To be good

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maxresdefaultTo be spiritual, I believe the essence is about being a good person.

The ethical discussion must therefor be at the heart of any person that believes himself to be a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew.

It is like that, right?

But the problem about being a moral person is the fact that the right choice is often very difficult to make. What some believe to be the right choice, others do not.

Take my discussion on Islamic State. In the beginning, this was a thing of taboo. People really thought that I was a bad person. But it came out to be a true, right. Look at what they are doing.

You can look at it from many perspectives; psychology, metaphysics, social sciences. Some people believe we have a innate moral compass, others believe in enlightening the world. But at the end of the day, the truth of the matter is, that being good is one of the most difficult things to be.

One of the things I often see people doing that is a mistake, is many peoples tendency to take the easy road. To do what everybody else do, to blend in. This is the best choice if you want to be socially accepted. But it leaves all the moral consensus to the leader of the group. If he or she is a bad person, the entire commune he is leader of, will be bad as well.

Power corrupts, and a lot of power corrupts a lot. So if you are in an organization with a powerful leader, there is a chance he or she will be corrupted.

It is here the task of the servant of G-d, always to ask himself; what is the moral answer in this case.

Evil is often disguised as good, that is my experience. In fact, the bad people often parade their goodness. Tries to obtain a veneer of being the right and moral person. They cloak themselves in the cloak of goodness. You know the person that always has to be the one that prays the most, or sit, venerably at the head of some local community council to help the poor.

Bad people like to LOOK good.

The real good people you often find at places that is not posh or fine. They are there where they can actually do good, and that is often in the gutter somewhere. Places where things smell, and the air is ripe with sin. There you see them, going about their business, like angels in the filth.

The sad thing is; if a leadership of a country or a congregation, does not realise this. These few angels, that should be ones to lead us, never reach the leadership role they should have. But remain in corners around in the gutters washing peoples feet, taking care of the homeless, sick and poor.

I believe, that one of the things we should start doing, is look for angels, where they are, and ask them to lead us.

Often they would reject our pleading, and go about their business, but often enough they would sacrifice their calling and be an administrator.

If we cannot ask them to lead us, then try and be inspired by those few lights, and do as them.

G-d bless the pursuit for goodness.

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I think the discussion last night war absolutely brilliant, it could not have been better. Well done ms. Clinton. Still a long way to go, but on to a good start.

We can still wheel some support in, due to the bomb shock mr. Trumps camp must be in. But it has to be done now.

That is, go out, make your points again at some convention, and start pushing some more.

It is about momentum, try to build on the momentum you get from the discussion.

Well done, ms. Clinton, well done.

G-d bless the willingness to remain humble in the office of the United States.

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The content

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I believe that mr. Jimmy Carter had some good ideas about what could be the content of this presidential election. Or rather the content of the democratic contented.

1. Civil rights
2. Climate Change
3. Economic justice

These ideas are so strong, that they may very well carry us directly into the oval office.

We still have to counter the threat of islamism. This is a prerequisite for a successful presidentship

But we may have ideas about what we want to do, but we still have to carry the crown juvels into the next four years of presidency.

That is, on one hand, we have to counter the immediate threaths to the US, and next come up with some new ideas, so that people think we have a positive message as well.

G-d bless Hillary Clinton, and good luck in the debate.

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califatThe old US of A is tearing up in the seams. What is happening, well is it not obvious if you at it from the eyes of our enemy?

Our enemies are islamists, we fight them i the Middle East, Syria, Iraq, and in Libya and many other places.

This we do, because they are a threat to the liberal order. That is it. The new thing is; they have landed on our shores, and are now fighting, viciously and without any regard to human casualties, spreading terror wherever they are; Orlando, new York, Boston. You name it, you hate it.

This fuels an unconscious fear, also called …. terror.

So in essence, we are fighting the terror here in the US and abroad. But the terror still has hold of us. And instead of us using our tools to target the terror, the angst fuels the racewars.

