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When I went to Oxford, I did it as a representative of Denmark. Most know, that Denmark has a very harsh and confrontation discussion on religion, and especially Islam. We have been in the forefront when it comes to discuss the conflict between the West and the East.

Some of the theoretical distinctions that I have coined, as a representative of the philosophical discourse here in Denmark, has been accepted worldwide, as the distinction between political Islam and humanistic Islam. The West fighting the first, and supporting the second.

So what was really the outcome of the conference? Did we get somewhere?

Well, there was a huge interest in Islamic ideas and teaching at the conference. We were presented to a variety of very interesting ideas. There was the critical approach, the political approach by Malaysia, the Sufis and their spirituality, modern day challenges in Malaysia. All in all a variety of positive and possibly bridge building initiatives.

I personally got the best connection to a Saudi doctor, whom I discussed a bit about my proof of G-d, and he seemed genuinely interested. I felt an opening there, and I have already received a mail back from him, that I got in response from one I send to him.

So the bridge building is already starting, and I sincerely hope, that it will truly continue.

This is absolutely groundbreaking. Because one thing is to make huge diplomatic conferences, another thing is the personal connection you get to someone who seems a bit like yourself, that is truly friendship, and it is though genuine friendship that things evolve.

So, all in all I hope and believe, that some first tentative steps have been taken, that will perhaps be taken further and create a dialogue of peace.

G-d bless the peace we will find.

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Winston Churchill

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imageBoris Johnson is a terrific writer and a keen analyzer of historical events. This is the impression I get from reading his magnificent biography/hagiography of mr. Winston Churchill. It is just a fast read, and I believe you get a good interpretation of mr. Churchills character and working method. The question is; what can we really learn from Churchill these days? What was it that gave him his reputation as the best politician of the 20’th century?

Today most people just know him from images and a hazy idea about his fight in the second world war against the nazis, which he won. But who was he really? You can know about a man if you know his friends, because the friends mirror a quality of the man. So who were his friends? The best friend he had, was of cause his wife, Clementine, and I believe a great deal can be said about Churchill if you know his wife, in fact a man is only truly a complete person if he really loves.

Clementine was a true liberal, she adored art, she had nothing against gays, she was in many ways the soft part of Churchill. Giving him a human understanding that I believe is not truly understood today. As when he fought in the second world war, he became agressive and sometimes comandeering on everybody, what you off cause can understand if you know the stress he was under. But she pulled out the soft in him.

I believe this is really the true story about Churchill, he managed to combine conservatism with liberalism, not only in politics, but all the way in his own most trusted circle, him and his wife. He was the genius, the orator, the shining knight on the white horse, but she was the princess with a soft heart and a strong will for those who have little. This really is the mark of a great man; to be able to win and after that hold on to the love of a great woman.

In politics this was reflected in his care for workers, his acceptance of both Jews and gays. His friendship with T.S. Lawrence, his love of painting. At the other hand it was reflected in his valorous fight for the colours of the United Kingdom, he never gave up, even after everybody else did. His ethical stance to the world, his aristocratic manners, his friendship with the house of Windsor.

Add to this a true heart for what was right and wrong, you have your person to truly admire.

He used his understanding of conservatism and liberalism to really follow the course he thought was the right course. It was not about the money or fame, yes that mattered as well, but the ethical core, what he truly believed in, was what truly mattered.

So he put ideals over career.

This is a lesson we can learn from with all the challenges we meet in Europe and generally in the West and East. To see the challenges not in the rearmirror, but as they truly are, and then find solutions to the problems we face, unconventially, but with the basic virtues of our democratic, humanistic states as the guiding stars.

We have Churchill no more, we have non of his quorrelous, annoying, far too skilled views anymore, you only have persons like me or Boris Johnson. But you will have to do with us, and only if you are strong and courageous enough will we live up to that example set by mr. Churchill.

G-d bless the comeback of the West and East.

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The Middle East

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The European nations and the United States of America is seeking to forge a so-called peace solution in and around Gaza. First of all, the very premise the so-called peace solution is made on, is the premise, that Israel is the aggressor, and the Gazans are the victims.

Come on, after all the manipulation of western media and political systems, after using their own children as cannon fodder, after attacking innocent Jews in synagogues, the Palestinians are victims?

