The fall of the Empire

To make war, you have to build your armies, and when you make the war, especially with a great enemy as China, you need to hit as hard as you can get.

Carl the Great was very good at winning wars. The mechanical make up of his time was the same as today.

All the great powers paraded their extremely expensive armies around, loath at actually going into war, afraid of loosing their prized expensive armies.

Or as the Roman emperor who lost his armies to the Teutons in the German forest said, he was fishing with a golden hook.

Meaning, that the hook (the army) was expensive, and with that he fished (tried to occupy new territories).

The point is, armies are expensive, so the countries who have them really are loath to use them.

Carl the great however said (he was a philosopher king), that he did the same as everybody else when he had his armies, circled them around and around. But when he needed to, he hit as hard with them as he possibly could. So he won.

The same goes with the American army, it is extremely costly, so we dont use it much.

That is a mistake. In order to win, we need to use it, but then when we do it, we do it on our own premises, with our own aims. Not as the Romans who got lured into the woods, giving the Teutons the extreme advantage of terrain.

See it for yourself, the last valorous Roman soldiers, standing on the top of a hill, sheltering the standard. Repelling wave after wave after wave of Teutons, hailing from the deep woods.

The last braves fell on that hill, we need to make sure, we are not in the same situation.

Because that battle sealed the fate of Rome.

So in times of need. We pick the battle, on our own terms.

THAT is why I propose an alliance of the English Empire, that is UK and Australia, the United States of America and India.

Boxing in China, and then pick the battle on our own terms.

Let us not be complacent in our belief of our own superiority. Let us be honest about the threat.

Let us not fish with a golden hook.

But build armies to fight and defend the Empire and State of the USA.

G-d bless the will to survive.

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The brothers keeper

Well, there are many ways to see ones responsibility as a jew, and how we may administer the power we have.

To be the Chosen means that we are chosen by Hashem, and therefor we are to be like G-d.

But what is G-d? G-d is a state of eternal connection and love. It is this state of connection that we are to support and make stronger.

If we are the cause of strife, we are not doing what G-d wants.

We are to fight, but only those who wish to do evil. The egoistic the selfish, the ones who believe in that they are right to take from other what is not theirs.

That is the single most important task that is given Jews.

HOW we do it is always a discussion.

Concerning the Iran deal. One thing is off cause, that I believe that since I made the deal, I have to stick to it, otherwise my credibility is worth nothing.

But the other is, what about the US. The US is our strong friend, but even though the US is strong, it still has a lot of problems.

We should be our brothers keeper, right?

So, as I see it, if we push the US into a position where it is weakened, we do not administer and do the things we are supposed to do.

We are supposed to bring happiness and harmony, not the other way around.

Dont, get me wrong. If someone threatens us, we fight back, as we have been doing for many thousand years and won. But it has to be RIGHTEOUS.

The ethical base of our fight has to be ok.

Now we have our state, but remember what happened when David got too complacent and rested too much in his power? He took the wife of Uriah, one of his best fighters.

We are at the same place as David was when he took the wife of Uriah. We are powerful, have the best army in the world and so on.

THIS is when we need to think about the task that is ours to do. To be our brothers keeper, and be humble with all this power.

Power corrupts, so we need to be strong in character and think about our friends and those we care about before ourselves.

G-d bless the will to do good, and be our brothers keeper.

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Bjørn Jernside

Well it seems to me, that the Americans are making all kinds of plans for the Middle East.

The latest announcements of Mr. Pompeo of a fire and fury character is all well and fine. But the fact of the matter is, people are trying to see how the ends meet.

I mean, announcing one day that the Americans are getting out of the Middle East, and the next that they are demanding all kinds of things, doesn’t carry much of a threat. In fact, it has the opposite effect.

I will give you a story, that you may laugh at, but tells one a lot about how we decendants of vikings used to make war, and win.

Once there was a renowned Viking with the name of Bjørn Jernside. Aka Bjørn Ironside.

He wanted, as all Vikings wanted at that time, to go to Rome and plunder it.

So he called on all the ships of the cities for a raid.

With heaving and puffing, they all went to Italy, and saw a magnificent city. A city of soaring towers and a lot of wealth.

Bjørn thought, this is Rome, and contemplated a strategy. What he did was use CUNNING.

He called on the dignitaries of the city, and told them, that he was dead, and asked them if he could perhaps be carried into the city on a funeral parade and be laid to rest.

The no so wise Italians thought it was a petty, and opened the gates to Bjørn and his warriors.

