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The relationship between mr. Barack Obama and mr. Binyamin Netanyahu is very bad. I understand, but I hope that we can see it as something else than personal disagreement, and see it for what it really is; politics.

Mr. Netanyahu needs to underpin the conservative part of his voterbase. Why? Because they got really angry at the fact, that he did not destroy Hamas when he could. Or rather, they thought he could. So they demand repercussion. We are nearing an election, and as all other elections, politicians are a little worried getting reelected.

On the other hand, this really makes mr. Obama angry, because he has his own problems with his constituents, because he is also nearing an election in the U.S.

In other words, this is not personal, it is all about politics. So, hopefully after the duo elections, we can start the path of reconciliation and friendship.

I believe, that Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian fighters won the right to survive, but I also believe that Israel won the right to have peace. How we find a solution to this problem we have to find out after the election. We also have to consider the fact, that IS is winning a lot of support in Gaza, so they are turning into an enemy. But we will have to see how this turns out.

G-d bless the will to find a way to peace in the face of a very, very difficult situation.

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The East and the West is in confrontation, but the hand of peace is outstretched, and can be taken and shaken. As I understand the latest development. Mr. Putin is ready to recognize the Ukrainian independent state, including the elections that was predominantly won by pro western parties. This is an outstretched hand, and should be taken. He is also ready to find a solution in the debacle about Iran, which is also good for all of us.

What does he want? He wants the restrictions on the economy of Russia to be lifted, and he wants diplomatic channels opened again.

He ha a big stick as well, and he is just showing that to us, by sending out troops to confront Europe. So, in all simplicity he simply wants things to get back to normal. He is not the one to put up confrontation, he wants improved ties.

On the other hand, he is a strong man, so he will also not fall shy of using an overwhelming firepower.

So, my recommendation; go down the path of peace Putin has offered us, in the respect of all the lives and the prosperity of normal people, who are now suffering under the restrictions. Who will lose in the end, if we start fighting? It will be people who will lose familymembers, and poverty.

G-d bless the will to find a way to peace.

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imageIt has been a while since I thought about Sweden. But all of a sudden, Sweden is all over the news here in Denmark, and somehow we as Danes have a sort of helping role in the intellectual development of Sweden.

Please let me explain with a little story.

I have this amazing friend. He is an artist, but not just an artist, he is a G-d inspired provocateur. So much in all of our faces, that it is absolutely too much, and just inspiring.

A year ago I went with him on a trip to Copenhagen. He has this old beat up car, the cheapest you can get. The breaks does not work much, and it just looks like it should really be in the graveyard of cars, not on the road.

We went in the car, and he had this little upperclass artist tea party, he was invited to. Some really rich conservative art conneseur held a little get together for her rich friends. She was quite nice, and in a way it was a good party, perhaps because of the hilarity in the clash off cultures at the tea party. We being the poor artist, inviting some resistance hangarounds, the rich banker hosting the event. And in the middle my friend, who got all mixed up in it.

But, bohemians are like that, so nobody really had a bad feeling about it, in fact it all added to the bohemian vibe.

Here is the point. My friend was asked a lot of questions, about how he saw provocative art, how he saw his own things and so on. He said, in fact he was not that much of a politician, and he did not claim to hold any party membership. But there was one value he really held dear. The value of freedom.

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It has been a while since I have been in company with a Jew. Not that I do not follow things in Israel on the net, but just having friends who are jews, sharing time together, has been a long time.

I am not one of those too enthusiastic converts who wants to do everything better or more perfect than people who have been in a faith for a long time. For me it is different, it is because basically I do not have any family anymore. I have my own little family, but apart from that, I am totally alone.

When I am together with other Jews, I feel like coming home. I suppose it is the familiarity or the fact that I just fit in.

Many Jews have this feeling of not really fitting in, I have the same feeling. It is a feeling of being a little different than everybody else. It is not that people dislike me, or do not respect me. I am just not really, hundred percent one of them. You can just feel it.

Not with Jews, there I am accepted, and really appreciated.

I really, really miss that. My prison here in Aalborg is taking its toll, but I hope it will change, sooner or later.

G-d bless the will to remain just yourself in the face of rejection.

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imageThere has been another attack on allied ground on a central governmental institution. The war against IS has been domesticated, and the fatwa that the leader of IS gave has been heard and followed up upon. The war between the Phoenician and the Roman empire has taken yet another turn for the worse. As in the Punic wars the conflict over territory has become a conflict that brings up the warriors in the West as the warriors in the Middle East.

There is no peace at hand, only escalation. What we need to do is to keep our heads cool, and tackle the conflict with the most humane means possible. This will lead to annihilation of the Sunni radicals, one way or the other, but it will be costly in terms of manpower, killings, fear and lifes spilled.

