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Well, my life has been a bit of a rollercoaster. From the beginning with the Mohammad cartoon crisis, over the Obama administration and now to some kind of reconciliation.

I have given it a bit of thought, on how to keep the balance between the international work and the national work I do here in Denmark.

The problem is, that there is an imbalance.

Two years ago, I managed to initiate a small TV station, with the help of the government here in Denmark, thank you for that. At least now, I am not so hard pressed economically.

The problem is, that it chains my focus on Denmark quite a lot. I do a lot of interviews, and travel around in Northern Denmark.

It gives me a lot of insight, since, I get to talk to a lot of wise people, but it constrains my focus on international politics.

Ok, here is a way perhaps to do something about it. First of all, there was a job, that was in the plans. That job could be a way to support my international focus.

It would make a balance between making money here in Denmark, and making money in the US.

But, and this where my “demands” comes into play. I cannot move to the US.

I can do a lot of work from Denmark, and travel from time to time, but I will remain a citizen of Denmark.

But, if you want to make some kind of arrangement that would make that possible, it could work.

What I do is to construct societies. I am a political architect. This requires little research and testing in the sense, that I deduce my ideas. The ideas I work with are already tested by time, that is why they also work in the present.

Take my discussion on progressive tax. It comes from a discussion Democritus has on equality. It is not the idea of Karl Marx, he got it from Democritus.

So knowing, that this idea is ancient and has worked under certain circumstances, I know how to make it work today.

That is what I do, in all the areas that I work.

Off cause it should ideally, be tested before it is put into the society. Often when philosophers have new ideas, they are tested on countries and people, without their knowing, that is essentially using people as guineapigs.

The western society is a complex and intricate system, containing religion, political ideals, administration, military.

It is extremely complex, if you poke it here, you need to know what the effects are.

So, you have to be careful, that is why you like me, because you know, that, within, reason, what I recommend is not going to topple the boat.

Anyway, my point was, that what could be a kind of solution to my difficulty in reenergising the british/american discussion, would be to have two jobs, one in each country. That would make it possible for me, to discuss the issues of America, England and Denmark. Not a bad bunch of countries in my mind, we are very much the same, have the same systems and aspire to the same ideals.

Anyway, that was my reflection on getting myself to a place, where I can share my time and energy more equally between Denmark, England and the US.

G-d bless the will to do good in the world.

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The soul of the people

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Dear Joe, well things are shaping up a bit.

Here are some further reflections to your current development of the political work.

First of all, you need to be realistic about the socialistic ideals. If you start taxing according to progressive tax, you need to watch the borders more.

The point is, as Lycurgus, the founder of Sparta argues, if you build a community where the rich pays to the poor, that is egality, you need to make sure, people have a personal relationsship to each other. Solidarity requires personal attachment.

This is the basic flaw of Marxist thinking.

Community requires a shared base of values.

Now, I get it, it sounds nice with a lot of care for the poor, payed by the rich. But we need to be realistic about the system. If we are not, the system breaks down. Lycurgus was quite adamant on this point, so we need to heed him, as I see it.

This brings the whole discussion border control and so on into perspective. Because, then what?

Point is, to be honest, we need to choose between open borders and a wealth faresystem.

That is the truth of it.

What you choose is off cause up to discussion, but Lycurgus is right, and Karl Marx was wrong in not hearing him.

That is the lay of the land, I am sorry, but that is the truth of it.

But then, when you realise this truth, what you can do, is to envision that society that you want. Create that utopia.

The soul of the people, needs to be nurtured and cared for, that is the aim of American politics as I see it.

G-d bless the will to be honest and keep America as a dream.

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In the discussion of Social media, what seems to me to be lacking is not really discussion in social media as such, but more an attitude to discussion that is within a humanistic/democratic frame.

We have discussed democracy, where social media have failed miserably. To remedy the whole censuresystem is almost impossible, it is so far gone down the Stasi/KGB methods, that we need someone else to do censureship, than the socialmedia owners themselves. They have absolutely no inclination to be responsible for some of the most important pieces of infrastructure in the world. The idea with the internet was to create openess, and ever since Social media has arised, the opposite has happened.

Anway, back to the discussion on humaneness.

