Concerning the deal on Iran, we should remember, that the main economic reason was the fact, that it would improve the standard living of those who call themselves Persian. 
A strong focus on economical growth should therefore be paramount. It should not be for the elite only, but a wealthfarestate model, that encompasses all, especially the poor should be able to get medical assistance. 

A true schooling in the ideology of Iran should be pursued. Not propaganda, but a positive presentation of all those ideas that is the makeup of modern day Iran. From the Hittite to the Muslim. The aim of the creator is for man to live in peace, in brotherhood, not sucked into the material realm. This should be the aim of a renewed focus on spirituality. 

A state where people are working together with no fear and in peace. People call Persia an irrational country, we say no! It will be a model to behold, an ideal society where people live strongly with the creator as their guiding star, in peace with their fellow man be it Jew or gentile. 
G-d bless what Iran can be in a new world of opportunities. 

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The humane man

We are truly heading for at final conclusion in the fight against and for at peace treaty with Iran. Everybody, both for and against are all up in arms, but it seems to me, that Barack is truly winning this time. It is his showpiece of legislation the best part of his second tenure, and what he promised in the beginning when he promised change and hope. Remember?

He promised us a world with less conflict and more peace, where the U.S. had regained its stature after Bush, and on a deeper level, more prosperity to the middle class. This is what he has delivered, and this is what I will try to follow up on, because there will only be one American president for me, and that is Barack Obama. We started this together, and as Steve jobs, that put that little apple on his first computer, and stuck to it to his death, I will continue what Barack and I started.

So in that sense, you could say, that Baracks tenure will not be over … ever because the philosophy we created together will be a part of the heritage of man. As Alexander and Aristotle.

It is not a thing to be swag about or self obsessed, it is something to be humble about and give to the creator.

But, if you could please see it for what it is, all you who are so adamant in opposing it. It would be a boon to us. It is more than just a vain wish of an American president. It is a world changing event, that seeks to make the west and east whole and strong again. The same pillars we all rest on.

With this deal, if it works, the Viking culture will be back as and international peacemaker and leader.

If we loose, something else will take its place, and believe me, that something else will be either killing, enslavings, masscontrol or something worse.

The individual and his preciousness will be forgotten, it will be war and slaughter, and inhumanity.

This is what we fight for, we fight for at better and more happy world. Not to occupy or tyrranize.

G-d bless the will of the humane man.

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I have often wondered about the EU. I remember I was on a trip with SIAD ten years ago. We went down to Brussels just after the Mohammad cartoon incidence, and landed there, in front of the Potemkin backdrop, it felt drab and deranged there. But there was one little glimmer of idealism, written in the cold concrete that frames the entrance. It was a dedication to antifacism. A faint echo of the Second World War I suppose, and the fight that still seems to motivate the system. That was against Mussolini and his idealistic hordes. The fight against someone who are absolutely certain about their own supremacy, who disdain democracy and the rule of the people.

Well, what has become of that idea? That democratic idealism.

Well, as in the Spanish civil war, when the diehard volunteers went to Spain to fight that democratic socialist fight, it was betrayed by Stalin. That was the point where the Soviet Union went from the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky, and went all … Facist.

As the volunteers died, hardened betrayed by the cold power grab of Stalin, and his fascination with Hitlers efficiency and “bold” methods.

You sometimes become what you fight. The staring on your enemy, will make you become him.

Now, there is one philosopher the bureaucrats should read. He is called Machiavelli. He is the dark philosopher, because his ideas lead to massslaugther. But he is a good read, because he is right in some ways. He is the ultimately realistic philosopher. He says; cut the crap, if you want to hold and secure a city, you have to be ruthless, otherwise, the descendants of those areas you took will rebel. It is like that.

When you mix people with backgrounds so different as the EU is doing, you will have war between the different ethnic groups. Machiavelli will tell you that, and he is right.

Then the EU bureacrats argue, that the US is a United States. But, hey, it took two devastating wars to finally create the US. First the wars with Mexico, and then the civil war.

Another argument against the European Union.

Bottom line, the EU cannot be created without wars. All historical evidence points to that.