So what at one point had nothing to do with race, is subtly converted into something else.

What is the cure?

We have to be open and precise about the character of the threat. It is not all muslims, and not all blacks, it is islamists. People who believe in the caliphate and fights for a sharia driven state.

This will, at one hand, give all, without regards to colour a flag to rally around, that is democracy, and at the other hand spare those democracy loving muslims.

So, scream it out, yell it at the top of the roofs, make it clear, fight it, enlighten it, show it, name it, make it bleed.

This is a fight for democracy against at vile creed, an abomination, we need to put it to ground. All, white, yellow, black in defence of out democracy.

Do that and save America for another round.

G-d bless the old US of A.

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14369971_10211586615887934_4736527442932130279_nYou know, sometimes, you stop all the grinding and have a little look on what you are, where you come from, and where you might go.

One of those occurrences happened to me just today. It was a silly, small thing, but it kind of struck me anyway.

At prehighschool I was kind of crazy about this beautiful girl. We shared some time together, but it never really kicked off.

Sometime after my prehighschool I had this message from her, where she told me, that she had had a crush on me as well. Kind of tragic. Since then, I have often thought about her, where she might have gone to, what she had done to her life. Did she get married, had kids, and so on.

Stupid thoughts really, but the first love of your life seems to stick.

I just realised what happened to her. She went to a little beautiful island called Bornholm, where she became a professional potter. That was what we had in-between us at that time, we did a lot of pottering together.

You know, if she had, or I had had the courage to ask her that time when we were only fifteen, we would have had a completely other life. A much, much better life. But that is what it is right. You are often pushed to this side or the other by chance.

My point is, you do chose, sometimes where you wanna go, and what to do. Other times you dont.

It has been a bit of a serious relationship Denmark and the US has had over the time, since the Mohammad cartoon crisis, or rather since mr. Fogh was PM of Denmark.

Now we have a shift of presidents of the US. And we can choose to go on with our relationship, or end it.

Like any relationship.

I think my basic point is; when you find something worthwhile, dont lose it. You need to fight to keep the good things in life.

I believe that the friendship between the US and Denmark has been good for both of us. We inspire each other, fight our battles together, have our victories and losses together. Somehow we have grown over the last decade or two.

Let is hold on to that, as long as we can. Because together we are stronger, and the good relationship we have, brings out the best in each of us. That is what friendship is about.

G-d bless the friendship between the US and Denmark.

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Wisdom and energy

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The American election is tipping around. The reason is, that ms. Clinton is not energetic enough. You have to push your agenda, otherwise someone else will take over.

There is only so much you can do with money, at the end of the day. It is about you, getting up on that podium and start inspiring.

This is a war on energy in a sense. Who has the most to put out there within a frame of civility.

G-d bless the wisdom of beauty.

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The gospel of joy

September 12th, 2016 1 comment

In a very secular society, all virtue seem to disappear sometimes. There is very little “right or wrong”, there is confusion and the disappearance of traditional values.

Well, I am very traditional in some ways. You know I am a family man, I truly love my wife, and strive everyday to make my little family work.

It has come to the point, where there is a certain balance. In the beginning, it was very difficult, we had no money, and little support. But now after six years, it is getting better. We can pay our bills, there is even a little left after the bills are payed.

Some of the conflicts there were so much in the beginning are not there anymore. Now we do truly support each other, and we can relax. Mind you, this is not perfect, far from. We still have our grievances, as all families have.

But, at the end of the day. It works, we are happy with our little family.

Today, there are many answers to the happiness of life. Go down to any bookstore, and there you will be presented with a myriad of advice; eat healthy, go jogging, make a good career. But what truly matters, that is family and friends, few books are written about.

Why dont we have a good and serious book about how friendship works? Or a good book about the happy family, supported by spirit?

Why dont we, those who are supposed to be the caretakers of family and friendship talk a little more about it?

