Be proud!

CAMELOTSo we are nearing the election in the UK. The UK is much more than just the Hebrides, the southern cliffs and the extreme north where they are, honestly, still adherents of Thor and Odin.

It is a complex, advanced, intelligent, worldspanning system, that has conquered the globe, but is reeling from the backlash of the loss of the empire.

This has to stop. My best advice is; be realistic. The UK is still, apart from the ties it holds to Australia and New Zealand, the most powerful, by far, country in Europe. It has a gross domestic output that even rivals countries several times bigger than the UK. It has some of the finest universities in the world. It is still immensely ambitious and has a lot of appetite on the world.

It is still world class, and it should be judged by that meter as everybody else.

There is still the value of freedom, that propels it to rule the wave. Why? Because ruling the wave will give England liberty. Why is that important? Because freedom will give you happiness. The feeling of being unbound by anything, the vast horizon meeting your eye in the morning. The cavaliers of the sea, still roaming, still strong, still ready for a fight.

This is the UK, not what some people seek to instill in the hapless British. This is might and pride of being English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

Pride can be vainglorious and instill a false feeling of self worth. But too little pride, can also be harmful.

The UK has to look at itself, and be proud. Not because of evil deeds done, or tyrannical stranglehold on some. But because there is so much to be proud of! All the little inventions, the marvelous literature, the high, high level of civilization. Too little is also a sin.

So be proud of what you are, do not bow your head in the face of danger, fight! As you have always done when the chips were not in your favor, just because, what you have created around the world, is respected and cherished. Look at all your former colonies. Do they shift out your system? No, as when Rome ruled, the former colonies cherished the influence and ideas it had brought to them. Same with the UK.

See that, and be proud again, of what you are, of what you have contributed to the civilization of the world.

Forget about all the naysayers and the belittlers, the broken and cowards. Be proud of what you are, because you have, as much as anyone, and especially because you are you; the right to be so.

G-d bless you all.

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Never Surrender!

March 30th, 2015 No comments

Winston-ChurchillI think all the talk about British values misses one singular point, that really makes the discussion what it is; stories, or values embedded in what we used to be.

Conservatism is that; going back to what we were, to find out what we are today.

In Great Britain, there are several sources to what Great Britain is now; the Roman histories as Camelot and the knights around the round table, the viking stories of marauders pillaging the countryside, being the best warriors of their time, of our time in fact, the gallic stories of romance and Scots of the highlands.

What does these stories have in common, and how may we say that we can find values in these stories?

There is a continuum as I see it; the beginning of the Romans, the consecutive fights in the 500´dreds, the fights with the vikings and then the expansion of the Empire. The idea, that there is a balance between on one side justice, and the other side freedom, consecrated in the Magna Carta. Where we at one side have justice as the ruling principle of common law, and freedom as the ruling principle in the democratic assembly. Throw in the values of equality professed at the round table of the knights. There you have it; freedom, justice and equality.

But we need to focus on the values that are really threatened today. Is it romance, freedom, justice or equality? Well, the justice system is threatened by competing courts called sharia courts. But truly this is only a nuisance, not a real threat. Romance and equality is not threatened much, perhaps romance because of the freewheeling ideas of the young. But after all, England will always be a land of romance. Then we end up at the most threatened value, the value of freedom.

This value is truly threatened. Not just a little, a lot. Threatened by an alien system in the EU, who have no idea about the free thought of the free man. Threatened by islamic extremists, who dream about giving us the deathkiss of the caliphate.

Freedom is threatened, and that is exactly why UKIP is a succes. UK Independent. The overall message the constituency thought to convey to the political establishment by voting UKIP, is the fact that the freedom of the fair isles of England is under threat.

This is not just an accidental value, it is the value of the viking ancestors of the British. This is why we in Denmark shine on the international scene; we invented the value and the consecutive system that was made with it; the Thinge and the Freestate.

So to fight for British values in a situation where everything is at stake, you need to realize that freedom is not just another thing we can live without. It is the very lifeblood of what it is to be British. The true value that Britain has spread to the world, through democracy.

Something to stand up for, something to fight for, something that if not tended to, is lost.