But lo and behold, the cunning Bjørn was not dead, but was feigning, the rascal. He jumped up of the funeral pyre, and started attacking the city, and so did his men.

Victory was his, and “Rome” had fallen. There was only one problem, the city wasn’t Rome, it was a smaller Italian city.

The Vikings had a lot of fun over that story.

But what can we actually learn from it.

First of all, you need to match your level of cunning to that of your adversary.

Take China, they have outcunned us for the last 50 years. The same goes for the Middle East. If you threaten with fire and brimstone, as you at the same time are not willing to invest your resources. Then the level of cunning is too low.

Your enemies will only respect I you, if you have the same level of cunning as they do, or better, a better level of cunning. That was how I beat Ahmadinejad.

Secondly, you need to fight the right city. In other words, you need to be sharp about your priorities.

So, fight China, not Iran.

G-d bless the will to be honest and skillful in the art of war.

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The world

Well, to keep ones head above the waters these days economically as well as in terms of military arms, one needs to be sharp.

Let us have a look at the Middle East.

The strategy that I made in the Middle East still seem to hold.

The essence of the strategy was to stop the competition between the US and Russia.

If that was stopped, there was no reason to support the Sunni/shia competition, and here a lot of the fuel for the fighting would stop.

Add to this a genuine striving for peace. The Middle East as it is, is pretty calm.

But, as mr. Trump has so vividly shown, if you take out a card at the bottom of the cardhouse, the whole shebang comes crashing.

At the other hand. I am quite surprised of the tenacity and the willingness of the world to keep the peace accord.

One thing off cause is the geopolitical aims of the European Union, it seeks to further its own independence, but at the end of the day. People do seem to care about it.

Why? Because people do care about peace, and actually making a world where people can strive to fulfill their own spiritual purpose.

We actually do care about the deeper things in life, and the promise of spiritual enlightenment.

At the other end of the world, seen from an American perspective. There is the China/North Korea deal. Essentially the legacy connected to a North Korea deal would not be the same as with the Iran deal. Why? Because everybody would know, that it was a bribe from the Chinese. They figure, if Trump wants peace in North Korea, we can pay him off with that currency, and keep expanding economically as well as militarily.

So, if Mr. Trump takes the bate, he would be seen as a fool. Add to this, he would also seriously hamper the ability of the US to challenge Chinas rise as a superpower.

He would effectively postpone the fight to the next president, giving him or her a much worse hand.

I and Mr. Obama gave Mr. Trump the best possible hand to tackle China, and he is wasting it.

It will be extremely costly in terms of manpower, lives and money when the … hits the fan eventually.

You know, there are always new ideas in the White House, new men who have new priorities. As mr. Bolton. They always fail, or has failed so far.

Me, I am just a poor blogger. I have no career to lose, in fact I do not even have a career. I am just a poor boy trying to help my friends.

So Donald please, couldn’t we just get on with all the challenges that you know is out there, and you need to work on?

Forget about your own look in the history book, and deliver on the grand scale. That is fight China.

G-d bless the will to be clearheaded in a difficult situation.

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To marry, is to begin a long journey together. I have been married for quite some time now, and here are my ideas regarding some of that wonderful but often also very difficult part of life.

First of all, one thing we have got all wrong in these liberated times, is equality. After the Marxist’s revolution in 68, women went all crazy about women’s liberation.

Don’t get me wrong, I do support the right of all women not to be the tools of manly desires. At the other hand, what went wrong was the excess of female fight for liberality. Many women were ready to sacrifice their families in order to be free. That is too much.

At the end of the ordeal, we should remember the aim of equality. That is harmony. You seek equality to reach a state of harmony. It is actually a mathematical tool.

So instead of working on each other’s freedom, and worry about the threat of the other putting you down. Seek harmony and equality both of you, and the effect will be harmonious love.

Secondly. A soldier has something that he carries with him, always, and is important to him as well as his family. He carries his honour.

Having honour is paramount to a soldier, but as a father it is equally important. Knowing what is right and wrong for the choices of the family is very Important, to be clear on the virtues and values that one fight and live for, is important also in family life.

Often the pressure and the difficulties challenge your ethics. Crying babies can be much more difficult than dodging bullets.

The fuel of the relationship is love. But love does not come cheap, it is payed with the currency of sacrifice. Being selfish in a relationship doesn’t work. One has to, as in fighting for ones country be ready to sacrifice things that are dear to one. Often it is the choice between career and family life. Choose family, always. It is the most important.

