Happy Yom Kippur

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It is now the last day of the new year, tomorrow a new year with all its potential will start.

As always, looking back is good, and looking forward is equally good.

First of all, the last year has had its tough challenges. Antisemitism, or the vilification of Jews is on the rise internationally, secondly, the situation around us is volatile as always.

In this dire situation, not defending Israel is total madness.

At the other hand, the fortunes of Israel has never been better in terms of allies and friends. The US has chipped in full throathed, the Arabs have become friends. And even Iran has refrained from attacking us as hard as we have been attacking them.

This is due to the good will of spirit towards Israel.

Why has this happened?

Really it is a reflection of the Jewish character. A warm friend and a fierce enemy.

If you support us and work with us, we will be the best friend you can have. If you fight us, we will be the worst enemy you can get.

In a sense, Israel is slowly realizing the Jewish spirit.

Because peace is only won if you fight with justice, and help with mercy.

This is the example I hope the rest of the world sees. That we are not fighting for our own benefit in terms of money or privilege. But to have our place we can call home.

Somewhere where we are safe and secure.

The rest of the world hates the Jews for their own descipable reasons, so we need a place to call home, where we can be safe.

That is Israel. The home of the Jews.

With this wonderful realization, I hope that all Jews see their home for what it is, and are ready to defend it with all costs.

Not to subdue or bring harm, but to defend and protect those we love and cherish.

Happy Yom Kippur, and G-d bless Israel.

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Rosh Hashanah

September 10th, 2018 No comments

Happy new year all fellow Jews.

Each year comes with challenges and happiness. Each year is one more year gone in ones life.

This is a time to look back, and think a little about what happened and how we may find new ways the next year.

The last year was good in the sense, that Jews in Israel have become more secure, but dangerous in the sense, that antisemitism is on the rise in many areas of the world.

Here in Denmark the ugly head of Nazism is rearing, and the same goes for Sweden, where the Jews are to blame, again.

That is the way of the Jews, though we seek peace, often there is not peace to be had.

As Moses did when he wanted to create the first Israel, he went on a holy mission. We also need to find a balance between fighting and finding peace. That balance is difficult to find. But honesty to what we see with our own eyes is a good place to start.

With great skill comes great responsibility.

In this way our arrogance is a two edged sword. At one hand it brings us further and away. The self confidence gives us the ability to overcome amazing problems. But it also creates a lot of resentment.

This balance of having faith in ourselves and yet remain humble is the key to peace.

Working tirelessly, with confidence on our aims, but at the same time being humble and generous with what we make.

G-d bless all Jews on the Rosh Hashanah.

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I have tried to give it a bit more thought about the peace of the Middle East.

As rav Ashlag says; the day the three monotheistic religions have a common base. That day, Israel will bring peace.

You know, he was right.

What has really given us a huge boost, is the proces of Israel becoming more religious. When Israel started, it was essentially a humanistic/democratic/socialist state.

Inspired by great European Jews as Herzl and Brandes.

Religion was not really at the fore of the Israeli state. There were some kabbalists who thought about it, among them rav Ashlag. But Israel has had a strict border between the state and the religion.

This has changed in the last twenty years, as the rest of the world, religion has had a comeback.

What has this had of effect for Israel? Well, essentially it has brought Israel closer to its neighbors in terms of worldview. That is what we are witnessing now.

Both the sunnis and the shias are very religious people. When we talk religion, we all of sudden find, that we have a common language, and the same goals.

Judaism is the source of all three monotheistic religions. Sometimes when religion develops along positive lines, Christianity and Islam cherises its jewish roots, sometimes in times of negative development, it hates its jewish roots.

So, the ability of Israel to reach out, and understand the other two religions and even support them, is what the other religions require to develop along positive lines.

Judaism is essentially extremely positive. The quest for peace is judaism.

So, as a religious state, Israel means peace.

G-d bless the will to understand how we can find peace.

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Great Britain

September 5th, 2018 No comments

One of the ways the British intellectual environment can and have to change the narrative of migration, is with a deeper understanding.

I have written quite a lot about that here on the blog, and it has created some momentum for Mr. Boris Johnson. To be honest, I do not have a preferred candidate in the UK Conservative party, this is not for me to define. I however off cause applaud mr. Johnson in his attempt at saving the country. I have always been a staunch brexiteer.

But, again, I understand the difficulties of the European Union, I would have tried to make some development to the Union, but without any public support, I cant see how this is possible.

