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Thank you very much gentlemen. I believe, that if the current saber rattling between east and west had continued, we would have ended up in a third world war.

Just because the media is hysterical, it does not mean, that we cannot remain level headed. It is not the spur of the moment that should decide things as war and warfare. The consequences of the decisions of such things are too severe not to be looked at level headed.

So thank you mr. Trump and thank you mr. Putin for your steadfastness and seriousness in this situation.

It could have ended up in destruction and global war.

If you take a step back, and think about the consequences of that, then you realize, that this should be avoided at all costs.

There are still wars with Islamic state and others, but that is absolutely dwarfed by the mayhem that a third world war would have costed humanity. It would have been the end of the civilized world. Are we ready to go down that path?

So please, let the reconciliation begin, let us talk and not just throw mud at each other, and let us have the courage to look our own beast in its eyes.

I look them in the eyes everyday. I fight islamic state, with honor, and to me they are not so frightening. Yes, I respect them as worthy adversary. And I honor their courage, going up against our machine.

But nevertheless, they are an enemy, and I treat them like that.

That is what we are supposed to do, be men and women of courage.

G-d bless the will to be courageous in the face of strife, and find peace after that fight.

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One of the keys for a sustainable Israel, is the connection and fusion of faiths in and around Israel.

As the venerable rav Ashlag prophesied, peace in the world would happen, when there is a common mansion of thought, that all three Abrahamic religions share.

This project, is essentially what will give Israel peace.

How do I know this. It is because, ever since I started this project, Israel has become more and more popular. So Ashlag is right.

It makes sense also, because why would the other religions attack someone who can give them a better understanding of themselves.

The light of Israel is thus a grand project, beyond our imagination.

Please, let us all shed the tears for those have fallen, but then again stop our agression towards those who we do not need to fight.

There is no reason to fight someone you know, and you share a platform with.

G-d bless the peace Israel will give eventually, and happy birthday.

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We need to have a closer look at China, and the problems China poses to the West.

The most obvious parallel is the fight between Rome and Phoenicia. You know the fight where Hannibal Barca braved the alps with his war elephants and made a lot of trouble for the Romans.

This is a classic great power battle that does not stem from ideological differences, but because one power rises, and threatens the other power.

Before the rise of Rome, Phoenicia was one of the leading lights of the Mediterranean world, and still holds great honor as, among other things, the inventor of Stoicism.

Phoenicia was a very advanced civilization, that rose through trade, and expanded through a businesslike process of hiring mercenaries at each expansion of its realm.

Rome at the other hand, was a new beast at the arena, young forceful, ressourcefull, sure of itself.

You could draw a parallel and see the West as the Phoenicians and China as Rome.

We are the established, war weary nation, China is the new rising, selfconfident star.

But you could also turn it around. Because we in the West are the children of Rome, and China is not.

The Thycudides trap it is called, when two powers find themselves trapped in a mutual race for power, prestige and ressources.

The problem about the Punic war was, that it was a relentless war. The winner took it all. The escalating conflict made the animosity between Rome and Phoenicia so dire, that Rome eradicated Phoenician totally after they had won. They smashed everything, everything. Buildings, literature, boats.

They made sure, that Phoenicia would never rise again. Totally sure.

This gives a hint of the hatred that Rome felt for its adversary.

So, in comparison with the current war, we should be aware, that if it folds out as in the punic war, the atrocities and mayhem it will bring, will either eradicate us or them.

See what we are up against? THAT is why we need to do our best to prepare, and perhaps defuse the large and true evil conflict.

You may be afraid of the eradication of Chinas production capability. But the alternative is a war where either the West or China wins. If we end up in Punic war theatre, the victor will eradicate the looser totally.

I will cover the China again soon, with more analysis.

G-d bless the will to learn from history, otherwise we will repeat it.

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We in the West have been doing quite ok lately, especially mr. Barack Obamas presidency was succesful in terms of international prestige and philosophical progress. The ideas of Change, that is a Socialdemocratic ideology has actually had a revival.