Communication is also extremely important. Often we men are the strong and silent types. That is all well on the battlefield. But when things are difficult, one needs to be able to communicate about the challenges one meet. Talk together, but more importantly, listen.

Then as Empedocles say, at the core of Change lies either love of strife. You can chose which one you want to be.

But I can say this much. England needs a lot of healing.

G-d bless the marriage between his royal highness prince Harry, and his princess Meghan Markle.

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International poker games

So, now mr. Trump is threatening Europe, and especially Germany with repercussions, if Germany do not start investing in military arms.

First of all, I absolutely agree, we should start investing in defense, but we shouldn’t do it because mr. Trump wants it, but because we need it ourselves.

Mr. Trump is not a bully, he is something else. After giving it a lot of thought, I have finally understood his tactics. He is a player, a poker player.

Like that mr. Putin is a martial arts expert, and fight like a martial arts, mr. Trump play like a poker player.

If we look at the content of the threats he is sending our way, there is actually very little he can do. He doesn’t have any friends but us. The military would never attack Europe. So all he can do, is to level some economic pressure on us. A pressure that is like cutting off the blood to his own leg.

We are a part of the American empire, if we want it or not. But we are essentially only a part of it because we have, so far, accepted American leadership. Why? Because we were friends, right?

So looking at the consequences, we should be realistic. Can we afford a reduced acces to the American market? Well yes, but they cannot actually afford loosing us. So my gues is, the sanctions they will or can impose, will only be symbolic.

Symbolic for what, well just a symbol of poker games.

Donald Trump is doing something, that he is very good at. He is bluffing.

But it is really a slap in the face of us here in Europe. We need to wake up, and take control of our own future.

We need to make our systems work, and start protecting ourselves.

We do not have the interest or time to fight the US.

We need to focus on IS and migration.

So, the best you can do if someone is bluffing, is calling it.

Say, ok, you have a hand, show it. What are you actually willing to do?

Then there will be some lame threats about economic sanctions, but hey. That is no problem for us.

So, let us start ignoring all these threats, and start focusing on what is really the matter. Us surviving.

G-d bless the will to survive.

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Well, thing have changed again. As it always does.

In the interest of Europe and the rest of the world, let us have a view over the battlefield for dominance.

First of all, new cracks and positions are held WITHIN the US. The army and the liberal part of the political field is not that into the current strategy. They think it is too vague, and do not hold the necessary complexity of thinking in media, future political positions, power development over ten years, development of armament, the strategy of our enemies and friends into the plan.

Essentially Trump seems to go for the short term decisions. Dumping the Iran deal may have some benefits short term; the admiration and happiness of the Jewish people, which I share. But on the long term, the loss of influence in the region and the wedge made between the US and its European allies and the loss of focus against the real enemy is a problem.

At the other side, Mr. Trump seems so intent on closing the deal with North Korea that he forgets that the real enemy is China.

Peace with North Korea is fine, but if it gives China free room and space to develop its own forces and gain in production, then the deal is huge danger to the American way.

To me, the main issue here is focus. If you want to have success in a market, you need to focus your bets. Look at the long game, and sometimes sacrifice an easy win to gain victory long term.

Europe seems to be a bit split over the Iran deal. The EU bureaucracy is very much for it, Germany also. But France and the UK are a bit more lukewarm.

To me, that is how it will always be with more powers jockeying for dominance.

It gives Germany a serious chance to win the internal powergame of leading the military that the EU is trying to coordinate.

At the end of the day, it will take time to rebuild the armies of Europe, but we should be serious about what we need these armies for.

We need them, at the moment, to fight the IS insurgency that is in Europe. Also the development of a huge minority problem with hordes of unemployed migrants and descendants of migrants poses a serious problem, that needs to be tackled with the adequate security measures.

But lets see, maybe we can find the tune again. We need to cooperate, but we here in Europe need to be able to handle our owns problems. Invest in security and be honest about the massive problems that migration poses to the security of Europe in general.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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So, now we are to control or try to control the downfall of the transatlantic alliance.

The US is not a behemoth anymore in terms of production output. It can still kick some …, but just beyond the two ponds, there are two very strong contenders. One is China, the other one is not the league of European Nations. That is France, Germany and the UK.

So far, Europe has been pretty lame, and not been that serious about its own security. That has changed dramatically due to two factors. 1. The US is not sticking to its promise of protecting Europe. 2. The migrant crisis is getting out of hand.

At the other side of the US, we have a contender who is rapidly gaining material wealth, that it wants to change into dominance.