The gospel of joy.

Why dont we realise, that goodness leads to happiness. If we spread that idea or thought, then we would win over the sceptics and the naysayers. We could say, we could or could not believe in G-d. But there is an idea that we do believe in, and that is that we have to be good and supportive people.

Goodness and care taking, is a moral imperative, we should do that a little more. We should not be naive, and have our goodness be abused, but we should do as much good as we can.

G-d bless the home of families and friends.

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4305_ac8f60a254158167ebf4bb07ce76e688It has been 15 years, since those terrorist flew into the Two towers of New York, one of the hall marks of freedom.

It is nice to say, right; freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom from tyranny, freedom from suppression.

It has been a whole bunch of years, fighting one battle after the other, winning some, losing some. But at the end of the day, I believe we have come out stronger. The enemies were not just the islamists, Osama bin Laden and so, also our own corruption and lack of high moral standards when it comes of all the virtues of our society; freedom, justice and equality.

I may not be American myself, but I do know how you feel, how the endless infights of not only our allies, but even our own friends seem to take over from time to time.

At this time of of the year, at this special occasion. I believe we should shed what makes us different, and embrace what makes us alike.

Unite, to the tones of our prophetic anthem; we are the bold and the brave, and so we will remain.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Mr. Zuckerberg asked at Facebook about thoughts concerning Facebook. What is the essence of it really, and how may it develop. This is not a critical essay, but an essay to lay a philosophical idea behind some of the UI development.

Lets have a little tour back memory lane, to where it all started, that is the IT, computer business. It started with Gopher. I remember when I were at university we had this new device that could show a coffee machine somewhere else in the world, we were like; thats amazing! Then we had a computer with a mouse, the idea was again just hilariously ground breaking.

But then again, let us just look a little further back to when some of the hippies were listening to Clearwater revival and talking over something called the Well. Strange, they talked a lot about Openess I remember. Openness became a thing for the nerds. Open source, free code and so on. An ideological strand within the computer community, that gave us things as Wikipedia and Android.

If we take a look at that stream, we can, if we wish, take a small step even further back to the beginning of the cold war, and we may have an idea about what this is about. At the time the great leader of the atomic development team that gave us the tech behind nuclear warheads mr. Niels Bohr, a Danish physician, was in deep trouble. He just realised that he had invented a tool that could effectively end the entire existence of the planet, and he reached out. He made this beautifully scripted letter to the UN, called the “Weapon of Openness”, you could call that the secret simulacrum of all geeks. The kind of deeper scripture of Anonymous and all those free wheeling internet hippies.

Openess. I happen to know a little bit about that idea, because you see mr. Bohr did not just take that idea out of the open. It was a part of a Danish discourse on ethics of that time, that seeped out internationally, and yes, now I will give you the deeper meaning of it. That comes with another beautiful story.

You see mr. Bohr was a friend of a philosopher called K.E. Løgstrup. Mr. Løgstrup was one of those rare thinkers that actually invented his own philosophy, and, by all means a lost thinker that many churches could take up. He was the true heir to Kierkegaard, in my eyes.

He had a beautiful wife, a certain Rosalia Løgstrup. Just as Kierkegaard was helplessly infatuated with a certain Regine, Knud was in love with his beautiful wife, GERMAN wife.

Under the second world war, one day the German soldiers came knocking on the door of the Løgstrups, and Rosalia had to answer the call. The thing was, that Knud was a part of the resistance, a leading part, and the soldiers wanted him.

So there you have it, a German Rosalia speaking to German soldiers about her husband who were fighting the Germans. A dilemma. Rosalia did not solve this dilemma, but told the German soldiers a little about where he might be. Not all, but a little.

Happily Knud was never caught, but he was questioning the wisdom of Rosalia, so she answered him; it is a basic human trait to be open. It is when we lose our ability to be open that we lose trust.

It is what makes us human.

