Prince Philip

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Dear Elisabeth, sincere condolences with your late husband Prince Philip.

I have myself tried to be through such trials, loosing someone I really liked, and I must say, that I really sympathise. You cannot describe the loss you feel, when someone so close goes away.

So this is not a critical review of Prince Philip, but rather a call to all his strenghts and qualities.

Once a gentleman, always a gentleman.

What was it that that gentleman gave the world. Well, being a loyal knight of he Maltese brotherhood myself, my take on how I see see Prince Philips qualities, is seen through that filter, the filter of a knight of the realm. What was prince Philip really? He was the one, who still held the banner high even though everbody else seems to have lost their grip. It is in this unswerving loyality and honor to the crown, that I see his greatest quality.

He would enter a fight with a song on his lips, and an ode to England, holding the banner high over his head. And he had done it, in his own life, many times.

You have very few of those loyal, serving souls left in this world. To me, being able to serve one of those brave knights of the realm, has been a tremendous honor.

He was the very soul of Britain.

But the beauty of his life will be, that the virtues and values, that he had, will be carried over to new generations to come. Making sure, that there is an England also after his departure from the fight of keeping Britain whole and sound.

He was an ideal to many, and a stallwart defender of the realm.

Hail to him, and may he rest in peace, having lived a life of quality and sincerity, that few others have lived.

G-d bless the magic islands of the British, and may it prevail. G-d bless the living memory of his highness prince Philip.

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Well, now the dichomoty between democratic islam, and kalifate islam is enhanced and underlined both in the UK in relation to the current debalce over the Mohammad cartoon in a school, and in the meeting between the EU and Turkey.

It seems to me, that the radicalists are trying to dominate and find conflict with the European/American democratic alliance.

At the same time, we have the conflicts with both China and Russia.

This is too much.

If we want to or not, we need to tackle these issues.

My take it is, as I wrote in the last posting, to PRIORITIZE the conflicts. So that we try to reduce the conflicts with the Russians and pick the anti democratic foes of China and the islamists.

That creates the necessarry balance with the Muslim community, makes a sound ideological basis under the fight, and it creates a situation where we have sound alliances.

The Democratic West is ready to fight the islamists, and we need to be able to hinder escalation with Russia. Russia are not keen on Turkey either, so there is a possible alliance there. To beat the Ottomans is a pretty old score unsettled with the heirs to the Byzantine church.

The Russian Orthodox church is an heir to the ancient Byzantine church that is still in existence in Turkye, albeit a shadow of its former selv.

So the lines of conflict are pretty obvious, we just need to initate a planned and organized response to the islamist in Western Europe and China, and make peace with Russia.

I know this is difficult, but these are the conflicts that are there, and we can pick and choose how we fight them.

G-d bless the will to be wise in strategy and bold in action.

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Ok Joe, listen, I am certainly your oldest political friend in the current political life. You know, I cried when you didn’t stand for election at Hillarys run, I was so bewildered, because usually when I see something, it comes trough. But then Trump won and things never really have been the same since then. Not to say anything negative about Trump, I mean, I like him. But the diversion that his presidency has created are really dangerous. Getting back normal is really, really difficult.

Be as it may, this is important, if we want to secure a long lasting stability of the country, and the world as such.

I may not be the best to do these things, I am a revolutionary gone home cooking, and the itch is still there. Add to this, I have been practically imprisoned the last fifteen years, so my psyche is pretty torn.

BUT, I truly believe in unity, and in the ability to create a balance between right and left.

The challenges we face, are best faced together not apart from each other.

To me, the best response to the Trump presidency is not more division, but more unity.

Divided we fall, united we stand.

So how do we do that?

Well, being a philosopher, my answer is simple, or rather the idea is simple the approach is complex. We need to analyze and understand how to find the middle path between left and right.

All great presidents and PMs have been a middle path finder. It goes for Churchill, it goes for Obama, it goes for Reagan and it is probably the same these days. Mr. Cameron had the same, he was a little of one side, and a little of the other side. Damned shame he left politics if you ask me.

Politically, on my side, its the same. Lawrence of Arabia, that CREATED the Middle East as it is, was an Oxford Scholar. Rev. Brian Mountford, that is a blazing liberal theologican of Oxford that I have had the honour to meet is the same. A wise man and a deep thinker.

So in order to find unity, you need to find that middle path between left and right. On each issue.