Sticking with its friends seems to be the most wise decision in this difficult situation, that was my plan in the Obama era political time.

I wanted to focus IS, because that was and is the combined threat to the US AND Europe. We would have fought that menace together. In fact we did fight together. This at the other hand strengthened the hand against China a united Europe/US would easily fight down a rebellious China.

Now the US cannot rest assured that its European friends will help anymore, because of the slight Mr. Bolton gave to Europe after the Iran deal was scrapped.

So, short term its disastrous. Long term however it might just work out anyway. We here in Europe will off cause be friends with the US. We share values, history and tech.

But now it seems we are going on our own direction, developing our own security systems, and making alliances that is not in the interest of the US.

The good thing about that, is the fact that we here in Europe finally take some responsibility for our own security, and in five years, we will have a tough and serious defense. Yes, there are a lot of hoops and challenges we have to jump through and tackle. But we will get there.

Meanwhile the US will be on its own confronting China, and that weakened hand will soon be apparent.

China will not be so humble anymore. But more confident.

It all depends on the leadership of the US. We will see, but currently, it is all disaster.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things, and do something about it.

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What now world?

Congratulations Israel with the 70’th birthday. A cause to celebrate, a place to call home in a hostile world.

There is no secret in the fact, that I was not that crazy about the dumping of the Iran deal. But the fact that the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem signifies the fact, that Jerusalem is the birthplace of Israel, and it is in the hands of Jews.

You can say much, but Trump is not the best of diplomats in the classical sense. That is doing all the kow towing of political compromise. But is a classical western man, fighting for his place in the sun, with the means he has.

Don’t get me wrong, I like that, I do it myself.

The problem however right now, is that I made a deal with Iran. So if I do not defend it, then my credibility is gone. I have to stick with the deals I make, or I will be seen as unserious.

So by forcing my hand, Trump has essentially forced the rest of the world to chose between my leadership or his own. It’s not that I believe that Trump wants to do that, that is just the effect of rejecting the Iran deal. Mr. Bolton does not see the historical picture, and how Obama and I made the deal because we fought down Ahmadinejad. He is new to the game.

I do not seek a confrontation with Mr. Trump, but I do want to keep focus on the issues i believe are the most important. Right now, that is the fight against IS. IS has just knifed down civilians in France, they are building a huge weapon of mass destruction towards Europe by destabilizing Middle African countries. THAT is a problem.

Iran seeks to further its power in the Middle East, all the powers in the Middle East seek to do that. I prefer peace, but the power game is the power game. We all play it. Right now, Iran has succes.

When Israel attacks Iran, Iran retaliates by proxy.

It’s just that, Iran is currently not a world menace. Ahmadinejad was, he sponsored different bad guy states around the world. Iran does not, it plays the Middle East power game, to the best of its ability.

So, I believe, that the rest of the world should just go on with the problems we face with IS.

G-d bless the will to be clear on our priorities.

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Congratulations Israel

CONGRATULATIONS Israel with the win in the European song contest. Well done, good song, and good performance, you make us proud.

Winning the European song contest is not only a show of artistry, it is also a very POLITICAL venue.

Here Europe and Europeans come together to have a good time, show each our strengths and just come together in a positive mood.

That Israel is heading and winning, is a clear sign from Europe, that Europe is on the side of Israel.

You could even see some Magen Davids flown, without fear.

That is a bit of a turnaround from the Second world war, Madame Blavatsky, Aryans, race theory and so on and so forth.

With the current shift in geostrategic power, this signs is very important I believe. It shows, that the elite is on Israels side, and all the terrible occurrences of antisemitic violence, is not the elites cup of tea.

In fact, I believe, that this is the time Europe must show, that we have learned from the second world war and the the persecution of Jews.

Will we accept that Jews cannot live in France or Denmark or Germany anymore, or are we going to do something about it?

We know very well who are behind all these attacks. Mostly people from Africa or the Middle East.

Do the math, more migration equals more antisemitism. Not all migrants are antisemitic. But the fact of the matter is, that many are, and the violence they are ready to do is not what we are used to here in Europe.

Draw the conclusion. Many migrants do not share european values.

We have a huge problem with antisemitism, anti humanism, antidemocratism. What more do we need to kick us out of the lethargy and inaction? What more? What else that is cherished as basic human rights and european virtue are we to sacrifice to pander to these barbarians?

Not all are barbarians, but many are, and we need to stand up to those who kill our journalists and the Jews.

G-d bless the will to stand up for what is right and true.