Now, fast forward to Facebook, perhaps mr. Zuckerberg can actually use this wisdom? Openness is more than just a principle, it is one of the basic things of humanity. If you create more openness in the world, you will, by doing that, make people see themselves, their loved ones and perhaps even their enemies more openly, and thereby bring them more humanity.

G-d bless the will to be open.

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To win this election, we need to get into the offensive. It works like this.

While we use our energy to demonise mr. Trump, he uses his many faculties to try and make a policy that will work with the voters.

Mr. Trump is many things, but he is not stupid, on the contrary he is extremely intelligent. He is not evil either, he is just without much experience and extremely conservative when it comes to migration and so on.

So if we just continue demonising mr. Trump, he will eventually win. By small steps.

Mr. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the major news apparatus out there, has some really interesting, and I think sympathetic ideas about the impact of Facebook. He says, in the old days people got their views from a single news source, or perhaps a couple of news sources. Today with Facebook, the reader are much more prone to be presented to views they would not necessarily agree with.

What does the mean in this election? It means, that even though mass media is not very friendly to mr. Trump, the normal reader does not notice this very much. There will be news outlets that will convey the ideas of mr. Trump regardless, and they tend to pop up everywhere in the internet, because, basically, these informations are of an interest to everybody.

This is the new situation we are facing.

What does that mean? It means, we are facing a war of solutions. People look at the solutions to their problems, represented by different candidates, and they chose accordingly.

That is why I would say, as Alinsky said in his work; organise, organise, organise. Or content, content, content.

We need to come up with serious, solid, good solutions to the problems that Americans worry about.

So what do they worry about the most? They worry about getting jobs, we covered that base, by supporting American made production. Let us use that a bit more.

Then they worry about crime and terror. This is a topic that we have not covered that much. It is extremely dangerous.

But notice, that mr. Trump has softened his ideas on this field. It is not all muslims now he charges, but only islamists.

This is because he is reading Rubicon, hi mr. Trump, you very welcome, and if can use my ideas, please do. But I do still support ms. Clinton.

So what we need to do, is to make a refinement on the same topic. Otherwise he will just use my good ideas, and not ms. Clinton.

The way it can work is like this:

Instead of charging muslims with terror, charge Islamists. That is politically driven muslims. They dream of a Caliphate and hates democracy.

That is an enemy if there ever was one. At the same time, take of civil rights. This is one of our core strengths.

Say that you support our democratic rights, and know that most American Muslims do the same. And at the same time, you will hunt down all those democracy hating muslims, wherever they are. To win the fight over IS.

See it? At the one hand you do protect most muslims, while you protect the American citizens. The secret services are absolutely ok with this tactics, because this is what they have been doing for a long time anyway. So it is a proven tactics.

G-d bless all who fight for Freedom.

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I remember for a long time ago, I met this German guy. We walked along each other for a little while, and he just seemed demoralised in a way. I understand this, after the second world war, Germany lost, and with it lost a great deal of its identity and self appreciation.

It has been a paradigm in Germany, that Germans do not question any refugees coming into Germany, because it lost in the war. In a way it was a way to repent, and pay back.

Listen, I am a Jew, my own great grandmother had to flee nazioccupation in Denmark, and almost died. We have a long tradition in my family for supporting Jews in the run and Israel. But this is not a argument for all the suffering that Germany now runs through. It has to stop sometime.

The Shoa will always be a part of Jewish history, and will never be forgotten, it will stand along the persecution in Persia and Egypt many thousand years ago. But this does not mean, that things cannot change, we can be friends again.

But right now I believe that Germany should start thinking about surviving. The problems at hand are getting out of control, and you have to do something about it.

The rise in crime that has followed the massive migrant influx worries Germans, and that is understandable. The religiously motivated conflicts also worries the citizens.

Germans are extremely wellorganized and courageous, we know that. So you need to use those skills to stop the crime, and end the suffering of Germans who are living close to all the problems that are everywhere.