I mean, remeber when you fought for Detroit? The motor city, that is old school Socialdemocratic policy. Obamas fight for the family, at the same time a socialstate. Beautiful middle ground policy. Or Churchill who started as a conservative, then was a Socialdemocrat, building the british welthfare system, and then went back to fight the Narzies.

This is a task for you as well. I know, that most of the Liberal world have gone half crazy and are gearing up for an anti Trump movement. This is as wrong as going anti liberal. To me, that would be the division that would have won.

What we need is not more division, but more compromise, cross the aisle dialogue, also internationally. Finding a middle path between terrorist and most muslims, and also support the dialogue.

Finding a middle path with the enemies. Not fighting Russia, only fighting China.

In this perspective, people in th US as well a abroad will see, hopefully, a unifier and not a divider, as a contrast to Trump.

It requires dialogue, discussion, reflection on each issue. It is really difficult, but it is extremely difficult to be the President of the United States. The most challenging job of the world, I suppose.

Anyway, please Joe, do not go down that road of division, but try to unite the world. Fight those fights you need to, but not more than that. And be predictable, so that people understand what is going on.

Be a unifier.

G-d bless the will to be a unifier.

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Ok, it seems to me, that the Biden administration is finally taking up the idea of doing an advanced, complicated yet possibly successful strategy in foreign policy.

This is what we did in the Obama era, and that was, one of the most successful phases of American power.

There have been other successful phases of American power off cause, this is not to diminish the vast and world changing role that America has had through history, just to try and link this period with the last period.

Ok, where do we start. In fact, to Change things a little let me start with an inverted Trump citation made by one of the philosophical founding fathers of the U.S. Alexis de Tocqueville. A French philosopher traveling the U.S. at its inception, more or less.

He said, ‘America is good, and that is what makes it great. The day it is not good anymore, it will cease to be great.’

In other words, what we do, both domestically as well as in foreign policy MUST be based on an ethical understand of the acts that America. America will loose its greatness the day the ethics is abandoned.

That is why, we have to make some kind of solution to the IS problem, that does not involve spreading these marauders all over the place.

I get it, the Kurds have a problem, we need to fix it. But we could send them somewhere else, where they do less of a damage, and ceases to inflict much harm to anyone. How we stop them of being radicalized, beats me, but they shouldn’t annoy anyone, and not the Europeans, they are really dangerous.

Then the Russians. I know, that it was a Trump era policy to have some kind of alliance with Putin. But it started in the Obama era, and I supported it. First of all, because as Russia have become a Democratic and Christian nation, more or less, then we do not have any ideological differences anymore. Secondly because in a fight with China, not having to worry about Russia is pretty important.

For Russia, they are ok with not being a part of the worlds conflicts. They are either asleep, og wide awake. Don’t poke the bear, as someone would say. Because the bear is pretty strong and lethal when it wakes up. It happened to Napoleon, it happened to Hitler, and they both lost. In a way here after the Cold War, with Western Europe more or less collapsing due to the induced corruption, Russia also won that war. We just never really realized what they were doing, and the process to get back on track is pretty difficult, though we are getting somewhere.

Maybe this is boring, and not new, but the fact of the matter is, that we have China as an opponent, and we need to strategize according to that.

It is no secret, that what we are doing is to our own interest. But at the other hand, neither are everybody else’s.

So, that is my advice, play the international game with skill, otherwise, we definitely will loose.

G-d bless the will to be smart in relations to foreign as well as domestic policy.

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Guys, we are in trouble, again, if I may be so bold.

Ok, let me be absolutely honest with you, where did this strand of “Change” come from, and where does it lead.

Well, it comes from a European Socialdemocratic tradition that has developed under the yoke of different fascist enemies.

My first political mentor Per alias “Tom”, was a freedom fighter in the second world war. He was a part of the tradition that gave us the freedom fighters of Spain and he himself had fought vigorously against the nazis.

Pretty cool guy.

I met him at university where I studied history at that time.

His version of Socialdemocratism let him to fight, and risk his life in the organisation BOPA, Borgerlige partisaner.

What he fought for, was a world, where people are free from opression, living in a democratic world.

So, when I initiated my own career or whatever you call it, I tried to look into the problems we have had with socialism as well as liberalism.

My conclusion was quite clear, when Stalin abandoned the democratic cause in the Spanish civil war, socialism fell. It is the component of democracy, the “republic”, that needs to be in there, to make it work.