Remember the US is a humanistic/democratic state. It comes all the way from the first pilgrims, over the civilwar and to the civil diobedience strikes in the 60´ties.

Anyway, what is it to be humane?

It is, as we Jews call it, to be a Mensch. An exceptional human being. A human being, that is able to forgive, accept the wrongdoings of other people, that in the face of adversity keeps his faith in the positive, in giving, in being humane.

It is the very opposite of control and boxing in.

Social media is all about boxing people in, and hindering them of doing what they like the most.

Take me, I have worked on my little tv station TV Freedom.

I just love to work with that. I get to meet people, support the democratic process, give all people a voice.

So what do Facebook think about that, well, from the beginning, Facebook has put strict rules over my TV station, I cannot advertise for my tv station, whenever I get too popular, the shadow banning starts and so on.

The very opposite of being humane in understanding me.

So if Facebook handles a renaessance philosopher with disdain, lack of of humanity and attempts at controlling, how are other people handled?

The same way, but just worse.

Is that humane?

G-d bless the will to be human in a world, where control and systematic lack of humanity is the reality of most people.

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The Mensch

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Ok, it seems to me, that I have been involved in so many agendas, that it is a little hard for me to truly stay on top of them all. But I am doing my best.

Here is something about the US.


Equality is a liberal virtue. We have equality between people, different colors, classes and as a new virtue, the equality between nature, man and business in the climate Change department.

So, what is this virtue of the liberal, and how may we understand and apply it?

First of all, one needs to understand the basis of the idea. Equality is a way to reach a happy society. According to Plato, a situation where there is too far away from one end to the other, there is a lack of balance. Take classes, in countries where the rich are so rich, that they can have a lot of servants, and the poor are living in appaling poverty, the gap between the rich and the poor is too wide. So that is the reason why we have progressive taxes, to make a situation where the rich are not totally rich, and the poor not totally poor.

Off cause, this is not an idea that is without its problems, in a capitalist society, the values that the rich make, is distributed through jobs, so making a communist society, there is no wealth at all to distribute. So you need to find a balance between too much and too little, and you need a loyal as well as patriotic workforce as well as industrialist. That proud mark of Made in America, must be something that both worker as well as industrialist is common in understanding as something good.

As soon as that goes away, then the whole nation is not working anymore. This is a point where I have gone back to Hegel in my understanding of socialism.

We need a Hegelian understanding of the nation.

But with the right care, and understanding, we CAN make a more equal society by making progressive tax.


Anyway, it is the same idea that goes with Climate. Here again, we need a true balance between the needs of man and nature.

If we just make the whole globe into a manmade hell for all other species, we loose sight of something profound; the grace of spirits realization in nature. We loose our faith.

It is through understanding nature as a spritiual realization of G-d, that we may be able to preserve and understand both ourselves as well as nature as something divine.

But, and this is where the balance comes into play again, we also need to feed all the people that keeps coming into existence, and that requires areas to grow crops.

But, that is where the innovation of agriculture comes into play; making more food in less space and trying out new kind of smart crops.

It is about the equality between man and nature, and we still need to do all this on an international market, so we need to respect that making food is a business for a lot of people.

So innovation and picking the winners is a strategy here as well, and then trying to pressure some of the bad guys.

The mass slaughter of the forest of Borneo anyone? The plastic catastrophe of the oceans, a problem we need to fix and think about, and so on, there are a host of issues we need to adress.

Social media

And then there is Facebook and Google that seems to have forgotten that they are supposed to be Mensch, shame on them.

G-d bless the will to do good in a chaotic world.

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Pick the winners

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Dear Joe, things are seeming to get into gear I think.

Here are my reflections on the current issues.

First the war against China. Trying to cut out China from the free markets, is a master stroke. It is much more effective than what Trump did, but it comes with its own set of caveeats and issues, that you have to think about.

What is it anyway with free markets, and what is it good for?

In essence it is an idea, that Adam Smith had, that caters to the fact, that if we make a market where all can take part in, it in effect lifts all nations up, IF the nations that contribute accept the rules of law, that is.

I mean, pirates are still pirates, and should be considered pirates. The piracy copying that the Chinese have built on, is basicially stealing knowledge, and it is therefor illegal.