So, look into yourself, find your strength, you are as much vikings inside as we are here in Denmark, and honestly as the old berserkers stood their stand where they put up shop, so should England, so should Britain, NEVER SURRENDER!

G-d bless England.

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UK politics

March 30th, 2015 No comments

Making a pitch against IS in Great Britain has to be seen in a broader light, and has to be viewed morally.

The fight against IS, that the American led coalition is fighting in and around Iraq is not only a problem in Syria and Iraq, it is, obviously also a problem in Europe at large, and specifically in the UK.

We have seen it quite obviously with the flow of muslims from the UK to the area of fighting in the Middle East. It is not ok, and i poses a major problem for the security in Europe.

The knowledge and the potential the skill the islamists bring back to Europe is extremely dangerous.

We need to realize this, and act accordingly.

But, it is also a political process, if we cannot name our enemy, he will be pretty difficult to fight.

In the election coming up in may in the UK. As I have proposed a strategy focusing on the fight against IS, both internationally and domestically could be a winning issue, that might just win the electorates to put mr. Cameron in Downing street 10.

But it has to de done very carefully, and with an eye on the potential attacks by the PC, the political correct.

First of all, here in Denmark, I am being accused of being the ultimately politically correct. I have pondered a great deal on this, in fact I see myself as an enlightener and a wielder of truth. This is not, supposedly, politically correct. But, since I am both a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian in a strange way, this adds to the eclectic span of the ideas I try to promote.

Anyway, as I see it, persons as T.S. Lawrence and his deep knowledge of the Middle East are truly the persons we should turn to in this discussion, as mr. Churchill did in fact. In other words, deep, true knowledge of the Middle East should be our guide. Not just our own immediate fears.

This leads us to the conclusion, that there are good and bad muslims, honest and dishonest muslim, and what we need to look at is the moral content of the muslim organisations we are fighting.

This is in fact a very PC way of looking at things, because the moral content is always what PC are looking at, trying to be the most aloof.

Anyway, I am not proposing a PC way of looking at the conflict we have with muslims, I just conclude, that if we look at things morally and ethically, we often never have problems with the new socialists. They actually agree!

Therefor, focusing on the ethical behaviour of IS; the slaughtering, the killing of innocents, the persecution of minorities, while as accepting the plethora of ideologies in the Middle East as something to look at individually, might just get the Conservatives an edge in the election.

In other words, instead of holding all muslims accountant for the atrocities done in Iraq, hold only IS accountable, and start working along with Egypt, Saudiarabia and Iran, as it seems fit in the great game of international politics.

This leaves the discussion; what do we actually do with the Islamists in the UK? This again is a moral discussion. We cannot just put them all in jail. But we can look at their affiliation with the democratic system we have.

If they want a caliphate, why don’t they just go to a place where they can have such an “elevated system”?

Go square in on the democratic values and system that was actually very much invented in the UK with the Magna Carta.

In this way you tout the traditional English values, and at the same time make a political front against an inhuman enemy.

There will be discussions further along the road, such as; what do we do with the silent majority? And what about ethnic Englishmen converting to islamism and so on. But these difficult discussion will have to wait, hopefully.

My experience from the campaigning I did for mr. Obama, the timing is very important. When I beat Romney, he was difficult, because he started copying my ideas. So make a thrust, quickly and decisively. If you get some momentum, use it to build up more. I will try to follow the discussion from Denmark, and help you the best I can.

But, with the tools here, you should be able to make great inroads. What is all important then is momentum. Press on if have the initiatives, never rest, just press on your advantage if you have your opponent on his heels.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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Rock or Bust

March 29th, 2015 No comments

To quote the old but still kicking British band AC/DC; it is rock or bust in England. If the Social democrats are elected, I sincerely believe it is all over. The country is still working, but it is only surviving barely. The long demise after the colonies were lost or started working for themselves, has all but strangled England.

This is where it is extremely important to remember that England and Great Britain is so much more than the empire. It is England. A nation of culture with roots older than most really realize. So I would not despair, if England remembers its roots, it will survive, otherwise it may wither.

