To be a brothers keeper

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The mission of Israel, is the mission of Israel, to be the light upon the Nations.

That is, we need to support, scold, help and be a friendly force in the world of nations.

Sometimes we are the helping friend, sometimes we will be the scolding father. It all depends on the nation that is in discussion.

To be the light upon the Nations is not an easy task, it requires an absolute understanding of politics. We need to see the ups and downs of democracy, aristocracy, communism, nationalism and all the other isms that is part of the national fabric of the world.

WE should not take part, but try to help where help is needed.

That is, as I see it, essentially the task of Israel.

Somehow I stumbled into this position, and there is a simple answer to that.

The format that I write in, blogging, metaphysical and philosophical discourse fits this role very much.

Today I am already oldfashioned. The young look at YouTube, they do not do blogging.

So exactly, for some strange reason, I was the right man at the right time.

As things progress, I do not see another philosophical renaissance around the corner. The media structure is just not for for it. It gets simpler and simpler.

So, this is really the nexus of political development, right here on this blog, and it will not reappear in another form. This is the tool, that will remake the faith of the nations, like it or not.

I have worked a bit on Kabbalah, the basic faith of Israel and religious Jews, and there is a thing that strikes me, when I do that.

What I miss, is the essential discussion on G-d. There is a lot of talk about how we reach spirituality and so on. But who tries to DEFEND the spiritual idea. No one, in all the texts, that goes back thousands of years, no one truly see a need to defend G-d really, everybody is a believer.

THAT is what I believe is the task of Israel right now however. To lift itself up in a higher level, and defend G-d.

Where there is materialism, we need to make people see, that there is good and G-d is alive.

Because G-d IS alive.

With that realization, it is all about finding a way for people, to be good to each other. To make people see, that it is not in their own true interest just to take, but it is in their interest to give as well.

To be his brothers keeper.

G-d bless the will to do good in a strange and hostile world.

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Take care of the one besides you

October 2nd, 2018 No comments

I think many people in the EU are scratching their heads right now, trying to understand why things are going down the drain.

It is really quite simple.

All philosophy of certain quality and spirituality has one goal; to shed the egoism of this world, and become a giver.

That is what it is to serve, also as a civil servant. It is an act of giving.

Instead of thinking so much about how the EU system should gain this or that power, you need to change that dynamic, and start thinking about how you may maximise the quality of life of the citizens.

The net result of the European Union has been destruction and chaos, therefor you are punished and people will not like you.

If you want to be popular, you need to figure out, how people will like you.

To be liked, you should start envisioning the peoples of Europe, and start supporting them, protecting them, give them jobs, create a state of happiness.

That is the goal.

G-d bless the will to see beyond ones own needs, and be a caretaker of the one besides you.

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I know, that many people look at my writings, and tell themselves, well he is a nerd so fra away from my world, why would I want to listen to him.

You are absolutely right about that, I am a nerd so far away from your problems, that it seems absolutely insane to listen to me.

Why, because I do what I thing is most important, I hunt for the truth and that of humanity.

This hunt brings me very, very, very far away from this world, because this world is so mired in sleepish, tired ideas, that new ideas seem like taken out of a fairytale.

To believe in G-d again, how old fashioned. To search for truth again, how quaint and unmodern. To have faith in a better world, well that was before the deconstruction.

I am an acquired taste, something that is either extremely oldfashioned, or, perhaps, and this is where you come into the picture, the future.

When Lot went into the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, he asked G-d to give that corrupted city a chance, if just ten men bedsides himself was good. Just ten men.

G-d looked and looked, but there was not just one good man, so he put flames to the cities, and Lot had to flee. Yes they even tried to hunt down Lot, to shut him up, because he spoke about the injustice he saw.

Do you recognize this picture? Maybe there is a person in your country, who seeks to speak the truth, and he is not helped, but cast out.

What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? Think about it for a second.

I am not judging, I just recount the stories of the Old Testament or the book of Thorah, you judge for yourself.

Sometimes, you reach a point, where the truth sayers are not listened to, and this is THE MOST important time to listen to those who speak truth, otherwise your country or city will crumble.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of people who listen, just maybe one or two. But they have to be there, and you have to listen to them, otherwise the city will stop being rich and honest.