And, another thing. Marx abandoned faith to make “dialectic materialism”, that is a communist idea without faith.

That takes out g-d out of the equation. Another fault to my mind.

Without G-d there will be no drive towards goodness in life.

So I wanted to fix these two problems of Socialdemocratism.

That is the basis of Change.

G-d bless America, remember. We fought islamic fascism, remember?

This has given Socialdemocratism a breather, and it is rebounding in Europe. Denmark where I live, it is all healthy and sound.

France as well, it is finding its way as well. A new fascist enemy, the rebirth of Democracy and so on.

I fixed the problems.

But in US, due to Trump, not to be mean to Trump, but just to state the pretty obvious, Change is somehow seen as a Trump thing. And the Socialdemocrats there are rapidly going down the old, sucking, corrupt hole that were sucking the life out of Socialdemocratism before Obama.

The Change that I and Obama did is rapidly evaporating.

Now, I cant do anything about it, it seems to me, that you guys have gone pretty far down the rabbit hole, and that is understandable due to all the trouble of the Trump presidency.

But seriously, taking all the good things of Change and ditching that as well. That is a problem, and it seems to me, it is actually accelerating into an even more destructive version of Socialdemocratism.

Guys, a sound society is a society based on healthy families living in healthy cities. All based on a small but efficient state, to help those in need.

A good, hardworking population that shares the same ideals and dreams.

The unity that heals is yet to be seen, and it is getting further and further away.

What will happen in four years, I will tell you what will happen, destruction, mayhem, revolution, animosity and lack of cohesion.

What did we dream about in the Spanish civil war? We dreamt of a society that was sound and healthy, a society with amble room for everybody and peace within the republic.

That and a sound faith in spirit.

Raise that ancient motheaten banner that Stalin took down, and you will have a good society, where people are truly happy to be in, because that is what it is all about. The happiness of the people, right?

Not your own satisfaction of winning the game, but he people, remember?

G-d bless the will to be a unifier and not a someone who makes chasms of disunity between people.

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Islamic State

Ok, so the world is really changing, one of the main changes, I suppose is the abandonment of Obama principles that lead the world before Biden came to power. Trump didnt change much of the Obama ideas in his presidency, if anything, he enhanced them. So for me, being an Obama supporter, and having envisioned many of these principles, that was actually ok.

But now they are, rapidly being abandoned. The economoc ideas behind Obamas ideas, the “Obamanomics” is abandoned. The fight against Isis is abandoned, the only thing that is left, is the fight against China.

But not to support Taiwan and Hong Kong, two democratic enclaves in and around China, but to help and support Turkish muslims, that happen to be islamists.

Ok, talk about a 180 degree turnaround.

Add to this the animosity between the US and Russia, we have a new world order indeed. But just a skewed, unatainable order in the view of at least us Europeans. I mean, what is really the idea about fighting Russia. Yes, there is Ukraine, but apart from that, Russia is a partner in business, and they like us.

At the other hand, why abandon the fight against Isis? I mean here in Denmark, we democratic fighters against islamism have, some of us, almost made it out of solitary confinement, because we fought Isis, so now we should be in on the acceptance of Isis?

Seriously, there hasnt even been a acceptance of what we did, so the reconciliation should be between free Isis members, and jalied democratic/humanistic islamcritics?

Are you totally out of your mind. The wounds after Charlie Hebdo and the attack against the Vilks comitee hasnt even remotely healed, and we have numerous, daily attacks against the civil population all the time. So you want to talk peace to someone who are still jalied. At least, let us out of the jail, recognize the massive work we have done for the west, and maybe then we talk about it. Oh, and by the way, please stop the daily terrorattacks as well.

This leaves Denmark in a really hard spot. Maybe rest of the Europeans powers kind of feel the same feeling of unreal we feel here in Denmark?

This again leaves a power vacuum to take up for the European powers, becuase IS is still a very viable threat in the Middle East, and the process of abandoning the slavery of being tools for the world powers proxy war has begun.

I mean, whý is it, that the Middle East should fight the wars between Russia and the US?

There must be a middle ground here somewhere. Maybe the Middle East should just step back a bit, and leave the worlds bickering and problems. Maybe that is not such a bad idea.

I dont really know, but I do know, that abandoning the fight against IS makes absolutely no sense from where I am standing, and I hope, that at least some of the European Powers can see the folly leaving a fight we were actually winning.