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Often in the Middle East, peace is not an option, but just a break from more hostilities.

That has been the rule since mankind made its first city, the city of Eridu (Eden) in Irak.

But, that is not an argument for not trying. The entirety of religion has the aim of trying to find that peace. Why? Because that is what we are supposed to do to emulate the world of G-d, heaven.

We Jews have had a bad experience with making peace, I admit it. In fact, I agree with mr. Netanyahu with the Oslo peace process, it was a sham. Why? Because essentially the “Palestinians” have no incentive for peace. The more trouble they make, the more money the make. So, there is no reason for peace.

Also, the character of the people in Gaza is terrible. We have them here in Denmark, and they are at the top of crime statistics. These people are extremely unsympathetic.

But just because peace was not a possibility with Gaza, there are other times when peace has been a possibility. I work with the experience my family has. My great, great, great grandfather made peace with the Danes two hundred years ago.

After a lot of trouble Mendel Levin Nathanson, a leading Jew of his time, made a deal with the king, effectively making peace between the Danes and the Jews. There has been peace ever since.

How did this come by? It worked, because the leader of the Jews, my ancestor, was eloquent, trustworthy and truly a serious and good person.

He was also loyal to the Danish state, he gave a lot.

But, and that is really the true reason why it worked in Denmark. The Danish people is a good people. It has a beautiful character. Honest, serious and good.

THAT is why I believe that the Iran peace deal has held so far. Because the Palestinians are not good people, but the Iranians are good people.

Yes, we have been enemies, and in a sense we still are. But I do recognize, that the Iranian people are essentially a positive, noble people. Epitomized in the hero of Iran; Cyrus.

So the key to peace, is to understand the one you are dealing with, and make appropriate action according to their character.

It is not that we should not defend ourselves. I am defending Jews where I can. A Jew has never come to me, and not found help if he is in trouble. I am fighting for the Jews in Europe. One of the reasons I am fighting so much for remigration, is because the current influx of people to Europe are the worst antisemites that are in the Middle East, and that gives Jews a huge problem.

I am defending Jews if it is necessary.

But we must remember, that the aim is not eternal fighting, the aim is peace. We only fight if we have to. If we are not attacked, we should not fight them.

Peace is a difficult thing to find. Essentially you only find peace if you stand at a position of strength. You have to be strong to find peace with others. And you have to be ready to defend yourself. As with all the empires who have fought us and lost.

But, we should find peace wherever possible.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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Well, we have to face it. We have lost the Americans strategically. We are essentially left to our own means in and around Europe.

I know that Mr. Trump believes that harrasing his persons of interest into submission will work with both Iran AND Europe.

But seriously. There is a bit of difference between a small weak player in Asia and then the other hegemon across the pond.

We are not weak, we are just not interested in fighting that much.

But we can effectively just ignore the threats, and then carry on. What can the US do?

So, instead of using so much energy on a hapless idiocy, we should continue with the strategy.

Lets recap.

We targeted Islamic State in the Middle East because they were effectively a neutral target out of the game between Sunni and Shia. This gave the hard core islamists a place to be, and kept our allies out of the fire. We still need to tackle the radical islamists.

IS is, more or less, finished in the Middle East, but are still active around the world, not at least in the African states, where they seek to make a weapon of mass destruction to Europe.

Migration has become a weapon.

We cannot afford anymore migration, and we need to remigrate 70 – 80 percent of the migrants that is in Europe already. These being either criminal or islamists.

This is not about racism, but about a threat to national security.

This strategy is supported by all major powers around the world. We can reach Russia and all the powers of the Middle East. Except for Turkey and Quatar, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Concerning Iran, well, we made a deal, we have invested. The Americans threaten us. Instead of pandering and accepting these lame and hollow threats. Let us just ignore them, and keep supporting the Iranians.

There are all the wars going on in the Middle East, and the threat from the Saudi/Israeli alliance. Essentially we are not picking sides. We just want to make peace, especially concerning nuclear armament. Because that will spiral the situation out of control.

Both sides know this, and that is why they essentially respect the peace deal. No-one wins if the wars turn into nuclear apocalypse.

Its like using triangle knives or nervegas. They are forbidden by international law for a reason, they are simply too cruel weapons. Everybody accepts that soldiers honor, because there is honor also to war.

So, let us carry on with our own interests. Prop up Rouhani, who really needs us, and focus on IS.

G-d bless the will to be fair in war.

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The way forward

Well, it seems to me. That the entire EU bloque wants to be the leader of the world.