Especially the liberal or Democratic philosophical cause has actually been bettered.

It seems to me, that the current administration actually wants to follow in our footsteps, so that is ok.

We defined two major enemies; Islamic State and China. Why?

First of all, China is an enemy, because it has continuously siphoned knowledge, ideas and production capability from the West. This without being on the side of the West strategically.

Continue this, and we would be the laughing stock and push over in some years.

I would just go fast and blitzkrieg, terminate their production capability while we still hold the upper hand militarily, and then that would end the stand off.

But, there are a lot of worry and I understand that. The war will come sooner or later, sooner is better, because it gives us the best possible strategic advantage.

With Russia, we do not have any quarrel, and we cannot afford a two front war, so we should remain friends.

Then the next enemy, Islamic State.

There is a lot of strategy and planning that goes into fighting that enemy. Not at least strategy, that takes Western Europe into consideration.

First of all, focusing on an enemy, that is only a part of the muslim world, gives the muslim world a way out. Fight all muslims would effectively force all muslims to fight us, and they do not wish to fight us, so why should we then fight them?

Secondly, the special thing about Islamic State is the fact, that they are a POLITICAL enemy. They fight our Democracy, and they fight for a POLITICAL version on Islam, that of the Caliphate and the Sharia law. Two entities that do not mix with our Democracy and rule of law by the people.

So we do not attack the muslim religion, but only the political part of islam.

Thirdly, these are the ones who are attacking us, so it makes sense to fight back.

Fourthly, there is a very difficult discussion in Europe concerning racism and islamophobia. If we are clear on our attacks that only focus the political part of islam, well, then we avoid these accusations.

It is not about racism, or hatespeech or any such thing, it is an honest fight against an enemy who wants to destroy our Democracy, and uses inhuman methods like terror and raping.

So essentially we do not wish to target any minorities or anything like that, only the political strand of Islam that makes terror and do inhuman things.

Fifthly, there is a plan for the handling of islamists and islamist networks in Europe. That is to repatriate all these enemies, either to their own homecountry, or to an island somewhere safe.

This will ensure, that we do not fight inhumanely, and we tackle this poisonous enemy.

Its real, the terror attacks are real, the networks are real.

In essence, we have created a fine, honest and serious plan for Europe. We have even had green light from the Human rights council for this plan to be put in action.

I hope this will be used to a good effect, it is better to fight an inhuman enemy, than to cower in the dark.

G-d bless the will to confront our enemies with valor, and win.

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International strategy

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The attacks in Syria is not good, why? Because it does not make much sense strategically.

To fight in the Middle East, one needs to understand the extremely complicated powerstruggles there.

How do you understand these powerstruggles? You do it by understanding the web of history in the Middle East.

Just take Egypt. Egypt is the oldest known state in the world. It started before anything else.

The same goes for Irak. Irak is the descendant of Babylon, who can trace its story all the way back to the first city of Eden.

Iran is Persia, who used to be Zoroastrians, who used to be Hittities.

We the Jews are a part of that web for good or worse ever since Abraham.

So, in order to make a strategy that makes sense for the Middle Easterns, you need to understand who your true enemies are, and your friends.

There are essentially two factions right now, that fights for hegemony in the Middle East. One is the shia muslims, the other is the sunni muslims.

Sunni muslims being arabs, and shia being Persian. Two very distinct peoples, who have been fighting each other for millennia.

It is a bit like the Roman Catholic and the Byzantine Orthodox.

When Barack and I called the shots, we first fought the shia for some time, but as the shia realized, that we were a serious international player, and we wanted peace. They settled for a peace deal.

Concerning the sunni, there is a very important internal division within the sunni community.

There is the pro western and the pro islamist, or anti western.

What Barack and I did was to make an alliance with the pro western forces, and fight the anti western alliance. That is muslim brotherhood, Islamic State, Turkey, Quatar.