G-d bless the fight we will continue against a foe of unimaginable terror.

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The peace process

Well, now the West seems to have stopped supporting the anti Isis coalition of most of the world including most major powers in the Middle East.

Add to this, the Kurds are kind of caught in the middle.

What is essentially happening. It is, sorry to say, the West that is reverting to its default state of not really understanding the Middle East, and not really caring either.

The nuanced, respectful, deep, religious understanding that the Obama administration showed in the Middle East has been changed with a numb, disrespectful understanding, that really puts the sacrifice that the Kurds did to fight Isis in a poor light. 50.000 men the Kurds sacrificed to fight this evil, a sacrifice, that is now forgotten by the West, as it is importing Isis to the West to give Isis safe haven.

What do we do? I mean, the peace project, the stability that we gave the Middle East. Israel as the great harbinger of truth, honesty and peace.

It is not understood or respected by the West anymore.

So what do we do?

The only reasonable course for the Middle East is to do its own thing. I mean, maybe the West have gone back to not understanding the moral maze of the Middle East, the “Lawrence of Arabia” process is over, seen from the West perspective.

For now at least, hopefully a new administration in the White house will accept and take up the beacon of peace again in a future constellation. At least to me, it seems, that some of the liberal future candidates seems to buy into the advanced understanding of the Middle East as a possible solution to the conflicts.

So my advice is, forget about the West right now, and let us just continue to make an serious ecumenical attempt at finding common ground. Perhaps the newfound sympathy for Islamic State will vane after a few years, and the inevitable terrorist attacks.

But the rest of the religious world should, to my mind, try to find common ground, and find peace.

This will be difficult, especially for Israel that is traditionally allied with the US. But this process is something that should last for more than just ten years, it should be an eternal process to make peace in the world.

It is difficult, but we need to think ten, twenty and a hundred years from now. To a time, where there is a common ground between all the monotheistic religions, and we can choose to do it ourselves.

With a heartful thank you to the Kurds, that made this possible, essentially. They should be considered the good guys, as they are.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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The Muslim world

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My Bangladeshi family have always been a staunch supporter of western values. My father Mohammad Liaquat Hussain attended a British led boarding school, and was a freedom fighter in the Bangladeshi fight for freedom.

He always talked about Mohatma Ghandi, and his fight for freedom. But he still supported the British institutions that are still in place in both Pakistan as well as Bangladesh.

It was quite an eye opener for me, to talk to mr. Parviz a Pakistani scholar, and the identity crisis that is there in Pakistan these days.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is Isis and Al Quada, the Muslim Brotherhood and all the other pro islamists parties.

To be honest about these conflicts, there is an internal discussion within the Muslim community on to how to understand Western culture.

Here I believe, that we in the West must truly understand this discussion, and be a viable as well as honest partner.

I truly understand what it is, to lose ones religion. I have fought a vigorous battle to keep my spiritual identity, I still do.

Being active as well as constructive partners in the internal Muslim discussion, we in the West are not helping, if we do not understand it, or pick the wrong alliances out of ignorance.

Right now, the Danish system, represented by the police, seems to pick Islamic state as some kind of protected minority. They actively help them, saying one thing doing another.

This is the opposite of understanding Sunni Islam.

It only adds to the difficulty of the liberal Muslims trying to get a hand on their own identity. It is really destructive. We need to understand what is going on in the Muslim community to be a viable and serious partner.

Supporting Isis is not such a way.

Supporting the Kurds and fighting Turkey is much more supportive of the Muslim liberal world.

To be taken serious in a complicated world, requires insight.

These days, it seems to me, that only the liberal Muslims are supporting me, that is a problem, right then and there.

To my understanding, we need to resaddle, and fight the Islamists, as we have done so far, and support liberal Muslims.

Only then do we actually further the internal process of the Muslim community.

You know, they are just as us, some are grappling with their own identity, some are going berserk radicalized, others understand and like our humanistic democracies.

Finding that middle way is pretty important, I think, not only for us, but especially with Muslims, that are, quite frankly in two minds these days.

That is hard, but important.

G-d bless the will to be honest and wise in these matters.

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The main enemy of the Obama administration was ISIS. We did that, because these guys are a murdering lot. But also because by pointing out precisely the extremists of the muslim world, that most other Muslims despise for their radicality and lack of humanism, we protected most other muslims.

So it was a win win.