90% of Chinese production is therefore based on stolen goods, and it creates a situation, where it gives the Chinese an advantage that is essentially not within the frame of free trade. Knowledge piracy is piracy.

So, what you need to do, is then cut them out of the free market, and make sure, that the nations that is within the free market accepts the rules of law, and does not steal from other companies.

But, here is the problem. It needs to be setup in a way, that the other nations feel sure, that they are a part of that new free market of lawabiding nations.

The rest of the world, more or less.

So isolate China in terms of acces to market, and you will deal an essential blow to the balance between the US and China.

But, and that is very important. You need to make sure, that American businesses accepts the fact, that they are supposed to make things in America.

Made in America.

How you do that, is also a pretty important part of the rebuilding of America.

Here in Denmark, we can, potentially, work together, union and producer.

Maybe that is a way of the US as well, seek cooperation between union and production.

Seek out solutions here on a political level, maybe in a cooperation with the Republicans. They are also interested in a strong and prosperous United States of America.

Climate Change

Then there is the Climate.

First of all, I have been doing a lot of research here in Denmark, and talked to both sides. It is really a diffcult area. But there are openings here and there.

Energy change being one of them. Going from fossile fuel production to renewable energy is possible, but needs a lot of development to really succeed.

There are many interesting project, and supporting the winners is a good idea.

I just had an interview with the second in command of Socialistisk Folkeparti Jacob Mark, and he worked that way. Picking the winners, and supporting them.

Hyperloop development is interesting, we have power to X in Denmark, Elon Musk knows a lot and is doing many interesting things.

So, maybe pick the winners?

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Climate Change

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Ok, having established the basic principles of sustainability, that of balance of things. Balance between man, nature and business, we can move on to the practical.

I will return to my trip to paradise island, but just to give you some inspiration to what we can do with climate change, here is an overview.

There are three possible areas of practical action.

1. Energy consumption
2. Agricultural development
3. Marine care

First energy consumption. This area is where we have the windmills, the electric cars, the hyperloop. That is figuring out new ways to use energy and create better modes of transportation.

Mr. Musk and mr. Branson have made some amazing developments in this area. So supporting these two fine gentlemen, is not a bad idea. Whatever they come up with, support it. They have the track record of blazing innovation, and we can safely put our trust in them.

There is another field, that I am working on in Denmark, that of green fuel. We are leading in this area, so hopefully, we can initiate the roll out of fuel made with renewable energy sources. That is going from wind to fuel in cars and ships.

Pretty cool innovation if you ask me.

Talking about agricultural development as well as marine care, these areas are very difficult to handle, so be careful. I have done a lot of research here in Denmark, and the problem is, that we are working with conservative farmers, who are not used to intervention, and they do not trust the left.

So, forcing the farmers is not a good idea. We had a huge rally of farmers after our current government started forcing them, it was not ok.

What you can do, is to focus on the innovative branch of agricultural production. There are all kinds of new ways to figure out ways to make food that is less punishing to nature. Fast crops, worms as protein and so on. Israel is leading here.

Add to this, animal care is important, but again, it is very difficult. Just enforcing new rules, will get the farmers riled. Work WITH the farmers, even though it is extremely difficult.

I am actually doing it in Denmark, and it can be done. But they are tough, and wise, so we should respect the farmers. They do also carry an ancient life form, that we stil remember as the “village”. Right? We carry this picture of the farm and the village with us. The ideal, healthy, little town, where they play the banjo, go to church and sing every morning. It is still there, here and there, and we should protect that mirage of happiness instead of not seeing it, very important.

Then there is aqua care. This again, is also a very difficult area. With the same reasons as agriculture, because of the fishermen.

I dont know how it is in the US. But here in Denmark, there is an extremely complex reality of agriculture using fertilizer that has a negative effect on the oceans. Fishermen having quotas as to how much they are allowed to fish and so on. It is complex.

At the other hand, it is really important as well. Marine nature is suffering from overfishing, wrong ways of fishing and so on. It should be regulated, but with respect for fishermen. These guys are really nice, freedom loving bunch of old guys. I really like them, they are still very much into freedom. They love to roam the seas, and carry a certain cultural lore we need to keep.