Gaza is and will always be a proxy for the different enemies of Israel, and only if you make peace with these enemies will the conflict in Gaza stop. As with the Arab nations and Iran.

If we use all our sparse political capital on the Palestinians, how are we supposed to use it on other problems and difficulties?

Then taking Hamas of the terrorlist is just another step, that makes at least Europeans look like fools. Everybody in the Middle East knows, that they are as far from democracy as you can possibly get, and yes, they are terrorists.

There is this wonderful cinematic movie, that really describes the fallacy of Western imperialism, but also the twist of it. In the film Avatar western backed military tries to destroy an ancient civilization with no understanding of the culture it meets. The mechanical firepower is so devastating that the poor Avatars with their bows and arrows cannot defend themselves. At the same time a western warrior is accepted in the midst of the tribe, but off cause with reservation. He gains an insight into the tribal culture and manages to understand it on its own terms, and begin to see the beauty of it.

This story is a reflection of T.S. Lawrence and his deep understanding, and consecutive embedding into the Arab culture. He truly understood the Middle East on its own premises.

But all to no avail, when the Arabs had won their freedom, with the help of Lawrence, they were betrayed by the colonial forces anyway.

This is the experience the Middle East has of the West. Some truly understands them, others do not, and are just elephants in the boutique of drinking glasses.

So, they like and respect our learning, but they have the experience that learning and power seldom goes hand in hand with us.

So, how do they look upon the Middle East project that is launched by the EU right now, recognizing Hamas. Is that the mechanized brute, or the learned scholar speaking of the West?

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Israel in the Middle East

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These days there is a movement against a classical neo caliphate ideology presented by such organizations as the IS. It is the whole package of 6 century Islam with beheadings, holy war and a political order by the sword and the Koran. At the other hand there is the humanistic trend by such states as Malaysia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, among others. This trend focuses on the deeper level of religion and tries to truly connect to G-d as it or he is.

It is a matter of preference, but honestly it is also a matter of war or peace.

When I was a Oxford at the peace building convention, I was truly positively surprised to learn of the sufis and all the humanistic ideals of Islam still thriving and underpinning states. I believe, that if we are ever to have peace in the world, we need to support those who wish to build bridges, and fight those who seek uncompromising war.

These days where the caliphatists are moving in on us, as we saw in Sydney and Belgium, we need to try and discern between the two trends within Islam. Some hates our guts, some loves us. This is truly realized in the betterment the Arab world tries to get with Israel, because Israel represent the true ideal of love and peace.

Iran is trying to reach an understanding on its own terms, and is actually moving onto the path of peace. It is just we as Jews who refuse to see it. I recognize, that there is a threat, but you should also recognize the opportunity. It is exactly the same movement we see in the Sunni Muslim world, that is happening in the Shia Muslim world.

Peace requires understanding and dialogue. If we are not able to do this, as we fight those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for an archaic idea, we do not balance things off.

But, the humanistic ideas, originating from the Middle East, is also a part of the bright and creative part of the world.

T.S. Lawrence said that the desert is littered with broken ideologies, and only the best and most potent reaches the rest of the world. Well, this is a testimony to the fact, that the Middle East is very fluctuating, so why are we prone to come down on the same perspective on Iran all the time? Things change, and it is only if we seize the moment, that we will truly follow these new trends.

There is nothing wrong in Israel entering into the plethora of ideas churning around in the Middle East, in a sense, this is really what we were deprived of in the long banishment from the Middle East. But only if we truly latch on to the new trends, will we truly be Israel; embedded in the Middle East, for good or bad.

G-d bless the peace we will find, ultimately.

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Freedom of thought

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Freedom of Expression1I am so inspired by my trip to Oxford, so new ideas just keep popping up in my head. At the return back, I picked up this wonderful book by mr. Boris Johnson, a great read about Winston Churchill and all what he did to the world. It really is a telling tale, and sheds light on all the occurrences of the last century, since Churchill was one of the main actors. And being a blast of a book, it makes it even more enriching, lucky me, thank you Boris.