But there is also an election coming up, and, though I see myself as liberal in some areas, I still support mr. Cameron, he needs to win, to give England a chance to survive, and with that all the Anglo speaking world. It is Rock or Bust. Not a time for the fainthearted, but a time for those with the warriors within, for the heroes of yon reliving their time here now. For the Marlboroughs and Churchills to get on up, and enter the fray. It is now or never.

There are three areas I would point to, that could sway the electorate in the direction of mr. Cameron.

First of all, a traditional area of conservative politics; security.

Islamists are going rampant in a wide area around especially central and southern England. A direct policy towards this issue is the possible key to Downing street nr. 10.

People are scared, and they will vote for the person that may give them security.

To tackle this area, you however enter a hornets nest. The Socialists have on this area put up the big guns, and are gunning for all those who criticize Muslims as racists.

This is ridiculous, but politics is not about rationality always, but often just projects that seem possible, often disregarding the cost.

This gordic knot can be solved however by a simple trick, or rather a political stance that will ensure that all the possible attacks of possible racist accusations can be avoided, or are difficult to use.

Stand on a democratic platform and criticize Islam from there. Do not critizise all Muslims, just Muslims who do not respect the basic political system. That is the rule of law and the democratic assembly. They are what are called, islamists and have a huge franchise in Syria/Iraq (ISIS). They are hated by most serious people, but supported by a huge number of muslims in the UK. We have seen it by the executioner of severeal innocent Europeans who spoke with a british accent.

So they have a presence in the UK. Make that a political, vocal point, the main point of your election campaign, and you will have a good chance of winning with a serious margin. What will you do to them? Repatriate them.

Secondly, you need to touch on the traditional conservative voters. They feel a bit lost, but have had a reawakening, especially with the English philosopher Roger Scruton. In a world with a lot of insecurity, traditional values are save havens. Not to mention, that the Anglican church needs support as well.

But family values, country, flag and solidarity with the poor is a path that will give you added support. Why? Because you need to support those in need, and the Anglican Church is in need. I know there has been some controversy lately, but never mind, it seems to be ok by now.

Thirdly, there is the economy. Here you already shown good progress, despite all the problems in Europe. So tout your wins, and explain how it was done.

This is a fairly conservative/conservative set of ideas, but this is what people want, as seen in the EU election. They want more England, less globalization.

In a crisis situation that England and the rest of the UK is living through now, normally the electorate will look for the strong man. This is the background for all the new conservative hardcore groupings. Some I have had the possibility to back. But I sincerely believe, that the democratic system should solve problems not the strong man who will supplant the democratic system. A result that is most often seen in a situation as what you are living through now.

How do you tackle that threat? By being that strong man yourself. Do not back down from confrontation, but stand on the deck of the ship as a lord Nelson.

If you do this, there is a very good chance you will win, according to my experience as a strategist over many elections, among it the latest of mr. Obamas.

G-d bless England and the UK.

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Family ethics

March 29th, 2015 No comments

r1116352_13620501The idea of the family is slowly gaining speed, both politically as well as metaphysically. We are now entering the phase where we discuss the practical implementation of all the different ideas of how to strengthen a family.

There is one tool, that we can use, and is a tool often used by religion, and a tool we know works good; ethics.

Today people talk about the food, they talk about their jobs, they talk about mindfullness and meditation. At the same time, they scream and yell at each other. They do not think about anybody but themselves.

This is where ethics comes in. Because ethics is really ideas of change. Ideas of how to make a better world, working tirelessly for improving that community.

Take the value of solidarity. Solidarity is in direct contrast to selfishness. It is about sharing those difficulties as a family, sacrifising yourself for your children. Caring those babies in the middle of the night, even though you feel so endlessly tired. Nor giving up on your wife, even though she is ridicously, absurdly demanding and tired herself. Catching your child when she falls, sucking it up sometimes when things are just a mess.

That is difficult, but this is truly the demand of a father.

Then freedom. Sometimes you need to be free, your wife needs to be free, your children needs to go without your endless supervision. Sometimes your wife just needs a night off with the girls, or you really need to call your buddies and hang out in front of a superbowlgame. This is your freedom, and we need that as well. Giving each other that freedom is very important.

