Made in America

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A lot of the ideas, that Barack and I had, have now become a integral part of the Democratic Party. Let me explain.

First of all, economics.

Barack and I criticized the movement of jobs from America to overseas, especially to China. This took jobs from a lot of hard working Americans, and left them in poverty. Whole cities that used to be dynamic working class cities have ended up in ruin, as Detroit among others.

So we set out to get the jobs back, and we suceeded actually. This is the reason why the US is in good repair these days, and the jobs are there. Especially working class jobs. That is also jobs for people of a Latin American, African and Middle East background. Not only classical workers.

How did we do that?

Well, by understanding the mindset of businesspeople, and understanding the theory behind free markets.

First the business people. There are, roughly, two kinds of business people. The good guys, and the bad guys. The good guys are hard working industrialists, who are very patriotic. They build things, and support the local community with money for education health care and so on. They care. Like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

What they are really into, is making wonderful products, not just making money.

At the other hand, there are the consultants and private equity. They have no responsibility towards anything, country, faith or anything. It is all just a matter of making money. So they have been behind most of the outsourcing of jobs. As we called Mitt Romney “chief of outsourcing”. That is not good for the American worker, that is not good for the American economy, and it is extremely bad for the military, because the military is dependent on a strong industry.

So what we did was to support the good guys like Apple and Microsoft, and punished the bad guys like the outsourcers.

This is a TWO WAY method. Only punishing will not work, only supporting will not work either. It is about supporting the good guys and punishing the bad guys.

The beauty of the method is, that the business people are often in agreement. They are also Americans, and most of them are loyal towards the country, they just need a little prodding.

So, instead of seeing the business people as inherently bad, we need to see them for what they are. Some bad, some good.

A positive take on the issue is off cause, to focus also on some of the good guys. Put up Apple as a good example. They moved a lot of their production back to the US. I mean, they are a leading company, we should promote their loyalty towards the working class. They are themselves liberal.

Also Facebook are liberal, and they keep a lot of the production in the US. Another good example.

My point is, the strategy was taking in a method that used both stick and carrot. Only using stick is seen as bad manners, and honestly it alienates a lot of American business.

Capitalism is at the heart of the US, but sometimes is looses its loyalty towards the country, and then it is ok to step in. But if it keeps its loyalty, it should have all the praise, tax reduction and general approval we can give it. Because industry contributes a lot to solve all kinds of problems, and pushes the country forward in a positive manner.

Making ALL business villains is not a good thing, we need to be sharp on the nuances of these issues.

Do that, and the country as such will prosper, not to mention that it makes a lot of jobs to working class people.

G-d bless the will to see things as they are in a complex world, and use a bit of wisdom.

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We are ok

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Mr. Obama has delivered quite a blistering criticism of the current development of the Democratic Party. It is going away in a very left wing conspiracy or direction.

It is as though that mr. Trump forces us to be desperate.

We do things in terms of politics, that we would normally not do.

Well, perhaps we should just try and take a look at the reality. Most of what mr. Trump has had succes with, is actually Socialdemocratic policies, especially in terms of economics. But also foreign policy, here I think of the conflict with China.

So in fact, we do not have to look for a political system that will actually work. We can just look at what is actually working. Ok, then mr. Trump has installed some kind of borders and ICE. But that is something we would have done ourselves anyway. Maybe not in such a harsh manner, but some kind of control is necessary.

So, maybe we should take it a bit easy, and go on from when mr. Obama was president. Just continue.

What we need, is a good candidate. I truly hope we get one of those.

G-d bless United States of America.

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Well done Boris

November 18th, 2019 No comments

I just want to deliver a rare praise of a politician. I have been the supporter of many, many politicians over the last 15 years, in Great Britain, it has been mr. Cameron, mrs. May and now mr. Johnson.

It is very rare with a politician of such a caliber as mr. Johnson. He is at the level of mr. Obama, but just in a bit different political perspective.

That is always a true joy to work with. As a result, the election is going quite well, and the possible results after the election are promising.

We should however be realistic about the challenges. We are looking at a rebirth of the British empire, but that is not going to be easy.

There are a lot of steps to take to reach that goal.

But mr. Johson is the right man for the job.

Well done Boris, I will look forward to hear an ode or two of Homer in the future. Such beauty and wisdom is well received in the halls of learning that is Great Britain.

G-d bless the fair isles of Great Britain.

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The heroes of old

November 12th, 2019 No comments

Well done mr. Farage, the sacrifice that you did in relation to the election will go down into history, as one of the finest moments of UK democracy. Let me explain.

