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Now, there are a lot of discussion on how to tackle the islamists.

First of all, we have a good strategical case, but it is not easy.

We have kind of left the war weariness of the Bush era. That was due to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Two very costly wars in terms of manpower, lives and money.

War is much more than power struggle. It is lives on the ground. Our soldiers pay a heavy price for the fighting, ruined lives, and sometimes the highest price.

So we owe them an honest discussion on the costs of war.

On the other hand, it is pretty obvious that the islamists are openly threatening not only the U.S. but the rest of the West and East as well.

The megalomania is pretty obvious, but their prowess on the ground is pretty impressive.

First of all, what is, to my mind, extremely important, is to recognize that it is the Muslim Brotherhood that is behind most of the islamist movements. IS is just one of the branches.

This makes it a bit more easy to recognise our allies in the Middle East.

First and foremost, in this fight, Egypt. Egypt is actively fighting the Muslim Brotherhood and IS as well. Supporting them, with all we have, is a no brainer.

We should like to see some development in terms of human rights and enlightenment. But that is in the interest of Egypt as well, since human rights is an Egyptian tradition. Humanism comes from Egypt.

The Ankh and the care taking of the human come from Heliopolis. The city of light.

Secondly Germany is an essential ally. Germany is recognising the importance of fighting islamists in general, because it is beset with a lot of them.

So an Egyptian/German axe would make sense.

What we do not need is for all of Sunni islam to go Apocalyptic. So here again Egypt is a force that draws in the right direction, not to mention that the great islamic university Al Azhar is in Egypt. Egypt also has a tradition of not vilifying Christians.

If we see the fightings inside of the Middle East, and are willing to pick our sides with wisdom, we will be seen as a Middle East player at the level of the rest of the players. Right now we are seen as an external force.

It is important to know your enemy as you know yourself.

We are not really into Middle East lore, but we could be, and that would lift some of the heavy weighting without us using physical force.

The Middle East is the birth cradle of the civilisation of man. They are still extremely proud of that, as they should be. If we manage to see them as they truly are, and handle them with due respect, we can perhaps play a more civilised and enlightened role in the conflict.

When we talk about HOW to strategise. I believe we should see our enemy as they are. They are much different from us, but they have their beliefs and ideals. We find them wrong, but we should not let us be fooled by the fact that they see it as right.

We should also discuss their new strategies, that is guerrilla warfare with drones added to it.

They got that from me, and are serving them quite well. I just hope, that our side has learned as well.

Sending in grunts WITHOUT the umbrella of high tech drones would cost a lot of lives.

We need to strategize wisely here, and look at the exit strategy as well as the next steps of the war.

The war is moving to Europe, and we have to be ready for that.

We are working on changing NATO to meet this threat, but we need to see the war as it will come. The new development of NATO should include gurreillawarfare in cities.

In fact, most of the fighting should be redirected to that aim. This will, in practise, mean; grunts on the ground, controlling small and large drones with reconnaissance capabilities and the ability to enter houses and deliver a payload.

Europe is entering one of those hells it has been in so many times. We need to be ready to get it over with as fast as possible.

G-d bless the willingness to be honest and strong.

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To truly understand the way of the world. One could understand the way power works.

As a political player for some ten years now, I have begun to understand, that what drives the world is the METHOD people use to gain their say.

There are different approaches.

The most base is the way of violence. Some call it war, some call it “the rule of the strong”. At this very basic level people use fear to push their agenda.

That is why we have law. To suppress the rule of the strong, and protect the weak.

At the next level, we have the method of leverage. This method is usually used in criminal organisations and secret services. They ensure that they “get something on you”, and then pressure you to bend to their wills.

This method is off cause basically criminal and corrupt, and it does not work on people who are ethical and want to change the world to a better place.

That is why it is extremely annoying to be at the hard end of the secret service here in Denmark, because they insist not only on their urge to control, but more insidiously on applying their METHOD on my life. If and when I accept their ideas, they have corrupted me. That is a danger.