There are several prerequisites to this however.

1. You need to stop trying to harass and subdue me. I know, that this is the direct order of the Danish civil system, but you need to prevent it. I cannot work, and honestly it would not make much sense to work for the EU system if you at the same time try to kill me.
2. You need to rearm. Especially Germany, the largest country needs to rearm. This is difficult due to the lack of confidence since the Second World War. But that is the aim. Make sure, that there are no pro Erdogan officers in the force. They are a potential danger.
3. We need to make sure, that the migration threat is controlled. By that I mean, WE have to take responsibility, and turn it around.
4. We need to reform the system, so that it reflects the current intellectual level. We have a rennaissance in Europe now, the civilization should reflect it. I need a hands up on this, to keep churning out ideas is a waste of time, if it is not used.

G-d bless the European Union.

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Middle East

The situation of the Middle East have gone from peaceful to total chaos in just two days. That is the way it is with an area that is embroiled in war, and has been for the last 5000 thousand years.

Such a violent area is not going to go hippie peaceful within the next 200 years. It can be ok, there can be limits and so on. But total peace is just not possible in an area where there are so many different factions and civilization was born.

One thing that actually did work, was to put an end to nuclear armament. Yes, I know that it was not perfect, but it actually worked where it should, stopping the proliferation of nuclear warheads.

I dont know if the strategy of Mr. Trump and Mr. Bolton will work. Increased pressure on an adversary that was born because the US failed it? I don’t think so, but I was surprised by the peace solution of North Korea, so why not?

If it does not work however, we have enterede a total new situation, where things may just go into total chaos and the Middle East will be wrought in even more war than today.

We will see, the next 48 hours will be giving us an answer, the alternative is a renewed effort of the European states to be a peacekeeper.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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Human Rights

When you look at Human rights, you see a list of rules. If you do not know anything about law, you would presume, that the rules are the important.

With this, you a very wrong.

Take another system of laws, that of the book of Moses, the Torah. That is also a long list of laws, but beneath all the laws, there are certain principles that guide the laws. The first of it is reciprocity. That is, the evil deed you do, must be met with a punishment equal to the wrong done.

You can call it an eye for an eye, or look at the scales by the goddess of justice.

The point is, there is an IDEOLOGICAL idea behind the system of law.

If we here in Europe are going to 1. Play a leading role in international politics. 2. Reform our own system so that it actually works. We need to understand the PRINCIPLES behind the law system that is supposed to guide us, Human rights.

The virtue that we are talking about is Justice.

Justice is the aim of law.

So, the pertinent question is; what is justice?

Here we are faced with a philosophical question, that is not solved ultimately, but has facets that we can discuss. Remember, we are wanting to spread European culture, so we need to understand it.

The first starting point in understanding what justice is, is by going back to its roots.

They are, Babylon/Ur and Egypt.

The Mesapotamian development 4 – 5 thousand years back is what we are truly still working with today. But Egypt, that was the other great power player at that time, has a unique understanding of justice, that we need to understand as well.

According to Hammurabi, justice is protection of the weak. You can see it on human rights, all the different parties we seek to protect, are parties that are potentially weak. So that is why we put in all the articles.

Sometimes it has to be revised, if a party that used to weak becomes strong and abuses the system. As we have the problem with violent migrants in Europe. They are not weak anymore, but strong and abuse the idiocy of the current Human Rights leadership to their advantage.

The world changes, and the weak is now women of Europe who are abused in many different ways. So, Human rights needs to see the change.

But back to justice and Egypt. According to ancient Egyptian lore, justice is what is true.

The Egyptians, the original humanists, had a faith in truth as the divine motor of justice. There is a very famous story about a peasant that is wrongly accused of taking land from a wealthy land owner. He calls upon TRUTH to be the divine protection in his case.

So we have social justice and truth as the motor of laws.

That is someting we at the liberal part of the politcal spectrum can admit to. The difficult thing is then the CHANGE.

How do we actually look upon these values and virtues today. I suppose it takes a philosopher to CHANGE the perspective.

But everybody can actually do it, it just takes an investment in poor and disenfranchised and human heart filled with true honesty to understand it.

This will break some taboos, and create a whole new perspective, and that is, rightly the leadership of the Human rights council that are supposed to do that. But they are not strong enough intellectually and has a deep enough integrity to do that. So I have to step in.

I know that this may seem as humiliating, but the alternative is the dismantling of the system itself, so I have to be a little tough on these things. To keep the integrity of the system.

G-d bless the willingness to Change.

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