The ethical demands on a parent, on a child on a sibling, nephew and so on are often not discussed or taken into consideration. But this is truly where you can make change in each persons life, and in the life of the family.

Forgiving, being one of the most important values, because you need that, to stick together.

G-d bless the family.

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Mr. Netanyahu

March 27th, 2015 No comments

When you prophesize something, often the prophesy seems weird in the situation. I promised mr. Netanyahu, that he would be a hero if he did not launch the final tank offensive in Gaza. In fact it seemed wrong after all the problems Likud got after the war. The right and the conservatives were scolding him, and he had to, as a consequence ask the people of his war-conduct was all right.

It really kind of made me sad, I hate to be wrong. But after the election, it seems to me, that I was not wrong after all. I mean, the reason why the election was initiated was because he got a bad reception of how he worked on the last Gaza war. But obviously mr. Netanyahu did get it right, at least if you ask the voters.

Heroism is not about how politicians view other politicians, it is how voters and people look upon their leaders. So I suppose the voters have Netanyahu as a hero.

I realize it is also a strong backing to a very critical stance towards Iran, so in this I am not a part, it is the loyalty of the Israeli people towards their leader on this issue that they show. I mean, we are not supposed to loose Israel, and we need it to be strong, and we need to unite and be healed after all the controverses after the last Gaza war.

The people have spoken, they have given a green light to both the actions in Gaza, and the tough stance against Iran. We need to respect mr. Netanyahu for his leadership in this, and give him the credit.

I still hope for a peaceful solution in the negotiations with Iran, but I must say, that I at the same time, recognize mr. Netanyahu for what he is; a hero, a Messiah for his people.

G-d bless mr. Netanyahu.

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Mr. Barack Obama

March 26th, 2015 No comments

Change1280Now the last few stones in the great monument of mr. Barack Obamas tenure are being laid. Will he get the green light from mr. Netanyahu in the negotiations with Iran? Will the community philosophy really take roots? Will the economy keep on working as it has?

Some of these answers will be answered in the future. But there is no doubt, that he has brought Change. Take Tunisia, take the economy so far, take Egypt.

Together Barack and I have really made a huge impact, and I truly hope we will see it for what it is; a new philosophy based on the old. Marx came from Hegel, I come from Marx. The rebellion Marx did towards Hegel, I have done to Marx. Working on the weak spots, and finding new answers. As in making liberal theory metaphysical again, and shedding the material basis for an ethical and spiritual basis. As giving a new chance to the family.

Add to this the focus on democracy and humanism, you have a brand new political/metaphysical paradigm, that has had, already a huge push on the world.

Will we satisfy the promises of Change and Hope. Well, we will see. But one thing is certain, we have already come a long way.

I hope these frontier ideas will end up as human lore one day, so that our grandchildren will read about us in books and perhaps look at a worn old statue with our names on.

They will perhaps just see an old figure, but we know, that we stood tall in a critical situation for Queen and country, for democray and freedom.

G-d bless our freedom

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The helping hand

March 24th, 2015 No comments

We are in a dead end theoretically both in metaphysical as well as in socialist terms. The ideas in the socialist camp are often barren and very, very far from the outset.

The outset is Karl Marx and his international version of Sparta. That is focus on the mass, the military aspects of the society, the secret police and solidarity.

This he saw as a workers issue, and propelled socialists to work for an international solidarity movement.

This is not the way, as I see it. As Plato was criticized by Aristotle, I believe that Aristotles arguments are true (Plato was also very inspired by Sparta). His arguments are; an utopian society too far removed from the needs of people will not work, and consequently fall apart. As we have seen in all places where socialism has ruled, it has fallen apart everywhere.

There are several issues, as I see it, that should be adressed. First of all, there is the issue with the family. According to Marx, family is not a good institution (he was here inspired by Sparta). This is a false premise I think. As Aristotle I believe, that family is a prerequisite for at society. Family is the basic building stone. If this is changed in a socialist society, much will be better. In fact, I would, if I were a modern socialist, work for family in respect of security, economical underpinning, and support in terms of school and daycare. It would make it much more easy for many families who are often hardpressed, especially when the kids are young.

