birthday present, and immediately the PET came up with a fine to take the hundred bucks. I was not supposed to have any fun, I was supposed to be held out as an example of misery, for any who thought about talking about radical islam.

I was the jew in the gallow.

Once I just knew they would to kill my exwife, and I stopped it, narrowly. Over and over year after year. That the depth of police corruption in Denmark.

What did I do? I exercised my right to speak freely, as a philosopher. That was all I did. I did not do anything against the law. I LOVE the system of law. To me, the system of law is a true gem of civilisation.

And yet, even though I live to make the lawsystem just and fair, the system used all its corrupt powers to try and shut me up.

It was and is a disgrace.

So I know thing or two about the corruption of law enforcement.

Did I ever succumb to the violent act? No, I never did ANYTHING violent. Did to drive a car into a crowd? No, that would be a horrendous thought alone.

My point is, just because the police is corrupted, you cannot, and should not corrupt yourself.

When you start to take the law in your own hand, then the police win.

What you need to do, and this is what Mahatma Ghandhi did, over and over, is to show the world the corruption of the system. Do a march, with nonviolence. Let the police beat the crap out of you. They did it with me, and show the world, their disgusting level of lack of respect for the idea of law.

Law is there to protect the weak. That is the idea with law. As soon as it becomes a tool a tyranny, then the police or the persons of power are what we call tyrants.

Tyrants are the enemies of democracy.

That is what the founding fathers would have as an opinion.

It is time, that we think about that, and find our way back to a RESPECT for law, black and white, brown and yellow.

Law sees no color, only sees the weak, and tries to protect him or her.

The minute law becomes a tool of oppression, the founding fathers would have failed. Do we wish to be the generation that failed the very idea of this country, or do we want to be generation that polished the ideas, brought it into the light again, showed the world the validity of these ideas?

The choice is ours to do, we can do it.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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November 21st, 2021 No comments

In the light of the Rittenhouse verdict, I believe, that it is important, that we take a step back and look at it from outside. What was really the match that lit the fire, was it the police brutality, or was it the frustration of the Covid internment.

After mr. Trump was president, the frustration on both sides of the aisles have been moody and dark. Well, just because you feel angry, it does not mean that you are right, the reason why you feel angry needs to be analysed for the sentiment to be of any use.

The reason why people are angry is because they are in the know. They know what is going on in the dark halls of power. They are sceptical about Covid, they mistrust the government.

This is why the US is essentially the answer to the current crisis, together with France, because both countries were essentially built as a result of a crisis very much the same as what we have today.

The answers are off cause, transparency, honesty in government, power held accountable, integrity.

Right now we are kind of moving back and forth between control and transparency of government. To go through with Change, we need to step up, and be honest to give people hope again. There is no hope anymore, and we need to reinstate that hope.

G-d bless the will to be honest in the face of struggle and chaos.

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Time for Change

November 20th, 2021 No comments

Well, we are now living in the aftermath of the first COVID internment. These are my reflections on it, in the light of the Rittenhouse verdict.

Frustration is NOT an excuse for Revolution. As rev. Martin Luther King said and did. We as black or mixed people should not be judged on the color of our skin, but on the content of our character. Which implies, that we should not judge white people on their skin either.

One of the most amazing and admirable character traits of rev. King was his utmost commitment to a very American principle envisioned by the philosopher Henry David Thoreau. That is, that to change a society, non violence is the purest path.

Sometimes one cannot rely only on non violence, but if there is an opportunity to change the world based on non violence, this path is the one to take.

Did the revolutionary rebels of post COVID respect this tenant of rev. King’s legacy?

This is the reason Rittenhouse was set free, not because he did not do something wrong, but because WE did not exemplify the ideas of the book Walden.

Violence is not the way, it creates division and creates chasms of distance between black and white.

Protest in a peaceful way IS democracy. But violence is not the way of Democracy. We are called DEMOCRATS for a reason, and that is to change our behavior to respect democracy.

Only if we respect the IDEA of democracy can we call ourselves that SACRED name. We have a responsibility ourselves, to BE Democratic.

Follow the ideas of rev. King Mahatma Ghandi and Henry David Thoreau.

G-d bless the will to stay on the blessed path of non violence.

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The renaissance

November 18th, 2021 No comments

Well, we need to get back on the track, back to the sucess we had with Obama. We do not have his genius in oratory, but we still have his mission.

We need to get back to that mission to succeed. What was it? It was to create hope and change. How do we do that? We do it by putting forth an example of unassailable integrity. That is really where Obama has his strength, he is honest, a good and simple person and humble.

These traits were what I liked about him, and what the people of the US liked as well.

To be honest.