But, back to the discussion on migration on an enlightened base. I am trying to whip up a cultural mission from Denmark to the UK.

I have some connections in the party that serves as foreign minister, and I am trying to make a contingent of artists, diplomats and politicians to make a trip to the UK.

Perhaps this will open up the discussion a bit.

I am working on it, and hopefully I will succeed on the mission. It is very difficult, because obviously it is a massive project.

But, with G-ds grace, we will succeed.

We have also discussed the possibility to go to other countries.

Anyway, this is just to inform you on some of my plans.

We need to open up the discussion, so that it rests on an enlightened basis.

This is for you.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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Mr. Barack Obama is coming to Denmark in the end of september. This is an opportunity to begin the discussion on legacy. I am afraid, that we have to initiate it somehow. Otherwise people will not really believe in the skill we have applied to the process.

I tried to contact the local holder of the session that mr. Obama is attending, unfortunately they are pretty dismissive of an interview. I therefor post it here (sorry readers who are not really interested in what happens behind the curtains) due to the problems I have with this thing. We need to do it, to change the mood in the Democratic camp, and give a true narrative to what really happened under Barack Obama. We need to celebrate his achievements.

The subjects would be:

1. Peacedeal in the Middle East
– What happened first: The Arab spring and the values in that
– The fight with Ahmadinejad, and the diplomatic push to bring the peacekeepers of Iran to the fore
– The “make friends with the Middle East states” strategy
– The fight against IS, and the values behind
– The global alliance against IS and what it meant to American power

2. Economy
– The shift from Keynesian economy to “obamanomics” (The support of loyal production to America, Made in America)
– The support of American workers
– The role of China in this strategy
– The amazing succes of this strategy today

3. Civil rights
– The attempt to support at platform to unite the Americans
– The importance of the civil rights movement in the US
– How we may be able to create less friction in the US by making a common base for all to stand on

Method: Interview
Media: Film
Distribution: The US, hopefully some of the major broadcasters
Length: 30 minutes or more
Language: English
Location: In Kolding (needs to be arranged by business Kolding. We a room somewhere. I will bring the cameras and sound equipment)

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We should unite not divide

September 4th, 2018 No comments

There is an election coming up in november, this election will be pivotal in the efforts of the Democratic party to regain some momentum and faith in itself.

First of all, we had an amazing presidentship with Mr. Barack Obama, let us not forget that. He was really good.

So, instead of looking at the current crisis as a permanent thing, then let us have a look at what we did right, and build on that.

We did one thing right I think. We created an example of a leadership that never sought to divide people. But sought to unite.

It wasnt a presidentship that discussed race, it was a shining example of a presidentship where you did NOT discuss race. Because it was not necesarry.

The ability to make an international impression on the world based on skill and good will was what it was all about. Saving America.

Unite not divide.

This is something we can take with us from Mr. Obamas presidentship. The ability to reach black, white, yellow, brown. The ability to be a human being not a colour.

That is what it was all about, proving that colour does not matter.

G-d bless the United States of America.

P.s. I have send an invitation for Mr. Obama when he comes here at the end of september. We need to up the game on legacy.

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August 30th, 2018 No comments

There are very few who actually defend the legacy of mr. Barack Obama. Why is that? I mean in these times where American power is diminished by the hour, why not learn from the one who actually did succeed with making America an international leader?

This is not to diminish mr. Trump, he does his best, and he has some success. Especially in the field of economic.

But peace and war is where Obama really outshone any presidents before him.

He made peace in the Middle East, created an American lead alliance against IS, made the basis upon which mr. Trump is now fighting China.

All policies that are now really creating a boom on American economy, and potentially will take the West back from the abyss.

I know that people are divided these days, but then why not celebrate the victories?

How can we get the discussion going? For me, I have tried to write to the New York Times. I believe, that in order to get the discussion going in the US, we need a qualified debate.

But unfortunately I have heard nothing from the New York Times.

If there are any leading papers in the US who are interested in supporting the legacy of Mr. Barack Obama, please send me some kind of interest sign.

We need to start the discussion on what went right in the Obama era, to try to learn.

For me, it’s pretty obvious, he was a master mind in terms of international politics. That is something, and his grace will be one of things that we should remember.

He saved you, and it is time to celebrate.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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It has been some years after the peace process mr. Barack Obama made in the Middle East was concluded, and it is time to draw back a little, and thing about the pros and cons of it.

What went wrong, and what suceeeded?