It had the effect, that for once in a thousand years there actually was a player in the Middle East, who could reach both sunni and shia, and make peace.

We did make peace, a peace that is now unraveling.

Thing is, if we do not fight our enemies, but use our limited resources on attacks that make no real sense strategically, then we are out of the game, and we will be prey to our enemies.

The enemies being the muslim brotherhood and China.

Its real, France has been attacked, Germany attacked, the UK has a HUGE problem with the muslim brotherhood, the mayor of London being one of them.

After Barack stopped, Clinton revived the Cold War mechanics, because she was angry for having lost the election. This was, to me, wrong.

All the carefully planned and executed strategies that was in place after mr. Obama, was destroyed, and this brings us here, at the brink of another stupid Cold War.

I mean, we had just put that in the grave, now we have to start all over.

Luckily the Russian feels and understands, that the Obama fraction of the Liberal party has NOT supported this idiocy, and there is still an open window for cooperation and peaceful acceptance.

Focus our enemies, like the ones who really fight us, and we will win. Not focusing on the enemies, will bring us fatal problems, and a huge loss of prestige.

G-d bless the will to see clearly.

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Human rights

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Ok, so the international human rights council in Strassbourg has had a bit of a beating by Denmark.

We have just finished a major discussion on the content and direction of the court.

To be honest, the direction it goes right now, is something I came up with, so off cause I am pretty satisfied.

At the same time I thank the judges for their open-mindedness and cooperation. Thank you you honors, it is a pleasure to work with you.

Why did I propose a rethinking of the human rights council?

Because the time we are in now is different from when the original document was written. Under the French Revolution, the writers were young idealists who had a world to win, and they did.

But now, it is almost 240 years after, and the idealism is not enough anymore. What was before seen as a renewal and something beautiful is today seen as something common.

We take human rights for granted.

Today the problem is essentially lack of support for the beautiful ideas of the French Revolution.

The ideas have been corroded and corrupted, and people are starting to abuse the freedom of the state to gain for themselves. The freedom has become a burden.

This is where the philosopher is supposed to guard democracy, and protect it against the dangers of complete collapse.

The greatest danger to our liberal democracies these days, is the complete disregard for the peoples of Europe. They are seen as pieces on a chessboard, and the psychological entity of the Nationhood in Europe and the West in general, is not respected.

A nation is a people.

To regain some sense of peoplehood, those who are living on the territories of the former sovereign nations of Europe, needs to see, that the essential rules of the democratic system is respected by the newcomers, otherwise they will also lose the faith in the states.

That is why, the fight for a democratic idealism and support to the values of Democracy is paramount.

We need to turn the corruption and reinvigorate the faith in Democracy where it is lacking.

And people needs to see, that the states can and will protect them against the aliens who are not respecting those rules of Democracy.

That is why people are so angry at the court, because the courts are supposed to SUPPORT democracy not destroy it by supporting and protecting aliens who do not respect the rule of law.

To put this in perspective, there has never actually been a philosopher who succeeded in protecting a Democracy that was in its final throes of termination. Never once since Plato came up with the solution to the downfall of Democracy, never ever.

See? We are fighting with our backs against the wall, the populace is so angry with the system, that they prefer a tyranny. And then we will lose our Democratic systems.

So, what I propose as a tool and as a purpose of the new human rights council, is a realistic, honest approach to the cliff of disaster we are veering above, and then do everything in the councils power to PROTECT the nations and peoples who are in harms way.

Because otherwise we will have failed that sacred mission that was given to us, by the buoyant revolutionaries 240 years ago. To be the guardian of Democracy.

G-d bless the will to be honest and sincere about the problems that are in the current democratic societies.

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The computer industry

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There is a lot of discussion concerning Social media and the theft of data.

Honestly, I like social media, I grew up with a Commodore 64, and I really digged all the ideals of open source and computernetworks, realizing an open world.

This is about peace, the more we talk with each other, the less we fight.

It goes all the way back to Niels Bohr, who is the founding father of the open source community.