In the olden times, before the Roman Empire, when the Canutes were ruling in the UK, there was this saying. The saying went: In order for the tree to grow, it must be watered by the blood of the heroes.

In other words, the Ask Ygrassil, the world tree needs sacrifice in order to live. You have just brought one of those sacrifices to your country. Giving Boris a clean run on the path to number 10.

This will ensure, that England will yet live. Yes, there are innumerable hurdles and difficulties ahead, but now when the UK is free to plot its own course, we can work with these challenges.

So, you have just won yourself a place in the halls of famous Englishmen along such esteemed men as Marlborough and Nelson.

So, there will a huge work in front of us, that I will try to cover, not least the ailing NHS and the wealthfarestate as such. This part of the state is in dire needs of repair, and an intelligent as well as no nonsense approach to it, will rescue it. But it will be tough.

Anyway, now we can finally work on some of the issues, that have been dormant for quite a long time now. Saving Britain from the collapse it was approaching.

Please, let G-d save the United Kingdom.

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United we stand, divided we fall

November 8th, 2019 No comments

Listen Boris, I have been a commentator on A LOT of elections. I only lost one over the years, and that was the election where mr. Trump got elected. Even that election was a half win, since mr. Trump still is a reader here at Rubicon.

The first mistake that is often done in elections, is unrealistic projections. To win, you need to be painfully honest to yourself. What are REALLY the ups and downs of a election.

The thing is, you CANNOT win on the deal you have made with the EU. This I do not say to say you have not done your best. But the fact of the matter is, that only through a friendship with mr. Farage are you going to have the support you need to win in the different boroughs of the UK. Why? Because if he decides to fight you in all of the UK, you will loose too many seats.

So you HAVE to come to some kind of agreement with mr. Farage.

He doesn’t support the EU agreement, so you need to find a way to make some kind of compromise.

The second problem with the deal, is, according to my friend Melanie Philips, the fact, that the agreement does not live up to the expectations of the electorate. To be honest, I do not really know the ins and outs of the agreement, but I know the voters. They want to be free. That is it, not more not less.

If the UK is still tied to the EU after the Brexit, they will be mad as, I don’t know, something not so good.

Thirdly, there is the Queen to consider. I know, that she does not have a political role to play directly. But she is the caretaker of the empire, and she wants to get out. Because the empire is suffering.

Getting on the wrong side of the Queen, is not a good place to be. She deserves our respect.

So, as I see it, you need to make some kind of deal with mr. Farage. I know, that it goes against the ingrained self respect that comes with being an Oxford alumni. But this is not about you, it is about the country, and there working with an upstart as Farage is needed to get the majority in house.

As we used to say, united we stand, divided we fall. It is the same in this situation.

You have to bite that apple, and after that, you will win as sure as the suns rises on Brasenose college.

G-d bless the will of the people.

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No deal or deal?

November 7th, 2019 No comments

The election in the UK is really problematic. Specifically in the conservative camp, where mr. Farage and mr. Johnson are two combatants fighting over the issue of Brexit. They are both Brexiteers, but have two different takes on, what Brexit is.

To mr. Farage it is no deal, to mr. Johnson it is deal made with the EU.

Let me give you a bit of a taste of what we experience right now in Denmark, maybe this could shed some light on what will happen if we make a deal.

I have just been instrumental in devising a rejection of ISIS warriors return to Denmark. The political agreement went through the entire parliament, and gave the ruling Socialdemocrats a huge boost in terms of electional support.

That is all well, but then the EU went into the issue, and have done two things. Firstly they have decreed that Denmark should accept more migrants. Not directly targeted at the ISIS issue, but as a probable spin off of the discussion here in Denmark. It was decreed by the ECJ, that is the judges of the EU. We cannot but say that we do not like the verdict, we are powerless in face of the ECJ. Hence there is no freedom there.

Secondly, and that is even more worrisome. The EU has financed a report branding Denmark all kinds of evil things as Islamophobes and so on and so forth. We have been very careful to not target all Muslims in condemning ISIS, I mean few other Muslims like ISIS.

So condemning ISIS cannot be islamophobia.

But even worse, the EU has worked together with mr. Erdogan of Turkey on the report.

That is the virtue of the EU, and something the UK could be met with, if the UK does not tear itself free from all the strings attached.

Therefor, my idea of a Brexit is, as mr. Farage, no deal. That is the only way that the UK is absolutely sure, that it is not confronted with absurd demands by the bureaucracy.