That is exactly the conclusion we can draw from the conflicts the EU has with Greece; it is heading for war. Because, seriously, does anyone believe that the Greek population will accept the humiliation it is given by the EU, in a very warlike manner?

Yes the elites are all fighting like cats and dogs to make their haunted Union, but you cannot fight necessity.

So, the project that stood for democracy, has finally plotted our it’s course, directly against facism.

This is why a fight against it, is as glorious and honorable as the last fight against the first facism. Because the true heir to moussolini, is the European Union.

G-d bless us all, as we brace ourselves for the final stand of the great but flawed project.

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Well, I have become a no good, liberal, unrealistic jew, who has no realism and knows nothing. Well, as anyone who have been reading this blog would know, it is the opposite.

But, there is one thing, that is certain. The peace of the Middle East is hinged upon my work now. I do realize, that if I am not able to realize this peace, war will start again.

But basically I do not think that the prospects of a nuclear armed Iran are more probable now than before. It is less. It is like a child, when you continue lecturing them about this and that, and it is, obviously unfair. It will rebel and do the opposite. If you, however, actually try to make a frame, where things are truly fair, and all claims are equally balanced, it will respect you.

I know, that it is, in a way, an unfair reflection, since Iran is one of the most ancient cultures of mankind. But, the pedagogical tools applied by the West have been immature.

Now, Iran feels it has a serious partner to negotiate with, and acts like that. Serious.

But, it all hinges on my shoulders, and I am trying to realize a more stable basis of my own existence. I cannot work this way, as a helper and hold that responsibility. I need a sound basis to work from. I hope to realize this in a few months.

Until then, we still have this amazing opportunity to make peace. To evolve as humans.

There is a saying, that humanity is no more.

I object, it is truly alive.

G-d bless the will to peace.

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love of fellow man

The process of a new religion has begun. So far, I have not heard from his eminence archbishop Justin Welby, but it seems to me, that the Kabbalists are willing to help. That is good news, because they are the caretakers of the basic judaic principles of the religions that we all share.

It is good news indeed. It will be very taxing and difficult for the kabbalists to enter the world of the mundane, and actually realize their own prophesies. Being underground for five thousand years, gives you a bit of secluded worldview. But luckily the new generation is now both willing and open to the new trends.

Let us look at the first principle they have presented to us, as the basic principle behind religion. It is the principle, that you should not do something for yourself, but do what you wish to to do for the creator and your friends. In this view, self love or egoism is really the problem.

We all wish to look upon our own interest all the time, and not on the interest of our fellowman or the brotherhood of man. We wish to be fulfilled ourselves.

This is the basic idea behind people who are religious; to work for the common good not for ourselves.

Why? Because G-d is communion, not separation. We are all one, and only if we are able to release ourselves from the material world will we meet spirit. This is done, through the sacrifice of the individual.

Only when we are together with our fellowman in spiritual as well as social unity, will we serve G-d.

May he bless our path to him.

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Cyrus-the-GreatI know, that most of the world does not trust the Iranians. But, I do not understand, reading all the ancient hittitie things and ideas, knowing about Zoroastrianism, knowing about the world and the creed of the flame religion. Why can these people be less trusted than anybody else? Remember, we put them in a situation, where they did not feel we understood and respected them.

That was why Iran rebelled the first time, we now DO understand them, so there is hope and there is peace.

Often people see me as a warmonger, when I point to the fact, that caving in to IS, actually supporting them by giving them rehab is a very bad idea. But then when I do trust the Iranians, because of their history as one of the first civilizations of the world. Then that is wrong also.

Remember, I trusted Al-Sisi, he became an ally and a friend.

I know that Iran plays a double game in a sense. They have to, because there are forces, vile and destructive forces that wishes to destroy Israel. But there is also other forces, that wishes for peace and reconciliation. We have seen them in action for two years.

It is now up to us, to go on on this path, and create that peace.

Here we are all us kings, and we strive and we try, and perhaps, perhaps when we are not anymore, one of us is truly crowned as the true king. I say, that it is up to the Middle East itself to choose the one they want as king. Not the kings themselves.