Truth is a difficult thing. I know, often it is scarce, and often it is difficult to handle. But truth is the salt in the soup, what brings flavor to the society. So, if you want a society that tastes of something, that has flavor, you need to accept and appreciate the salt in the soup.

G-d bless the willingness to understand that truth is a savior, or is THE savior.

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The way forward EU

October 1st, 2018 No comments

To Change something in politics, you need to do it on an enlightened basis.

The EU is essentially Socialdemocratic. There are some conservatives, but the bulk of the politicians and bureaucrats have one leg in democracy and one leg in socialism.

This means, that Change, needs to reflect that basis.

At the core of Social Democratism then lie three thinkers. Karl Marx and Aristotle/Plato. Karl Marx being the socialist thinker and Aristotle/Plato being the democratic thinkers.

So to create Change, you need to understand these ideas of what you yourself believe in.

To dig a little deeper, one needs to see, that the two pairs of thinkers represent a dichotomy of two warring parts in the Hellene classical world. Karl Marx believed in Sparta, and Aristotle/Plato believed in Athens.

It is a little too simplicstic, because Plato had a huge investment in Sparta, but this is just to simplify things.

So in order to understand the basis we are basing the current system on, one needs to understand that the collective ideas are actually an amalgam between two systems.

We are in deep trouble, what do we do about that?

Well, seen from a philosophical point of view, it really is not that strange. Lycurgus, the philosopher who founded Sparta, and thereby socialism, is quite clear about the foundation of socialism, Sparta had to be a hermetically closed city to work. Communism only works, if it based on a solidarity between equals that have a long history behind them.

Sparta as a city was a kind of extended family, because everybody knew each other, and honestly were family.

THIS is why communism doesn’t work. You cannot have a community if nobody knows each other.

It is as simple as that. Marx did not respect the wise counsel of Lycurgus, and therefore all these problems.

Open borders, that is a distant echo of workers unite wherever you are, is false in a political architectural sense.

So what is the obvious path after this realization. The obvious path is to make sensible borders. I mean it is not civil war between feuding tribes, but a sensible national border structure.

G-d bless the will, to see reason and understand, that civil service is just that. To serve the interest of the people, not the other way around.

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The path of light

September 29th, 2018 No comments

When we look at what is going on in the EU, one thing is very apparent. The EU has not been honest.

Often when decisions have been made, there have been little room for the people to really engage and say no. If the peoples say no, the bureaucracy just ignores it, and does what it wants anyway.

When it comes to decision, often these are taken in dark rooms, far away from the scrutiny of the press or public will.

The examples are in legio of actions that is done, that has no real ethic quality.

If you were really honest, you would call these actions evil.

I know, when I say it, you would probably raise your brows, and look down at me from an aloof stance.

But, think about it. What is good? It is honesty, transperency, shedding your own privileges to serve those whom you are employed.

That is good, to kiss the foot of the beggar.

My point is, to rectify the EU project, you need to find “G-d“ in a sense.

Because if you lose the vision of spirit, you do things that seem reasonable, but at a closer inspection are evil.

What you need, is a true, ethical, spiritual soulsearching. Look that fallen angel in the eyes, and see the path of beautiful light.

That is the answer, everything else is just talk.

G-d bless the will to do good, and that is, at least to be honest to yourself.

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Hope and Change of Europe

September 28th, 2018 No comments

I have been meditating on the problems of Europe and in specific that of the European Union.

We have a movement going on, that I created. That of the reemergence of the nationstate. It happens all over Europe these days, the people is taking back control, because the politicians and the political elite have forgotten to ask them what they want.

Good, that is as it should be. Congratulations all peoples of Europe.

At the other hand, we have a EU, that seek a new mission. What now?

Well, to create peace, one needs a true moral compass.

A moral compass, that will make one see what is truly good or bad in the world.

You can only have a good compass, if you believe in spirit. Because spirit is the ideal of ethics. It is the ultimate state of true love, borderless understanding and uncompromising loyalty.

This movement is what I believe is really needed. To find faith in Hope and Change. Hope in a better world, and Change into a sound and respectful system.

It will, in other words, require a lot of soulsearching, and honesty towards ourselves.

Good is never simple, it is always complicated, because the world is complicated.

Open borders may, at the surface, seem like a benevolent and good thing, but if the consequence is rampant crime and the destruction of the states of Europe, then it is a bad thing.

