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So, there are only three weeks before election day, and it seems a pretty easy win. 

Let us have a look on why. First of all, because we did have a good support from the Liberal wing, this includes all the traditional supporters, a great part of the academia, a great part of the civil rights organizations, a great part of grassroots supporters. 

Secondly, it was because mr. Trump had no idea about campaigning. He is good on television, but all the intricacies of voter segmentation, going across the aisle, being strategic, was not really a part of his strategy. As the skeletons started emerging out of the cupboard, he did not have the nerve or the cool to meet it with ease, but started ranting. 

I am sorry, I never really disliked Trump all the way, but that is just not a thing to do if you want to be the leader of the free world. You need coolness and strength in your manners. 

On the other side, ms. Clinton has really developed herself under the election, and seems to be moving with the tides. She has a new stance on the free market deals, I do believe that free markets are ok, but this was really not the idea of Bernie, so I understand the move, even though I hope it will not ruin our economy too much. And then she started getting back to her roots, I think that is really the most beautiful part of her development. She started thinking about that rural America, where people struggle to get going. That rapport is really what will win her the election. Because this is where the swing voters are. The ancient blue collar Democrats, who are scared by globalization, but still hold on to a worker identity. These voters are the key voters in this election. 

Now these people are, at least a lot of them, REALLY angry on how things are progressing, and instead of alienating them. We should try and understand them, and help them. As in Detroit. 

Globalization seems to be over, and people are hunkering down in the states they understand and makes sense to them, and we cannot change that. What we can do, is to try and ease that development, so that it does not end in a huge crash. Because they are truly angry, and we need to meet them in order to alleviate some of that pain, be it a right pain or a wrong pain. 

We need to stop vilifying them, and start understanding their difficult situation. 

G-d bless United States of America

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The Springsteen blues

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imageWhen we get older, we start to forget about the initiation of our lives, we seem to forget what it was all about. I have grown up a poor boy, the first many years of my existence were, honestly, terrible. It gave me a lot of scars and a lot of experience about the bottom of society. But I have, singlehandedly fought my way out of the misery, and as of now, I do actually feel pretty ok. I have a little family, I have a beautiful wife, a place to stay, a job that is not too terrible, and an ongoing artistic career that a care a lot about. But I still worry about the secret police, will they try another blow, what will they do now, and so on.

Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher, had this way of theorizing. He looked at his own life, and used his own experiences as a guiding light. This is much better than sitting somewhere in an ivory tower and theorizing about things that you know nothing about. It makes me a strange bird in the world of academics, but hey, even the academic life needs outsiders to give them new roads to travel down at. And to me, the greatest philosophers lived their own ideas out.

But what if you get too far away from that dark place you started out from, that river of misery, that train of broken dreams, because you actually get out of the trailer park. What then, how can you do something for those still in it. How can you actually contribute all Americans, Danes, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans and so on. You can do it with the Bruce Springsteen method.

I like Bruce Springsteen, and actually, I have thought about where he might have gone in this election cycle, he used to be out there on the trail together with the Democratic contender. Where is he.

Anyway, I will tell you about his method, that I once read about. Now, when he is worldfamous, and miles away from the dump he started out from, he has, sometimes, problems with what to write songs about. But then he goes into himself, and he starts remembering that dark place why he came from, and songs starts coming again. That river of misery.

Now, I know that mr. Trump has made an idiot out of himself, you cannot blame the media for pulling out stories of mistreating women. You should not mistreat women, period. But he had some of that Springsteen blues in him. He did go out and understood the misery of not getting a job, loosing your dreams and seeing everything fall apart around you. He has that blues, and that we can learn from him. Because, yes, he is a bad messenger, but his message is true.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it rise to shine again.

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Mr. Trump

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Ok, it really, really shocks me to hear about all the accusations of rapist behaviour of mr. Trump. They truly seem to be true, and that is the end of that presidential campaign. You simply cannot beat that. Whatever ms. Clinton could have done or not, nothing beats that.

To go into a presidential campaign with that as a possible newsbreak is truly suicidal. The worst scandal in the story of the United States of America.

There is not much to say, other than he did say somethings that were right; like the problems at the border, the problems at the bottom of the industrial rungs.