I like some of the stances of the EU, but the way they have treated Denmark lately is not ethical in any way. We are very careful not to tread on anyone’s toes, specifically not all Muslims. We differ.

So such a blunt attempt at controlling the migration efforts and reflection of Denmark is abuse of the vested power into the EU.

You should see the EU for what it is, and act accordingly.

G-d bless the will of the people.

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The empire

October 31st, 2019 No comments

How do we understand the current election in the UK?

Well, there is a classic parrallel, that might shed some light on the calamities and challenges of the UK.

In the ancient time, there was an empire. But it was a very speciel empire in the sense, that it never really fought any wars, and was essentially based on trade.

That was the empire of the Phoenicians.

In the beginning of the Phoenician empire, no one but the Phoenicians managed to roam the seas as them. They had amazing shipbuilding capabilites, and were to construct beautiful vessels of commerce.

Through commerce they became rich and thriving.

They kept very much to themselves, isolating themselves in citystates as Tyre.

As time went by, the neighbours of the Phoenicians, a small tribe of no significance, started abusing the Phoenicians, attacking their cities and burning them down.

Industrious as the Phoenicians were, they rebuilt their cities fast, hence creating a myth about a certain bird of Phoenix.

But the peaceful Phoenicians became tired of all the fighting and abuse, and created walled cities from where they could conduct their business. This stopped the eternal cycle of abuse done by the primitives in their vicinity.

Perhaps it is time for Great Britian to shed the shackles of the abuse? Perhaps it is time for England to turn its gaze away from the continent that has never given them anything really?

Perhaps it is time to accept that in order to be free, one needs to sever the attatchments.

There is an empire that needs tending, and as the Phoenicians, perhaps only through forging a new path without a stranglehold by Bruxelles, the empire will rise again, as the bird Phoenix.

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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The Brasidas principle

October 28th, 2019 No comments

I have been doing my own things here in Denmark for the last 1 1/2 year. Mainly trying to make a living that is not tied to work that will eventually slowly grind my body into a lot of malfunctioning parts. That is what happens when you have to work manually, and hard work at that.

But finally I am here, I have landed a job that will be both artistic, bleeding edge in terms of new tech and then, hopefully, not that hard to do. Art needs joy to work.

Again, that will, hopefully, make me able to continue blogging, and again, hopefully, the work I have could potentially merge with my blogging.

As a director of a small tv station focused on political debate, blogging and interviews could go hand in hand.

Anyway, that is still a few month ahead of us. Let us look at some of the theoretical ideas that Barack and I had in the Middle East that, arguably, made the US the sole leader of the world.

It has never happened before, but we had everybody behind us in the fight against the Islamic State.

Imagine that.

Anyway, to understand the doctrine, you need to have a look on where we came from, and the development of media.

Before the internet, you could hide all your machinations quite well. An example of this is the first true theoretician in terms of media, that of Goebbels. He kind of coined how we used media until the advent of the internet. He is still quite liked in and around a lot of the powerhouses in the world.

Essentially Goebbels used dark magic to control the populace. He used things as small words loaded with an evil meaning. You have those words still in use; racism, globalism, islamophobia and so on. What you do, is to load a word with an intent to control the populace. Goebbels used it to control the Germans and kill Jews.

It may sound a little scary, and it is. The Nazies used a lot of strange esoteric ideas and principles, that we do not even know about today. And they did it in a Faustian way. That is the Goethe way of giving the devil something in order to gain something. It works, but it is essentially evil.

In the Cold War, these principles were applied to the fight between Russia and the US. Through subterfuge and manipulation a lot of the actual fightings were conducted. It was only possible, if you controlled the media. Because as soon as media was given free, people actually realized what was going on, and started getting really mad.

As a result, manipulation is the worst thing you can do in a war. Because people tend to realize it, and be angry at you.

At the other hand, if you are very careful to do everything ethically, people will also realize this, and support you.

I called it the principle of Brasidas, named after a Spartan soldier who got a lot of support in the Pellepones war simply by being honourable.

In fact fighting needs to turn itself 180 degrees to meet the advent of the internet.

Now there has been a kind of purge of the internet, trying to put a kind of shroud around the truth again. But it never really works. A good example about this is the ever painful treatment of mr. Tommy Robinson. He never seems to be going away, why? Because of the internet. There are always someone who are willing to cover his tragic story. The internet allows for everybody to follow his story. The same goes for mr. Trump. He uses mostly new media, not old media.

We know what is going on.

In an open world, the most honourable will win.