One needs to find a compromise.

THAT is the only way for a renewed and vibrant Europe, to find faith. Not on a superficial or simple level, but on a true, intelligent and deep level.

It all comes back to the basic question; what is good?

That is a project I would like to commence, and perhaps seek to unify all those spiritual believers, that seek to further the realm of G-d here on earth.

We all wish to better the situation, we do not all agree, but we do agree on one thing.

We work for spirit, to realize his work here on earth.

That is good deeds, good speaking and good thoughts.

G-d bless the will to do good here in our lives.

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A good meeting at OFA

September 27th, 2018 No comments

Yesterday, I joined a meeting in OFA, Organizing for Action. The organization that is behind the Liberal party of the US, or rather one of the organizations.

I wanted to see how things worked, and the vibe of the current party. Not to spy, but to see if I can help somehow.

I came away really impressed. The level of commitment is top notch, the skill is top notch, and everybody seems to be on the same page.

It was really a good experience actually.

The time here in Denmark lags after the US with seven hours. So your 7 pm is my 2 am. This meant, that I had to wake up at 1.50 am, that is in the middle of the night, at join the web class that OFA makes.

My second daughter has been sick the last couple of days, so I had to take care of her. That is, I had to carry her around from 10 pm to 12 pm, so you could imagine how wasted I was before I got to the computer.

But it was a truly good class, with a lot of good tips, so that was good.

IF you make more classes like that, an idea would be to perhaps make a little earlier. I know it is a bit much, but with small kids that keeps screaming all night, 2 am is a little difficult for me at least. But I understand, that you cant make classes for me.

Anyway, it is a good start.

I would love to get more involved in the party strategic work.

There is another thing. Right now, I am shifting my work. I got a small, tiny job as a teacher at college, and I would love to continue working with politics.

I have a good friend here in Denmark, that I will work with Danish politics with. But I would really love working, that is truly working, getting paid and so on, in American politics.

This may not be possible, I know, and I will do all I can to help anyway.

I have small kids, they need food at the table as well.

Anyway, as it stands. It was a good first meeting, and I look forward to see how things progress.

G-d bless you, and thank you for a nice web seminar.

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September 26th, 2018 No comments

If we look at what Socialdemocratism is, then there is one thing, that meets the eye. It consists of two words. One is democracy, the other is socialism.

In a sense, Socialdemocratism is, in all times, a mix of these two trends. What is important however, is to find the right understanding of Socialdemocratism.

After the 68 came, there has been a lot of emphasis on social justice and identity politics. The Frankfurterschool.

If you look at these ideas, actually it has nothing to do with either socialism or democracy. These ideas are the reflection of Nazism, trying to do good what Nazism did wrong. But theoretically it has very little to do with the political ideas behind Socialdemocratism.

The Change Barack and I did, was to move the Socialdemocratic perspective from identity politics, to true political progressivism.

Where the Frankfurterschool see everything in colour a and gender. We see the world as a place without colour and gender. It doesn’t matter. We are all equal in the eyes of G-d.

Where social relativism does not accept the family as the cornerstone of the society. The Socialdemocratism we sought to promote is a family oriented ideology. Where dad is dad and mom is mom. Not in an unequal way, but in a way where the kids matter more than we do as parents. Where having dinner together matters. Where saying thank you and sharing with the community matters.

Democracy will only work, if it is based on a society with good and healthy families. Where people look out for each other, and we care. Where kids go to school to have a good education and are able to make a good life.

Where the next generation is better off than your own. Where you seek to make a better society for your kids to inherit.

Where we can actually share some civil rights values. Where we share and do not divide.

That is the vision we can and should work for. Not a place of division, but a place of faith and unity.

G-d bless the will to do good in a harsh world.

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The danger of Sweden collapsing

September 24th, 2018 No comments

There are a lot of troubles between the east and the west. I for one do not condone it. I believe in dialogue and understanding. If we are at war, I believe, we should hit as hard as humanely possible. But if not, we should seek dialogue.

There is one thing, that I really believe that Russia should at least consider.

We here in Denmark live close to Sweden, and honestly the news that get out of Sweden smells of imminent breakdown of the state. The police is in tatters, and no one seems to be grown up in a frame of mind that does not essentially leave room for not commiting suicide.