In a revolution that we are going through right now, the best course of action for the system is roll with it. If the system tries to fight it, the chances are, that we end up in the demise of the system. What will come instead, is a more sound and equal system. A system of democracy and humanism.

Obama however, he gave us that democratic system without the necessity to overthrow the system, but changing it from inside. Trump did the same essentially, he went for the bad guys, fighting the swamp and all that.

The system is able to turn around, especially the American system. A system that is based on a revolution to get rid of a corrupt system in first place. This is why the founding fathers are such good role models, because they went through a revolution to get rid of the corruption in system of their time.

So the system has, on a basic level, all the good traits needed to Change it.

What it takes is integrity, honesty, humanism. Being the good guy.

If the US follow that example, it will avoid some of the conflicts and mayhem that Europe and Australia is going through right now.

Treat the people with the utmost respect, change the system so that the needs of the American people is what is in focus, and people will stop the rebellion, do the opposite, and mayhem will ensure.

The thing is, it is a new normal, the honesty and integrity of the political class and system needs to be much more transparent and thus honest in the new internet world. It is essentially a new normal we should get used to.

Before the reformation, the bible was a secret document that the people did not understand. When they did understand the bible, they found out, that Jesus was a liberator and an honest, good person. The church could not keep on with the monopoly of power, but had to reform. Some did, some didn’t, and today we have Protestantism.

With this example in mind, then we should understand, that the demands on power have multiplied, true honesty is what people demand.

Why was Obama a success in the internet age? Because he was an honest person. He has integrity. Ok, he has his faults, we all have, but at the core of what my friend Obama is, his is an honest guy.

So, that is the way of modern politics. No more cheating.

It is difficult, and I know that I demand a lot, but it is essentially not me, it is the system of communication that has changed and we have to adapt to it.

We are in the middle of a renaissance, and we can either roll with it, or be eaten by the revolution. That is the bare naked truth.

G-d bless the will to be a good man in a very difficult situation.

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November 16th, 2021 No comments

Well, now seeing the current development in the view of the last two revolutions, that of the Flemish/anglo saxon revolution (Erasmus and Thomas More), and the french revolution, we can safely say, that the stakes are pretty high.

What happened at the last revolutions? Massive wars of independence and bloodshed without end.

When printed books saw the world first, it let to the hundred year wars, Protestantism and eventually to the french/american revolution.

That is really where we are now, at the initiation of such a new movement.

So, if we are not careful we will have another hundred year war, with the exception, that it will be worldwide.

Mankind will go from booming to being eradicated, and it will be the end of the dominance of the western world.

I mean, these are the stakes we are up against.

The genius of mr. Barack Obama was the fact, that he took in the rebel philosopher, and tried to implement his ideas.

Why is this genius? Because it gives mankind and especially the West a chance to avoid all the revolutionary movements.

This is the gift Obama gave us, so we need to be careful about the development we will go through.

Being the rebel philosopher, for me, it is not a matter if my ideas will eventually rule, they already rule great parts of the world, it is the method of the application.

Will it be implemented with or without a revolution.

War is the most terrible things of all. So that is why I have worked, with all I have of resources, and remember, maybe I am an international star of philosophy, but really I am just a seriously miserable person, trying to survive the persecution of the system, with a few good friends to help me here and there. That is the truth of it. Good friends, but still just friends, not the system as such.

How will it go? Will we avoid bloodshed? Will the system we are in right now be able to handle the pressure? That is up to the next in line, mr. Biden. Pretty awesome task.

I am sorry, for the implications of the task, but the monumental task at hand is absurd. Avoid a world revolution, where they will carry the emblem of the same philosopher that is helping me.

But that is the truth of it.

Hopefully we can avoid blood shedding. This is my greatest worry, but we will have to see.

G-d bless the will to avoid bloodshed coming to haunt me and those who are in power.

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The founding fathers

November 16th, 2021 No comments

Well, one point that Aristotle makes, that I believe is really true, is the fact that Democracy has the most intelligence; the mass of the intelligence of the people beats the intelligence of the best thinkers.

He figures, that the ideas that the people have is filtered through so many people, that the conclusions are better than what people like me would come to. So, we should always try and interpret the will of the people. Try to understand what it is, what they want us to do.

Sometimes, we have our heads so far up our own…, sorry for the expression, but often we the elite are so certain that we are right and all that. But that is really just our own limitation, we do not have the capability to understand the supreme intelligence of the people.

A Democracy is difficult to make, but once it is made, it is very difficult to tear down again.

So, sometimes, we need to put ourselves down, shed our own arrogance, have the humility to put ourselves below the people, and try and understand what it is they are saying.