Now there is peace, get used to it, because it will be a brief respite, before strive is there again. But in this small window, miracles can work and will appear, as the crown religion, that I want his eminence the Bishop of Cantebury, as the caretaker of Oxford to begin.

LET RELIGION LIVE AGAIN; LET G_D LIVE AGAIN. LET US ALL; WE WHO ARE THE HUMBLE SERVANTS OF HIS GRACE HAVE LIFE AGAIN. May people, and life, and all live again. Because, as people strive for this little rock, or that little place in the sun to survive, there is the bigger picture, there is Cyrus, and let us all give this victory to his glory. Let this victory of mankind be handled to him, so that, in his wisdom we may live and survive.

G-d bless you all, and may war end. G-d bless you.

Read more…

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Problems and salvation

I have tried to find a way out of the problems I have with the current Danish PM. He simply refuses to accept the deal, and refuses to enter into dialogue.

There is only one way; we need to get rid of him, and, hopefully, get another PM who are able or willing to support me.

This I will work on for the next foreseeable future, and hope to accomplish.

I know this is a weak basis to build it upon, but, with all the risks it entails, I hereby give a green light for the procedure that should end up with an agreement on nuclear armament of Iran.

I will make sure, that I have the support, maybe not now, but in time.

I will rip the guts of the new PM, and install another one, who will support us.

G-d bless the will of the creator.

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Lars Løkke Rasmussen

Venstres formand Lars Løkke Rasmussens 50 års fødselsdagsreception i Marketenderiet i Valby. Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

We are closing in in the Iran deal, and one thing is for sure; Danish politicians are enemies of the world. Whenever the international philosophical wing of Denmark tries their best to try and make peace, the politicians do whatever they can to ruin this work. By direct intervention as the last PM and now as a direct rejection as the current PM.

Is the fact that they do not understand, do not care or are just too incompetent?

No, they just have the normal arrogance of western leaders. They could not care less! They do not understand, and their horizon is as narrow as their understanding of their own culture. We all have to think and do as they do, or we are seen as “primitives”.

In that sense, I am a primitive, I admit it. Because I have several milleiums of knowledge, because I invented writing, agriculture, politics, the asylum, mathematics, psychology, the wheel.

What did this man do to give him status as number one evil of the world, one thing; as a cave man he is tumbling around in the world. It is called the evil of the narrow minded. We have a saying, that says, that against stupidity the G-ds themselves fight with no chance to win.

This is the worst, evil, wisdom bare, narrow-minded haughtiness.

I truly understand Iran, when they reject this manner. Because it is with no respect for the ancient culture Iran is. But I do also think, that there are people who do understand. As Obama and I, and then there are the Lars Løkke Rasmussen. The narrow-minded and uncompromising man of the West.

Choose Barack, fight Lars Løkke Rasmussen. Put him on sticks, burn him, despise him for his arrogance, and love the humanity we present.

G-d bless the will of spirit, as it will descend and lift our spirit to make peace.

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The icon of arrogance

The current conflict I have with the Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen, is a reflection of how a minister should NOT behave. I mean, to have power is an act of selfishness and humility. You serve, you do not command.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The levers of power may induce you with the feeling of invincibility and give you a puffed up ego.

Power is the test of your character the old greeks say. If you have a good character, you will be able to confront the sirene song of power, if you have a weak character, you will not be able to resist the corruption of power, and consequently try to steer competitors and power threats to your convenience.

This is the flaws of the weak character. You may also call it arrogance.

This is unfortunately the picture of how the new PM behaves. He is ready to sacrifice his friends, his international career, to hold on to power. He is, after a few days in the saddle, already corrupted.

This is why, he should be shunned by the international community. Corruption at the heart of a government rubs off on the connections he has. Do you want to be seen with a corrupted man? Do you want to be seen with a man defined by arrogance.

No, all wish to be seen with the good man, with nobility rather than debasement.

They say, that if a weak man is at the centre of power, all who are stronger than him, will be in trouble. That is why we need strong and unselfish leaders of our nations. Not weak and selfish leaders, this leads to disaster.