England is in deep trouble right now; the material basis is getting a little better, but is still far from perfect, the intellectual world is still in tatters after the second world war and the loss of the empire. The Anglican Church is in a deep need of refueling with new ideas. So, that is why, I suppose England invited me to Oxford.

Well, I have been thinking a lot about it, and there is a slight danger, that I really miss the point, because England is such an ancient place, and is in itself apocryphical. You have to be there to really understand what it is all about. You can read a lot, but you have to talk to people really understand what is going on. So, as my landlord said, when I went away, and he recommended the Turf for my last visit; you will be back. I really hope I will. It is not about the money or the honor, basically I can do without it, it is about the intellectual vibe and mystery. It is so inspiring to walk the same path as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, T.E. Lawrence, it blows my absolutely much too fertile imagination and creative fireworks of a puny brain. So I will be back.

Anyway, there is a reason why I came home and met the accusation of complicity to murder here in Denmark, and I do see it reflected in Churchill and his ideas. The moral compass, and the encyclopedic knowledge he had, made him draw conclusions that, in the time seemed strange, but in time proved to be true. As he knew the Narzies for what they were, or Stalin and his savage Communism. In his days he was either someone you hated or loved, but there is no discussion that he was ahead of his time, a prophet, an oracle. It comes down to inspiration and knowledge, a hyper wired brain, and basically a humanistic core.

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1213Some of the problems Great Britain has now, is due to its humanistic culture, in fact all the loss of power over all the colonies and all the former territories is due to the fact, that the rulers of these areas did not wish to be too harsh. Take Winston Churchill, the man that basically managed the decline of the empire, how was he? Well he was a kind man basically, and he fought for the positive values of Great Britain, freedom, freedom of speech, law, independence. When you truly believe these ideas, being a colonial ruler is very difficult, because you do not have the impetus to really use the force necessary to quell resistance, and in a way Mahatma Ghandi is a product of this. He used the humanistic core of Great Britain to tear India away from England.

At the same time, this basic decency, is also the strength of Great Britain, because everybody still do respect the opinions of the English. Churchill was also an example of this, his moral example and will was truly why he was so decisive in his mediation in the world affairs.

I think this lesson was a bit lost on the post empirical generations. The aftermath of the second world war called for implosion and demoralization. The loss was too great to really cope with, and there seemed no path to take after the loss. Well, there is another interesting example of colonies and imperialism that could reflect the solution too England. The Phoenicians had a truly magnificient colony; Carthage. It fostered illuminaries as Zeno and Hannibal the great. Long after the colony of Carthage had gained indepence from Phoenicia, it retained good contacts, and they created a kind of common wealth; sharing of ideas and sharing of ressources, but on an independent basis.

The same is the fact today; the sharing of ideas, the cooperation between armies and so on. England has the edge, that it is the oldest or, perhaps as not really true, because originally England was a Danish colony. But in the realm of the empire, England is the oldest member, and therefor has the deepest intellectual understanding of matters.

This preemince of the commonwealth, is there already, so why the depression? England has the opportunity to thrive among its former colonies, taking not a material lead, but an intellectual lead.

In these days, where the internet broadcasts all ideas easily, it can reach all those who listen.

G-d bless England, the land of the fairies and the trolls of the great writers.

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Vad da?

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A month ago, I had this amazing encounter with a Swedish artist with the name Dan Park. As I have a name that draws me closer to England, Dan has a name that draws him closer to Denmark. The encounter in a way reflects back on my stay in Oxford, and I believe has a lesson that is important for the people of England, and of cause the people of Sweden. Dan is a street artist, and makes these horrendous little pieces of art, that kick the establishment in a certian part. Everybody have decided to hate him, but nobody cared to really try and understand his points. But, to his luck, he had the opportunity to present his criticism on the Swedish society in Denmark, and Swedes could then actually hear what he was intending. Mind you, he is radical, but there is absolutely no blood and honour in him, he as thin as a stick, and has long rufled hair.

What really felt relieving and also emancipating was when he said; quote from memory; things are going really bad, but what then or “vad da?”. Point is, what happens after we run the line from multiculturalism? Where are we actually heading? What is the plan really? Sometimes utterances become kind of metaphysical in its content, because this was the question no one has dared to ask in Sweden. Vad da?