The third level of power brokering is networking. That is how politics works. You are as powerful as the extent of your network. The closer you get to the center of the network, that is the prime minister, the more powerful you are.

The political players, they give you access to the network at the level of your perceived power as such. Or rather, you get power the more you succumb to flattery and other types of sycophantic behaviour. That is why you see all the most disgusting intellectuals in represented in the media and other places of intellectual interest. They are there because they are good at “networking”.

The most powerful method of power brokerage is however neither of the above. The most powerful player of all, is the person who fights for a cause.

The political player that wants to do good, and has a righteous cause.

Ethics is at the bottom of his political warfare.

Usually these creatures are rare. They are one in a million, the other players succumbing to the other means of power brokering.

Nonetheless, the thing is, only if the few idealists truly survive and thrive in a corrupt environment will democracy survive.

The more corrupt a state is, the less breathing room is there for the enlightener.

G-d bless democracy.

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Sweden is in a lot of trouble. BUT it is truly possible to turn the tide. If Sweden wants.

First of all, it is about realising the MORAL content beneath the conflicts we are witnessing right now.

On one side, we have civilisation, at the other side we have chaos.

Not all migrants are chaotic, but some are. These migrants have different motivations for their chaotic behaviour, some are just mean people, others are POLITICALLY driven.

It is extremely important to categorise each problem and act accordingly.

Sweden is not weak. It is just off trail.

In 68 ts, Sweden went all in on American liberalism. A philosophy deeply engendered with some false flag ideas. Dont get me wrong, there were, and is a lot good ideas in the American tradition. Among them Thoreau and his ideas of nonviolence. But the Franfurterschool that came with the same batch was not good, and that is what is wreaking havoc on Sweden now.

What you need to do. Is to follow and especially follow Germany.

Germany has picked up my ideas of solving the problems with mass migration. That is repatriating all the non aligning migrants. That is migrants that are in category one or two.

Germany needs help in this process, and Sweden could team with Germany and work together.

Nonetheless, you have to do it NOW.

This is not racist or against minorities. This is FOR democracy. Because if you get too many migrants in, that despise the law and the right to free speech, then there is no more democracy.

Nevertheless, you have to move in a fast manner.

You can do this, with all your ability as organisers, and critical system understanding.

You are good at so many things, use this to save Sweden.

G-d bless the will to be swift and honest in ones approach.

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What now media?

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There has been a lot of discussion of the media and its role in a modern democracy.

I have been at the negative end of the Danish media for around ten years, so naturally this has had som implications on my own existence as a writer and as an intellectual.

But seen in a historical view, we may be able to see what is coming.

When media was initially invented, as a part of the French Revolution. It was a tool of enlightenment. The idea was, that lies and secrets was an enemy to the Republic.

These ideas stem from a humanistic ideology represented, among other things in the Statue of Liberty, that the U.S. got from France.

The next great step in media development was in the workings of the Nazi media. Goebbels was master in MANIPULATING the public. He devised a decrepit and destructive system where Jews and other enemies of the German state were depicted as evil animals. Propaganda was born.

Contrary to most public opinion, these tools of statecraft did not die with the nazies, but lived on in the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union, the propaganda was put to good (bad) use.

Somehow in the 68 generation, they sucked up the ideas in some form in the West, and it has been a part of the way media operate in the West since.

To be honest, the western media is a mix of French Revolution ideals and Nazi ideas.

How does this manifest?

It manifests in the LACK of covering certain issues that the socialist media deem off limit. That is mainly migration, Islam, Nationalism and so on. If you touch these areas, the media will often react with cutting you off.

At the same time it still tries to tackle corruption in the state and so on. So it is not all corrupted and influenced by nazi ideas. But only half.

So what happens now?

Let me give you an example.