In this fight, we had a tremendous help from most of the world, and specifically the Kurds, that fought so bravely against the Islamist. They fought for humanity and human rights.

Today, nobody really remembers them, but they are left with all the islamic state fighters in vast camps on their territory.

This is something I personally belive to be a great shame, but I also believe, that it could be a possible way to remake the American leading role in the world.

If the Biden administration picks up the fight against Isis, it could actually draw some of the other power with it.

So where do we stand with Isis?

First of all, it is not over. Isis still holds vast alliances around the world. Not least in the Middle East, where Turkey is still a direct donater. This is off cause unacceptable, and should be fought, vigourously.

At the same time, a lot of the European countries, and not least the European Union itself have been playing a double game.

I have been persecuted by the state for many years, and that was because the secret police the “KGB”, secretly supported ISIS.

It has been unofficial, but lately PET, as it is called, is more open with its direct support of Isis. They have just launched a pro isis campaign within Denmark, and are, again, trying to put the pro democratic fighters down.

Add to this, in Mozabique, they have just opened a new front.

So they are not beat, and they still have allies, not least my own country, sad to say, that tries to create a safe haven here. As an example, one of the fighters, that have actively raped, killed and murdered Kurds, lives in a secure environment here in Denmark. See the picture attached, at the same time, the PET is actively trying to put down pro democrats.

One of the difficult twists of this, is the fact, that the brave Socialdemocratic PM of Denmark, ms. Frederiksen, is hardpressed by the PET to support Isis, and she is really in trouble.

How we deal with this is difficult, but at least the PM knows this, and have the power to change the prioities of the PET, if she is strong enough.

Maybe a warm hand from the Americans would serve as a good support, after all, we are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse here, so to speak.

Anyway, regaining an international coalition against Isis is a good way to create bonds and share values. We fight for at humanistic/democratic world. Against slavery and a deathcult.

G-d bless the will to fight for a better world.

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Millitary strategy

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Trýing to pick up where Obama left is pretty difficult, there has run a lot of water under the bridge, so to speak, so we need to relay the whole security perspective to this.

But, the essential stratifications are still the same. On the right flank the greatest threat is the rise of islamism, or rather traditional sunni islam (the shias seems to be less agressive in a strange way, or it may just be the essential Zoroastrianist vibe of that country, that makes it positive, I dont know). Anyway, Islamic State, Al Quada, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas all these branches of a pro califate Islam threaten the integrity of the Democratic State.

Most obvious is France, where the French Republic have been waging a blistering war with the brothers, and lost momentum. The main Churh of Northe Dame has been torched, a french teacher have been beheaded and so on and so forth.

That is war.

If the US is to gain a presiding role over that conflict, it must deliver a Democratic answer, and at the same time reach out to moderate muslims, who are open to dialogue. To be honest, I was personally very positively surprised to talk to mr. Parviz, that is honest about the conflict and seems to want some sort of reconciliation.

That is real progress there. We at the other hand, have to respect, that the G-dlessness of our systems can be difficult for Muslims. The lack of family cohesion and the aim of society to be good.

These things are something we need to work on, to my mind. The divorce rates are through the roof, our families are really suffering, and the loss of spirituality is a problem to me. Not that it should be a repressive spirituality, but we have lost sight of what life is about; kindness, healing, selfsacrifice, solidarity.

But security wise, fighting Al Quada and the Islamic State is important, if we are to regain a leading role in Europe, because that is what is happening here.

At the left flank, there is China, and again we need to understand this fight in ideological terms. When Alexander the Great fought his wars it was all in the name of freedom for the hellenic people, he won, because his people believed in him, pushing forward to free the greek.

Any fighting force needs a why and a how to be able to fight, especially the American military that is essentially a humanistic/democratic force. Fighting for Democracy.

Now, as Alexander the Great went along, in the end he fought becuase he was good at it, for no reason really, and the troops wanted to go home.

That is a lesson learned there. Soldiers need a motive, and the best motive is Democracy.

We should off cause defend the American Democracy, but it makes sense to pick a fight over Taiwan and Hong Kong, in defense of their Democracy as well.

Because where China goes, Democracy fails, not least in Hong Kong, that is suffering these days, they need our help.

That is a difficult task especially in these days of digital warfare, but possible for the prudent and wise.

So, we need to figure out a strategy for the west and for the east, and each have to include a multilayered approach, so that the soldiers are in on it, and we achieve important goals of ourselves as well as our allies.