The same question England has to ask, what happens after the we have run out of line, and multiculturalism is at the end of the dead line. Then what?

It is not about race, it is not about the opression of minorities, but it is basically the question about the identity and values of the indeginous European tribes. I mean, seen from a humanistic point of view, why are we to shed all the culture that is thousands years old? Why? Is it not something worth preserving?

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IMG_3557I suppose martyrdom is a sign of a philosophy that is truly changing the world. I have fought for the freedom of my people, I have fought for soul of my people, I have fought like dervish for G-d, in order for him to regain some of the glory he has lost.

My main antagonists these days are not the Muslims anymore, many actually find my lamenting and fight inspiring and are devout on the same premises as I. But oh, to no gain in the eye of the corrupted Danish system.

Now what, after I returned from the wonderful tour to Oxford, I picked up a letter from the government. It simply said, in the crooked words of the state. We accuse you for murder. We think that you were related in a murder some time two years ago, therefor we tapped your phone. Ok, now that is the game? So now I am a murderer in disguise? What exactly is there of evidence of this supposed crime; nothing. There is no evidence, just the accusation.

So put me on trial, for heavens sake. Let the world know about your heinous crimes, how you have killed my mother, destroyed my family, tortured my daughter. Let them hear about that, I invite you put me on trial, so that the world will know, what a corrupt society Denmark truly is. Let the philosopher have justice!

But you will not, you craven cowards, you will only insinuate, send little letters with no prove, just try to nip at my character. You fools, and descrepite subhumans, you evil kin, you Satans. There is only darkness in your blood, only lust for war and destruction, no appetite for dialogue or compromise. Just that; the seeping evil, that goes on everywhere in these modern digitalized states. They know everything, where you are, what you do, who you talk to, even what you write on your computer.

But listen, evil stands in no good fortune to good, because everything I do is transparent. I have nothing to hide, I stand judged by my words. Everybody are able to look at them, read them as they wish, there is absolutely nothing hidden. I have no schemes going on, no hidden agenda, I stand by words. And in this I am not evil, or in any way manipulating.

Look at that you craven cowards. Perhaps it was time you yourself came out in the open, and stood judged by your own misgivings? Just perhaps it is time for the world to judge you. So begin that prosecution please, let the world see what you have of prove, or disappear like the craven, disgusting STASI goons you are.

G-d bless the wisdom of the true.

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The shire

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imageI am at the Turf. The pub where the book the Hobbit by Tolkien was initially concieved, and supposedly the other heart of Oxford, apart from St. Marys church, where I held my lecture. Tolkien sat here with his students to have a drink and talk and be creative I suppose. They concieved the journey that ultimately led Frodo to the abyss and back again to the Shire.

In a general sense, you could say, that this is where England has been heading after the first world war and the downfall of the Empire. But it is still here, the Turf, the initial station of the journey, and the very heart of things. After a few minutes of openness, well the place is already filling up. In other words, the culture that gave us The Hobbit, the Lord of the rings, and all these masterpeices is very much alive. Perhaps a renaessance of England lies in the axiom between the Church of Mary, where I held my discourse and the Turf. Why? Because to make a comeback for England, one has to remember both the profane and the elevated.

What was it really that Bilbo somehow was snatched away from when he left the cosy ambience of the Shire. Exactly that; the Shire.

The Shire is the archdefinition of what Englishness really is; the small village community that English people really like to create when they are able to. It makes the churches cosy, and it makes the connection between people simple and sincere.

We have the same idea in Denmark, small villages where people know each other, and the stools are old, and the furniture even older. Where the community is as ancient as the buildings made by our forefathers generations ago. Where the feeling of generations of yore is still embedded in the very walls, and has seeped into the very stones that is the pillars of that sacred house.

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Israel and Iran

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There is an upcoming election in Israel, and just for the sake of clarification I think it is of a vital importance, that Israel sees the process with Iran as it is.

Before the last war with Gaza, we were actually on a path of peace with Iran. This lead to a serious disarmament of Iran, in return of very little reduction of the restrictions. So in the calculations of the Israeli politicians this is explained with the argument, that the sanctions really worked.