If they are displeased with us redrawing from Afghanistan, we need to try and understand what we have done wrong, and find a course, that is viable and reaches out for that will of the people. It will Change us, but if we understand it, filtered through wisdom, we can make something beautiful and lasting.

Democracy is one of those gems of our world, we should support it, and use it now in our crisis. Be absolutely loyal to the wisdom and ideas of the founding fathers.

They were a wise and sturdy bunch, those old geezers, they knew things, and we should try and follow their lead. They wanted us to LISTEN to the will of the people, so we should try our best at doing that. At least to the best of our ability, more we cant do.

But if we do that, we will win.

G-d bless the American Way.

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American Revolution

November 16th, 2021 No comments

Ok Joe, I have been reflecting a lot on the current situation. To be honest, we are loosing, why? Becuase we lost the war in Afghanistan.

I know it is a hard point, I know, it was all done in the best intentions, and it was good to get the soldiers back. But Americans hate one thing more than any, they hate to lose.

So, in the realization of this, hard though it may be, it also gives us a fighting chance to win back the loyalty and admiration of the American people. Because what we need to do, is to win.

But how do we do that?

At the core of what the United States of America is, it is the product of Anglo Saxon culture; universities, ruling system and so, and the French revolution.

So it is the tip of the spear of Western civilisation. The most idealistic, the most hardnosed, the most flamboyant.

This is not to say, that we cannot help minorities, we should, but to win the next election, we need to understand how Americans think, and what they want out of a president.

They want the president to win, and they want the American colors to shine.

In a world, where war is difficult, and often not the best option. Then how do we shine the colors of Democracy, rule of law, humanism?

Well, there is actually one project that is pretty easy to ramp up, the Mars mission. As long as it is a frontier project, it will provide a symbolic project to shine the colours of Western civilization.

And from there on, it is really easy to win. You and we just need to figure out a way to make the Democratic cause shine.

That is what the American people want, and that was why they elected Trump.

It is not a bad thing for Democracy to win, it is a good thing.

Taking up the depeche, the beacon, is what the American people want a president to do. The president that carries the eternal light, is the champion of the people.

It has always been like that, and it will always be like that. Because that is the American way.

The beauty of it all is, that everybody around the world agrees. The virtues and values of the American revolution are universal, so it will unite people around the world.

But be careful who you chose as advesaries, they have to be the opposite, as the islamic state was. They were the opposite.

G-d bless the will to follow the lights of the American Revolution.

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The simplicity of family and unity

November 14th, 2021 No comments

Well, as Tolstoi the great Russian thinker said; all good families are alike, all bad families are different.

The point is, goodness is one, badness comes in all forms and shapes.

That is something to ponder there. Goodness makes for a very stable, similar and uniform world.

The lore of the ancients are pretty straight forward, if you follow the system of the republic combined with a sound religion, the chances are, you will find happiness.

If you do other things, like chaotic strains of thought that is in this world right now, chances are that you will find chaos and destruction.

This is not 100% true, there are off cause variations, different religions with different systems, but at the core good people are pretty much alike.

They are true, honest, compassionate, pure. Good family men, supporting the community.

In a way pretty boring, if you see it from outside. But from inside, it is happiness, thanksgiving, Hannukah, christmas, and a supportive bunch of old and young people around you.

Yes, it can be terribly constricting for some, and many people dislike the narrow path of truth and good, but that is the way good works.

So, my point is, unity as we have talked so much about is pretty simple, it is just going down that church or religious road, marry your highschool girlfriend, make a family, find a job and see the kids grow up. Eventually you become a grandparent and you will see your kids kids come to you, and you will care for them.

Seeing it from the perspective of the kids, what do the kids need? They need two self-sacrificing parents to nurture them and care for them. That is pretty boring and hard, but that is what it takes to be a good person. To shed your own needs in the face of little peoples needs.

Romance is self-sacrifice, it is not easy. But that is the way of the world.

Unity calls for good people to make good families, all alike yes, but a happy little community to raise your children in. This is the same, wherever you are, in all cultures, it is universal.

So, let us be a little boring, and simple for a change.

G-d bless the will to be good and simple in a world of chaos.

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Human beings

November 13th, 2021 No comments

One of the things that I believe is lost in time is the humanist tradition of Europe.

I am a humanist, my family have been humanists for seven generations, and there are traces left here and there in Denmark of humanists.

But the environment or tradition is largely pushed away by neomarxistthinking, business ideas and so on.

In between all the other strains of thought, there is still remain a small percentage of intellectuals dedicated to humanism.

I see my ideas as reflected in the ideas of Erasmus; humanistic dialectics. To be true to find what it is to be human.