It has come to this because the dying Soviet Union infiltrated Sweden in the seventies, and essentially broke down the social cohesion of Sweden.

This is not to point fingers. I love Russia and see it as one of my children to help and support in terms of progress and life.

That is why I believe that Russia should think about the blame it will give to itself if Sweden truly collapses in ragnarok.

The very ancestors of the Rus dying because its child destroyed it.

This would hang as a great shame and troublesome wound in the great and proud soul of the Russians.

I have no solution. Sweden seems hell bent on suicide, but I truly urge Russia, for Russias own sake, to consider the sad story that is going on in Sweden right now.

I would wish Sweden to follow Russia, and find peace with its own faith, strengthen its identity and find a prosperous way.

Swedes are skilled.

But the destruction of the Swedish people would be unbearable especially for its own sons and daughters migrated so many years ago through the rivers of Eastern Europe.

Please consider the wellbeing of the Swedes, not at least its own daughters and sons. You would not be able to carry that guilt of having caused destruction of your forefathers.

G-d bless the proud Rus, and may they see peace and joy.

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The solid basis

September 24th, 2018 No comments

The US has been forever Changed by the presidentship of Mr. Barack Obama. Compared to all the trouble we have here in Europe, the US is much, much better going.

First of all, what is it really that is the basis of this positive Change?

It is, and now listen very carefully, the adherence to the basis of US creed. The shining city at the top of the hill. That is a country that revels and loves its free thinking and illuminating leadership. Yes, I know that US has been hampered by some bad ideas in the past, but essentially the ideas of the US are perfect.

A revolution in this sense, is an AMERICAN Revolution. Going back to the founding fathers, picking up on their ideas, reinventing them for today.

These are very good ideas, there is no reason to change them, except REINVENTING them for today.

If your house is built on a sold basis, there is no better idea than to have a look at that basis once in while, and keep it sound.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Happy Yom Kippur

September 17th, 2018 No comments

It is now the last day of the new year, tomorrow a new year with all its potential will start.

As always, looking back is good, and looking forward is equally good.

First of all, the last year has had its tough challenges. Antisemitism, or the vilification of Jews is on the rise internationally, secondly, the situation around us is volatile as always.

In this dire situation, not defending Israel is total madness.

At the other hand, the fortunes of Israel has never been better in terms of allies and friends. The US has chipped in full throathed, the Arabs have become friends. And even Iran has refrained from attacking us as hard as we have been attacking them.

This is due to the good will of spirit towards Israel.

Why has this happened?

Really it is a reflection of the Jewish character. A warm friend and a fierce enemy.

If you support us and work with us, we will be the best friend you can have. If you fight us, we will be the worst enemy you can get.

In a sense, Israel is slowly realizing the Jewish spirit.

Because peace is only won if you fight with justice, and help with mercy.

This is the example I hope the rest of the world sees. That we are not fighting for our own benefit in terms of money or privilege. But to have our place we can call home.

Somewhere where we are safe and secure.

The rest of the world hates the Jews for their own descipable reasons, so we need a place to call home, where we can be safe.

That is Israel. The home of the Jews.

With this wonderful realization, I hope that all Jews see their home for what it is, and are ready to defend it with all costs.

Not to subdue or bring harm, but to defend and protect those we love and cherish.

Happy Yom Kippur, and G-d bless Israel.

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Rosh Hashanah

September 10th, 2018 No comments

Happy new year all fellow Jews.

Each year comes with challenges and happiness. Each year is one more year gone in ones life.

This is a time to look back, and think a little about what happened and how we may find new ways the next year.

The last year was good in the sense, that Jews in Israel have become more secure, but dangerous in the sense, that antisemitism is on the rise in many areas of the world.

Here in Denmark the ugly head of Nazism is rearing, and the same goes for Sweden, where the Jews are to blame, again.

That is the way of the Jews, though we seek peace, often there is not peace to be had.

As Moses did when he wanted to create the first Israel, he went on a holy mission. We also need to find a balance between fighting and finding peace. That balance is difficult to find. But honesty to what we see with our own eyes is a good place to start.

With great skill comes great responsibility.

In this way our arrogance is a two edged sword. At one hand it brings us further and away. The self confidence gives us the ability to overcome amazing problems. But it also creates a lot of resentment.

