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John_Martin_-_Sodom_and_GomorrahThe current situation in Europe, where right is wrong, and wrong is right is not something new, it is the sure signs of a civilization in decay. Take the ancient Sumerian civilization that hosted such cities as Babylon, Ur and Uruk. They had the same problem, and you can actually read about in in the bible.

There is a story about Sodom and Gommora. A situation where all in the city are wicked and evil. No one respects anyone, everybody are greedy and cares only about themselves. In biblical language G-d send his vengeful angels and destroyed the city. This is off cause mythology and stories, but there is grain of truth in it we can use to understand the problems we face today. In Rotherham where so many young girls were treated terribly, what was the cause of this? Angst, yes, everybody was afraid of being branded a racist and lose their jobs and so on. But really, in the knowledge of all the suffering the girls had, who wouldnt want to lose their jobs to right this wrong? Well the sad answer is; no one. No one wanted to give away anything, or very few, to save the girls. Everybody were busy tending their own careers, and would not want to risk anything, a moral collapse.

Or in the case of the Danish police who sees the jihadis as volunteers, knowing very well, that they are killing and maiming Christians in Syria. Why do they do this? Because it is the easiest thing to do. By acknowledging the inhumane act, they save their own skin.

See the pattern?

We are in and out, absolutely corrupted. Not all countries, and not all intellectuals, but the mainstream is.

This is why we need to understand, that there is a consequence to our actions, G-d do live, and there is a price to pay if you do not act humanely in this life, and that is the condemnation by spirit.

G-d bless the will to remain true and ethical in the face of evil.

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When we trive for peace, we strive for utopia, because peace will only happen if we are so perfect in our ideas and organization, that all the best tools are put to use.

Is it possible to make utopia here on earth? To do that, you have to use ME. What is ME, ME is an ancient Mesopotamian idea. Basically it means civilization. That is a collection of rules and ideas that spur society onto a better path. Take the idea of the law. This idea was presented by the Babylonian king Nebuzhanezzar, and has been used ever since. It is just a part of civilization, but the Babylonians would call it a part of ME.

Then there is our form of governance, in Europe we prefer calling it democracy, but in other places and in other phases of history it was called other things. The point is, basically what we have been doing after the Babylonians and the Egyptians seized to function as progressive powers, is mixing the items of civilization around a little. In communism a Spartan priority was sought. A communal militaristic society without ownership and a strong state. But the law was still there, families still there, money, writing, science and so on. On the democratic side we have and still have ownership, a smaller state, freedom of speech, a strong focus on a positve use of science and so on. But basically all the different building blocks are the same.

Civilization remains more or less the same.

How do we then enact utopia? We do it by crafting a society where all the elements of ME are in a true balance. This is what I have been working on for some time. Making a good balance between state, religion, politics, media, law and science.

We are unbalanced. In some countries we have too much state, others a too corrupt state, some countries have too little law. But at the end of the day, it is basically all a matter of balance.

G-d bless the wisdom of the Babylonian.

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I have had a dramatic increase in traffic on the blog, this is off cause good, but it has come to the point where the host is complaining about too much trafic. Today I was shut down for some time.

For now I have shut down some statistics tools and this increases the performance of the blog. But with the current rate of growth it will soon not be enough either.

So I urgently urge you to chip in and help afloat. It is a non-profit blog, no one makes any money, in fact I pay the hosting myself.

To really host the blog on a secure and scalable server, the price will be much higher than what I pay now.

So please, chip in. All the money you pay to the blog, will be used at hosting, and to make it transparent, I will post how much people have payed to the blog.

Thank you very much for your help!


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IS in Denmark

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Another chapter in the never ending story of Danish crawing and sucking up to the Islamic State has just been revealed. Everybody else in the world are horrified by the brutality and the human callousness of the Islamic State. Even Muslims are appalled by the absurd conduct by the Islamists. So what do the Danish officials do about the problems, not mentioning the torture of my little girl to stop me criticizing their neo communist, pro Islamist stance?