When the Russians won the war over Nazi Germany, they accidentally killed a lot of civilian Germans at the east front, simply because the civilians DID NOT KNOW that they were coming. The Nazi media had kept them in the dark about it, and continued feeding the public lies about the way the war went.

So not until the Germans could actually hear the Russians coming did the consider fleeing.

This is truly how propaganda works, by EMITTING certain truths that is deemed unwanted for the public. Putting a lid on and so on.

But as happened to the Soviet Union, the reality on the streets became so different to what the media purported, so people realized they have been lied to. Or people start getting news in other ways.

Now BOTH mechanisms are working against the media agenda. In Europe, the happy multicultural Eden is not exactly appearing, and the Internet has brought a hitherto unknown freedom of expression.

Now you can scream as much as you want, if people can get their news from other sources than what they are used to, they will.

Here the media has a huge problem. The ambivalence between French Revolution ideals of free speech, and the Nazi ideals.

On one hand they buy into the Socratic ideals, at the other hand, these ideals lead to a problem in stopping the competition from blogs.

The infiltration of universities and media simply does not work anymore.

Propaganda still work in North Korea, because it is hermetically sealed. But it does not work in the West.

This is a wake up moment for the media. My solution has been to get rid of the Nazi ideas, and go full tilt on the humanistic ideas. Shed all the ideas of control and truly enlighten the world.

In this sense I believe that this blog is an ideal to the media.

But, we will see, and one thing is certain, I will NEVER be invited into the Dansh media, the hate is too strong.

G-d bless the will to enlighten.

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The nation

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When I started my political/philosophical career, it was as an intellectual on the far right wing. One of the main new features of this development, was to renew a pro Semitic view of the conservatives.

As time has gone by, and things have developed, it has been obvious to me, that this idea is loosing a bit of its strength.

Lately we have seen the AfD not really digging into the pro Semitic ideas, and also ms. Le Pen is a bit less inclined to follow my lead on this.

It is ok, you are my philosophical children, but let my first give you a but deeper insight into the how’s and whys.

Nationalism is much more than identity politics, it is, basically a striving for a polis like ideology that was firstly invented in the Mesopatamian area with famed cities as Babylon and Eden.

It is a system that is slowly developed through millennia. It is much more than just the frame around a people, it is a system that has been time proven.

The deeper stratification of these ideas are however mostly forgotten in the realm of academia, though we still can trace them in the work of great philosophers as Plato and Aristotle.

But, and this is important, it is a system, that we need to strive to uphold to make work, otherwise is disappears in moral corruption. As we see these days, and you all know to be true. You fight this moral corruption, as you should, and as it is advised in all the old scriptures.

BUT, and this is where pro semitism comes in. There is a natural ideal that we all strive for, a kind of arch nation that serves as an ideal. Both spiritually as well as in practice. A kind of reversed Babylon.

That nation is called Israel.

Ideally Jews are the caretakers of the First Nation. That is the system.

So nationalism cannot be antisemitic in its core. It would be against the very nature of nationalism.

Now Jews have their burdens to bear. Because being chosen to lead and make the First Nation is a truly gigantic task. It will leave precious little room for mistakes. Jews are struggling to fulfill this task, and we are getting somewhere at least. But it is truly difficult.

But the system has this structure for a reason. The reason being, that the system and ideology of a nation is a striving for good.

A striving for a harmonious and just society. A society where one is free.

Add to this the home of religion, you can see, that the bar is truly put high.

We should seriously strive to put that bar high, to truly fulfill the ideology of a nation.

It is complicated, but it is also possible.

However, to strive for goodness is always that; not a fixed point, but a star in the horizon, that we will perhaps never reach, but we always strive to reach. The entirety of our lives. Because the Nation requires this for us; for us to strive to make a solid and wonderful basis under our nation.

That is what Israel is. And that is why it is so important to be friends with the Jews. Because even though Jews are not perfect, they know, that this truly what it is to be Jewish and be good. And they know that the world judges us, on this conduct.

G-d bless the light of the Nation.