But that does not excuse this behaviour. As ms. Obama, I am speechless. I thought it was just a hoax, stupid me.

G-d bless the dignity of the United States of America.

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The institution of kingship in Israel

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There are a lot of signs, that points to the imminent arrival of the Messiah, peace is slowly descending on the Middle East, Israel is thriving, and it seems to me, that there actually is a viable chance that the house of David will indeed be reinstated in the state of Israel. 

If we look at the last constitution, that is the constitution of David and Solomon, compared to the constitution we have now, that is a Socialdemocratic, non religious constitution, how would they compare.I mean apart from the fulfilling of the prophesy, there is also a practical organization that has to be done in order for the new king to be a part of the political process.

In practice, how will the Knesset react to having a king all of a sudden.

If we look at other examples, we can see, there are a few to compare to, Denmark, the US, the U.K. 

In the US, the president holds the position of the king in a normal monarchy. In Europe, the kings are still hereditary. That is, a single family has been on the throne for a long time, the role of King, or Queen, given from father to son or daughter. 

What really is noticeable, is the dignity of the role. A king or queen, is an extremely dignified person, and has a role of loftiness. 

The Queen in Denmark rarely talks about much, but when she does, it is with an extreme dignity. She is straight backed, honest, but she still respects the parliament and its decisions. 

The current organization of the country, that being a de facto substate under the EU commission, is not her cup of tee, but she refrains from commenting on it, focusing on the wellbeing of the realm.

This role is truly what a new king should fulfill. That of giving dignity to Israel. I believe that mr. Shimon Peres really had a element of this in his ways. He was so dignified, so his example is something we should look onto, to look for a true king. 

It should be one that understands the balance between parliament and the signification of the royal institution. 

If it actually is realized, it would be an extremely powerful position, giving peace all around the world. It would make the world a better place, and ensure, that we would live in an era of progress.

G-d bless Israel.

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American Election

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Well, it seems to me, that the election is, more or less decided in the favour of ms. Clinton. Ok, there is still some time, and it seems to me, that mr. Trump has invigorated his fanbase. That in itself is really impressive. It would have been difficult to even have a campaign if that had not been the case.

But, listen. This is a very strange election, usually the debates are the high points, but with all the media coverage of the character assassination attempts, the debates seem to matter less and less.

Anyway, as a Dane, to me, I would be happy to work with both persons. You know, I support Hillary, as a true supporter of mr. Barack Obama. But the differences between the two contestants in terms of content, is actually not that wide. Both support a non-racist stance, both are for civil rights, both are against Isis, but not against all Muslims. Mr. Trump even apologised to the muslim hero he had antagonised.

There are differences in the small things. Especially in the stance on second amendment, migration and the relationship to Russia. But all in all, the differences are truly not that wide.

When it comes to leading the country, I do support Hillary, I think, honestly, that she would do the best job. But, I do not worry that mr. Trump would ruin everything. I think he has grown through the election.

So, all in all, i think, for America, things are shaping up. For Hillary and Donald, we will see. But my bet is on Hillary.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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American election

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It is one day from the most devastating, potentially, turn of events in the world. The second debate in the American election.

As a rare treat in the world of philosophical development, I have had, and has the honor, to participate in that debate.

While as I have been a part of the renewal of politics in the sense of finding the roots of politics. Trying to find the core of what politics really is. This contest is carried by all of what it not is, mud slinging, accusations, debate on moral character rather than political content.

I do believe, that what we need is not a mud fest, but a new direction.

But it seems to me, that that hope is in vain. We have the parties and contestants we have, and they are both flawed to some degree.

But that should not keep us from looking at the world from a sound perspective, and discuss what is not good for us, but how civil service, will be just that, to serve the public.

One true advise I can give ms. Clinton, is a thing she may have overlooked, but then again with the level of preparedness maybe not.

Trump is going to hammer on the alleged infidelity of mr. Clinton. This is just …, but that is an angle. Don’t worry too much about that, he is not exactly the model of good behavior himself, as we have recently come to know.

But there is another flaw or weakness of ms. Clinton, that talks to his strengths in the political discussion, open borders.

That is the opposite of what he is proposing, that is closed borders, and he has the electorate behind him in this area.