G-d bless the will to be prudent in thouhgt and bold in action.

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The international perspectives are getting along, the US is trying to find a way in this new situation, or rather to refind its momentum.

Let us be honest about the cause and aim of an American lead world, it is Democracy.

It is something it has in common with both France and the UK, in fact it is a common cause it has in common with most of the free world.

The difficulty lies in the understanding of how this mission is to be applied in the world.

Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former PM of Denmark and a great fighter for Democracy rightly points to the fact, that the twist over the Taiwanese island is a Democratic fight. Therefor, going in, at supporting Taiwan makes perfect sense, and it would aling the US with all its former allies.

There is still the fight with Islamic State. I thought, that it was more or less over. I had just been to an amazing symposium at Oxford, where I believe, that there was some kind of understanding initating.

Then I return to Denmark, and to my horror i realize, that the leftwing has mounted a campaign FOR islamic state. I mean, we have some kind of reconcilisation going on here, and then the Islamic State manages to worm itself in with the communists and some of their hangarounds.

This is a problem, if we have a IS/Communist alliance in Europe, the fight is not over yet.

Add to this, it seems the KGB of Denmark, PET is actually supporting the islamists. Imagine that.

So the fight on the right flank is not over. The means to fight the islamic terrorist will be different, but we are fighting a two front war.

This is a problem, we need to put pressure on our European allies to stomp out the communist support of IS in the European mainland.

But that should be possible. Going to war with Denmark due to its support to IS is absurd, but if things get more out hand, an attack may be necessary to stomp out this new ally of the islamists, we should consider it.

But lets see if they rethink their ideas, if not the Spetznas may just be mounting some kind of attack on Denmark and the other IS supporting countries in Europe, but hopefully we do not get to this.

Anyway, the fight for Democracy has just begun, and it is about to get bloody, we need to be prepared for that.

G-d bless the will to be bold in action, and ready for at fight against those who value freedom.

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March 25th, 2021 No comments

I have just finished a Symposium on Oxford with rev. Brian Mountford.

I have attended before, but this time, it seems to me, that the dialogue have been going on so long, that we are really beginning what I suppose mr. Mountford had inteded in the first place with the Symposium, some true ecumenical progress.

We have to get to know each other, and as the dialogue progresses, we actually do get somewhere.

I had a very interesting conversation with mr. Parviz a muslim scholar on the difficulty of Pakistani development in terms of accepting secularism and humanism.

I am a classical humanistic philosopher, with long hair, and a rebellious attitude. So for me, that was quite the opposite of what I have of problems. My problem have been the inhuman terrorist of islam, that seek to undermine the democratic institutions through violence against civilians here in Denmark, and in the West in general.

So it was interesting to able to see it from the perspective of a midleaning muslim scholar.

That was real progress, and I hope that mr. Mountford sees this as a fruit of his labor. Well done mr. Mountford!

For me, I have been thinking a lot about the crisis of the organized religions, and how we may find a way to tackle it. Here again it was quite enligtening, to hear that mr. Mountford in his new book recognizes the basic difficulty of trying to fight for a philosophical perspective in a world of absolute superficiality.

I mean, from Plato to Tik Tok there is an abyss of difference, that we in the religious community have to talk about and find a way to undertand and tackle.

His holiness pope Francis have initiated a “rennaissance” within the Christian chuches, going to the core message of Christianity. In a reflection of the difficulty of closing the gap. I believe that that is a good way, because, the competition of moderne media forces us to show the public, the value or religion.

I believe, that people cannot live only with superficiality, as rev. Mountford argues, off cause people need to have a connection to the deeper stratifications of their own soul. People are complex beings, and reducing them to the superficial level, that they are today is unhealthy for them and for society.

It may be easy to sit and exchange emoticons on the internet, but having children and caring for them, is still difficult, and requires knowledge of how to sacrifice yourself in a harsh experience.

The role of the family as an insitution is still extremely vital, not least the children, that often suffer in this new digital world.

So there is a place of religion in our world, we just need to figure out a way to understand and tackle this new world of digital competition, and superficiality.

Not by becoming more superficial, but by being honest about our own qualities, and giving them, in some way to the public.

We still need profoundness and kindness in this world, healing. We just need a way to understand how we do that in this new confusing world, not least for the children, who are the true victims of this new world.

They are growing up in a world, where grown ups are in a tablet, and not as a supportive living person close to them.