That is the true background behind the crisis of the Kurds. Because it was obviously very unfair. A good, honourable people were sold to a tyrant.

That is very bad pr. for the US.

So, the way powerstruggling works these days, is by understanding the Brasidas principle. That is, honourable wars gain support.

I think that the current mood of the Middle East proves this. Nobody really liked the sellout of the Kurds, especially in the US, where the new mode of communication ties in with the spirit of the US.

The reason why the US is so well suited as a leader in these days, is because the starting point of the US. That of the American Revolution, is all about honesty.

So rekindling the ancient and good principles of the founding fathers is what is really the best way to work.

Do that, and you see that there is a chance of success in the great game of power.


It is all about being a good man, and a good powerhouse.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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What makes the US great to me

October 27th, 2019 No comments

This whole discussion about the Kurds really have made me think about what the US is.

To me, as a philosopher, the US is the realization of my own ideals. I am a Democratic\humanistic philosopher from a Protestant country. So what I am trying to realize in the world is the same as what the US truly is. For me, that is not a thing that is about trying to convince the US to go my way, we simply happen to be a match.

I try to further the Democratic/humanistic ideals, and the US does the same.

When I began, I tried to realize these ideals here in Denmark, and I believe that I have been successful in doing so. But in the world, Denmark is a small player. But our best friend, the Americans is not a small player, so we have kind of teamed up, and fought our wars together.

So seen from this perspective, the philosophical perspective, what truly makes you great, as the US, is your idealism.

You are truly believers in the values of Democracy and humanism. That is why we like you so much.

That is what makes you great. Your values.

I don’t know if it makes sense for you to see from outside, but sometimes it is good to have someone who are looking at you from a few meters away to give their positive opinion.

So what you really like about me, is truly yourself. I am just a reflection of your own positive sides.

The positive sides are what makes you the leader of the world.

So, you just have to realize your own American values, and just be yourselves, and you will be successful.

I hope, that the love of your friends will help, at least we are here to try and help the best we can.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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To be great again

October 26th, 2019 No comments

You know, you say, that in order to know a man, look at his friends. Are his friends good or bad.

There is a truth to this. You hang out with the ones who looks most like yourself.

Like me, I am seriously proud of all the Jews I am able to call friends. Because often these are the good guys.

The same goes with the Kurds. Look at them, a good, strong vibrant people, trying to survive in difficult circumstances.

I am proud to be able to call the Kurds my friends. Because their character is something that I admire and hope that I can see myself in.

That is also what makes you great, the friends you have.

I think, that that is one of the reasons, that people in the US are so sorry about the Kurdish debacle. Because after the Cold War, where we had to fight in a way that was, honestly, unAmerican in the sense, that it was not honest and honourable. The fight that I and Barack did in the Middle East was that, honourable and honest.

Yes, we did mistakes, but it was truly an attempt at trying to find peace and fight the obviously evil Islamic State.

To be great or to be a leader, one needs to be a good man. But being good is not about SAYING that you are good. It is about DOING good things.

Greatness is the practical effect of your character.

I believe that essentially the US is finding itself these days, or trying to. Because the ideals and system of the US is the best. Therefor trying to realize those Democratic ideals is really where true greatness lie.

Living up to those ideals is what the treatment of the Kurds is about.

This is not to manipulate mr. Trump into supporting the Kurds, it is about UNDERSTANDING what is going right now.

I truly believe, that the US is finding itself again. Becoming great, not in a militaristic sense, but a moral sense. And that is the most important.

G-d bless the will to do good and act thereby.

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Have faith

October 23rd, 2019 No comments

The American revolution is a revolution. But what is a revolution?

A revolution is an extremely idealistic fight for a better world. An energy so high powered, that it can truly Change the world.

That is a revolution.

The thing is, that to do a revolution, you need to have something better to strive for.

Often revolutions are centered around principles that are flawed, so all the sacrifice and energy are poured into a worldview that does not make a better society but a worse society.

Therefor good ideas are truly essential to revolutions.

This is one of the reasons why the US is such a tremendously important part of the world, and, honestly, the leading society of the world. Because the revolution you had, and still have is the best.

Hands down. Ok, off cause France was an important partner in this revolutionary lead. But today the US have been most successful.

And again this is not to put a negative light on France, but to make Americans appreciate what they have.

You have the most wonderful society in the world.

You need to appreciate that, and you need to support that. Keep the Revolution flowing.

Your ideas of Democracy and humanity are extremely beautiful. Not only that, they work. Look at how far you have come.