Lately though the computer community has run into problems, due to problems with all the interests of the world. We have become the main media.

That was the goal right? So how do we then grow up and be mature about it.

Because all that power makes other people of power nervous. I understand, same with me, if I do not worry about the consequences of my actions, then people tend to die and things go awry.

That is why, I believe, that we should have a look at the basic ideals that we are fighting for. We are fighting for an open, democratic world. A world where dialogue and communication brings understanding between people. So that we stop demonizing people we do not know.

There are powergames, and we cannot do anything about that, only get them over with as fast as possible.

But the interconnectedness that we have created in the computer industry is there to make peace.

So, that is the aim.

We have to be honest, respect the sanctity of the individual and never ever censure any ideas or meanings people have. Because it is much better that people get a possibility to share their ideas or frustration rather than they go violent.

Freedom of speech is there as a ventilation of society.

G-d bless the will to be free and open.

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Academic renaissance

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I have thought a lot about the current crisis within academia. To my mind, it is essentially a problem of too much diversification.

According to Plato, the aim of knowledge is to unify. To him academia (that is the garden where Plato taught originally) is to unify knowledge. Hence the term Universtity.

To him, heaven is a place where we are all unified, and consequently the same must be the aim of learning here on earth. In Epinomis the Platonic dialogue, this is his point.

He discusses geometry and mathematics, as he claims that these are some of the core scientific subjects.

I agree with Plato, instead of burying ourselves into our own subject, we need the cross breeders to have more space.

How do we do that? Well to be absolutely honest, I believe we should stop all scientific discussion right now, and then all read Plato.

Go back to that original academic point of departure, and then accord our ideas into the ideas of Plato.

Let him be the guiding star of a new academic development.

G-d bless the will to be academic again.

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New ideas

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There has been a lot of discussion on the topic of my philosophy. Right now it actually hits home the deepest in the Eastern European countries, where the Christian-democratic society is really thriving.

Well, one could say, as some have, that it is racist and this and that. But essentially it is not that, it is simply the design made by Aristotle. According to him a Democracy is pinned on a base of well functioning families.

So it is more a combination of religion and democratic theories that has made the theory that I have made.

But at the end of the day, these are not new ideas, these are ideas faithfully delivered to the Eastern European countries directly from Aristotle. Honestly, that is the most sacred and high quality source you can get, only rivaled by Plato.

The beautiful thing about it is furthermore, that is works.

As a philosopher, you have ideas and thoughts, but usually you do not see in your lifetime whether your ideas work. But to my great appreciation my ideas really work.

So instead of the European Union going amok with the Eastern European countries, then learn, Change, adapt to the new reality and ideas.

Fascism stems from ideas that do not work. What happens is, that the believers in the ideas that do not work start forcing these ideas on the populace. Creating censureship, illiberalism and so on. Good ideas do not have to do this, because the people like these ideas.

That is the light of the nations, to give high quality ideas that suits the nations that needs them.

So Change, see the ideas that I give for the quality they have.

Don’t fight so much to keep the power, invest your lives and political careers into something that people really appreciate.

Central European politics suffers from too poor quality to my mind. At least, when I was in Belgium ten years ago with SIAD, that was my feeling.

Low quality ideas will give you low quality politics, and people will be unsatisfied. High quality will make people happy.

This is not to be condescending. I did not do this to antagonize anyone, but the spread the light to the nations. As all Jews should.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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Support from Denmark

Welcome Mrs. May to Denmark. You have all the love and appreciation from the Danish people towards England.

I know, that you have had a rough two years after the election, and seem very friendless these days, but count on Denmark.

I wanted Denmark to follow Great Britain out of the EU, but it didn’t work. But as the leading intellectual of Denmark, this speaks to the support that you have from us.

I really hope, that you get through all your problems, and you can count on our support all the way.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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The threat to democracy

We are heading for a fight in Europe against a certain part of the muslim migrants.