Well if you listen to what the leaders are saying in Iran, and they have no reason to lie, the actually say, that they care very little about the sanctions. Well, since the main export is oil, and it seems to me, that there is a market for it, why should Iran care so much.

No, the reason why Iran has agreed to reduce its atomic arms program, is because they are religious people and according to all monotheistic religions, peace is the aim of their religion. Because this is how the realm of G-d is.

So, I firstly stopped mr. Ahmadinejad, and then we initiated a process of peace. This is why we are where we are.

I understand it, when Israel tries to stop the peaceproces, and I really understand that the ongoing negotiations in Gaza seems fruitless. Well they have carried fruits, but very toxic fruits, and we are afraid of them.

But Iran is, so far a different case, and they have showed that with reducing their own capability to produce weapons.

Israel does not want to participate, due to fear and because basically Gaza has become a business of demoralizing the international community towards Israel.

My point is, if Israel conclude, that the status quo of sanctions towards Iran is the only way, well this is based on a false argument, and will not lead to any peace with anything.

I carry Israel on my shoulders right now, and my shoulders are not that broad, I just hope that Israel recognize this fact, and sees the situation for what it is, instead of seeing things as we wish to see them. This is too dangerous, the situation taken into consideration.

G-d bless Israel, the home and protection of Jews.

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imageI am very lucky to be in Oxford right now, to a conference focusing on the welfare of the world. With specific focus on ecumenical work and of cause peace.

The conference is in the old church of Oxford, so there is actually a lot of ambience, and even though it is old, it is also a great and living church with a lot of interesting things happening there. I have made some new friends, especially people who are genuinely interested in spiritual and philosophical subjects.

A lot of people are coming from all around the world, among them people from Malaysia who seek inspiration for their problems of government and development.

So we are in a position to find work as philosophers and states or grand religious leaders are able to find philosophers. Good for all.

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Cyrus_Cylinder_frontThe election of Israel is starting, and a lot of hopeful contesters are jumping into the fray, some adamant at defending Israel, some adamant on finding peace.

It revolves, right now, around two issues. One is Iran the other is Palestine.

Both are actually difficult to solve right now, and will, most probably, not be solved in the near future.

But, there are movements, especially on the Iranian side, where Rouhani is the best president Israel could ever have hoped for.

We talk about understanding and truly defining the things as they are. But I think it is also a matter of the Middle East world getting used to Israel again. For two thousand years Jews have been away. It is like the great, great, great, great time two hundred grandfather moving into a house he left two thousand years ago, off cause getting used to each other takes a little time.

But, there is no doubt, that Israel and the Middle East are linked, and i hope, that the Middle East really sees Israel for what it truly is, when everybody have lowered his or her defenses against Israel. In a way, Israel also has to find its won feet in the new situation.

Israel is the heir to the tradition of defense of the Middle East. In the beginning Jews were a mix of photo scandinavians and semitic people. This gave a very hard-nosed attitude, and a lot of progress in the Middle East, and it gave Jews the banner as defender of the values of the Middle East, as in the fights against the different tribes around the first Israel, the fights against Syria, Babylon, Greece and Rome. With the intelligence of the semites, and the fighting power of the danes, an extreme mix of both intelligence and fighting prowess was created.

We were the ones everybody looked upon when someone came and tried to conquer the Middle East, add to this a very important vehicle of progress; Jews gave the world monotheism with Moses, Jews was an intricate part of the Middle East, and is becoming it again.

There is one obvious gain to the Middle East with the return of Israel to the Middle East, and that is the fact, that the progress the Middle East lost after the Romans conquered the Middle East, may return again. I know, that things happened after the Roman wars, but truly the ME, or the code of civilization that started in Eridu in Mesopotamia lost its steam when Rome conquered the Middle East. If the Middle East sees Israel for what it is; the central ingredience missing in its own development, it may start that progress again.

That is new ideas in religion, science, political order and so on. The traditions are there, so the possibility to rap up the progress again is also there.

Now, Iran has truly lowered its defences, because Iran can see, that Israel may be a part of its own development. As when Cyrus freed the Jews from Babylonian captivity, we may see the advent of that humanistic and Zoroastrian spirit again in Persia. Why? Because this is what Persia truly is; a world power when it comes to philosophy.