Why has it come to this? Now mainstream universities are filled with safe spaces, unfit for the garrulous truth seekers. Plato is but forgotten in most academia, and the search for light, that was the very idea at the garden dedicated to the greek hero Academus is nothing of importance today. The IDEALISM of academia has all but died.

Finding a way to be human, and dedicating ones life to that pursuit is almost unattainable these days.

Integrity and honesty is of little worth, while as academics strive for political aim instead of thinking about the betterment of man.

Humanism is all but forgotten. But yet, there is a few light here and there, pockets of integrity and honesty not yet fallen to the consummation of the superficial.

Maybe therein lie our salvation, in the renaissance of the antiques? In the dedication to the principles of Socrates. To put ourselves out in the light among philosophers and not stay in the cave with all the angry people of world.

People are so angry and mean these days, they seek to control and not set free.

Maybe it is about time we remember what humanism is, and seek to be honest with each other, and conquer our own fears and imperfections. Be just ourselves, simple yet spiritual.

These are the things I think about when I read about the flemish renaissance, where there were a system of philosophers and thinkers supporting each other.

Why is this world but forgotten?

We as human beings are wrought with imperfections, but we are yet human beings, and support of our fellow men are what defines us as human.

G-d bless the will to still each other as human beings.

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Green tech

November 12th, 2021 No comments

Well, the climate change meeting is over, and I think we can already see the framework of something that might actually work.

First of all, the fossile free plan is pretty awesome. Can we make a world that is run on clean energy?

The question off cause still remain unanswered, but the path to such a world is paved with the intention, that it should be so.

But, and this where I believe, that there is a very important point. Reseach and development is an innovative force, you cannot control it directly. What you can do however, is to make a framework around the process that will spur the scientist in that direction. Make a public fund for innovation, pick the winners.

The next step however is very dependent on the governments. The implementation of the green energies needs investment in infrastructure. Take the Tesla, why is it such a sucess, because mr. Musk didnt really make a better car, than what had been made before. Ok the Tesla is an impressive piece of machinery, but the REAL innovation was the infrastructure he built around the car. You can always charge a Tesla whereever you are, quickly and efficiently.

The same goes for all the other inventions, it needs to meet the market, and it needs to get implemented.

What wins the race for a better and cleaner world, still remains to be seen. Power to x is a strong contender to electric cars. With power to x you can actually use the existing cars we already use.

So, that is a strong argument in that direction. Here in Denmark, we are leading in power to x, so we of cause put some of our chips in that hat.

Anyway, there is a phase now of innovation, and there will be a phase of implementation.

These two phases will intermingle, and some technologies will win. Think about the proliferation of the betamax video tapes up against VHS tapes. The betamax was a better technology, but the implementation of the VHS system was more efficient, so the VHS won.

These are some of the dynamics we need to be watching out for.

G-d bless the will to be open and supportive in the development of green tech.

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November 11th, 2021 No comments

When we talk identity politics and the ideas, that rule in many areas of academia, I belive we should discuss the alternative.

I mean, if identity politics does not work, as it does not, then what is the alternative.

These days I am reading the 16´th century academic; Erasmus. His work is REALLY interesting in the fact that he was the leading light in one of the former revolutions of communication.

He, more or less, presided over the proliferation of books.

In his life books went from being handwritten in monasteries to be printed in workshops with new amazing machinery.

It created a revolution in communication, just as we are witnessing today. Many of the ideas that Erasmus put forth are really inspiring, and his METHODS are awe-inspiring as well.

I mean, what happens if the society goes from almost complete illiteracy to a massive information wave created by cheap books?

What are the ideals that is perpetrated by this revolution, and how did it effect the societies we are living in.

One of the basic points of Erasmus was his INTEGRITY. He worked, selflessly, brilliantly for truth, ethics and good in this world.

He did not make a lot of money, but was a true illuminator.

In other words, as with the internet revolution, the beginning of book printing created a vibe of humanism and truth seeking of the finest kind.

This only lasted his generation, and after that we are still just living in his shadow.

The same is true about the advent of the internet, this gave the public a rare insight into true humanism, but the system became a threat to public discourse, and the power control is rapidly put at work.

This is what will happen in a situation, where media changes fundamentally.

What we can do however, learning from Erasmus, who has become the founding father of Europe, is to be a little more easy on the control.

Of cause we should not let things go crazy, but this is how things pan out in a situation where knowledge and wisdom becomes at the tip of everyone’s fingertip.

Maybe it is good to take a step back, and take a bit easy. We will get trough this, and my great ideal Erasmus made a better, less corrupt world where truth and integrity was at the heart of his project. The same is what we should do today, especially academically.

G-d bless the will to be true and honest in the flow of ideas.

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