We need to Change that.

G-d bless the will to be honest in a difficult situation.

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March 21st, 2021 No comments

Joe, you have to release Kamala. I know, that you yourself try to reunite the country across the different political understandings. But, you need help, and that help is right besides you; Kamala.

She has all the vibrancy and charisma to reach right and left.

So, let her do her thing. Let her go here and there, let her speak up and do all the things she is best at.

I know, that this might be intimidating for Kamala, but that is politics, it is so increadibly hard. But there is only one way to Change things, and that is to get out there in the mix, and start the speaking and reaching out.

Kamala has the potential, she just needs to start doing it.

Healing is about outreach.

Let Kamala go to the Trump camp, and initiate the dialogue.

Ask them for at cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Let them know, that you and Kamala LISTEN to them.

Healing is essentially about dialogue and communication.

Dont just do your thing, but try to listen to the disgrumpled and angry.

Here Kamala is your best card, hands down.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world, and try to listen to the other end of the table.

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Cimate Change

March 20th, 2021 No comments

Climate Change can be many things, but one thing is for certain, it is a question on how we use energy.

Energy comes in many forms; electricity, kinetic energy, the sun, wind. We use it in many ways; to propel our ships, cars, the industry, our laptops, lawnmovers. We use to it wash clothes and get to the moon.

Using energy to our advantage is what defines the greatest leap in mankinds development.

I mean, we can talk so much about how we organize ourselves, and we have been doing that for thousands and thousands of years, but using energy to serve us, is a very new thing, only 170 years, more or less of progress.

We Danes invented a lot of the core technologies, how to use electricity to move things, nuclear energy, wind energy and are still the leading civilisation in this area. We are a bit closed about it, but it is here in Denmark the true revolution in terms of energy work really resides.

So we, as Danes, have a great responsibility to develop these standards to help mankind.

Here, I really hope that the Americans will be partners. Well, they will, we just need to figure a way to do it.

First of all, we need a project, here is one.

Denmark share a huge Island in the north with the Americans. Trump was famous for trying to buy it off of Danish hands, which, in a Danish view is just totally absurd. But the interest is noted, and instead of the Americans buying the island, we could make some projects together, that would make much more sense, and be a boon to both the US as well as Denmark.

The thing about Greenland is, that it contains immense ressources. First of all, there is an abundant amount of floodpower. That is, there are numerous rivers and waterfalls, that could, quite easily be used to create almost free energy. That is a type of energy, that is without any fossile footprint.

Put up endless hydroenergy power stations and create energy.

The greatest barrier have been, that in order to use the energy, one needs to contain it, or send it over wires. Containing energy requires a lot of batteries, sending it from Greenland requires a huge network of wires, and that is costly.

BUT, and this is where the innovation of the Danish mega geeks are interresting. We have been working a lot on power to x, that is energy conversion. It is within reach to take electricty and make shipfuel, carfuel, and a lot of other kinds of fuel.

So, a way to get rid of oil and coal as the only way to power of vehicles of different sort, is to make a huge investment in Greenland, make it a powerhub, Danish and American capital together.

How do we come about that in practise. Well, it is easy Kamala, just call my PM Mette Frederiksen and discuss the ins and outs of it.

Cooperate on the PM/VP level, and we in the background can make all the necessary preperations and coordination.

I know, that cooperation between countries can be a little hard, but this is a global problem, not something local, so we need global solutions, work together.

Anyway, there are many other cool projects to try out, and Greenland is really an interesting place to start, start the Change 🙂

G-d bless the will to Change the Climate.

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March 15th, 2021 No comments

Well, in order to rebuild the American economy, we need to get back on track.

As I understand, someone thought it was a good idea to make a normal Keynesian investment in the country. That is, use a lot of money to put people back at work.

That is a a way, and another way, is to do what Barack did, the “Obamanomics”.

Trump actually continued the Obamanomics, and it was almost enough to get him elected the second term, before Corona, it works.

If have collected some of the core texts here in this PDF, put it in a beautiful magazine form, so it should be enjoyable.

That should be a serious basis for a renewal of the American economy.

So, remember Joe, when Barack held those speeches of “Made in America”?

These are the core texts that underpin that ideology and thought.

So, that would probably get you to the next four years of presidentship, it almost did for Trump, so you could do the same.

G-d bless the will to be bold in action and intelligent in choosing means.

Click here: Economy

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