I wish for the families of the fallen soldier in Canada, may his soul rest in peace, and may his family weather the wound. Some day they will be one again, but until that they will have to live with the loss, the grief, the hurt.

G-d bless the nation of Canada, may it whether its terrible wounds, and ultimately find peace.

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Happy birthday

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0521-dome-netanyahuWhen you lead someone, all actions are compromises. Compromises on the interests you represent. When you lead a place like Israel, this can be like a steering in the middle of a typhoon. You have to stay calm, be honest, strong and wise for all of those you represent.

This is, at best, very difficult, at worst almost impossible. But in the hours of danger, there was one who foresaw and represented his people in the best possible way. That was you Mr. Netanyahu. Strong, unbending and yet with that great heart of the Jews. Often people disregard or do not understand Jews. Well, it is not so difficult. Jews are just Liberals, most of them. There are conservatives, but this is not in a judgemental or stiff way. Usually just people who wish to defend and support Israel.

If people would just see Jews as we are, the world would be so much different.

This is your birthday, and often we use this day to meet with friends and share bread. This is your luck, you can do that. Because you live in an amazing culture, where people love each other, and feel a strong connection, be it small or large.

I have this weird role in all this, and I hope one day we could meet. Not just to meet, but to understand the task of Israel. This is it, this is zionism. To bring forth a world of hope and justice. To serve the interest of that idea and dream.

This is what we share, and I toast you. May you live to see your great grandchildren in Israel. See them happy with smiles on their faces. Protected by your strong arm, and your intelligence. Because this is all we live for; to bring a better world to our children, so that one day all of the Jews can have peace.

G-d bless the will to be strong and intelligent in the face of all the threats to Israel.

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Comitia_CenturiataDue to a personal ruin, and too much stress on the family front, I have not really had the energy to support you Barack in this election. I would have wanted to do it, but when you have to rise 6 o clock in the morning just to get the most important written, it is hard to really tune in on the election in the US right now.

There is one idea however, that might give the Democrats a push; there is a lot of talk about IS, and how they spread their poisonous ideology over the internet and how they recruit suicide bombers in the US, in Canada, in the UK, in Denmark. In other words, they have gone from being an overseas threat to be a domestic threat.

This has to be dealt with, and I am sure, that it is a concern for many citizens who are worried about their own safety. They hear about it in the media all the time. So what do the security apparatus do?

In other words, make it a top priority to combat those would be terrorists who are looking for a way to bomb somewhere in the US.

But be careful, because you might stumble into the poisonous debate about IT security and the right to remain anonymous on the internet.

But a beefed up security system in the US, would probably win over a lot of votes. This strategy could be copied by the individual senators and mayors in the individual states. So that they could make it a local priority.

There are a number of things to do. But at the end of the day, it rests on the faith each politician has on the democratic system they are there to defend. Because faith in democracy is the most efficient antidote to islamism.

What do young people want? Democracy or sharia? We choose democracy.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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imageWhen I walked on the Camino, a pilgrimage from north east Spain to the sea of the Atlantic I changed my course. As they say, those who have walked the Camino, your walk will not start before you get home.

At that time, I thought my walk would give me a place in the world of Danish academic, and I hoped for at tiny fleck of attention. Today my path has led me into the wilderness and beyond. With friends in high and low. With a lot of readers on my philosophical blog, a lot enemies in the world, and through so many sacrifices, I believe it strange that I even exist. It defies common logic, I should have been gone, like som many who have walked with me. But by the grace of G-d, my path still seems to fork out, new friends come, old friends are still here, and the Camino that led me to fight for light, has indeed given me a mystical and wondrous existence.

The internet age is different than normal ages. What will happen on the internet is so much faster paced, than what we are used to. So for now, I suppose I am a dinosaur to many new young readers.

I started as a script kiddie thirty years ago, and made my thesis about the internet, when the internet was still something people thought would not really matter to anyone. When it was called Gopher, and you could not find anything. Today, have a look around.

But, then again, in the light of the thinkers we surround ourselves with; Plato, Aristotle, Moses, Abraham. All these towering giants, we are all just still script kiddies.

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The consolation of philosophy

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Boethius_imprisoned_Consolation_of_philosophy_1385When we try to understand the problems we are in, we often reflect them in earlier times, and try to understand them in the light of the foregone.

A popular parallel between today and other historical events is Rome. Some see us as a corrupt and falling superpower. A power that has seen better times, and is ripe for conquest and annexation.

In some ways this is right, in other ways this is wrong. It is right in the sense, that we have become corrupted. It happens when you have no enemies. You begin to relax and believe the power you hold will last forever. This is a fallacy, what comes up must come down. As did the Romans, as did the Egyptians, as did the Phoenicians, as did England.