So treat them with respect.

One thing that is really important and a great problem for the marine ecological system is plastic in the oceans.

This is an area we can something about.

The problem is the third world, that do not burn their wast before they throw it out. They just throw their garbage in the rivers, that then carry it to the oceans.

There are numerous ways to solve it, but working with the governments that are responsible for the pollution is important. We need to stop the constant flow of garbage into the ocean. Maybe with some kind of cleaning plant at the end of the rivers. Plastic make for good fuel. So if you make a powerplant using the plastic that is otherwise just thrown into the ocean, could be a business that could work in itself maybe.

Anyway, these are the three areas you can work with.

Gettting along, and starting the work is possible.

G-d bless the will to Change the environment.

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America is truly the home of idealism. Take Mr. Abraham Lincoln and the civil war. He fought not only for the power over all of the US, but most noticeably for ideas.

That all men are created equal, that slavery is tyranny.

In a way, the revolutions, especially the French revolution had a very fertile ground for idealism in the US. Still has, as the statue of Liberty underlines whenever you come to New York.

As a philosopher, and as a renaissance philosopher, who sees these basic ideas of the US as my own as well, I feel a extremely great responsibility to what the US and the Democratic cause has come to.

You know, my fellow philosophers were the ones to convey these ideas to the modern world. My task has not been to spread the ideas, but to protect them.

That is difficult, in a situation, where the ideas mature, and you see some of the negative aspects of the ideas as well, because they are there. It is written in the philosophical scripture, mainly in Plato to look out for certain problems that lie in the system and structure of the republic.

Mainly that of moral corruption, when people start taking things for granted. That was one of the reasons, that I criticized the outsourcing of American industry. That is why, I now criticize Social media.

We have to be loyal to the Democratic state, and support the institutions that it rely on. Public discourse being one of the most vital and important. If we do not debate as citizens, then how are the politicians supposed to make any laws that are the essence of the public debate?

Social media with its focus on monetary accruement, and with no eye as to how the public dialogue is supposed to work, is a huge, huge problem, and their only response to my criticism so far has been more censorship.

Anyway, there is absolutely nothing wrong with our democratic institutions, they are the best man has ever made. It makes most happiness, progress, everything. But untended it has the risk of deteriorating into business only.

That is a problem.

Anyway, as Democracy finds new ways, conquers new territory, and has to adapt to new kinds of reality, so must we as its servants, try our very best to support and enrich it.

Sometimes it will cost us, it has certainly cost me. Twenty years of unending harassments of the Danish state is the current tally of my life.

But that is the way, you need to sacrifice some of yourself, to make it work.

As the ancient Vikings said. The tree of life, needs the sacrifice of the heroes to live.

It is the same today.

That is the way of Democracy, and will always be.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant for the weaknesses of Democracy, and may we hand it down to the next generation, stronger than it was.

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Ok, lets get on with the tale of Livø. The day after I arrived at Livø, this is a true story, I went to town. The town of Livø, is a small tourist spot that was built as a carehome for mentally disabled persons, that lived at the island 70 years ago. So at its time it was quite famous for its methods of taking away people who had problems living with the rest of us, and giving them a little paradise in the fjord. Not all liked it, but the intention was clear; care for people.

This is reflected in the architecture of the island. Solid, well built, beautiful housing. The roof of the local farm is made with the most exquisite stoneweave. It is so beautiful.

Anyway, I strolled around the city, and went to the grocery store. The grocery store is where everything is revolving around. It is run by a guy called mr. Bergholdt, Jesper Bergholdt, and he is a visionary himself. He used to be the proprietor of the Viking restaurant at Lindholm Høje, that is a ancient burial site of the vikings. Still there with stone settings the form of sailing vessels. Still the ravens fly high and ominous over Lindholm høje.

So mr. Bergholdt is not your run of the mill, normal propeitor, but a man of many ideas and thoughtful.

So I asked him, if he wanted to be interviewed for my tv station, and he instantly agreed, despite his maniacal pace. It was a very height of the year in terms of his business. So image this strong bull of man, with a beard as long as ZZ tops, with the voice soft as a melody, and you got the gist of it.