Then there is the metaphysical problem of the socialist inspired welthfarestate. Today mostly psychology makes the theoretical underpinning under school and daycare work. I like psychology, and am a fan of Jung, but as Jung and Freud are very deep, they are still not as deep as Jesus Christ or Moses. My point is, that a metaphysical underpinning or just discussion about the school and social system at large, would lift the whole area a lot. I mean, why do I work my day off as a helper of a handicapped child? Because I believe that the creator gave me an incitement to change things in a positive way. My philosophy behind my work makes my job full of meaning.

These two changes in a socialist thinking could make way for a renewed charge by the church, here I specifically think about the Anglican church into mainstream society.

By insisting that the values and the ideas of clergymen is of a value, not only in marriages and in death, but also as a theoretical underpinning under schoolwork, and other kinds of social and educationary work.

Talking about the Anglican church. I believe, that we have stopped the moral discussion on politics before it went too wild. Thank you for that, we are now ready to start again. First of all; challenges of a metaphysical nature is not about fighting someone, but about fighting for something. G-d wishes us to lift humankind, so they are closer to him. This is done by going out and finding those in need of healing and support. It may be the lonely elderly, the man in the gutter, the prisoner, the sickly child.

G-d wishes us to help them, and in this process help everybody around them, to have a better life.

But this work is difficult, because we have to get out of our comfortzone, and risk ourselves in the meeting with world. Be naked in the meeting with people we do not know, and may hurt us, by rejecting us, or trying to abuse our kindness.

But this is what G-d wants for us, because only if we do good deeds and think good thoughts, will we lift his children here on earth.

So instead of staying in our churches, we should lift the gate open, and start going out on the street to risk ourselves and save the souls of those who are lost.

Bring them back to G-d, to kindness and care.

G-d bless the will to listen to G-d in his arms of mercy.

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March 23rd, 2015 No comments

We are coming to an end in the discussion and negotiation on the Iran deal. Everybody have something at stake. And the future implications are vast.

I dreamed about ending the cold war, and starting a new era of peace and enlightenment. Unfortunately, the conflicts in and around Ukraine put an end to this. But somehow, to my luck and general surprise, we still see a good development in the negotiations between European nations, the US, Iran, Israel and other players.

In a way, it is revealing about the true power of the world. We have the European Union, talk about Bric countries and so on. But at the end of the day, it is the West and East, that is descendants of the Danes and Swedes that decide the outcome of the negotiations. Strange, but there it is; we feel comfortable about each other, and go a long way to find a compromise. To the good of humanity.

Iran is pretty stuck in all the infights of the family of the Europeans, and I truly understand, that it is annoying, but rest assured, that I will, as the caretaker of the tree of the Danes; Asgr, the guardian of the lore of Vikings, will try and help. You deserve it, by listening and caring.

Things are not what they seem, the true arguments are never what they say, but beneath the posturing and all the swagger of the Danes, we are truly loyal to our friends, and we do sacrifice ourselves if that is what is necessary.

It is a feeling and a vibe, we are one all we who came down on the boats to the German mainland, to Northern France, to England and Scotland, and then to Ukraine and the US, to Australia. We carry the honor of the old ways, and that is a way of loyalty to our friends.

G-d bless the will of spirit in the pursue of peace.

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The EU

March 22nd, 2015 No comments

Today in Europe there is this discussion on whether we should have borders or not. Basically the liberal part of the political landscape, including a great part of the so called rightwing, believe that a borderless society is a good thing. Some refer to Adam Smith, and his ideas in free markets, other refer to Karl Marx and his ideas about borderless solidarity between workers. 

Both, to be honest, very vague ideas, and therefor impossible to implement. There is no inherent philosophical quality in the ideas, and as a consequence, it falls apart. Most prominently in France and Great Britain where Ukip and Front National are truly sweeping the ballot boxes. 

But is there really a deeper discussion in the political problem we are facing. Honestly what really makes me annoyed is when someone forces a half measured principle on me, and then becomes all surprised when it falls apart. It is off cause a lack of mine, I should be more tolerant towards amateurism, but it still nags me, that the so called founders of the EU did not employ someone with a bit more skill when they started out the project. At least use a decent philosopher. 