Do not use excessive methods, but use the tools you have within the state to protect Germans against abuse. Otherwise things might just get our of hand.

G-d bless Germany.

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Positive spirit

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If you want to change something, look at the bright side. That was my point about mr. Soros and his focus on the dark side.

Good preachers look to G-d and see his light for what it is; benevolence, love, charity, support, help, solidarity all these words that transcends all that is evil, and boundaries between men.

Bad preachers they look at evil and rages against it. They talk bad, and have a moral superiority towards other people.

Good preachers know that people are full of faults and will do bad things from time to time, but always tries their best.

Bad preachers look at the faults of the man, and scolds him for them.

Good preachers are full of forgiving and love.

Bad preachers are full of hate and venom.

So the same goes for politics. Good politicians are all in for the good in society and focuses on that. Bad politicians focus on the faults of their opponents, and see a moral problem with them.

To win something, you need a positive vibe, you need to come up with new ideas to solve the problems we have.

That is why I believe we should see our world in the light of a benevolent spirit. A, “yes, we can!” spirit of positivism. Ok, there will be many a turn, where people will tell you we cannot. Do not believe them, there is such a thing as goodness and solidarity in the world, there is!

G-d bless the will to look at the bright side of life.

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Climate change

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dolphin-animal-beautiful-beauty-clouds-dolphin-dolphins-gloden-lovely-mammal-nature-ocean-peaceful-photography-pretty-rays-reflection-sea-silhouette-sky-splendor-sun-sunlight-suI know that climate change has not been a major point in the current political debate. But, this is one of the strengths of the liberal part, and we should play by our strengths.

After reflecting on the metaphysical and biological content of nature, I think we should also come up with some practical ideas.

If we zoom in on the ideological content of climate change, in the light of an Empedochlean understanding. Nature has to be set free in a way that it will seek harmony. Harmony is about balance of the different factors, and purity. A simple ecosystem has a better chance of working than a complex ecosystem. So what we need to find is places where nature has been left alone and not meddled with. Like the natural parks. These all sit in remote areas where people have a hard time coming to.

We should build on that idea and make more natural parks, where it is possible. And not only natural parks on ground, but also in the sea.

The good thing about natural parks is also, that people can go there and be inspired about nature.

One thing is to talk about it endlessly, another thing is for people to see it with their own eyes.

One last thing, that I think is a problem, and that is with no comparative data to support it, is the vast pollution of the Pacific Ocean. There is a lot of plastic floating around in the sea, and it is a huge problem for many living species. Turtles, fish, perhaps even some of the flora.

This I am not expert in, but there have been attempts on recovering and rinsing the Pacific through different means. That would be a good project to work on.

G-d bless the will to be the caretaker of nature.

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2016-03-02-1456944747-2376497-naturehikeWhen we talk about climate change, I have often been a little sceptical. Because even though nature is a place that I know I go to find G-d, the simplistic idea that all nature is intertwined and is G-d did not seem right to me.

Let me give you an example. When I walked the Camino de Santiago, that is a pilgrimage to a church in Spain (before I converted to Judaism) I had this amazing experience at the end of the walk. The Camino is an arduous trial you give yourself, and in the process of walking you sometimes get revelations.

Just before I reached the final church, I walked through a glade of eucalyptus. It was a sunny afternoon, the birds sang, it smelled of the sweet smell of green eucalyptus, and I just got the most important revelation there in the glade. This was my church, so to say. The glade was the true church, in the sense, that nature in its beauty, is where G-d really resides.

You go back to the whole discussion of climate change, this is really what it is all about right? We revere nature as where to truly find G-d. And we try to protect the creation of G-d against the rape and destruction often brought to nature by mankind.

This is both right and wrong. Right in the sense, that G-d is nature and resides in nature, wrong in the sense, that in nature there is not only G-d there is also destruction and misery.

This is where we go wrong I think. We take all nature as the residence of G-d, and we fail to see, that in nature materialism is there as well.