G-d bless the will to be simple and humble.

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A new path

We are trying to found a new religion, as a kind of salvation as a consequence of the Middle East development. Whether we realize the Iranian deal or not, still the ambition of the Middle East; to realize its potential and win a place in the heart of humanity is still there.

But, we still need to put ourselves the question; if we truly reach this next level of enligthenment, what is then the basis of this? I have picked up a few books, olden, worn books on my bookshelf, ancient books some of them, lost and found by mankind. Some known, some unknown, and I, at least have some idea about the path we might ensue.

Look at it this way; we are sourrounded by sophists, or scientists, who wish to put all material things to scrutiny, and find all answers there. They do not repel moral order, but they will not believe unless they have a proof.

This materialism, is hard to fight, because, what do we have but ideas and beliefs? We have only truths from personal and spiritual experience.

This is why, I believe we have to respect the sophists, and talk their language, but on a higher level in all respects. We simply have to be better, much better. Our lore should be less fragmented, more beautiful, more true. Then we can compete with the sophists.

We have the possibility now, there is an open window, because science is falling. It is plagued by political correctness, political commisionaries, marxist thinkers who reduce rather than expand. All kind of nonsense. While we are still free to expand our knowledge without scrutiny. Because who will care if we search for G-d or find new ethical truths? Noone, because they do not take us serious anymore. This is truly our chance to forge new answers, with more quality less hearsay and more truth than the plagued sciences.

Let me give you an example. According to normal lore, there is no life after death. It is just a psychological journey, through pain and misery, and ends up as a material death, where our cells and atoms just dissapear. Who can live with this nonsense? Who will accept, in the long run, that there is no deeper meaning. Noone, all thirsten for a deeper meaning and sense. And if we give them that, in a row of ideas of quality, make it possible to truly believe again, we can compete, we can regain ground, matter again, be a part of normal life again.

It all comes down to answers of a high quality.

This ends and starts with one thing; cosmology. The sophists define our cosmos. They define life as a Darwinian/big bang theory that we have to make a better answer to. This is where Oxford comes into play. Because I truly believe, that the cosmology that I present, as a true Anaxagorean system, will compete and even better the ideas of Hawkins.

It will then be a competition between Oxford and Cambridge, on who has the better answer. The only thing is; my answer, anwers the question of who G-d is, and what he is. In this way, G-d willing, and with the help of his eminence archbishop Welby. We can turn the tide. It is radical, and only through the influence of Welby and perhaps mr. Cameron through Brasenose, are we able to compete. This is the life and death question of both Anglican Christianity, but also religion in general. Through the crisis of Anglicanism, and the desperate measures we have to take, we can turn the tide, all of us.

It does not end there, there are more layers than Anaxagoras, there is Heraclitus and Demokrit to add to the theory. If only Oxford is willing to talk true metaphysics again. Is able and daring enough.

G-d willing, and Welby willing, we will, all of us, prevail.

G-d bless the will of his eminence and force of our holy and blessed father.

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Deal or no deal

The Iran deal is nearing its final moments. I have been an adamant supporter of this deal. It all started after I, with mr. Barack Obama pulled the teeth of mr. Ahmadinejad. I suppose the single greatest victory of the first tenure of Obama.

Now we are here, it is all set and done. Mr. Netanyahu has been against the deal from the very outset, because he believes that the Persians will remodify the deal after the deal has been done, and the pressure is lifted.

Well, the original pressure, is still here, Barack and I are here, we can push, and we do push.

But what after Obama is not president anymore? Things change, and can we still believe in the deal.

Well, if I get the necessary support from my own government, it is viable.

This has been a proposal I have put to the new government, and the PM mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen. But, until now, he has not been open for negation. Heaven know it is a small and minimal proposal. I have demanded around one million dollars to make a film and support some bloggers.

I cannot sustain a deal of this magnitude by working as a helper as I do now. I have no problems working as a helper, but it is simply too irresponsible, especially towards Israel to support a deal, if it only is founded by my own self. I need the Danish government to chip.