It used to be like that, and it should like that again. It will not be easy, but we should try, to regain the honor of Persia, Syria, Egypt, the Arab nations, Babylon and Uruk.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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There is a lot of conflict within Israel, let us have a keen look on what it is all about, and to me, these conflicts are not alien, we have the same problems here in Denmark, and perhaps some of the ideas we have had here, could be used in Israel as well. After all, we are fighting the same people here as in Israel; Hamas, Hizt-ut-Tahrir, violent islamists who believe in the supremacy of the islamic state.

If we look at the theoretical and historical roots to the conflict between right and left, it all comes down to the discussions right and left had in the conflicts ANC had with the white majority rule in South Africa. De Klerck was truly a racist, he liked whites, and he despised blacks. In a world where race has become a discussion forfeit, this had no support in the international community, and was prone to fall.

It is exactly the same conflicts the right and the left are having right now in Israel. The right are working down Apartheid lines, and as in the Apartheid days, the left adamantly refused it. Mind you, it was actually many Jews who, on the liberal side, supported Nelson Mandela.

With an afroamerican/caucasian president at the helm of the US, these strategies may not be the best in the relationship between the US and Israel.

So, in effect, making a racist policy today is the same as open suicide internationally, add to this the history of Nazi Germany and the persecution of Jews due to exactly the same reasons, well the international community will be outraged if the policies are implemented.

I am a Jew by blood, ok. This is not about defending people who are not Jews by blood, it is about the political situation that simply is unviable if Israel continues with this policy. The international backlash will be too severe, AIPAC or no AIPAC.

But, we still have a really difficult problem, and that is the violence of a too open society. What happens is, that too many cultures are mixed, and eventually some culture answer to the sword or another political system rather than the democratic system we have inherited from the French revolution.

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Well there is an upcoming election in Israel, that is extremely unfortunate. There are so many conflicts in and around Israel, that an election right now is not exactly the best of times, but on the other hand, it has happened. I hope the elections will be speedy and serious, so that is may be realized into something that will last.

Why have we come to here? Because the needs of the right is too long away from the needs of the left. The left sees the proces through a lense of socialism, racism, and peace. The right sees the world through a lense of protection, national unity, and gain in terms of territory.

These different perspectives are very difficult to convene, you need a true king to do that, and there is only one.

But, we need to be careful, I will try and steer the peaceprocess into a constructive stream, and supply the election with enough support, so that Israel will not enter the war while in disarray. But this will be extremely difficult, because of all the threats.

Luckily my influence is materialising, so now I am actually able to speak to people, this will hopefully enhance my ability to create a viable solution in the Middle East.

But I need to be sharp on this, otherwise things will be extremely difficult.

G-d bless Israel.

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Right now Europe is fighting itself. On one hand we have an aging population, on the other hand we have a centralized government, that is so out of touch with its constituency, that Byzantine rulers would have been paragons of virtue compared to the enigmatic bureaucratic rule by Bruxelles. It is actually truly fighting its own voters! Have the world ever seen anything like that before? To me it has become so desperate, that it is a kind of embarrassing to use too much energy on, and, after all, all the projects that I have commenced; the rebirth of the nation, the rebirth of the church is coming around, and is slowly pushing the eurocrats over the cliff.

I am not saying that I am perfect, and I am not saying that the ideas I have are without dangers. The Ukraine conflict talks for itself. But I am saying, that my ideas are a way forward. In fact, right now, it is, more or less the only way forward.

As my project ripen and blossom, Europe will meet new dangers and new challenges, but instead of being afraid of Change, perhaps we should embrace it. Russia is pointing towards Europe to solve the upcoming cold war. Why? Because we do not have the muscle to do it, but we have some of the intellectual traditions that might do it. The Conradian humanistic tradition, the Grundtvigian tradition, all the intellectual supremacy that comes from having tradition.

We have not become a power of material virtue, we have, somehow become a power of spiritual and intellectual virtue.

We should embrace that, I believe, and pursue that path of glory, not as in olden days with deceit and cunning, but as what we can see really helps; honesty, political development and leadership in a ethical sense.

We have that potential, and honestly that would serve the legacy of ancient culture much beautifully than the corrupted eurocrats.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancient european prophets, that cry for attention.

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