They call the IS fighters, coming home form Syria, now brace yourself for the absurdity; volunteers!

As though a trip to Iraq killing yazidis, demolishing artifact that belong to humanity, raping young poor girls, slaughtering prisoners, is something positive!

Volunteering is going to places and helping other people, giving them relief, sharing your wealth and means, not hanging people by the rope!

So let us add all the acts of the Danish state up. First it was making a communist a minister, then it was inviting an Islamist preacher to Denmark at the 9/11, then it was torturing my little girl, now it is harbouring and supporting IS fighters. In Aarhus, where the openly IS mosque is situated, that is where they are calling IS fighters volunteers. Is that a coincidence?

I am just asking, and I am horrified that they get away with it, some partner indeed.

G-d bless the will to remain strong in fierce opposition and total moral collapse.

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Sunni Muslims

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Sunni Muslims in general are extremely afraid of the rise of the Islamic State. It brings a lot of bad press to the Muslim community. And now it is not only the right wing, but also the left wing and centre that supports a forceful crackdown on all who are affilited with IS.

What will we do, us who are in knowing of a peaceful and humane Islam? I mean mr. al-Sisi the leader of Egypt is a kind man, he is also a sunni muslim, my uncle who builds bridges in Bangladesh and is a skilled engeneer is a muslim and a kind man, are they the same as Islamic State? Off cause not, and it will be a grave mistake to mix things up. We in the West should be able to discern between those who have gone all in on a jihadi revolutionary path, and those who accept and support a civilized and peaceful manner. In Egypt, there is a strong connection between the Copts, an ancient Christian denomination and the current president, in fact it is only due to Sisi that the Copts still exist in Egypt.

So there is another way, and we in the West should respect and support that.

G-d bless the will of spirit in its quest for humanity and peace.

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Code of conduct

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imageNow the system and tool of loosing your citizenship if you are involved in islamist activity, has been accepted by mainstream politics. It works like this; if you are, in any way caught supporting IS, you are to loose the citizenship of that given country. If it is an organization, be it a charity ngo or mosque, all afillited with the organization should be expelled. If you are caught preparing jihad in Iraq or Syria after looking at an internetpage promoting that aim, you are to loose your citizenship immediately.

This will, if the forecasts are true, stop the activity and give the remaining muslims as well as other minorities room for a good and prosperous life within the frame of our democratic rights and possibilities.

There will be hardheaded islamist organizations in the country, who will refuse to follow the orders of the municipality, they will most probably start a guerilla fight to remain, or set up a caliphate. They should be met with the armed forces, who will fight down their caliphate, and let democratic rule descend upon the place again.

In this fight we can use our experience from the fight in Israel. The weakest spot of the islamists is their ledership. So we focus on the leaders, using hightech weaponry as drones and other mechanized arms. So again we need to wrap up R&D in small arms robotry.

War will pit the two sides against each other, so that the populace wil be divided into a democratic front as well as a caliphatist front. The war will continue for many years to come, and we will have to conduct it as humanely as possible. We therefor have to ensure, that all cases of prosecution should be done within the frame of our legal system. Islamists will have the right to defend themselves, and prove their innocence. If they lose their citizenship and have little material possensions, the states should help them economically with their new life in their old country. Again islamists who are not newcomers to the country cannot lose their citizenship, since they have, through their families, earned extra credit.

G-d bless the willingness to remain fair in a difficult situation.

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We are finally coming around to the fact, that our entire societies are infiltrated by islamists, and we have to do something about it.

Well, this is basically a result of some of the work I started with Anders Gravers in SIAD. Both Anders and I had a clear idea about the threat of Islam at an early stage. We both have close connection to Muslims through family, so I believe we share a sound understanding of what Islam can also be in terms of sound family values and just people. Add to this a first hand knowledge of the strategies that was conducted early on, you could say we were ideological avantgarde. Now we are not avantgarde anymore, now we are mainstream.

Through the last seven years some of the critical stances we have had fell of deaf ears, because it came too early. But we have to use the ideas anyway, and though I hate repeating myself, I will do it anyway.