Anyway, despite my difficult stance on this issue, I will try to be as objective as possible in the discussion. There are several stations one could touch, and should touch in the process. First of all, to be fair, it has worked before, mainly in the United States, where separate units became of multistate, or rather as it is called; United States – of America. 

It took a Great War, and a deep philosophical debate and fight to make the United States of America, and the peoples inhabiting the different states were not at all rooted in the new territory. So they were much more easily swayed and often cajoled into a superstate. 

This is not the case with Europe, here we are talking about ancient tribes living in an area, that they have fought over for three thousand years. Add to this roots of philosophy so deep it is hardly imaginable. This small area on the globe has won all the fights it has had with any other civilization, and still controls the entire world. Not directly anymore, but mainly through its glorious off spring. 

So, you want them all to be United in one state. Is that even possible? Well I suppose it was possible at a time, before the Schengen. At this time, there was a positive air around the project, and with a bit more skill, the peoples of Europe could have been swayed into an agreement. But the Schengen changed all that, because mixing up people across borders was simply doing too much in too short a time. The peoples started feeling lost, and conflicts started to emerge. When you do something against the wish of people, you often get a violent reaction. So the project has become absolutely impossible to go through with. Already it is seen as the mother of all problems, because it does not argue very well for its ideas. Again here we see the basic problem of the project; amateurism. 

At the end, nobody really wants the project, and that is why we have the basic problem, because amateurism is the effect of a poor workforce. The best minds are attracted by ideas, challenges and real progress. Something the EU cannot offer, so they must do with the second best. 

What has really happened, it is a reawakening of the tribal ideology. We see Danes, Englishmenn, Swedes, Frenchman, Dutch forming up. We talk about the nation, but behind that idea lies the feeling of a tribe. The tribe can be formed up genetically, but it can also be defined as a cultural entity. As in Judaism, where you can become a Jew, if you really make an effort, and deserve it. The same goes with Danes, Dutch and so on. You can become one of the tribe, if you really make effort. 

Tribes are, traditionally, a positive idea, that underlines the pursue of justice, prosperity and highculture for the tribe. The borders are extremely important, because with this you can ensure security and development. 

Within the tribe, there is the sanctuary of law and religion, originally demarked by stones or simpler as lines. 

These different principles battle in these times, and we will see what will win. But one thing is certain. With great experiment comes a violent proces. And the EU is, unfortunately for all the peoples of Europe, one of those utopian projects, that has absolute no idea about the result of what it has started. 

So we all brace ourselves for the storm, settle in, and harvest our resources for the fight. 

I do not condemn the aims of the European Union, I believe in peace. But I do condemn the haphazard process it has begun. Millions and millions of people around in Europe are witnessing devastating consequences of the project, and they pay a price they do not deserve to pay. All because some politicians believed they had the arrogant right to choose for them, though they had never earned that right. 

G-d bless the will of spirit in the face of the storm that will soon hit Europe. 

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Tycho Brahe

March 19th, 2015 No comments

Tycho_Brahe's_StjerneborgThe Middle East i trying to regain momentum in the international world. Everything we have today was invented in the Middle East, or at least most of it, but the West has surpassed and gone farther.

What was it really that gave the West momentum? Was it Newton? Machiavelli? Nietzsche? Adam Smith? Voltaire? Well, as I see it, I believe the most important philosopher or scientist that really made all the difference was a Danish scientist called Tycho Brahe.

He was a part of the Italian renaissance five hundred years ago, and he had one thing that really inspired many scientists and philosophers of his time; the method of precision. Until his time, a lot of the observations made within astronomy and natural science at large, was highly imprecise. It was so, so – and more or less. So nothing could be certain, everything was speculation.

Tycho Brahe changed that. He made instruments extremely precise. So precise nothing was really seen like it before. He was extremely thorough as well, methodical, and could thereby prove that the understanding of the world we had until then. That a system where all stars, moons and planets were placed on a crystal-sphere, and thereby immobile, was wrong. He proved it wrong with his instruments. The ground breaking work; De nova stella, the new star, proved that things actually move in the sky.