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The U.K.

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The U.K. is at a crossroads. The old regime is falling, and a new is slowly rebuilt. As one of the architects behind this new order, I profoundly believe that it will be better.

There are some challenges ahead, so we need to concentrate on a civilised and progressive handling of these issues.

It all goes hand in hand with the fall of the empire, and the rebuilding of an alternative.

Here, new signs from her majesty, bring me hope. She is not someone to be trifled with, and I think she will save the U.K..

But how? And how do we do it in a manner that will ensure humanity as well.

Here I think that the Anglican church will have a pivotal role, since it is a body of wise men and women, as well as a strong intellectual community.

We however need to be realistic about the challenges we meet, we have to openly discuss them, and act accordingly.

I love Oxford, and it has long become a goal of mine to return there.

We need to save the U.K. and the England.

To do that, we need to specify the dangers, and build on the strengths.

The strength of the Anglican Church is faith. No more, no less. But not a confronting or aggressive faith per se. A defensive faith in the sense, that to have faith is defended.

It is right to be a Christian, as it is right to have any faith.

We should start there, and then build from there. This includes a conservative agenda, politically as well. Faith should be the foundation of our political decisions.

G-d bless the fair isles of England and beyond.

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Marine le Pen

February 7th, 2017 1 comment

When I began my political career, it was as an extreme right wing. Or rather it was at that position, and I believe that I pushed the conservative political position away from an antisemitic, pronazi perspective to a pro semitic liberal perspective.

The current fight with islamism is a fight for freedom, justice and a western civilisation.

After some time I hooked up with mr. Obama, and still held on to the same ideas, but as American politics in total is much more natural conservative, it made sense.

But now the outset of my political career is blooming and wreaking havoc around Europe, France especially with Front National is a philosophy catching fire. As always with France.

Philosophy on fire, that is France.

Now, I could turn political correct and denounce my children of the first part of my political life, but that is not me. Once a friend always a friend, and I will continue to support the children of my first philosophy, among them Mr. Wilders and Ms. le Pen.

Good luck Marine le Pen, I support you.

And look what she is saying, that is a revolution right there.

G-d bless France, and may he live for another thousand years.

Clip officiel de campagne | Marine 2017

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Opslået af Marine Le Pen på 5. februar 2017

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Right or wrong?

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When I first entered politics, it was at a specific occasion. I recall it as it was yesterday, I was at the local gym, and I overheard two young migrants talking in the gym. Like, you know, listening to their conversation by chance. The one said, “you know, I think half of the girls in my club have been raped”.

It kind of struck me, and ever since, I have thought of it as my Wittenberg moment. It made me “stand here, and be able to do no other”, as Luther said.

I other words, the moral depravity of the utterance propelled me to where I am today.

Because, you may read a lot in the media, or blogs. This can be manipulated or false news, or whatever it is called. But to hear it yourself, then you just have to believe it.

I am reading a lot of Henry David Thoreau these days, the philosopher that is behind the civil rights movement, Ghandi and of course Martin Luther King. Here is a citation of his:

“Action from principle—the perception and the performance of right—changes things and relations; it is essentially revolutionary, and does not consist wholly with anything which was. It not only divides states and churches, it divides families; ay, it divides the individual, separating the diabolical in him from the divine.” (“Walden” by Henry David Thoreau)

In other words, if you do recognize that something is wrong, and you stand up against this wrong, then it changes the society all the way down to the smallest unit, the family. People disagree, are not satisfied with your ideas and so on. Nonetheless, that is what Change is all about.

Thoreau changed the world in relation to slavery, right. He looked at it, and concluded that it was basically wrong. Slavery of human beings is wrong.

Thoreau goes on and on about moral conviction, about standing up for something. Here is another quote I like.

“Oh for a man who is a man, and, as my neighbor says, has a bone in his back which you cannot pass your hand through!”

In other words, having a moral backbone is important to Thoreau.