If we look at the domestic challenge with islamists, we should realize, that the problem is so large, that it will take some time to solve it. It will also cost a lot of money, resources and so on. But right now the situation is so critical, that we have no choice.

The numbers are also extremely scary. One openmouthed mosque here in Denmark openly supports Islamic State, and the really scary part is the fact, that no of the other mosques reject them. So we are in fact looking at a islamist penetration of around 100% in the sunni mosques. I have heard other numbers as 80% penetration and so on, and it is probably right. So the fighters that travel to Iraq and kill our journalists, are just the tiny tip of the iceberg. They are just the symptom not the real problem. The real problem is the huge number of Muslims in Europe that support them, and make it possible for them to move forward.

So what has happened? Well, we have been too naive, and known very little about Islam. On top of this, we have been weak due to the second world war and all the self esteem and pride we lost there.

At the end of the line, we are facing an existential threat. If we do nothing, with the birthrate of the muslim immigrants, they will have taken over our territory within the next twenty to thirty years.

So what do we do? Well first of all we have to work upon our own self worth. We have to rekindle the faith in democracy, in Christianity, in Judaism, and off cause support a humane Islam.
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We are heading for another round against the islamists. Here on 9/11 it is probably a good thing to walk down memory lane a bit.

9/11 was the first wake up call. In this confrontation we realized, that there was a new enemy out there, and mr. George Bush chose to enter into two wars to try and fight it. It did some good, but also some bad. But all in all, it was a spell for us to wake up from. For too long had we just chosen to ignore the fact that a radical islamic movement was forming and gaining strength worldwide.

I think Mr. George Bush got too little credit for his first try on beating Al-Queda. I believe in hindsight he will be given the honors that he is really entitled too. Instead of cawing in, he showed spirit, and though the rest of the world did not want to acknowledge the threat, he did, and almost fought single handedly with Osama bin Laden. This really laid out the groundwork that we are building on today.

So what was really the next step in the ongoing controversy between the West and the radical Sunnis, and some Shia? It was the Mohammed cartoon Crisis. In this crisis Denmark was really put on the front of international media, and mr. Anders Fogh also made quite a show of defending western values as freedom of speech. In this fight he also showed a lot of strength and intelligence. He will be commented for this in the history books as well. In btw. this was also the scene upon which I and my organization Stop Islamization of Denmark (together with mr. Anders Gravers) entered world politics. What was really the outcome of this crisis? It was a renewed focus on the ideological matters. In the Bush era, there was not much of ideology in the fight. Bush was a neocon, but at the end of the day, he just fought for his country, and had a feeling for the urgency of the task.

The ideological extension on the same war, was, in all humility my job. In SIAD I tried to analyze the confrontation, and ended up concluding, that we had a fight between two basic political ideologies. One the idea of a Muslim caliphate, two Democracy.

This really fueled the beginning of mr. Barack Obamas presidency, and was the ideological motor in the Libyan war. Remember? How they wielded the reflection of the tricolore? How the french fighter bombers went in without cover to land the first few bombs? It was a war for glory, as back two hundred years ago. It really strung a cord for both Americans and French gendameries.

So now we are here. The entire West has focused on the task at hand. But to the horror of the West, we realize, that they are not only in the Middle East, they are here among us. And that at a degree we have never though possible. 1000 British citizens fighting in Iraq. You have to add all the infrastructure, all the mosques, all the families in Britain that are backing the IS fighters, to really get a grip of the magnitude of the threat in Europe, to really realize the current threat.

The fact is, it has moved from a foreign problem, to a domestic problem. We have to come to grips with this reality, sooner or later, preferably sooner.

They are all over, they are raping our kids, and we havent even begun to do something about it.

Only rushing into Iraq, without a plan on the domestic situation, will just leave our kids in harms way. We should realize this.

G-d bless the will to see straight and be swift in action.

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Well I forgot one player in the conflict in Europe this night, I am sorry about that. The crux of the conflict in Europe; Ukraine itself.