Ever since that, natural science has been all about prove, precision, methods to advance the understanding of the universe.

Values I try to implement in my work, though it is difficult with metaphysics and politics.

But it is basically a cultural trait. It is the way we think up here north, and it works.

So, making a renaissance in Egypt and elsewhere where science really started, a focus on proveability, methodology and thoroughness is a good way to perhaps rekindle all the light that was once in the Middle East, but now on a modern basis.

G-d bless you all, and may the light shine once again in all your cities.

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The need

March 18th, 2015 No comments

Human or social engineering as the politicians and the policy makers have been doing the last forty years in Europe is missing a point. You can steer human development into some canyons and riverbeds of development, but there is one thing you have to accept, that you cannot control, and should never control. The most ferocious and unforgiving of all forces in human socity. The one force that always is the mother or all revolutions; the need. The human need. The stronger the human need is, the more difficult it is to control. As in the French Revolution, where the true need behind all the marvelous philosophy of the revolution was a simple need to eat. Marie Antoinette ate cakes, but the people had no bread. So they stood up to her, to have bread. The same goes with the Russian revolution, where the people were starving due to the First World War. Another need not covered, and a kingdom a thousand years old fell.

The same is going on in Europe right now the peoples of Europe are in need of security. The politician still believe in the grand plans of the European Union. But the people just need to have a job and be safe. Mass epidemics of rape, massive increase of criminality, societies broken down, creates a need.

So the people rebel. They elect leaders the establishment does not like, because they go against the powerful EU elite. They support free thinking cartoonists. It is a mess.

So far, the current system has backtracked, fought for its ideas, persecuted some of the freethinkers, pushed the multicultural agenda. But it is like trying to make a dam in front of a lake. The more you dam up the water, the stronger the pressure becomes, and the cracks keep on coming.

Why? Because of the needs of people. You can take away their freedom, their entertainment, let them eat a poor meal. But if you accept and even condemn them when their daughters are raped, they live in constant fear, they see their very world torn down in front of them. They will rebel.

Now, this force is so strong it creates revolutions. It turns everything upside down. And so far it has been creative of a powerful paradigmatic shift inside Europe. Seeds have been sown, and they are ready to blossom.

But the elites still do not get it. They cling on to “more of the same”. And hope that if just the right amount of pressure and the right amount of skill is applied and used, everything will be fine.

They do not know the force of the need.

I have tried to create new ways for the needs to be used, in a constructive manner. Because as needs are devastating, they are also the opportunity for rebirth and regrowth. The fining, the catarsis, the burning away of all our own corruption, in the making of new good societies.

This is the way it is, when someone or something stands at its own deathbed. It is either winning it all, or loosing it all. But we need to listen carefully, otherwise the needs will end us up in darkness, a powerful destructive force will kill us all, and end the life of Europe.

This the stakes we are meeting, perhaps some heads should be turned the right way, ask the right questions, and start doing something about it, before it is too late.

G-d bless the will to unite and grow strong again.

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March 18th, 2015 No comments

Congratulations mr. Netanyahu. That was an all odds against you win. But with a little help from your friends, you overcame the troubles in front of you.

First of all, this gives you a ticket to pursue the security of Israel. To be a true leader in terms of defense and protection. The war against IS has just begun, and Israel needs to be tough and strong in the coming years. There will be many challenges, and true difficulties.

I do not believe in a peaceagreement with the Gaza strip, it is too volatile, and all the evil, terrible measures it has taken to make its bid, disqualifies it as a viable partner. They should not be tyrannized, that would make us be like them, but making a deal is against any reason.

The deal with Iran however is another matter. We have a chance here, as I see it. Iran is all in for it, and the constituency, with the new Kahlon party will seek for a compromise on this issue. Added to the pressure mr. Obama puts on this issue (it is his defining foreign policy project), there seems to be a lot of pressure.

I would sue for a hand on the deal. Make amends with mr. Obama and seek a way to ensure a deal that all will be able to live with.

If the deal is broken, go back to the attack plans.