First of all, let me clear about muslims in general. They are people as we are. They have families, they look forward to times of festivities and so on. The dark non-forgiving attitude to muslims in general that has bloomed the last four or five years, is not of my making, and I truly think it is wrong. Muslims are people too.

The conflict we have with the muslim world is, as I see it, a conflict with our Democratic values and institutions.

Our belief in vesting the power with the people, and faith in our laws.

Islamists, as they are called, reject these values and this societal system and wish for a caliphate based on muslim law. AKA sharia.

You can be democratic and muslim at the same time, no problem. But you cannot wish for a muslim political system and then have a right to vote in a Democratic country.

This is real. The democratic rights have been taken away from most voters in Turkey, and had Mr. Al-Sisi not won the Arab spring in Egypt, things would have gone awry there too.

In Europe, we have the same problem with what we call islamists. Recently France had terrible occurrence of these issues, with a valiant police officer sacrificing himself for the sake of poor hostages.

So in Europe, these problems are abundant.

Essentially we have a war between Islamism and Democracy being waged in all of Europe, and only Denmark and France has awoken to this threat.

So, what do we do? We find out who the islamists are, their schools, their madrassas and mosques, and we close them down, and remigrate all who are members of said Islamist infrastructure.

Again this seems harsh, but remember the threat of nazism, and how it infiltrated and in the took over Democracy? It is very much same, Democracy must defend itself from political systems that wants to tear down the democratic order.

We have come pretty far in Denmark, but we need to go further to protect our laws and our Democracies.

We have seen it in the maws of the Islamic State, the rape the torture, the arrogance towards human rights.

This will not do, and we need to wake up in Europe, and fight the bastards.

G-d bless the will to see things as they are.

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There are many who wish to change the way we live. Small time intellectuals, great thinkers, the bully down the ally and so on.

But true Change will only happen very rarely, and I believe, that it will only happen, if the people who do these things have wisdom.

Now wisdom is an archaic word, and perhaps it is too old in a sense. But nonetheless I belive, that that is what we have lost over the last century.

What is wisdom? According to Plato (Epinomis) wisdom is the knowledge of the good. But a knowledge that is based on the understanding of spirit.

It is a kind of triangulation. Wisdom prerequisites knowledge of good, knowledge of G-d and this synthesis gives you wisdom.

I can see it in many of my predecessors, Marx one of them, he did not have knowledge of G-d, and consequently, his theories were often bereft of true goodness. He did not have the drive towards good and humanity in his ideas.

He also did not heed the wisdom of Lycurgus, whom he owed his ideas of Sparta. According to Lycurgus, as spartan society should be absolutely closed to work. He theorized the opposite, and consequently Marxism does not work.

True wisdom today is therefor, to really understand what is up and down in theory, knowing where it comes from, and then choose what is good for people. Having the drive to see the little mans best.

That will give you true Change. It will often tear the social fabric apart, because more often than not, the fabric is based on some unwise ideas. As in some of Marxses less good ideas. But the endresult will be good, if the theories are truly wise.

G-d bless the will to be humble in the face of power.

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There is a lot of problems for Russia these days. Russia is accused for all kinds of things, half of them not right. The rest just things that can actually be proved or argued for in a sane manner.

But Russia have become the International scapegoat, because the West is too afraid to point at the real threats. It is bit like in the Byzantine time just before the fall of Constantinople. Even though the Turks were camped right before the gates, the intellectuals kept discussing angels.

It is the same today, the islamists are roaming in most of Europe, and because we are too weak to discuss these problems, we pick on the weaker target. We Jews know aaaall about that.

What do you do in order to use this process constructively. Essentially Russia has nothing to gain in targeting the West. There are no ideological motives, and nothing it could really gain.

I doubt the West will attack Russia directly, because that would not sit well with anyone, and Mr. Trump knows his true enemies anyway, so he will not support it.

But criticism can be used to a good cause, if you see it for what it is. Easy life tends to create abuse and loitering, hard life tends to create progress.