So some kind of modern approach to that issue is extremely important. Open borders is true poison for the Clinton campaign. I would recommend a sound and normal understanding of borders. That is, that it encroaches a given territory with a given political system. So that those in the system are, in our case, democratic, and outside, they have other systems.

I know that this goes against the dreams of many people, but this is exactly what scores and scores of voters are against, both in Europe and in the US. If we do not leave that political stance, we end up with a lot of neo nazism, KKK and whatever they are called, and that is simply not a price worth paying.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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American Election

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Well, it was an ok debate yesterday, it was not the prettiest, but it will work. 

When we look at the connection to budding Democrats, that tries to learn us about what it is to be young, there is one point we have not truly realized yet, but we need; the fight with Islamic state. 

We have ourselves moved quite a bit these late years. Let me give you my own explanation and historical brief. 

It happened in the last intifada. Here mr. Netanyahu made a pivotal decision in the middle of the fight. It was all about going in and start truly unleashing the might of the IDF against the budding Palestinian state. In the final ours of that quest, I asked mr. Netanyahu to hold his horses and wait for the world to realize what was happening in Iraq under the guise of the other war. The IS was on the move, taking area after area, finally building the Caliphate. 
The world watched in horror and expectation on the unleashing, but it did not come. As a result, Israel is today still in one piece, and the economic and worldwide backlash a pummeling of Hamas would have given Israel was held back. On the contrary the fight was seen as kind of “even” in the eyes of the international audience. Actually a tremendous victory for Israel in itself. Israel reaped the fruits of that victory by the alliance with the Arab world. Quite a feat. 

Anyway, let us have a look at “Islamic State” and what it has given us. It has given us a world of pain to all who do not agree to their view. They go after the gays, the minorities, the weak. They rape and pillage. Lately there has been a string of attacks on American soil. Things that are anti Liberal in its very essence. 

What they are aiming at is a vast, G-d driven state, where the imams are ruling everything from how to pick your nose to how you take a s… (Sorry) to how to patronize women. 

This is what we are truly fighting, a regime that puts Fox network and Breibart as a willy nilly, pink sambadancers.

They are the true tyrants we are facing. Yes there is Wall Street, but these guys beat them by far. Because they defy all that is humane, democratic and just.

G-d bless the will to win. 

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American election

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largenapoleoncisalpineproclamationbylafitteThings are starting to shape up for us. Mr. Trump seems to have lost his connection to the real world, and we are working on the positive and true image of our campaign. Well done campaigners. And especially well done ms. Clinton, you passed the test with flying colours.

What has really happened?

Well, we are in the middle of another revolution. Mr. Sanders keep telling us this, and maybe he is right?

What is this revolution he keeps talking about, and our young are so idealistic about?

I have thought about it, and there is one thing, that made me realise what it really is; the fact that we have not talked about communism for a long, we have, however talked a lot about another thing that is, or was, also revolutionary in its time; Democracy.

Mr. Sanders, and mr. Obama er truly not communist revolutionaries, they are democratic revolutionaries, and that is a huge difference.

We are not fighting for communism, no we are fighting for the values of the First French revolution. Human rights, enlightenment, the freedom of speech and law.

This is what is the true core of what we are witnessing. And that is bearing the torch to at new generation.

While communism did not stand the test of real life, democracy did. We are in the middle of another of those revolutions. In France they are talking about the sixth republic, we should be talking about democracy 2.0.

Another round of the good, rationalistic, freedom loving men and women, fighting tyranny.

There are a lot of people who despise politics. It is because we have forgotten the virtues of a democratic republic. Forgotten the honesty and enlightenment it craves. We should be thankful that our young daughters and sons reminds us of these values yet again. Because otherwise the system just stops working.

This is why we are winning, we are truly fueled by the revolutionary spirit of the Napoleonic Cisalpine republic.

The right and privilege to be free and the willingness to sacrifice ourselves for that.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Shimon Peres

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shimonperes2-knkg-621x414livemintWhen we live up to the expectations of what we are as Jews. There are no closed doors anywhere. When we do not, we are vilified and hated.

That is the way it is. The choosing of us as a people, is not just a blessing, it is, as much, a curse.