In this instance, loosing faith does not make any sense, have faith.

Believe in that beautiful, wonderful country, and you will prevail.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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October 22nd, 2019 No comments

There is a deep solidarity with the Kurds, not only in Israel, but also generally in Congress and in the Liberal Party.

This is what it is all about. A solidarity with a people who are threatened by an evil empire.

This is an independent, democratically minded people, who are a stalwart defender of their own rights. That is human rights.

All the right boxes are ticking.

Not only this, they are fighting Erdogan, who is an Islamist and has taken Turkey from a vibrant Democracy and reduced it to a kleptocracy.

If there ever was a vision and cause to fight for, the Kurds are this.

I know, that in the real world, it does not make much sense seen from a American perspective. But it makes sense in an idealistic perspective.

That is the fight for Democracy, right there.

G-d bless the Kurds in their fight for freedom.

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The US is a dream

October 21st, 2019 No comments

The US seems more fractured than ever. Right and left are fighting over meaningless issues just to harm each other. The Ukraine debacle being one of these issues.

Let me be clear about my stance. I stand with the US. Not with ideas that are not good for anyone, or persons who are just plain negative.

Why, because the US is a dream. A wonderful, beautiful dream. A dream about a place, where people can meet across all the boundaries that there are. A dream about a humanistic idea and understanding.

That shimmering light on the top of the hill.

To unify the country, one needs to talk about that dream. About how that dream is there to be understood. Not only be the politicians, but all.

Work with that dream, and the country will be united, not divided.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The shift of policy

October 17th, 2019 No comments

The world is shifting on its hinges, but is has been a long time coming.

Essentially there is a shift in power wrangling in the world. Where in the old times we had a fight between east and west, that is Russia and the US. Today the US has left its competition with Russia, and started a new one with China.

The ‘shift to East’.

This shift have been a long time coming, to be precise, it started with the second election fight for mr. Barack Obama. That was when we shifted focus.

Today the threat is more imminent that ever. China is threatening Hong Kong, and China is so powerful in terms of military equipment, that they are real threat to the countries around them.

The last decade or so, they have played a British empire game of harnessing ressources by using their banks to control the poor countries they get their ressources from.

It is a pretty efficient powerplay, and they are running into competition with the US.

At the same time, the technological development of the state is quite fast, and the production capabilities are vast.

This gives China a good position in the fight for supremacy.

At the same time, China has fought us, through cloak and dagger means for some time. There are some rumors, that they have manipulated our economic system, and they are abusing their spies to steal our tech.

It is a real war in the making.

At our side, we have, diligently, rebuilt our own production capabilities, and sought to make a more cohesive front against China.

The UK is almost at the point, where it can actually start supporting these endeavors, by uniting the commonwealth behind the fight.

This will, hopefully, shift the balance, and make us stronger.

However, this has massive implications for the Middle East.

The Middle East used to be the playground for the fight between Russia and the US. Now, it is not really interesting for the US anymore. So the troops are needed elsewhere.

That is really the true background behind the shift of policies that mr. Trumps is making right now. It is ugly, and it does not look good. But behind the chock lies the true reason for this shift in policy; China.

So this is a new situation in the Middle East. Old players are leaving the scene, and hopefully this is good. Why? Because all this proxy war only leads to more conflict not less.

Conflict is not a good thing.

However, we are still here. And most importantly, Israel is still in the Middle East, so the US will off cause always have a measure of attention to the Middle East.

But you cannot fight two wars at one time, and the China war is coming up.

Not to mention the fact, that that war is going hot in a decade, and that will be truly devastating for all involved.

We need to be prepared, and we are. But, we should also realize, that there is a new pacific war coming up, and that will be a tough one.

G-d bless the will to be truly prepared.

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Good news for me

October 17th, 2019 No comments

I have some good news for the readers of this blog.

After a long hike jobwise, I have finallye managed to get a job that fits the blogging, more or less.

I have had a minor job on a college, that did not really work out. After that, I have worked extensively on a small tv station project here in Northern Jutland where I live.

After some armwringing and general reluctance from the cultural ministry, I have finally managed to get the license, and will be able to call myself tv producer in a couple of months.

It is truly small scale, but it is enough to keep the family afloat, and me busy with an interesting job.

It ties very well in with blogging, because it is political and cultural, so there will be a natural connection between blogging and working. It will be really good, I think.

Anyway, these are just good tiding, and hopefully this will ensure, that I will be able to produce more texts here on the blog, and generally serve the international community with light and wisdom.

G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts, and good actions.

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