First of all, we did succeed making peace with the Sunnis. This peace, that is the Arab league with Saudi Arabia and Egypt plus a plethora of Arab states still hold.

Secondly we made the peace deal with Iran.

Now, the first is still in effect, but the second is challenged by Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Trump. Ok, I get it, there is still fights going on in the Middle East, where proxy wars are fought. The fight is, essentially, not over. If they attack us, we fight back, that is the way war is.

But that still makes the JCPOAC a success. The atomic annihilation scenario is, for now, off the table.

The fights are more regional and conventional.

That is, in the Middle East, with all its bickering and eternal fights a HUGE success. I mean we have fought in the Middle East for the last five thousand years. So that is something.

I know, that the Sunni and Shia are still fighting in Yemen, and the Muslim Brotherhood is still active, plus IS.

But the fact that Israel has new friends among the Sunni is a huge boost to the security of Israel, and the fact that we, for now, do not have to worry about being annihilated by Iran is also good.

The success, calls for a renewal of the peace efforts at some point.

Now, I am not a warmonger or a peace nick, I am somewhere in between. If they fight us, we fight back, if there is a chance for peace, we take it.

Remember, the peace we made with the Iranian was after a long scuffle with Ahmadinejad. So that was war.

But still, it was a huge step.

So, instead of fighting in the mindset of the Oslo accords. We should realize the new situation, and plan according to that.

We should also try to discuss the reason why we made this success, to learn and to be able to repeat it again.

This is a take on it.

First of all, we Jews are eternally stretched out between our own arrogance and our own quest for the realization of G-ds realization on earth.

With all the skills we have, we are naturally prone to be arrogant.

I know it from myself. When I was young, I could do anything. I was the best at anything that I did. School, art, work, anything. I do not say this to brag, but to tell my story, and use it as a way to learn.

My natural arrogance due to all this skill, let me into a lot of trouble. There was envy and I wandered around trying to find something that wasn’t completely boring.

At a specific time, I discovered my own quest for a better world. I had been in the IT business for some years, and was the best. But I really did not like all the corruption in the business. So I tried to do something about it, talk about it.

So from being at the top of my class, I became hated by a huge part of the industry here in Denmark. I went from acclaimed hero to villain in a blink of an eye.

This was good for me, it cured me for my arrogance. Because I realized, that arrogance is only the effect of using my skill without an ethical basis.

That is the story of Israel. When we are just who we are, being fantastic in many ways, people adore us. If we go for an ethical world, people hate us.

Point being, that in order to find peace, we have to find a balance between ethics and skill.

We have to USE our skills with care and an eye to virtue.

If we find that balance, there is a chance for peace, because people around us realize, that we are very good at what we do, but we try to be ethical with our means.

G-d bless Israel.

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Welcome mr. President

August 28th, 2018 No comments

The great president of one of my favourite countries is due to a visit in Denmark. Mr. Macron, president of the fifth republic of France. A peacemaker and a possible reformer.

France and Denmark have many things in common, one of them the fight for liberty and justice.

The French Revolution had a heavy impact on Denmark, and we still really try to strengthen the ideas of that time.

So I am really happy that the president comes here, and I wish I could be a part of the discussion. Unfortunately I am not invited.

That is ok, but perhaps a friendly talk and a possibility to discuss the challenges with mr. Macron would be an idea?

The hand is opened towards France. I do not speak French, so it is really difficult for me to follow the trends of French Democracy. Having a personal contact and friendship would make it a bit easier.

If things cannot be arranged so that I can attend one the many get togethers. Well, that is ok, I will try to understand what is happening anyway, and support where I can.

G-d bless the fifth republic of France, maybe soon the sixth.

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August 28th, 2018 No comments

Mr. Barack Obama does not get the credit he is due. Especially the peace process in the Middle East has not recieved the attention it required.

Yesterday I attended a meeting in the local chapter of the Israel for peace organization here in Denmark. It was a meeting where we discussed strategies for the Middle East, how we may get peace there and so on so forth.

The guy who did the lecture was good, good ideas, clear methods and so on. But there was conspicuously one thing that really was missed in the discussion. What about the Obama peacedealing?

It seems to me, that the world has just tried to forget all the work we did in The Middle East.

Why is that? Is it because the peacedealing was so nerdishly hidden on blogs and discussed behind doors? Or is it because most people have never really understood the width and scope of our ideas?

I mean, we HAVE obtained peace with half of the Islamic world, that is the Sunnis. We still have a problem with the Shias, but that is much of our own doing. WE have attacked the Iranians. Yes I know, they support Hamas and the palestians, and thereby do proxy war.