Now, what about that incident when I overheard the migrants talking about the rape of the young girls at their club. What is really the moral content of that?

First of all, it is pretty clear, that it is wrong. Rape will destroy a young girls life, will change them for the worse. It will make them scared and will limit their range of freedom. It is, by all means a vicious and evil deed.

NOT doing anything about a situation where one is witness to such an evil act, is depraved and wrong.

Now, the Scandinavian states have long hidden the fact, that young girls are repeatedly raped and molested. The public parts of the state are actively downgrading the real numbers.

If you speak up on these issues, you are actively persecuted by the state attorney (here I speak out of my own personal experience) and you are punished with a range of other things. You cannot publish books if you are an intellectual, you cannot get a job that suits your qualifications. In my case, I have been hit with the “Mafia” method, that is persecution by the state in material matters. Add to this an infiltration of all that I have ever been a part of, including my family.

This is the sentence the public deals out to one who speaks up about the rapes.

Thoreau went to jail for a day. His comment was pretty cool I think. He felt free for the first time. Now, the modern states are different from the state that Thoreau had to confront. In a sense, it is much more depraved since it does not give me an opportunity to discuss the accusations at court. So the usual system of checks and balances is simply foregone.

There is no court for me, just a blind judge, persecutioner and policeman in one. No justice for me.

It has been around ten years now. That is a long time, longer than Thoreaus one day. So compared to Thoreau, it is a stronger sentence. But basically it is the same.

The children of Thoreau, Martin Luther King, Ghandi among others, were not so lucky as to have just one day at prison. They were actively persecuted by the state as well.

But that is how it is to fight a corrupted state, it is fringed with horrors, jail sentences and persecution.

What we however have to remember, is that it is about being honest, right? Having that principled mind that Thoreau and others think about. Confronting things that are wrong.

Raping young girls is wrong, and I will continue to fight for the freedom and the wellbeing of these young persons, until I am no more. I will not bend for a treat or a threat. Because it is wrong, and those who seek to enforce it or to cover up for it, are equally wrong. These are the new slave masters of the 21 century. The despicable, dishonest members of state, who seek to enforce more humiliation of youngs girls, and give them more pain.

This is who we revolutionise for. Not slaves of a slavefarm owner. But tyranny from a corrupted state, using young girls as cannon fodder to an end I actually even do not really understand.

G-d bless the will to be honest and principled and humane in the face of evil.

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Denmark and NATO

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While as the rest of the West and, in reality, the world is reaching for unity and trying to crack down on the extremity of organizations like IS, Denmark is wheeled right in the opposite direction.

My own organisation the Vilks committee has just been accused, again with another bogus criminal act. My friend Uwe has had the audacity to name the assailant of another islam critic mr. Hedegaard. A certain Basil Hassan. This used to be illegal, in order to “protect” Basic Hassan.

The US has asked Denmark to lift the ban, since it is, in all honesty a protection of an Islamic State fighter. I mean whose side are you on?

So Denmark lifted the ban, but not on my friend Uwe Max Jensen. He has still got to go to court for naming Basil Hassan before they lifted the ban. Talk about a machiavellian system?

So Uwe, the leader of the Vilks Committee, who was attacked by another terrorist one and a half years ago, has to pay a fine because he named another terrorist by name. The rules fall away, but STILL Uwe has to pay the fine.

This is ridiculous, and it is, honestly, persecution by the Danish state.

Add to this, the disgusting charge on mr. Finn Rudaizky, Denmark has gone all AWOL.

I think this, honestly discredit Denmark so much, that we have to take the membership of NATO into consideration.

I mean, if the new focus of NATO is to combat IS, then Denmark, is not a natural member, to say the least.

G-d bless the will to be honest.

This posting is private and not a public announcement for the Vilks comitee.

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Reaching across the aisles

February 3rd, 2017 No comments

I see that mr. Bernie Sanders is reaching out for mr. Trump. The specific case is a discussion on the price of medicine in the US. Honestly, I do not know anything about it.