We have to be perfect, in almost any possible way, and then they put us on a pedestal.

I think this is why the life and work of mr. Peres is such a telling tale. Everybody hated him for the Oslo accords. But I mean, at least he tried, right. I would not have done it, because there were too many unknowns, and too many players, that did not want the peace. But, he tried, and he won the respect of the world, but the despect of Jews.

I think we have looked on it in a wrong way. What he tried to do, was not make peace, it was the SYMBOLIC act that mattered to him.

He must have known that it could not be done, because the cards were as they were. But he still tried, and doing such a symbolic act, he actually carved out a name for himself, and showed the world, that there is a will for peace.

He was the false Messiah, and for that he was hated and still loved.

When will the true Messiah come, that is the question we all put to ourselves. The king that will truly give meaning to Israel, and realise the existence of Israel. Because, at the end of the day, Israel can only be built by the Messiah.

I know that perhaps I am the Messiah, perhaps it is Barack. To me, that will only be proven, if there is peace.

Until that, we will have to see. But I believe, we should see mr. Peres life as an example on someone who could have been the Messiah, but never really made the last step.

But he showed us a way. That is his true legacy. He showed us, that there are Jews, of a high ranking, that will try peace.

With that, he won the praise of the world, and paved the way for peace. Because he made an example.

In this light, I believe we should see his sacrifice. Because he knew he would have to pay, and he did it anyway. For Israel.

G-d bless mr. Shimon Peres, may he rest in peace.

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American Election

September 29th, 2016 1 comment

Ok, there is a bit of momentum right now. Let us use that, put in a few jabs and blows, put him on the defensive.

First of all, we need to understand what truly gave is a lead in the debate. It was not due to good looks or extravagant use of ideas. It was because we gave as we got.

That is the key, and that is truly the difficult thing in this contest. We put mr. Trump on the defensive, and he could not get out of that corner.

That is how we win, be we should be realistic, we caught him on the wrong foot. He was unprepared, he did not see it coming, and he had lulled himself into a belief, that a milder tone would win him the election. In short, he underestimated ms. Clinton.

That will not happen again. We need to put up our defences, and start that gruelling fight with mr. Trump. We should not be overconfident, because one victory will not win us the battle.

So we need to shed the calculator, and start the grim fight. Ok, not too much, not absolutely, but with honour and initiative.

Take the jab mr. Trump does with the discussion on the infidelity of mr. Bill Clinton. This is absolutely grim.

We should be the same. Ask him why he did not deliver his tax papers, is he hiding something.

And then be honest with our defence.

That part of the marriage of the Clintons is totally problematic, but it is a long time ago, and we have found a solution.

Let us go on talking about the things that matter, should we?

Something that matters NOW, like why mr. Trump does not show his tax papers.

It is dirty, but we need to realise, that, to some level, we need to meet mr. Trump in the dirty gutter, otherwise he will just bully himself to the presidency.

G-d bless mr. Trump and ms. Clinton, may it be a relatively fair fight.

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September 28th, 2016 1 comment

It is a bit difficult to be a rebel in ones own country, and then a middle leaning intellectual in international politics.

It gets a little schizophrenic from time to time.

In Denmark I am waiting for a book by the late spy chief Scharff, who did persecute me, and tortured my little daughter. Perhaps his new book will shed some light on the controversies we have had, but I really doubt it.

Internationally I helping ms. Hillary Clinton, and I am working for peace in the Middle East. That is not exactly a rebel standpoint.

But in a sense, I believe that some of the purity of rebelliousness gets to be a part of the mainstream. That is actually good, because all leaders used to be rebels at a given point. That is, we did start out ,to try and change the world to a better place.

But in practise this arrangement is very difficult.

Ok, stop the whining. I am just trying to explain why I have not been more focused on the American election. It just so happened, that my good friend Uwe got attacked by a museum employee, making a work of art.

This was pretty big in the news, and Uwe have a lot of trouble. So I do, as I always try, supported him in his troubled times.

It may seem like a small thing in politics, but he is my friend, and I should be there for him in his trouble.