Or what? What is the common fault of all these ancient powers that came and went. First of all, it looses its coherence. In the Phoenician wars, the Roman people were strong and united. There were politicians who put the commonwealth above themselves, and Rome ultimately won by taking the punches, and rallying resources again and again. But after the Phoenicians were conquered, Rome fell apart. The agrarian population of Rome was supplanted with huge estates driven by slaves, hereby removing the basis of the cohorts (the common soldiers of Rome were free peasants). The ruling elite ruled for themselves not the people, and so on. In other words; corruption. In Babylon it was the same, in England the same and so on.

So what is the medication? It is the philosopher, the one shining knight in intellectual armor, that will come and save the nation. At least, this is what Plato prescribed. Then who controls the philosophers? G-d does, that is the simple answer. The population should never listen to philosophers who do not believe in G-d and feels responsible for his connection to G-d in a crisis.

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A friend of mine was just to put to jail in Sweden. Ok I do not know him that well, but one of my close friends, is one his best friends. So we are, in a way closely connected. What was the crime of this friend? Was it to steal? No he has been living on the lowest possible income for a long time, but, according to my knowledge, has never stolen anything. Was it violence? No he has been beaten up by leftist extremist for a few times, but apart from that, nothing has been violent. He is extremely skinny, wears thick glasses and has long hair, so you would not exactly see him as the violent type. So what did he do to be put to jail in Sweden? He made little drawings so critical to the regime, that they thought it was best to try and shut him by putting him to jail. At least they did not kill him as they did Theo Van Gogh.

But why? What happened to that gorgeous country that gave us Volvo and Abba? How did they end up in a position that gave them incentive to put an artist in prison?

It is a long story, but bottom line, Sweden has reached a point of no return, as did holland with Theo Van Gogh and Denmark with the Mohammad cartoons. The artists who are supposed to test the limits of freedom reaches a limit that is set by the humanitarian elite, who believe in freedom, but not freedom for all, only freedom for those they like. Does this sound familiar? If you put any kind of tyranny behind this maxime, you will see, that it is all just a naked attempt on power grabbing and control, call it humanism, nazism, islamism, spartism, bullying or rather, as Plato lets the tyrant Critias call it; the rule of the strong.

This is it, democracy and freedom of speech, the first amendment in the American constitution, what Socrates died for is nullified because of someone grabbing the power to control.

It happens everywhere if those who defends freedom is put to sleep.

So in a way it is just another wakeup call. Freedom is under threat, the tyrants are here yet again to put the masses in chains. Let it be heard from coast to coast, from ship to ship, from Viking to Viking. That ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We as citizens in a free and open society are fed up I having the right opinions shoved down our throaths, of being bound be the craven, evil, dark Tyrants who believe that as long as no one hears about it, they can do whatever they want. ENOUGH! Of half hearted measures and careerist travellng on the back on the warriors of light. ENOUGH! of the craven intellectuals looking for the next fix or contract. Enough of slavery and oppression. This is a call to arms, to all those who love freedom and are ready to stand by the warriors of light.

G-d bless the freedom we will lose if we are not awake in this hour of danger.

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We hear a lot about the presumption, that there is no ultimate goal to the fight against the Islamic State. Well there is; to beat the Islamic State. The way to that goal is however extremely difficult, basically because it is a very complicated work we are doing, and have been doing for a long time. Remember, this started with the attack on Twin Towers many years ago, and has been a fight ever since.

The fight includes a fight both on an ideological level, as well as a physical level.

According to the classical greek historian Thycudides, war will run in two oppositions. In the Pelleponese wars it was Sparta facing Athens. Today it is democracy/humanism against a political version of Sunni Islam.

The longer we fight, the more we strenghten our values, so in a sense both the redemption as well as the destruction lies in the fight against IS.

The IS supporters are very difficult to track down, because our own system is so bad at doing it. Remember the airport that the bombers of 9/11 used as a starting point? They had relaxed their own security system, because they wanted to be fast and efficient. The same is the case in Europe right now, we have laid down the borders, to be modern and efficient. But this measure have made Europe too vulnerable to infiltration and the worse.

So we need to do as the airport industry have been forced to; put up more security measures in Europe. Otherwise we will be too vulnerable.

G-d bless the will to persevere in the face of the fear everybody feels.

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IS in Denmark

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When we look at the problems we face with IS fighters in Denmark, we need to realize that we are in a war with them. Not just in Iraq and Syria, but also in Denmark. We try to be delusional about it, but when the IS supporters believe that the war also encompasses Denmark, and includes muslims in Denmark, the muslims in Denmark that supports IS are enemies.

How do we then treat these IS supporters that, often openly, show their allegiance? First of all, we should not fall to the same depths as they do, that would be wrong and inhumane. We need to use the tools that is as humane as possible.