Ukraine wanted a liberation, some wanted to be part of The European Union others wanted to be part of Russia, and yet others just wanted Ukraine to be strong as a nation.

Ukraine has been caught up in the tensions between the old cold war players. And though Ukraine just wanted to be a happier place with less corruption, in the end it ended up in ethnic conflicts, though the etnicities are not that far from each other.

I tried my best to find a solution, making a compromise. In the end, it materialized as I envisioned it.

So please let me explain my motives for my council. First of all, as the days went past, and the Maidan revolution gained momentum, there was a breaking point, where there were no way back. It was either a diplomatic break or a break in terms of warshed.

In this situation, there was no way Ukriane could be held together. There was no way a solution could have been reached through a diplomatic deal. All there was left to do, was to try and land a solution without tearing all of Europe into pieces, this was the stakes.

In this proces, the selfesteem, of Ukraine has suffered, and the national basis has been hurt. Not to mention the hate and animosity that has been built up between the warring factions.

In conflict and war, you cannot always find a solution, where all are happy, sometimes you just have to find a solution where people do not kill each other.

I am sorry, I truly wished for a solution that was more joyful for all, but you got caught up in the big game, and that is a very dangerous place to be.

I now hope, that you may settle down, find peace, and realize, that in the end, it was just a stupid war. Perhaps in a generation or two, you will be good friends again.

May you have peace.

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It has come to a conclusion in the current conflict between The European Union, the US and Russia. Many atrocities has been done on each side. Absurd theaters on the european side, with the Eurovision show and the bearded lady/man as the so called savior of Europe as the height of stupidity and folly.

Poor Rakel has not been saved, she still lives at the mercy of the disgusting prime minister of Denmark Thorning-Schmidt. But at least Schmidt has been ostrasized by the rest of the Western world.

I must say however, this is not the case with ms. Angela Merkel. She has done all a people could have asked of a true leader, and through her conduct given peace to Europe. This could not have been done without the wise conduct of mr. Putin, who steered through the entire crisis with an eye of peace, and an eye on the welthfare of the Russian people. He will rightfully be inscribed in the history books as the greatest leader of Russia in modern times. Turning a tidal wave so strong it seemed impossible, and giving the right amount of help to Russians in need of support. I salute you mr. Putin, may your legacy live to be praised by the people of Russia.

All there is left is me, and I must say, I have been the true looser in the sense of getting to a better place for me and my small family. Nothing has changed. My opponent in the face of the child torturing Thorning has been ostrasized, but Rakel is still at the mercy of the PET. An organization that has shunned all responsibility of the rise of IS here in Denmark, in fact it has just installed a homecoming cometee of psychologists to take care of the poor soldiers chopping of heads of Americans. Imagine the arrogance!

But, G-d willing this nightmare will end soon, one way or another.

G-d bless the will of the strong as he protects the weak.

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The world is always in turmoil, then this side rises and challenges the other side, then it is the Romans against the Phoenicians, the Goths against the Romans, the Islamists against the Goths and the Danes.

The world changes in this way, so that the strongest survive. Not only on a small scale in a given habitat, but also of a greater scale with ideologies and different groups against each other.

We try to dampen this mechanism of the nature by putting in law, and protect the weak, but at the large scale usually this will do little. We have the UN, but it is also corrupted, and only if the guardians of the peace are truly strong in terms of wisdom and justice, will the mechanism actually work.

This is what Israel is supposed to do, and I hope we will improve this institution by constant vigilance and a sincere care for the world and its inhabitants.

We have just been through an enormous war in and around Israel, and I hope that all the participants feel that at least here from we have been fair to all. Off cause I have to defend Israel, but it should always be with an eye on justice and honour.

This honour that is given to enemies and fighters is not something you can buy or change into material gains. It is a ressource that is gained as esteem in the eyes of the world.

This is what Hamas and Islamic jihad has actually reached.

On the other hand, Israel has reached peace.

This is a close as we get to a conclusion of the war with all parts feeling that their right has been obtained.

G-d bless the peace of humanity and the fairness that is the product of Israel.