Anyway, as I said, there was a summer camp at the island, and I happened to bump into the leader of it, through the help of Jesper.

So we setup a talk as well.

All about sustainability.

So, just to not let you wait, let me give you the base principle, and we can it from there in the following posts.

According to Jesper, Livø, the very paradise that we strive for. What makes it so amazing is the fact, that all is in balance. Man, economy and nature.

Each has a place, and all is considered equal.

There you have it guys, the very core of the lefts argument for climate change. That man, economy and nature is equal. All is equally worth on the island of Livø. And all thrives, as it is respected.

The life stock wander the woods, clearing out the undergrowth, so that the woods have clearings as open as possible, making the sun rush through the wood like a spirit on a morning day.

It is so beautiful, you cant imagine, and it is based on the idea, that we are equal with nature and economy.

Pretty cool?

Anyway, that was the base principle, and there is much more to come.

G-bless the will to find harmony.

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You can do this Joe

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Ok Joe, here is what I would recommend you doing in Afghanistan.

Draw the troops out in as an orderly fashion as possible. Dont delay, dont hurry, just do it at the pace you find is the right.

At the same time, you need to get some pay back from the attack of Isis at the airport.

Send in the drones, make the attacks precise, only hitting exactly the targets that were involved in the attack on the airport, and then just continue from there. Whittle them down from the top.

What is really important is to avoid any civilian casualties. Be very, very careful. As this is a war of bombing, it is also the war of hearts and minds. Be careful not to hit any of our friends, but on the contrary help our friends. They need to be taking responsability for their own country, but we should be VERY adamant in trying to support the pro democratic movement in the country. As in the Arab spring, remember?

Now, off cause the Arab spring was different, it was just in the first term of Barack, and we were very popular at the time. So we cant rely on the support of the people at the same level. But I mean, we are in it for Democracy, and those who support us, we should support. Not nation building, but the support of those who share our values and worldview. That is fair, and hopefully, the people of Afghanistan will like our approach.

And then be adamant about that, say that you are not in it for nationbuilding, but you still support the Democratic cause, and any who do the same, will be your ally.

And then do it, without risking American lives anymore, the public is warweary, that is fine, but they still want the cause of Democracy to be seen as something worth supporting, and they will support that.

Anyway, be clear about your priorities and then just start cutting the head off the snake, so that it keeps out of the US.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant and fast in action, and you can do this Joe, it is difficult, but you can do it.

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Well, as things need to be dealt with in foreign policy, we also need to keep the ball rolling in the department of Climate Change.

I have been sailing a lot this summer, as a part of my work with my little TV station. Sailing with my 23 footer, “The Mermaid”.

Most of the sailing has been done in the internal waters of the Limfjorden, maybe the best sailing area in Denmark. At least amazingly beautiful. Sailing is tough, you know, but it is also a possibility to see things and reach places that you normally would not be able to reach. As you Americans have your horses and ride into the sunset, we Danes have our sailing boats to give us freedom.

Pretty cool, actually.

Anyway, the story goes, that I was sailing to the remote Island of Livø, one of the few spots where, by the grace of the almighty, happiness and sustainability goes hand in hand.

You Americans know the vibe, because it is the same vibe that mr. Niels Bohr brought with him to the US in the Manhattan project.

A small island in the middle of the fjord, that is simply; happy.

When I arrived at the island, it was after a harrowing sailing trip. I havn´t had the Mermaid sailing for some time, so I was a bit pressed. She handled the pressure amazingly, but the waters just outside the harbour of Livø was a dangerous and difficult strait to cross, and I was a bit tired. So my arrival in the harbor was quite difficult and not that elegant. I had to arrive with sails in my hand, and happened to arrive too fast.

Anyway, I was helped, in the harbor, by a young gentleman in a one masted seafaring vessel, and I instantly liked him.

So I asked him what he was doing on the island of Livø, and he told me, that he was attending there as a part of the Socialist folkehøjskole summercamp. He told me, that he had been there since he was 5. Pretty cool guy. His ship needed repair, it was a bit unkept, but it could still sail all the way from Copenhagen to Livø.

So, I asked him, what this summercamp was all about, and he told me, that it was kind of the inspirational camp for all in the left wing party of Socialist Folkparty.