So far, without result. Løkke Rasmussen is very new to the game, and I seriously hope, that it is all about trying to find his way, and wrangling with his new role. But I also suspect an element of arrogance and defiance. It is all about power. He wants to be the one in control, and in this I am a problem.

I still support the deal, but I need Danish official recognition of my role in it, to maintain it after Obama is gone.

I am sorry, but this is the it has to be.

You could perhaps all help by ignoring Løkke Rasmussen until he has entered the negotiations himself, or by one of his ministers. It would be a great help. Apart from that, I will put internal pressure on his government, to make him change his mind.

G-d bless you all, and think about the fact, that this is not a deal made on earth, but belongs to the realm of heavens, as it is both good and beautiful.

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The peace we may win

We are nearing a conclusion in the ongoing negotiations between Russia, the US, Iran and, in the periphery Israel.

People say, that Obama was not strong in foreign policy, but if this deal is landed, he will, or rather there is a very good chance, he will be lauded as the most succesful American president in foreign matters.

I have a good American friend, in fact a very wise american friend, who shares my love for Søren Kierkegaard. He tries to find that middle road between Islamic extremism at one hand, and racism at the other hand. Not to fight IS because you are a racist, makes no sense, not to fight the torching of black churches makes no sense either. I believe he is right, you have to find that middle ground. Kierkegaard believes that you come from seduction, that is your immoral and often unrealized needs, to ethics, but can reach spirit by forgiving.

I believe when it comes to the conflicts we are trying to solve in the world today, that we need to reach that middle point; and that is ethics. We need to be ethical and sharp on our own values and ideas to navigate in the world.

Everybody agrees, that mr. Barack Obama tries his best to be a good man, and in this lies the salvation and the moral compass of international politics. Its is very difficult, but met by a moral order, it seems to me, that the Middle East finally will find some kind of peace. Hopefully.

It is quite obvious, that the sunni muslim fighters of IS are immoral. Killing civilians on a beach? Come on, and then quoting G-d for this inhuman act.

Finding the moral high ground in this conflict is not difficult.

We are now nearing the end of the negotiations of the hittitie empire. Once there were asylums, remember Persia? When you developed some of the very basis of mankinds lore. As hittitie cities were asylum for those who were in need.

This is a good deed, and as a consequence, more good deeds will come of that fertile ground that is Persia. Not to mention Assad, who are trying to protect all creeds in his country.

I reach out for peace, and may we, by the will of the supreme being, reach that state of equilibrium, just for a day or two. But we will be able to say; we were there, we were the men behind that little window of peace. War will come again, but we will have peace as long as I am here, and Barack is there.

G-d bless the peace we may find.

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It is said, that in the olden times, our forefathers migrated from Denmark or somewhere around, and came to Greece. According to the great Danish historian Wilhelm Grønbech, they put up shop on a rock on the Peloponnes.

After some time, through the time of Homer, the Myceneans became Athenians, and great visionaries as Socrates and Plato were sparks that flew out of that fertile mould.

Up here in the North, we can still see the resemblances with us and the Greek.

Time has come, it has softened some edges, but that vicious spark of freedom is still there in the soul of the Greek. It is still there thousands and thousands years after Homer. They call it Sparta, but the truth is, that the Dorians (Danes) were fighters of G-d. Heed to that creed, to that spirit, and you may free yourselves.

All this banking thing, forget about it, it is about slavery from the European Union, they are trying to enslave you in the name of Mammon.

Free yourselves, as your ancestors did. Free yourselves from that slavery siphoned from invisible chains. Vote NO!

As you are the heirs to one of the greatest civilizations on earth, and you are right to insist on doing things your own way, in your own country. The Germans do not understand, that they are of the same blood as you. But they will understand, after you have gained your freedom from the yoke of banking tyranny.

It is not about the debt, it is about creating a superstate of hitherto unknown proportion. Banking is just a tool to make that Union. They will stop at nothing, and you should remember who you are, as descendants of those great viking warriors that first inhabited that barren rock, that is now known as Akropolis.

It is a symbol, deep down, on the first virtue of our forefathers; freedom.