As Michael Psellus say, “Good is scarce”. In other words, the progress that Russia already has had in terms of Christian development can be solidified and developed perhaps along the lines of Michael Psellus an illustrious Byzantine neoplatonic philosopher.

In other words, ethics, virtue and being good is what gives Russia a true renaissance. Thinking about what and how Russian can be good to each other in family life, in communal life, in everywhere where Russians share something, spirit will and can guide them.

G-d bless Mother Russia.

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New ideas

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When I started my “career” or whatever you call it as a philosopher, I did it, as all philosophers should in a rebellion against the current order.

My mom and dad were flower power children, and honestly, there were a lot to change.

The cultural marxist ideas that my parents wanted and believed in, were the anathema to my ideas. Where they wanted barren state-control, I wanted national sovereignty. Where they wanted the state to be my family, I wanted my own family.

Do not get me wrong, It is not all of socialism that is wrong, but a lot of the central ideas are.

As time changed, I all of a sudden found myself at the top of the pyramid. I called the shots, and the rebellion that I wanted too soon changed into an elite progress. OK, I loved every second of it, and the Change that Barack and I brought was cherished by most intellectuals and people around the world.

But one place was all not really into my ideas, the European Union. In fact they clung to the first phase of my development, and kept seeing me as a rebel rouser and a threat to the current social order. Well, honestly I were. But I believe that a lot of the European countries around Denmark really failed to see my development.

Anyway, the content of my ideas have always been the same. It is a mid leaning conservatism. I have nothing against animal rights, the care of the nature. I believe feminism has its role to play, and so on.

In Europe however, the first phase of my rebellion kept fighting its way through the fog of war, and has created new beasts as AfD, Front national, Lega Nord and so on. Centre leaning conservatisms with a new angle on politics.

I know that many of these parties are feared in the parliaments around Europe, but if you look at the content of their politics, it is not extreme in any way. The difference is often, that they actually mean what they say, and are not afraid of talking the talk, and walking the walk.

But, with myself, I see that my ideas are actually accepted by most, and I hope, that the CONTENT of these ideas are recognized. They are the best we have; human rights, democracy, the rule of law, respect for the individual.

This is why I see, that the path I have put out, WILL change Europe. It may come from above or below, but it will come.

As a parent with both a stick and a carrot, I will Change Europe.

So please, stop the misery, and have a look at the CONTENT of the ideas I have presented. There are new enemies, like the islamists, and new friends, like Israel. But seriously, what would you want the most, being friends with the most illustrious nation of the world or friends with child rapists. The logical choice is pretty obvious.

So, please have a look at what I am actually saying, and judge me on that.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients, realized once again in our time.

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The Danish renaissance

March 29th, 2018 No comments

In Europe, and with the European Union, there seems to be an essential why that has never been asked, and why is that?

That is because we have gone from a dark intellectual period of post this and post that. Communism stopped functioning, liberalism seemed to be at its last leg, conservatism was over. Everything that made any sense politically was over.

So it is absolutely impossible to build anything of real value or virtue on intellectual ideas that are empty.

But now, things have gone 180 degrees around, and we are living in a renaissance. Democracy is fought for again, liberalism is vivid, our religion is actually clawing its way out of the misery it was in, and even socialism finds new paths.

That is the difference. We are actually living in the Danish Renaissance.

I have done extensive research on the other renaissances that were before this one. Actually I have realized, to my great joy, that there was a Byzantine renaissance in the year 1000 that I did not know anything about. That is really the missing link between the Italian renaissance of Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli and the Roman Empire.

After that we had the French Renaissance and now the Danish renaissance.

Essentially it is a rebirth of Plato and the ideas around the city of Athens.

Compared to the other renaissance philosophers, my advantage is, that I have much more easy acces to hidden scripture due to the internet, so this makes this renaissance different than the others. It is a bit deeper.

Hopefully we will acces a time of great evolution in Europe and our children, that will, eventually drive our rebirth as a continent.

G-d bless the will of the ancients.

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