But it shows to me, that some parts of the Democratic party is not all in anti Trump. Well done Bernie, constructive, idealistic and honest.

This is the way forward, I think.

If you mr. Trump could please look at what mr. Sanders is proposing, it would be a great show of trying to reach across the aisles and start unifying and mending wounds in this difficult time.

Thank you.

G-d bless the unity we should have.

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Things are happening pretty quickly these days, one of the best things, to me, is that we have turned down the volume of the anti russian rhetoric, and started to wheel NATO towards a more terrorist focused aim.

This is huge. I still believe that we should not forget Eastern Europe. They need our assurances as well. They a family.

But, the focus of NATO on anti islamist work has some pretty huge implications. Because, as Germany has just showed, IS is not only dug in in Iraq and Syria, but holds a lot of power in Western Europe. The crack down on several jihadi mosques shows this.

What we then have here is a mix of internal as well of external policies. Internal in the sense that these terrorist reside and live inside Europe, so normally they are under the jurisdiction of the police and not the military.

Here we have som legal issues we have to work together on.

In all probability internal as well as external forces will meld together to some extent, we just have to be absolutely clear on the how and whys. We are talking about using military forces in our own territory.

We also have to be realistic about the extent of the threat. It is as much mainstream mosques that are a problem as more extreme mosques. We have to be honest about this. Otherwise we plan without knowing the terrain.

So, well done gentlemen and gentlewomen, well done.

G-d bless the will to be honest and strong.

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February 2nd, 2017 No comments

Germany is in trouble. Not alone because it has had an uprising in anti jewish sentiment, that is hopefully finished now. But more so, because Germany is not able to protect its most vulnerable citizens. That is women on the street.

Listen, I truly like Germany. I have been there many times, both on vacation and with my samba group, playing at the festivals.

To me modern Germans are happy, open-minded, nice even though I must say, that when Germans do parades, they are awfully good at marching. To be an enemy to Germany is a pretty tough thing I imagine.

Nonetheless, be as it may, things are developing, and Germany is not where it was at the time of Hitler. Germany is prosperous, international and very liberal.

The problem is the guilt. Because you tried to kill, among others, my great grandmother. Jews tend to have a pretty bleak view of Germany. I understand, and, honestly, I do agree.

But this history does not sanctify the horrors that the German populace is going through right now, with the onslaught of the migrants.

They have no respect, what so ever. Add to this a mounting salafi movement, and there you have it; a tragedy and horror story.

You need to turn that around, and honestly, if the migrants do not respect you Germans, and especially your women, throw them out, for G-ds sake. They should respect their host, and if they do not do that, they have overstayed their welcome.

Be humane about it, but stop the vigilantes, the molesters, and use force if necessary.

G-d bless Germany.

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Mr. Trump

February 2nd, 2017 No comments

Well, I think that the big question about mr. Trump is; does he or does he not listen to a Democratic perspective?

First of all, mr. Trump is extremely new to the political game. So we cannot expect him to be professional in the sense that we would normally expect from an insider. He is doing things his own way.

In essence, he has had a huge business empire for as long as he can remember. This empire was his, and he could, do whatever he wanted.

That is the way it is to be an owner of a business. Business is not democratic in any way, but much more aristocratic. In a sense.

Now parliament is different. Here we shuffle ideas back and forth and reach a compromise at the end. We wait for the other side to make his case and so on.

In a way, it is refreshing that mr. Trump does not know how to do things, he just does it his way. That is acting, acting, acting.

It ruffles our feathers, but, hey, why not turn it the other way around, and ask ourselves; is it good with all this talk and very little action? I mean, there is a reason why the electorate is so tired of us, because of exactly that; the gridlock. Not doing anything.

Maybe WE should be a little open to what mr. Trump is doing, and play along constructively.

I mean, at least he listens to me.