But, I WILL stay on course internationally. Barack is right in his point, that we need to win with Hillary to continue our work.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Shimon Peres

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shimon-peresIt is really difficult when kindred spirits pass away. I have a hard time saying goodbye to someone that I respect so much.

Mr. Shimon Peres passed away yesterday, may he rest in peace.

For me, a relative newcomer to Israeli politics, I feel a bit humbled by the things that mr. Peres took from me. But at the other hand, I can see that we shared a lot of things; the striving for peace, and at the same time the will to keep Israel safe.

This is what Israel is supposed to be; a project of peace. And only when we obtain peace, will the spiritual task of Israel be achieved.

In a way, that task is so daunting, that you have to use all your energy to really achieve it. You have to be focused all the time, be vigilant.

But if you are, you can move things along.

With true tears, I mourn mr. Peres, he was much more than the founding father of Israel. He was Israel, and let us hope, that we can live up to his expectations.

G-d bless the memory of mr. Peres.

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To be good

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maxresdefaultTo be spiritual, I believe the essence is about being a good person.

The ethical discussion must therefor be at the heart of any person that believes himself to be a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew.

It is like that, right?

But the problem about being a moral person is the fact that the right choice is often very difficult to make. What some believe to be the right choice, others do not.

Take my discussion on Islamic State. In the beginning, this was a thing of taboo. People really thought that I was a bad person. But it came out to be a true, right. Look at what they are doing.

You can look at it from many perspectives; psychology, metaphysics, social sciences. Some people believe we have a innate moral compass, others believe in enlightening the world. But at the end of the day, the truth of the matter is, that being good is one of the most difficult things to be.

One of the things I often see people doing that is a mistake, is many peoples tendency to take the easy road. To do what everybody else do, to blend in. This is the best choice if you want to be socially accepted. But it leaves all the moral consensus to the leader of the group. If he or she is a bad person, the entire commune he is leader of, will be bad as well.

Power corrupts, and a lot of power corrupts a lot. So if you are in an organization with a powerful leader, there is a chance he or she will be corrupted.

It is here the task of the servant of G-d, always to ask himself; what is the moral answer in this case.

Evil is often disguised as good, that is my experience. In fact, the bad people often parade their goodness. Tries to obtain a veneer of being the right and moral person. They cloak themselves in the cloak of goodness. You know the person that always has to be the one that prays the most, or sit, venerably at the head of some local community council to help the poor.

Bad people like to LOOK good.

The real good people you often find at places that is not posh or fine. They are there where they can actually do good, and that is often in the gutter somewhere. Places where things smell, and the air is ripe with sin. There you see them, going about their business, like angels in the filth.

The sad thing is; if a leadership of a country or a congregation, does not realise this. These few angels, that should be ones to lead us, never reach the leadership role they should have. But remain in corners around in the gutters washing peoples feet, taking care of the homeless, sick and poor.

I believe, that one of the things we should start doing, is look for angels, where they are, and ask them to lead us.

Often they would reject our pleading, and go about their business, but often enough they would sacrifice their calling and be an administrator.

If we cannot ask them to lead us, then try and be inspired by those few lights, and do as them.

G-d bless the pursuit for goodness.

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I think the discussion last night war absolutely brilliant, it could not have been better. Well done ms. Clinton. Still a long way to go, but on to a good start.

We can still wheel some support in, due to the bomb shock mr. Trumps camp must be in. But it has to be done now.

That is, go out, make your points again at some convention, and start pushing some more.

It is about momentum, try to build on the momentum you get from the discussion.

Well done, ms. Clinton, well done.

G-d bless the willingness to remain humble in the office of the United States.

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The content

September 24th, 2016 No comments

I believe that mr. Jimmy Carter had some good ideas about what could be the content of this presidential election. Or rather the content of the democratic contented.

1. Civil rights
2. Climate Change
3. Economic justice

These ideas are so strong, that they may very well carry us directly into the oval office.

We still have to counter the threat of islamism. This is a prerequisite for a successful presidentship

But we may have ideas about what we want to do, but we still have to carry the crown juvels into the next four years of presidency.

That is, on one hand, we have to counter the immediate threaths to the US, and next come up with some new ideas, so that people think we have a positive message as well.

G-d bless Hillary Clinton, and good luck in the debate.

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