But the peacedeal we made with them was a great leap in understanding and true dealmaking. It worked.

So why are we still talking about the Oslo accords?

Maybe its time to talk about the Obama peacedeals on a enlightened basis. Maybe ask Obama about it, he knows.

G-d bless the legacy of mr. Barack Obama.

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The Democratic fight against the Islamic State

August 27th, 2018 No comments

Regarding til discussion on Islam in the UK. There really is no big debate about it.

This is strange, since we have, a long time ago coined Islamic State as the arch enemy of Western Democracies.

The same problems we have internationally we also have internally. That is muslims who seek to dominate the constitution. There are many who do not wish to do this, but there are some, and these people are obvious targets for repatriation and common public targeting.

There is the discussion of islamophobia, but the targetting of Islamic state treat the current fight we have with some Muslims by targetting, precisely only the Muslims who are in opposition to our Democracy.

This is fair, it has nothing to do with any hate or phobia, but a fight FOR our Democratic values.

Add to this, IS like organisations are commonly absurdly inhuman, this is not acceptable by anyone who likes G-d.

So targetting these perpetrators, must be a job for the state.

It is the most important job for the state, since the state is made to enforce the democratic institutions. If you fight these, you are an obvious enemy of the state.

G-d bless the will to see these things clearly.

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South Africa

August 24th, 2018 No comments

There is a renewed attention to South Africa, and I really support it. The current PM in South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa has just given the green light for a forced destruction of a number of farms that belong to white people.

This is pure and disgusting racism. If you see what has happened to some of the countries that borders to South Africa, the farmers there have been ethnically cleansed. That is murdered most of them.

So this disgusting praxis is the ideal for ANC in South Africa.

How to make them change their mind is difficult, they do not seem to listen much to international criticism, but we need to put pressure on the government in order for them to stop this despicable and honestly henious crime to humanity.

At least the international society should support the white farmers in their need.

I will hope that the pressure that mr. Trump is putting on South Africa has effect, I will follow the development of the case closely, and propose ideas and strategies to help the poor farmers.

Genocide, murdering and other despicable ways are wrong. Sometimes blacks are in trouble, sometimes white. All are human beings, and each and every individual is a beautiful and wonderful creature made in the image of G-d.

We need to protect that sanctity, even if it tears down a symbol of unity and tolerance that South Africa was supposed to be.

If we failed in making the rainbow nation, we failed. Not reacting because we hope that things will be better is a crime against the humans who are in harms way.

G-d bless the will to see the humans side in this conflict.

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Fighting the islamists

August 15th, 2018 No comments

It is very difficult for the UK to tackle all the problems that muslim migration has given to the fair isles.

First of all, not doing anything will not do. Doing too much will not do either. As I have said, doing the right thing is all important.

Many muslims are just living a good lives on their own, and many wish for a social, democratic, humanistic state.

But some do not wish that and goes tribal. THAT what what mr. Robinson realized in Luton, a small workers town close to Oxford.

Add to this, there is an international trend towards islamism or rejection of Democracy in favor of a muslim kingdom. It might be a good idea, these kingdoms can be both benevolent and peaceful, but as it stands, we allready have a queen we like very much, and we are not willing to sacrifice our Democratic traditions.

Islamism or IS like organisations are enemies, they treat us enemies, driving cars into the barriers of our parliament, so they are enemies. Simple as that.

What to do about it, is however a much more complicated discussion.

We are a bit further down the road of tackling islamism in Denmark, so we already have some experience with it, that I would like to share here.

Tackling such a vile and cunning enemy is not easy. The planning of their attacks are done with stealth, and their methods are often extremely violent and brutal.

As of now, what we have done, is to close down some of the schools that spread islamist material, and we have done a reform of the ghettoes that islamists live in. Trying to make it difficult for them to settle down in closed groups.

Add to this, we have tried to put in a priority of Danish citizens in the welthfare system. Until now migrants were prioritized above Danes, something that did not go that well with the Danes.

This pressure has resulted in little progress unfortunately, so far at least. The islamists have become even more brutal, the rape epidemics going haywire.

At the same time, we have tackled a lot of the growing crime with harsh methods. That is giving long jailsentences to some of the bikegangs that are the militant wing of the islamists.

That worked actually.

So we are tinkering with the problems.

Fortunately we have accomplished a complete stop in migrations to Denmark, so that helps. We are able to focus more on the problems we have here.