What I have done in the past with mr. Netanyahu, whom I have a very good relationship with, is to help, guide, be at service, but then, if there is something that is really important to me, I make it very clear. Like when Israel almost send in the entire army to quell the third intifada. This was too much, and it was counterproductive to the fight against IS.

This he listened to, and it actually paid off in a support from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

My feeling is, that it is the same with mr. Trump. He likes having an opinion presented, then he thinks about it, and makes his own conclusion, which is what he is supposed to do.

One example is the waterboarding procedure. That is torture. This is wrong, and a case that I have spoken up about, actually together with numerous republican senators.

This is a case, I believe we should make, and do.

There is a lot of hysteria regarding some of the issues he presents. These illegitimate methods will get os nowhere. Honestly it is just blackmailing, and we should be above that. Nonetheless, honest discussion and a fair critical stance will get us somewhere.

We have a country to take care of. That is much more important than our feelings. We should rise above our feelings, and enter a solid and honest discussion.

Then, if mr. Trump does not listen. We should start pushing against him. Nevertheless, we need to give him a chance, he is one of us, remember? We could get along, if we just kept our heads clear.

G-d bless the willingness to be honest and constructive.

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February 1st, 2017 No comments

In the second world war, and in most other parts of history, Jews have, stoically, accepted their fate.

When Hitler reigned, and cursed the earth with his despicable actions, most people accepted it. Afterwards, everybody was simply horrified, but in the time, they were silent.

This time we have a state. If there is any meaning in having a state. Then it should, at least, give its full support for mr. Finn Rudaizky in his trial with the Danish system of persecution.

This is where it all starts, right? If they can get away with persecuting the first Jew (me, remember), they will continue to the next.

I understand that I am a difficult character, but mr. Finn Rudaizky is a respected former head of the Mosaic believers.

Instead of running away, we should fight. Not just accept our fate, but stand up for Jews, as they are persecuted by European states, in a collaboration with disgusting islamic state members.

Finn had this trial thrown at him, because he deliberately leaked to the press, that the city council had looked the other way, as the perpetrator was entering a jihadi lifestyle.

So they think that is very important. Finn did this, because another Jew was murdered.

It is equally clear to what lengths the state is willing to go, to make things look legitimate.

They are always trying to bend the rules, but still stay within the rules. So as to make it look acceptable.

Is that a trend we know? Making a brave face of legitimately while trying to “get the Jew”?

Disgusting, but I will not let this case go through without some light shone upon it.

G-d bless the willingness to defend Jews despite the cost of public ridicule.

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The new world

February 1st, 2017 No comments

This is a difficult time in history. Old systems fall, new emerge, and in between, the players are cast hither and there.

We are leaving the 68´s world and we are entering mine.

Simple as that.

That is an enlightened, honest world, where we strive for harmony.

But the shift can turn violent. This is why I very, very much urge all parts to keep their heads clear. We are not heading for some racist, neo nazi, templar world.

We are working on a world that is pure in the sense, that feelings are in harmony. This world is not a viking world, it is a mix of different world, that live, side by side in harmony.

There are some that are vikings, some are Catholics, some that are Protestants and so on. We live side by side.

When the media laments their demise, please, do not see this as a fall down, see it as a new beginning. There is a place for media in the new world. It is a much better place. Because what the world truly needs is a vanguard of fearless enlightenment.

You cannot any longer define who are the good guys or the bad guys, the politicians do not care anymore for your opinion. They go with the bloggers, because we are much more serious.

It has been like that for some time now. You just didn’t figure it out because it was mr. Obama that did the pulling of strings. But me, I am not a newspaper. Yes I had a formal education as a newsman, but this is not a newspaper, it is a blog.

I hope, that what we end up having, is a much more enlightened place, where we actually care for the truth, and stop being so craven and disgusting, have a little honour.

But that will obviously take a little while.

But, we will wait for that. Until then I suppose we just have to witness the toe creeping lamentation of the dethroned media.

G-d bless the will to be true.

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