Anyway, I went down in my bunk, and rested for a bit, it was a harrowing experience sailing through Limfjorden, and I had to have some rest. But the next day I made a few appointments with the spiritual leader of Livø, and the proprietor of the Island, to try and understand what is going on on Livø.

And I will entertain you good folks who read here on over the next few weeks, because, boy was that a beautiful, harmonious understanding of sustainability. And the best of it all, it worked. Everybody was happy when I was there, even the animals!

G-d bless the will to see sustainability as something worth our while.

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Well, we have to be brutally honest about the current foreign policy situation. Leaving Afghanistan has weakened the American leadership more than it already was.

I get it, we should get out of Afghanistan anyway, and we were doing quite well in subduing Al-Queda. But the move, where the Talibans are victorious, is a massive defeat in that war.

Most of the work we did in the Obama administration may just start to unravel.

That is the bad news, the good news is, that it kind of gets our attention again. We need to look at the matter, and it was a strategy that united the world behind us in the Obama term; the fight against Al Queda, Islamic State and so on.

So we have given ourselves a playing ground, that we can actually work on.

I know, that the Biden administration feels obliged to migrate a lot of the cooperating personnel that was in Afghanistan. This is, at best a mixed blessing, but I get it, it is a way to say that we are sorry, and somehow remedy the draw out a bit. The problem is, however, that we are unable to get all the Afghanis out of Afghanistan that is democratic, so to most Afghanis, it will seem pretty unfair, why this guy and not me. You see, it is a solution that will just further the feeling of unfairness.

International politics, is about trying to be fair within the frame you get. It would have been much better so spread out the effort to help as many Afghanis as possible, instead of just a few. And that would have been accepted. Sorry, but it needed to be said.

So we are back at square one, we need to look at the threat of Al Qeuda, and, hopefully, shore of support of the old strategy of hunting the leadership.

The only way for the US to regain international leadership, is to make a good, sound strategy, that people like and is fair.

Not going for muslims with a democratic understanding, and only going for the political muslim organizations is still the best bet we have, and then with a intelligent, IT based strategy.

So, we need to look forward, and understand the possibilities we have.

And then Joe, just to be brutally honest with you, a thing I wasn’t with Mette Frederiksen, current liberal PM of Denmark, you have only one card, and that is me.

I know it sounds preposterous, but my experience is, if you go too far away from my analysis, things start to unravel.

In Denmark right now, Mette Frederiksen is in free fall, I have REALLY tried to help her, but she only listened to half of what I strategized, so now she is going down. I am sorry about it, I wish it was different, but that is the reality of it.

I think the Socialdemocrats should be honest about the current state of affairs. Only in Denmark and in the US have there been any progress, and that has been because of me.

I know it sounds both preposterous, and in a way controlling, and I am sorry for that. But you need to be realistic about what you are up against. It is the same as Obama was up against, the total demise of the liberal cause.

For me, I have no problem with it, I have readers everywhere in the world, and I only help you because we are friends. Ad to that, you don’t need to listen to what I say, it is just what I see here in Denmark. The Socialdemocrats are going down fast. The Trumps administration have done too much damage to liberals, effectively pushing them too the fringes and not to the center.

Soon, things will change in Europe, the fight with the islamists, will intensify. Especially in France, things seem to heat up.

Here in Denmark, things are not going very well, and we need to find that point of balance between right and left.

And we need to focus on climate change as well, as we are occupied with the fight with the Al-qeuda, the climate change is forgotten, and that is a problem, as I see it.

Anyway, take a deep breath Joe, and look forward a few months, after the evacuation, then what? Then we need to pull that Colt 45 and start shooting, to get these enemies of Democracy.

That is the way of the US, as it has always been, weapons change, but the aim, to fight for Democracy, is still the same.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant and honest.

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Social media

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To understand the development of social media, one needs to understand what drives it, and how we need to tackle the challenge of some tech companies gone rogue in terms of the vigilancy towards the sanctity of democratic dialogue.

Let me be honest, it is not a good picture we see. Me, I have been at the top of the censureship apparatchniks for the last fifteen years, so I have a lot of experience with all kinds of censureship.

The way it works is like this.