As any conflict between enemies, the conflict grows in intensity, so we are planning for more violence and more confrontation. We have put through a bill in the Folketing (the parliament) that has given the military green light in working on Danish soil.

As I see it, we will eventually reach open war in around two or three years. In Sweden they have reached that state already. In the current election, the PM of Sweden has threatened with military invention in the tackling of burning our cars in Sweden.

At the same time, we worry a lot about the right approach, so that we target only the islamists, and not peaceloving muslims in general. This is extremely important, we wish to be fair to those who live here. We are enemies, they fight us, but we do not fight all muslims. We fight only the IS like organisations here.

I have no idea how it will end, but there is a trajectory that is clear. It gets more and more violent. The same goes for the UK, you just had another terrorattack, it will continue this way. What you do about it, is however important. What methods to apply? What about the future of the UK?

You have one card up in your sleeve, that we do not have. You have one of the best military organizations in the world. That will save you.

G-d bless the will to see clearly who we fight and why, that being the fight for our liberal values and Democracy.

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Happy birthday mr. president

August 15th, 2018 No comments

Well, after a long trip to my family in Banglandesh, I have a little blogging to catch up with. First of all, there seems to be like two camps in the Democratic party right now, that of the Clintons, and that of Obama.

Let me be absolutely clear about my stance on this. I do not choose sides. I loved the work I did with Obama, and I will love the work I will do with future Democratic policying. But I have no qualms or anything against the Clintons.

We fought hard togehter to win the presidentship, we lost, that is politics.

Soon Bill Clinton will have his birthday, and as I wished mr. Barack Obama a happy birthday, the same goes for mr. Bill Clinton. Each were giants of their time.

So happy birthday mr. Clinton, you did a lot of good things to your country, trying to keep America good and healthy.

Things Change and new ideas pop up, but at the end of the day. It is about doing good, helping where you can, keep people centered around a good and healthy citizenship that has no colour attached to it.

So, I hope, as we progress, the differences will have will become less, and the things we share will become more.

Remember, its about the US. That beautiful, shining city at the top of the hill. We need to keep the lights going for future generations. So that they also have opportunity to live a good life.

G-d bless you all, and may you have a good birthday, wish I was there.

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August 15th, 2018 No comments

There has been a lot of discussion in the US concering Denmark. The Obamas fell in love with us, and we have always loved you.

So mr. Krugman, a very good economist has been to Denmark, and said some things about us. That made a news anchor at Fox news say some hard truths about Denmark.

That caused a bit of a ruckus here in Denmark.

So, as the one person who actually made the love infatuations that we Democrats have of Denmark, what do I think about it.

First of all, Denmark is a socialist country to some degree, but that is really not how we see ourselves. We see ourselves much more as democrats and humanists. Then we are protestants and we have a queen. At the back of all the culture lies even a more buried identity, that of Thor and Odin, the old gods.

So in essence we are a very layered culture.

My philosophical root or background is that of Grundtvigianism, the “founding father” of Denmark. He had this idea about supporting all the cultures that originally came from Denmark, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, the US and so on. We are the root of many of these illustrious civilisations.

Add to this, we have a lot of Danes going to the US under the migration period a hundred years ago. In other words, we do not like you because you are our political cousin, but because you are family.

We are your friends and have fought many fights beside you.

In these times of trouble, well friendships tend to get a little thinner, but family stick together. That is how I see it.

Another reflection of the relationship is perhaps, that what you have come to like; some of my ideas, are not mainstream in denmark. I am avantgarde, the new generation.

Denmark is a socialist country, but I am not a socialist in the classical sense, I am much more conservative than the average Dane. This makes the connection to the US natural, because generally the Americans are much more conservative than Danes. So me being conservative here in Denmark makes me mainstream in the US.

I have absolutely no idea about making the US into some socialist state, on the contrary what I fight for is a rennaissance Democratic/humanist state. I fight for the values of the American revolution not the Russian revolution. I would die for the values of the American revolution, I have put my life on the line many times for freedom of speech, the rule of law and Democracy.

So I wouldnt worry too much about me changing the US into a socialist state, on the contrary see me for what I am; a renaissance philosopher that loves the American revolution and the French revolution.

My purpose is to strenghten the pillars of the American society, not do them harm. I love your country, because you were the product of the values of the French revolution, and I am a French revolution fan boy, of you can call it that.

Its the founding fathers I seek to strengthen.

G-d bless the will of the founding fathers.

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