G-d bless the freedom Greece may have as a descendant and fighter for the value of the vikings; a free man in his own right.

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Islamic State

After the horrendous attack, or rather strings of attacks against western and pro democratic targets in the Middle East, we are at the discussion; who were the attackers?

Well, you should ask themselves, and you will find the answer; they are sunni muslims who are fighting for an old school islamic state. That is a kingdom based on the writings and doings of the prophet Muhammad.

This is a state system in direct opposition to democracy. As in the fight between Communism and Democracy, we now have another political fight between Islamism (political Islam) and Democracy.

In more detail. The islamic state is based on sharia, that is holy law deduced from the Koran and the Hadiths. In opposition to this democracy is, ideally, based on the will of the people. This is the base of the American Constitution and the Magna Carta.

Now, it is a bit of an artificial division. There are greyzones, where some muslims believe in part of the political part of Islam and not all. But there are states that are democratic and Muslim, like Egypt and Tunisia. In Libya, we fought for democracy, but remember, this is also a Muslim country.

So, that is how it is, ask an honest Muslim, and he will agree.

We need to stick to that, for several reasons. First of all, because this is how it is. Secondly, by showing the Muslim world, that we actually do understand the ins and outs of Islam, we present ourselves as a serious player in the international game. This was one of the reasons, that it was, and is a mistake to support the Muslim Brotherhood. When and if we do this, they will see us as unknowing and manipulative in the game of the Middle East.

Thirdly, it gives the part of the Muslim world, that are willing to make alliances and support us, a way. Like in Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia but also Syria and Iran.

Fourthly; religious wars are the worst. When we fight for our freedom, we fight for something positive and emancipating. Fighting for G-d, or as we believe G-d tells us often lead to fanaticism and fascism. Remember facism is not just a rule of Italy under Moussolini, it is the idea that you are absolutely right.

When we fight for our freedom, we know that we are not always right, and consequently have the humility to allow other creeds and political understanding a place in our society. As Jews, as gays, as other minorities. It creates freedom, tolerance and peace.

So, no I do not believe all Muslims are evil, I believe we fight a political strand of Sunni Islam, that has the arrogance to believe that they know what G-d wants us to do. They do not, because G-d always changes his mind. He is for love and solidarity, not for murder and rape. This is not G-d, this is man.

G-d bless all who believe in peace and freedom.

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ACDC-Hughes-long_agoIt seems to me, that after the election the Conservatives have gone back to bickering. The promises mr. Cameron gave under the election is fought over, bit by bit.

Serioulsy? Come on, Great Britain has one of the best chances of getting a lead in all matters conservative; church, crown and security.

First of all, his excellency Welby needs a kickstart in his mission to remake the Anglican church. Find every ressource, every able man to support him. He is the right man, he is on fire and he is radical. We need to support and stem him up, give him ressources, show him affection, and just, basically help him.

Then there is Great Britain itself, that is the United Kingdom. This is of primary concern to her majesty. She is very worried that everything falls into pieces, she need to see movement in this matter. She needs to see, that the United Kingdom is once again on the path of unity.

This can be done be reaching out, but also on answering the call for independence with serious action. Scotsmen wants indepence of a sort, give it to them. This will hold the United Kingdom together. I will work on a Northern Union with Scandinavia and UK, perhaps also with the US, if the US wants. In the distant future also Russia.

But, this drive, of both independence and also a new union should and could support the claim of both Scotland, that wants closer to Scandinavia, and England that wants to boost its claim on international leadership. This is the project that can be done! We in Denmark are all ready now, and we can pull the rest of Scandinavia on to your side. Imagine the power we could have, a power that could be used to realign and solidify our states that are all reeling after the acts of the European Union. Come on, this is ROCK!!!

Then there is security matters. We have a huge influx of IS fighters to the UK, stop them, send them away. But apart from that, solidify the British workers right to a job, he needs it, and the state needs it.

G-d bless you, and COME ON, start on your Cameron tour, Oxford needs it, UK needs it, you need to put your foot down and make your mark. Now is the time!

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