The censurers of Facebook is a bunch of uneducated, lazy and unenlightened students that do censureship amid pizzas and homework.

There is absolutely no idealism in the function. In newspapers it is the opposite. Here journalists hold icons as Socrates and Voltaire as examples we try to follow. I doubt any of the censurers have ever heard about either Socrates or Voltaire.

Facebook has developed a regime of censorship. There is from low level to high level.

At the low level, Facebook puts up a warning, to tell you to follow their policies, that are, at best, opaque and lack any meaning.

If you do not follow this command, you will get censored. You can be censored from a few days to a month.

But at the same time, Facebook have developed “shadow banning”. That is, they have built in in their software an option to censure postings they do not like, so that very few people see them.

Add to this a focus on advertisment, so that if you pay, you can get your message out.

So, in practise, the rich rules Facebook, because they pay.

This Machaivellian system rules over mankind, more or less.

There is no way, that you can object to the verdict of the censurers. Practically ruling out basic rights as freedom of speech and the ability to make peace through dialogue.

In effect it creates small bubbles of culture that do not talk with anyone but people they share worldview with.

In the ancient democratic forum, the strenght of that forum was a debate on things with people who disagree.

So in order to fix the massive censureship, illegal censureship, of Facebook and other social media. The government and the justice system must take control of the censoring process.

It should meet legislation in the country that people reside in.

This is not easy, but it is necessary, because social media have develop to such a threat to the democratic debate and dialogue.

If you put people in charge of the very centre of a democratic infrastructure that have no idea about how it is suppose to work, you get the systems we have now.

Since the IT tychoons seem to be of the understanding, that the democratic dialogue should conform to their understanding, and not that they are servants of democracy, the justice system must take over, and make a system that will serve the public.

G-d bless the will to take action on the undemocratic and hence dangerous social media in the view of an ideal world of public dialogue.

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Social media

August 23rd, 2021 No comments

We have a bit of a problem with the Social Media. Me myself, I have had a lot of problems with social media lately, mainly because I have opposed the Black Lives Matter/woke political ideas that are alive and fighting in Denmark.

I do this, because I do not accept racism, and you can come from left or right, racism is racism.

So, Facebook has started banning me, and censuring me.

This has stressed the point, for me, that the censurship of Social media is truly out of hand.

In China the communist leaders have reached the same conclusion, and have been cracking down on Chinese mega techs.

Anyway, it does not seem to me, that the American Social media are listening much to what I say. I have been talking about open source and the importance of open social media. My own experience is, that Youtube seem to be listening a little, but Facebook remains totally unforgiving and keep on bashing the old racist tree.

Anyway, this underlines the problems that current social media encounters. At one hand, social media is responsible for the democratic debate happening in a serious and enlightened manner. At the other hand it is a business.

For now at least, it has been all about business. The social media platforms have allied themselves with the bad guys of western society, that is the secret police, at least here in Denmark, and have, more or less ignored the rest of the society.

This has led to a KGB like system, that censures all that is not in the interest of the secret police, and in the censorship that is, at best, haphazard,

Anyway, it calls for reform, but what reform.

Here we need to understand, that the best possible solution would be, if the owners of social media can plan and manage the job themselves. This is why I have been very reluctant to start a debate on the management of social media.

IT companies like Facebook and Youtube needs a lot of freedom to be able to invest in Research and development.

Making new features and staying ahead of the rest of the market is extremely important.

So controlling Facebook, Youtube and other Social media will effectively constrain them a lot, and effectively eventually kill them, even.

That is what is happening in China.

So we should be realistic about the means we apply, and the consequence.

But the KGB like censorship regime Social media is applying right now is worse than curbing the freedoms of social media.

What we need is a transparent, fair and controlled environment, that is based on sound principle. We need to be able to censure some things, but censureship should be handled by professional judges and not student workers.

The state should control social media, and not private investors. It is such a critical piece of infrastructure, that we cannot allow young people with no idea about how to do democratic debate run them.

Sorry, but that is the reality of it.

So we need to see some kind of proposal for legislation, where Social media is effectively controlled by the judges. That is the best we can do now.

I will follow up on this posting in the next couple of months.

G-d bless the will to make a more transparent world.