The dog eats dog process is also what nature is. So taming nature is sometimes to the benefit of spiritual development in nature, so to speak.

To heighten our understanding of nature is, I believe we need another model of it than what we have already.

Nature is driven, according to Darwin by two forces, firstly by the selection of the fittest live within a habitat, and secondly by sexual choice.

These two principles are better described by another natural philosopher, in my mind Empedocles (the same philosopher who invented progressive tax). He says that nature is like sphere, in the centre is love at the fringes is strife. The development of nature goes as a tidal wave between love and strife. At a specific stage there is strife in nature and in other stages there is love.

In a sense it is the same theory as the either-or idea of Kierkegaard. Saying that you either go with your needs (seduction) or with you spiritual self (forgivness). In other words, there is materialism (strife) and spirituality (love) in nature as such, not only in us humans.

This is really the realisation I think we should make. We should not support material and destructive tendencies in nature, but support where nature seeks for love and beauty, in order to enhance spirit in nature.

Take my little glade of Eucalyptus. G-d was there, and I felt in connection with G-d. If we do the same as environmentalists. That is find where G-d is most present in nature and protect those places maybe even enlarge them, we will do a service to nature, G-d and ourselves, because these places will be the most vivid places of worship for us.

But I think we should also make the connection to ourselves as well. Finding spirituality in nature is also about ourselves. We are G-d in the sense, that we have the ability to support at lifestyle that is pure and virgin. If we take that road, we get closer to G-d.

G-d bless the creator.

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Hope and Change

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Well, if we develop something, we need to understand what we are doing, right? If we just do whatever we feel for, it is not really going anywhere constructive. Research and development needs to be based on sound theoretical ideas to work. I mean, if you want to build a house, you need to know mathematics, how the different building blocks should fit, a fair bit about plumbing, electrical work, architecture and so on.

The same goes for political development, you need to know what you are doing, otherwise you often just end up in being sucked into the never ending cycle of dog eats dog.

There are different attitudes to political development these days, but my feeling is, that they rest upon the wrong foundation. Usually it is a late marxist analysis on some economical foundation. I like economics, my greatest succes has actually been to point on to a Smithsonian developmental technique, but this is purely philosophical and not numbers.

You see Marx was more than a capitalist analytical thinker, he was also a platonist. The idea of the commune is Platonic, and Marx followed the fascination Plato had with Sparta, and tried to copy that. The whole idea about a wealthfarestate is really an overblown version of Sparta.

Now, being an ardent neoplatonist myself. I believe that Marx were right in some areas, and wrong in other areas. Marx was a good mathematician, no doubt, but his ideas of political order were not so good as the ideas brought forth in the French revolution. I suppose democracy as an idea was taken already, or something, I dont know.

Now the pure Marxist state has been abandoned by most countries, because they usually end up in a dictatorship and moral coldness.

Why? Because, as I see it, Marx took only the political framework of Plato, and he rejected the ideological framework of Plato. Why is that? Because as Plato were many thing, there was one thing he was most of all; he was a metaphysician, an academic on the theories of spirit.

The keen reader will have a look on the above picture, and you can see Plato in the centre pointing upwards, to G-d.

If Marx had done a spiritual dialectics instead of a material dialectics, it might just have worked. Because the absence of spirit in a political framework will take away the basic motivation of people to do good.

That is really the key to understand modern socialism I think. To understand that the discourse should be spiritual and not only material.

If you take that leap, you will see a whole new world, and actually have a chance to make it work.

I think that that is one of the main reasons mr. Obama was such a novelty, because he on one hand believes in spirit, (hope) and at the other hand believes in the materiale world (change).

This new item of political discourse has not been realised at all at the university level. But when it does, it will create a whole new strain of political debate, and a new beckoning path for people to follow.

That is true political disruption, that is Change.

G-d bless mr. Barack Obama for his new brave ideas.

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