This is why I have suggested the expatria tool. If you support IS, you will be excempt from your allegiance to the democratic country you live in. You cannoth both support a caliphate and a democracy.

This will of cause be in contrast to human rights.

Since human rights are basically a version of Athenian democratic thought, a good starting point would then be to go back to the original thinkers, and hear about their opinion.

According to Aristotle, there are two prerequisites one has to fulfill to be a citizen in a democratic city (they had cities at that time, not nations). One is to be a part of the legislative process (obey the law). The other is to be a part of the democratic process (vote and take part in the discussions that lead to new laws). If not, you are not entitled to a passport.

Since the islamists fulfill neither, it makes sense to take away their citizenship. In fact you could say, that the defense of the democratic state needs to take this defense in regard to survive. Otherwise the Islamists could vote themself in, and change the constitution as the Nazis did in the last century.

So, we need the police to get started. It should not be so difficult, most islamist are quite open with their affiliation on both Facebook and Twitter, so they are easy to find.

G-d bless the will to survive as a democratic state.

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We are entering a very difficult phase of the renewed discussion on family ethics in the Catholic church, the conclusions we draw, will be everlasting, or at least lasting for many, many years. So we have to be super serious about these discussion, base them on deep knowledge and established philosophical principles. Otherwise we risk putting believers on an unwise and ultimately destructive path.

Jesus Christ adviced a principle we can always fall back; love yourself as you love your neighbor. This idea is in fact Jewish in its origin, and rests on principles that may have their origin all the way back in Mesopotamia. At least I have recognized them in some of the Kabbalah material I have read.

So it is an ancient Jewish idea. What does it tell us? It tells us to be unselfish, to feel with our kin as much as we feel for ourself. It also tells us to be humble, not to put ourselves above people around us. Why? Because true love and connection between you and I is boundless, and self love makes boundaries between the I and the you.

In other words, we need to share. Not only our wealth with people who have very little, but also with people in our families. Sharing will give us less boundaries to put in between one another. It will give us less self love, and more love for those that is most close to us.

G-d bless the will to shed the shackles of egoism and be one with those around us.

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holding-handsThe family as a unit and as a frame for our development as human beings, has had a bit of a comeback within the frame of Catholic thinking, in fact the synod that is currently under way has a lot of promise on this area. You have to stay in your A-game. Do what you are best at, we are best at this. The intimacy between family members are the foundation under any sound society, and the better we are at supporting this holy institution the better the world will be.

Off cause I have discussed this theoretic issue with myself a lot. In the beginning I must say it was mostly theoretical, but after I have made a smallish family of myself, It has been time to use all the theory in practice. Some of the theories I had were good, others did not work.

One of the truly interesting things about family, is the fact that it is a small nation in itself. All the theory of peacemaking and progress you usually apply to the well being of the nation is one to one applicable to the family. In my family we discuss too much. My wife is headstrong and idealistic, and I am as well. We truly love each other, but we seem, both of us, to have all the answers. So we fight for our version of the truth. This brings a lot of progress for both of us, but often it is too much, and the atmosphere is sometimes not too good. So as a principle we always make peace at sunday. We need one day to regain our strength for the next week to come, and have some time together and especially be together with Rakel. This may seem very simple, but at the end to the day, it is important to respect the holy days, so that we do get the rest we need.

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-French-Revolution-DelacroixThe order of the European Union is slowly falling apart. The southern Euro countries are suffering under a fiscal policy they cannot sustain. The open borders are wrecking havoc in the Northern countries. The antinational propaganda is creating generations of citizens without any relationship to their home country or anything at all.

Well, this is all the consequence of idiocy in my eyes, if you want to create a superstate, you at least should create a proper state with a serious parliament and fair system of judges. What the machinators of the EU have focused on is the bureaucratic organizations of all the countries, making them more alike. Just because you share the same system of schools and legislation on diary products, you do not share the same values, history and dreams. The roots of the european countries are extremely deep, and you cannot change them at a whim.

Ultimately this will change, and I hope that we are ready for that change. My contribution has been to try and underpin the new change as a democratic, liberal, humanistic change plus a serious come back to the church. The next ten years will show if my plans were sound or made too late. Right now, as I can see, some countries will go through a long march of desolation and destruction to end up in a more free and fair society, based on law and on spirit. Others will cease to exist, will be carved up by the neighboring countries, or end up as IS enclaves.

Change brings both destruction and construction, hopefully this will not be too violent, but I seriously doubt it. It will be absolutely violent, old orders will be toppled and new will emerge. Like all the other revolutions we have had in Europe before.

G-d bless the will to stay humane in the face of all the slaughter and destruction.

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