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August 23rd, 2021 No comments

Ok, the Afghanistan draw out is kind a reaching a climax. All the newspapers have smelled blood of a leader that they can intimidate, and the ground personnel in Afghanistan are not feeling a sense of security.

So what do we do?

We show that we understand the game of international politics, and we make the moves, that makes most sense in the situation. With the wellbeing of all of East Asia as the true aim of the situation.

From when I put some thoughts to this issue until now, the following have happened;

Most importantly Turkey seems to accept the idea, that we work with the close vicinity of Afghanistan in terms of shoring up the refugees and giving the refugees a permanent to semipermanent place to stay.

This is because all the migrants/refugees are going to end up in Turkey making the life of mr. Erdogan really problematic. Already a lot of the Syrian migrants are making his life a problem, because they make a lot of problems in Turkey, effectively pushing the electorate to the fringes of Turkish politics. The extreme rightwing of Turkey are called Grey Wolfes and they are pretty scary.

So a massive wave of migrants from Afghanistan would further destabilise Turkey, and that is a problem.

It seems to me, that the current solution to the massive possible exodus from Afghanistan has been to promise a small number of migrants stay in Western Europe. That will create a huge pushback from the fringes of European politics, and might just cost mr. Johnson his seat. He was elected to make migrants go out of the country, not go in. So that is a very dangerous solution to the stability of the European governments as well.

What is a possible solution however, is still to make a diplomatic blitz to the neighbouring countries around Afghanistan. Turkey would be very much in agreement with this idea, and it will effectively send a message to the Afhganis, that we will help as much as we can, but migration is not an option.

It is not fair, because the redrawal of troops and the consequent take over by Taliban was not fair, but that is the best we can do in the situation.

Anyway, we must, as I see it, seeks diplomatic solutions with the neighbouring countries to Afghanistan, and then we must start hunting the leaders of the Taliban.

We must also seek results in the other areas of conflict where the Al Qeudas are. Give people the impression, that we are doing all we can to solve the problem.

Israel is very much with us on this, so we have the best partner possible.

Then there is the press. When they smell a weak leader, they will go into a frenzy, and start accusing you of this and that. Dont worry too much about it, adress the problems the best you can. But the press in this situation are just going bollocks, and there is nothing much you can do about it. Talk with them, explain your plans, and then just take it easy and stay calm.

Dont take it too serious, but show strength by remaining calm and on the ball.

You can do this Joe.

G-d bless the will to stay calm, in the eye of the storm.

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The head of the snake

August 20th, 2021 No comments

Joe, we need a new strategy to counter the old Afghanistan strategy. I know, that the populace is really annoyed we the redrawal from Afghanistan. I am with you on this, this has been going on for too long. But we still need to be seen as doing some action on this issue.

I have been doing a lot of research while Trump was at the helm, and here are some of the insights that could be of use.

Osama Bin Laden, Al-Queda, the muslim brotherhood and all the other radical sunni muslim terrorist organizations, are ruled by a small clique of intellectuals and leaders.

The way it works is like this. The secret organizations of the sufi, that is a brotherhood of sunni muslim intellectuals do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the intellectual development.

These guys are actually a lot cooler than you would imagine. They are spiritual, but in a more liberal sense, they are mystics and have been around for as long as islam itself.

Their leader is called Qutb. As the spiritual leader of the Muslim brotherhood, that is the true machinator of the islamic renaissance.

Anyway, their true weakness is their very strict rank of command. Cut the head of the snake, the snake dies. Maybe not in fast way, but the intellectual nourishment all true strains of wisdom and belief needs will be cut off.

You could say, that this is mean, but in Islam an intellectual is just as much a warfarer as an intellectual.

So, this is a possible new strategy; cut off the head of the snake.

It is much cheaper in terms of equipment, it uses our resources at the best. We are leading in reconnaissance, IT equipment, precise bombing and so on.

But we should be careful, because the war from the sky is very unpopular, it will not win us hearts and minds, but will weaken the enemy.

So go for the top, use the clandestine arms of the fighting force, and simply dismantle the Sunni muslim uprising through understanding their organization.

They fight in secret ways, so we should do the same.

G-d bless the will to continue fighting, but this time with means that will actually hurt the enemy.

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