Iran is a very religious country. They hate us, because we are corrupted and evil, but they are not evil themselves, in itself. Iranians believe that what they do, they do it for the good of spirit. As in all matters of spirit, understanding the way of spirit is what guides us all.

I have supported them for a long time, because we basically agree on the focus on G-d, and somehow this project is something that binds us together. I never planned it, it happened because we realized, we had a lot in common after all. As with Egypt, that I believe that I have contributed to a lot, in a very positive way (Egypt is really finding itself these days), the same can happen, if we are as lucky as in Egypt, with Iran.

Who does not want to in alignment with itself? Who does not want to be hundred percent Jew, Persian, Dane, Egyptian or American? We all want to be ourselves, and we want to be a romantic version of ourselves. The heroes of old, the Cyrus, the David, the Churchill. This is what all wants, and the heroes would not be heroes if they had not been fair and just.

Anyway, the telephone is open. Not as a way to bind, but as a way of friendship.

G-d bless Israel.

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Jesus-Christ-christianity-17724130-405-288We have an immense problem in Northern Europe. The problem can be boiled down to a devastating attack by Muslim extremists on our very societies. Muslims who are despised by the Arab world have a free rein in Northern Europe, often defining what it is to be Muslim.

I mean Hizb-Ut-Tahrir, direct supports of IS, are often coveted and supported in Northern Europe, The Muslim Brotherhood used to be as well. But in the Middle East they are despised.

So who are we to judge? Why cant we see, that the perpetrators who are laying waste to our societies, use methods as rape and sharia police in our cities to fight us, are not just representative of all Muslims? Why cant we just say it as it is; we are encountering a vile, secteric, inhuman version of Islam. A version where all the mean and destructive parts of Islam is amplified and brought to an extreme.

Why cant we just say that, and start doing something about it?

It is because of fear. Terror, some call it. We are scared, and due to this scare, we are willing to sacrifice our young women, our societies, our wealth, our security. Terror works.

So what do we do to counter it?

Well, seen from an enlightenment perspective, we need to reflect the ideas of enlightenment in our daily actions. Enlightenment is an idea of one of our main allies in the Arab world; Egypt. Humanism is the creative and spiritual child of Heliopopis, the city of light.

We need to be inspired by the ones who actually understand the ups and downs of the world, and use the positive ideas they are themselves carriers of.

There are two modes; the light of the moon and the light of the sun.

The sunwielders are mighty sacrifising warriors, who brings the light into the Platonic cave, often paying with their own lives and comfort. Today we call them bloggers. They are despised, ridiculed, hated. Because the light they shine on us is too much, and we cannot take it. But they are the best in us, the most honest, the strongest and our guiding stars.

Then there is the light of the moon. The light of the moon is connected to the myth of Isis and Osiris. The mother of virginity wandered the pallid earth, and was sucked into the needs and the cravings of flesh. She however had her savior; her son Osiris, he saved her, by shining so much light into her world, that she was not blinded, but could use it to see again. This is the story behind Christian redemption by Christ. Christ will save us, by his gentle light.

This is the light of those who are less prone to fighting. Who wish to find a path that they and their close ones can travel. This is the savior of the many.

This is the path of the pastor and the priest, this is the crutch of the everyday labor.

Through this method may we be saved.

Gentle light on the problems will ensure that we can tackle it, little by little, bit by bit.

G-d bless the light of the world, however we see it.

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The election in Israel is coming to an end. Let me be clear about this. I support, 100 %, mr. Netanyahu. He has been clear, decisive, intelligent, honest and extremely skilled in his defense of Israel. He has his faults as everybody else. But in a volatile situation where enemies are all over, mr. Netanyahu is the right man to support. On top of this he actually does balance between liberal and conservative stances, especially in the late Gazan war. Something he never got the right amount of praise for. The conservative part could not see the balance he actually made.

We very much disagree on Iran, but we hold the same values. We are in the same party. We analyze things a little differently, but we want the same.

So, if I can do anything to help, please ask me. If it is about Iran, why not give me a call? I will listen to all arguments, all evidence presented by all parties. I am not swayed by pressure, but logic arguments are what turns my ideas, and I am open to any.

But, as I see it, mr. Netanyahu is the right president.

G-d bless Israel.

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