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Now there has been a lot of talk about strategy towards IS, everybody knows it is almost impossible to stop them, because they are already living amongst us. Recently a hapless old lady was killed in cold blood, just because she was in the way of a Muslim on a rampage.

But just because it is difficult does not mean we should not do anything. We, of cause have to solve the problem.

If we look at the underlying problem. We must realize, that the greatest problem is the fact that the Islamists use our own best principles to their advantage. We are not prone to cast people out of the country, because we feel sorry for them, we will protect their human rights and so on.

So we have tied our hands, ourselves. This we have to do away with. We will have to do what is necessary, like expelling people who are living in our countries, if they are criminal, are Islamists or in other ways threaten our society.
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Things are heating up in Europe, the terrible, terrible scandal of the grooming of all the hapless girls of Rotherham is a warning for all who are defined as protectors of Europe.

The reason why I have been excluded from the Danish society, in btw., is because if criticized some of the same behavior here in Denmark five years ago.

Now, if we look upon who are with and who are against the Islamic state here in Europe, first of all we should notice, that very few places have they actually claimed presence. They are there, but not really in the open.

Except for Denmark! One of the more radical Sunni mosques in a city called Aarhus has openly supported IS, making small badges available for their followers! In a total mockery of our Danish forces, they made a copy of a small badge we put on our cars to support our troops. Just a black one with an IS logo on it.

And you know what? Nobody reacted, only after two weeks did the police do something. Talk about being unprepared. Or when you think of it. It is not a matter being unprepared. They know, that is the infamous PET, they know they are there, they just choose to ignore it. Using all their resources to quell all critical stances towards their disgusting conduct.

So is Denmark a victim? Well you choose yourself whether you support this or that party in a conflict. If you choose to support IS, being well aware that they have just killed two American journalists in cold blood, well which side are you on?

If you add the fact that they have tortured a little Jewish girl, that the Jewish school in Copenhagen was recently attacked and no condemnation was heard by the authorities, except for a few minor politicians.

So what does this add up to?

If you look at it with open eyes, and with all rationality. It ads up to the fact, that Denmark, shelters and cooperates with IS supporters maybe even central parts of the IS leadership.

At the same time Denmark persecuted and tortures Jews, and is unresponsive to attacks on Jewish schools.

Shame on Denmark. Coming from a position in the Second World War where Denmark supported its Jews, to a position where it collaborates with the filth of the earth.

Beats me why they do it, but all who have just a bit of sense, should either see Denmark as an enemy, or at least put a great gap between themselves and Denmark in terms of diplomacy. Until they start protecting the Jews and stop the Islamic State.

G-d bless the will to be free.

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To understand an enemy, you need to understand his mindset and his way of fighting. This I have done with Hamas and Islamic jihad, as a consequence they are falling apart. When lord Nelson bombed Copenhagen, he won but he did it with little honor.

So a victory can be honorful or dishonest. Hamas, Islamic jihad and behind them Iran have sued for peace. Let us give them that peace that let them keep their honor.

You do not win peace by dishonoring your opponent, you do it by giving him respect.

If we wish to keep the peace we have obtained, we should see that the deal we make will let our opponent keep his honor.

Why? Because this fight was not a fight to crush Hamas, it was a fight to stop the bombings of the south.

Most Arabs and Persians in the Middle East truly believe we are evil. We are not evil, and we should act with honesty and respect towards all, including our enemies. Only in this way will we truly win the peace. Because if our enemies see that we act according to ethical conduct, they will stop attacking us, because they know that we are not that threat they need to fight.

So I really recommend a peace deal that will give Hamas and Islamic jihad an honourable deal.

Victory will then not be a crushing of our enemy, but a deal that will make it possible for our children to go to school.

So what happens if Hamas reearms? Well, we control all traffic to Gaza, and Islamic state will soon reunite all of the world against them. So they will be the bad boy on the block. Hamas and Islamic jihad will be more or less small, small players not posing any threat to anybody.

G-d bless the benevolence of a true kind person.

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Another time another foe

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