This balance of having faith in ourselves and yet remain humble is the key to peace.

Working tirelessly, with confidence on our aims, but at the same time being humble and generous with what we make.

G-d bless all Jews on the Rosh Hashanah.

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September 7th, 2018 No comments

I have tried to give it a bit more thought about the peace of the Middle East.

As rav Ashlag says; the day the three monotheistic religions have a common base. That day, Israel will bring peace.

You know, he was right.

What has really given us a huge boost, is the proces of Israel becoming more religious. When Israel started, it was essentially a humanistic/democratic/socialist state.

Inspired by great European Jews as Herzl and Brandes.

Religion was not really at the fore of the Israeli state. There were some kabbalists who thought about it, among them rav Ashlag. But Israel has had a strict border between the state and the religion.

This has changed in the last twenty years, as the rest of the world, religion has had a comeback.

What has this had of effect for Israel? Well, essentially it has brought Israel closer to its neighbors in terms of worldview. That is what we are witnessing now.

Both the sunnis and the shias are very religious people. When we talk religion, we all of sudden find, that we have a common language, and the same goals.

Judaism is the source of all three monotheistic religions. Sometimes when religion develops along positive lines, Christianity and Islam cherises its jewish roots, sometimes in times of negative development, it hates its jewish roots.

So, the ability of Israel to reach out, and understand the other two religions and even support them, is what the other religions require to develop along positive lines.

Judaism is essentially extremely positive. The quest for peace is judaism.

So, as a religious state, Israel means peace.

G-d bless the will to understand how we can find peace.

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Great Britain

September 5th, 2018 No comments

One of the ways the British intellectual environment can and have to change the narrative of migration, is with a deeper understanding.

I have written quite a lot about that here on the blog, and it has created some momentum for Mr. Boris Johnson. To be honest, I do not have a preferred candidate in the UK Conservative party, this is not for me to define. I however off cause applaud mr. Johnson in his attempt at saving the country. I have always been a staunch brexiteer.

But, again, I understand the difficulties of the European Union, I would have tried to make some development to the Union, but without any public support, I cant see how this is possible.

But, back to the discussion on migration on an enlightened base. I am trying to whip up a cultural mission from Denmark to the UK.

I have some connections in the party that serves as foreign minister, and I am trying to make a contingent of artists, diplomats and politicians to make a trip to the UK.

Perhaps this will open up the discussion a bit.

I am working on it, and hopefully I will succeed on the mission. It is very difficult, because obviously it is a massive project.

But, with G-ds grace, we will succeed.

We have also discussed the possibility to go to other countries.

Anyway, this is just to inform you on some of my plans.

We need to open up the discussion, so that it rests on an enlightened basis.

This is for you.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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September 5th, 2018 No comments

Mr. Barack Obama is coming to Denmark in the end of september. This is an opportunity to begin the discussion on legacy. I am afraid, that we have to initiate it somehow. Otherwise people will not really believe in the skill we have applied to the process.

I tried to contact the local holder of the session that mr. Obama is attending, unfortunately they are pretty dismissive of an interview. I therefor post it here (sorry readers who are not really interested in what happens behind the curtains) due to the problems I have with this thing. We need to do it, to change the mood in the Democratic camp, and give a true narrative to what really happened under Barack Obama. We need to celebrate his achievements.

The subjects would be:

1. Peacedeal in the Middle East
– What happened first: The Arab spring and the values in that
– The fight with Ahmadinejad, and the diplomatic push to bring the peacekeepers of Iran to the fore
– The “make friends with the Middle East states” strategy
– The fight against IS, and the values behind
– The global alliance against IS and what it meant to American power

2. Economy
– The shift from Keynesian economy to “obamanomics” (The support of loyal production to America, Made in America)
– The support of American workers
– The role of China in this strategy
– The amazing succes of this strategy today

3. Civil rights
– The attempt to support at platform to unite the Americans
– The importance of the civil rights movement in the US
– How we may be able to create less friction in the US by making a common base for all to stand on

Method: Interview
Media: Film
Distribution: The US, hopefully some of the major broadcasters
Length: 30 minutes or more
Language: English
Location: In Kolding (needs to be arranged by business Kolding. We a room somewhere. I will bring the cameras and sound equipment)

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